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Car maintenanCe tips

Owning a car whether it is new or used, takes a lot of hard work. A car is a valuable personal investment. At all times it has to be taken well care of to ensure its reliability and avoid malfunctions. One must be very attentive if he or she is handling a used car. It is more difficult and more expensive to maintain than new cars due to its decreasing durability. This article will provide a list of maintenance routine that will enhance and extend the life of your care. The following tips will also enhance the car's performance as well as help you save lots of money in repairs.

Driving with care During the start-up of your car, do not shock the engine by accelerating right away. Doing this will add to the wear of the car's engine. Slowly accelerate when you begin driving. During traffic and red lights, shift to neutral to give the engine some time to rest. Be very considerate with your car's performance especially if it is already used! The rewards will return in longer time between repairs and tune ups.

Clean your car on a weekly basis Washing your car keeps it tidy and free from corrosion. Dirt particles can be abrasive and poured liquids such as juices and sodas can be corrosive. Remember to include the cleaning of the car's interior, vacuum it thoroughly and wipe the glass lens on the dashboard with a soft damp cloth. Remove the mats out and wash them. The removal of the dirt will prevent the wear in your mats, dry the mats in the sun before placing them back in the car.

Wax your car Aside from the wax making your car look good with the extra shine, the purpose of the wax mainly protects the car's paint job. It slows down the oxidation of the metal rusting and creates a barrier against pollution. Park in the shade Parking your car in the shade can prevent interior damages by the UV rays projected by the sun. Being in a shade protects your car's paint from water and heat. If there is no shade available, use a car share if possible to minimize the inimical strike.

Changing filter and engine oil Frequent oil change is necessary if you are maintaining a used car. Frequent oil changes drive abrasive dirt and metal particles out of the engine which extends the life and performance of your car. Changing the oil filters should also go in hand with changing engine oil because the filter will contain build up of dirt particles that will remain and mix with the newly added clean oil. Take care of your tires Aside from your regular tire pressure check up to the specific recommended amount, you'll have to keep in mind the uneven wear that might occur. Uneven wear destabilizes shock absorbers and conveys worn-out brakes. Make it also a habit to keep your wheel aligned every 50,000 km traveled. Improper wheel alignment minimizes the life span of your tires and incur steering problems.

Clean your car engine As for the following tips, you may now have a reliable mechanic that can offer you help in maintaining your car's performance. At least every year, make it sure that you wash your car engine! A clean engine runs better than a dirty one. A clean engine also allows you to detect spots for leaks and remedy its problems. Maintain your car battery Check your car battery life regularly to extend its life. Start by maintaining clean battery terminals. Wipe it with a damp rag and also check the case of the battery for any signs of damage.

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Car maintenance tips  

One must be very attentive if he or she is handling a used car. It is more difficult and more expensive to maintain than new cars due to its...

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