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2019 | Volume 5 | Issue 1


is celebrating two exciting milestones… ….Les Cheneaux Culinary School’s fifth year of notable achievement for its students and graduates as a one-of-a-kind school in the culinary world….and our recent partnering with Lake Superior State University to ensure a truly rewarding and sustainable future. The matchmaking began just a year ago, with Lake Superior State University Board of Trustees and Interim President Peter Mitchell offering an opportunity for LCCS that thrilled everyone. In July, LSSU’s new president, Dr. Rodney Hanley, and provost, Dr. Lynn Gillette, quickly picked up the reins. The resulting partnership not only frees us of challenges that our staff, due to its small size, often found daunting (i.e. accreditation and recruiting) but provides substantial benefits to our students such as housing, federal financial aid, and expanded educational opportunities. It gives the university a program that will attract a new sector of vocational-minded students to expand its enrollment. And last, but far from least, it will have a long-lasting, positive effect in strengthening the unique character of the Eastern Upper Peninsula and its economy with LCCS’s farm-to-table and sustainability approach that supports locallysourced food production. Lots of hard work and positive thinking, all the way around, made this happen. “The importance of programs like this culinary arts certificate cannot be overstated in the university’s strategic direction. Adding technical and skills-based program options appeal to a wider student demographic range.” – LSSU President Rodney Hanley “This partnership represents a Win – Win – Win! A WIN for our School, a WIN for LSSU, and a WIN for all of our supporters who believed in our farm-to-table culinary school from its beginning, five years ago. This is a partnership

for the entire Eastern Upper Peninsula – for our farmers, for our communities, and for students all across Northern Michigan! – The Restaurant Board of Directors President Jim Krzeminski “I’ve been a huge supporter of this idea since it was first presented to me. It’s been a continuous unraveling of new resources, unlimited potential, and security, which will enable us to focus even more on our passion… food and hospitality.” – LCCS School Director and Executive Chef, Zach Schroeder In teaming up with LCCS, LSSU is offering a comprehensive one-year culinary certificate beginning in September. All classes will continue to take place at our facility, but under the auspices of LSSU. The summer internship will remain at The LCCS Restaurant, solely under the control of LCCS. If you would like to learn more about this incredible opportunity, please visit www. and In summary, nothing will be changed in the vision and mission of the Les Cheneaux Culinary School, nor its purpose in serving its remarkable community and loyal supporters. Our great staff will remain, as will the superb food and comfortable ambience of The Restaurant. The notable benefits are the full accreditation that was immediately provided through LSSU, relief of responsibilities in providing student loans, recruiting and admissions, substantial marketing and promotional support, increased back-of-the-

house staff for The Restaurant, and, of course, a stronger, more sustainable bottom line. In working through the partnership agreement, both entities understood the need to have a three-year plan in developing the enrollment to meet the break-even quota of 19 students, with an ultimate goal of 28 students by 2022. Thus, LCCS and LSSU will share equal responsibility in covering the financial deficit of an enrollment under 19 students during this formative period. In this regard, we will still need to periodically reach out to our caring donors to help sustain the School’s future, as will LSSU to its benefactors. Our Board of Directors voted unanimously to launch a Capital Campaign in June with a goal of up to $150,000, to not only ensure the future of LCCS but to demonstrate our strong support of this enduring partnership. BULLETIN! As this goes to press, we have received fabulous news! Grand Hotel, and its president, Dan Musser, have announced a gift of $20,000 to LSSU’s new Hospitality Program, of which LCCS plays the integral part. What a wonderful way to put the seal of approval on this exciting endeavor!


The Restaurant opens its doors…

… meet your hosts, Executive Chef Zach and FOH Manager Spencer, and the Student Chefs who will be treating you to their talents. Abby Felski of

Elmira, visited LCCS with her Petoskey High School’s Hospitality & Foods Class in March of 2017, and immediately knew she wanted to attend. She always loved being in the kitchen, and grew up on a true working farm, participating in all aspects of it. She has been a volunteer cook at a homeless shelter and won the outstanding performance award for culinary skills in the Career & Technical Education Program. She hopes to build her own catering business in farm-to-table cuisine.

Anne Parker,

now based in Petoskey, lived in Sand Point, Idaho, for the past 12 years, and has bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Business Administration. She loves to cook and the symbiotic nature of a fast-paced kitchen with everyone sharing the same goal. She wanted to experience this community that supports the farm-to-table concept, and to find “her culinary compass”. As a neat side note, she’s a volunteer on Boyne Mountain’s ski patrol.


Katelyn Shawan of

Detour Village, graduated from North Central Community College in 2018 with an associate of arts degree. She loves painting, reading poetry, and, of course, cooking. She says, “I am living out my father’s dreams. He loved cooking and living in Michigan!” She likes the farm-to-table aspects of the school and how it “unites the community”. She had already worked as a line cook in two restaurants before coming to LCCS, and now hopes to have a career as a chef.

Blake Stephen

has lived on Lake Orion most of his life. He is a graduate of Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Golf, bowling, baseball, and boating are his favorite sports, and cooking a beloved hobby. He was drawn to LCCS by its emphasis on hands-on-experience and the community culture it cultivates. He would like to become a restaurant GM and “work (not cook!) the books.”

Cynthia Ziemer’s home

base is St. Clair Shores. She’s had fascinating careers as a Lutheran minister, hospital chaplain, and clinical psychologist, combined with deep interests in music, art, theater, writing, and wholistic healthcare. These led her to a sabbatical at LCCS, where “the beautiful natural setting, farm-to-table philosophy in stewardship of community, small class size, and experiential teaching” could influence her professional practice that focuses on self-care and healing. She envisions using her culinary knowledge in retreat settings to achieve her principles. The Restaurant is open from May 24 to Sept. 1. Hours are Wed. thru Sat. from 4:30 to 5:00 for cocktails; 5:00 to 9:00 for dinner. Sunday Brunch from 10:00 to 2:00. Closed Mondays & Tuesdays, and July 4th. Reservations are suggested. Visit or call 906-484-4800. Walk-ins are welcome but there may be a wait. Note: page 3 photo taken by Brendan Fitzgerald of his Espresso Martini at Easter Brunch.


Spring 2019

WE’RE HERE TODAY…because of you! …and YOU are the ones making tomorrow possible. CONTRIBUTIONS from June 2018 through April 2019 (2019-2020 pledges)* Foundations/Trusts Broughton Foundation David DeKock Trust Highfield Foundation Noyes Charitable Lead Trust G. R. Lincoln Family Foundation Wildshore Foundation William & Susan Lewis Charitable Foundation Special Recognition Les Cheneaux Club Brunch $1,4000 Businesses/Corporations Amazon Smile Rewards - $142 Wilderness Treasures (Pickford) Individuals Marcie & Dave Altmaier Tami & Steve Autore Marilyn & Michael Best Mary K. Birkmeier Barbara A. Britton Sally & Dan Carmichael Janet Carrington Lynn & Ray Chateau Susan & Jim Cheever Kathy & Jeff Day Missy DeWick Bonnie Mikkelsen & Tim DeWick Jane & David Dunn Nancy & Jack Edwards Elizabeth Falor Kathy & Denis Fox Jane French Karla Gilette Ann Laing & Robert Gottlieb Charlotte & David Gray Marnie & Jim Haines Carol & Ed Hake Beth & Brien Hanna Martha Harding Spencer Hoffman Jean & Kip Horsburgh Linda & Chip Irwin Lynelle & Luke Jaroche Sarah & Christopher Jones

Marty & Bruce Kirchner Joan & Peter Krempel Mary & Jim Krzeminski Barbara Gutheridge Landen Mary & Thomas Layher Connie & Henry Mast Deborah & Jacob Mast Olivia Maynard Jennifer & Chris McGraw Laurie Baldwin & Mark Mickelson Trish & Jim Murray Maureen Neal June & Joe Patton Jennifer & Ken Pendery Cara & Fred Perkins Sheryl & James Pflueger Richard Bruning & Amy Polk Susan & Dean Reid Sarah Reilly Hendrika & Fredric Roelofs Kathryn & Robert Schirtzinger Lynn Brown & Bob Stefanski Janet & Paul Tabor Barbara & Frank Taylor* Ellen & William Tobin Dana & John Torsky Sharon Blair Van Every Mary Ann & Michael Van Lokeren Carol & Jeff Whitehead Amy & Charles Williams Les Cheneaux Community Foundation ASK ($11,532 in 2018 donations; released March 2018) Cecily & Brett Alexander Susan & Peter Allen Baker’s Painting & Decorating Wendy & Christopher Bentley Madge & James Berryhill Linda & Charles Borgsdorf Nancy & George Byers Valerie & Evans Cayce Barbara & John Collins Yvette & Gardner Dunn Karen & James Dunn Audrey & Robert Fisher Stuart Galbraith Kate Haffner Shauna Scott & James P. Hall IV

Charles Daggett Harvey Elaine Heile Frances Herdon Jean & Kip Horsburgh Diane & Jim Keighley Marty & Bruce Kirchner Susan & Martin Letts Kathy & Ken LaMotte Bette & David Lauer Stephanie Upham Lord Kerri Mertaugh Margaret Patrick Robin & Paul Pendery Rhonda & Peter Poznak Deborah & Joseph Pysh Kathleen & Scott Quinn Pam Reilly Deborah & John Schied James Stoddard Diane & Michael Teeter Diane Thompson Emily & Paul Tobias Elizabeth & Stephen Upham Lynda & Gerry VandeVusse John Mumford Walker Jan & Allen Williams Sharon & Rick Wilson

ad-hoc classes. A member may include one guest. One-year Membership - $500 Life Membership - $5,000 LCCS CULINARY CLUB Linda & Charles Borgsdorf Sarah & Christopher Jones Pat & Terry Ladrigan Karen & David Upham Sharon Blair VanEvery Life Membership Raymond Phillips A SPECIAL NOTE: Gift certificates for restaurant dining are available through the school office or the website.

Jacqueline Taylor Upham Memorial c/o Les Cheneaux Community Foundation Jane & Jack Favret Valjean Knerr Carolyn Metcalf Leslie Seibert Jane Woodin Susan Wait-Labres Memorial Lou Anne Schwank, representing the Schroeder Family THE LES CHENEAUX CULINARY CLUB is a means for persons to not only contribute but experience something special in return for their generosity. It includes 10% off any purchase at the school and restaurant, including food (with the exception of alcoholic beverages), special events, merchandise, and

A toast to you! 3

LCCS Mission Statement

Les Cheneaux Culinary School is a small, hands-on, culinary school dedicated to providing a unique, foundational, culinary education that focuses on regional cuisine. It strives for sustainable expansion in the best interest of its students and the surrounding community.


LCCS Directory

EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jim Krzeminski, President Luke Jaroche, Vice President Bonnie Mikkelsen, Secretary David Gray, Treasurer Kathy Day Nancy Edwards Marnie Haines Henry Mast Kerri Mertaugh Ken Pendery Sarah Reilly Zach Schroeder Barbara Taylor Michael Van Lokeren

Guest Chef Kevin & Lynda Malleck’s (center front) popular, annual ad hoc cooking class. This year’s is Tuesday, July 16th.

STAFF Zach Schroeder, School Director & Executive Chef Spencer Hoffmann, Asst. Chef & Instructor, FOH Manager June Patton, School Administrator Lynelle Jaroche, Human Resource & Student Services

P.O. Box 26 · Hessel, MI 49745 906.484.4800 ·

Last August’s Cabaret was sensational!

Drummond Island chef/restaurateur Esther Parris, showing this year’s class how to use banana leaves in classic Mexican cooking.

2018 Graduation speaker, LCCS alum and Mission Point’s Exec. Chef Matt Nelson, with his mother, Debbie Beukema.

Egg Foo Young was one of the superb dishes featured at Easter Brunch

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Beyond the Fork 2019  

Beyond the Fork 2019  

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