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Designed by practitioners for practitioners

What did they say?

“ I could have saved millions of marketing ringgit if I attended this course earlier... �

What do you get?

Find out what you need to know & do as a marketing person

Match what you can do & the customers you choose to serve & make a profit

Identify gaps & correct them

Easy to use templates, formats and ideas that can be implemented immediately

What are the highlights?

How to put together all your key strategies into a single integrated marketing action plan?

How to market segment & ensure ROI?

How to market research & draw a customer profile?

How to work with agencies & judge an advertisement?

How to do pricing & maximise profits?

How to excite & motivate the sales people?

How to implement brand positioning & ensure the brand is Different Better and Special (DBS)?

What is the role of marketing?

“Get more people to buy more of our products/ services, more often and at a higher price!�

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