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design for life i’m designing for satisfaction well, and the money...

the human brain is an ultimate weapon, creativity is the bullet

orn in Jakarta 28 years ago, as the 3rd son with two sisters. My first crush with art and design was since I’m able to grab a pencil in my hand and scratching it everywhere. From a piece of paper to the wall in my family’s house. At that time, i have my favourite TV Show that I think it gives me such a big influence since then. Yup! Pak Tino Sidin was really influencing young boys at that time, including me. When I was in a kindergarden, I win my first trophy in a drawing competition, and got it again the next 2 years. Art is my passion in life after playing music. At college, in 2003, with a couple of friends, We’re started our own clothing line called Spellboung Syndicate. It was a small scale business. After graduated from Bina Nusantara University in 2004, I’ve worked at a property developer, PT. Sari Indah Lestari, Parenting-Indonesia Magazine (Femina Group), Kabar-Expat Jakarta Magazine, and recently I’m working at TELKOMVision-YesTV (PT Indonusa Telemedia). Date of birth

: February 10th, 1981


: Kav. Kejaksaan Agung blok k/28 Karang Tengah-Cileduk, 15157

Contact No.

: 021 - 5857216 (Home) 0819 08009974(Mobile)


: Excellent

High & Weight

: 168 cm & 52 Kg


: S1graduated from Komunikasi Visual, Bina Nusantara University–Jakarta 16 Senior high school– Jakarta



the designer

Languages Spoken: Bahasa Indonesia & English (Spoken & written) Other Skill Experiences

: Microsoft Office (Ms. Word) Adobe Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design) Macromedia (Freehand) Photography & Digital Imaging Hand drawing : Marcomm staff as a Graphic Designer at TELKOMVision (PT Indonusa Telemedia), Present. Creative Departement, as a Design Manager (Art Director) at Kabar Indonesia/Expat Jakarta Magazine, 2008.

Artistic staff , as a Graphic Designer at Parenting-Indonesia Magazine (PT Dinamika International-Femina Group), 2007.

Marketing Staff, as an Inhouse Graphic Designer at CBD Ciledug (PT Sari Indah Lestari), 2005-2007.



TELKOMVision 2008-2011

TELKOMVision 2008-2011

X Banner TELKOMVision 2008-2011

1 Way Sticker TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Flyer Holder Tauzia 2011

Room Key Card Tauzia 2011

X Banner Tauzia 2011

Poster Tauzia 2011

Invitation Tauzia 2011

Booth TELKOMVision 2011

Booth TELKOMVision 2011

Web Brochure Tauzia 2012

CD pack Dulux 2012


A restorative Yellow Green with a strong ecological bias

2007 2008


The Golden Yellow illustrated respect for the past & optimism for the future

2010 Why guessing while you can see it in Architectonia !

The Masculine Pink symbolised a new urban regeneration in design & architecture And now the calm & soothing Cool Green found in many of this year’s trend stories

Presented by


dECO Wall Deco Tauzia 2012

Wall Deco Tauzia 2012

Wall Deco Tauzia 2012

Wall Deco Tauzia 2012

Wall Deco Tauzia 2012


Identity Logo Avocado 2006

Logo Mr. Slush 2010

Logo Urbanscape 2010

Logo gNb 2010

Signage TELKOMVision 2011

Bicycle TELKOMVision 2011

Logo Tauzia 2012

Bicycle TELKOMVision 2011

Viral GamesTayo Toyota 2011

Gatot Subroto TELKOMVision 2008-2011


Gatot Subroto TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Jl. By Pass TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Jl. Simatupang TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Jl. Simatupang TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Jl. Arjuna TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Newpaper TELKOMVision 2008-2011


Magazine TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Newpaper TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Magazine TELKOMVision 2008-2011

Newsweek Tauzia 2012

Kompas Tauzia 2012

Eblast Tauzia 2011-2012


Web Banner Tauzia 2011

Web Banner Tauzia 2011

Web Banner Tauzia 2011

Web Banner Tauzia 2011


FeminaParenting 2007

KompasRideBike 2010

KompasRideBike 2010

TELKOMVisionPrimetime 2010



Zulner M Nouraddine Portfolio  

my update and recent artworks.

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