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: Zuhdi/Indonesian : Tangerang, 20 March 1989 : Male/Single

: Jalan Ki Ajurum no. 28 02/18 Sempu Cipare Serang Banten 42117 :+62254-204792 : +62-899-9698-152 : : :

Education University : Architecture Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), 2011. GPA: 2, 85 (4 scale) Final Project Title: Sasana Seni Budaya Banten di Serang (Banten Cultural Centre in Serang). High School : SMA Negeri I Taktakan Serang Banten, 2006. : MTs Pesantren Al-Zaytun, Indramayu Jawa Barat 2003. Course : International Computer Driving Lisence, MA Al-Zaytun Indramayu (6 months), 2004 : Italian Language, Pusat Bahasa Institut Teknologi Bandung (3 months), 2007 Skill and Interests Softwares : Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Viz 2006 Rendering, Google SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. Languages : Indonesian (Mother Tounge), English (Excellent), Arabic (Excellent), Italian (A1/Basic) Interests : Architecture – esp. Historical Preservation and Material Experiment, Art and Design, History, City Issues, Music, Movies, Geography, Literature, and Social Issues. Works Experience 2008-2011: Protocol Team of Institut Teknologi Bandung 2008-now : Freelance designer, drafter, maquetter, and translator 2010 : Interns in Creative Division of PT. BITA Enarcon Engineering, Bandung (3 months) 2011 : Interns as Architectural Designer of Plasis, Bandung (3 months) Achievements 2006 : Best Graduated Student Majoring Science in SMA Negeri 1 Taktakan, Serang.

INTERNSHIP works at PT Bita enarcon engineering

Principal Architect: Sugeng Triyadi Unit Master: Andi Harapan Siregar

At the time of internship, I worked as a creative team of PT. Bita Enarcon Engineering. I was responsible to assist the Creative Director to elaborate the design in several competition projects, to make a creative works that support company business development, and to make a company projects library that will be a ‘knowledge library’. I elaborated plans, made a 3d visualization (mass + render), did photoshop, made the company brochure. The projects i’ve involved are: 1. Institut Teknologi Bandung CADL National Design Competition (big five) 2. Bangka Belitung Landscape Competition (4th winner) 3. Universitas Padjadjaran Rectorate Building Design Competition

Example works from Bangka Belitung Landscape Competition Project

Example works from ITB CADL Design Competition Project

Brochures that I designed

Universitas Padjadjaran Rectorate Building Design Competition Project


Principal Architects: Dony Pasaribu, LEED, AP and Frans Sipayung

Gedung Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan Universi- Gedung Pascasarjana tas Indonesia (FIK UI) Design Competition (5th Universitas Negeri Jakarta winner)

South Jakarta Hospital Design Competition

Gedung Pusat Pengelola Komplek Kemayoran National Design Competition (4th winner)

I was responsible to elaborate the plans and building fa- I was responsible to elaborate plans and building fa- I was responsible to elaborate facades of building, make In this project, I was responsible to design the mass of building, elaborate facades, make 2D and 3D presentacades, make a conceptual presentation, make 2D and cades, make 2D and 3D presentation, make a building 2D and 3D presentation. construction tender document, make a building permis3D presentation. tion. sion document and presentation, calculate the OVVT of building.


Bale limbangan

1st winner of Limbangan Islamic Study Design Competition (14 January 2011) held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Institut Teknologi Nasional collaboration with Robbi Zidna Ilman (

Participants of this competition were students from all Indonesian architecture school. The object of design was multifunction hall in Desa Limbangan, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat. Site selected by the committee is adjacent to village masjid because this multifunction hall will be used as a madrassa too. In this competition, I was responsible to make the building mass concept and participatory development concept. Goal 1. How to create a multifunction hall that can accommodate the activities of citizens? 2. How to create design that respond the character of the neighborhood and people of Limbangan?


people’s house

building facade

4. A sense of kinship that is still high among residents is the potent and can be developed as the basis of participatory development. Impact of the use of participatory development is a modular design.

Solution 1. Make a flexibel rooms that can hold both large-scale and small-scale activities.




2. Most of building material can be obtained from the environment around Limbangan: stone, bamboo, and meranti wood (Shorea Sp.) 3. Building mass, material design, and character of the building adopts Sunda vernacular house. The elevated building masa also can minimize building footprint, wet area separated from the main mass for utility efficiency. sago palm roof

vast opening to reduce artificial light and air conditioning. architectural components made by bamboo and meranti wood.

minimize the building footprints by lift the mass.

Participatory Development 1. People have a stronger emotioinal attachment to the multifunction hall because they directly involved in construction process. 2. People understand how to build it so that if there is damage tomorrow, people can fix it themselves. 3. Construction cost can be reduced. 4. Society has new experience and new knowledge.


Landscape as A Canvas As if Indonesian culture it will not let any one thing not to be decorated. Those decorations (16 March 2011) made Indonesian cultural products have more held by PT. Angkasa Pura II valuable. And those are much inspired by nature collaboration with Alma Nasution ( so most of its has organic shapes and bright This is an open competition for professionals and students. The main aim of the competition is makcolors. ing the Soekarno Hatta International airport to the based of eco-airport. In this competition, I was In responsing the 24 hours airport activities, in responsible to make ecological solution including choosing the plants and other ecological feature. welcoming area visitor will greeted by series of light poles. Those light poles has dynamic heights Goal inspired by dynamic Indonesian traditional 1. How make a landscape that supports Soekarno Hatta International Airport to become an ecomotives. Its also give different visual effect if its airport? passed by the speed of vehicle. This visual effect 2. How to make a landscape that represents Indonesian culture? will be sign that visitors have entered the complex of Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The old gate is not needed anymore because the light pole configuration has given effect gate itself. The lamps itself is energy-efficient LED lights.

soekarno hatta mozaic landscape



1. Existing trees on the side of the road and has a significant size (diameter over 5 meters) will be maintained. 2. New trees that same species with existing trees will be planted on the roadside. 3. New species that planted in the park is native Indonesian. 4. Most of the newly planted vegetation is the vegetation has been proven to improve the quality of air, water, and soil.

Main parking area is Biopori used to facilitate the absorption of water into the hottest place in the soil. Water entering the soil can also be a reserve of airport.It’s because of water for Soekarno Hatta Airport is useful to improve CO2 that produced land quality. by vehicles and the Little Garden Gardens located between reflection of sunlights waiting room is not design by vehicles. specifically, but must meet This fact encourage these following criterias: us to increase the *1 maintain existing trees number of vegeta*2 add sculpture to make tion in this area. The the gardens visually intervegetation we chose is esting. ivy place in an orna*3 has biopori mental pattern above *4 use LED and solar cell the parking area. *5 has a pool to lower the temperature. This ivy will make parking area micro-climate cooler. LED lamp and solar cell While in the night, this pattern will be lights attraction. LED lamps used to reduce energy usage for garden Each LED lamps has a solar cell as its energy source.

Welcoming visitors through the lamp is the response of airport activity that almost 24 hours.

academic PROJECTS

banten cultural centre

(14 January 2011) supervisor: Budi Rijanto Surjosutrisno, DEA ( Dr. Woerjantari K. Soedarsono (

Goal How to make an iconic architecture that represent Banten culture characteristic and attract visitors? Solution 1. The orientation of masses made by combining two axises. 1st axis made by responsing the existing roundabout on southwest of site and 2nd axis made by responsing to mata angin, it’s inspired by the orientation of Baduy houses. 2. The main feature of 1st axis building is cut-cone roofs that inspired by Gunung Krakatau, the mountain that historically related to people of Banten 3. Building character in 1st axis is contemporer, responsing the Banten progressive character. While building character in 2nd axis is traditional, inspiring by the traditional Banten architecture. 4. Bantenese character ‘to-the-point’ represented by node-path compotition.

sketching works

photography works

Model works

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Ahmad Zuhdi 'Allam Portfolio  

2006-2011 portfolio

Ahmad Zuhdi 'Allam Portfolio  

2006-2011 portfolio