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Govt probing source of foreign funding to AAP




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Inaugurates staff quarter at MLA Hostel Jammu

Facts about fad diets


Restrictions imposed on Muharram Processions in City Srinagar, November 11: The authorities today decided to impose restrictions across the city on public assembly on November 13 and 15 in view of eighth and 10th Muharram. Official sources told Kashmir News Service that on November 13, restrictions under section 14 Cr.PC will be imposed across city in areas under the jurisdiction of police stations Saheheed Gunj, Masiuma, Kothibagh, Batmaloo, Ram Munshi Bagh, Karan Nagar and Sherghari. On November 15, See Restrictions on Pg. 11

Man held with fake currency Kar Irshad Tral, November 11: HDFC Bank authorities today caught Suhail Ahmad Thakur alias Sofi S/o Manzoor Ahmad Thakur R/o Tral Bala red handed while depositing counterfeit currency of about one lakh fifty thousand. Suhail was later handed over to police.



Political interference in CBI work unfortunate: PM New Delhi, November 11: Terming as unfortunate opposition charge of political interference in CBI's functioning, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that police and probe agencies operated under the administrative supervision of the executive but they enjoyed complete autonomy in investigation. He said under the Constitution, maintenance of public order, which would include prevention, detection and prosecution of offences, is the domain of the executive. "The police and the investigation agencies, therefore, are a part of the executive and must function under its administrative supervision," the Prime Minister said in his address at a CBI conference in New Delhi. On the agency's autonomy, he said, "I think it is very important to remember that under the law, the police enjoy complete autonomy in the matter of investigation of offences and no one, other than a superior police officer, can interfere with such investigation." He said autonomy in investigation is already guaranteed to CBI and

HC asks Govt to respond on freebies to doctors Srinagar, November 11: The Jammu and Kashmir High Court Monday granted government two weeks time to file its response to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking action against doctors who prescribe medicines in return for gifts. A division bench of the court passed the directions after state government sought time to file a response. The PIL was filed earlier this month by Naseer Ahmad Shah of Nawakadal,

police but "if anything more needs to be done to further insulate the investigative process from external interference, we must not hesitate to do it". "But it would be worthwhile to introspect if the debate on autonomy should lose sight of the fact that the CBI and other investigating agencies are part of the executive," he said. "We should be able to clearly dis-


tinguish between operational autonomy and the rules of oversight, supervision and control in organisational and institutional matters that are normal for public bodies of the executive funded by public money," Dr. Singh said. The Prime Minister said it was unfortunate that the debate on autonomy has acquired political overtones. See PM on Pg. 11

Lateef Panjabi of Illahibagh and Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah of Noorbagh following reports in section of press, highlighting nexus between the doctors and companies offering and taking “cash, freebies, kickback or gifts for prescribing medicines of one company, the Macro Lab Ltd.” “The poor patients are being compelled to purchase unnecessary medicines and that too having no efficiency,” the petitioners said, adding, “The transactions are simply, at the cost of

PDP welcomes Sartaj- Hurriyat talks Srinagar, November 11: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has said the interaction process between the Hurriyat leaders and Pakistani government leadership initiated in New Delhi is a welcome revival of the process initiated by

the NDA government and should be carried forward in all its dimensions. Addressing a workers convention of the party at Kangan today she said the release of senior Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani is no favour to him but only the restoration of See PDP on Pg. 11

patient care, and resultant in surfacing of the spurious drugs or substandard drugs in the market.” The doctors, who are in the race of competition for amassing wealth by indulging in such type of mal-practices, are causing damage to the health of public at large, the petitioner said. The petitioners have demanded initiation of action against doctors who are involved in the commission and omission of offenses besides cancellation of their See HC on Pg. 11

Politics behind employees strikes: Sagar Srinagar, November 11: Senior National Conference (NC) leader and one of the members of Cabinet Sub Committee examining the demands of government employees Ali Muhammad Sagar Monday alleged that See Sagar on Pg. 11


11 Tuesday, 12 November 2013 From Front Page........


"What is almost as distressing is that sensitive investigations are increasingly becoming subjects of running media commentary, often on the basis of material that is not otherwise in the public domain," he said. "Confidentiality is in the interests of the integrity of an ongoing investigation. This was precisely the thought process behind exempting the CBI from the RTI Act. I hope that, as responsible professionals, you will be able to reflect on this issue in the correct perspective," he said. Singh said 'the protection of the honest' is a facet of Article 14 of the Constitution of India and is an obligation chargeable on the State. "It is with this in view that the Prevention of Corruption Act (Amendment) Bill, 2013 has been introduced in Parliament, to amend a provision which presently criminalizes, even in the absence of any mens rea, any action of a public servant that secures for any person a pecuniary advantage," the Prime Minister said. Singh said charge sheets must be filed after going through rigorous scrutiny. "A trained mind is necessary for discovering criminality. When a charge sheet is filed, the charge sheet must go through rigorous process of scrutiny and there must be a high chance of securing conviction in that case," he said. The Prime Minister said there was a need for greater professional expertise in the CBI, including from non-police organisations. "I have touched upon this subject earlier also but this is something that is well worth repeating," he said. The Prime Minister said that fact that economic growth also implies greater opportunity for corruption is often forgotten in public debates on graft. "We can't be all the time just running down institutions of governance because there have been cases of wrong doing," Singh said. The Prime Minister said there was need to put the debates on corruption in correct perspective. "While we must maintain utmost vigilance in preventing corruption and do our utmost in ensuring transparency, accountability and probity in public life, it is also important to ensure that the work of nation building goes on at a quick pace," Singh said. He said public debate needs to concentrate a little more on what it would take to make our progress even faster. "I think it needs to concentrate more on how to improve infrastructure, how to improve the delivery of services and how to build institutions. It also needs to concentrate more on the achievements that we can legitimately be proud of," he said.


licenses. The petitioners also demand ascertaining assets and constitution of taskforce to look into such type of offences. Besides they also seek black listing of the companies who are offering cash, freebies or Kickbacks and also action against the representatives who are promoting. Lastly, the petitioners also seek imparting of moral education to medical students during their training in medical training. The respondents in the PIL include state through Chief Secretary, Commissioner Health and Medical Education, Director SKIMS, Director Health, Principals of GMC Srinagar and Jammu, Medical Council of India, DGP, IGP Crime, and Micro Labs Ltd.


his right to expression and movement which had been curbed for the last five years. On thos occasion senior party leaders Tariq Hameed Karra, Qazi Mohammad Afzal, Naeem Akhtar, Yasir Reshi,Bashir Ahmad Mir Mian Javed Nizami, Syed Irfan and zone president Mushtaq Ahmad Shah were also present and spoke to the convention. Welcoming the talks between Hurriyat leaders from the state and Sartaj Aziz, the foreign policy adviser to Pakistani Prime Minister , Mehbooba said involvement of the opinion leaders from Jammu & Kashmir in the dialogue process between our country and Pakistan is inevitable if a lasting and just resolution of the problem is to be achieved. She said all the stakeholders and schools of thought frm J&K have to be taken on board in the resolution process and the Hurriyat Conferences represent an important point of view. Mehbooba said the criticism of the talks in New Delhi is misplaced as this process was started many years back and Hurriyat leaders have been meeting the top leadership of both the governments of India and Pakistan. The Hurriyat leaders have traveled to Pakistan many times and hled discussions with that country’s presidents and Prime Ministers and it is unfortunate that some party’s like BJP and the NC has smelled rat in it and are opposing such contacts which could be very fruitful for the resolution process. Referring to the debate over the release of senior separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mehbooba said his release has unnecessarily been made a topic of discussion. She said Geelani Saheb was denied even the opportunity to offer prayers or attend social functions for all these years and now when under the public pressure government has allowed him free movement, it is being presented as a great act of generocity by the Omar Abdullah government. She sid in a democracy every body has a right to express views and propagate them and that is why the PDP government in 2002 had released all detainees and prisoners who had been jailed by the NC for their dissenting views. “Howover Omar Abdullah government has now formally criminalized dissent and has held not just Geelani but many other leaders and activists captive while arresting thousands of young people and involving them in multiple police cases”, she said. Mehbooba said it is in the hands of the people them selves to give the state a government that brings in a change, delivers justice, facilitates resolution or continue with the insensitive, corrupt, antipeople and antiyouth dispensation. She expressed confidence that after having tasted the misrule and atrocities of the NC government and the change that was brought in by the PDP-Congress coalition, people would judge the parties on the basis of their performance and not on hollow promises. She said the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s latest announcement that people would see a revolutionary change in health and education sectors in the next six months sounds like a cruel joke. “ In the last five years this government dismantled institutions subverted procedures and legitimized corruption and when it is about to be defeated it has started

Daily selling dreams to the people who have suffered at their hands for most part of the last six and half decades”, she said. Mehboba said in the health sector the performance of this government will be remembered by the mass murder of infants and children in just one hospital apart from general degradation of services. Thousands of doctors are without job whereas government has failed to fill up countless vacancies of doctors and para medical staff. Similarly in education this government has failed to benefit from the flagship schemes like SSA and RAMSA. The schools and colleges are understaff and skill development claims have proved false on the other hand the examination system has collapsed and its credibility severely damaged. In this background talking of a revolution in six months after wasting five years makes no sense. Refering to the organizational matters Mehbooba said she was glad that a dedicated team of young leaders were carrying forward the party agenda in Kangan constituency. She said the leaders like Bashir Ahmad Mir and Syed Irfan are full of zeal and leadership qualities. Indicating that Bashir Ahmad Mir would be the party’s candidate from Kangan constituency in next Assembly elections Mehbooba urged the cadres to strengthen his hands and work from today for a big lead in this segment in the Lok Sabha elections which are likely to be held in April- May next years. Adressing the convention senior party leader Tariq Hameed Karra said the rising graph of popularity of the PDP is an indication of inevitable change in the state. He said the party started in 200 with just one member in the assembly and improved it in 2002 to sixteen and formed government that set new standards of governance and resolution of problems. In 2008 the party further improved its tally while the NC in the same period was reduced from 60 seats in the assembly to 28. He said even this number would have not been possible for NC to achieve in absence of the tactical rigging it resorted to in urban areas effected by low turnout. Karra said PDP has set new standards in the state politics whether it was in the govt or in opposition. He said the party brought the state out of repression and darkness in 2002. It scraped POTA, disbanded taskforce, disciplined Ikhwanis, freed all political prisoners and facilitated a new chapter in the Indo-Pak relations that culminated in a ceasefire at a time when the two armies were in full battle gear. Karra said under the present regime the state has virtually retained pre-2002 situation with the instruments of repression revived, youth victimized and new weapons like pellet guns and chilli grenades introduced. The ceasefire, he said, is severely threatened and the chief minister has returned to the traditional role of his National Conference- predecessors to advocate war with Pakistan.


some employees leaders have backing of a particular political party and these leaders are misleading the innocent employees. While talking to CNS, Ali Muhammad Sagar said that there are certain leaders in JCC who issue meaningless protest calendars after consulting their political bosses. “These leaders should know that they will get nothing out of this and they are just wasting their time. We have already conveyed to them that they are misleading employees and would get nothing out of the protests and strikes,” Sagar said. “We have discussed everything with these leaders of employees, but I wonder why they are issuing protest calendars,” Sagar said adding the Government will not remain inactive to the ‘unlawful’ move of JCC. He said that Government wants friendly relations with the employees but their behaviour is not up to the mark and they are creating unnecessary problems for the State. “The employees are partners of the government in running the state but some elements in its leadership are using them for their own vested interests as these leaders have backing of a particular political party,” he said. Meanwhile, on the first day of the two-day strike called by Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), work in Government offices affected while most of the departments wore a deserted look.


the sources told KNS that restrictions will be imposed in areas under the jurisdiction of Mehraj Gunj, Khanyar, Nowhatta, Safakadal and Habbakadal. Sources said that police after examining the ground situation, had intimated district administration about the possible group clashes in these areas resulting into issuance of an order from the district magistrate bearing number DM/JW/ Muharam/ 3082-3087/13 dated 1111-2013.


BJP forsakes Vajpayee’s peace policy: Mehboob Beg Srinagar, November 11: National Conference Monday said that allowing Hurriyat leadership to meet the advisor of Pakistan premier is not a ‘diplomatic blunder ’ but a welcome step and the Government of India must encourage separatist leadership of Kashmir to go ahead with the talks with Pakistani leadership. BJP president, Rajnath Singh had said that the UPA government had committed a “diplomatic blunder" by allowing Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's advisor Sartaj Aziz to meet Kashmiri separatists on Indian soil and demanded that the talks be stopped. Terming the statement of BJP president as useless as garbage, Member Parliament and National Conference senior leader, Dr Mehboob Beigh said that such statements do not serve any purpose and instead prove counterproductive and complicate the matter. Beigh told CNS that a structural dialogue with all stakeholders was need of the hour and BJP should shun its policy of double

speak. “This party speaks in different tone when in opposition while in power BJP takes all measures to sooth the separatist leadership of Kashmir,” he said. He said there is no substitute to resolving the Kashmir issue that has

dampened the immense economic potential of subcontinent for decades and “bruised the body and soul of Jammu and Kashmir.” Coming down heavily on BJP president, Beigh said that it was Vajpayee, who visited Pakistan and talked about peace. “Did Rajnath

forget that L.K.Advani as Home Minister of India talked to Hizbul Mujhadeen. This party has dual approach which is not good for the nation,” he said and added that both BJP and Congress should arrive at a consensus to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Tosamaidan residents threaten mass migration Srinagar, November 11: A group formed to press for removing army’s firing range in central Kashmir’s Badgam district Monday threatened mass migration if the lease to the army would be extended. The group compromising of people from Shanglipora, Aripathan, Iskanderpora and Grang villages staged a strong demonstration against the Jammu and Kashmir government and army for immediate shifting of the firing range from Tosamaidan meadow at the press enclave here. They were carrying banners demanding end to lease. “Ending the lease would save human lives,” Ghulam Rasool Khan, a protester told Global news Service. He added: we have heard that government had accepted the lease proposal that seeks extension of firing range for next 50 years. Khan said the villagers living near the meadow would migrate and camp in press enclave if the lease would be extended. He said more than 60 people have been killed and over 100 were injured due to unexploded shells in the meadow.

Papa Kishtwari case

‘Where are the arms and ammunition used by Kishtwari’ Srinagar, November 11: The Court Monday directed police to file a detailed report about the non-recovery of arms and ammunitions used by dreaded pro-government gunman Ghulam Muhammad Lone alias Papa Kishtwari and his associated. An application was moved by Advocate Babar Jan Qadri on behalf of his petitioner Zahoor Ahmed Mir before the Court of First Additional District Judge at Srinagar seeking interference of the Court in the recovery of

arms and ammunition that was lying with Papa Kishtwari and his associates when they were acting as Government sponsored militia. Pleading the case before the Court, Qadri said that the State machinery including the prosecution has failed till date to recover the arms and ammunition that was lying with Kishtwari. He informed the Court that the arms and ammunition was huge in quantity approximately about 150 AK 47 riffles. “Non-recovery of the said arms and ammuni-

tion is not only threat to my applicant and his family but even to the witness who are otherwise reluctant to depose before this Court amid threat perception by the Papa Kishtwari gang,” Qadri told the Court. First Additional District Judge directed SSP Srinagar to initiate fresh proceedings and investigation for recovery of the illegal arms and ammunition that was lying with Kishtwari Gang and, “it be also investigated who had supplied the said arms to the illegal group that time on next hearing.

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Gul inaugurates staff quarter at MLA Hostel Jammu Directs for construction of 2nd storey, face lifting of Additional Block

case for MLA Hostels at Jammu and Srinagar so that the same is submitted to the Chief Minister.

ment to accommodate parliamentarians visiting the State. The Speaker directed the Indo

Gul directed the telephone operator to maintain the register properly. He also inspected the Canteen of the

Jammu, November 11: The Speaker, Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Mr. Mubarak Gul today inaugurated staff quarters at MLA Hostel Jammu. The block constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 25 lakh, consists of 5 sets with living room, kitchen and bathroom. The Speaker directed the Estates Department to start the construction work on the 2nd floor of the block immediately. He also asked them to ensure face lifting of the Additional Block of MLA Hostel Jammu on priMeanwhile, the Speaker also diTibetan Boarder Police (ITBP) auority. rected the concerned to identify land thorities to maintain cleanliness of Mr. Gul directed the Secretary Asthe premises around the MLA Hostel sembly, Mr. Mohammad Ramzan to both at Srinagar and at Jammu for the purpose of constructing a DisCamp. He also asked them for proper prepare a proposal of budget allocaupkeep and decoration of the premtion of Rs. 1 crore, Rs 50 lakh each for pensary. The Speaker said that construcises. Srinagar and Jammu, for repairs and tion ofKangan new MLA Hostel is under the Lone News Agency Khan News Agency Ganderbal During inspection of the telerenovation as one time exception active consideration of the Governof the Hostel, Mr. Gulzar News Agency Soura Zahidphone Book Exchange Depot Chadoora

Zabarwan Times is available at

Hostel and took stock of its functioning. The Speaker directed the Manager of the Hostel to ensure overall cleanliness in and around the hostel premises besides he also directed the concerned for installation of firefighting system in the MLA Hostel

Tariq News Agency Hawal Bashir News Agency Nowhatta Muzaffar Ali News Agency Alamgari Bazar Budshah News Agency Lal Chowk Abdullah News Agency Lal Chowk Sikendar News Agency Lal Chowk Gupkari News Agency Lal Chowk Raina News Agency Gund Kangan Khan News Agency Regal Chowk Rashid News Agency Dalgate Sheikh News Agency Hyderpora Hilal News Agency Budgam Lone News Agency Tangmarg Bhat News Agency Chadoora Jammu, November 11: to Agency the fruit and vegetable (F&V) Horticulture for NorthKunzar Bhat News Magam ZargarMission News Agency informed that in East Bashir and Himalayan States,Sumbal Dar Newstraders. AgencyHeBeerwah News Agency Minister for Housing, Hortithis regard a comprehensive Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, Reshi News Agency Safapora Saleem News Agency Pattan culture and Culture, Mr. Raman proposal has been prepared National Mission on Micro IrAnantnag, November 11: Basharat News Agency Bandipora Reyaz News Agency Pampore Bhalla today asked the officers to established F&V mandis rigation and Agriculture Techof Horticulture department with cold stores. The MinisnologyJavaid Management Agency. Qazigund Altaf News Agency Pulwama News Agency Under the current years to create massive awareness ter said directions have also The Minister GovernJeelani News Agency Baramulla G.M Newssaid Agency Sopore District Credit Action Plan among the fruit and vegetable been issued to Horticulture ment endeavors to encourage (CAP) a loan of Rs. 214.62 ShahofNews Agency Kupwara Sultan News Agency growers about the benefits Department to send groups of farmers for plantation of high-Handwara crores have been provided Younis News Agency Langate Sheikh News Agency Islamabad various schemes under Hortifarmers to Himachal Paradesh, quality fruit trees to fetch them culture sector. Punjab, Rajeshthan and Delhi optimum returns. directed Reshi News Agency Islamabad Three Way He News Agencyagainst Tral a credit target of 450.92 crores for setting up This was stated by the Minon Government expenses, to the officers to provide hiTurray News Agency Tral Badru News Agency Bijbehara of 18000 income generating ister while interacting with learn techniques and practices yielding varieties of plants to units of various natures. Rahi News Kulgam MalikHeNews AgencyisArwani the officers after inspecting forAgency increasing horticulture prothe farmers said attention This was revealed at a Rah News Agency Byepass Shaheen News Agency Kargil established nurseries by Hortiduce. He said Government has also required to be given on the

Raise awareness about Horticulture schemes: Bhalla

culture Department at Maralia and Bishnah towns, here today. Member Legislative Assembly Mr. Ashwani Sharma, Director Horticulture (P&M) Mr. Showkat Ahmed Zargar, Director Horticulture Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma, Deputy Director (P&M) Mr. J P Sharma besides other senior officers of Horticulture Department accompanied the Minister. Mr. Bhalla said Government was making all out efforts to provide latest facilities

registered 70 private department nurseries under National Horticulture Board. He asked to make all the departmental nurseries fully functional within two months, adding that there was no constraint of funds.Mr. Bhalla asked the officers to explore new markets with all infrastructural facilities to promote state’s horticulture produce across the country. He called upon the fruit and vegetables growers to avail the benefit of schemes like

quality of horticulture produce and its export to the terminal and satellite markets ensuring substantial returns to the fruit growers. Mr. Bhalla called for close coordination between Horticulture and Sher-e-Kashmir Agriculture University of Sciences and Technology (SKAUST-K), so that maximum farmers are benefited.Maintaining that Jammu division has great potential of horticulture produce.

Rs. 214.62 Cr provided to 18000 beneficiaries under CAP

meeting of DLRC/DDC held here today at Dak Bungalow Khanabal under the chairmanship of District Development Commissioner Anantnag Dr. Farooq Ahmad Lone who is also the Chairman of the Committee. While giving the detail wise review of the achievements registered made upto ending 2ndquarter of the current financial year, the District Lead Bank Officer Anantnag Mufti Ghulam

Social welfare organises Awareness cum Disbursement Camp Sakina Distributes cheques worth Rs 14.50 lakh among144 beneficiaries

on Monday. On the occasion, the Minister distributed cheques to the tune of Rs. 14.50 lakh among the 144 beneficiaries including Rs. 4.80 lakh among 24 beneficiaries under National Family Benefit Scheme

Srinagar, November 11: Saying that that service to humanity is best form of worship and coalition government led by Chief Minister Mr Omar Abdullah is endeavouring for delivering help and assistance to the destitutes and deserving people at their doorsteps, Minister for Social Welfare and ARI Trainings, Ms Sakina Itoo said numerous schemes are being implemented across the State for the welfare and development of people. The Minister was addressing an Awareness-cum-Cheque Distribution camp organised by District Social Welfare Office Srinagar at Banquet Hall here

(NFBS), Rs. 2.50 lakh among 60 beneficiaries under Pre-Matric Scholarship and Rs. 7.20 lakh among 60 beneficiaries under Post-Matric Scholarship schemes. Chairperson, State Commission for Women and MLA Habba Kadal Mrs. Shamim Firdous, Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Mr. Farooq Ahmad Shah, Director Social Welfare, Kashmir, Mr. Nisar Hussain Wani, District Social Welfare Officer

Srinagar, Mr. Riyaz Ahmad Beigh, officers of Social Welfare Department and large number of beneficiaries were also present on the occasion. Ms. Itoo said Social Welfare Department is serving needy people and urged upon the officers of Social Welfare Department to the guidelines while implementing State and centrally sponsored social welfare schemes across the State. She enjoined upon them to work with more zeal, dedication and in missionary mode and maintain transparency besides justice in delivery so that only deserving and needy applicants are covered under these schemes. She also directs the concerned officers to pay surprise visits to the Anganwari Centres and check the quality and quantity of the nutrition’s being provided in these centres. Ms Itoo also suggested that concerned MLA’s should coordinate for holding awareness camps regarding social welfare schemes in their respective constituencies so that maximum deserving population is benefitted.

Farm Machinery Mela Held at Kupwara Incentive of Rs. 28.65 Lakh to be provided to farmers Kupwara, November 11: In order to make available Agriculture Machinery & Tools to the farmers of Valley at their doorsteps, Department of Agriculture is organizing Farm Machinery Melas throughout Valley. Under this programme a Farm Machinery Mela was held at Fruit Mandi Kupwara. On this occasion, Director Agriculture Kashmir Mushtaq Peerzada appreciated the role of farmers in the upliftment of agriculture & allied sectors. He asked farmers to participate in Melas and Awareness Camps being organized by the department to remain updated with the latest technology & farm ma-

chinery. He said that if we concentrate on harnessing the potential of available land, we can give considerable fillip to our economy.Chief Agriculture Officer Kupwara, Ghulam Farooq Rather said that farm mechanization in agriculture sector is pivotal in maximized yields as the fellow lands can also be brought to cultivation. He impressed upon farmers to adopt latest modern technology &

mechanization in agriculture sector to bring the cost of labour component down and to yield good results in cultivation, which helps the farming community in upliftment in their

economy. He advised farmers to coordinate with agriculture department for successful implementation of farmer friendly schemes, and avail benefits from these schemes. He said that farmers of the district have purchased 10 Tillers, 100 Irrigation Pump Sets, 4 Power Sprayers & 150 Tool kits, besides establishing 50 Poly Green Houses & 8 Vermi-compost Units, 2 Bore wells & 20 Tube wells for which Rs. 28.65 Lakh will be provided to farmers as subsidy component.Among others officers & field functionaries of the department & officers of Horticulture & Animal Husbandry, besides large number of farmers attended the Mela. Farmers gave overwhelming response and interacted with the experts of the department on various issues related to modern technology and machinery. Registered Dealers displayed latest agriculture machinery, equipments & other tools at their stalls.

Jammu. Later, the Speaker convened a meeting of officers of Estates department and reviewed the overall progress of different works executed by them. It was informed in the meeting that repairs and renovation proposal worth Rs. 1.27 crore has been submitted for execution besides another proposal of Rs. 20 lakh has also been submitted for installing electric panel boards in Old Blocks and Additional Block of MLA Hostel. Secretary Assembly, Mr. Mohammad Ramzan, Director Estates, Mr. M.M. Gupta, Executive Engineer, Estates Division Jammu, H.S. Sudan and other officers of Estates Division Jammu and Assembly Secretariat were present on the occasion.

Mohammad informed the meeting that 5599 income generating units were setup under Agriculture and allied sector with an advancement of Rs. 79.00 crore , 4332 units setup with a loan Rs. 95.69 crore under non form small scale industrial sector while as a loan of Rs. 39.81 crore was given to 3556 beneficiaries under other priority sector for setting up their income generating units. The meeting was informed that during the period 54514 Kissan Credit Cards were also issue d by the banks under Agriculture and Horticulture sectors. The District Development Commissioner stressed upon the bankers and the sponsoring agencies to have close coordination so that cases

are referred to the banks in time. He also told that banks shoul mention the reason for rejecting the sponsored cases and asked the line departments and bankers to ensure hassle free advancement to the un-employed educated youth. The District Development Commissioner impressed upon the banks and other financial institutions to focus on Agro based industries like Agricultural, Horticultural, Animal Husbandry, Sheep Husbandry and Bee Keeping, as these sectors have huge potential for un-employment youth.Among others the meeting was by attended by Director RSETI, ADGM, RBI, Cluster Head, JK Bank Anantnag, officers of line departments and representatives of various banks.

Deputations call on Javed Rana Jammu, November 11: A number of deputations today called on Deputy Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council Mr. Javed Rana and apprised him about various problems being faced by them. The deputation led by Provincial Vice President (W) Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Santwant Kaur Dogra, highlighted various development related issues of Samba constituency for consideration and necessary intervention by the Deputy Chairman. The deputation demanded that villages not yet connected by all-weather access roads be taken up on priority under PMGSY so that people living in these villages can have easy and faster accessibility to major centers including hospitals. They also demanded construction of Samba-Sumb-Dhabi road and other link roads besides construction of bridge between Aamli and Penthi. The deputations also highlighted water shortage issues and sought intervention by the Deputy Chairman in sanctioning and installation of hand pumps in various Mohallahs, Bastis, kandi areas besides Samba Town to address shortage of potable drinking water. The deputation also demanded irrigation tube wells at Bain, Pungdore and Sadoh, inclusion of mandis in Samba within the municipal limits and expediting work on the Sport Stadium. A deputation from Poonch also met the Deputy Chairman and apprised him about their problems. Mr. Rana gave the deputations patient hearing, assuring them that their genuine demands will be taken up with the concerned departments for redressal.

DC Baramulla visits Pattan, adjoining areas; takes stock of Muharram arrangements Baramulla, November 11: The Deputy Commissioner, Baramulla Mr. Ghulam Ahmad Khawaja today visited several Shia dominated areas of the District and took stock of the arrangements made for smooth observation of holy Muharram days. The Deputy Commissioner visited various Imambaras and mosques in Pattan area including Imambarahs of Nowlari, Ahmadpora, Boon, Hagarpora, Malmoo, Noripora, Chinabal, various places of Hygam, Gund Khwaja Qasim, Konganm Dara, Budibugh, Maharajpora, Mirgund, Kanterbugh and various areas to review the muharram arrangements which have already been put in place by the District administration. During the visit the Deputy Commissioner stressed upon the officers to provide every facility to the people especially in Shia dominated areas. He directed the officers of PHE and PDD to ensure power supply and water supply in these areas without any interruption. He instructed the Municipal officers to ensure cleanliness around the Imambarahs, mosques and roads where from processions come out during the Muharram days.Mr. Khawaja directed the CA&PD Department to ensure adequate availability of essential commodities and their supply especially in Shia areas of the district in view of Muharram days. The DC also directed ensuring availability of ambulances and medical first aid and treatment to the Muharram mourners. At many places, people of Shia community met the DC and put forth their demands. He assured them redressal of their genuine demands at the earliest. Senior officers of District administration accompanied the Deputy Commissioner during the visit.

Section 144 Cr. P.C extended for a period of one month at Shopian

Shopian, November 11: According to the District Magistrate, Shopian that Section 144 Cr. P.C promulgated in the district for a period of one month has been extended for one more month with effect from November 10, 2013. Assembly of 05 or more persons is not allowed by virtue of the said Section.

12. 11 .2013


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You might find it hard to get going, Gemini. Taking direction could rub you the wrong way, especially if you’re set on doing something different. Communicate your ideas and how you want to approach things rather than let irritation get to you. Your approach will be better received if you leave emotions out of it. You may even get kudos for staying calm and collected.

Cancer June 22-July 22

You might feel cheerful and generous today, Cancer. Helping others will probably suit you, and matters will move along smoothly. If there are outstanding projects from earlier, tackle them first. It’s an opportune time to get caught up on challenges. Don’t hesitate to lend a hand if you’re approached or notice someone in need. This will benefit them as well as you.


July 23-August 22 Make an effort to connect with someone you miss today, Leo. Even if it feels painful at first, you’ll feel a lot better once you do. Pick up the phone, write a note, or send an email. Let the person know you miss and care about him or her. Expressing yourself is often far better than stuffing your feelings. The person may be missing you just as much.


August 23-September 22

Today may be a time of heightened reasoning and judgment for you, Virgo. What a great way to get things done! Pull out unfinished projects and get going. Tackle issues or problems that have surfaced recently by facing them directly. Make the most of this day’s energy by thinking about ways to do things more efficiently. Be confident that you can handle anything.


September 23-October 23 Feed your mind today, Libra. The day’s energy supports growth and expansion, so why not see about learning about something you’re interested in? Challenge yourself by reading or taking a class. There are plenty of online subjects to engage you. Find something that interests you that you can do in your own time.


October 24-November 21 You’re more into socializing today than anything else, Scorpio. This could be great providing you don’t have a heavy workload. See who’s available and go for it. If you need to get something done, you’ll have to resist the temptation to chat too long. Use breaks for this and keep your focus on getting done what you’ve taken on. There’s always the evening to get together with friends.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

You may find it hard to admit that you can’t do everything, Sagittarius. There are some jobs that you aren’t cut out to do. Why pretend when a better option would be to delegate the task to someone else? If you don’t feel a strong connection with something or someone, don’t force it. Pretending that you’re capable of something will only cause frustration for you and everyone else.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

Don’t be surprised if you’re pensive, Capricorn. It’s one of those days when daydreaming can happen more readily. Your imagination may also be at a peak. Rather than fighting this so you can be more productive, jot your ideas down. It may be to your advantage, as better and innovative ways of doing things can pop into your mind. Take time to ponder. It can bring great results.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

Chatting with your loved ones may be more appealing to you today than any other day, Aquarius. It may be important to curb this desire if there are many things that need your attention. If you’re at home, don’t spend all your time on the phone or loafing. Consider tending first to things that need to get done. Socializing will be far more enjoyable without guilty feelings about what you should be doing.


February 19-March 20 Pisces, you can expect to feel a little more energetic today. In fact, you may run circles around everyone. What a great way to start the day. Head out with the confidence that you can easily handle anything that comes your way. Take time to enjoy the company of others as much as possible. If there are meetings on the agenda, handle them right away.

Editorial/Opinion The Daily

Zabarwan Times Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Degradation of educational system


he degradation of educational system in Jammu and Kashmir has evoked a lot of criticism from all quarters and the recent examples of the examination pattern have created many a doubts about the whole system. So far two students have reportedly committed suicide because of the out of syllabus papers as both of them could not bear the pressure of securing less marks. Despite several assurances, announcements, hallow claims the educational standards are getting worse day by day and the Directorate of Education besides BOSE are becoming the main culprits for this whole fiasco. There is no stable and scientific educational policy in Jammu and Kashmir and it is because of this that the students are finding difficult to compete with other states on national level and are proving a total failure in different competitions. In fact this state always lagged behind other states in the field of education though once upon a time Kashmir was considered the seat of learning. With the passage of the time incapable and i n e x p er ien ced p eo p le w er e appointed as heads of BOSE and Directorate of School Education which further damaged our educational standards. Previously the Director Education and the Chairman of BOSE used to be academicians of high caliber and excellence but nowadays anybody who has the influence in the political circles gets the job and plays his role in destroying these institutions. It is high time that our authorities think about it and adopt an educational policy which should be of the national standards and should help our students to make their future bright and not commit suicide as has been reported during the last over three weeks. Let’s pledge on this national education day that we will contribute and try our best to make the education, a sector of par excellence and worth mentioning. As the first education minister of independent India Maulana Abul Kalam Azad revolutionized the field of education and introduced modern techniques and methods of teaching besides new subjects, our politicians at the helm of affairs should follow the path and make our educational system so bright that it will make our children proud of it.



Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Improving Access to Justice- National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms


he National Mission for Justice Delivery and legal Reforms was set up in June, 2011 to achieve the twin goals of increasing access by reducing delays and arrears; and enhancing accountability through structural changes and by setting performance standards and capacities. The Mission has become fully functional from 2012-13 and is pursuing strategic initiatives: outlining policy and legislative changes; re-engineering of procedures and court processes; focussing on Human Resource Development; and leveraging Information and Communication Technology & tools for better justice delivery. The Mission will adopt a coordinated approach for phased liquidation of arrears and pendency in judicial administration which would, inter alia, involve better infrastructure for courts including computerisation, increase in strength of subordinate judiciary, policy and legislative measures in the areas prone to excessive litigation, reengineering of court procedure for quick disposal of cases. Policy and Legislative Changes In short span of its existence, the Mission has taken several steps in each of the strategic areas towards fulfillment of its objectives. Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill has been prepared. The Bill has already been passed by the Lok Sabha and is now before the Rajya Sabha for consideration. Constitution amendment bill for raising the retirement age of High Court Judges is also before the Parliament. A comprehensive proposal has been formulated for constitution of All India Judicial Service and the proposal is before Committee of Secretaries. 25 States have formulated their Litigation Policies with a view to reduce the Governmental litigation. Litigation Policy at the national level is also on the anvil. An Inter-Ministerial Group has been constituted to suggest necessary amendments to the Negotiable Instruments Act along with other policy and administrative measures to check increasing litigation relating to cheque bounce cases. First meeting of IMG was held on 30th, May 2012 and decisions

taken in the meeting are being pursued view to enhancing the resources of the early operationalisation of Gram for follow up action with Department of State Governments, the Government has Nyayalayas, a comprehensive proposal Financial Services, Reserve Bank of increased the central share by revising for merger of Gram Nyayalayas India and Indian Banks Association for the funding pattern from 50:50 to 75:25 scheme with the Centrally sponsored reducing the burden of cheque bouncing (for States other than North Eastern Scheme for development of infracases on our criminal justice system. States) under modified Centrally structure facilities for the subordinate Re-Engineering Court Procedures and Sponsored Scheme for development of judiciary has been prepared. The infrastructure facilities for the judiciary norms for providing central assistance Court Processes An important aspect of the judicial from the year 2011-12 onwards. The towards recurring expenditure are also reforms relates to re-engineering court funding pattern for North-Eastern proposed to be revised upwards. The procedures and court processes for early States has been kept as 90:10 from proposal is presen tly awaiting disposal of cases. A National Court 2010-11. Central assistance amounting approval of Planning Commission and Management System has been recently to over two thousand crore has been Ministry of Finance. notified by the Supreme Court for released to States and Union Territories Pendency Reduction Drive addressing the issues of case manage- since inception of the scheme out of The Government had launched a ment, court management, setting which an amount of over ` two hundred pendency reduction drive from July measurable standards for performance of crore has been released so far during 2011 to December, 2011. Chief Justices the courts and the National System of current financial year. of the High Courts were requested by Judicial Statistics in the country. The Gram Nyayalayas the Minister of Law and Justice to National Mission would coordinate with The Gram Nyayalayas Act, 2008 has initiate a campaign mode approach towards clearing long pending cases and cases relating to marginalized Chief Justices of the High Courts were sections of the society. As per feedback received from various High Courts, total pendency was reduced by over 6 requested by the Minister of Law and lakh cases out of which about 1.36 lakh cases belonged to targeted groups such Justice to initiate a campaign mode as senior citizens, disabled, minors and marginalized sections of society. One approach towards clearing long pending of the important components of pendency reduction drive related to release of under-trial prisoners from cases and cases relating to marginalized jail. In terms of the extant provisions of Criminal Procedure Code, the undersections of the society. trials who have completed half of the maximum specified punishment for NCMS and would render necessary been enacted for establishment of Gram various offences in jail need to be assistance in achieving the goal of Nyayalayas at the grass roots level for released on personal bond. As per the reducing pendency in courts. providing access to justice to citizens at information received from various A Sub Group on improving the court their doorstep.The Central Government High Courts, around 3.16 lakh underprocedure and court processes for provides assistance to States for non- trial prisoners were released from the better criminal justice system has been recurring expenses for setting up of prisons during the campaign period. constituted under Chairman, Law Gram Nyayalayas and for meeting the A similar drive has been launched by Commission to suggest necessary cost of recurring expenses for running the Minister of Law and Justice this c h a n g e s i n t h i s r e g a r d . T h e these Gram Nyayalayas for the first three year as well from July, 2012 to Commission has already prepared a years. At the time of enactment of Gram December, 2012. The main focus of Report on inordinate delays in investi- Nyayalayas Act it was envisaged that pendency reduction drive this year is to gation and prosecution of criminal 5067 Gram Nyayalayas would be set up make our judicial system ‘five plus’ cases against influential persons and throughout the country for which Central free. Simultaneously emphasis is being measures needed to reform the criminal Government would provide recurring laid on increasing the number of judges and non-recurring assistance to States as in subordinate judiciary by filling the justice system. per prescribed norms. The progress of existing vacancies and creating Infrastructure Development Infrastructure development for the the Gram Nyayalayas Scheme has not additional posts so that disposal of subordinate judiciary is a major thrust been up to expectations so far. To further cases is expedited by setting up of area of the National Mission. With a incentivize the State Governments for additional courts.

Largest Solar Telescope in the World


he sun’s atmosphere is an ideal place to study and test many magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) processes controlling turbulent plasma. Some of the finest solar features can be resolved with state-of-the-art telescope. Ladakh, the cold desert in the country, will have the world’s largest state-of-theart solar telescope on the earth soon for this purpose. This National Largest Solar Telescope (NLST) will be set up at high altitude Pongong Tso Lake Merak near Line of Actual Control on the Sino-Indian divide. It will be unique globally because the largest solar telescope, the Mc-MathPierce Solar Telescope, in the world at present is 1.6 meters. It is situated in Kitt Peak national Observatory at Arizona in the United States. The NLST will have the reputation of being the world’s largest telescope till 2020. It is expected that a larger telescope may become operational in the US by 2020-2021. NLST is a Gregorian multi-purpose open telescope. It will be on-axis with the provision of carrying out night time stellar observations using a spectrograph. It will be able to study particles spread across 50 kilometers of the sun. It is expected to resolve features on the sun of the size of about 0.1 arcsec. The focal plane instruments are to include a high resolution polarimetric package to measure polarization with an accuracy of 0.01 %, a high spectral resolution spectrograph to obtain spectra in 5 widely separated absorption lines simultaneously and high spatial resolution narrow band image in various lines. Modalities The telescope will be fitted with a 2 meter reflector which will enable scientists to carry out cutting edge research to understand the fundamental processes taking place on the earth. The design is by an international company which also designed the 1.5 meter telescope located at Tenarife Island in Spain. All the telescope’s instruments will be developed by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics

(IIA) and will be remotely operated through the master control facility at Bangalore. The link will be through a satellite which will be provided by the Indian Satellite Research Organisation (ISRO). Night-time observations will be made using an instrument which will be built in collaboration with the University of Hamburg, Germany. Scientific Objectives Scientists will study the sun’s microscopic structure, and long term changes in the earth’s climate and environment. This will provide useful data to carry out

may be responsible to transport the energy to upper atmosphere of the sun: · Dynamic evolution of small scale structures by making high cadence observations; · Evolution of active regions and their role in triggering solar flare, prominences filament eruptions, CMEs, etc; · Thermodynamics of the chromospheres by making the observations in the infrared wavelengths; and · Weak and turbulent magnetic field measurements using Hanle effect which are as important as strong magnetic fields.

Scientists will study the sun’s microscopic structure, and long term changes in the

earth’s climate and environment. This will provide useful data to carry out research

in order to minimize or remove disruptions to communication network and satellite due to periodic solar-winds.

research in order to minimize or remove disruptions to communication network and satellite due to periodic solar-winds. The telescope will address the fundamental question about the nature of solar magnetism. It will aim to resolve flux tubes and measure their strength; address the development of magnetic fields on the sun which are responsible for almost all the observation phenomena on the sun. They include solar dynamo, solar cycle and solar variability that determine and control space weather. Other scientific observations are: – Magnetohydrodynamics(MHD) waves by resolving small structures and determining periods of oscillations which

All these data will be gathered by making observations with high spatial resolution using adaptive optics, high spectral resolution, high temporal resolutions, multi-wave length capability of imaging and spectroscopy focal plane instruments, high photon flux and sensitivity of the detectors and using the infrared part of the spectrum for observations. The telescope will utilize an innovative design with a low number of reflections to obtain a high throughput and low instrumental polarization. High order adaptive optics is integrated into the design that works with a modest Fried’s parameter of 7 cm to give diffraction limited performance. The telescope will be equipped with a suit of post focus

instruments including a high resolution spectrograph and a polarimeter. Selection of the Site To install the telescope, the Indian Institute of Astrophysics studied two other sites-Hanle, Leh and Devasthal near Nainital in Uttarakhand but eventually opted for Merak in Ladakh.The cloudless skies and low atmospheric water vapour have made it one of the best sites in the world for optical, submilimeter and millimeter wavelengths. The site has been selected after carefully studying various scientific and environmental aspects. The site characterization has been done using the sun photometer, S-DIMM and SHABAR techniques to determine the seeing condition. SHABAR or Shadow Band Radiometer is a simple yet elegant way to probe the turbulence profile of the lower atmosphere. It observes scintillation of an extended object such as the sun or the Moon with an array of photo detectors. SDIMM is Solar Differential Image Motion Monitor. The Himalayan regions provide certain atmospheric conditions required for such telescope functioning. It provides a large number of clear hours for making observations with very good visibility. The water vapour in the field is also low which helps making observations in infrared wavelength for high accuracy of magnetic field and velocity measurements. The lake side provides better seeing condition. Because of lake water, there is extremely low water vapor content and this is unaffected by the monsoon. The NLST project is a major multi-party initiative involving IIA, ISRO, Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA). The project will involve an investment of over Rs 250 crore, most of which will go in procuring equipment.

Disclaimer : The contents and comments appearing in any article published in this paper are purely the personal opinion of the writer.


Tuesday 12 November 2013

Superfoods every woman must have Fat burning myths busted

Feel younger, stay slim and thwart diseases by including these superfoods in your diet. We brought in experts to tell you what you need to eat, to stay fit and healthy. So, sit back and read on as we give you some important tips that work wonders.. Low fat yoghurt High in calcium and protein, low fat yoghurt is ideal for women. Nutritionist Pallavi Srivastava says, "Yoghurt, being an excellent source of calcium, helps fight osteoporosis. The consumption of yoghurt is also said to decrease the risk of breast cancer, reduce irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory digestive tract disorders — all of which are common in women." It reduces the risk of stomach ulcers and vaginal infections. Quantity: 1 bowl every day Fatty fish Fatty fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel help reduce the risk

of blood clot formation that might occur due to the use of contraceptive pills. Bariatric surgeon Dr Abhay Agrawal says, "Fatty fish protects against diseases related to the heart, stroke, hypertension, depression, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis and reproductive problems, and in some cases even from Alzheimer's disease." Omega-3 helps in optimal brain and vision development of the baby in the case of pregnant or lactating mothers. It is known to boost the level of serotonin, which is a feel-good brain chemical that aids in fighting postpartum depression. Quantity - 2 to 3 servings every week Beans Low in fat and cholesterol; and a good source of protein and fibre, beans fight against heart disease and breast cancer. They are ideal for women who are either affected or have chances of getting colon

cancer. An excellent source of vegetable protein, they aid women going through menopause. Quantity: 3 to 4 servings every week Dark chocolate Dark chocolates are said to be rich in protective anti-oxidants that help reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. It consists of magnesium, manganese, phosphorous and copper zinc, which are important nutrients for maintaining strong bones. Certain studies also suggest that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, sharpens thinking and hydrates the skin. It's the perfect stressbuster when a woman is PMSing, and it tastes sensual without being high in calories. Quantity: One quarter a day Papaya An excellent source of potassium and vitamin C, papaya can offset the potentially harmful effects of sodium on blood pressure. A research by the US Department of Health and Human Services suggests that women are at a higher risk of gallstones than men. So, load up on papaya because it helps combat gallbladder diseases. But pregnant women should refrain from papaya since it acts as a contraceptive, which can lead to a miscarriage or an abortion. Quantity: 2 slices per day Tomatoes Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant — lycopene, which helps reduce the chances of being affected with breast cancer. Nutritionist Mansi Belani says, "Tomatoes are also known to protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It helps a woman stay younger and

slimmer." Quantity: 1 tomato every day Spinach Spinach is known to be one of the best sources of folate which prevents birth defects, heart disease, colon cancer and dementia. Spinach also helps our skin from getting damaged due to heat, and delays wrinkling, fine lines and roughness of the skin with comes with age. Quantity: About 2 to 3 servings a week Berries Dr Agrawal suggests, "Like wine, berries protect your body with powerful anti-carcinogenic nutrients — anthocyans, which are believed to play a role in cell repair." High in vitamin C and folic acid, it is essential for women in their child bearing years. Its powerful anti-oxidant not only protects the heart but also the skin against ageing. Cranberries are known to have a positive impact on your vision, and to help reduce the chances of urinary tract infections which are common in women of all age groups. Quantity: 3 to 4 servings every week Whole grains The consumption of whole grain helps combat blood pressure and a slow metabolism. Srivastava says, "Swapping refined grains like white bread and rice with whole wheat bread, rice, brown rice and oats will add more fibre to your diet and give you a feeling of fullness with fewer calories." Studies suggest that whole grains help the body retain potassium, which helps in maintaining blood pressure

When it comes to getting healthy or burning fat, you are fed with misinformation all the time. Instead of being misled or discouraged or being confused on whether to believe it or not, here are a few facts on the most common fat-burning myths along with the right tips Myth 1: No time! If scheduling cardio and weight training seems like too much time and effort, try combining the two. The combination of cardio and weight training not only burns calories but saves time as well. This technique called circuit training focuses on resistance training intervals along with intervals of cardio. You can create workout "stations," each featuring a different weight training exercise for a muscle or muscle group. Do each station with a maximum rest period of 30 seconds in between each exercise to keep calorie-burning at its maximum. Myth 2: Long cardio sessions work best Even with the best intentions, it's not always possible or feasible to exercise for 60 minutes or longer at one time. And if you're looking to drop pounds, it's also not the most efficient way. Instead, try intervals, which involves alternating

bouts of intense exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Short, intense exercise bursts burn more calories than working out at the same intensity for the same length of time. The active recovery periods allow for greater intensity during the work intervals and, subsequently, more calories are burned overall. Try the pre-programmed interval training programmes on cardio equipment, or do it yourself by alternating 30 to 60 seconds of vigorous activity with the same amount of easy exertion. Myth 3: You should stay within the fat-burning zone when doing cardio Treadmills and other cardio equipment display colourful charts indicating various zones, one of which indicates a 'fat-burning' zone. These

zones refer to the percentage of fat burned, not the total calories. You burn the highest percentage of fat while you're sleeping. But you're also burning the least number of calories, which is what counts towards body fat loss. Instead, look for ways to burn a greater number of calories over all and the weight and fat will automatically drop off. Myth 4: Only cardio leads to faster weight loss The intensity of the workout determines how many additional calories you'll burn. Cardiovascular fitness helps lower body fat by burning more calories while you're exercising, but weight training helps burn more fat and calories even when you're relaxing. The harder the workout, the longer the after-burn effect.

Diabetes: A reason to worry!

With its origins in ancient religious and spiritual traditions, meditation is a widely used mind-body practice used even today, to complement medical procedures and treatments. Although, used mostly for relaxation and stress reduction, meditation-based therapy is increasingly offered in medical centers and clinics today to manage pain and reduce anxiety prior to surgeries. Surprised? Recent studies have shown that frequent practice of meditation can lead to significant control of pain. Read on to know how meditation alters your pain perception and quells pain even better than some of the most powerful drugs. Meditation and common forms The term meditation refers to a set of techniques wherein a person minimizes the activity of the mind without altering the level of alertness. Broadly, the

Scientists may have hit upon an effective way to block asthma attacks by identifying the two most significant biological triggers that bring them on. Researchers from the Universities of California-San Francisco (UCSF), Johns Hopkins and Duke universities demonstrate that these two triggers for asthma are tied to a specific calcium-activated chloride channel, called TMEM16A. They regulate airway secretions and smooth muscle contraction, the two major factors linked with asthma attacks, according to the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences". "Maybe if we could inhibit both of these processes by blocking this one channel, we could affect the two symptoms of asthma," said senior study author Jason Rock, assistant professor of anatomy at UCSF. Asthma, a respiratory disorder that causes shortness of breath, coughing

technique has been categorized under five basic categories: Mantra meditation This comprises the Transcendental Meditation techniques, Clinically Standardized Meditation and Relaxation Response. In this process, by repeatedly using a sound or phrase, a person focuses to achieve a state of perfect consciousness. Mindfulness meditation This form of meditation involves focusing on what you experience while performing the technique like the very flow of your breath. Yoga Here, a person attempts to achieve a state of calmness by combining bodily postures with controlled breathing. Tai-Chi - A form of Chinese martial arts, the technique is performed using selfpaced series of movements in a slow-graceful manner along with deep breathing. Qi gong - This involves a combination of medita-

tion, breathing exercise, relaxation and physical movements. Meditation and pain management: In the past, meditation has been explored extensively for its effects on stress reduction and other similar clinical functions. However, researchers have now identified another significant health benefit of the technique that suggests that it is actually possible to overcome debilitating pain with the help of meditation. What's more, some of these studies have also suggested that the painrelieving effects of meditation might be even more effective than morphine. Back in April, 2011, a study by the researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center indicated that a person can attain at least 40 per ent decrease in pain intensity and 57 per cent in pain unpleasantness merely by practicing these techniques regularly. This decrease in pain was

found to be much higher than with morphine or other pain-relieving drugs. With the help of magnetic resonance imaging, the brain activity of study participants after meditation demonstrated how the technique increased the activity of certain areas which are responsible for pain perception. Despite such findings, scientists were unable to ascertain the actual mechanism of this phenomenon until now. According to a recent research published at the Brain Research Bulletin, investigators from Harvard, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have identified a possible answer. They suggested that the explanation probably lies in alpha waves manipulation in the brain. Furthermore, they explained that by practicing the techniques of mindfulness meditation for a period of eight-weeks or above, you will be able to control the activity of these brain waves.

Diabetes is a very serious ailment and it can cause numerous health complications. When people have diabetes, their bodies fail to produce insulin or produce very little insulin. It is also related to issues like vision problems, high blood pressure, heart ailments and strokes. Therefore it is important to know how you can prevent diabetes. Being overweight or being older may predispose you to diabetes. The common reasons for Diabetes to occur are age, family history, ethnicity weight, activity level, smoking, high blood pressure and weight loss. "While Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease where the body's immune system destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, affecting 85-90% of all people . It's also known as late-onset diabetes, characterized by insulin resistance and relative insulin deficien-

Healthy foods to fight blood pressure

and chest discomfort, results from changes in the airways that lead to the lungs. It affects 18.7 million adults and 7.0 million children in the US alone, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Normally, humans have few mucus-producing cells. Those suffering from asthma, however, have an elevated number of these cells lining the tubes that lead to the lungs. "The overabundance of mucus plugging the air-

ways combined with hyper-contractility of the smooth muscle - when the tubes get really small - make it difficult to move air in or out," Rock said. "A lot of people equate that feeling with breathing through a straw." Rock and colleagues focused on a calcium-activated chloride channel called TMEM16A. This channel secretes chloride ions, besides regulating biological processes such as neuron firing, gastrointestinal activity and the secretion of sweat and tears.

Here are a few items that you should stock up to reduce your blood pressure levelsFighting blood pressure and sugar levels while craving for food might be a difficult job.Here a few food items that can help you lower your blood pressure levels and keep it at a normal level. Spinach - Spinach is loaded with magnesium and also contains potassium which are key ingredients for lowering and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. So add more greens

to your daily dish and enjoy a healthy life minus all the pressure. Dark chocolate - Well, this certainly does not mean that you binge upon chocolate. But it is found that eating about 25-30 calories a day (flavanols are present in dark chocolates) can lower the blood pressure levels in your body.Skimed milk - It provides calcium, potassium and Vitamin D which together help in reducing blood pressure levels and keep your body healthy.

cy", informs Dr. Shreepad Khedekar, Specialist in Genetic Chronic Diseases, Imperial Clinics. While Type 1 diabetes can be treated with insulin and control through the use of glucose meters. Type 2 diabetes may be treated by dietary changes, exercise and/or tablets. Insulin injections may later be required. There is no cure for diabetes. Treatment involves medicines, diet, and exercise to control blood sugar and prevent symptoms and problems Dr. Shreepad Khedekar, Specialist in Genetic Chronic Diseases, Imperial Clinics gives quick tips to control diabetes: Get physical Exercise can help you: Lose weight Lower your blood sugar Boosts your sensitivity to insulin — which helps keep your blood sugar within a normal range Research shows that both aerobic exercise and resistance training can help

control diabetes, but the greatest benefit comes from a fitness program that includes both. Get plenty of fiber It's rough, it's tough — and it may help you: Reduce your risk of diabetes by improving your blood sugar control Lower your risk of heart diseasePromote weight loss by helping you feel fullFoods high in fiber include fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds.Go for whole grainsAlthough it's not clear why, whole grains

may reduce your risk of diabetes and help maintain blood sugar levels. Try to make at least half your grains whole grains. Many foods made from whole grains come ready to eat, including various breads, pasta products and many cereals. Look for the word "whole" on the package and among the first few items in the ingredient list. Lose extra weight If you're overweight, diabetes prevention may hinge on weight loss. Every pound you lose can improve your health.

Facts about fad diets Dieting is an age old way to lose weight but is fad diet the best way to lose those extra pounds? When you want to lose weight fast there is just one question on your mind... What works fast? Many of us are struggling to lose weight fast. Many of us want to shed those extra pounds so that we look and feel good for that special function or occasion and we want to fit into our old denims or that skimpy dress we saw in the mall. If any of these cases are true then we go on a spree to find that perfect diet plan that works wonders for us. It can be confusing in today's weight loss world to find that perfect product or that diet plan that works fast.One of the most common diet plans are the fad diets. These kinds of diets are all over the place with things such as detox diet, grapefruit diet and cabbage soup diet which promise instant weight loss. So if you need to lose

weight fast in a short span of time then yes these diet plans work fast. But their long term effect is not very good to lose a lot of weight in a short span of time. Loosing too much weight too quickly can affect your health by putting a lot of stress on your internal organs. Then there is also the case where you lose weight rather quickly only to realize that you've put it all back on. This happens because when you finish with your fad diet you go back to your old eating habits that

caused the weight gain in the first place. So, it is much better to lose weight in the long term by following a healthy and varied meal plan. Fad diets have a lot of negative drawbacks also. So, if you decide to go on a fad diet on a short term basis in order to shed a few pounds then be ready for some serious medical conditions. These diets have been known to cause some nasty side effects such as headaches, diarrhea and dizzy spells.



‘India concerned over provocative incursions by China’ Agencies Melbourne, November 11: India is concerned about periodic provocative incursions by Chinese troops that have resulted in “eyeball-to-eyeball confrontations”, but was hopeful that the border issues will eventually be settled. “Obviously, we are concerned about periodic steps that seem provocative or adverse to our interests,” External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said. “But, of course, they (incursions) are occurring in the context of a different perception of what the Line of Control is and where it should be. The good news is that there hasn’t been a casualty on the Chinese front for several years. There have been skirmishes and eyeball-to-eyeball confrontations, but no casualties”, he said. He believed the border issues will eventually be settled and peace and stability between India and China will become stronger over time, Khurshid said in an interview to The Australian. Responding to a question if India and China, by virtue of their size, proximity, contrasting political systems and diverging geo-strategic interests, were not destined to some extent to be strategic rivals, Khurshid said: “Yes, I think that’s to some extent inevitable, although it’s much more complex than that, of course.

But we’d like to be rivals who are also partners, partners who are also rivals.” “Our Prime Minister has said that the world is large enough to accommodate the aspirations of both China and India,” he said. Khurshid said he was prepared to talk in some detail about one of the most vexed issues in the Sino-

Indian relationship - the border of Arunachal Pradesh - with China. India and China last month inked a comprehensive pact - Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA) - which commits them not to use military capability to attack each other. The agreement was signed following a series of incursions by the Chinese army into Depsang Valley in Ladakh region in May. Khurshid also expressed satisfaction with India’s ties with the United States. “The US is a very important

security partner to us. We have never subscribed to the idea of an alliance. In the past, we had our non-aligned position and more recently we describe it as our autonomous strategic position. “But, we have collaborated closely with the US. We are constantly now in joint (military) exercises. We are involved in intelligence sharing. We are looking at the joint design and manufacturing of defence equipment, so that we move beyond the vendor and customer relationship,” he said. Khurshid, however, noted that US-India economic and investment relationship has moved at a slower pace as some Americans, especially US industry leaders, had hoped. “The experience in what happened in the subprime loan episode and in the financial crisis which hit Southeast Asia some time before that, has confirmed for us that what is described as an element of conservatism in our economic policy has served us well,” he said. On US politics, Khurshid said, “India, more than any nation, understands the business of internal democratic contention and delay. “India is a friend of the US. We see the US as an inspiration and a very successful economy. When we see question marks over the US, it worries us. We hope they emerge stronger than ever.”

B’desh cabinet quits to allow all-party govt for polls Agencies Dhaka, November 11: Bangladesh's cabinet ministers today tendered their resignations to pave the way for an all-party government to oversee general elections, with the BNP-led opposition adamant on the demand for a neutral non-party government amid a violent political standoff. "The ministers and state ministers present at today's (regular) cabinet meeting have submitted their resignation letters to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina," Prime Minister's press secretary Abul Kalam Azad said. He could not confirm if resignations of all the ministers were already received but previous media reports said at least 20 influential ministers handed over their resignation letters to the premier earlier. An adviser to the premier said the resignation of some of the ministers would not be accepted under a gov-

ernment plan to keep them in the all-party government while the resignations of the rest were sent to the presidential palace for formal acceptance. The development came as a nationwide 84-hour general strike enforced by BNP and its rightwing allies including fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami entered its second day. The violent shutdown, which overnight claimed two more lives, is aimed to mount pressure on the government to accept the opposition's demand for constituting a non-party caretaker government led by an "acceptable" figure for election oversight. The strike was enforced following two back-to-back 60-hour shutdowns since October 27 on the same issue. This will be the third prolonged strike in two weeks. The BNP-led alliance called the first 60-hour shutdown from October 27 and

'India First' demands post-poll BJP-Cong coalition govt: Sinha Agencies Washington November 11: National interest today demands that Congress and BJP seriously think of forming a coalition government — based on a common minimum programme — after the next general elections, filmstar-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha has said. Asserting that his vision of a joint BJPCongress government fits into the 'India First' concept of his party's prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, the BJP MP said such a decision by the leaders of the two parties would result in a strong and stable national government, which is the need of the hour. It would prevent any blackmailing tactics from regional players and smaller parties in the event of a fractured mandate after next year's general elections, he said. On a weekend-trip to Washington, the 67-year-old BJP leader said he was speak-

ing as a conscious citizen and as an artist for whom the nation is first and is on top of all other priorities. "This is certainly not my party's view. But I hope, wish and pray that one day it becomes my party's view as well as the view of other parties including the Congress party," Sinha said in an interview. "It is time for India First and not party first," he asserted, adding that the first option would be to form a majority government of the BJP at the centre. But in case of a hung parliament, the two parties should give a serious thought to a strong coalition government based on a common minimum programme, he added. Recollecting the bitter experiences of the NDA and the current UPA, Sinha argued that a BJP-Congress government is essential to "end the daily political blackmailing" by smaller and regional parties in the event of a hung parliament.

second one from November 4 to press for the restoration of the neutral caretaker government system to oversee the polls scheduled to be held by January 25, 2014. A total of 26 people have died in violence linked to the political turmoil since October 25. Political analysts say the ministers' resignations reflect the government's firm stance for going ahead with the plan to constitute the all-party government for election oversight even if BNP declined to join the interim administration or decided to boycott the elections. Under the country’s recently amended constitution, elections must be held before the outgoing parliament ends its tenure on January 24. The 18-party opposition alliance led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of former premier Khaleda Zia insists on the formation of a non-partisan caretaker government to hold and supervise the elections.

Congress takes Modi's 'khooni panja' barb to Election Commission Agencies

Govt probing source of foreign funding to AAP: Shinde New Delhi, November 11:

New Delhi, November 11: The Congress has approached the Election Commission seeking action against BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's 'khooni panja' (bloodied hand) and ‘zaalim haath’ (cruel hand) barb against the party. Congress leaders were reported saying that the Gujarat CM’s taunt was an attempt to malign the Congress’ image and "cause people to fear the party". In its petition to Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath, the party has said that the use of the term 'khooni panja' was deplorable and could terrorise the public against Congress. Congress accused Modi of making "intemperate, malicious and defamatory" remarks by referring to the hand symbol, as "khooni panja" and "jalim haath". It also said that Modi’s barb was a violation of the provisions of the model code of conduct. The Gujarat Chief Minister had made these comments at a rally at Dongargarh in Chhattisgarh on Thursday. The Congress has given a DVD of Modi's speech and also clippings of a newspaper report to the EC. While campaigning in the poll-bound Chhattisgarh, Modi had told the crowd that if they wanted that no shadow of the 'khooni panja' should fall over the state then they should vote for the lotus (BJP's election symbol) and save the state from such a hand. The move comes days after the Bharatiya Janata Party went to the EC against Rahul Gandhi's remarks about ISI trying to recruit Muzaffarnagar riots victims. The comment by the Congress vice president had sparked a controversy with the election watchdog issuing a notice to Rahul. Rahul replied to the EC saying that he had not violated the model code of conduct.

The government is investigating the source of foreign funding to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde said on Monday. “We have got complaints about foreign funding to AAP and are probing the matter... Investigations take time and we are looking for the source behind the funding,” said Shinde. AAP's chief ministerial candidate Arvind Kejriwal, however, said the “funds of Congress and BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) should also be probed”. “There's no point in making allegations against us. I challenge both the Congress and the BJP to prove us guilty. We receive all our funds in a transparent manner,” AAP leader Kumar Vishwas said. The debutant AAP appears to have dimmed the prospects of both the Congress, which has been ruling Delhi for the past 15 years, and the opposition BJP which hopes to gain from a strong anti-incumbency factor. The AAP earlier said it had

New Delhi, November 11: Senior BJP leader L K Advani today referred to another book to support his claim that there were differences between Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel over sending the Indian army to Hyderabad when the Nizam was trying to join Pakistan at the time of partition. In his latest blog post, Advani refers to a book by Balraj Krishna, a journalist, titled 'India's Bismarck: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel'. "In a democratic set-up, Cabinet sanction was essential for police action. Patel faced a formidable task in overcoming Nehru's reluctance. At one of the meetings of the defence committee, of which Nehru was the chairman, there was so much bitterness that Sardar Patel walked out," Advani said, quoting from the book. The then Home Secretary V P Menon later told a Rotary meeting that when he saw the Home Minister's seat vacant, he too walked out of the Cabinet meeting after five minutes, the BJP leader said, reading

from the book. "This seemed to have shaken Nehru out of his complacent mood and mellowed his opposition. Later, at a meeting attended by the Governor General (Rajagopalachari), the Prime Minister, the Home

Minister (Patel), and Secretary to the state's Ministry (Menon), it was decided to order troops into Hyderabad," he said, citing excerpts from the book. Advani recently created a controversy when he quoted the memoirs of a 1947-batch IAS officer M K

collected around Rs. 19 crore till November 8 as donations from 63,000 people including a host of NRIs. The party claimed to have received donations ranging from Rs. 10 to several lakhs, from rickshawpullers to traders and industrialists to fight the polls and bring a “graft-free” administration. Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit on Sunday questioned the source of funding of Kejriwal's party —whose main election plank is to check corruption. "Where do you (AAP) get all the money from? You can call me a liar or I can call you a thief. But is there any proof to say that I am a liar? Just by pointing fingers you cannot make somebody corrupt. Everybody is living in glass houses,” Dikshit had said. The AAP chief recently shifted base from his single-room accommodation in a slum development cluster in east Delhi’s Sundar Nagari to 41 Hanuman Road, a swanky ground-plus-one prime property near Connaught Place in the heart of New Delhi — the CM’s constituency — for a monthly rent of just Rs. 1.

Kolkata: 2 killed in shooting

Advani again rakes up Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel differences Agencies


K Nair that in the Cabinet meeting, when Patel had said police action will have to be taken against Hyderabad, Nehru had called him a "total communalist". Nair's book also says that Patel had then collected his papers and walked out. Advani further stoked the controversy in a subsequent blog when he referred to an old interview of Sam Manekshaw (then a Colonel) who had said he was present in the Cabinet meeting to explain the "military situation" in Kashmir. "As usual, Nehru talked about the United Nations, Russia, Africa, God almighty, everybody, until Sardar Patel lost his temper. He said, 'Jawaharlal, do you want Kashmir, or do you want to give it away'. He (Nehru) said,'Of course, I want Kashmir'. Then he (Patel) said 'Please give your orders'. "And before he could say anything, Sardar Patel turned to me and said, 'You have got your orders'," Advani had said, quoting Manekshaw from the interview.

Kolkata, November 11: Two people were killed and one injured after a shootout over a disputed property in south Kolkata's posh Short Street locality early on Monday. According to the police, the shooting took place at around 4:30am after seven to eight men allegedly scaled the walls of the house and forced the security guards to open the gates. Mamata Agarwal, one of those who fired the shots, is a headmistress of a school. "The headmistress had a gun in her hand. It was seen from the CCTV footage of the house that she was firing. We are looking into whether those who stormed the house returned the fire," deputy commissioner of police, Pallav Kanti Ghosh, said. Those who were killed have been identified as Piklu Ahacrya and Prasenjit De, police said. Police have arrested the security guard. Four others, including Agarwal, have also been detained. "I had complained to the police, but no action was taken. The opposite party kept threatening me, but the police told me they can't do anything to stop the threats. This morning some people stormed my house. They tore my clothes and tried to throttle me," Agarwal told a news channel.

ISRO plans supplementary orbit raising for Mars spacecraft Agencies Chennai, November 11: After having successfully completed three orbit raising manoeuvres, ISRO’s Mars Orbiter mission on Monday suffered a glitch as it failed to achieve the targeted apogee (farthest distance from Earth) of one lakh km during the fourth orbit raising operation in the early hours. However, the national space agency clarified that the Mars Orbiter was “normal” and said a supplementary orbit raising operation has been planned at 5 am (IST) on Tuesday to raise the apogee to nearly one lakh km. During the fourth orbit raising operations which commenced at 2:06 am on Monday, the redundancies built-in for the propulsion system were exercised, including energising the primary and redundant coils of the solenoid flow control valve of 440 Newton Liquid Engine and logic for thrust augmentation by the attitude control thrusters, when needed. “However, when both primary and redundant coils were energised together, as one of the planned modes, the flow to the liquid engine stopped. The thrust level augmentation logic, as expected, came in and the operation continued using the attitude control thrusters. This sequence resulted in reduction of the incremental velocity,” ISRO said in a statement.

The space agency said while this parallel mode of operating the two coils was not possible for subsequent operations, they could be operated independently in sequence. During the orbit raising operations conducted since November 7, ISRO has been testing and exercising the autonomy func-

tions progressively, that are essential for Trans-Mars Injection and Mars Orbit Insertion. During the first three orbit-raising operations, the prime and redundant chains of gyros, accelerometers, 22 Newton attitude control thrusters, attitude and orbit control electronics as

well as the associated logics for their fault detection isolation and reconfiguration were exercised successfully, the space agency said. “The prime and redundant star sensors have been functioning satisfactorily. The primary coil of the solenoid flow control valve was used successfully for the first three orbit-raising operations,” it said in a statement. In the fourth orbit raising operation on Monday, the apogee was raised to 78,276 km against the target of about one lakh km, because incremental velocity imparted to the spacecraft was 35 m/s against the targeted 130 m/s, ISRO said. The first three orbit raising manoeuvres were conducted last week in a series of five such operations scheduled on the Mars mission. After successfully completing these operations, the mission is expected to take on the “crucial event” of the transMars injection around 12:42 am on December 1. ISRO’s PSLV C 25 successfully injected the 1,350-kg Mars Orbiter into orbit around Earth some 44 minutes after a textbook launch at 2:38 pm from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota on Tuesday, marking the successful completion of the first stage of the Rs 450-crore mission.




Clarke says Australia’s Ashes Test team a ‘no-brainer’ Agencies SYDNEY: Confident captain Michael Clarke said on Monday there will be no surprises in Australia’s team for the first Ashes Test with players in such good form they were “no brainer” selections. Australia are due to announce on Tuesday a 13-man squad for the opening clash against England from November 21 and Clarke likes what he has seen so far in the recent one-day tour of India and Sheffield Shield games. “We are in a good place,” he said as he launched his book, The Ashes Diary, in Sydney after attending a Remembrance Day service with England captain Alastair Cook. “I honestly think that if they pick 12 players, then 11 of them are no-brainers for Test number one at the Gabba. “I would imagine the majority pick themselves from the form they have displayed in all forms of the game,” added Clarke. “The exciting thing about where we are at right now, whether it be batters or bowlers, individual players have

stepped up and performed.” Australia’s position is in stark contrast to

the Ashes tour of England earlier this year when their preparations were badly disrupted after coach Mickey Arthur was sacked just 18 days out from the first Test and opening bats-

man David Warner was suspended for ill discipline. Clarke said all the

players in contention for the fiveTest series had done exactly what coach Darren Lehmann had asked of them as they attempt to reverse their 3-0 defeat in England and pre-

No women’s World Open squash championship this year Agencies The women’s World Open squash championships will not be held this year for the first time since the introduction of the event in 1991. After much speculation on the absence of World Open on the 2013 calendar, the Women’s Squash Association (WSA) has expressed its inability to organise a world meet this year. The WSA has also sent an email to tour players, informing them about the decision.“The WSA is extremely disappointed to announce that there will not be a women’s world cham-

pionships in 2013. Having pursued all options we have reached a point where it is no longer feasible to expect the event to take place this year,” said Suzie Pierrepont,

WSA’s Acting Tour Director and Director for North America.“However, we believe it is in the best inter-

vent their old rivals winning a fourth successive Ashes. “Whether it be in the oneday format in India, the Ryobi Cup or the Sheffield Shield, the players have picked themselves which is a really impressive thing for our team,” he said. “And it is what Darren Lehmann and myself asked the guys to do: go back to state cricket and take wickets and score runs to be in the front of the selectors’ minds.” With Chris Rogers and a resurgent Warner set to open the innings, Shane Watson at number three if fit, Clarke at four and Steve Smith at five, who bats number six appears to be the most contentious issue for Australian selectors. George Bailey is widely tipped to get the nod for his first Test cap after an outstanding one-day tour of India, although all-rounder James Faulkner or specialist batsman Alex Doolan are also in the running. Paceman Mitchell Johnson is favoured to join Ryan Harris and Peter Siddle as the main strike bowlers with Nathan Lyon offering a spin option, while Brad Haddin is expected to keep wicket.

ests of our players and the sport that we look at other solutions. We are currently exploring the option of hosting the event in early 2014,” Pierrepont added. World No.1 woman squash player Nicol David of Malaysia will thus retain her title she won in the Cayman Islands last year. A last minute bid to have Egypt (Soho Club in Sharm El Sheikh), which hosted the 2010 edition, organise the world meet in mid-December also fell through. The WSA has proposed to hold the world meet next March for the calendar year 2013, before having another world meet for 2014 later in the year.

JAMMU, NOVEMBER 11Appreciating the interest being evinced by youngsters in rural sports, Minister of Labour, Planning and Development, Mr Ajay Kumar Sadhotra has said that the traditional wrestling still holds hope and unfolds opportunities for those who want to take sports as a career. Speaking at the prize distribution ceremony of the national level wrestling event at Thathar Bantalab here, the Minister described wrestling as one of the oldest sporting disciplines and said this continues to be practiced and taken up by youngsters,

not only in the countryside but in urban areas as well. “Wrestling has its own set of fans who still feel nostalgic about the competition which used to bring euphoria years ago”, he said, admitting that this activity is facing challenge from other sports in the present times. Mr Sadhotra expressed happiness over larger participation of youth in this sports activity and said this will not only keep them in good shape physically but also sharpen their mental growth. He appreciated the organisers for holding the competition and said this will provide an opportunity to the budding wrestlers to benefit from the performance of veterans in the field. The Minister said that sports are gaining momentum in Jammu and Kashmir and the government led by Omar Abdullah has taken several initiatives for creating infrastructural facilities across the state, especially in rural areas so that the youth get ade-

Agencies A Russian spacecraft brought three astronauts and the Olympic torch back to Earth on Monday after the torch was taken on its first spacewalk in the run-up to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Russia’s Fyodor Yurchikhin beamed as he held up the silver-and-grey torch alongside American Karen Nyberg and Italian Luca Parmitano on the Kazakh steppe after returning from the International Space Station after a 166-day mission. “The Olympic torch is home after a four-day journey,” a NASA TV announcer said after the flawless de-

scent through a cloudless sky and a “bulls-eye touchdown” in the tall tawny brush of central Kazakh-

on a successful Olympics. His image abroad has been damaged by what critics say is a clampdown on dissent,

stan, near the remote town of Zhezkazgan.President Vladimir Putin, who has been in power since 2000, has staked his reputation

and a law banning homosexual “propaganda” among minors.The torch was unlit throughout the space voyage, for safety reasons.

Patiala dentist Heena Sidhu outclassed world’s top shooters, including London Olympic bronze medallist Olena Kostevych (Ukraine), to clinch the top honours in the World Cup finals in Munich (Germany) on Sunday. After finishing third in the qualifying round, Heena shot a record-breaking final score of 203.8 points and pocked the gold with ease. She was 5.2 points ahead of her nearest rival, Zorana Arunovic from Serbia, while Bulgaria’s Viktoria Chaika finished third. The world top 10 shooters, including Olympic and world championship medallists, compete in the World Cup finals every year. Heena, who got married to former international pistol shooter Ronak Pandit early this year, became the first Indian pistol shooter to achieve this feat. Earlier, she also became the first pistol shooter from the country to win a silver medal in the World Cup in 2009 (Beijing) and later on made it to the London Olympics, where she finished 12th.

Agencies Nov 09 Jonny Bairstow may be in line for an unexpected turn as England’s Ashes wicketkeeper after scans revealed Matt Prior had suffered a left calf tear during the Australia A match in Hobart and is ruled out of the final warm-up match against an Invitational XI in Sydney.Prior’s diagnosis leaves him in genuine doubt for the first Test in Brisbane, heaping pressure on Bairstow to step in for the position after it appeared he had only a reservist’s role in the team director Andy Flower’s plans for the series. Bairstow made numerous starts in England at No. 6 but was dropped for the final match at the Oval and arrived down under as the back-up gloveman.“It’s not ideal but it gives some good opportunity to Jonny Bairstow as well,” Ian Bell said. “We’ve seen in the past how important it is to get the whole squad playing cricket before the series starts, because you never know with five

quate coaching and avenues to excel in games of their interest. He said there was no dearth of talent but the need is to identify and sharpen their skills in a professional manner. Mr Sadhotra exhorted the youngsters to come forward and participate in various sporting events. The Minister presented awards to those who made their mark in the wrestling competition. The event was organised by the Dangal committee Thathar Bantalab. In all 120 wrestlers from various parts of the country including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uattar Pardesh, Himachal Pardesh besides Jammu and Kashmir participated. The event was spread over 60 sessions of wrestling. In the first round Vinia Amin of Jammu and Kashmir Police defeated Jagdev Singh of Delhi and was declared the winner. He was presented Rs one lakh. A large number of sports lovers witnessed the wrestling.

International space crew return Olympic torch to Earth


“It’s a great feeling. On earlier two international outings, despite finishing at the top in the qualification, I was eliminated in

Singh Sidhu. Heena was ranked 11th in the world, but as a shooter in the top-10 ranking decided to skip the event at

the final round. So, for quite some time, I was specifically training for it and today it paid off,” said Heena, talking to Hindustan Times from Munich.“By this win at the World Cup finals, she has make up for the loss in the London Olympics,” said her proud father, Rajbir

the last moment, she made it to the World Cup finals. Later, due to a technical issue, Heena didn’t get the Schengen visa for Germany. But luckily, her old Schengen visa was valid till November 9, the date of her competition, thus enabling her to participate.

Prior’s calf tear puts Bairstow in line

Amin defeats Jagdev in wrestling final Sadhotra lauds youngsters for showing interest in traditional sports

Patiala dentist hits bull’s eye

Test matches, players need cricket under their belt. Matt is a key part of our success over the last few years and obviously we want to get him recovered as quick as possible.

“I would’ve thought if Matt’s fit then he plays. He’s been a massive part of our success, he’s vice-captain of this team, he’s an important bloke in the dressing room the way he talks to the guys, not just the stuff he does on the field. “There’s still a bit of time, Matt’s got himself in fantastic condition for this tour and he’s been very good with his rehab, so I’ve got every faith he’ll be fully fit for Brisbane, and it gives someone else an opportunity in this game, and it’s good for Jonny to get another game in an England shirt.” Bell said the previous series had provided valuable experience for Bairstow and Joe Root, who appears set for a middleorder commission after struggling at times against the new ball in England. The left-hander Michael Carberry looks set to partner Alastair Cook at the top of the order.

Jeje replaces injured Dawson in India squad NEW DELHI: Dempo striker Jeje Lalpekhlua will replace an injured Dawson Fernandes in the 21-member Indian football squad for the two International friendlies against Philippines and Nepal to be played at the Kanchenjunga Stadium in Siliguri on November 15 and 19 respectively. Sporting Club de Goa’s Dawson has been ruled out of the fixtures due to a knee injury. Earlier, Salgaocar midfielder Rocus Lamare had replaced Pune FC’s Arata Izumi in the squad after the later pulled his left hamstring in a round nine I-League clash against Bengaluru FC. The Indian team, being coached by Dutchman Wim Kovermans, will be practicing at the SESA Football Academy in Goa.

Fabregas: Messi should take time to recover Agencies The Barcelona midfielder believes his Argentine teammate must rest to recover from his latest injury to avoid it potentially ruining his season. Lionel Messi must take some time away from the pitch to allow his body to heal following his latest injury, according to Barcelona teammate Cesc Fabregas. The 26-year-old went off midway through the first half of the Catalans’ 4-1 win over Betis with a hamstring problem, in the process making it five Liga games without a goal for the Argentina international. Fabregas, who is also set to undergo tests after complaining of discomfort in his

knee, starred in his teammate’s absence with two goals and does not believe

to emphasize his explosiveness,” the midfielder told Canal Plus on Sunday after the

that Messi should rush back into action. “[Messi] has to stop to take the time that he needs

match. “Something similar happened to me and I was very screwed. You believe you’re OK at first, but you’re

not. I was disappointed to miss out some games, but I know I’m at Barcelona and I will continue to grow. “I spent the injury out of action, and even spent half a year with the ordeal which was not good, it was a very bad injury. Messi has to stop as it takes time to recover if it does not heal properly.” Fabregas also alleviated fears that the knock he picked up in the clash with Betis could see him sidelined for some time, though he acknowledged it has been hindering him since the Champions League win over AC Milan midweek.“It will not be serious,” the former Arsenal man added. “Just a minor annoyance. I had a major injury in the region not long ago.

Ticket sales fiasco leaves fans in lurch Agencies The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has decided to sell tickets for Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell Test online and not at ticket counters at the venue, which has left a lot of fans disappointed. To compound problems, the highly sought-after tickets were available only on Monday, three days before the start of the match, making it difficult for fans from outside Mumbai to make plans for the Test. On Sunday, a MCA press release stated that 3500 tickets would be distributed to the public through the website from 11 am on Monday. However, the website crashed as soon as it opened, again raising questions over why the MCA didn’t sell at least some of the tickets offline.The MCA’s logic was that there would have been chaos had they sold tickets at the venue, due to the heavy demand. “Who says tickets were not put on sale?” Ravi Savant, a MCA vice-president told ESPNcricinfo. “We have certain channels through

which tickets find their way to the members of public. There is a commitment that we give tickets first to our clubs, then the gymkhanas and

then the Garware Club House. These clubs then in turn sell it to their members, who are members of the public.

“Instead of opening five windows outside the ground, these are our windows.”When asked about fans without an internet connection having no opportunity of getting tickets, Savant said he could understand their issue but MCA could not satisfy every fan’s demand. “If the capacity is 30,000 and the demand is 30 lakhs I cannot give tickets to everyone. Also if I say I am releasing 5000 tickets to the public through our ticket windows and there are 50,000 people who turn out and there is chaos, what I should do? And even if I had put 30,000 tickets, there would always be a heavy demand.”Window sales have always been a contentious issue for international matches at Wankhede, which has a capacity of 32,000. The MCA, as per their agreements with the Garware Club House and Tatas, have to hand over almost 13,000 tickets to the two organisations. Besides, they also have to cater to other BCCI units, BCCI sponsors, their own sponsors and the state government, which has leased the land of the stadium to MCA.

Zabarwan Times E-Paper English 12 November  

Charge of political interference in CBI work unfortunate: PM