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ZC Art Nov 2016 - 1


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Dear ZC readers, Autumn has finally arrived and we have a really busy agenda ahead of us. September was hectic and entertaining with many cultural activities and we want to share some of our discoveries with you. October is always a month of traveling and November the month for the local events and networking get-togethers for ZC. We proudly present Salustiano as the cover of our ZC Art Magazine. With his Black, Red and White series, Salustiano makes of his renaissance portraits a visual impact. Minimum elements with the maximum expression. We are looking forward to meeting him again during Art Basel Miami Beach! Zurich-based Markus Weggenmann started with his renown stripe pictures back in the 80‘s. His conceptual motifs investigate aspects of the intensity and scope of color. ZC had the pleasure to meet artist Ingrid Bugge in an exhibition in Moscow. Her delicacy and refinement are captivated in ‚The Essence of Ballet‘ series. Austrian artist Franziska Schmalzl mediated between the joy of wildlife and the happiness of nature. Meet our Influential Woman and Galerie zum Harnisch owner, Priska Medam. Her spirit and willingness to be present in the Art world has captivated us.

Salustiano 4

Markus Weggenmann 6

Ingrid Bugge 8

Franziska Schmalzl 10

Laura Masoli

has joined our editorial team to write about the artists we present. Laura earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Valparaiso.

INFLUENTIAL WOMAN Priska Medam 14 RAISING AWARENESS Nas Mode 16 ZC goes Green with Mercedes-Benz Electric Drive B Klasse 20

In the Raising Awareness section, we would like to reflect the amazing work that Bea Petri and Safi Outtara Diallo are doing in Burkina Faso with the NGO ‚Nas Mode‘.

BY CLAIRE Prêt-à-créer 22

ZC goes green, lives a eco lifestyle and drives Mercedes-Benz Electric Drive. In the Fashion section, we introduce the French label Swiss-based ‚By Claire‘ prêt- à-créer‘ designs for every style of woman.


Celeste Cosmetic encourages ZC members to try the latest Beauty treatments in her three salons around Zurich. And if you are looking for something special while traveling, check out the Vagabond Hotel. It is the best time of the year to visit Singapore!

TRAVEL Hôtel Vagabond Singapore

And do not forget to read the Society section, hope to see you in our next ZC November event with artist Elena Kupreeva.

SWISS SOCIETY Cocktails at Plutschow Gallery 28


24 26

FILMS in Autumn 30

2 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 3

SALUSTIANO Portraits Aesthetic


ith his portraits Salustiano conveys deep feelings, anonymous glances that transcend and tell a story that changes according to the viewer. His work is sustained in a refined technique that evokes Renaissance’s sacred figures: elegant, hieratic look, relaxed and static pose, the glance impassive. These are portraits without precedent, touching and evocative. Without any doubt Salustiano transports us here and now to scape what contemporary art is about today: work in the service of politics. Because he works beauty itself. Using monochrome backgrounds, figures emerge subtle and mysterious from a relentless Chiaroscuro. The artist extracts the human figure from any context to make

it timeless, avoiding with it that the viewer’s eye gets distracted. There is no perspective or context more than the human figure, the complete protagonist of his work. Without this context, the viewer has to look at the details of the characters, in an attempt to guess their stories. Salustiano gives us details in every aspect of the human body with impressive realism: the hands carefully placed according to the character’s action, the clothing that blends in with the background, the face that penetrates the glance, the hair’s texture. In some of his pieces he incorporates – rather sarcastically- external elements representing consumer items that irrevocably brings us to the present, the only detail that gives away a particular context.

La Muy D 200 x 274 cm

Alba con gorro Salustiano 4 www.salustiano.com 4 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 5

Markus Weggenmann Farbe am Besten


arkus Weggenmann uses different formats and supports on his Works, in them the artist goes beyond the classic conception we have about art using industrial elements. That’s why his works don’t have gradient, because he counts with a reduced color palette, contrary to what happens with painters who use conventional techniques and materials. With it, the artist gives his work his own hallmark with an unpolluted solidity, bright and absolute. Even the sharp edges give us the impression of vector shapes. In some of his works his abstractions give us a figured glance, a detail we try to guess as familiar, but with vibrant colors and overwhelming dimensions we are held at the edge of the recognizable.

LW 01, 2015 Distemper on canvas 100 x 80 cm 230 x 200 cm

Untitled A3 29 Oct 2014 Distemper on paper 42 x 30 cm

LW 38, 2016 Distemper on canvas 160 x 140 cm

LW 14, 2015 Distemper on canvas 40 x 30 cm www.markusweggenmann.ch

6 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 7

Ingrid Bugge The Essence of Ballet


ngrid Bugge spent two years photographing the Royal Danish Ballet where she captured with her camera their beautiful choreographies, freezing unrepeatable moments from the ballet company. She gathered all the material necessary to create a set of photographs highlighting its magical and ethereal moments. With digital post production, she worked on this material as a painter on his canvas, conver-

ting her photographs into dreamlike images the capture the ballet’s subtle essence. Bugge gives a pictorial treatment to the clothing, creating a unique and soft effect, where the human figure is transformed. In her work, dancers are suspended during the dance, exacerbating the elegance, lightness and strength contained in ballet.

www.ingridbugge.com 8 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 9

Franziska Schmalzl The power of the positive Franziska Schmalzl´s works communicate the joy of existence spontaneously and show a refreshing playfulness. The heroes depicted are colourful plants as well as insects and birds, which are frequently given their own voices. Again and again, objects of daily life come alive. Here the artist´s sense of humour becomes obvious: by including texts and inventing playful titles she creates stories in the viewer´s mind.

Moreover, she entices the observer into entering a colourful magical world. Despite of all the lightness in her pictures there is always a notion of deep respect even for the least of creatures (to her, insects are also only just “human”). Conscious living and respectful treatment of our natural resources have always been an important issue for her.

Nr. 527 Burgenländisches Musikfestival (2015) 80 x 150 cm, Acryl Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

Nr. 380 Geboren um zu lieben 2013 100 x 100 cm Acryl Mischtechnik auf Leinwand Nr. 555 Schmuser Franz Ferdinand auf Schatzi-Suche (2016) 90 x 120 cm, Acryl Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

www.franziskaschmalzl.com 10 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 11

Franziska Schmalzl

Nr. 380 Geboren um zu lieben / Born to love (2013) 100 x 100 cm, Acryl Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

Nr. 123 Mein kleines Ozeanien / My little Oceania (2014) 100 x 100 cm, Acryl Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

www.franziskaschmalzl.com 12 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 13


Give A Chance! Give A Future! This organization, founded by students in Basel, is helping nationally and internationally. In 2012, as an artist, I donated money from my art sales works for the first time. So, I am even happier now, having started this partnership! What do you enjoying during in your spare time? Because I have a lot of office time, I spent my spare time being out in the nature.

What magazines and websites inspire you? I am very interested in quantum physics, inspired by my father, and never can get enough information about it, by reading magazines and books about the matter. Architecture and Economy are also favourites of mine.

Where would we find you in Switzerland? You would find me by any lake,’ cause I love to be near the water.

What can‘t you live without? Life is Music –and that’s why I can’t imagine my life without music.

Which are your favorite restaurants in Basel? There are a few great restaurants in Basel where I feel comfortable.

Which food would we always find in your fridge? Pickled gherkins.

And your favorite country to visit? In the future I will participate at Art fairs in the USA. Since I was planning a longer stay in the USA (which

So tell us Priska, when did you start 'Galerie zum Harnisch'? In 2009 I opened my gallery as an artistwhen we moved into a new house. In 2011 I invited some artists to exhibit there, until 2012, when I discovered my passion for art events in clubs & party-spaces outside of my gallery. Who do you owe your success to? In 2009, I got a lot of international invitations to exhibit my art, such as New York, Miami and Cannes (during the film festival), as well as the artgenève, which I attended with the gallerist of the Basel Art Center. In 2012 up to now, being an eventgallerist, I began to open the exhibition doors for fellow artists (in the meaning of give and take) and have had several booths at international art fairs since then. In 2013 I organized the first benefit-exhibition at Basel Art Center called it “Mixed Art” and this coming December I will already launch the 7. Mixed Art Benefit. As a highlight during Christmas I will present the art of a well-known artist, who is a pioneer of digital art in the USA and worldwide.

never became reality) when I was a teenager in love, I am really happy that I will be traveling the States due to my love for the arts.

And finally what item identifies you? To make the invisible visible and perceptible is my passion in all areas of life.

Art is for you.. A passionate vision. Why did you choose to open in Basel? Basel is my hometown and I am proud, as a native of Basel, to create opportunities for many artists in the Dreiländereck-region to exhibit their artworks with my gallery. Around 100 national and international artists, have exhibited their works with me so far, which makes me a little proud. What is more important, the client or the artist or both? For my artists and me, good platforms and stages are important. And, of course, the visitors are immensely important. Quality art is the «A and O». Newcomers always get a chance. Tell us about ‚ Give A Chance‘ It’s a heart-thing for me to do benefit-exhibitions. And for the artist as well as the visitors it’s a chance to help by selling or buying art and simply donate money. Earlier this year I started a partnership with

www.galeriezumharnisch.com 14 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 15

Raising Awareness

Additional infrastructure After a short time it showed clearly, that the existing location was unsuitable and particularly too small for the new courses. For this reason Bea Petri invested from her own resources in the renovation of a structurally integrated property in the neighbourhood. By hindsight this additional effort has proved as most important key stage, as it attracted the attention of the municipal authority which now is paying a lot of respect to this project. Ever since then, Safi Ouattara Diallo is being appreciated even more explicitly as an important partner in educational concerns and she is supported within limits where ever possible.

NAS MODE by Bea Petri


n November 2008 Bea Petri, famous Swiss makeup artist, spent four weeks at the tailors school „NAS MODE“ in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou. She stayed there on behalf of Swisscontact, an accredited Swiss development aid organization which was founded by some Swiss economic leaders fifty years ago and ever since has been dedicated to professional knowledge transfer in support of developing countries. Intention of Bea Petri’s sojourn was a focussed professional know-how-transfer in masking and cosmetics for theatre, film- and TVproductions. Burkina Faso is known as the centre of African film industry and in Ouagadougou every two years FESPACO, the largest pan African film festival, takes place. The Country Burkina Faso Burkina Faso is one of the ten poorest countries within the world and is located at the south edge of the Sahel. 13.7 Mio. inhabitants are living in a country which has a dimension of approximately seven times the size of Switzerland. Unemployment is around 60% and alphabetization around 30%. Politically the country is known as stable and it maintains intense commercial and cultural contacts to France, its former colonial power. Arts and crafts are the most common articles of exportation; in minor degrees you’ll also find some exports in agricultural products like cotton or peanuts. Training Centre ‚NAS MODE’ Mme. Safi Ouattara Diallo, a committed Burkinabé, has been running the professional tailors school ‚NAS MODE’ ever since 2001. The school has been able to become wellestablished in costume building for theatre, film- and TVproductions. Nevertheless, it hardly had any knowledge in masking, which meant that needs had to be covered abroad or - because of high costs - had to be fulfilled in place and in a manner not really satisfying. That’s the reason why Safi Ouattara applied for help at Swisscontact and asked for someone who could supply professional knowledge transfer. This well based application is what finally brought Swisscontact to the placement of Beat Petri in the training centre ‘NAS MODE’. Professional business trainers of Swisscontact usually work as volunteers and are only being paid for travel expenses and fees.

16 - ZC Art Nov 2016

‚NAS MODE’ is training young women and men over a period of three years to become tailors. Technique and handcraft are geared to local traditions, disposable local products are being used. Orders placed by private companies or public authorities allow ‚NAS MODE’ a certain amount of refinancing of the costs, be it for education or for maintenance of infrastructure of the school.

Relevance of this offer in education within a country of the third world Given economical and social problems in Burkina Faso, this new vocational training for cosmeticians and hairdressers might at first sight be considered as a dispensable service. This occidental sight is misconceiving that people in poor countries have similar needs and likes as we have, and that beauty care and physical aspects have important effects on self-consciousness. Beyond that, skin- and hair-care are important parts of hygienic procedures and they help in the prevention of vastly expanded inflammatory skin

diseases. Besides it is important to remember that colouring and decorating the body has a very old tradition and a high significance in Africa. First successes Already after the very first educational training moderated by Bea Petri, ‚NAS MODE’ was able to offer new competences to the national broadcaster. They didn’t hesitate to make use of this offer and are now helping ‚NAS MODE’ with a periodical and most welcome commercial for the tailor school. Engagements for films, a musical and theatre productions are being planned, too. As a service to the local population ‚NAS MODE’ is offering a simple care programme which is strengthening the school and providing some decent income. Sustainability is compelling The school-project has the same ambitions as has the couture-education: it wants to provide a profound training to young people in order to offer them reasonable working- and livingperspectives. This sight of view distinguishes the centre from other aid programmes, which are mainly placed in humanitarian, medical and agricultural fields and have a stronger objective in supporting than in educating.

The new courses Bea Petri was charged with the implementation of an education for make-up artists. This education was to be supplementary to the topic of tailoring and it was to be kept in very simple means. All she could dispose of were existing rooms and a lot of enthusiasm of the headmaster, Safi Ouattara Diallo. All materials and teaching aids had to be imported and were financed by Bea Petri. So the starting position was quite rudimentary and asked for a lot of patience and a talent in improvisation. Furthermore, this new education had to consider that needs and requirements of dark and light complexions were quite different. It also became obvious that under local climatic conditions and with temperatures over 40°C specific skin- and hair-care-aspects had to be added to the course. It’s only consequent that the first step in training make-up artists is cosmetics, including the specific field of hair care and hairstyling. This expanded basic education makes sure that graduates are able to offer their services to clients in a vast variety of functions. ZC Art Nov 2016 - 17

ve their reliability in a very high pass rate. Around 80% of all graduates of ‚NAS MODE’ subsequently work in their area of expertise. This can be seen as an extraordinary contribution to the realization of a reasonable life-concept and it certainly helps against the prevalent lack of prospects. By this the necessity of emigration justified in inexistent personal development potential can be reduced. Long-range goals and ambitions As a result of long geographical distances and poor travelling infrastructure there is an intention of providing a training-centre with integrated dormitories (boarding school / campus) in medium term. This project is supported by local authorities, too. For instance ‚NAS MODE’ has been offered a suitable property on the outskirts at a preferential price of 13‘000 EUR for almost 6‘000 m2.

Additional partners ‚NAS MODE’ has been supported with annual education-fees for at least four students since 2001 by the community of Carcelles/France. The German ‚SOS Kinderdorf ’ is financing five annual education-fees and a federation in Burkina Faso is providing the costs for 10 courses. Controlling ‚NAS MODE’ will remain in contact with SwissconIt is Safi Ouattara Diallo who can guarantee a suctact regarding all topics of education. A dual-lineecessful project enrolment thanks to her reliability, her ducation in analogy to our successful Swiss model for precious networking and her complex and modern professional education is intended. Bea Petri and Safi approach. Regular visits of Bea Petri in Ouagadougou Quattara want to give the young people in Burkina and return visits of the headmaster in Switzerland Faso a hope for a better future. NAS MODE gives with the purpose of further education will ensure a microcredits (1500 CHF) for one year to the poorest fluent and continuous development. An occasional candidates so they can start their own businesses. presence of Safi Ouattara Diallo will provide investors with a direct contact to the responsible on site www.nasmode.ch and thus a „hotline“ to the training centre and to the students will be assured. It is planned to set up classrooms, ateliers, offices, dormitories for men and women, a refectory, sanitary facilities and a simple sports ground step by step. With an annual investment fund of circa EUR 20‘000 an all-out operation built up in reasonable steps and spread over the next few years may be realised.

A large variety of vocational know-how in as many different trades as possible is most suitable to enhance independence of national economies and to allow people a self determined design of their future. In all courses it is consciously paid attention to the fact, that neither dependency of imports nor questions of energy and raw materials is created. It is understood that only ecologically sensitive products are selected. Aspects of gender All sustainable projects in developing countries are setting high priority on female education in order to provide an improved social status to female population. At the same time, education is taking advantage of the reliability and highly pronounced sense of responsibility of women and thus can achieve a positive social evolution. Beyond that Safi Ouattara Diallo is supporting the students with her enlightened thoughts concerning social and sanitary topics such as Aids, female circumcision etc. Selection criteria for graduates From the beginning of ‚NAS MODE’ Safi Ouattara Diallo has been emphasizing transparent, sound and solid selection criteria and is personally taking care of the seriousness and truthfulness of every single application. Thanks to educational credits it is possible to recruit talented young students without own capital. These selection criteria have proven as successful not only fort the school but also for the students and they pro18 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 19

Mercedes-Benz Electric Drive B Klasse


ZC proudly drives the new Mercedes-Benz B Klasse 250e - 0% emissions and 100% electric. This eco-friendly car is smooth, silent and strong. It is perfect for the city, ideal for families and superbly spacious for shopping. With less consumption and more efficiency that translates to more savings for our pockets.

ZC lives a green lifestyle and is looking for ways to improve the environment around us. In my opinion, the electric drive has only enviromental possitive advantages and safety reasons to drive.

20 - ZC Art Nov 2016


In a world of renewable energy technology, the Mercedes-Benz Electric Drive has an easy charge performance with up to 150km per charge so it is ideal city drives. Fun to drive, perfect fit for 5 people, low-maintenance, safe and clean energy source.

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 21

BY CLAIRE - Prêt-à-créer Women Do Not Want To Be Dictated What To Wear Anymore


one are the days when women were being told what to do and how to dress up, we are living in the century that talks about equal pay for women, women empowerment and breaking the glass ceiling once and for all. Most of us now can decide for ourselves what career and what life we want to have, so why is it that we still allow the so-called trend gurus or fashion magazines to impose on us what to wear?

stuck between ready to wear clothes offering attractive prices, but mostly of poor fit, unless you are a model size 38 and on the other side super expensive designers’ items with six collections per year popping up from all over the world... and still designed for models with size 38! I see more and more women for which shopping has become a frustrating experience because finding the right clothes in this ocean of choice has become a really difficult task; picture spending afternoons in small, not so clean and not so well lighten changing rooms trying several trousers in 30 minutes? That is not what I call a gratifying experience, and there must be a better and cleverer way to shop!

Who are we and what do we exactly do? We are three women, stylists and business professionals used to sew our clothes like we want them. We enjoy finding our absolute preferred fabric to make our dream piece come true, and we are willing to share this freedom and fun experience with others. We promote the local economy: our fabrics come from the best suppliers in Europe, mostly Italy, France, Ireland or Scotland with one exception: our silk linings that we could so far only find in Japan.

process. We have already prepared a number of style variations for these items to choose from so that the overall process remains as cost effective as possible when sewing your item at our partner atelier in France.

We produce in France and not in the Far East because we want to help preserve the exceptional knowhow from our French seamstresses and also because we are not willing to caution the extremely poor working conditions, sometimes even of children, in countries where most of the fast fashion chains produce these days.

This is where we, By Claire, come into the picture for all those women, who do not want to be dictated anymore but enjoy the freedom of designing their own fashion, and who want to enjoy the process of finding new clothes.

Who would have thought that we would one day live in a world of such an abundance of fabrics and clothing, colors and styles and yet feel more unsatisfied and unhappy than ever with the way we look! In our modern society, there are hardly any restrictions or rules to what we wear and how we wear it, even at the workplace, yet we wear the same thing over and over again, buying ready to wear with the risk of seeing 10 more women wearing the same look. No one imposes uniforms on us today, but we choose them voluntarily! Is this because it is difficult to retain our own style without drowning in the sea of stores and designers’ brands out there? Or is it that we just don’t have time to familiarize ourselves with all these labels so we can choose what suits us best? The truth is that despite the appearance of abundance, we actually have very few choices left. We are 22 - ZC Art Nov 2016

By Claire offers a unique way to shop for clothes and create a new wardrobe, we make your clothes just the way you want them, to your measurements. With us, you will never stand in a queue for the changing rooms, and you will not waste you precious time searching for something you want that is not found in ready-to-wear shops. You will enjoy one-to-one service at a time and location that suits you.

We delight in fine fabrics, custom cuts, and exceptional artisan clothing, we promise you an exceptional experience in designing with our stylish your own clothes!

We respect your individuality and choices. With our help, you can fill your wardrobe with clothes designed by a stylist who knows you better than anybody else – you, yourself. By Claire offers you three possibilities to become your own designer:

We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone would buy fewer things of higher quality and see no reason to buy poorly fitting clothes made in faraway countries when artisans in Europe can handcraft exquisite pieces at affordable prices. We make only what you need, nothing goes to waste, and transportation costs are low because our clothes are produced in Europe We have designed a collection between Paris and in Zürich that you can take as a base to start your own design and customization

• Prêt-à-créer: customize your new clothes, choose your style variations, your fabrics, and your colors and have them produced to order by our atelier in France. • Made to measure: in addition to customizing the style of your new clothes, ask us to sew them to your exact measurements and enjoy perfectly fitting clothing. • Bespoke: if you want to design and create something truly unique to you, our bespoke tailoring service is meant for you. It is the kind of service that you will remember all your life and it will make you feel special every time you wear your garments. Let us transform the necessity of shopping for new clothes into a fulfilling experience for you.


ZC Art Nov 2016 - 23

CELESTE COSMETIC By Celeste van der Graaf


eleste van der Graaf opened her first Celeste Cosmetic in 1995. Now there are four salons in Zurich where you can find the latest beauty treatments like cosmetic medicine, body forming, permanent makeup, nail care, massage and wellness. Being leaders in Anti-aging treatments, the ultimate technique for wrinkles, scars, pigmentary disorders and pregnancy strips is the MICRONEEDLING also used for pore refinement and skin tightening. Fractioned microneedling with radio frequency is an innovative, lowintensity anti-aging treatment is a gentle ensuring of a younger tighter skin.

Celeste Cosmetic has a complete range of beauty, wellness and body treatments and is the largest traditional spa in Seefeld area of ZĂźrich, with branches in Kuesnacht and Berikon. Its holistic approach to beauty and wellness ensures a high degree of professionalism. The combination of excellent treatments, excellent products from the French Beauty Monteil spa line, a comfortable, exclusive and luxurious atmosphere and friendly, multilingual staff guarantees a perfect retreat for beauty and wellness. Guests are welcomed with a soothing tea, followed by a consultation that allows the therapist to tailor the treatment to individual needs. We are very proud to open soon our 5th branch at the Swiss Medical Beauty Center close to the Bahnhofstrasse and central train station. We will have the opportunity to increase our service by working closely together with the surgeons of Swiss medical beauty Center by teaming up and combining our years of experience in facial and body treatment. We will offer our clients lifting treatment with Fotona 4 D face lifting, Tatoo removal and our other regular facial and body treatments. www.celeste-cosmetic.ch

24 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 25

Hôtel Vagabond Singapore


Singapore‘s newest luxury boutique hotel Hôtel Vagabond and its 5th Quartier, a five star restaurant in the Little India neighborhood. An artistic establishment thanks to world renowned French designer Jacques Garcia. This is the perfect hotel to begin your Singapore experience, with spacious rooms and excellent location. Visit this exquisite heritage where there is always an artist in residence.

www.hotelvagabondsingapore.com 26 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 27



‚Hugh Grant Golden Icon Award‘ Evening


organized a cocktail at Plutschow Gallery on the evening of the Zurich Film Festival ‚Golden Icon Award‘ for Hugh Grant. We met for a night of networking and cinema before the movie premiere of Hugh Grant‘s new film ‚Florence Foster Jenkins‘. A night of laughter and joy in Kino Corso with the best friends of Zurichsee Connections. Before the movie, Roman Plutschow, CEO of Plutschow Gallery, gave us a small introduction of the exhibition ‚Strategies against Clay‘ in his well located gallery in the centre of Zurich. Christoph Schwegler served a delicious and aromatic Compleo Secco by Staatskellerei Zürich. www.staatskellerei.ch

Mark & Christoph Schwegler

Marianne Stecker, Janine Lustenberger

28 - ZC Art Nov 2016

Manuela Leonhard, Patrick Abas, Elena Maximova

Roman Plutschow & Philippe Meyer

Roman Plutschow, Lorenza Damn

Ekaterina Koyle (middle)

Patrick F. Zurlinder, Maria Elsa Montoya & Alberto Perucchini

Mariangela Steiner and Henriette van Panthaleon van Eck

Nicole Schnetzer, Astrid Verkaik, Manuela Haugwitz

Alina Balan

www.plutschowgallery.com ZC Art Nov 2016 - 29


LA LA LAND Comedy. Drama. Musical.

Directed by David MacKenzie with Ben Foster, Chris Pine and Dale Dickey.

Directed by Damien Chazelle with Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Amiée Conn.

A divorced father and his ex-con older brother to a desperate scheme in order to save their family‘s Texas ranch.

A jazz pianist falls for an upcoming actress in LA.

SNOWDEN Biography. Drama.Thriller. Directed by Oliver Stone with Joseph GordonLevitt, Shailene Woodley and Melissa Leo.

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN. Mystery. Thriller.

The NSA‘s illegal surveillance techniques are leaked to the public by one of the agency‘s employees, Snowden who distributed to the press thousands of classified documents.

Directed by Tate Taylor with Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett and Rebecca Ferguson. A divorcee becomes entangled in a missing person investigation that promises to send shockwaves throughout her life.

30 - ZC Art Nov 2016

ZC Art Nov 2016 - 31

32 - ZC Art Nov 2016

Profile for Zurichsee Connections

The Art of ZC 7  

Welcome to the 5 senses magazine where creative people present their world.

The Art of ZC 7  

Welcome to the 5 senses magazine where creative people present their world.