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Hospitality at Zuidas


“The world we are living in is speeding up. Today’s innovations

people add greatly to their state of mind, health and output. Because

are tomorrows industry standards. The internet, smartphones

that’s how everyone achieves more.

and breakthrough technology have slung us into what some people sometimes call ‘The NOW Economy’. We have become

Are you a decision maker at Zuidas? And are you wondering how

used to instant ordering, delivery and satisfaction.

to support your people to achieve more in an everchanging, competitive business environment? Give me a call. I will show you

Zuidas in particular is a school example of life in the fast lane. In a

around in the world of D&B The Facility Group and the value we can

competitive marketplace like Zuidas, change is always. And while our

add to your company.”

(working) lives are speeding up and becoming busier all the time, we have an ever-growing need for moments in which we can temporarily slow down, to speed up.


D&B The Facility Group understands that for people to reach their

true ability, a smooth integration of both work and life is essential.

020 420 06 91

In order to be successful, one needs peace-of-mind. We believe that

personalized service, support and meaningful engagement with H O S P I TA L I T Y • S E C U R I T Y • C A T E R I N G • C L E A N I N G • O F F I C E S U P P O R T • M O B I L I T Y • F A C I L I T Y M A N A G E M E N T

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Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018  

Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018