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this is me.

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Hiba Zubairi. 19 years old. 1.73 meters tall. Brown hair, green eyes. Strength: can design, draw and paint to a dangerous level, high creativity, willing to take risks. Weakness: is a perfectionist, detail oriented and has no sense of direction. Reasons to recruit: A student at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture who can flourish from working in a professional setting. Willing to work hard anywhere she is needed. Kind of funny. Email: Phone: (1) 905 805 0814


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06 curriculum vitae 08 kyklos 16 vox populi 24 Ă­sagarĂ°ur 28 dilate 32 cluster 40 other works

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Hiba Zubairi

curriculum vitae +1-905-805-0814

education University of Waterloo, School of Architecture 2017 - present Candidate for Bachelors of Architectural Studies, Honours, Co-op

White Oaks Secondary School 2013-2017 Ontario Secondary School Certification, International Baccalaureate Art Program, Honour Role

work experience Barista at Starbucks Canada Coffee and Tea May - Sept 2018 Costumer service centred job that included strong team building. High stress work environment where the job needed to be done quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

Shift Manager & Barista at Tria Cafe and Bakery Sept - Dec 2016 Costumer service and management job that required managing finances, employees and the appearance of the business. Included strong teamwork and critical thinking aspects, over long working hours.

Team Member at Tim Hortons Cafe Sept - Dec 2016 Customer service centred job that included handling finances and working in a team.

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extra curricular


Peer Mentor at University of Waterloo, School of Architecture 2018 - present


Mentoring six first year students in academic, social and personal aspects to enhance their experience at the school

Orientation Leader at University of Waterloo, School of Architecture September 2018 Being a leader and helping hand to new first year students during their first year at the university

Writer and Member of BRIDGE Centre for Architecture & Design 2017-present Researching and curating architectural articles for a large scale school and internet audience.

Rhinoceros 3D AutoCAD SketchUp Maxwell Render V-Ray Photoshop Illustrator InDesign MacOS & Windows

Analog 3D Model Making Hand Drafting Drawings Photography Watercolour & Acrylic Painting

languages English Fluent


awards President’s Scholarship at University of Waterloo, School of Architecture 2017






Entrance scholarship for an overall academic average above 90%


Honour Role at White Oaks Secondary School 2013-2017


Distinction for outstanding academic average above 80%


Literature Film Drawing Script Writing Comedy


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April 2018 1B Design Studio Instructor: Donald McKay Skills: Rhinoceros, Maxwell Render, Photoshop, Illustrator Toronto, Ontario Tucked in the growing streets of Western Toronto is a public building unlike any other. It offers the community a library, performance space, gallery and workshop. The facility is also inviting on the exterior, creating an outdoor space in the city that is pedestrian friendly during all seasons. Kyklos offers something to people of all ages and interests. The building itself is surrounded by a pool of shallow water and a colonnade that leads to the rear where a picnic spot is open to all. The entire lot is surrounded by a three meter tall hedge. Kyklos is a safe haven in the heart of a growing city.

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exploded structural axonometric

2018 // 11

front/south elevation of building

north/south section of building

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library ground floor plan

2018 // 13

library second floor plan

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2018 // 15

vox populi

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April 2018 1B Building Construction Instructor: Terri Boake, Collaborator: Olivia Pereira Skills: Rhinoceros, Maxwell Render, Photoshop, Illustrator Flint, Michigan The people of Flint, Michigan have been without clean drinking water for over 4 years. The government has yet to rectify this situation as most of the population are low income African American families. In response to this issue and in ode to the great civilization of Rome, we present to you Vox Populi, the Aqueduct. Linking past and present to address the failings of modern civilization and empower the People. Vox Populi is located in the Chevy Commons, a park in downtown Flint that is undergoing development.

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aqueduct section detail

2018 // 19

sequence construction drawings

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2018 // 21

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April 2018 1B Environmental Design Instructor: Terri Boake, Collaborator: Olivia Pereira Skills: Rhinoceros, Maxwell Render, Photoshop, Illustrator, HEED Reykjadalur Valley, Iceland NASA’s ísagarður research station is nestled into the southern lower hillside of one of the various rolling hills of the Reykjadalur Hot Spring Valley located an hour away from Reykjavik on the Nordic Island of Iceland. The interior walls and floor are concrete with phase changing material sandwiched within them to create thermal masses that store heat in the building to naturally keep the research station warm. Following Iceland’s own method, the ísagarður research station harvest’s all its energy from the geothermal renewable resource of the hot springs in the valley.

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on lc al tion uc str

il deta cross section of high altitude research station

2018 // 25

wa ll roo fa nd

n co

c ne


tr ons nc

detail uction

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research station plan

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March 2018 1B Studio Design Instructor: Rick Andreghetti Collaborators: Sigi Buzi, Nadya Closa, Defne Ogunc Skills: Rhinoceros, Maxwell Render, Photoshop, Illustrator Cambridge, Ontario Dilate explores one possible solution to low income housing that can be multiplied in units on a larger scale. The design approach was to create an open space filled with light as a high priority. The double height living space coupled with floor to ceiling windows gives a light feeling which is contrasted with the heaviness of the materials such as concrete and steel.

2018 // 29

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Longitudinal Section

cross section of residence

Scale= 1:50


Cross Section

Scale= 1:50


Sigi Buzi Hiba Zubairi Defne Ogunc Nadya Closa

2018 // 31

ground and second floor plans of residence


Scale= 1:50


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May 2018 Iceland Northern Lights Rooms Competition Collaborators: Olivia Pereira, Lena Von Buren Skills: Rhinoceros, Maxwell Render, Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesign Reykjavik, Iceland The function of this approach to the guest house retreat allows a sense of comfort and community with its private structures that are joined by a common under pass with access to a shared building and horse stables. The framed views to watch the northern lights are intensified by the restricted windows, with a shared view of the landscape found within the hotel-style main building.

2018 // 33

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plans of various cluster pods

Prioritizing Views Views

massing diagram

2018 // 35

Sheltered Community

36 // portfolio

Wa ed


m oo





ng ni ea ge Cl ora St



Hay Storage

horse stable plan

horse stable cross section




2018 // 37

Vegetation Growing Medium Filler Fleece Membrane Root Barrier Vapour Barrier Roof Plywood

material exploded axonometric

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other works

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東 京 少 年

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thank you

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Email: Phone: (1) 905 805 0814

Hiba Zubairi Portfolio Vol I  

University of Waterloo School of Architecture 2A Student, Hiba Zubairi's 2018 Portfolio

Hiba Zubairi Portfolio Vol I  

University of Waterloo School of Architecture 2A Student, Hiba Zubairi's 2018 Portfolio