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Finding Joy Performing

What did they say?

“Ingenious way to align their personal goals with the company’s goal… ”

What do you get?

Unite the hearts and minds of employees towards a common Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Understand the fundamentals of good corporate culture

Align your company’s goals with your own and help you sell company core values to employees

Find meaning in your work and be happy performing

What are the highlights?

Understanding the purpose of your business

Why business people/workforce go to heaven?

How your organization CREATE CUSTOMERS?

What are the four Cultural Types in your organization? And which one are you? Detailing the attitude, behavior and daily action points to each of your core values

Pre- Workshop on Drucker’s SOP chapter

Theme Song - I can see clearly now!

What is the purpose of an organization?

“The purpose of an organization is to enable common men to do uncommon things!�

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