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Zeta  Tau  Alpha   Eta  Sigma  Chapter  

From  President     Heather  Roslinski   With the semester quickly approaching, I could not be more proud of our chapter. From raising the largest amount of money we've ever raised at our Big Man on Campus event to every member being part of another organization outside of ZTA, our chapter has grown so much this semester. We are a big family with such a close bond and I only hope next semester can be just as successful, if not more!  

Individually,  Unique.   Together,  Complete.   Consistent with our Founders' thoughts in 1898, our primary purpose is to create an environment for our members in which lasting friendships and our vows of sisterhood emanate all aspects of our Fraternity. We encourage an atmosphere that will foster high ideals of friendship among college women, promote their educational and cultural interests, create in them a true sense of social responsibility and develop in them high qualities of character.  

Save  the  Date!   Family  Day  

Final  Chapter  

Senior  Send-­‐off  

4/20/2013   Weekend  with   our  families,   sharing  our   chapter  news.  

4/21/2013   Final  Chapter   meeting  of  the   Spring  semester.  

4/23/2013   A  moment  to  honor   our  senior  sisters   for  a  final  farewell.  


SPRING  2013  

Service   “Learning  the  nobility  of  serving,  thereby   earning  the  right  to  be  served”  

Senior  Prom  with  Phi  Kappa  Tau   On March 25th the lovely ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha and the gentleman Phi Kappa Tau hosted a senior prom event at Golden Living Center. The purpose of this event was to make the senior citizens feel young again, and bring them back to their prom days. We enjoyed the evening by shagging, playing games and listening to beach music. It was very touching to see all of the residents at Golden Living Center laughing, and having such a great time. One resident enjoyed playing limbo with the groups. Another gentleman was inspired to eat again when our sisters offered him some refreshments. This event touched our hearts and will forever be remembered as a time for us to learn the nobility of serving others.

Odum  Children  Home        

For the children at the Odum home, we made valentines and baked goods to surprise them with. We were able to interact with the children and talk to them about school and things they enjoyed. While eating the goodies, the local pastor held a church service for all of us to enjoy. It was a lot of fun brightening up these children’s day with our gifts and company.


Roadside  Clean  Up  with  Phi  Kappa  Tau   The  chapter  members  helped  the  members  of   Phi  Kappa  Tau-­‐  Epsilon  Mu  with  their  semi   annual  roadside  clean  up  project.  The  group   walked  along  University  Road,  picking  up  any   type  of  litter  to  be  found.  Several  bags  of  trash   were  collected,  making  the  efforts  of  both   chapters  a  success  and  a  great  kick  off  before   the  start  of  Earth  Day.       2  


SPRING  2013  

Susan  G.  Komen  Foundation’s   Inaugural  Race  for  A  Cure   In  Wilmington,  NC     On  a  frosty  March  2nd  morning,  the  Eta  Sigma  chapter  made  their  way  to  Wilmington,  NC   to  be  apart  of  history.  The  inaugural  Race  for  a  Cure  was  well  underway  and  the  sisters   buzzed  around,  helping  set  up  tablecloths,  putting  together  goodie  bags,  and  talking  with   the  different  survivors  about  their  journey  with  breast  cancer.  Once  the  race  began,   several  sisters  participated.  Sisters  Tiffany  McCall,  Julie  Sem,  Meghan  Babson,  Jenny   Foust  and  Taylor  Hale  all  took  part  in  the  inaugural  race.  After  the  race  was  over,  the   sisters  were  the  escorts  for  the  survivors  walk.  Survivors  ranging  in  1  year  to  50  years   participated.  It  was  such  a  moving  event  and  the  Eta  Sigma  chapter  could  not  have  been   more  proud  to  have  such  a  huge  part  in  helping  find  a  cure  the  breast  cancer.    



SPRING  2013  

Senior  Sisters  2013   I,  Megan  Bradley,  leave  Heather  Ros,  the  chicken  from  our  first  chick-­‐fil-­‐a  date  we  had  together,  our  Mariah   Carey  all  I  want  for  Christmas  is  you  video  and  our  crazy  night  in  swansboro!  Jayna  I  leave  you  the  struggle  bus   you  constantly  stay  on  all  the  pictures  on  my  phone  I  forget  to  send  and  all  of  our  sleepovers  and  memories   we've  hadEmily  Thacker  all  of  my  Lady  Gaga  heels  (and  you  know  how  much  I  LOVE  them)  and  all  of  our   memories  together.  Julie  Sem,  my  bright  yellow  heels  because  you  are  awesome  twerking  in  them.  Mogotti,   sonic  dates,  vine  videos,  all  of  my  microwavable  meals,  and  all  the  bread  that  I  burnt.  Brooke  Evilsizer,  my   couch,  because  that’s  where  you  always  end  up  and  a  collage  of  selfie  pictures  since  you  love  them  so  much.   Sam  Gomez,  all  of  our  fast  food/  pool  dates.  Tieghlor,  the  car  ride  we  took  to  Southern  Pines.  Jenny  and   Chelsea,  our  group  messages…’deadddddddd.’  Gabby,  the  centerpiece  you  made  for  Themis  that  I  took.  Vicki,   all  the  pictures  I  took  for  photojournalism.  Brandi,  the  epic  night  we  had  on  Meghan’s  22  birthday.  Amy,  SPF   100  so  you  never  have  to  be  burnt  again.  Julie  Larson  and  Tori,  our  awkward  walmart  trip  and  all  the  dinner   dates  we’ve  had.  Aleigha,  the  memories  we  had  the  night  you  got  initiated.  Jenna,  all  my  strikes  I  got  in  bowling   class  and  all  the  nights  we  use  to  spend  together  at  Ashley’s.  Meghan,  my  rock  and  my  best  friend,  I  leave  my   heart  because  without  you  in  it  my  life,  it  wouldn’t  be  the  same!  I  love  you!     I,  Meghan  Babson,  leave  Mogotti,  home  cooked  meals,  a  place  to  stay,  and  Malls  Balls  (My  Dog).  Brooke  E.,  my   dancing  skills  and  my  bedroom.  Literally,  you’ll  be  living  in  my  room.  Kristin  Craddock,  all  our  memories  and  a   clean  car.  Amy  Hamilton,  Taylor  Hale,  and  Jenny  Foust,  Twerk  Tuesdays.  Brandi  Cross,  a  family  tree.  Julie  Sem,   truth  or  dares  during  blackouts  and  my  5k.  Jennifer  and  Ashley,  a  strong  supportive  family.  Julie  Larson,  weave   and  Thursday  nights.  My  Pledge  Class,  all  of  our  memories  of  OLD  ZTA.  Jayna  Hutto,  Awkward  turtles  and  rat   tails.  Gabby  G,  Themis  and  our  long  talks  on  the  ground.  Sam  Gomez,  Tall  Dances  and  long  legs.  Breanna   Milligan,  snap  chats.  Vicki  Kennedy,  a  kind  heart  and  loving  spirit  and  the  ability  to  be  awkward.  Tieghlor  J,  My   job  and  beautiful  pictures.  Jenna,  all  our  memories  and  her  amazing  grandma.  Tori  Cook,  my  pool  and  my  dance   moves.  Megan  Bradley,  I’d  leave  you  the  world  but  I’m  taking  you  with  me  bffl!  Here’s  to  all  our  memories  and   tons  more!     I,  Jenna  Cartrette,  do  hereby  leave  the  following  to:  My  little  Kelsey,  my  crest  necklace  because  it  is  my  most   prized  possession  and  you  are  my  most  precious  prized  person  in  my  life.  My  grandlittles,  Natalie,  Brenna,  and   Heather,  guidance  and  wisdom  to  get  you  through  this  crazy  thing  called  life.  Aleigha,  my  iPhone  along  with  my   amazing  service  so  that  you  will  no  longer  have  to  suffer  with  what  you  have  now.  My  Fall  2010  New  Member   class,  the  bond  that  I  share  with  each  of  you  and  the  reassurance  that  it  will  never  change.  My  parents,  the   comfort  in  knowing  that  you  were  the  most  supportive  people  in  my  life  and  that  you  have  done  an  amazing  job   of  raising  me  to  be  the  woman  I  became.  The  Eta  Sigma  chapter  as  a  whole,  my  love  and  passion  for  each  one  of   you  girls  and  for  our  organization.  Also,  my  love  and  passion  for  our  philanthropy  as  we  continue  to  educate   people  across  the  nation  about  breast  cancer.     4  


Megan  Bradley  

SPRING  2013  


What  is  your  favorite  ZTA  memory?     Being  surrounded  with  my  sisters  for  four  years  and  making  memories   with  everyone,  it’s  hard  to  narrow  down  my  best  one  with  ZTA.  My   entire  senior  year  has  been  one  that  I’ll  never  forget.  Themis  however   was  one  of  the  highlights  of  my  senior  year,  and  one  that  I’ll  always   cherish.       Advice  to  the  underclassmen?     ENJOY  every  moment  and  don’t  stress  over  little  things,  in  the  end  its   not  going  to  matter.  You  only  have  four  years  and  trust  me  they  FLY  by.  

Meghan  Babson  


What  will  you  miss  the  most  after  graduation?   I  will  miss  all  my  sisters  and  just  the  little  things  we  do   together  because  when  I  take  this  job  with  Peak  Campus,   I’m  not  sure  where  I’ll  be  and  I  may  not  be  in  a  location   where  I  can  see  my  sisters  or  my  family.  I  will  miss  the   dinners,  movies,  girl  talk,  getting  ready  together,  the   inside  jokes,  and  just  being  around  the  people  I  love.   Plans  after  Graduation:     After  graduation,  I  plan  to  take  a  leasing  manager  position   with  the  company  I’ve  been  with  since  transferring  here.  

Jenna  Cartrette   Best  memory  from  ZTA?   I  don’t  really  have  one  best  memory,  but  my  favorite   time  in  Zeta  Tau  Alpha  was  my  year  as  president.  I   learned  more  about  our  organization  and  myself  and  I   gained  a  greater  appreciation  for  it  all.  In  those  two   semesters,  I  learned  how  to  become  a  leader.   Why  did  you  choose  ZTA?   I  felt  more  of  a  connection  with  everyone  during   recruitment.  Zeta  Tau  Alpha  became  a  home  away  from   home  for  me.     5  


SPRING  2013  

Big  Man  on  Campus   On  Monday,  March  4th,  the  ladies   of  Zeta  Tau  Alpha  hosted  their  4th   annual  Big  Man  on  Campus  at   University  of  North  Carolina  at   Pembroke.  Entering  our  men’s   competition,  we  had  ten   wonderful,  talented  contestants.   This  year  we  also  tried  to  reach   out  for  Greek  unity,  asking  each   fraternity  and  sorority  to  sponsor   one  contestant.  At  the  time  of  the   event,  we  received  a  wonderful   turn  out  for  support  from  the   student  body.  The  winner  of  our   Big  Man  on  Campus  was  Donte’   West  and  the  Most  Photogenic   award  went  to  Chase  Armstrong.   The  grand  prize  was  a  beautiful   Nook  tablet.  With  great   appreciation  from  our  sponsors   and  donations,  the  Eta  Sigma   chapter  raised  over  $1,000  for   Zeta  Tau  Alpha  Foundation  where   our  donations  are  sent  off  to   partners  such  as  the  Susan  G.   Komen  Foundation  to  continue  the   search  for  a  cure.     6  


SPRING  2013  

Welcome  to  Fabulous  Zeta  Tau  Alpha  Formal   Themis  2013   On  April  6th,  2013  we  hosted  Zeta  Tau  Alpha’s  spring  formal,  Themis.    It  was  located   at  the  Pine  Crest  Country  Club  in  Lumberton,  North  Carolina.  At  6:15,  sisters  and  their   dates  met  in  front  of  the  waterfall  on  UNCP’s  campus  to  take  individual  and  group  pictures   by  Sarah  Grace  Snipes,  a  friend  of  a  sister.  After  pictures,  sisters  and  their  dates  loaded   onto  the  bus  and  headed  to  the  location.  Upon  arrival,  dinner  was  served.  We  had  baked   chicken,  green  beans,  mashed  potatoes  and  rolls.  For  dessert,  we  had  apple  cobbler  and  a   vanilla  cake  that  one  of  the  sisters  had  made.    After  dinner,  Brandi  Cross  and  Gabby   Gaudet  handed  out  awards  that  were  previously  voted  on  to  sisters.  The  awards  were   Tweet  Star  won  by  Mo  Dial,  Dynamic  Duo  won  by  Megan  Bradley  and  Meghan  Babson.   Most  Look  a  Like  Big  and  Little  was  taken  home  by  Hailey  Usher  and  Samantha  Gomez,   Most  Dedicated  was  accepted  by  Summer  Stanley,  Most  likely  to  Receive  a  ZTA  Honor  Ring   winner  was  Emily  Thacker,  and  Most  Likely  to  Become  a  Soccer  Mom  went  to  Tieghlor   Janyssek.  A  DJ  kept  the  music  pumping  for  the  sisters  and  their  dates  to  dance!  The  theme   of  this  event  was  Las  Vegas  and  Casino.  The  room  was  decorated  with  red  and  black  table   cloths,  a  red  carpet,  feathery  center  pieces,  poker  chips,  dice,  feathery  boa,  a  big  sign  that   said  “Welcome  to  the  Fabulous  Zeta  Tau  Alpha  Formal”  all  in  the  colors  red  black  and   white.  The  decorations  looked  amazing  and  it  was  such  a  successful  turnout!    


A  SPECIAL  THANKS!   A  special  thanks  goes  out  to  our  hardworking  advisors  who  have   taken  time  out  of  their  busy  lives  to  make  sure  that  Zeta  is  forever   for  us  following  in  their  footsteps.  The  late  night  texts,  the   conference  calls,  the  many  reports,  there  has  not  been  a  day  that   has  gone  by  that  they  have  not  dropped  what  they  were  working   on  and  helped  us.  Our  hats  are  off  to  you  ladies!  Thank  you  Tasia   Ratliff,  Katie  Oskey,  Kristen  Nolan,  and  Danielle  Benner  for  your   dedication  and  hard  work  this  year!  

From  our  chapter  to  yours!    


We  are  wishing  everyone  a  safe  and  fun  summer!  We  could  not  have  asked  for  a  better  semester   than  we  have  had  and  continue  to  ensue  the  blessings  that  have  been  placed  on  us.  Our  pride  in   taking  home  three  awards  from  this  year’s  Zeta  Day  makes  us  strive  hard  to  continue  to  excel  and   maintain  our  high  ZTA  standards.  Winning  Most  Improved  GPA,  Chapter  Quota,  and  the  Panhellenic   Award  brought  us  so  much  drive  to  come  back  to  Pembroke  and  continue  to  strive  for  the  best.  As   we  lose  three  of  our  beautiful  senior  sisters,  we  can  only  wish  for  the  best  Zeta  ladies  to  join  us   through  fall  recruitment  to  continue  our  chapter.     ZL,     The  Eta  Sigma  Chapter  

Spring 2013 Newsletter  

From the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha- Eta Sigma

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