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CONGRATULATIONS !!! Dear Intern, You are about to embark on an adventure of the European country situated in the middle of the Europe. Some of your fondest memories will be created while you are here. You have become part of useful opportunity that will enhance your personal and professional development. In these pages you will find some needed information for you! In order to avoid complications and to make your experience as pleasant as possible you could read this booklet, which has been written exclusively for this purpose. Please keep it, as it is supposed to be very useful and helpful as a survival guide during your staying here. WELCOME TO SLOVAKIA Please keep in mind our goal as an organization is to change people through international exchange experiences and to contribute to the development of our countries and their people with the overriding commitment to international understanding and cooperation. You are already starting this great process possibly to change yourself and all the individuals around you. AIESECly Yours,

CONTENT HISTORY..................................................3 GEOGRAPHY..............................................4 CULTURE....................................................5 LANGUAGE................................................6 MONEY, PRICE and CURRENCY................7 ABOUT BANSKÁ BYSTRICA.........................8 SPORT.........................................................9-10 SHOPPING, PUBS, DISCO............................11 CULTURE.......................................................12 TRAVELLING IN-AROUND SLOVAKIA.......13-14 AIESEC IN SLOVAKIA...................................15 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.......................16-17 BASIC INFORMATION............................................18


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General Data Official Name: SLOVAKIA (SLOVAK REPUBLIC)

Slovakia has been settled from the oldest times. Several cultures

Capital City: BRATISLAVA (population 432 000)

inhabited its territory until they were dominated by the expanding Celts in

o Other major cities: KOŠICE (230 000),

the 4th century BC followed by the German-Roman rivalry at the turn of

PREŠOV (166 000), ŽILINA (159 000), BANSKÁ

the Eras. In time of Migration of Nations the first

BYSTRICA (111 000)

Slavs arrived here. The Samo`s Domain existing in the mid-7th century with the territory of Slovakia as

Population: 5 477 000

its central part was followed by establishment of the

Independence Date: 1.1.1993

Nitra Principality at the beginning of the 9th century


and finally the Great Moravian Empire was

EU Accession: 1.4.2004

established in 833 AD - the first common state of the

Currency: EURO ( 1 eur = 100 cents)

Slovak and Czechs ancestors. After the fall of Great Moravia the Old


Hungarian tribes invaded the territory of Slovakia, and the territory of

o Prime Minister: Iveta Radicová

Slovakia with its inhabitants became part of the Kingdom of Hungary for

o President: Ivan Gašparovic

the long thousand years.

Language: SLOVAK Emergency




AMBULANCE, 150 – FIREBRIGADE, 112EMERGENCY CALL Electricity: 220 Volts Calling code: +421 o calling municipal code for Banská Bytrica: 048 o calls from abroad to Banská Bystrica: +421 48 Internet domain (TLD): sk Time Zone: CET (UTC+1), in summer CET (UTC+2)

The Hungarian state was consolidated after centuries of internal struggle between the nobility and the ruler and economic growth occurred also in the territory of today`s Slovakia, which was also the result of the thriving mining towns or the trade centres. In what is now the city of Bratislava, the first university of Slovakia, Academia Istropolitana was established in 1467. The royal house, which ruled the country after the invasion the Turks undertook in Europe, was that of Habsburgs which withheld the throne until 1918. From the perspective of the Slovak nation, the crucial period in their history was the 19th century when the Slovaks formulated their own political programme for the first time. The promising development of the national movement though, was mutilated by the Austrian-Hungarian Compromise signed in 1867 and the following period of Magyarisation which lasted full 50 years. Only the First World War activated the anti-Austrian-Hungarian resistance, which culminated in 1918 by the declaration on the joining of the Slovak nation with the Czech nation into a whole - the Czechoslovak Republic.

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The independent Slovak State was established in Slovakia in 1939 as an outcome of international events, however, the end of the

Slovak Republic is a central European country with vast

Second World War brought about restoration

forest areas extending on two fifths of its territory. Its

of Czechoslovakia. The communist party

total area of 18,932 sq mi (49,035 sq km) does not rank

gradually seized power in the country and the

Slovakia among large countries. Slovakian westernmost

communist dictatorship was overthrown only through the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The democratic process exposed several problems, which resulted in the break-up of the common

and easternmost points are separated only by 266.5 mi (429 km). Slovak Republic is bordered on the north by Poland; on the south by Hungary; on the west by Czech Republic and its eastern border is formed by Ukraine. Slovakia's northernmost point is situated nearby Babia

state of the Czechs and Slovaks and the

Hora, located in today's cadastral territory of Oravská

establishment of the independent Slovak

Polhora. The southernmost point of Slovakia is situated

Republic (1 January 1993).

on the Danube River close to a city called Patince. The

Slovakia is a member of the European Union

easternmost point is situated on the Morava River in

from May 2004. In December 2007, it became part of the Schengen Area and from 1/1/2009, upon the adoption of the single European currency EURO, Slovakia also became one of the countries of the European Monetary Union.

Záhorská Ves and the westernmost one nearby Nová Sedlica. Located about 373 mi (600km) on the south-east, an Adriatic Sea is the nearest sea to the landlocked Slovakia. Slovakian surface is very irregular, characterized by lowlands, valleys, hills, highlands and mountain chains. The lowest point of Slovakia lies on a place where the Bodrog River crosses the border with Hungary, at 308 ft (94m) above sea level. The highest point lies in the High Tatras on Gerlachovský Peak at 8,710ft (2,655m) above seal level. The south and the south-east of the country are covered mostly by lowlands: Eastern Slovak Lowland, Záhorská Lowland and Danubian Lowland which is the most fertile and famous one.

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A great part of the Slovak territory is covered by

Is Slovakia masculine or feminine country?

protected landscape areas. Slovak topography is

Briefly said, Slovakia is somewhere in between. It is not pure

dominated by the Carpathian Mountains. Their well

masculine country, not pure feminine country either, we can

known mountain chains are: Slovak Ore Mountains;

rather find it somewhere in the middle within these two

volcanic Ĺ tiavnica Mountains; Low Tatras, Greater

dimensions. Women have emancipated largely in society, they

Fatra and Lesser Fatra.

might have leadership positions either in society or in companies

High Tatras is the most famous Slovakia mountain and

without any problems or prejudices. Equality within society

it is the only mountain range with an Alpine character

between man and woman in Slovakia is absolutely normal; it is

on the Slovak territory.

not influenced by religion or politics at all.


Individualism or Collectivism? Slovak people are said to be very hospital and kind. For our culture is typical collectivism, that is remarkable much also in

Power distance Each country has some kind of hierarchy within society, which is determined by power distance i.e. kind of cultural difference of statuses between employer and employee, salary difference between them and so on. Power distance i.e. difference in society is in Slovakia quite considerable, however not so awfully huge. For sure within companies you can easily recognize who is a boss and who is a subordinate employee, but massive majority of employers do not behave like kings with humiliating impact on employees. Absolute most of employers care about employee` satisfaction, opinions or recommendations.

companies. People tend to employ their relatives, they tend to find some friends in work place who they could spend leisure time with. Huge amount of people do not separate strictly work and private life relationships, they do not think so individually.

What about religion? Slovakia is generally a religious country of Christian religion. Among the Religion of Slovakia 68.9% population have an affiliation with Roman Catholic Church, 6.9% have an affiliation with Evangelic Church of Augsburg, 4.1% have an affiliation with Greek-Catholic Church, 2.0% have an affiliation with Reformed Christian Church, and 0.9% has an affiliation with Orthodox Church. 13% people did not have any religious affiliation.

Booklet Booklet 52

English Expressions

Slov ak Expressions


Ahoj! Èau!

Good morning!

Dobré ráno!

Good evening!

Dobrý veèer!

Welcome! (to greet someone)

Vitaj! (formal: Vitajte)

How are you?

Ako sa máš? (formal: Ako sa máte?)

I'm fine, thanks!

Mám sa dobre, ïakujem.

The Slovak language (slovenský jazyk, slovenèina) not to be

And you?

A ty? (formal: A vy?)

confused with Slovenian , is an Indo-European language that

Good/ So-So.

Dobré / Ani (zlé), ani (dobré)

belongs to the West Slavic languages (together with Czech,

Thank you (very much)!

Ïakujem ( ve¾mi pekne)!

Polish, Silesian, Kashubian, and Sorbian). Slovak is spoken in

You're welcome! (for "thank you")

Nemáš za èo ! ( formal: Nemáte za èo!)

Slovakia by 5 million people also in the United States (500,000),

Hey! Friend!

Hej! Priate¾u (Kámo)!

I missed you so much!

Ve¾mi si mi chýbal/+a feminine)!

What's new?

Èo nové?


the Czech Republic (320,000), Serbia (60,000), Ireland (30,000), Romania (22,000), Hungary (20,000), Poland (20,000), Canada

Nothing much

Niè nové

(20,000), Croatia (5,000), Australia, Austria, Ukraine, and

Good night!

Dobrú noc!


See you later!

Tak zatia¾!

Good bye!


Slovak letter

English pronounciation


Slovak Translation

¼, ¾

Lh (soft L)



Š, š

Sh (e.g. show)



È, è

Ch (e.g. cheap)



, 

Th (soft T)



Ž, ž

J, (e.g. journal)



Á, Í, É, Ú, Ó, Å,

(Long vowels)



Ò, ò

Nh (soft N)



Ô, ô




Ä, ä




Asking for He lp and Directions I'm lost

Som stratený (feminine : Som stratená)

Can I help you?

Môžem vám pomôc ?

Can you help me?

Môžeš (formal : môžete) mi pomôc?

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?

Kde je (kúpe¾òa / lekáreò)?

Go straight! then turn left/ right!

Choïte rovno! Potom dolava/doprava!

I'm looking for john.

Hl’adám Johna.

One moment please!

Moment, prosím!

Hold on please! ( phone)

Poèkajte, prosím!

How much is this?

Ko¾ko to stojí?

Excuse me ...! (to ask for something)


Excuse me! ( to pass by)


Come with me!

Poï so mnou !

Booklet Booklet 62



Price (Eur)



Price (Eur)



Milk (1 l)


Beer – bottle (0,5 l)


Eggs (10)


Beer – can (0,5 l)


Ham (1 kg)

5 –8


MONEY The official currency of Slovakia is EURO and one euro is made up of 100



Juice (1 l)






CENTS. Size of each note depends on its value – the higher value, the bigger

Mineral water (1 L)


Flour (1 kg)


size. Special sign of Euro are coins, which backsides represent each EU

Apples (kg)


Sugar (1 kg)


country. As you can see coins below, Slovak national emblems are double

Going OUT in €

cross, castle and mountains. Traditional EU symbol is a bridge embodying

Cheap Meal


Movie ticket

freedom and connection of all EU member countries!

Expensive Meal


Ski pass (whole day)

Tapped Beer (0,5 l)


Hockey Ticket








Kofola (0,5 l)


Shot (vodka, liquere)

First of all what is necessary to highlight is price level in Slovakia. Generally,


5-7 25-30


Slovakia is considered as a country, where generally prices are pretty low,

Public Transport in Banská Bystrica:

especially compared to western EU countries. It is very difficult to generalize

Ticket (classic)


Ticket (student)


normal daily or monthly spending, as everybody is different with miscellaneous

Train ticket Banská Bystrica - Bratislava (one way)

demands and expectations. Please bear in mind that below stated prices are

Train ticket Banská Bystrica - Košice (one way)

10 Eur

averaged and might differ a bit depending on particular selling place. Prices

Train ticket to Banská Bystrica - Žilina (one way)

5 Eur

are in Euro incl. VAT.


10 Eur

OTHER STUFF Cigarettes Newspaper Mobile Phone Card


Bank account opening








Flat monthly rent


Cheapest hostel

90-150 3-4


Price includes value of bottle, which is refundable in shops Non-alcohol beverage, very popular in Slovakia, close similarity with Pepsi or Coca Cola Prices of train tickets are cheaper 40 %, if buying Junior Travelling Card 4 Price includes initial phone credit 2


Booklet Booklet 72

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA ABOUT Banská Bystrica The first mention of Banska Bystrica as a free royal town dates from 1255, when the King of Hungary Bela IV. gave it rights to extract raw materials and also municipal law. Mined mainly copper, iron and silver. Banska Bystrica- the heart of Central Slovakia- lies in Zvolen fold, in the Hron River valley between Kremnicke and Starohorske hills and Po¾ana.In the modern history of Slovakia, is important date the 29th August 1944, when there was announced the Slovak National Uprising - an armed resistance against the fascist occupation. After the liberation of the city in World War II - 26 March 1945 Banská Bystrica became one of the three economic and administrative centers in Slovakia. The old town was in 1955 declared an urban conservation area. Among the most valuable monuments belong the town castle (part of Barbacan), square with the churches of Our Lady and St. Cross, Old

After the abolition of provinces, the city quickly adapted to new territorial-administrative ratio and began to develop itself in banking, education and tourism. Establishing Matej Bel Univerzity of the first July 1992, Banská Bystrica became one of the centers of higher

Town Hall, Matej´s house, barbacan and remnants of city walls. The

education in Slovakia.

heart of the city is a large, rectangular Slovak National Uprising

Currently, Banská Bystrica with 111 000 inhabitants is economic, administrative and

Square with St. Mary column and leaning clock tower. Square is

cultural center of central Slovakia. Restored historical center, new modern construction

bound by opulent burgher houses, from which are the most

and beautiful surrounding, countryside offering many opportunities for sport, tourism and

important Beniczkého and Thurzo house.

recreation invite visitors to visit their and are getting familiar with their inexhaustible.

Booklet Booklet 82

ABOUT Banská Bystrica


What about the ICE HOCKEY game – Slovak national sport number one. You can see ice hockey game in Banská Bystrica – just for 5-8 Eur. Hockey arena is situated next to bus station easily reachable by foot walking. Ice hockey in Banská Bystrica in recent years is guarantee of quality, therefore hockey stadium is almost full of enthusiastic fans willing to make passionate atmosphere. Join in! More in (Slovak language).

FOOTBALL game – the most extended sport in Slovakia. In Banská Bystrica football is also popular. Our municipal club belongs to average teams but fights with TOP teams to qualify to European Cups. If you like football, you are welcome to come in stadium to take a look at Slovak football. Come to the Štiavnièky football stadium, which is in centre of city next to EUROPA SHOPPING CENTRE. More in (Slovak language). You can also attend and watch other sports as volleyball, beach volleyball or basketball which is not so popular in Banská Bystrica.

Booklet Booklet 92

ABOUT Banská Bystrica

WANT TO DO SOME SPORT ? Sports, which you can go in for in your leisure time! TENNIS – more than 5 facilities in Banská Bystrica city; possible to play during ü summer and winter time. Price starts from 5 Eur per hour higher. The closest tennis centre+ is in Municipal Park nearby the Economics faculty and others are part of hotels or schools. SQUASH –It is played in halls exclusively. Price varies depending the daytime e.g. in ü the morning it is much cheaper then afternoon. Squash halls are mainly part of hotels but on Zvolenská street – Club Squash 2000 - there are 2 squash halls. FITNESS – the fitness centres are almost everywhere in the city centre. Price? Cca ü 3 Eur per one entrance (cca 2-3 hours) SWIMMING – in swimming pool. Right, next to Štiavnièky football stadium. 3,2 Eur ü per one entrance (max. 1 hour) HIKING – The surroundings of Banská Bystrica has many possibilities for short or ü longer trips. We have many paths in Low Tatras, Slovak Ore Mountains or in Kremnické Mountains. The paths are mostly good marked so you have many choices for all categories of turists. HORSE RIDING – in surroundings of Banská Bystrica some agro farms offer to try ü horse riding. Price 10€ per hour for riding in landscape. SKIING – Králiky, Jahodna, Donovaly ü

are the closest ski facilities nearby,, MANY MANY MORE.... ü

2 Booklet Booklet 10

ABOUT Banskรก Bystrica

SHOPPING In Banskรก Bystrica is one very large and grand shopping mall, where is huge amount of all kinds of shops, restaurants, coffee houses, supermarket and multi cinema, namely: Europa Shopping Centre Moreover, there is lots of next smaller shopping malls such as Tesco, Prior. In all of these centres you can spend really a lot of your leisure time and you will not get bored at all! Many small shops you also find in Hornรก and Dolnรก street. PUBS and DISCO It is useless to mention any description or location of any pubs in the Banskรก Bystrica, because pubs or discos are wherever you go! It is impossible to cross any street in the city centre without noticing some comfortable restaurant or pub! AIESECers love to have parties in PONORKA (old one) pub. It is simply such a hidden place for our parties, welcome parties, celebrating birthdays... in the city centre, because of perfect place for dancing on the tables, music, prices and location! Want some particular disco places? Then, MINISTRY OF FUN (the biggest and the most modern disco in Slovakia), Kapitol pub (ERASMUS parties), Havana pub.....etc etc etc.

2 Booklet Booklet 11

3. Cave in Harmanec; nearby Banska Bystrica

ABOUT Banskรก Bystrica

2. Castle Lupca; nearby Banska Bystrica


1. State Opera; Banska Bystrica

5. Arboretum Borova Hora; nearby Banska Bystrica

4.Town Kremnica; nearby Bansk Bystrica

PLUS: Thurzov dom; Aircraft museum, Bocatia`s Library, Thalia Theatre, Cinemax in Optima shopping centre, Miklus`s Prison etc.

2 Booklet Booklet 12

Trips around Slovakia !



Below are briefly described the closest and the most interesting destinations. You need to get there somehow and be accommodated somewhere, therefore here useful links, which you can check: The cheapest accommodation ü ü ü The cheapest transportation By train: ü By bus: ü By plane: or ü

2 Booklet Booklet 13


National park

Devín Castle

Slovenský raj

Bratislava capital city

Bojnice Castle

Piešany -Spa

Spišslá kapitula and Spišský Castle Orava Castle

2 Booklet Booklet 14



AIESEC in Slovakia came into existence already long time ago during comunism ages. After revolution held in 1989 i.e. collapse of comunistic regime AIESEC organziation experienced large extension. Up to now, we have 7 local committees (+1 National) nationwide in Slovakia and we are proud of our local committe in Banská Bystrica belonging among them. This year 2011 our local committee celebrates 13 years of its existence from 1998. During these years we have been working very hard, resulting into numerous awesome achievements. Our committee has reached huge amount of awards thanks to our proactive members. E.g. during the term 2009/2010 was Banská Bystrica evaluated in National conference PLANET as most progressive local committee of AIESEC Slovakia. In next term 2010/2011, in National conference REACH, LC Banská Bystrica achieved an amazing success because

won 5 different awards including

one special OGX award and many more. Regarding our office; it is situated at Economics faculty of University of Matej Bell in Tajovského street. In this place or

Nowadays we have 22 members, most of them are working on

University dormitory SD4 we have our LC (Team) meetings incl.

eXchange and taking care of our interns. If you have already

introduction strategies, presentations and our intern`s

decided to come in Banská Bystrica as an intern, it is a big our

presentations take place once per week.

great pleasure and honour and we make you sure, that we will do everything to make your staying in Slovakia as comfortable, unforgettable and satisfactory as possible. If you are just

2 Booklet Booklet 15

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

4. Have there already been any interns in your city? Yes, they have. For sure, you are not first and the last one. AIESEC in Slovakia is very proactive and by every year we manage to welcome more and

1. What is the price standard in Slovakia? Will my salary

more interns, what makes us very happy. We have accepted interns from all

completely cover my monthly expenses?

over the world in our city ranging from Brazil, China, Turkey, Latvia, Canada,

Yes, it will. As we know from our own experiences, potential interns are


worried a bit, when taking a look at supposed salary in some of our TN. We want to make you definitely sure, that proposed salary must be sufficient for normal monthly expenses, since price level in Slovakia is much lower than in most of European countries.

2. What is the average and minimum salary in Slovakia? Minimum monthly salary is 317 Eur (459,68 USD) determined by authority. Employer is not allowed to employ people for less salary then officially stated. There are no reasons to be scared of this really little sum of money due to the fact, that 10 % of working force in Slovakia only works for 317 Eur.

5. Where am I supposed to be accommodated? How much does it cost? In order to ensure comfortable accommodation for you, we want to place you into some flat as close to your work place as possible. We want very much to hire some apartment for you in which you could be accommodated with other our interns. Currently we are launching another activity as well to place you in a host family. Before placing you somewhere, we want to know your preferences first, what you would prefer more. There is also last option for you to stay in student dormitory. Monthly rent ranges from 80 Eur (116 USD) to 120 Eur (174 USD). Rents varies according to flat`s standard and vicinity from city centre.

Average monthly salary is 775 Eur (1 124 USD). Here is essential to highlight the region differences being present in Slovakia. Both wages – minimum and average have been continually and rapidly growing.

3. Do Slovak people speak English? Well, because of historical preconditions, Slovak society has been slightly divided into two foreign-language speaking groups – Russian and English. Younger people below cca 30 are predominately used to English in passive or

6. What to do, if I am dissatisfied with my company or accommodation? If your serious dissatisfaction regards your workplace or accommodation, AIESECers TN - managers are supposed to be first, who should be informed about. Within our possibilities and other obligation we want to solve your matters, questions or problems as promptly as possible. Of course, little problems try to solve it with your company managers.

active way. If you ask them in the downtown -which way to go, they are able to communicate. Within our AIESEC or our TN everybody speaks fluently

7. How long has been AIESEC active in Slovakia?

English. Regarding elderly people, Russian is definitely most common foreign

Worldwide AIESEC has been `alive for more than 60 years. AIESEC in


Slovakia has been active for more than 35 years. Regarding branch in Banská Bystrica, it is like 13 years.

2 Booklet Booklet 16

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 8.

What is the best way how to get in Slovakia and Banská Bystrica? Well, depends where you are coming from. If you come from beyond the Europe, the best


12. Is criminality, corruption or mafia present in your country? Is Slovakia safe country?

transportation way is plane. E.g. we have good experiences with webpage

Generally, Slovakia is safe country with little rates of crimes

Within Europe is very cheap and common us for flight transport Ryanair, EasyJet low-cost

happened. Mafia used to be quite common 10, 15 years ago in

flight companies or Danubia Wings, CSA standard flight companies, where you can also

transformation process. Nowadays organized criminality is

find Slovak destinations – Bratislava, Kosice, Sliaè or Poprad. Within Slovakia republic is

pretty low and uncommon. When going alone down the

most common transportation way first trains and coaches. Usual way of getting in here is to

street, it is very unlikely to be hijacked or robbed. However

come by plane into capital – Bratislava and from there to take a train or coach to Banská

there are some corruption problems in our society i.e.

Bystrica, where we will welcome You at railway or bus station .

politicises, government etc.

If I have citizenship from non-EU country, am I allowed to travel everywhere within Schengen area? Yes, normally you are allowed. After entering Slovakia into Schengen area, you are not checked by country`s border customs. You can travel free, however you must have ID card or passport with you in case of any accidental control.

10. Do I receive my salary by bank account or by cash? Normally we recommend opening a bank account in some bank just to ensure maximum safety, when handling with money or salary. You can get paid either by cash or by transferring your wage into your bank account.

11. What is the standard of development and economy of your country? Let`s start with that kind of explanation 20 years back in history. After collapse of communism in Slovakia, general situation of living standard and economy had dramatically fallen due to hard and new reforms and transformations needed. However, initiated

13.When are in Slovakia official free days or holidays? Non-working days are following: 1st January – Creation of independent Slovak republic 6th January – Three kings 5th July – Day of st. Cyriiusl and Methodius 29th August – Slovak National Uprising – fight against Fascism 1st September – Creation of constitution of Slovak Republic 17th November – Velvet revolution - Fight against Communism 5th April - Easter 1st May – Day of Labour 8th May - World Victory over Fascism 15thSeptember – St. Maria day 1st November – All saints day 24th December – Christmas Eve 25th December - 1st Christmas Eve 26th December - 2nd Christmas Eve 31th December - New Year Eve

2 Booklet Booklet 17

YOUR CONTACT PERSONS Barbora “Baška” PRIBYLINCOVÁ Local Committee President 2011/2012 M: +421 911 311 872 E-mail:

Vladimír BLAŽEK InComing Exchange Vice-president 2011/2012 M: +421 902 858 454 E-mail:

CITY MAP Banská Bystrica In another page is map of the city centre and some points supposed to be most important! 1.
















Other useful links ü ü ü ü ü ü ü,

2 Booklet Booklet 18



w w. a


i e s


e c. s k/ b b

Reception Booklet Banská Bystrica  

Basic information about Slovakia and Banská Bystrica