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January 2018

“The LORD was going before them…in a pillar of fire by night to give them light…” Exodus 13:21

“El SEÑOR iba delante de ellos…y les daba luz durante la noche con una columna de fuego.” Éxodo 13:21


New Year and New Word!

January has already come and gone but my word for this new year has stuck and that is: L I G H T I have always been fascinated with light and the effects it has on an artist’s painting, photography, musical performances, theater, etc… you name it and light is at work. As I returned from vacation with my family in Florida (Sanibel Island), I began a new study with my Bible study girls, called “One in a Million.” We have really enjoyed Priscilla Shirer’s studies and so we were excited to start a new one. However, as we began to study the Word together I realized that the premise of this study is looking at the wilderness that God has taken you or is about to take you through. And that seems to be where I’m at now- walking with the Israelites through the wilderness- but not alone! Just like God traveled with the Israelites -His presence in the pillar of fire (during night) and the pillar of cloud (by day)- His light resides in me. Starting off another year, but knowing you still have another semester of school is not easy for teachers or students J January-March is always a long stretch of time without a lot of breaks and jumping

straight back into routines and school life. But that’s life. Coming back from break was good and it was good to get back into routines but hard to deal with student behavior issues and then some parent conferences with angry parents, and dealing with being back in Colombia and away from my immediate family. Don’t get me wrong, I love Colombia and it is home, but my other home is in the states and sometimes that reminder pops up and hits hard. This past week it hit hard as my family has been spiritually attacked by the devil. I felt the oppression throughout the week and right now my family just needs your prayers so that God’s truthHIS light, will flood all of our lives and the victory will be HIS. So yes, the wilderness is here and I have begun the journey, but I’m not alone and I have tasted and seen His goodness so I will continue to refocus my mind on His promises. I love this quote from my grandma, which she shared with me this past Fall,

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N E W S L E • T T E R “Pray the promises- not the problems.” LOREM IPSUM

We live in a sinful world and there will be Rachel Osborn Newsletter problems but instead of focusing on them we need to turn to His Word and remind ourselves what He has done and will do. This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter #2.This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter So here are few “God winks” and ways I have seen His great hand at work this past month!

His Goodness

•  The week Osborn of January This first is Rachel Newsletter I said goodbye to my family This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter after spending 10 days together This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter andThis having a blast in Florida. is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter •  Next, I traveled to This Dallas, Texas for is Rachel Osborn Newsletter a quick trip to spend time with one of my This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter best friends, Megan, and we got to travel This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter to Amarillo, Texas and see the “Grand Canyon of Texas” –Palo Duro State Park This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter This is Rachel Osborn Newsletter

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January is also a full 2017as month of birthdays my mom celebrated her birthday on January 25th and my boyfriend’s was on January 16th. Sadly I couldn’t make it home for my mom’s but I was able to celebrate with my boyfriend and it was a special day.

•  We also kicked off our new year with a big party for our youth group!

He had lung cancer and it quickly spread. In May he began to say his farewells and a week later he passed away. As a class we read Hebrews 11:1, for our devos and that same day we aHended his funeral as a class. The pastor began his sermon by quoJng this verse and 22 pairs of eyes turned in their seats to look at me and mouthed “Miss O! That was our verse today!” Thank you God! I know that Jessi’s dad is with God in heaven and I have faith that one day I will see him And this next week we will start up with our again. Life Groups! Tomás- He started off the year on behavior Prayer probaJon and despite his big heart to serve, he could not respect the classroom rules, his classmates or me. He will not be returning to As I said before, please pray for my family ECA next year, but I believe that if he uses and for God’s peace and truth to reign. this Jme away to start over, and make good choices, one day he will be able to return and Pray for strength to persevere at school and Lord willing, graduate with his class. wisdom with student behavior issues and dealing with difficult parents.



Pray for rest and balance as I begin picking up more responsibilities and as I get to teach Sunday school, in Spanish, at church! God is good and He is always moving. We just have to keep our eyes open and acknowledge Him above all! In Him, Rachel

January 2018 E-newsletter  
January 2018 E-newsletter