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Zuidas is exploring the future development of the area between Amstelveenseweg, de Schinkel and De Nieuwe Meer, recently christened the Verdi subdistrict. Fanning out around a marina, the area is known among people who already live or work here as the city’s ‘hidden gem’. It forms a bridge both between Amsterdam and its more rural environs and between the eastern and western parts of the city. During the Hello Zuidas Members Meeting in mid-September, members were invited to share their ideas on the subdistrict’s development. Hello Zuidas Foundation director Olivier Otten co-chaired the meeting with Menno van der Veer (moderator). David Bout and Gregor van Lit attended on behalf of the Municipality of Amsterdam, where they are working on this project, and gave a brief presentation about Verdi. Plans are to integrate Verdi in the urban fabric

of a location with many different owners.

Gregor explained that Amsterdam is growing

through a three-pronged policy of linking,

Already settled in Verdi are the Zuid sports

rapidly and needs more housing and facilities.

densifying and greening, simultaneously

facility, Tripolis, IJsbaanpad Noord, Infinity,

Verdi in particular is a unique spot with unique

creating space for housing, offices and facilities.

the GWL urban eco area, Meerparc and the

potential. The subdistrict will be drawn into the

David and Gregor discussed the complexities

Frans Otten Stadium. What is the impetus for

fabric of Amsterdam to make the city yet more

posed by what constitutes a transformation

the area’s further development? David and

diverse and dynamic.

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Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018  

Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018