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Changes to Lunch Menu The FDA came out with new guidelines that schools must follow. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and they control what the school is allowed to give students. School lunches must incorporate into lunches whole grains, be fat free, low on sodium and low on sugars. According to Mrs. Eley, students would like pizza everyday, however, this will not meet FDA guidelines. The lunch ladies here at Argos know what we want, but they can only give us certain things because of the FDA and because of prices. The lunch ladies are open to any ideas that you have for what we as the student body would want. The following is a letter from the kitchen staff about the changes for next year’s lunches.

3.) Grade By Kayla Sliter 4.) Hardest thing about the musical this year 5.) Favorite thing about the musical this year

1.) Austin Saenz

6.) Most memorable thing about the musical this year (so far)

2.) Perchick

4.) Remembering my song 5.) Dealing with Mrs. Burroughs 1.) Tony Hutchinson

Students & Staff:

3.) 12

6.) All the ad libs

2.) Tevye

Dr. Lucht has asked us to explain some of the changes we’ve made in our meals.

3.) 12

The FDA is changing the nutrition facts. We are changing over to all whole grains, cutting down on sugar contents and sodium contents. We are starting to put this in place now so it isn’t such a shock to the kids’ systems. We are also supposed to try adding more fresh fruits and veggies when they are in season. The milk has all gone to fat free for both chocolate and white. We have one white milk that is 1%.

4.) Memorizing all of my lines 5.) Having multiple solos 6.) Ricky saying “Your Dautle Cider” 1.) Ricky Rice

We are open to any suggestions you might want to give us as long as they are within the guidelines. Sincerely,

Kitchen Staff You may email Mrs. Eley with your suggestions to the following address:

The Lunch Ladies would like your suggestions about the changes to the menu.

1.)Olivia Pesek

2.) Model Kamzoil

2.) Yente

3.) 11

3.) 11

4.) Saying names

4.) It would probably be matching my voice to Yente because she is an old women and has a bit of an accent.

5.) Staying 3 hours and doing homework at the same time. Also messing up names

5.) Working with everyone and being on stage. I’m also excited to dress like an old lady.

6.) Cider

6.) Watching Madi churn imaginary butter!

1.) Kayla Sliter

1.) Elmer Roque

2.) Tzeitel

2.) Lazar Wolfe

3.) 12

3.) 12

4.) There is more acting which is difficult because I have to act like I’m in love with Ricky, I have to beg Tony, and I have to take part in a Jewish wedding (which is obviously new to me) 5.) It’s a challenge and I have to work harder. I love how the underclassmen are more involved than usual. It’s nice to know that when we seniors, involved in the music programs, graduate that these underclassmen are going to be there to step up. 6.) Austin’s ad libs.

4.) Memorizing my lines 5.) Getting to talk to people you usually don’t talk to 6.) Ricky calling Kayla “Cider” instead of “Tzietal”

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