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the Editors A: Who is the most evil Disney character? G: Scar from The Lion King. He is just so evil and scary and I hated him as a kid. A: Describe your perfect date? G: My perfect date would definitely involve taking the lady to the movies, having a nice romantic meal, and walking around for at least an hour, getting to know each other better ... A: That is one lucky lady! Do you consider yourself open-minded? G: I’m very open-minded. Actually being a chair in EYP taught me to respect others’ opinions despite how idiotic I think their ideas might sound. A: Which subject did you hate the most at school? G: Maths, or anything science-related. I was humanitarian-oriented from the beginning. That is actually the reason why I was and still am so against the current Georgian educational system. I never understood why I had to learn so many subjects I hated while trying to learn more interesting ones in my free time. A: Does the word “either” rhyme with tiger or beaver? G: Beaver! A: American accent for the win! Describe your style G: I’d hate labeling my clothing style but if I had to, I’d go with a classy hipster. I like neutral colors, patterns, retro clothes. I can’t stand the neon colours. A: What’s your all-time favorite poem, why? G: I’m going with a Georgian one - Nikoloz Baratashvili and his Thoughts at the River Kura. When I first read it, I was extremely surprised to see my thoughts and my perception of life being shared and written by someone else. And if it’s somewhat depressing, then so be it. A: What’s the capital of Madagascar? G: I have no idea. I’m going to take a shot here; Is it Madagascar? A: No, no, it’s not. How would you describe your co-editor in 2 words? G: At times seriously funny, at other times funnily serious. And sometimes just super-cranky. A: What is your biggest psychological fear? G: Being average in my profession, hobbies, interests, even personal relationships. But I usually manage to overcome it by excelling.

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