Claudia Clare - The Wootton Pots

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Claudia Clare: The Wootton Pots 10th May - 10th June 2018

ZULEIKA GALLERY Claudia Clare: The Wootton Pots 10th May - 10th June 2018

Zions Hill Top Lane, Wootton near Woodstock Oxfordshire OX20 1DW Viewing Times and Contact Details Mondays 2-6.30pm Tuesdays - Wednesdays 10-12pm Thursdays - Sundays 2-6.30pm inclusive Other times by appointment only - please call Sarah on +44(0)7974 754959 Sale Enquiries: Telephone::+44(0)7939 566085 Opposite and Overleaf: Zions Hill and Gardens in Wootton near Woodstock

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Growing up in Wootton, Frances Bates All three of us - my older brother Martin and I, and our younger sister, Claudia - grew up in Wootton. Both Claudia and I have a particular fondness for winter. We were both born in February, six years apart, in heavy snow and childhood memories of winter are dominated by tobogganing and skating. We used to warm our feet in the bottom oven of the aga after a day spent speeding down the hill and across the ice at the bottom, swerving just in time to avoid ending up in the river. The valley floods in winter and one year, when it froze, we had a skating party. Dad put night lights in jam jars all the way down the hill so we could carry on skating after dark. Then there were the dogs. One of my school friends recalls the hay bales stacked at the back of the garage where Candy, our Labrador, had a litter of nine puppies. Another time, she had them in the kitchen. That’s when we found out that the internal wall was built with straw bales. She somehow removed the render and made a nest and had her puppies right there, under the ironing table. I guess we must have gone without ironed clothes for a bit. No one seemed to notice though.

Claudia Clare Floods at Dawn, 2014 82 x 55 cm 32 1/4 x 21 5/8 in £ 9,950 Sold

Claudia Clare Hordley Bridge, 2017 diameter 22 cm ÂŁ950

Claudia Clare Iris Bowl, 2017 24.5 x 25 cm diameter ÂŁ 800

Claudia Clare Blossom Bowl, 2017 32 x 30 cm diameter ÂŁ 1,400

Claudia Clare Blossom Bowl 2, 2017 22 x 23.5 cm diameter Sold ÂŁ 800

Claudia Clare Laburnaum Bowl, 2017 diameter 30 cm (11 3/4 in ÂŁ1495 Sold

Claudia Clare Three Generations 80 x 50 cm 31 1/2 x 19 3/4 in £ 9,250

Claudia Clare Red Tulip Bowl, 2017 diameter 30cm £1400

Claudia Clare Blue Tulip Bowl, 2017 diameter 24cm £1200

Claudia Clare Purple Tulip Bowl, 2017 diameter 30 cm £1400

Claudia Clare Wootton Floods, 2017 diameter 22 cm ÂŁ950 Sold

Claudia Clare Long Meadow, Wootton 2017 diameter 30 cm ÂŁ1250 Sold

Claudia Clare Sky Bowl, 2018 25 cm diameter £950

Claudia Clare Sky Bowl II, 2018 25 cm diameter £950

Claudia Clare Sky Plate, 2018 45 cm diameter ÂŁ1450

Claudia Clare Nothing Like a Kiss 82 x 55 cm ÂŁ 7,500

Claudia Clare Hyde Park Autumn Fairground 1 £1295

Claudia Clare Autumn Fairground, 2014 40 cm. diameter ÂŁ1395

Claudia Clare Wootton: Frosty Evening Mist, 2018 (detail)

Claudia Clare Left to RIght: Wootton Moonrise,; Wootton: Frosty Dawn; and Wootton: Frosty Evening Mist

Claudia Clare Wootton: Moonrise, 2018 30 cm high ÂŁ3,200

Claudia Clare Wootton: Moonrise, 2018 30 cm high ÂŁ3,200 sold

Claudia Clare Wootton, Light Snow, 2018 50 cm high £4,200

Claudia Clare Wootton, Frost Dawn 2018 48 cm high £4,200

Claudia Clare Wootton View: Bright Sun and Storm Clouds, 2018 30 cm high £3,200

Claudia Clare Tottenham: Sledging at Broadwater, 2018 50 cm high ÂŁ4,750


Claudia Clare Ballad of Sister Bergdorf 25 cm high ÂŁ1650


Claudia Clare Corbyn's Allotment, 2018 30 cm high ÂŁ1800

Claudia Clare Wootton Willow and Ash Left £1200 sold Right: £1200

Claudia Clare Wootton Willow 2 and Wootton Willows 3, 30 cm high Left £1200 Right: £1200

Claudia Clare Ballad of Gorgeous George, 2018 25 cm high £1350

Claudia Clare McDonell's Farm, 2018 20cm high £1350

With grateful thanks to Chris and Frances Bates for the use of their home, Zions Hill for this Exhibtion