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10 By Cassie Speirs

Election of officers are coming up and they are preparing for the annual Ideal Ladies Tea in April.

The E.C.O. Club just returned from a fantastic field trip to the Shedd Aquarium. They are still recycling inkjet cartridges, cell phones, old MP3 players, and GPS devices. The annual Paint-APot for Mother's day fundraiser will start in April.

They will have the Kiss a Senior Goodbye fundraiser the first week of May. Students and staff may send a farewell message and a Hershey's kiss to seniors.

Art club is making progress but is not completely finished yet with the koi pond.

Working on inductions that are happening on April 18th. At the state competition in Indianapolis, there were fourteen BPA finalists in five different groups that they competed in. Only one person, Kaitlin Howard, is going on to nationals for Basic Office Systems and Procedures. Nationals are in Chicago April 25th to the 28th.

The FFA is working on Parliamentary Procedure, showing livestock, and doing contests. FFA is going to Nationals in Oklahoma on April 28, Jenni Fishburn, Greg Davis, Harrison Partin, and Luke Kepler are the ones who are participating.

They helped with the Easter Egg Hunt which was at the Methodist Church on Saturday April 7th.

On Courtney Miller’s way home from Tennessee she never thought she would drive through such a disastrous town. On March 2 in Henryville, Indiana , one of the most destructive tornados to ever hit Indiana occurred. It wiped out almost everything including schools and homes. The tornado came at the worst possible time for the hundreds of students loaded on school buses ready to head home. When Courtney stopped to look around the area she texted Brittani Brown who soon came to a conclusion that they were going to do something to help benefit the Henryville tornado victims. The held a hat day in which students could wear their hats if they paid one dollar. Also, they

are doing a cutest puppy contest and all proceeds go to Henryville’s school. Come and support Courtney and Brittani during lunch to help out all of the people who were affected by the tornado. Brittani said, “We wanted to help the people of Henryville because if a disaster like this would happen to us we would want help as well.”

Some of the damage from the tornado

Junior Honor Society The clothes drive is still going on, but according to Mrs. Baker not many items have been brought in. So, bring those clothes in through the end of April.

A little girl as she walks away from what’s left of the school Courtney Miller and Brittani Brown

Members are working on the Field Day games which will be May 18.

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