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Ore dressing equipment factory The paper mill Since the solid type of lining board of the special Ball mill's special In ball mill use, we should pay attention to check equipment, because only the right to inspect the equipment, we run our ball mill can only be good, stable running, so we need to pay attention to when we use what kind of problem, for ball mill combination from the solid model of lining board of the special, also has a great influence for ball mill, so all of us want to do a good job in this aspect of the below we look at the specific content: Combination of ball mill from the solid model of lining board of the special reflected in the following aspects: 1. Safe and reliable, in the operation of the lining board in the overall strengthened, fall off not easily, even breaking plate will not affect the normal work of the ball mill, long working life. 2. Due to the combination of the solid type lining board in the installation without bolts or bolt doesn't work in the operation, to avoid the bolt broken, don't have to replace the bolt, saving the cost of the bolt, because the bolt no longer disconnected at the same time, make the screw hole of the sealing problem solved, effectively prevent the leakage of pulverized coal, reduce the pollution of the environment. 3. The wear resistance of can give full play to their talents. Due to the lining structure improvement, can greatly improve the hardness of material, increase the wear resistance of lining board 4. As a result of the ball mill installation quality assurance, lining board fault decrease greatly, reduce the labor intensity of workers. 5. Because of the reduced maintenance, downtime reduction, ensures the normal operation of equipment, can effectively increase economic benefits of power plant.

Our expert analysis combination since type plate fixation compared with the traditional liner has great superiority, it is safe and reliable operation, maintenance cycle extended, reduced maintenance costs, workers labor intensity is reduced, can guarantee the normal operation of the ball mill, create a good economic benefit, substitute the lining board is a good product.

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