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European Horror Story: Asylum American Horror Story: Asylum tells the story of a psychiatric hospital where patients’ conditions worsen from day to day leaving them scarred for rest of their lives and where nobody is interested in patients’ backgrounds, how horrid the conditions in the hospital are or how the treatment provided in the asylum affects their health. It is devastating even just to think that there could be parallels drawn between unaccompanied minor migrants’ modern problems in 2015 and a fictional psychiatric hospital from the 1960s. In 2014, there were 12,685 asylum applications by minors without a legal guardian across the European Union and this number might even increase in the future due to the number of conflicts in the Middle East. A greater number of unaccompanied children are irregularly crossing EU border, most of whom have faced human trafficking, war and slavery prior to arriving at the borders. Assumption that they have reached a safe haven is crushed with reality when they are either deported or held up at the refugee centers for months without ever getting to see their parents or legal guardians. A scandalous case in the European Court of Human Rights discussed the story of a five-year-old named Tabitha who was detained in the Transit Center after arriving at the Brussels airport for not possessing the necessary documents to enter Belgium. Unaccompanied by her parents, she was held in an adult-intended center for two months with no counseling or educational assistance. Although authorities had been placed in a position to take care of Tabitha, her detention demonstrated a truly inhumane treatment as they had failed to ensure even minimal living conditions for the child. “The reception centers for unaccompanied minors are meant to be temporary and transit structures, in reality unaccompanied minors turn remaining too long in such inadequate centers. Children wait indefinitely for long-term solutions, and this represents an additional trauma to the one they already suffered during their journey” said Lilian Pizzi, Terre des Hommes project coordinator in Syracuse. Same level of danger is faced by the unregistered irregularly migrating minors as their rights can easily be violated without anyone being aware of it. Thus, they often become targets of sexual harassment and victims of human trade or forced labour. Moreso, a number of sea accidents caused by recklessness of the border monitors have resulted in death of numerous children. Even if they safely enter the borders of the EU with their legal companions, they are still being constantly ostracised for being an economic burden in increasingly anti-immigrant societies. Every patient of the said horror show feels scars left by their experience years after their stay in the hospital with the majority of them having slipped into insanity at the end of their lives. These children resemble the healthy patients from the American Horror Story hospital who are hopelessly striving for normal lives despite being stamped wwby force for the rest of their lives.

Elene Ambidze


Back to School - 1st Issue of TSS'15  
Back to School - 1st Issue of TSS'15  

1st Issue of TSS'15 - Tbilisi School Session of EYP Georgia