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Safari Durban to Kruger National Park KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields area of South Africa has experienced some great and fierce war since early nineteenth century. Boers, Rorke's Drift, Ladysmith, Churchill, Isandlwana, Spioenkop, Dundee, Blood River, Shaka, Colenso, Cetshwayo and Zulu wars are few famous terms associated with KwaZulu Natal Battlefields of South Africa. For the sake of possession of their land and their sovereignty, Zulu, Briton and Boer have fought some of the world’s most deadly battle among themselves for entire century. Drakensberg Mountains, north to Volksrust and east into Zululand, covering plains of great natural beauty were the places where the battles were concentrated. The estate of Zulu Kingdom's perilous, blood- sodden clash today lives harmoniously propitiate in this captivate region's myriad Battlefield scene, momentous towns, national mausoleum and museums - and in headquarters’ of the British regiments who make a 'pilgrimage' to these fields of heroism and cardinal sacrifice. It is complex to assimilate that this breathtaking and now placid land once rang with the savage bloodshed. Instead, the valleys, ridges and hills are now stable with the call of an amazing array of birdlife, wildlife granting traveler to engross the undeniable atmosphere. The craggy grandeur of the landscape is spotted with admonition of the brutal past, including spooky headstone on the field of Isandlwana, where the Zulu army ravaged more than thousand British trooper, stele at Fort Pearson and the monument at Spion Kop, one of the most fierce assault of the British-Boer War. The site of the egregious Battle of Blood River between Zulu and Voortrekker is native to the Ncome Museum, where the chronicles of events of the Zulu people are delineated. The museum and original “wagon fort” restoration memorial offer riveting alternative translation of the crusade, in both their accounts registered and in the style by which they memorialize those who fought here. The Rorke's Drift Battlefield between the British and Zulu is much unaltered since that grisly confrontation with stone walls frame to safeguard the British still nearly unscathed. Experienced shepherd will escort you on expedition of the Battlefields, talking you about each crusade, bickering the blueprint used, the numbers who succumb and the medals and rewards won by the gallants. Many memorial and well-preserved heirloom provide an optimal backdrop to an area where facsimile of the provincial-era battles between Zulu warriors and British troops, permits contemporary day visitors to expertise the bloody dramas with almost fearsome facts of existence. Competent guides bring their own special touch in terms of detail remorse and unscientific interest to the encounters in contrast to the absolute ocular landscape.

Walk in the footfall of eminent military tactician - General Louis Botha, Winston Churchill and Shaka, - they all share the KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields. The wind gasp and innuendos the mystery and melancholy of great battles, made visible by solitary forts and small cemetery on these wavy landscapes encircled with rocky offshoot. If these folklores galvanize your intrepid spirit, there are more gratifying ways of alleviate it than in battle. Sailing on the Chelmsford Dam, hunting in the earmarked hunting reserves and White- water rafting down the high-current part of river of the mighty Thukela, - this territory offers you these entire quest. Read more

Safari Durban to Kruger National Park  

KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields area of South Africa has experienced some great and fierce war since early nineteenth century. Boers, Rorke's Dri...