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Andrew Rubalcava - Paleo Diet and Weight Loss Nikki Young interviews Andrew Rubalcava Andrew Rubalcava created as a way to voice his opinion on the health and fitness industry in an unbiased, results oriented fashion. Through his tireless research and unfunded agenda, Andrew identifies workout and nutritional information in an effort to best serve the efforts of his readers.

Hey Andrew, thanks for participating in a guest post! You have personally achieved great results in weight loss, in addition to following a paleo diet what where other aspects of your lifestyle, mentally and physical did you need to change in order to achieve the results you have? Great question! While the change in my diet provided much of the results, I had to be brutally honest with myself. Left to my own devices, I tend to slowly begin cheating more and more as time goes by, and when you couple that with a slow metabolism I will pack on pounds quickly. It’s a percentage breakdown. If you cheat 50% of the time, you’re pretty much going to see 50% of the results you’re looking for. However, if you only cheat 5% of the time, you will slowly start seeing 95% of the results. Keep in mind I would never advocate being perfect all the time as I feel cheating a little is good for the body and the soul. Why did you decide to follow the paleo diet? At first, I decided that it would be the first diet that I would try for a month in order to write about it on the blog. However, I started doing more research after I saw some amazing results and after the month was over I was simply hooked! Eating whole foods with a focus on vegetables, lean meats, eggs, etc. has moved my body to another echelon of fitness which I’ve never been privileged to before. I wouldn’t trade it for anything now! Did you find it fairly easy to change your eating towards eating only paleo foods? At first it was something of an experiment which took some getting used to, but after a while my body just felt so good that I couldn’t even imagine how I used to live eating any other way. At first I would have huge cravings late at night, but after a while I got into a groove and my physical performance has never been better. In regards to training, did you noticed any benefits from following the paleo diet, i.e did your energy levels increase allowing you to train longer? As I was beginning to touch on in the last answer, yes, I did see some fantastic benefits in not only my training but my overall energy level. For one thing, I feel as though my recovery time as decreased slowly over time since starting to eat Paleo. My explosive movements have become more so, my reflexes are heightened, and my ability to push my body to the next level has been very evident. As far as my energy level goes, the benefits can definitely be seen post workout. Give me 30 minutes rest and I feel like I could do it all again!

Do you have a favorite paleo recipe? While I enjoy new Paleo recipes and trying new things, I typically just eat whole foods as is. I’ll cook some broccoli, throw on some meat, make some eggs, etc. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to making foods. I guess I just get lazy when it’s time to cook! What tips do you have for other people who are wanting to lose weight and who are looking at following the paleo diet? Just try it. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the skeptics say, “Oh, but cavemen only lived until they were 30″ or “That’s the Atkins diet, he died of a heart attack”, and the funny thing is that those same skeptics are usually overweight and totally out of shape. I always challenge them to a footrace, bench press contest, pull up contest, push up contest, etc. but they never take me up on the offer (shocker). Bottom line, as one of my favorite sports analysts Jim Rome likes to put it… “Scoreboard”. You can rag on anything all of the time, but unless you actually try it you don’t know what it’s about. If something works, why would you question it? Most of the health and fitness all-stars, who are in peak physical condition, I deal with praise the Paleo Diet. And if you aren’t in shape to begin with, I don’t really want to hear your advice on health and fitness, even if you’ve been certified.

I am in the best shape and the best health of my life since following the paleo diet and the recipes within the Paleo Cookbooks have helped me continue to cook delicious meals that are paleo friendly. I have and will continue to recommended the Paleo Cookbooks to my friends, family and to all the readers on my blog who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle on the paleo diet! ~ Andrew Rubalcava Recognized health and fitness blogger

The Paleo Cookbooks provide you with a range of dishes for every occasion - from light no-fuss meals through to dinner parties, family celebrations and summer salads. Using foods provided by Mother Nature that provide the framework and principles for healthy living, these exciting and flavorsome recipes using foods which are basic to our biology and our digestive system will help you experience wonderful results in your health and help to achieve positive results such as: Increased Energy - Increased Sex Drive - Clearer, Smoother Skin - Weight Loss Results - Better Performance and Recovery from Exercise - Stronger Immune System These paleo recipes are easy to follow and use wonderfully fresh ingredients, with the emphasis on flavor and visual appeal. The Paleo Cookbook provides a wealth of ideas and recipes for a collection of mouth watering meals. Simple and Easy to Create Recipes with clear step by step instructions you will be able to produce paleo friendly meals that get rave reviews from friends and family every- time!

Weight Loss and Paleo Diet by Andrew Rubalcava  
Weight Loss and Paleo Diet by Andrew Rubalcava  

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