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The ugly duckling

Everything started on a farm. Everything was in accident because the egg fell down and broke.

the farm

The little duck was ugly. His brothers were cuter than him, so everything changed on the farm because everybody was so mean to the little duck because he was ugly. His mom didn’t like him either.

Nobody want to play with him because he was ugly. Everyone laughed at him. He was always sad and lonely.

Finally, the duck was the most beautiful on the farm and he was happy because all the ducks said “welcome new friend "and his mom loved him so much, and he was so happy!!

The Lesson: You have to love a person however she/he is. If the person is having difficulty, you need to help him or her. Because, you one day you might be the person who needs help, and it might be that no one is there for you. ď Œ


The Ugly Duckling  

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