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The quality of the ball mill grinding with what measure Grinding technology to measure grinding efficiency The quality of the product and efficiency necessarily relationship The magic of ball mill SBM has excellent professional and technical personnel, strong technical force, complete processing equipment, perfect detection means, not only provide customers with high-quality production equipment, dolomite mining,with a complete solution for the customer also provide a lot of all-round service. My company in the production of various specifications of ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, cement ball mill and overflow ball mill, grate type ball mill, dry type ball mill and wet ball mill, steel slag ball mill, ball mill, such as limestone. Our company regard quality as life, to serve the user for god. And our products have a certain popularity in the industry, but also obtained the new and old customers consistent high praise. Our company always adhere to the responsible for each process, responsible for each product, for every user is responsible for the quality policy, wholeheartedly for customer service.

Recently, domestic famous ball mill development experts, according to the announcement of the ball mill grinding quality of the efficiency of grinding technology can be used in the inspection. Grinding efficiency of ball mill grinding technology is actually refers to the income of qualified grade product weight and the ore contains more than qualified graded the ratio of the weight, quantity of ball mill grinding technical efficiency are commonly used to grind the quality of the products. Generally speaking, the ball mill grinding technology with high efficiency, that ball mill work according to regulations; Under the same operating conditions (ore grain size, hardness, undressed ore amount), ground miners high technical level, operation make the ball mill give full play to the role. Due to the grinding particle size qualified rate is high, thus created good conditions for selected don't work. When the low efficiency of ball mill grinding technology, the in the same operating conditions, the operator skill level or the sense of responsibility are not up to par, to choose bad don't work, cause the consequences of concentrate quality is not high. A skilled grinding operators, even in the case of adverse operating conditions, careful operation, serious adjustment, will also get higher granularity, percent of pass.

Ball mill grinding efficiency of grinding technology can be used in the quality of the examination, if involved in a kind of ironmaking raw material and production process, especially suitable for blast furnace or other vertical furnace ironmaking raw materials. Its carbon content of the total weight of 10 to 18%, its main ingredient, mixed pulverized coal and iron ore concentrate with adhesives, including mixed pulverized coal is a mixture of coking coal, anthracite coal and coke powder, binder is composed of sodium silicate solution, dispersion agent and acetic acid glycerol ester or mixture of rosin resin, the above ingredients by mixing, pressing into pieces and drying. To get a kind of high strength, high reactivity of ironmaking raw materials, coke saving at the same time.

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