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Egypt Where It All Begins

Why? Tourism is one of the most important channels for the national income. As Egypt is well known as one of the oldest historical countries in the world and known for the pyramids and the famous monuments, after the revolution tourism had a very big hit and we want to do a project to improve our tourism status and help in promoting Egypt, not just the well know places but even the touristic and cultural places that no one knows about them.

Vision: “Egypt where it all begins project to play a vital role in putting Egypt again as one of the main tourism in the world.

Objectives: This project develops the photographic and journalistic skills in the interns and - as all AIESEC projects - enhances the ability to work in an international team and provides the chance to meet other cultures and integrate with people from all around the world. Last but not least, it is a perfect opportunity to learn about all aspects of life in Egypt and share this experience with others.

Stake Holders:

Embassies and Ministry of Tourism

Partners / Touristic Agencies

Egypt Where it all Begins



Edge of the Experience:  Being in a global environment for more than 40 EPs from all over the world  Gaining advance communication skills as photography and journalism  Being to real Egypt and exploring it  Being in the environment for being innovative and creative

Job Description for the project: 1- Egypt where it all begins is a project based on exchange that aims to promote internal tourism through photography and Journalism. 2- The intern will take a photography and Journalism course in which he/she will acquire skills that will enable expressing ideas through their photos. 3- The intern is expected to attend sessions about tourism in Egypt and its impact on the Egyptian economy. 4- The intern will be exposed to different types of documentation (pictures, photo essays, article and videos) and will be required to use and post them on an online website. 5- Intern will travel to some of the most beautiful as well as historical places in Egypt where he/she will have to take photos to use it in their campaign for promoting for internal tourism. 6- The interns will promote internal tourism to Egyptians through photos and videos documented through the project in a number of events that will take place in universities, galleries,.... etc.


Project about Egypt, AIESEC

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