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Named after the Aztec emperor Montezuma who was forced to confront the “new world,” Zumasys helps companies preserve their historical applications and investments as they embrace the latest infrastructure technologies including cloud computing, virtualization, and disaster recovery

Zumasys Technology Solutions Newsletter

Paul Giobbi Co-Founder & President of Zumasys

Andy Takacs Chief Technology Officer An engineer at heart, Andy sets the overall technical vision for Zumasys and our cloud platform, manages the professional service team, and evaluates new technologies.

Dear Partner,

As we move into the second half of the year, I am very excited to welcome you to the latest installment of Elevate, Zumasys’ Technology Solutions Newsletter, where we highlight the infrastructure technologies that can make an impact on your business. Cloud computing continues to be the most disruptive and exciting technology in the market today. Much like virtualization several years ago, cloud infrastructure is reshaping the industry and the way we deliver applications throughout the enterprise. So it’s no surprise that cloud computing is #1 on our list of the Top 7 Technologies as chosen by Zumasys engineers (see "The Lucky 7" on pages 6-7). Cloud growth continues to accelerate at record levels, and it is critical, now more than ever, that we all stay abreast of this fast-moving “sea change” technology. Whether you move your production apps to a boutique provider like Zumasys, pursue a commoditized vendor such as Amazon Web Services, co-locate your own servers into a data center, or simply take advantage of new solutions such as Zumasys Replication as a Service, now is the time to understand the options. As you review your direction, we hope you’ll connect with our engineers and take advantage of the following resources from Zumasys: 2

behind the wheel at zumasys Jennifer McGraw

Corey Luckow Vice President Strategic Development Corey directs the Project Management Office, our cloud services team, and remains active in developing and executing the company’s strategic plan.

Chief Operating Officer Serving as Director and board member, Jennifer oversees talent acquisition, operations, accounting, and technical support for Zumasys.

 Zumapalooza 2014 – Join us February 24-26, 2014, for our popular Customer Solutions Summit at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the newest luxury hotel in the heart of the Strip. Zumapalooza is the best place to learn about all the trends in infrastructure technology. We hope to see you there.  SuperNAP Data Center Expansion & Project Montezuma – In January of 2013, Zumasys embarked on the largest project in the history of the company when we designed and built our newest cloud platform, which will be housed in its own t-scif within the SuperNAP-7 data center in Las Vegas. Not only did we upgrade to Cisco blade servers and NetApp FAS6000 series storage, we also standardized on VMware’s vCloud Director for all of our customers. As a customer, you have a standing invitation to tour the SuperNAP-7 facility and learn about the recently opened SuperNAP-8 on your next visit to Las Vegas.  Zumasys Las Vegas Office – Our Las Vegas office and loft is now open, and we encourage you to come visit our growing team of Nevada-based salespeople and engineers. Zumasys’ new facility occupies 5,000 sq. ft. within the LoftWorks campus at 6405 South Tenaya Way, Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89113. Thank you again for you business and your partnership. Enjoy Elevate, and if there is anything we can do to serve you or your company better, please feel free to contact me personally at the e-mail address below. Paul Giobbi, President paulg@zumasys.com 3

upcoming events

We encourage you to visit Zumasys at the following industry events. Our schedule is constantly expanding, so for current event information, please visit www.zumasys.com/events.

2013 August 8

Pick Regional User Conference | Newport Beach, CA Hosted by TigerLogic, the Pick Regional User Conference is the place to learn about the latest developments with the D3 database and related tools.

August 25-29

VMworld 10th Anniversary | San Francisco, CA VMworld is the conference for virtualization and cloud computing. Sponsored by VMware, VMworld has rapidly become one of the industry's most popular infrastructure events with more than 21,000 attendees.

September 16 Mark User Group | Kansas City, KS The Mark Information System is used by successful distributors across North America and this intimate user group is a must attend for companies running the Mark application.

October 7-10 NetApp Insight 2013 | Las Vegas, NV Each year, thousands of storage professional attend NetApp Insight to gain early previews of nextgeneration solutions from NetApp as well as in-depth technical training.

October 18-20 PMA Fresh Summit 2013 | New Orleans, LA With more than 20,000 produce professionals in attendance, Zumasys will be showcasing its cloud computing solutions for Famous customers at PMA Fresh Summit 2013.


It's official! Zumapalooza is coming to the hottest new hotel on the Las Vegas strip.




Lucky 7


The 7 Best New Products, as Chosen by Zumasys Engineers We asked our engineers to choose their favorite new infrastructure technologies, and here’s what they said:




NetApp All Flash Array

Citrix ShareFile

ShoreTel Mobility Router

Driven by the large and unpredictable I/O needs of server and desktop virtualization, the EF540 is NetApp’s first foray into the hot all-flash market. With over 300,000 sustained IOPS and submillisecond latency, the EF540 drives greater speed and responsiveness from your most demanding applications. Requiring just 2U of rack space, NetApp’s new array maximizes uptime with automated failover and advanced monitoring.

Finally an alternative to Dropbox – secure file sharing for the enterprise is now available from Citrix. Citrix ShareFile allows you to create a custom-branded, password-protected space where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. Whether you need to send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer or set up a collaboration space for project-related files, ShareFile is the solution for you.

The ShoreTel Mobility Router lets users make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal mobile phone numbers by automatically selecting the best network (Wi-Fi or cellular) with fast and automatic network handover, to optimize cost, call quality and battery life. Available in three options, sized to meet the needs of any enterprise, the ShoreTel Mobility Router can be deployed as an integral mobility feature in the ShoreTel Unified Communication system or with the customer’s choice of PBX vendors.

Ryan Beaty

Leon Ngo Systems Engineer

Manager of Sales Engineering

Passion: Craft beer

Passion: Fast cars



Passion: Understanding things, people, & processes

Senior Systems Engineer


Chris Ploessel




Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX

Citrix Storefront & Receiver 3.4

Citrix NetScaler appliances provide maximum performance for your web applications. Deployed in front of web, application, and database servers, NetScaler combines high-speed L4-7 load balancing and content switching with application acceleration, data compression, static and dynamic content caching, SSL acceleration, network optimization, application performance monitoring, application visibility, and robust application security via an application firewall. Now NetScaler will start showing up in all Citrix environments in its simplest model: NetScaler VPX Virtual Access Gateway.

Now anybody can adopt an app store. Citrix Storefront will be your gateway to anything Citrix on the web. It allows activation of a Citrix Receiver, account self-servicing, and user-customizable app layout. With the number of current and upcoming Citrix products, Storefront makes accessing desktops and apps much more unified from any endpoint. Citrix Receiver 3.4 provides users with self-service access to resources published on XenApp or XenDesktop servers. Receiver combines ease of deployment and use, and offers quick, secure access to hosted applications, desktops, and data. Receiver also provides ondemand access to Windows, web, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Users can access applications through app stores managed by Citrix Storefront or a web page.

Hieu Pham

Stephen Mealey

Systems Engineer

Manager, Cloud Services

Passion: Watching soccer

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VMware Horizon View 5.2 Simplify desktop and application management while increasing security and control with VMware® Horizon View, formerly known as VMware View. Horizon view 5.2 with vSGA (virtual shared graphics acceleration) is basically graphics card virtualization where we can carve up a supported GPU and enable hardware 3D rendering and multimedia for connecting View sessions. In the world of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), this completes one of the main missing pieces of being able to fully deploy scalable virtual desktops with hardware backed multimedia experience. This is a big reason why companies should put an end to the refresh cycle of physical PCs and jump into VDI.

Andy Takacs CTO

5th Zumasys' 5th Generation Cloud Zumasys's fifth generation enterprise cloud has arrived. Count 'em: 1..2..3..4..5 generations. Since 2005, we've been leading the way in cloud computing for custom apps. In early 2013, Zumasys upgraded to the latest in enterprise technology, including Cisco’s award-winning Unified Computing System (UCS) servers, NetApp’s highend FAS6200 series storage system, and VMware vCloud Director 5.1. Zumasys has also introduced three new resource pools, including an entry level tier which starts at $999/month. Now your company can run with the big dogs, at a price a small dog can chew on.

Joseph Kasal

Virtualization Practice Manager

Passion: Subarus and the outdoors

Passions: Family & technology




Accelerate your business with the #1 storage operating system. NetApp® Data ONTAP® offers an unprecedented level of agility, so that your business can shift and grow in whatever direction it needs to. Discover how to transform your storage into an agile data infrastructure that is intelligent, immortal, and infinite at netapp.com/agile.

©2013 NetApp. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Data ONTAP, and Go further, faster are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc., in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. Headline source: NetApp internal estimates, June 2012: VNX, VNXe, Celerra NS can run any of Flare and Dart Operating Systems. Contribution of these products to the OS share has been estimated based on the proportion of NAS and SAN installations in these products (NAS – Dart; SAN – Flare).




Zumasys Senior Systems Engineer Ryan Beaty reviews some of the most exciting new products coming from our storage partner NetApp, the innovation leader in storage and data management. As a NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, I could—and often do—talk about NetApp all day long. But I’ve got a limited word count, so I’ll keep it short. There are a lot of things I like about working with NetApp, but my favorite thing is to see the innovative and groundbreaking new technologies that they’re constantly putting out. They have a long history of not just improving existing technologies but creating radical new products that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It looks like 2013 is going to be another huge year for NetApp.

my picks for the most exciting new NetApp technologies of 2013 Clustered Data ONTAP – With clustered Data ONTAP, NetApp has taken its #1 storage operating system and added a new clustering capability that stands apart from anything else on the market today. It intelligently optimizes your infrastructure to achieve maximum utilization with high performance. Coupled with FlexCache, clustered Data ONTAP will be a game changer for large enterprises requiring extreme response times. It untethers your data from individual storage nodes so you get nonstop operations—that’s 99.999% data availability. To grow, add nodes to the cluster, and you can effortlessly scale to tens of petabytes. Clustered ONTAP is not yet available to NetApp partners, but Zumasys will be ready when it is. As one of the first partners to achieve NetApp Professional Services Clustered ONTAP Professional and Specialist Accreditation, we will be able to help NetApp as they once again leave their mark on the storage industry.

Flash Accel and Flash Pool – Flash Accel is another NetApp product that I am really excited about. It’s changing the game for latency. This software accelerates performance at the server level by using Flash devices as a local cache for hot data. The result? Up to 90% reduction in latency, up to 80% increase in throughput, and up to 100% utilization. We are also seeing really good results with Flash Pool technology. Flash Pool is a combination of hard disks and solidstate drives with intelligent read and write caching capability. Firsthand experience is showing around 25% writes offloaded to the solid-state disks in VMware environments. By offloading

writes to Flash Pool, you get higher throughput with fewer disk drives. Fewer disk drives means you can save on rack space, power, cooling, and maintenance. FlashPools also eliminate the need for expensive 10k and 15k SAS drives. FlashPool on top of 7.2k SATA drives not only gives you better performance than traditional spinning disks, it also gives you more storage, thanks to SATA's larger capacity. Do more with less. It’s classic NetApp.

E-Series – We are all acutely aware that the world is generating data at an unbelievable rate. Big data is here and it’s only getting bigger. NetApp E-Series is a storage infrastructure, analogous to NetApp FAS systems, for high-performance, low-latency computing and big data analytics. Whereas NetApp FAS systems are ideal for shared, virtualized infrastructure, E-Series is an application- or workload-specific dedicated infrastructure that is optimized for the best price to performance ratio.

FlashRay – Technically, FlashRay won’t be available until 2014, but that’s not stopping me from getting pumped up about it. FlashRay is a 100% solid state system for write-intensive workloads that eliminates the traditional storage bottleneck of enterprise systems. NetApp doesn’t have features sets on the FlashRay yet, but NetApp Vice Chairman Tom Mendoza has hinted that it will be like the FAS series systems with the Data ONTAP feature sets we are used to, including SnapMirror and SnapVault. Currently the only similar product is NetApp’s Flash Array, runs on NetApp E-Series and SANtricity.


Security for the Data Center Simplified physical and virtual security management and analysis Single pane of glass management with FortiManager allows you to configure and manage thousands of physical and virtual FortiGate® appliances. Centralized logging and reporting from FortiAnalyzer lets you analyze, report and archive security event, network traffic web content and messaging data to measure policy compliance and simplify billing or cost allocation. Both are available in hardware and virtual machine versions for improved flexibility.

Virtual machine security with unmatched flexibility Fortinet offers the industry’s most complete virtual machine security technology line-up. You can deploy the security you need where you need it in your cloud and data center environments, including unified threat management/next generation firewall, web application firewall, database and messaging security.

The speed you need Many data center and cloud architectures call for high performance security hardware at the perimeter. If you require security hardware, you don’t need to sacrifice security for speed. The power of advanced FortiASIC™ processors allows high speed protection (up to 520 Gbps of real world traffic) without compromising network performance. Competing firewall manufacturers, on the other hand, use off the shelf processors. Such processors cannot meet the security demands of today's data center and cloud environments.

To demo a Fortinet firewall, contact us at 866-ZUMASYS or sales@zumasys.com 10


By Leon Ngo, Systems Engineer, Enterprise Services leonn@zumasys.com

BIG CHANGES from Introducing Citrix Storefront and Citrix Access Gateway VPX Citrix recently announced that it will be retiring Citrix Web Interface and Citrix Secure Gateway— two products that have long been a part of Zumasys’ standard solution for external access to Citrix. In their place, Citrix is offering two new, entirely revamped and enhanced products: Citrix Storefront and Citrix Access Gateway VPX. We are really fired up about what these new technologies are doing for our customers. Take a look at what’s new:

Citrix Storefront. Citrix Web Interface has been replaced with

Storefront, a single login point for all your devices, including tablets, mobile devices, workstations, laptops, and PCs. Storefront creates a unified experience across all types of Citrix receivers and allows you to access your Citrix desktop, remote applications, mobile applications, and ShareFile applications from one receiver. New HTML 5 coding enables clientless access, so you can log into your Citrix Storefront from any device with an Internet browser. Storefront also allows for account self-servicing and makes it easy to set up Citrix Receivers through e-mail discovery or one-click activation.

Citrix Access Gateway VPX. Secure Gateway has been replaced

with Access Gateway VPX, a licensed product that offers three significant security benefits previously unavailable through Secure Gateway. HDX Smart Access offers: (1) single sign on, (2) SSL VPN, and (3) endpoint analysis, which prevents devices without antivirus software from accessing the network.

A smaller subset of customers will also want to check out two products from Citrix that we are intrigued by here at Zumasys: Citrix NetScaler and Citrix CloudGateway.

Citrix NetScaler.

This product line is ideal for larger customers that need advanced load balancing (on-site or to an off-site data center), application firewalls, and server compression. Citrix offers three types of NetScaler appliances, but we mostly focus on one for our cloud customers: NetScaler VPX. Throughput for VPX models is license restricted but you can easily upgrade the license to “pay as you grow,” making it perfect for on-demand cloud provisioning.

Citrix CloudGateway. The mobile market is on fire right

now, so Citrix is focusing a lot of attention there. CloudGateway is a unified solution that delivers mobile, web, software-as-a-service, and Windows applications to any device. Mobile device management capabilities let you control what users can and can’t access, making it ideal for customers that want to securely enable and manage BYOD (bring your own device).

If you have any questions about these or any other Citrix products, give us a call at 866-ZUMASYS or contact your Zumasys solutions consultant.




myths about Cloud Computing

Don’t let these misconceptions keep you from gaining a competitive edge Over the last five years, cloud computing has become one of the hottest, most sought-after technologies on the market. Despite the growing rate of cloud adoption, the many different types of cloud computing continue to create confusion in the marketplace. And some organizations remain reluctant to part with their hardware. Every organization will make different decisions about when and how to take advantage of the benefits provided by cloud computing. Organizations that are quick to adopt cloud computing can gain an advantage over their competitors by freeing IT staff to focus on aligning IT with business goals, increasing the productivity and flexibility of their workforce, improving availability, and better protecting their data. Could your concerns about cloud computing be holding back your business? Check out our top five most common myths about the cloud.

1. It’s too new.

People often talk about cloud computing as if it were a promising but experimental new technology. But, in fact, cloud computing is just a new name for an old concept. Five years ago we would have called it hosting, and 15 years ago we would have referred to hosters as an Application Service Provider (ASP). Cloud computing simply allows you to take your applications and data, detach them from being committed to any single piece of hardware, and access them through a browser. Companies like VMware and NetApp have been producing the technology to support hosting platforms for over a decade. Companies like Netflix, Apple, Google, and Dropbox have already brought cloud computing into our homes and revolutionized the way we think about our data. It’s time for corporate America to catch up.


2. It’s too expensive.

If a server goes down in a traditional IT environment, it could take three to five days to procure a new server, set it up, install and patch the OS, load the database and applications, and restore your data. If that server is running a core business system, accounting application, or ERP software, those three to five days could be devastating to your operations, your reputation, and your bottom line. When you consider the cost of enterprise-class hardware, software, data center colocation services, and labor to prevent outages in traditional IT environments, cloud computing always ends up being the most affordable solution. And with companies refreshing their computers, servers, and storage area networks every four to five years, cloud computing offers an alternative to the large, recurring capital expenditures required by the tech refresh cycle.

3. It’s not secure.

There’s a reason that the Department of Defense,1 the CIA,2 Homeland Security,3 and the vast majority of the Fortune 5004 rely on cloud computing at some level. Most cloud platforms are significantly more secure than a server room in an office building. Redundant layers of power protection, fire protection, physical security, heating and cooling, and internet reliability can eliminate many of the most common sources of unplanned downtime, including earthquakes, fire, power loss, and theft. Replication to a secondary data center can provide an extra level of security. If it’s multi-tenancy that makes you nervous, you can rest assured that leading vendors of cloud technologies, such as VMware, NetApp, Citrix, Cisco, and Microsoft have all developed solutions with multi-tenancy and high-end security in mind. Furthermore, applications such as AppSense can provide granular security allowing you to set security permissions down to the application and user level.

4. My company is too small. -orMy company is too big. It’s true what they say: Size doesn’t matter. Because the pricing model for cloud computing is consumption based, cloud computing can perfectly adapt to fit both small companies and large companies—and their budgets. Costs scale linearly with use, going up or down as needed. Outages that affect business-critical operations can damage small and large businesses alike. Yet for many small to medium sized businesses, building a secondary data center for high availability or disaster recovery is simply out of the question. Cloud computing allows these companies to pay only for the resources they use while freeing IT staff and improving data availability.

5. It’s not reliable.

Public outages at giant commodity cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, and software-as-a-service providers, such as Google, might cast doubt on the reliability of cloud computing. But it’s important to remember that not all clouds are created equally. Commodity cloud services are ideal for productivity applications and services with little complexity—or for large web server farms—because the costs are so low. But, that means that their reliability can suffer. You get what you pay for.

cloud computing allows you to: 1

Reduce labor costs


Reduce time to complete IT projects


Create room for more innovation


Provide a higher level of service to users


Cut your IT costs by up to


More and more, enterprises are turning to custom cloud providers that specialize in running business-critical applications in the cloud with the highest levels of performance and availability. Not only is the cloud reliable, it is a part of our everyday lives. 1 http://www.forbes.com/sites/microsoft/2011/03/29/cloud-is-secure-enough-for-the-pentagon-why-not-you/ 2 http://fcw.com/articles/2013/03/18/amazon-cia-cloud.aspx 3 http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinjackson/2011/10/01/homeland-security-moves-to-cloud-through-gsa-iaas-bpa/ 4 http://blog.officedrop.com/2012/07/28/8-in-10-large-companies-are-using-the-cloud/


Copyright © 2009 ShoreTel. All rights reserved.

Untangle business communications with brilliant simplicity. Complexity, with all its painful implications, needn’t be the norm for IP communications today. With ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple IP phone system with UC, things are quite the opposite. Its power and simplicity are inherent in a system built from the ground up for IP. That unique combination takes the burden off IT resources adding to an even more rapid ROI. So don’t let other solutions give you the squeeze. Untangle now.

Contact Chris Ploessel today at (949) 334-0315 or Chrisp@zumasys.com to learn more about ShoreTel. 14  14 

ZUMASYS Community

GIVING WITH ZUMASYS At Zumasys, we believe we are part of a larger community that includes our employees, our vendors, our friends, and our customers. We invite you to join our efforts to give back to those communities. Here are two ways you can get involved:


Support your favorite non-profit through our 1% Program

Last October, we pledged to donate 1% of our 2012 revenue to non-profit organizations, which resulted in nearly $200,000 in donations. This year, we want to get you involved. The response from our customers to our 1% Program has been overwhelming. Your stories have inspired us to reach out to new causes, and now we are formally asking you to nominate your favorite non-profit organization. No cause is too big or too small. All we ask is for a short description of why you feel your non-profit should be included in the 1% Program. Exact donation amounts will be determined by our non-profit committee, and we will strive to fund donations for every nomination. We look forward to sharing how your purchases have changed lives, and we’re sure you’ll be encouraged in the process.


Join us for our next Serve Day

When: August 7, 2013, 12–4 p.m. Where: Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County Join us on August 7 at noon as we donate our time to Second Harvest Food Bank to help end hunger in Orange County. At the last Zumasys Serve Day, 29 of our team members, including members of Ganahl Lumber's IT team, spent the day packing boxes and loading pallets at Second Harvest. Together we loaded 16 pallets that will feed more than 12,300 people in need in our community. Nearly 400,000 people and 1 in 5 children in Orange County are at risk of hunger. Second Harvest Food Bank is striving to eliminate this problem by serving more than 240,000 people monthly.

*An organization must be a registered 501C3 to qualify.

nominate your favorite charity or to sign up for our next serve day, 4 To e-mail nonprofit@zumasys.com. 15


happy employees make customers happy Zumasys leverages a vibrant corporate culture and unique employee incentives to motivate and retain the best talent in the business…


The International Travel Incentive Our International Travel Incentive program is designed to rejuvenate our team members with opportunities to engage with other cultures and see new parts of the world. We give one person a paid week off and a $3,000 stipend to go anywhere in the world! In order of tenure, four to six people each year leave the country and come back to work with new experiences and perspectives on their life, goals, and career. Through the program, our employees have traveled to destinations, including Australia, Bali, China, Ireland, Italy, England, France, and Peru. Where would you go?


Zumasys presents Second Harvest Food Bank with $25,000 donation.

Gaining by Giving: the Zumasys 1% Program

Zumasys employees take pride in working for more than the bottom line. Our vision has been to make Zumasys a place where what’s important to our people is what’s important to the business. That’s why we have pledged to donate 1% of our annual revenue to nonprofit organizations nominated and selected by our employees. In 2012 alone, Zumasys donated to more than 50 charities, each one with personal meaning to the nominating employee. To see a complete list of our supported non-profits, visit www.zumasys.com.


“Because the company is so focused on the well-being of its employees, there’s a lot of goodwill that goes out to the rest of the world.” – Dave McCary, Senior Solutions Consultant


Certifications AND Continuing Education Investing in our employees is not just a smart business strategy, it’s a reflection of our deep commitment to the satisfaction and growth of our people. Our employees take pride in their ongoing professional evolution, and we fully support their dedication to learning. We encourage and pay for continuing education opportunities and certifications from market leaders Cisco, Citrix, VMware, NetApp, ShoreTel, and more.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards


Inspired by the book The Great Game of Business (Jack Stack), our goal is to have performance measurements and rewards throughout the company, from sales to operations to each of our technical services divisions. Incentive programs give each employee in the company an opportunity to earn bonuses throughout the year for outstanding performance. Annual holiday parties (St. Regis Resort) and President’s Club trips for our top employees (Maui in 2013) are just the tip of the iceberg. We also celebrate by relaxing poolside in Las Vegas after a month of record sales, zip lining in Catalina, and getting together for our many parking lot events. Where else can you come into work and drop the company president into a dunk tank?


Zumasys’ CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS SUMMIT Zumapalooza When we host our biannual Customer Solutions Summit in Las Vegas, we bring the whole team with us. Zumapalooza is a special event that attracts more than 350 attendees, and we think that everyone who works for us should have the chance to get to know our top customers and vendors and have some fun while they’re at it. Join us for Zumapalooza 2014 on February 24-26 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.


TigerLogic announces

Pick Regional User Conferences 2013

SAVE THE DATE! Mark your calendars now to attend one of TigerLogic's 2013 Pick Regional User Conferences. See firsthand all the enhancements and features we're developing for our Pick product lines to support your business application requirements and grow your business opportunities. Meet with the TigerLogic team and network with peers at one of these FREE events.

August 8

September 18

Newport Beach, California Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa

Hollywood, Florida The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa

We're excited to bring our technology to you and our team is looking forward to seeing you at one of our great conference locations. Check out TigerLogic.com/Pick for more details.

Your Team at TigerLogic conferences2013@tigerlogic.com

TigerLogic Corporation | 25A Technology Drive Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 Phone (949) 442-4400 | Fax (949) 250-8187 | www.tigerlogic.com Copyright Š2013 TigerLogic Corp. All rights reserved. Product and brand names mentioned herein are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners.


customer spotlight

Panda Implements Disaster Recovery Solution with Zumasys Popular restaurant chain saves hundreds of thousands of dollars and cuts time spent on backups by 87% Zumasys recently announced that Californiabased Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. (PRG), the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant company in the nation, has implemented a highly scalable disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity plan built by Zumasys. Panda’s NetApp-based DR solution saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in software and storage costs and gives Panda’s backup administrators 87% more time to focus on meeting the demands of rapid data growth. Prior to the move, Panda was backing up all of its 40TB of data weekly to tape. “Backup was pretty much a full-time position. It was my primary responsibility for a few months,” explains Senior Network Administrator Daniel Mayo. Panda’s mixed environment of physical and virtual servers posed a serious challenge. Recovery of a single file took hours and a single weekly backup could take anywhere from 28 to 34 hours. With the company experiencing explosive growth, Panda needed a scalable solution that could handle the complexity of its environment. Panda selected Zumasys because of their understanding of the challenges presented by Panda’s mixed environment. Together they worked to design and implement a unified solution that combines NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup (NSB) software, NetApp SnapMirror, and NetApp storage systems at Panda’s production facility in Rosemead and their DR site in Phoenix.

Having moved 95% of its systems to NSB, Panda has virtually eliminated its dependence on tape, cutting its backup window in half while doubling the size of its environment. “Given how much we’ve grown, if we had not changed to NSB and NetApp, our backup window would certainly be more than 48 hours today,” says Mayo. Panda now protects around 60TB of data, which it replicates on an hourly basis to the DR site in Phoenix using NetApp’s SnapMirror software. Administrative time spent managing backups has dropped from 30 hours per week to around 4 hours per week, freeing IT staff to work on more strategic projects. Mayo estimates that the company has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in software and storage costs alone by implementing the solution from Zumasys. The time saved on every-day maintenance administration— nearly one full-time employee—adds an additional cost benefit that Panda never expected. Panda and Zumasys share pride in building relationships and developing strategic partnerships, which is reflected in their ongoing collaboration. “We have a fantastic relationship with Zumasys, and we don’t get that with every vendor,” explains Mayo. “Every time we interact with Zumasys it results in fantastic service, and it is definitely something we will be cultivating over the next few years.”

About Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. (PRG) is the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant company in the nation. Since 1973, when Founder and Chairman Andrew Cherng opened his first Panda Inn restaurant, the company has maintained a deep commitment to guest satisfaction and focus on employee development. Dedication to its core values has helped PRG grow over 1,500 locations and 20,000 associates company-wide. To learn more about Panda Restaurant Group’s partnership with Zumasys, read the full case study at www.zumasys.com/resources.

 19 19 

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