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   ULTIMA WING Highback


[DL / DS]


Increased leverage and control

An advanced lightweight highback for women.

in a light-weight package. More cushion on outside of the highback provides better edge response.

More cushion in the wing section provides more lateral support and cradles the boot.

ULTIMA Women s Highback Cushion

Ultima Wing Highback Cushion

・ Although the winged highback isn t a new invention, we have greatly improved the design by developing a lightweight semi-winged highback. ・ This design gives you increased leverage, in an extremely lightweight package. ・ It provides ample side support when initiating ollies, and increased stability on landings.

The women s Ultima highback is lightweight, supportive, and more responsive than any previous ladies highback. This highback is designed to provide a seamless fit and flex pattern specifically for women. ・ The inner portion is milled out to be less dense and more pliable, giving it more flex. ・ The outer portion is more dense and supportive, giving it more response and


leverage on the outside of the calves for tweaking out tricks. ・ The highback sits lower on the calf than any men s model highback to accommodate the women s lower sitting calf muscles.

   ULTIMA Baseplate [DL / DM / DS / SF]

Urethane stabilizers in 2 densities are included to customize the ride and feel of the binding.

Lightweight and Response for the ultimate riding experience

Deck Sensors Freestyle Footbed

Deck & Edge Sensors Freeride Footbed

[DL / DS]

[DM / SF]

Support the outside edges of the boot s sole and provides improved stability and board control.

Provides increased support and increased toe edge response.

・ The new hybrid footbed features DECK Sensors and EDGE Sensors for variable canting options ・ The foam has a softer instep, allowing your boot to compress into it as needed for your preferred stance. ・ The small amount of tilt adds more power to the nose and tail, allowing the rider to get more pop out of the board, boost bigger ollies, and drive better turn to turn response.

Rider:Ian Sams Photo:Ben Birk

Photos:Takashi Hanasaka

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