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Dark Green in Zuidas “Zuidas - Amsterdam’s Green Heart” …is not

Then there’s the Amstelpark - direct

And what better way to celebrate All Souls Day

a phrase anyone ever says. But Zuidas does

neighbor to Zuidas - where the truly quirky

than a trip to the graveyard? The Cemetery

have some nice, green options - even in the

Amsteltrein train runs on Wednesdays and

Buitenveldert is probably the biggest green

dark months of November and December.

weekends through November (Sundays in

spot in Zuidas you’ve never noticed. Nestled

For Sint Maarten (St. Martin’s Day), my

December). The engine is a reconfigured old

in between Fred Roeskestraat and the A10,

kids’ school always held a ceremony in

Volkswagen, modified for the mini rails. And

it’s surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Yes, it’s

Beatrixpark. At night. We’d build a couple

the rails don’t just take you on a trip through

Catholic, but it’s open to the public. The last

fires and heat up some chocolate milk for

the changing colors of autumn - they take

time I went, there was no religious test at the

the kids and gluhwein for the parents. Then,

you back in time, with an architectural tour

gates; just a friendly gent who reminded me

slightly tipsy, we’d be called upon to lead the

of all the mini-structures that were purpose-

the cafe was open as well. Yes, the cemetery

kids on a procession through the forest in

built for the Floriade Exhibition of 1972.

is a somber place. But as I exited and found

the dark. It really builds self-confidence for

Yes, back then people really thought these

myself in the middle of so many students

the kids when they’re the ones who have to

concrete and glass structures looked right at

getting out of school, I realized - sometimes I

rescue the adults.

home in the middle of the woods. SO Zuidas.

prefer hanging out with dead folks.

Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video from Zondag Met Lubach. Shapiro came to Amsterdam to work with Boom Chicago comedy theater and never left. Along the way he has hosted ‘Comedy Central News.’ He has written 2 books on Dutch culture, including How to Be Dutch: the Quiz. His new show The Madness of King Donald: A Trump Tutorial comes to Amsterdam in February.

Photography Davien Hulsman

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Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018  

Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2018