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The Universe

By: Zuri単e U.

Saturn Satur is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System. Saturn is a gas planet, Saturn has a ring system that consists of nine continuous main rings and three discontinuous arcs. Sixty-two known moons are orbiting Saturn. The orbit period is 10,759.22 days. The rings extend from 6,630 km to 120,700 km above Saturn's. Saturn's magnetosphere is much smaller than Jupiter's. The distance between Saturn and the Sun is over 1.4 billion kilometres. Saturn has 62 moons, 53 of which have formal names.

My imaginary planet My planet name is Blunes. I put this name due to my favourite colour is blue. I situated it betewn Saturn and Uranus. Blunes turn around the Sun over 400 days. Blunes is medium size, It's like Saturn. The gravity in Blunes is lower than on thge Earth. The atmosphere is composed by oxigen, hydrogen and helium. It's very cold in winter -30ยบC and in summe the hottest temperature is 20ยบC. It's a gas planet and looks like a star. There are five moons orbiting Blunes . Its form is a heart. The persons in Blunes are blue and ther name are Blumans. The Blumans are very friendly and theyy take in persons of another planets. Blunes was discoveried by my. I think that lot of people is going to live in Blunes in the future.

Conditions for life WATER Liquid water is the first condition for life. The temperature must be warm.


The atmosphere and the ozone layer contribute to soften the temperature.

ATMOSPHERE The atmosphere and the ozone layer protects us from solar harmful rays. It works like a greenhouse.

GRAVITY Earth's suitable gravity contributes to keep the atmosphere and the liquid water in the oceans.

CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen are essential.


The first living cells in the Earth begins that developed in water, similar to algae. Bacteria were one of the first forms of life on Earth, plants and animals got adapted to their life because the ozone layer was already formed and protected them. If you look at any animal, you will realise that its body is adapted to the place it lives and the food it eats.

Global warming Global warming is the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. The global warming in the future will be a disaster, because the glaciers will melt down, the surface of the sea will go up and some desserts will be bigger. If the sea level go up some countries and islands will disappear. Other effects of the warming frequent occurrence of extreme-water will be heat waves. If global temperature go up the limits for human and for natural system will be different because, we are adapted to colder temperatures.

Conclusions The universe is very big and I think that we have to explore it. We have to protect the Earth to be in the future life. And another reason to protect the Earth is because is the only place that we know that is life and is special. In the future I think that we are going to find life in another planets of the Milky Way. I think that in another Galaxy is going to be another planet planet like the Earth.

The Universe  
The Universe  

Is a description about the think are in the Space.