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!"#$%&'())%*()(+,%-(./'$%0'12,+$+34%HI%DK% JPQIQDKRHKN%QEDKISDEGKQ%LJDQHKNT%UMHLM%GKDVFGI% RHEQT%UDQGET%JHF%DKR%RPIQ%QJ%IFHS%JWW%QMG%IPEWDLG%JW% QMG%FGKIX Whenever a Ri-Pel treated lens gets dirty, it is then extremely easy to clean. This superior anti-dirt coating also offers durable and steady performance through time, thanks to its advanced chemical and scratch resistance, that can be applied on both the front and the back of the lens. Ri-Pel is especially recommended for sport activities. • • • • •


100% UV protection Optical quality Sharp vision Scratch resistance Performance tints

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