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drivers informed about possible congestion

ask drivers to run the meter. Another is the

Tesla for our VIP and business fleet, but

surrounding scheduled events. Our own

Schiphol fare we introduced, which constitutes

also at steps Mercedes may take. Obviously,

drivers also help to keep everything running

a fixed rate of €37.50 for a cab ride to Schiphol

our drivers have their own opinions about

smoothly during events at RAI Amsterdam, for

Airport. Plus, because we’re affiliated with Taxi.

this too. We decided to go electric because

example, and they always manage to do so,

EU, you can use this app all across Europe.

that’s clearly where the emphasis is coming

thanks to our close coordination with RAI. I

Really, we’re always looking at ways to adapt

to lie. Hydrogen also seems to be a very

joined TCA in 2016. It’s a challenging job – I’m

our services to our target group.’

good alternative. We’ve also signed a

leading an organisation that was established

green covenant with Amsterdam to fuel

forty years ago, so it’s vital that we continue


the greening of this city. Striving for a

to keep pace with new developments and

As the metro market leader, TCA feels a duty

sustainable market is an ambition that has

customer demand.’

to set the right example in Amsterdam’s

my wholehearted support.’

taxicab market. Recently, it added the 150th


electric cab to its fleet. Says Hedy, ‘When

Among those recent developments is the

I’d just started at TCA, we began offering


new TCA app. ‘We launched it last year’, Hedy

these cabs and guiding our drivers through

Download the TCA app, call

continues. ‘This app is extremely user-friendly.

the process. The first leases are set to end

+31 (0)20 777 77 77 or visit

You can see exactly what the cab fare will

in March, so I’m very curious to see what

amount to beforehand, but you can also still

will come next. We’re looking primarily at

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

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Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018  

Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018