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The Dragons Roar April 2012

By Cassie Speirs

Sam Quimby hosted her Senior Project in the auditorium lobby on April 5th. She promoted different art member’s art work throughout the presentation. Argos students voted on their favorite piece during activity period. The Art show was open to the public later in the day and were welcome to purchase some of the art work. Many people voted on different art work, but only some were announced as winners. Some of the

winners were Heather Sentz, Emily Alcorn, Lindsey Snider, Sam Quimby, and many others. All of the proceeds went to the Argos Art Club, even some of the art went for around one hundred dollars!

Winners of the Art Show *Best Colored Pencil Andrea Bartos “Collage” *Best overall 3D Emily Alcorn “Bumpy Blue” *Best 2D Misc. Emily Alcorn “Awkward” *Best Marker Drawing Lindsey Snider “Crazy” *Best Painting Sam Quimby “Dots!” *Best 3D Misc. Heather Sentz “A girl and her cat”

Page 2 & 3 Lunch Changes & Meet the Cast

Page 4 & 5 New Changes & Retirement

By Kayla Sliter Mark your calendars for this year’s spring musical, Fiddler On the Roof! It will take place on Friday April 13th and Saturday April 14th at 7:30 P.M. Tickets are $5 a person so bring your whole family and come support our music program here at Argos. In the Prologue, we meet Tevye the milkman and his wife Golde, and the people of Anatevka, a small Jewish settlement in Russia. It is 1905 and the first rumblings of the Russian Revolution are to be heard.

Pages 6 & 7 Prom & Ways To Destress

Perchik (Austin Saenz) Motel (Ricky Rice) and one of the choir members (Josiah Osborne) sitting at the bar.

*Best overall 2D Lindsey Snider “Parrot” *Superintendent Emily Alcorn “Self” *Students Choice -Emily Alcorn “Asian” -Allie Flower “Elephant” -Sam Quimby “Sir Penci-lot” -Mayce Lewandowski “Crayon Melting” -Erik Rodriguez “Mini Twix Bar” *Honorable Mention -Kara Koz “The Otter One” -Sam Bright “Doodle”

Pages 8 & 9 Softball & Baseball

Chava (Madi Williams) Yente (Olivia Pesek) and Golde (Libby Moyer) at the wedding

Pages 10 & 11 Club News &Tornado Relief Effort

Golde (Libby Moyer) trying to persuade Tevye (Tony Hutchinson) to go visit Lazar Wolfe


1.) Name


2.) Stage name

Changes to Lunch Menu The FDA came out with new guidelines that schools must follow. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and they control what the school is allowed to give students. School lunches must incorporate into lunches whole grains, be fat free, low on sodium and low on sugars. According to Mrs. Eley, students would like pizza everyday, however, this will not meet FDA guidelines. The lunch ladies here at Argos know what we want, but they can only give us certain things because of the FDA and because of prices. The lunch ladies are open to any ideas that you have for what we as the student body would want. The following is a letter from the kitchen staff about the changes for next year’s lunches.

3.) Grade By Kayla Sliter 4.) Hardest thing about the musical this year 5.) Favorite thing about the musical this year

1.) Austin Saenz

6.) Most memorable thing about the musical this year (so far)

2.) Perchick

4.) Remembering my song 5.) Dealing with Mrs. Burroughs 1.) Tony Hutchinson

Students & Staff:

3.) 12

6.) All the ad libs

2.) Tevye

Dr. Lucht has asked us to explain some of the changes we’ve made in our meals.

3.) 12

The FDA is changing the nutrition facts. We are changing over to all whole grains, cutting down on sugar contents and sodium contents. We are starting to put this in place now so it isn’t such a shock to the kids’ systems. We are also supposed to try adding more fresh fruits and veggies when they are in season. The milk has all gone to fat free for both chocolate and white. We have one white milk that is 1%.

4.) Memorizing all of my lines 5.) Having multiple solos 6.) Ricky saying “Your Dautle Cider” 1.) Ricky Rice

We are open to any suggestions you might want to give us as long as they are within the guidelines. Sincerely,

Kitchen Staff You may email Mrs. Eley with your suggestions to the following address:

The Lunch Ladies would like your suggestions about the changes to the menu.

1.)Olivia Pesek

2.) Model Kamzoil

2.) Yente

3.) 11

3.) 11

4.) Saying names

4.) It would probably be matching my voice to Yente because she is an old women and has a bit of an accent.

5.) Staying 3 hours and doing homework at the same time. Also messing up names

5.) Working with everyone and being on stage. I’m also excited to dress like an old lady.

6.) Cider

6.) Watching Madi churn imaginary butter!

1.) Kayla Sliter

1.) Elmer Roque

2.) Tzeitel

2.) Lazar Wolfe

3.) 12

3.) 12

4.) There is more acting which is difficult because I have to act like I’m in love with Ricky, I have to beg Tony, and I have to take part in a Jewish wedding (which is obviously new to me) 5.) It’s a challenge and I have to work harder. I love how the underclassmen are more involved than usual. It’s nice to know that when we seniors, involved in the music programs, graduate that these underclassmen are going to be there to step up. 6.) Austin’s ad libs.

4.) Memorizing my lines 5.) Getting to talk to people you usually don’t talk to 6.) Ricky calling Kayla “Cider” instead of “Tzietal”



Mr. Medich named Principal for Next Year

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth."

By Carly McCay Not only will next year be a He wants to let the students have a new school year, Argos Jr. Sr. High will voice, but he also wants the students also have a new principal! The new to realize that to be treated principal will not be a stranger, but someone well known in the school. The new principal will be Mr. Medich, so no longer will he be the athletic director. When Mr. Medich was asked what his goals are he said, “I want to make sure the students have opportunities to enjoy themselves and that they do well in school.” Mr. Medich is excited to be the new principal because he will be more involved in the school. He said, “As the athletic director I only dealt with sports, but now as the principal I will be involved in academics as well as athletics.”

as an adult, they have to act like adults. Mr. Medich said, “I want to do what is best for everyone.”

Principal Medich

By Carly McCay At the beginning of the new school year, students will have the opportunity to take new classes. One class that sounds new is called preparing for college and careers, but it is just a new name for life and careers. For the academic honors students, they can look forward to having dual credit in English. This means if a student passes the class, he or she can get some college credit. For

By Hannah Daugherty

the science lovers there will be a new of all three, work hard and you will science class called anatomy and succeed. physiology. There will also be an algebra enrichment class and personal financial responsibility. A new business class will be known as business tech lab. If none of these classes are what you are looking for, there is the possibility of taking online classes. Whether you take the old classes, new classes, online classes, or a mix

~Dan Rather

For thirty years, Mrs. Chittum has pushed students to be their best. She’s guided students to the next level. Mrs. Chittum has held the hands of her students as they’ve walked through their senior year, slowly letting go and placing confidence and independence in her place. As she has time and time again sat and watched her students walk across that long awaited stage, it is now her time. Mrs. Chittum will be graduating with the class of 2012. In 1975, Mrs. Chittum became part of the Argos family. There were many new teachers that year, one being Mrs. Calhoun. One of Mrs. Calhoun’s favorite memories is Mr. and Mrs. Chittum learning about the adoption of their first son, Tyler. The whole school found out and was really excited for them. After her sons’ arrivals, Mrs. Chittum took seven years off to raise Tyler and Zach. During that time, she came back and covered for other teachers. She filled in for Mrs. Baker when she had her first son, and filled in for a speech teacher who decided to quit in the middle of the school year. There are very many fun memories between Mrs. Chittum and the people she worked with and taught. Dragon’s Roar went out and interviewed all her old students and good friend, Mrs. Calhoun. “We found that packing lightly means forgetting your health insurance card,” Mrs. Calhoun reminisces, about the trip to Seattle with Mrs. Chittum and Ms. Jackson, “Mrs. Chittum slipped and fell in the middle of the road. Luckily Ms. Jackson was able to find paramedics that helped us back to the hotel and charged us no cost!” Another memory was when Mrs. Chittum stood on her head at an Ideal Ladies Tea. “On a trip to Chicago, Mrs. Chittum had to sit in the back of the

station wagon facing the back window. During the ride, all we heard was Mrs. Chittum saying that the buses were going to run her over,” Mrs. Calhoun shares, “She did not want to ride in the back again.” Mrs. Chittum, Mrs. Calhoun and Ms. Jackson started Senior Project here at Argos, and took classes and training together. However, Mrs. Chittum has memories of her own. Some of her favorites are all the excitement of going to the Final Four basketball tournament in 1979, seeing the students perform for the first time on the new auditorium stage, watching the seniors walk across the stage each May, hearing about graduates’ successes and receiving thank you notes from former students. These memories are priceless to her. Not only has she had memories here, she has also had many proud moments. “I am very proud of the contributions that our seniors have made to the many organizations through their work on their senior projects,” she said. Over the last several years, seniors have contributed to over 30 organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Homeless Shelter, Women's Care Center, Argos School Library, Bowen Center, Heminger House, Riley Hospital, Neighborhood Center, Red Cross, Reins of Life, Ronald McDonald House, the military, the Humane Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Bashor Home, Argos Town Park, Argos Music Department, Leader Dog Program, Locks of Love, Habitat for Humanity, Heart and Hands, Argos Methodist Food Pantry, Michiana Down Syndrome, Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Bowen Center. “Not only have our students contributed monetarily to organizations but they have organized

drives such as a prescription pill drop-off, a clean-up of a section of Highway 10, and a recycling of electronics. I'm proud of the work they have done and hope this taught them the lesson of giving back not just for their senior project, but hopefully for their entire lives,” Mrs. Chittum remarks. We all miss something that has been a part of our lives for a very long time. Mrs. Chittum will miss all the staff that makes up the Argos School family. “I can think of no better place to have spent my teaching career than here at Argos,” she said. Many of the staff are her former students and now they are colleagues and friends. “Of course, I will miss the students, but I won’t miss grading their papers. I’m throwing all my red pens away!” she claims. When Mrs. Chittum retires, she plans to travel and spend more time with her sons. She also plans to spend lots of time reading to her granddaughter, Avery. She intends to complete a few of her own “Senior Projects”. One includes Mrs. Chittum compiling a book of letters which were written by her father-in-law who was a Marine during World War II. He foughtin the battle on Iwo Jima. Mrs. Chittum always stresses to her students to “pay it forward”. She wants to start some volunteer work. Mrs. Chittum has been a part of our lives in one way or another. She’s been a teacher, a friend, and a staff member. More than likely, she’s taught everyone something. Thank you, Mrs. Chittum for every push and tug you’ve given all the students and for all the advice and knowledge you’ve given. Have a wonderful retirement!


PROM By Dani Fishburn

7 Prom is May 5, 2012 at the Warsaw Center Lake Pavilion from 8:30-11:30 P.M.* Tickets are free for seniors and their dates. Juniors must have worked 2 games in the concession stand to get their tickets (any junior who did not work 2 games has to pay for their ticket). Maps to the pavilion and information about Warsaw area restaurants are available. By Joshua Kepler The theme of the 2012 prom will be Midnight in Paris. The chosen prom song is “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Those attending the prom have the option of indoor or outdoor pictures. Outdoor pictures will be available, weather permitting. This year’s after prom will be held at the bowling alley in Plymouth and is sponsored by the Argos Lions Club.

History • • • • •

Prom is short for “promenade” It was started in the late 1800s for colleges, then expanded into a party atmosphere in high schools It was originally a “tea dance” or debutante ball, and the dress code was “your Sunday best” In 1811 prom was an entire season of classical concerts, between July and September in the United Kingdom Prom pictures and information started appearing in high school year books in the 1930s

* Please note the time change for the prom, as it is different from previous years.

Random Facts

Average Costs of Prom in America • • • • • •

Americans spend about $6.6 billion yearly on proms Girls spend $250-$400 on a dress Guys spend $80-$180 on a tuxedo Girls spend $50-$175 on their hairstyle The meal costs $60-$80 Teens spend $0-$400 on transportation, from limousines to borrowing a parent’s car

Stress is a part of life, and sometimes a good part of life. It can sometimes be that push that helps you get the motivation to finish a project. But like anything in large quantities it can be very bad for you. During adolescence teens experience peak stress in their lives which can affect their health negatively. 42% of teens report getting headaches from stress when only 13% of parents notice that their children are being impacted negatively by stress. This by itself without any other factors can compound into more stress for feeling unnoticed by one’s parents. 42% of teens have had reported problems sleeping due to stress which can cause a slip in grades or social responsibilities due to tiredness. And again, only 13% of parents have been aware of their child having trouble sleeping due to a stress related matter. It has been found that 39% of teens eat too little or too much due to stress which caus-

es weight gain or loss and this can lead to depression and even more stress. All of these compounded with the lack of parental knowledge or caring can cause a teenager to become withdrawn and stressed due to home life or expectations from one’s parents. What is most hurtful to teens is not knowing how to remove stress from one’s lives. The most common ways that teens destress unhealthily are alcohol and drug abuse, selfmutilation, suicide, sex with strangers, angry outburst or withdrawing.

without sun screen can improve one’s mood. Taking a nap or sleeping on it can help you think through a stress problem and resolve it faster or more logically than earlier expected. If you have a close family member or friend, talk to them. It has been proven that just talking or venting can reduce stress. Meditation can give you time to think about your day, and achieve a decision over an indecisive issue. It can also cut down on day dreaming so you pay attention better in class or during other activities. Stress is a natural part of life; however, when unattended it can be damaging both mentally and physiHowever, there are healthy cally. There are plenty of ways for ways to destress that can promote teens and even adults to take an hour self-image and have a plethora of medical benefits. Working out or tak- or a few minutes every day just for one’s self so they don’t become overing a jog can relieve stress and promote good heart health. Another loaded with stress. Whether it’s rungreat stress reliever is listening to ning, working out, meditation or talkfavorite musical bands. Soaking up ing with a friend, one should find the some rays while not necessarily good best way to deal with stress.




SOFTBALL By Dani Fishburn

Photos by Liz Hack

It’s spring and that means that it is time for softball season! The Lady Dragons are a small team this year, with only 14 girls playing. The team makes up for their size by the effort that they put forth during practices and games. Since the team has improved on their offense, they will be working on defense quite a bit during practices. The team as a whole has improved greatly in their hitting. Some impressive hitters of the team include Charlie Horn, who has already hit two home runs so far in the season, as well as a few others. The girls have written down some personal goals and some team goals to help keep them motivated throughout the season. One team goal that they will focus on every game is to play all seven innings. Another goal includes not making multiple errors, as well as keeping the error count low. The team tries to focus on their goals in practice in order to become a better team. The girls are trying to make the season positive, and are always cheering each other on. This season is guessed to better than previous years, and the whole team has improved a lot! Good luck on the rest of your season, Lady Dragons!

Sophomore Kara Koz and Junior Allie Flower

Senior Captains Keri Bair, Karalei Kring, and Dani Fishburn

Sophomore Raelynn LaFrance

The team warming up

By Carly McCay With the new baseball season, came a new coach. Bob Stout is the new coach and he came to Argos from being an assistant coach at Rochester College. Before coaching he played two years of college baseball at Ancilla and then finished by playing at Rochester College. The Argos baseball team is very young this year with only four seniors. The upperclassmen have the responsibility to be the leaders of the team. “I am counting on my upperclassman to show these young guys how to act on and off the field.” said Coach Stout. The goal of the season is to be a successful baseball team. Coach Stout said, “If we can get better each day, compete in practice and games, and have fun then we will have achieved our goals.” The season has started and the team has already shown signs of improvement. They have already played three games with more games coming up. If you haven’t made it to a game yet, there are still many opportunities. Come out and support our baseball team!


10 By Cassie Speirs

Election of officers are coming up and they are preparing for the annual Ideal Ladies Tea in April.

The E.C.O. Club just returned from a fantastic field trip to the Shedd Aquarium. They are still recycling inkjet cartridges, cell phones, old MP3 players, and GPS devices. The annual Paint-APot for Mother's day fundraiser will start in April.

They will have the Kiss a Senior Goodbye fundraiser the first week of May. Students and staff may send a farewell message and a Hershey's kiss to seniors.

Art club is making progress but is not completely finished yet with the koi pond.

Working on inductions that are happening on April 18th. At the state competition in Indianapolis, there were fourteen BPA finalists in five different groups that they competed in. Only one person, Kaitlin Howard, is going on to nationals for Basic Office Systems and Procedures. Nationals are in Chicago April 25th to the 28th.

The FFA is working on Parliamentary Procedure, showing livestock, and doing contests. FFA is going to Nationals in Oklahoma on April 28, Jenni Fishburn, Greg Davis, Harrison Partin, and Luke Kepler are the ones who are participating.

They helped with the Easter Egg Hunt which was at the Methodist Church on Saturday April 7th.

On Courtney Miller’s way home from Tennessee she never thought she would drive through such a disastrous town. On March 2 in Henryville, Indiana , one of the most destructive tornados to ever hit Indiana occurred. It wiped out almost everything including schools and homes. The tornado came at the worst possible time for the hundreds of students loaded on school buses ready to head home. When Courtney stopped to look around the area she texted Brittani Brown who soon came to a conclusion that they were going to do something to help benefit the Henryville tornado victims. The held a hat day in which students could wear their hats if they paid one dollar. Also, they

are doing a cutest puppy contest and all proceeds go to Henryville’s school. Come and support Courtney and Brittani during lunch to help out all of the people who were affected by the tornado. Brittani said, “We wanted to help the people of Henryville because if a disaster like this would happen to us we would want help as well.”

Some of the damage from the tornado

Junior Honor Society The clothes drive is still going on, but according to Mrs. Baker not many items have been brought in. So, bring those clothes in through the end of April.

A little girl as she walks away from what’s left of the school Courtney Miller and Brittani Brown

Members are working on the Field Day games which will be May 18.

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