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HOSTING: When CS become a thriller!!!

hahahaha… it’s very nice to find this post!!! now I can tell my story with this guy!! Because I have had the most terrible night in his house during my whole trip in Morocco and I want to say that I have stay with Abdelkader in Tanger for 3 days earlier and also with Aziz for others 3 days in Marrakesh after Mohammedia. Anyway, I felt really scared that night with him. I don’t bother if you believe or not what I’m gonna write here, even I can believe it, but this was totally true: This guy sent me a welcome msg when i joined the Morocco group and i thought it was very nice of him. The fact that he was a moderator gave me a lot of confidence so I decided to surf his couch. He pick me up in the Casa Voyageurs at night, not such late as he said, but don’t bother, it’s not the point!! He paid the taxi for 100 dh and I refused that He paid but he insisted (Now he said it’s 200dh) . When I got to his flat and we were alone, he INSISTED A LOT in giving me a massage and even though I refused several times in a polite way (I was scared already) he ended up massaging my back. When I accepted it he have taken off his cloths and keep in underwear (ok, you can to be as you want in your house, at last it’s your house, but, don’t you believe you should say something about in your profile?). But his being way during massage was so sexually, and I decided to stop him, but he wanted to go on, I didn’t want to but I was so scared I didn’t wanna tell him anything at all. I took a blanket and covered myself because I wanted him to be away and stopped touching me. Then, he decided to start touching my feet, I put them away but he insisted.

And, while I was reading Tony’s post, I could revive my experience that nigh! He asked me the same, if I have “marido” (husband) or boyfriend. I think he doesn’t have imagination and the repeat himself all the time!!! Hahahaha… Anyway, I didn’t want to be aggressive or tell him anything because I was scared he would react aggressively as well and attack me sexually. I told him I wanted to go to bed and he said he would stay in the sitting room with me. When he went to his mattress in the room he tried to show me his underwear, but I pretended to be sleeping. Then I heard him jerking off with all the sounds involved, at that moment I was super scared!!! Then he left and I could not sleep well, next morning when I woke up (so afraid cuz I though I keep sleep and I don’t know what he did during this time) I heard him jerking off again… and he was very closed to me… I was scared so I set my alarm clock, I wanted to get out of there so bad, and I needed an excuse!!! I was for TWO hours listening to him… soooo scared and waiting he didn’t try to touch me. He awoke and he went to the bathroom, I suppose to cleaning up. He back and start again and again… and again. Then, when I woke up, he ran to his bed and covered himself and pretended to wake up as well… hahaha… finally I told him I was leaving, he insisted I should stay for another night but I was NOT COMFORTABLE AT ALL. Then, we went to have breakfast and a friend of him joint us and we were talking about my countries (Venezuela and Colombia) and about Morocco. Even, I asked him if he was feeling up set cuz i was just for one night, he said, “not it’s ok, you need follow your trip”. I paid the count in the restaurant, although he refused, I said: “you didn’t lemme paid for taxi, now I pay for breakfast”, But his friend leave a bill on the table and they said, “now I invited to you” (and I think “ok, it’s my time to charge my bad night!”). His friend was very kind and he leave me in the train station. Finally, I want to say that I thing Jalil is a good guy in social meeting, but not at his home when there is a solo girl. Just for that I would not

recommend any girl to stay with him! I don’t want anybody to feel the way I felt that night, that’s why im writing in this post… And, I want to leave clear something about my negative reference for him: I DON’T THINK TO CHANGE IT. Neither I worry for his reference, I understand he is sick and he need liel!!! The only thing I really worry is for younger and innocent girls that he can host and try to abuse of them. Just for that I do this.


HOSTING: When CS become a thriller!!!  
HOSTING: When CS become a thriller!!!  

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