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Processing of ultrafine particles Powder Industry Powder industry has the potential to share development Development of ultra-fine powder industry Calcium carbonate is one of our lives is a very common mineral , also known as lime powder . It is primarily a major component of limestone and calcite , limestone for the long history of the use of this mineral . Calcium carbonate as a main component of white powder. Wide range of applications , most commonly used in the construction industry , which is calcium carbonate for industrial use ; another food grade calcium carbonate , calcium supplements as a common , widely used. Commonly used calcium nutrition enhancer - calcium carbonate , there are two : one is calcium carbonate , limestone is crushed to a certain degree of fineness used as food additives ; Another is calcium carbonate , calcined limestone system too . In life we often see one kind of lime powder , mainly by high temperature calcination of limestone , but this manufacturing approach is relatively simple, does not take too much manpower and material resources, as long as the master of time and heat it. With the accelerated process of industrialization , this small workshop production methods have been unable to meet the massive demand and the need for environmental protection , also appeared later followed the industrial production of lime manufacturers, which produce the raw material used and principles still the same . With the development of science and technology of lime is used in cement production, in the metallurgical industry as limestone flux , with the development of ultra-fine powder industry , ultra-fine calcium carbonate is widely used in papermaking , rubber, paint, coatings , manufacturing of pharmaceutical , cosmetic , feed, sealing , bonding, polishing product. Processing of ultrafine particles is relatively powder industry development potential direction , whether this substance is calcium carbonate , a lot of non-metallic minerals are in this side has a strong trend. As mill equipment manufacturer, our company ultrafine mill equipment production has also invested considerable human and material resources, but also made a lot of achievements . The company has a high pressure hanging roller flour mill, Raymond mill , medium speed trapezium mill , vertical milling machines and other equipment, which are absorbed by the European advanced technology combined with years of advanced Fangda Industry mill design and manufacturing philosophy and market demand, after years of painstaking design of improved large grinding equipment , to meet the different needs of different users.

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