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– KENNETH COLE, Founder of Kenneth Cole Productions


to the latest issue of Elevate, our technology solutions magazine. As I write this, my wife and I are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary in Tokyo, Singapore and Thailand. Since I was a teenager growing up in a family business, international travel has played a big role in my life. Thirty years later, the excitement of exploring new destinations never diminishes. They say that travel broadens the mind. It has helped me in innumerable ways. Taking time off from work to relax is critically important, especially in our fast-paced industry. But it’s also about getting out of your comfort zone. Nothing accomplishes this quicker than landing in a foreign country on the other side of the world—you don’t speak the language, there are unique customs to assimilate and you may not even be able to identify the food you eat. Travel forces you to adapt, to reflect, and to restore. It ensures that your perspective on life and the needs of people never stops broadening, which is incredibly important. When Zumasys launched its International Travel Incentive in 2010, most people didn’t understand what we were doing or why. Some thought it was just a strange gimmick. Six years later, I am happy to report that it has reshaped the perspectives of more than two dozen employees who have traveled abroad with loved ones, friends and family, many for the first time. Travel has become such a part of our 2



W I N T ER 2017


team’s story that this month alone we have employees visiting Iceland, Africa and India. And we funded our International Travel Incentive at about half of the cost of our annual holiday party. Guess which one has a more lasting impact! One of my favorite things is when team members return to work and share their experiences with the rest of the company (the only requirement to receive the stipend and the time off). The sessions range from light hearted slide shows to raucous storytelling sessions. They often include people sharing emotional, intimate life-changing experiences. Travelers open up in ways you seldom see in the workplace and it brings us all together. The other exciting trend is the role that international volunteering and giving is starting to play in our lives through our Happyness is a Choice program. In the last year, Zumasys team members have traveled to Panama with Operation Smile, volunteered in orphanages in Costa Rica and Kenya and installed a donated virtualization solution for our friends at Northrise University in Zambia, Africa. You can read more about Zumasys CTO, Andy Takacs' personal experience during his trip to Africa on page 10.

– PAUL GIOBBI, President, Zumasys

What are you doing to restore yourself and your business? We are living in a unique time where we remain connected 24 hours a day and we are feeling pressure to constantly deliver more efficiencies. If you’re not careful or deliberate in managing this, you may find yourself burned out like a good friend of mine did recently. The good news is that there are ways to manage your stress. I write about the turnaround of my friend and share some practical tips in my article Why Are You So Stressed?, which you can find on page 14. Whether you are new to Zumasys or a long-time loyal client, I want to thank you for your ongoing partnership. We are in the business of technology but our mission has clearly grown into one of Purpose and Happyness. But let’s be clear, you are the fuel that keeps our engine going and we remain dedicated to you and your success.

Paul Giobbi, President of Zumasys



“It was an unforgettable adventure that my best friend and I will cherish forever." — KATE GOETTING

Kate Goetting Iceland

where would you go IF YOU HAD $4,000 AND A WEEK OF PAID VACATION?

Our 2016 Travelers

Each year, four to six Zumasys employees receive a paid week off and $4,000 to travel internationally. To create new life experiences and to provide a broader

Frank Petillo Curacao

understanding of the world we live in, travelers can go anywhere they want as long as it is outside of North America. The Zumasys International Travel Incentive was launched in 2010 and more than two dozen team members have taken advantage of this unique perk.





W I N TER 2017




“The travel incentive inspired me to see more of the world than I have in the last 35 years of my life” — ROBERT TRASK

Leon Ngo France

Hieu Phan Japan Joe Dunkle Europe

Ryan Beaty Indonesia

Ananya Ridenour Kenya


Zumasys News SonicWALL Launches Security as a Service

New Subscription Options for Windows 10

Building on the success of their Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) offering, which allows you to rent SonicWALL firewalls on a monthly basis, SonicWALL has now included the rest of their product line – mobile access, wireless, email security, acceleration, etc. Called Security as a Service (SECaaS), this flexible, affordable subscription-based service lets you detect and block a wide range of advanced and emerging threats, including intrusions, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, key loggers, rootkits, botnets and “zero-day” malware. SECaaS features include anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering, application control and VPN, as well as the following services:

In July of 2016, Microsoft announced a new subscription model for Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Zumasys is now able to offer Windows 10 Enterprise Edition as a service for just $7 per seat per month. With Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, you can take advantage of the full stack of Microsoft solutions in the cloud, including Office 365, Dynamics Azure, and CRM, with a flexible licensing model that scales with your needs. Windows 10 Enterprise Edition gives you several enhanced features, including:

• Weekly security reports and firewall backup • Configuration and security analysis by certified engineers • Proactive monitoring and alerting • Software, hardware and security signature updates




W I N TER 2017

Palo Alto Networks Now Available from Zumasys Zumasys is now authorized to resell Palo Alto’s Next-Generation Security Platform and VMware based threat-prevention solutions. Palo Alto Networks is the #1 threatprevention platform, protecting networks by providing multiple layers of prevention, confronting threats at each phase of the attack. Palo Alto’s threat-prevention subscriptions protect the network from advanced threats by identifying and scanning all traffic—applications, users, and content—across all ports and protocols. “We have been impressed by Palo Alto’s VM-series firewall technology and their commitment to virtualization, VMware NSX and cloud multi-tenancy,” said Paul Giobbi, President and Co-Founder of Zumasys. “Palo Alto is the fastestgrowing company in the segment because they have a game-changing security platform focused on bringing an end to the era of breaches, and we are excited to bring this technology to our cloud and on-premises solutions.”

• Increased security to protect and secure sensitive data while enabling multi-device access • Simplified licensing and deployment to decrease costs and simplify your upgrade path on a subscription-based licensing structure • Partner-managed IT, brought to you by Zumasys, giving you the dependable support you know and love with the trusted Microsoft expertise you depend on Learn more about our full suite of productivity and security solutions enabled by Microsoft, and discover how you can get the most out of your enterprise IT. Contact sales@zumasys.com for more information.

SUPERNAP’s Las Vegas location has been home to The Zumasys Cloud since 2010, enabling always-on availability and iron-clad security for customers’ business-critical applications.

As part of our move to Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 and our growing partnership with Microsoft, Zumasys is now offering four new backup and recovery options: Self-service backup and recovery options for Zumasys Cloud customers. Use the Veeam Cloud Connect web portal to modify backup jobs and perform your own recoveries. Backup both your Zumasys Cloud and Office 365 data. Backup as a Service for virtual and physical servers onsite. Using the same Veeam technology, you can now backup your data to The Zumasys Cloud for as little as $0.20 per 1GB.



rm aicpa.org/soc o erl p y SAS 70 Re


And for customers running on Pick MultiValue systems, we are also excited to announce ZSnap, a new software-based snap shot solution that allows you to automatically restore your system to the exact state it was on a specific date, up to one year ago.

anization C Org on tr ice v r

ts por Re ol

Azure Site Recovery Manager allows you to replicate servers into the Microsoft Azure cloud for added redundancy. Create a “warm site” with server replication happening every 60 minutes. Fail over and have a fully-functional data center in the Azure cloud in the event of unplanned downtime.

As government and regulatory agencies increase requirements on companies to meet compliance and security standards, SOC certification is becoming a critical component of IT purchasing decisions. Customers want technology partners that are both capable and trusted. These qualities are especially important for customers in the financial industry. Achieving SOC 2, Type 1 certification gives Zumasys customers peace of mind and differentiates the company from the competition. Zumasys is able to provide a detailed report of its SOC 2 Type 1 certification to customers upon request, demonstrating to management and decision makers, the qualifications they need to make informed partnership choices.


The existing SUPERNAP facilities in Las Vegas are the first and only carrierneutral colocation data centers to be certified Tier IV Gold in Operations by the Uptime Institute. They are also certified Tier IV in both Design and Facility categories. The same standards will apply to the upcoming SUPERNAP location in Reno. The first building out of seven will be 987,064 square feet and support up to 90MVA of load.

Zumasys Launches New Backup & Recovery Solutions

Zumasys recently announced that it has achieved Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2, Type 1 standards certification. The completion of this phase of Zumasys’ SOC 2 audit, completed by A-LIGN Security and Compliance, establishes that the company’s cloud computing business operations are in compliance with industry best practices.


Switch SUPERNAP is opening its new Reno Industrial Complex and data center this fall at a cost of more than $1B. The new data center will eventually include 6.5 million square feet, making it the largest data center campus on the planet. The Reno SUPERNAP is located next door to the Tesla Gigafactory, the biggest lithium battery plant in the world.

Zumasys Cloud is Now SOC Certified


SUPERNAP to Open the World’s Largest Data Center in Reno


Building an Intelligent




Information Technology (IT) is at the core of every business, and cloud PLATFORM is quickly becoming the foundation of IT. IDC predicts 19% compound annual growth in public cloud IT services—almost six times the rate of overall IT spending growth—from nearly $70 billion in 2015 to more than $141 billion in 2019.1



As businesses demand increased agility, reduced financial risk and 24x7 availability, cloud has become a critical requirement in day-to-day operations. Cloud is no longer just about hosting virtual servers, it is about providing purpose-built services, subscription-based line-of-business applications, machine learning, business intelligence and more. The intelligent cloud embraces all of this to empower the organization to drive business outcomes through better customer engagement, employee empowerment, optimized operations and product transformation. To facilitate transformation through the intelligent cloud, it is important that IT organizations understand the building blocks of the intelligent cloud: connectivity, security, platform, backup and recovery, micro services and compliance.


Backup & Recovery

As businesses continue to push key services to cloud, connectivity is more important than ever. Downtime or severe circuit degradation are a matter of when, not if. To counter this, advancements in softwaredefined networking (SDN) allow you to aggregate and control almost any type of internet connection available. Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) have become a cost-effective alternative to MPLS, providing a secure, low-latency mesh network. Many public cloud providers are now allowing direct connections via MPLS or VPLS.

No matter where your data and services live, backups are crucial to the long-term success of your business. New advancements from Veeam enable granular control over when and where backups take place. Veeam also integrates with other cloud services, offering backup and recovery options for Office 365 email. Anticipate this trend to take off, with more options to protect your SaaS hosted data.

Micro Services

One of the major advantages of SDN, such as VMware NSX, is microsegmentation. NSX provides the ability to restrict traffic flow ingress and egress for each and every server, providing an unprecedented level of control at the virtual machine. The ability to create a more secure and highly resilient network, both internally and externally, is a core component of SDN.

Purpose-built, role-specific, and task-specific micro applications are quickly becoming the norm. With more than 70 million commercial users running Office 365, the way we deliver productivity applications has changed. Big-box applications are now developing applications by company role to empower employees and optimize operations. IT leaders will be expected to understand how to integrate and manage these new micro services to increase revenue and optimize operating expenses.


Compliance – SOC, HIPPA, PCI

The intelligent cloud must always be available, and the platform is the bedrock of availability. The gold standard for datacenters continues to be set by SUPERNAP and their collection of the world’s only Tier IV datacenters. Microsoft’s Azure enables you to seek out opportunities all over the world with the confidence that your IT systems can scale with you. Azure is a trusted name that covers 80+ cloud services and 34 regions, surpassing AWS and Google combined.

Compliance today is vastly more complex than it was even 10 years ago. Cloud computing titans, such as Salesforce, Amazon and Microsoft, are beginning to offer HIPPA, PCI DSS and FedRamp compliant platforms. And you can rest assured that other providers will follow suit. It is important to select a provider that is willing to work with you through compliance questions as they come up, as compliance requirements will continue to mature.






W I N TER 2017

International Data Corporation (IDC),. Worldwide Public Cloud Services Spending Forecast To Double By 2019, According To IDC. 2016. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.

Simplify your approach…

He conquered the cloud in 2008

Chris Puentes President, Interfresh





When we began our Happyness is a Choice program over four years ago, our goal was simply to donate 1% of our revenue to nonprofits in our community. Over time, that goal has evolved. We’re still giving away the money, but we are more focused on making personal connections. And we have expanded our definition of “community” to include places near and far. We’ve volunteered with foster youth in Orange County through Orangewood Foundation, helped children in rural Romania through Firm Foundations Romania (FFR) and traveled to Panama to help children with cleft palates through Operation Smile.

In April 2016, we added a new continent

to the list when I travelled to Africa to visit Northrise University. Northrise University is a private, Christian university founded in 2003 by dynamic husband and wife duo, Moffat and Doreen Zimba. The two had left Zambia to pursue higher education abroad but returned with a goal to increase educational opportunities for high school graduates in the country. We learned about them through our customer Astro Pak. Like Zumasys, Astro Pak has a strong focus on giving back. They’ve worked with Northrise for many years and approached us about getting involved through Happyness is a Choice. Astro Pak was shipping a container of supplies for the university and asked if we wanted to send anything. At the time, the university was expanding from a small urban facility to a 700-acre campus on the outskirts of the city. IT infrastructure is 10



W I NTER 2017

hard to come by in Zambia, particularly for a school on a budget. All of their servers are physical, but they were interested in building a platform to learn about and practice with virtualization. So we sent over several big stacks of equipment from our cloud platform. I stepped off the plane in Ndola and was instantly hit by the heat—90 degrees with 90% humidity. I was tired from the 15hour trip from London, and sleep and air conditioning sounded really, really good. But I only had three days in Africa, so I had to get to work. I was there to help make sure that the equipment worked and could be stood up with a minimal footprint, even though the buildings on the new campus were not yet complete. We wanted to get the equipment online quickly so that we could immediately begin training Northrise’s staff in virtualization.

Dr. Moffat Zimba speaks at Zumapalooza 2015

As you might imagine, Zambia is a totally different world from Orange County. I don’t think I was prepared for just how different it would be or what challenges I would face in setting up this infrastructure. For one thing, the entire campus runs on a 2Mbps connection. We were downloading software patches over cellphones because they were more reliable than the internet. Even downloading a PDF was a 20-minute process. Then there were the power outages, or “load shedding,” as they’re called by the local power company. Inside the city of Ndola, the power shuts down at 9 p.m. and doesn’t come up again until 5 a.m. Here in the States, we would burn the midnight oil to get all the infrastructure set up quickly. But there, we were forced to wrap up at 5 or 6 p.m. so we could get dinner before the power went out.

The amazing thing is that no one complains about anything. They get by with sheer willpower and grit. They’re determined to prepare themselves for the future and educate themselves and their students using the latest technologies. They want to be current and flexible. I knew at the outset that I wasn’t going to be able to teach them virtualization in just three days. Our goal was to establish a foundation that they could build on. In addition to setting up the gear, I did a couple of whiteboard discussions with their IT staff about virtualization: what it is, how it started and how it works. What happens when you create a VM? How is it instantiated? What’s been going on in the virtualization space over the last 10 years? I spent my time on the foundation so they could understand the core concepts and continue training on their own. The true highlight of the trip for me was a discussion I participated in with a group of students about cloud computing. We talked about what the cloud is and why it is important. It was rewarding to see the students’ excitement and interest in global IT trends— trends that may not be impacting them now but may one day come to Ndola. One of the goals of the university is to empower Ndolans to pursue higher education so they can return to Zambia and use their education to contribute to their country. As a result, the students are eager to absorb as much information as possible. After three days, the equipment was installed, the IT staff were equipped with a basic understanding of how to use it and I returned home. I left some mammoth, high-powered IT infrastructure in SubSaharan Africa, and it will be up to the school to determine how best to use it. They may end up using it to provide staff and student software developers with virtual machines rather than physical servers. Or they may just keep it for training with virtualization. They’re also thinking about getting into the cloud business. Northrise Services is a branch of Northrise University that contracts with businesses to provide student developers for IT projects. Developers with Northrise Services wrote a student management program that is now used to manage classes, grades and enrollment at Northrise. With their new virtualized infrastructure, they’re thinking about creating a software-asa-service version of the program to help schools throughout Zambia— from elementary through high school.

Northrise Co-Founders Doreen and Moffat Zimba

They’re thinking ahead to a future in which bandwidth and power aren’t problems. Their creativity and ambition has been truly inspiring. It takes vision and leadership to do what they’re doing—laying the foundation for a cloud-enabled Zambia. Now that I'm back, I spend a lot of time thinking about what more we could do to help them achieve their goals. To me, this is what Happyness is a Choice is all about. Giving back to our community is not just about giving money—it’s about connecting with people and using our expertise, human-power, technology and time to help others dream big. Whether it’s here at home, or halfway around the world, there are always ways we can be of service to others. Even though we’ve already donated nearly $1 million through Happyness is a Choice, we are just getting started. Our network is so rich in resources and know-how that the possibilities are endless. Lusuntha Ngulube and Andy Takacs install new VMware solution 11

jBASE GAIN After being acquired by Zumasys, jBASE sales soar! Zumasys Brings Renewed Energy to MultiValue Record Number of Customers Migrate to jBASE

jBASE Conversion Tool Making the Move to Mainstream Quick and Easy

MultiValue users understand that custom software is a competitive advantage. Rather than throwing away proven core business applications, there is renewed interest in enhancing and modernizing the user interface using modern programming languages and frameworks. Zumasys brings together a deep understanding of MultiValue application design with expertise in the latest user interface design approaches. Zumasys offers programming services and professional services to help organizations put a new User Interface (UI) onto existing applications. As customers explore the capabilities of these new UI design options, many have come to appreciate the benefits of jBASE’s true native architecture.

Although some MultiValue customers perceive that migrating an application is difficult, the jBASE Conversion Tool has been updated and enhanced by Zumasys to make the process easier than ever. This free utility converts 95% of the application automatically and makes sure similar commands are compatible with jBASE. The tool can accomplish this in as little as an hour.

jBASE Provides a Native Approach Attracting a New Generation of Developers to MultiValue jBASE’s native approach makes it easy for developers unfamiliar with MultiValue to readily see and understand the MultiValue application and to hit the ground running with MultiValue. jBASE turns older MultiValue applications into native applications for common operating systems, such as Windows and Unix. Unlike traditional Pick architectures, code is compiled into native operating system programs and database information is exposed as native operating system files. The result is an environment that looks and feels like any other modern application platform. New administrators will appreciate the familiar design and how jBASE allows them to manage, secure and administer the system using modern techniques and tools they were taught in school. No more having to learn “The Pick Way” of doing things. Developers will appreciate how jBASE makes it possible to call directly to jBASE programming and data from their favorite programming languages.

Greg Cooper Joins as Chief Database Architect Readies jBASE for Cloud and Software as a Service Early this year Zumasys announced the hiring of Greg Cooper to lead its jBASE development team. Cooper co-authored jBASE, taking it from an idea to an enterprise-grade platform, creating many of its current features, including runtime, backups, journaling, language support and more.

Patrick Payne Joins Zumasys as Technical Evangelist Helps Customers Update Their User Interfaces (UI) Zumasys is also excited to welcome Patrick Payne to the team. His goal is to help our customers understand what is possible with their applications relative to the latest Web 2.0 development tools and techniques such as AngularJS. Prior to joining Zumasys, Patrick was the CTO of Sierra Pacific Mortgage for 17 years where he consistently pushed the envelope of what can be done with MultiValue. Patrick works closely with our MultiValue customers to show them how to take advantage of Angular and its mature web and mobile device User Interface (UI) tools.

Zumasys continues to aggressively update jBASE Unveils more new features with jBASE v5.6 • Native data encryption: Get built-in data security and protection with the standard jBASE product for no additional cost. • Introducing native RESTful Services: Expose jBASE to every language environment without proprietary APIs. With RESTful Services, jBASE can receive requests from Java Script and return results back using JSON. • Additional audit logging features: Increase the granularity of logging options for deeper event audits. Logs can also be applied to a remote copy of jBASE to accelerate the backup process and reduce recovery point objectives. • Improved transaction journaling: Quickly enable and maintain jBASE replication with new enhancements, including definable automatic purging. Transaction journals can be used to quickly bring older database copies up to date. • Updated System Manager: Enable centralized management via a graphic web interface for encryption, audit logging and transaction journaling. 12



W I N TER 2017

To learn more, email sales@jbase.com

NS MOMENTUM Allied Electric Migrates to The Zumasys Cloud 30-year-old Pick application goes native and performs 75% faster Allied Electric is a full-line electrical supply house based in Cobleskill, New York, that sells to contractors and industrial accounts. AN INTERVIEW WITH JOHN SELKIRK, PRESIDENT OF ALLIED ELECTRIC SUPPLY

What is your core business application? We started in 1987 with a SHIMS (Supply House Information Management System) ERP system. SHIMS is our lifeblood. It’s our application for point of sale, purchasing, general ledger—everything. It’s a solid, reliable way for us to interact with all aspects of our business. We’d be lost without it.

What was the challenge you were trying to solve? In 2015 we were due for a technology refresh. We were on borrowed time with our hardware. Some of it was no longer covered by support, and we didn’t want to get to the point where we had no plan to get back up and running in the event of a hardware failure. As part of the refresh, Infor advised us to migrate from SHIMS to a newer ERP system. But we were happy with SHIMS. We had spent 30 years investing in it, and we didn’t want to start over.

We were on borrowed time with our hardware. How did you decide to move SHIMS to jBASE in The Zumasys Cloud? A friend suggested that we reach out to Bruce Decker at Zumasys. He knew that Zumasys had helped many companies across the country that wanted to stay with SHIMS. Initially, we were looking to stay with an on-premises server setup. But Bruce let me know that cloud was an option. He even

suggested using a hybrid approach to ease us into it with a combination of cloud and on-site resources. I’m no spring chicken, but I knew that if we were going to refresh our technology, I wanted to do it the right way and go straight to the cloud. And it was a great decision. I realize that moving to the cloud may seem like a big commitment for some folks— especially older guys like me who are used to having a server in the back room. But I have redundancy in my communication lines, and to say that the SUPERNAP looks secure would be a major understatement. We felt really comfortable with Bruce and Zumasys, so we started with a plan to migrate our SHIMS application to jBASE in The Zumasys Cloud.

Our SHIMS application is 75% faster. Our SHIMS application is noticeably faster—75% faster, actually. Our month-end close used to take 4 hours, and today it takes 1 hour. Things like inquiries seem to happen instantaneously. We’re not waiting, watching a blinking cursor on the screen anymore. Despite the fact that our data lives in Nevada, we’re getting information faster than when our servers were just a few feet away. Our data now also feels much more secure. We used to back up our systems nightly. Now all of that is handled for us automatically by Zumasys. I have no worries about the security or availability of our data.

Overall, we’ve been extremely happy with the solution. As a small, independent operator, I may not be an IT expert, but I know value. From my perspective it was money well spent. It has actually saved us from a big capital outlay for new hardware and the complexity of migrating to a new ERP application.

The cloud has saved us from a big capital outlay. I gave moving to the cloud a lot of thought, and I’m glad that I made the decision to move to the cloud. I’m especially glad that I made the decision to go with Zumasys. The entire process from the first meeting with Bruce Decker to going “live” was very structured and professionally done.

What was your experience working with Zumasys? The support that we’ve received from Zumasys has been excellent. Dobie Yates, who was previously with Infor, is a real asset to Zumasys’ SHIMS users. Throughout the process, Zumasys went out of their way to facilitate a seamless migration. Our comfort level was 100%. I’ve dealt with vendors for 40 years. It’s nice to have a vendor that you can feel good about saying, “Yeah, those people are great.” As far as I’m concerned, Zumasys offers a great package for companies with businesscritical ERP systems—they can come in to help with your ERP and add a ton of value with their cloud capabilities. We’re looking forward to long-term success together. 13


Why Are You So Stressed? Earlier this summer, I met a longtime friend for a cup of coffee. Tech executive, in his mid-40s, happily married, and killing it at work. By all measures, wildly successful. And yet, somehow, my friend suddenly found himself totally unsatisfied and feeling adrift. We talked about his quest to find more fulfillment in and out of work. How he struggles to find happiness in things that once brought him joy. And how he’s uncertain about what’s next. I might not have thought too much more about this, but 24 hours later, I found myself having the same exact conversation with another friend—almost identical profile, same technologyindustry background. And, in the weeks since, I’ve found myself wondering: If we’re all so blessed, why are we so stressed? (A nod to Rebelution, one of my favorite bands and their hit song De-Stress). I don’t claim to have this whole career satisfaction thing figured out, but stress is something I spend a lot of time thinking about—personally and professionally. As the head of a 80-person technology company, I’m constantly thinking about what brings people satisfaction and causes others to burn out. And, more importantly, what they can do about it. Each of us has our own personal struggles—our own daily battles. It’s part of life. But, one constant in all of our lives is change. Technology is pushing companies and we all are asked to find additional “corporate efficiencies.” If you’re in the technology industry, chances are good that your job is very different today than it was just 12 months ago. The pressure to constantly evolve and to become more efficient is an incredible load to bear, but it’s also a gift. I still believe that technology is one of the best industries to work in.

“The pressure to constantly evolve and to become more efficient is an incredible load to bear.” Yet, maintaining a positive outlook in the face of adversity can be difficult. We are naturally conditioned to focus on the negative—we all submit to “external” pressures and factors that get us down. But deliberately setting your “internal” compass, regardless of what is going on around you, is the only answer. It’s better to be a thermostat than a thermometer. Plus, it is helpful to appreciate the ways in which adversity or life’s challenges can bring about good in your life. It has made a difference for me, and I’ve written a lot about the simple ways to train your brain to be happy.




W I NTER 2017

Here are some examples of how I am attempting to combat stress in my own life: I am practicing gratitude. I’ve found exercise, occasional yoga, and daily acts of gratitude to be impactful. I encourage you to try this easy gratitude exercise right now: Make a list of five people who matter to you and put it in your wallet. Look at it regularly and continually reflect on their positive attributes. Then try to be that person for someone else. I am practicing empathy. For me, a huge part of combating stress is building personal connections with my coworkers and industry friends. But building authentic, deep personal connections in your career takes effort and requires empathy. And empathy is tricky; it’s often confused with sympathy. For example, it has been a realization for me that I don’t need to have all the answers, especially when it comes to my team members. I don’t need to fix everything. I just need to be there, listening and having empathy for what’s going on in their lives and career. To understand the difference between empathy and sympathy, I highly recommend the animated video titled Brené Brown on Empathy http://brenebrown.com/videos/. I find that putting the focus on others helps. Four years ago, we created Happyness is a Choice, which was born out of a vision to redirect a portion of our customers’ purchases to non-profits and people in need. Since then, Zumasys has supported nearly 300 individuals and organizations and we’ve made volunteering a priority in our work lives. We are so grateful to everyone who is on this journey with us and look forward to all that is to come. In fact, we are celebrating Happyness is a Choice with our latest fundraiser for Firm Foundations Romania (FFR). Learn more about this worthy group and how you can celebrate with us at www.zumasys.com/ffr. I am watching my intake. Since becoming an entrepreneur, my life has seen periods of chronic headaches. Earlier this year, I was having them multiple times a week. They were so bad that I was prescribed medication. Three months ago, I participated in a food intake challenge at my gym. Today, I’m still endeavoring to (mostly) adhere to the guidelines—basically, less sugars and processed foods—and would you believe I haven’t taken a single prescription pill in 90 days? How often do you hear stories like this? What does it take for us to finally get the clue? Controlling your intake also extends to what you’re feeding your mind. Personally, I am always rewarded when I read. Instead of looking at email, a smart phone or TV, read a book, a newspaper or some type of journalism that is new to you. I challenge you to spend 30 minutes a day reading something thought-provoking. As long as it is not on an electronic screen, I’m fairly certain it will enhance your output to the world. It will make you more interesting, provide much needed perspective and generally help you de-stress.

I submit to something greater than myself. This is a deeply personal choice. For some of my dearest friends, it means participating in formalized programs like AA. For others, it may be a daily yoga practice or meditation. For me, it’s a belief in a creator that is much greater than I am and a master plan that transcends the broken people and problems of this world. If we would all just spend two hours each week quietly reflecting and submitting to a higher power, how much less stress would there be in the world? I embrace my responsibility as an entrepreneur. Business leaders and managers are in an extra-difficult position. People share their problems with you continually. They bring them in daily and lay them at your feet. And, if you’re not careful, those concerns can become your burden. As the leader of Zumasys, I feel the awesome responsibility of listening and supporting our team members and their families who rely on what we do for their livelihood. Some executives I know “cope” by hardening themselves or walling themselves off from this reality, but I have grown to truly enjoy the process and the responsibility.

“No amount of dieting or downward dog will change how you feel.” These may seem like little things. But what happens when you need a big change? What do you do when you’re stuck in a job that you don’t find fulfilling? Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you don’t feel valued. Maybe you are swimming in the wrong pond. No amount of dieting or downward dog will change how you feel. Take a cue from my friend that I mentioned in the beginning of this story. I emailed him recently and received an ambiguous, extended out-of-office reply. It caused me to immediately call his cell. So what happened? After talking over his issue with his new boss, whom he respects greatly, my friend decided to take a couple of months off. He jettisoned a difficult customer that was raising his blood pressure, and he is heading out on a BMW touring bike to explore the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. He’s thrilled about what the break has done for him and he has an excitement in his voice that is truly infectious. After working for the same firm for nearly 20 years, he feels reinvigorated about coming back to work in a couple more weeks. The story of my friend is not unique, especially in this economy and this time in our industry. I’m no happiness guru, but my success depends on my ability to understand, empathize and motivate a diverse group of people. And my advice to you is this: take a break if you need to. A sabbatical is always an option if you are a performer. Cut loose the haters in your life. In the words of Brené Brown, remember you’re not the “jackass whisperer.” Then create some simple daily habits that will bring you peace, purpose and fulfillment.

And remember, you’re too blessed to be stressed. 15

Orangewood Foundation Embraces Citrix Hosted Desktops and Nimble Storage to Deliver 3D Modeling Software to Chromebooks

Solution & Benefits Citrix XenDesktop VDI solution, supported by Nimble Storage CS215 storage, HP Smart Buy DL380 GEN9 servers and NVIDIA GRID K2 graphics cards. • Enable students to gain experience with industrystandard engineering software. • Allow students to work on SolidWorks projects outside of a classroom environment. • Simplify and centralize application management to avoid adding headcount.

An innovative charter school founded by Orangewood Foundation, Samueli Academy offers a unique and exciting instructional approach that combines project-based learning with a heavy emphasis on technology. The school has a 1-1 environment, providing every student with their own Chromebook to take home. Through the Chromebooks, students can access the digital textbooks and other instructional materials that are used in class on a daily basis. They can also use Google Apps for Education to support project-based learning and collaboration. To improve college and career readiness, the school partners with the University of California at Irvine (UCI) to offer innovative engineering and design pathways that align with UCI’s curriculum. In 2016, the school launched a new course centered around SolidWorks 3D CAD design software, an industry-standard software that is taught at UCI. SolidWorks is a robust modeling software with demanding performance requirements for video graphics and horsepower, which Samueli Academy’s Chromebook 1-1 environment could not support. “Because Chromebooks run the Chrome operating system, there’s no way to install the application locally on each student’s laptop,” explains Philip Thai, Director of IT, Orangewood Foundation. “We considered building a desktop lab environment or buying a cart of laptops that could move from room to room, but both solutions felt like taking a step backward.” Thai considered deploying a virtual desktop environment that would enable students to remotely access a powerful, 3D-accelerated workstation running SoftWorks from an Internet browser. But he wasn’t sure whether the school could pull off an enterprise-grade VDI environment given their aggressive timeline and limited budget. That’s when Thai sought the advice of long-time Orangewood supporter Zumasys.

About Orangewood Foundation Orangewood Foundation is one of the leading providers of services to current and former foster youth in Orange County. Each year, it helps almost 2,000 foster and community youth prepare for independent adulthood. Its programs focus on four critical areas: basic needs, housing, life skills and employment, and education. To improve high school graduation rates among foster youth, Orangewood envisioned a school in which students could thrive in a learning environment that maximizes individual student attention, supported by a staff that cares about the “whole” student. After years of research and a $25M capital campaign, Orangewood opened Samueli Academy in August 2013 on a seven-acre parcel of land in Santa Ana. Samueli Academy is a free, public charter high school located in Santa Ana, California, that offers educationally underserved communities a new choice for high school education. 16



W I N TER 2017



Orangewood was first introduced to Zumasys in 2012, when they were selected to receive a donation from Zumasys’ Happyness is a Choice giving program. Inspired by Orangewood’s mission, Zumasys continued to deepen its involvement with the foundation, with employees volunteering their time and expertise to help foster and community youth reach their greatest potential.

The school now boasts an innovative Citrix-based VDI platform that supports its project-based learning and college readiness objectives. Students simply double-click an icon on their Chromebooks to log into the VDI environment and launch their SolidWorks projects. Students are not bound to a physical classroom or a lab, so learning can take place anywhere with an Internet connection—on campus or off.

“Over the last four years, Zumasys has supported Orangewood Foundation in a number of ways through their Happyness is a Choice program,” explains Carlos Leija, Chief Development Officer at Orangewood Foundation. “They’ve donated money, cooked for the youth in our programs, provided resume help and participated in our mentor program. Now, with this technology solution, they’re going to have a huge impact on our kids for years to come.” Samueli Academy chose a Citrix XenDesktop VDI solution, supported by Nimble Storage CS215 storage, HP Smart Buy DL380 GEN9 servers and NVIDIA GRID K2 graphics cards. Although Zumasys presented several storage options, Nimble Storage quickly stood out from the crowd for its ability to provide an unmatched price-toperformance ratio for small- to mediumsized deployments.

From an IT perspective, Thai couldn’t be happier. “We have been very impressed with the performance,” he enthuses. “We have 30 students logging into our Citrix VDI environment at one time, and we’ve had no issues with latency.”

Featured Technologies

“The Nimble Storage engineer and our engineering teachers instantly clicked. Nimble Storage was able to understand our requirements and build a solution to best meet our needs,” explains Thai. “For an environment as big as ours, there’s nothing like the performance Nimble Storage provides in the same price range.”


“At Samueli Academy, we are trying to teach students in a different way,” says Carlos Leija, Chief Development Officer at Orangewood Foundation. “This solution is perfectly aligned to our mission and goals as an organization.”

As part of the project, Zumasys also helped Samueli Academy upgrade their network infrastructure to support the bandwidth requirements of the new environment and avoid impacting the school’s existing network. “Zumasys and Nimble Storage were great to work with,” says Leija. “We appreciate their commitment to making this project a success, their flexibility to work within our budget, and their ability to deliver on such a short timeline.”

Thai also appreciates the solution’s easy manageability. The school has one IT administrator supporting more than 500 students and faculty with no room in the budget for additional headcount. “If we had gone with a lab environment or a laptop cart, we would have had 30 devices that would need to be secured, patched and maintained,” he explains. “That would have taken resources that we just can’t afford.”

The school’s VDI solution makes it easy to centralize deployment and management for the SolidWorks application. Rather than installing a local copy of software on every student device, the software is deployed, managed and updated through the school’s private cloud. Perhaps most importantly, with SolidWorks, students have access to industry-standard CAD software and are gaining a valuable head start to pursue an education in engineering. The school now plans to extend the VDI platform to as many as 100 students in its engineering, design and Photoshop classes. “We are just scratching the surface with this solution,” adds Leija. “We’re doing a lot of things that are innovative and creative. We need partners to understand that we are a nonprofit and go the extra mile. The ability to have partnerships with companies like Zumasys and Nimble Storage is vital to our success.”


Easy and Secure Data Backups Off Site Zumasys and Veeam – Extending Availability to the Cloud Every comprehensive availability strategy must include an off-site infrastructure, whether managed internally or by your trusted service provider Zumasys. With Veeam solutions, IT departments can increase agility, add scalability and improve cost efficiency. Veeam provides simple, straightforward opportunities for customers with on-premises Veeam deployments to extend their availability strategy to the cloud. By sending backups to Zumasys, customers can avoid the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure for backups. With Veeam Cloud Connect, which is included in all editions of Veeam Availability Suite, Veeam Backup & Replication™ and Veeam Backup Essentials, you can:  Minimize downtime and ensure availability by getting replicas off site to your trusted service provider.  Master the 3-2-1 Rule and get a copy of your backups off site to a Veeam-powered service provider.

PREDICTIVE FLASH 4Absolute Performance 4Non-Stop Availability 4Cloud-Like Agility nimblestorage.com




W I N TER 2017

Zumasys is pleased to announce that you can now send your Veeam backups off site to The Zumasys Cloud hosted in the SUPERNAP Data Center in Las Vegas. Zumasys’ hosted backup service is the easy and secure way to send data off site over the Internet, using a single TCP port. Available at an affordable per-GB monthly fee, your data and VMs are stored on The Zumasys Cloud. You can recover data directly from the Veeam backup console.



Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a remote desktop, virtualized and delivered via the cloud. Zumasys DaaS provides users a Windows workspace that is hosted, operated and managed by Zumasys. You pay a flat fee each month that guarantees that your virtualized workspace will be up-to-date, reliable and well maintained. Zumasys handles all of the hardware purchasing, licensing, maintenance, management and upgrades, freeing your IT administrators from routine desktop management.

Zumasys DaaS offers big benefits, including: • Better performance for customers already in The Zumasys Cloud. Putting desktops next to your application servers can reduce geographic latency, making your apps run faster. • Improved mobility. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 branches or 300 branches— users can all access the same data anytime, anywhere, on any device. • Simplified management. With a simple call to Zumasys, our technical support team can provision a new desktop environment in minutes and push software upgrades out to all users simultaneously. • Stronger data security. Data is not stored locally, so if a device is lost or stolen, your data remains safe in the Citrix environment.

Enable Your Users to Stay Productive From Anywhere! What Makes Zumasys DaaS Unique? In 2016, Zumasys was recognized by Citrix at their annual Summit, where we were named Desktop Partner of the Year Runner-Up. We’re seeing rapid growth in DaaS adoption, particularly from small and medium-sized businesses that lack the resources or the desire to set up complex Citrix environments. With Zumasys DaaS, customers get a best-in-class virtual desktop environment with no capital investment or ongoing maintenance. Our environment is built on the latest technologies from leading vendors and hosted in the ultra-secure SUPERNAP data center in Las Vegas. We followed the Citrix reference architecture for multitenanted DaaS line by line, using many of the automation tools in the Citrix solution stack to enable a scalable, proven and field-tested architecture. We actively monitor, provision and upgrade technology for the environment to provide the best performance for our users. So far in 2016, we have completed a number of hardware refreshes and platform enhancements. We are currently upgrading to the latest version of Citrix, which will enable support for Windows 2016.

Zumasys partners with IT leaders to provide a complete Desktop-as-a-Service experience


New in 2016




Zumasys employees & family members participate in the American Heart Association Heart Walk at Angel Stadium.

ZumapaloozaTEN keynote speaker, John Maclean returns to Zumasys to share more of his inspirational story and to help celebrate the recent release of his new book "How Far Can You Go?"

To date, Zumasys’ Happyness is a Choice program has generated over $800,000 in charitable donations. But Happyness is a Choice is about more than giving away money. It's about supporting our employees with more intimate and personal volunteer opportunities at home and around the world. Our mission is to inspire our employees, clients and partners to embrace "happyness" by helping others

January Zumasys gives employees $75 toward purchase of a Fitbit and sponsors monthly group challenges.



This was Zumasys' second year joining Eric Pennes, his wife Susanna and Pace Supply at the Walk MS in Santa Rosa. In addition to donating funds to Pace Supply's team, Zumasys rented vans and made the eight-hour drive north with a group of enthusiastic employees.

2016 President's Club recipients grocery shop, donate and enjoy playtime with the kids at La Fortuna Orphanage in Costa Rica.

achieve their goals, passions and dreams.

Departmental Serve Days HOW IT ALL STARTED Watch the history of the Happyness is a Choice program at www.happynessisachoice.org/story

Every year, each department at Zumasys is encouraged to collectively choose a project and volunteer in the community as a group. This year our teams have given their time at a variety of charitable activities, including: • Chef for a Day at Orangewood Foundation • Interview Skill Building at Orangewood Foundation • Balboa Back Bay Cleanup

2016 STATS 367 Happyness in Motion Hours Volunteering $87k Domestic Donations $38k International Donations $5k Funds Matched

Company-Wide Serve Days Zumasys Serve Days are open to Zumasys family, friends, customers and vendors. The Zumasys community has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Stop Hunger Now!

Charitable Giving Matching Program Zumasys matches employee donations to charitable organizations.




W I N TER 2017

Happyness in Motion This year our employees have been actively impacting our local and corporate community by volunteering in meaningful ways. And while it feels great to be able to write a check, the latest evolution of Happyness is a Choice is about personally connecting our stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors and extended network) with the organizations and the recipients of our giving through volunteering. Our emphasis is evolving from giving to serving through Happyness in Motion. Here are a few of the causes and events that inspired us this year...





Zumasys partners with Fluidmaster Plumbing Supply along with family & friends in the fight to end cancer at the Relay for Life San Juan Capistrano.

Zumasys employee and family serve day with Stop Hunger Now! 20,000 meals were packaged at our Irvine office.

Firm Foundations Romania School Supply Drive & Food Truck Fundraiser raises nearly $6,500.

Zumasys Corporate Membership with 24 Hour Fitness kicks-off Transformation Bootcamp.




The 2016 Ride to Conquer Cancer is a two-day cycling journey that goes the 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Our customer, Brad Wiseman from Earth Fresh Foods participated in the ride and we were happy to support Brad with a donation to his team – The Fresh Ones.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) raises money to help people with physical challenges pursue an active lifestyle through physical fitness and athletics. Our customer Gary Huang from Aspen Medical Products participated in the running portion of the triathlon as part of a three-person team. We were excited to support his team with a donation.

Our customer Domenick Buck from Anthony Vineyards is a member of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation. Zumasys made a donation to the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation’s project to rebuild Little League fields in Firebaugh, California. In Domenick’s own words: “One of my classmates recently lost his farm. He was given zero allocation of water, couldn’t grow his crops, and is now struggling to provide for his family. He is heavily invested in the community and runs the Little League baseball program. We have decided to fundraise and rebuild the Little League baseball fields, which are currently in terrible condition."

R mania Firm Foundations

2016 Partner: Firm Foundations Romania

transforming hearts through love and education

Firm Foundations Romania (FFR) started by providing diapers for abandoned children at the Brasov Children’s Hospital. Led by a California missionary, singer and songwriter who visited Romania in her 20's (and never left), FFR volunteers change diapers and hold babies who would otherwise spend all day lying alone in diapers made of rags. Today, FFR is working to break the cycle of poverty that plagues rural Romania and is changing lives with programs like a kids club, an afterschool program and a high school mentorship program. Zumasys is pledging to help FFR achieve its goal to change the lives of children in rural Romania. For just $290, we can provide the food, transportation and mentorship that these children need for one year. These children desperately need help, and together we can make a lasting difference in their lives. Through Happyness is a Choice, we will match every dollar donated. Our goal is to raise $50,000, so we challenge you and your organization to donate as much as you are able.

DONATE NOW: zumasys.com/ffr 21

‘‘SEAMLESS ’’ Managing our cloud is a

experience, no new expertise required.

The Zumasys Cloud runs on

VMware vCloud Director 22



W I N TER 2017

zumapalooza.com 23

The Zumasys Product Portfolio Zumasys specializes in hosting your business-critical applications. Our software developers, infrastructure experts and cloud engineers will work with you to support, protect and modernize your core business applications in the cloud.



High-performance, browser-based desktops running Windows with Exchange, Office, Skype for Business and spam filtering at a low per-user monthly price.

An easy-to-use and affordable offsite backup and availability solution that utilizes Veeam 9.5 software replicating to The Zumasys Cloud.

Increase productivity with Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Zumasys' proven migration services.

MultiValue Software Solutions



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