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HACKER’S DEN By Zubair Junjunia


Welcome to the hacker’s shop.

This shop contains everything to do with computers and ESPECIALLY hacking.

We offer good quality softwares for the cheapest price ever.


Situated in down town, it is in a very strategic position and of course close to you.

We give you official softwares for half the price you buy at a store.

We also repair your computer and we can recover it from any crash.


Operating Systems such as Windows 7 can be found in our store.

Hacked version for 15SR

Official Version 800SR

A special feature we have is that we can put Macintosh Operating System can be put on your laptop


In our shop we have an internet café with quality computers with Intel Core i7 (newest processor) and 3d monitors with high speed ram (random access memory) and internet.

We also have game consoles such as the PS3, Xbox and Wii for you to play on in the internet café.

CONTACT US Address Hacker’s Den Rawdah District Jeddah

Saudi Arabia Email Toll Free 0-800-555-HACK Website

Hacker's Den