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Important changes to form RC59 from May 2017. Business Consent, or Form RC59, used to obtain online access to a business clients' information, is in for a massive change this year. There are mainly two important things to know about changes made in this context. 1. To request online access to business clients' online information after may 15, an authorization request will have to be completed in Represent a Client. Form RC59 will no longer be used for the purpose. What you need to do to complete an authorization request: 

First Log into Represent a Client.

Select "Review and update" from the 'Welcome Page'.

At the bottom of the "Manage clients" tab, select "Authorization request" and follow the instructions.

Signature page is to be printed for your clients' signature.

After getting the clients' copy signed, scan and send to CRA using "Submit Documents". 2. Through this online authorization of Represent a Client, you'll have access to your business clients' information in 5 days or less. It takes 15 days with form RC59 at present. You can also get info regarding business clients' that have authorized you and if the authorization has expired by clicking the tab "Manage Clients" and selecting “Businesses that have authorized this business (or Rep ID)” under it. However if you don't want to use Represent a Client, you can still use RC59 to request an access to clients' business information through phone or mail. For expert and sound financial consultation, contact Z Rahman Professional Corporation for Tax Planning & Counseling services in Scarborough.

Provides Tax Planning & Counseling Services in Scarborough.  

Z Rahman and Associates offer Personal Income Tax Services, Corporate Accounting & Tax Services and Tax Planning & Consulting Services in Sc...

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