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Constitutional Convention Convention was supposed to start on May 14,  1787, but actually started

May 25, 1787 Rhode Island did not send delegates

55 delegates George Washington was chairman James Madison took notes (known as  “Father of the Constitution”)

Constitution Great Compromise was a combination  of the “Virginia Plan” and the “New  Jersey Plan” • 3 branches of government • Completely abandoned the  Articles of Confederation 3/5 Compromise was to decide how  slaves were counted

3 Branches of Government

Checks and Balances Each branch is supposed to have equal power – Congress passes a bill, but President uses veto – Supreme Court decides if a law is Constitutional

Executive Branch President and his/her Cabinet Domestic/Foreign issues In charge of the armed forces I ask you, Congress, to declare war!!

Legislative Branch Congress-both of these: House of Representatives (435) Susan Davis Senate (100) –Barbara Boxer –Diane Feinstein

Judicial Branch Supreme and Federal Courts Supreme Court (9 Justices) Interprets Laws (Are they Constitutional?)

3 branches  

3 branches of govt