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PROM By Dani Fishburn

7 Prom is May 5, 2012 at the Warsaw Center Lake Pavilion from 8:30-11:30 P.M.* Tickets are free for seniors and their dates. Juniors must have worked 2 games in the concession stand to get their tickets (any junior who did not work 2 games has to pay for their ticket). Maps to the pavilion and information about Warsaw area restaurants are available. By Joshua Kepler The theme of the 2012 prom will be Midnight in Paris. The chosen prom song is “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Those attending the prom have the option of indoor or outdoor pictures. Outdoor pictures will be available, weather permitting. This year’s after prom will be held at the bowling alley in Plymouth and is sponsored by the Argos Lions Club.

History • • • • •

Prom is short for “promenade” It was started in the late 1800s for colleges, then expanded into a party atmosphere in high schools It was originally a “tea dance” or debutante ball, and the dress code was “your Sunday best” In 1811 prom was an entire season of classical concerts, between July and September in the United Kingdom Prom pictures and information started appearing in high school year books in the 1930s

* Please note the time change for the prom, as it is different from previous years.

Random Facts

Average Costs of Prom in America • • • • • •

Americans spend about $6.6 billion yearly on proms Girls spend $250-$400 on a dress Guys spend $80-$180 on a tuxedo Girls spend $50-$175 on their hairstyle The meal costs $60-$80 Teens spend $0-$400 on transportation, from limousines to borrowing a parent’s car

Stress is a part of life, and sometimes a good part of life. It can sometimes be that push that helps you get the motivation to finish a project. But like anything in large quantities it can be very bad for you. During adolescence teens experience peak stress in their lives which can affect their health negatively. 42% of teens report getting headaches from stress when only 13% of parents notice that their children are being impacted negatively by stress. This by itself without any other factors can compound into more stress for feeling unnoticed by one’s parents. 42% of teens have had reported problems sleeping due to stress which can cause a slip in grades or social responsibilities due to tiredness. And again, only 13% of parents have been aware of their child having trouble sleeping due to a stress related matter. It has been found that 39% of teens eat too little or too much due to stress which caus-

es weight gain or loss and this can lead to depression and even more stress. All of these compounded with the lack of parental knowledge or caring can cause a teenager to become withdrawn and stressed due to home life or expectations from one’s parents. What is most hurtful to teens is not knowing how to remove stress from one’s lives. The most common ways that teens destress unhealthily are alcohol and drug abuse, selfmutilation, suicide, sex with strangers, angry outburst or withdrawing.

without sun screen can improve one’s mood. Taking a nap or sleeping on it can help you think through a stress problem and resolve it faster or more logically than earlier expected. If you have a close family member or friend, talk to them. It has been proven that just talking or venting can reduce stress. Meditation can give you time to think about your day, and achieve a decision over an indecisive issue. It can also cut down on day dreaming so you pay attention better in class or during other activities. Stress is a natural part of life; however, when unattended it can be damaging both mentally and physiHowever, there are healthy cally. There are plenty of ways for ways to destress that can promote teens and even adults to take an hour self-image and have a plethora of medical benefits. Working out or tak- or a few minutes every day just for one’s self so they don’t become overing a jog can relieve stress and promote good heart health. Another loaded with stress. Whether it’s rungreat stress reliever is listening to ning, working out, meditation or talkfavorite musical bands. Soaking up ing with a friend, one should find the some rays while not necessarily good best way to deal with stress.

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