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s t. j a m e s ’ a n n u a l r e p o r t

engaged 2010-2011

was a remarkable year for St. James’ Episcopal School. In a transition year, St. James’ was blessed with our interim Head of School, Andrew Wooden, at the helm. Enthusiastic parents, students, faculty, staff and a fully supportive Board of Trustees rallied behind Mr. Wooden’s tireless energy. Andrew embraced the Board’s vision for St. James’ and helped us prepare for our incoming Head of School with optimism and the certainty that our best days are ahead.

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We have much to boast about! Our wildly successful “St. James’ Soiree” raised funds to renovate the art classroom in combination with a grant from The Ahmanson Foundation. When the arts curriculum in many schools is facing severe cutbacks, we at St. James’ can be proud of a renewed emphasis on arts education enhanced

by state of the art facilities. We are also proud to announce that we are the beneficiaries of a grant from DVS Networks. Their generous gift allowed us to install nine new Smart Boards in our classrooms.





As we look forward, we are delighted to welcome our new Head of School, Debbi David. In a seamless transition, she has picked up right where Andrew Wooden left off. The energy and optimism on campus is palpable. Mrs. David recently announced plans to relocate and build a new facility for the St. James’ Pre-

school. The new and expanded facility will include a Jr. Kindergarten program aimed at further preparing students for elementary school. Located a block away, the preschool will become a more integral part of the broader St. James’ community. The message is clear and the evidence is real - we are on the move. St. James’ is proud to be known as a genuinely diverse school both ethnically and socio-economically, a school which offers a rigorous academic experience and most importantly, an education that is grounded by faith, a belief in the virtue of respect, and the value of serving others. Quite a place indeed!

JAMES’ Heidi McLean Board Co-Chair

Marilyn Wells Board Co-Chair


we are


mission St. James’ Episcopal School, a ministry of St. James’ Episcopal Church, serves students of diverse economic, ethnic, racial, and social backgrounds through an enriching program of academic rigor within a supportive Christian environment that emphasizes respect for all of God’s creation and the value of service to others.


GRADES...preschool – grade six



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classes per

g ra d e

eleven(student to one to adult ratio) student diversity caucasian

44% 15%

african-american latino other



caucasian asian


(average class size)


% students FINANCIAL


f a c u lt y d i v e r s i t y latino






27% 19% 18%


we are

vibran t

2010 – 2011 Highlights

achievement St. James’ graduates continue to experience an excellent acceptance rate among prestigious middle schools. With a solid, early educational foundation from St. James’, our graduates excel through high school and gain acceptance to many of the country’s most sought after and competitive higher educational institutions. The median score for St. James’ students on each ERB (Educational Records Bureau) subtest was above the median for independent school students nationwide in 2010-11. In addition, St. James’ students score higher as they spend more years at the school.

service at home and abroad Physical Education teacher Tamara Brown created a new global health curriculum for the 5th grade. Students constructed a solar oven which was then personally delivered by Ms. Brown to St. James’ sister school, St. Jacques, in Haiti. Although the tuition for attending St. Jacques is only $50 per month, many Haitian students cannot afford even this amount. A St. James’ school-wide student initiative raised over $2,100 to help pay for these students’ education.

classroom upgrades Thanks to a generous gift from DVS Networks, nine classrooms are now outfitted with Smart Boards and a portable Smart Board is in place in St. James’ Hall. These innovative tools have a vast array of applications in every subject, are fun and motivating for students, inspire new approaches to teaching, and are effective for students with different learning styles.





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campbell hall

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out of area or public school


immaculate heart high school & middle school


John burroughs SAS

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oakwood scho o l



wesley school


Good shepherd



we are

creating s t. j a m e s ’ s o i r e e i n t h e g a r d e n IN THE GARDEN On a balmy spring evening in Los Angeles, members of the extended St. James’ community gathered together in a lush garden setting at the beautiful home of our gracious hosts, Liz Silver-Thornton and Luke Thornton.

MAY seventh






r a i s e d i n d o n at i o n s



proceeds from the evening’s


of the

St. James’

Art Room 6



creativity and possibility, an ideal environment

for children to experience



power of the arts

we are


The year ending June 2011 was difficult for the School in terms of operating income. With the economy still depressed, we saw a big increase in requests for tuition assistance. We tried to help to the extent we could as we do not like to see students who are doing well at the school having to drop out. Giving to the Annual Fund was down from the previous year, although income from restricted donations and special events was higher. In addition, we were faced with some exceptional expenses as we sought an interim Head and a new permanent Head following the retirement of Mr. Bowers, as well as a new Development Director. The result was that we ended the year with an operating loss of $197,911. Fortunately we have strong reserves and favourable stock and bond markets meant that the increase in the value of our reserves more than offset the operating loss. I would like to thank all those who gave to the Annual Fund or made donations for special purposes. We will be reaching out to you again this year. Tuition fees do not cover operating costs so a healthy Annual Fund is essential. We also need help to continue to improve the School’s facilities. Donations were largely responsible for the new Science and Art Rooms which have given us wonderfuly improved opportunities for teaching and learning. We believe the new Preschool is equally important.




Robert Ronus Treasurer, Board of Trustees October 2011

statement of operating income revenues

expenses 82% Tuition 7% Annual Giving 3% Auxiliary Programs 4% Restricted Funds 1% Special Events 2% Other Income .03% Interest Income

74% Salaries 14% Operations 5% Direct Instruction 4% Auxiliary Programs 4% Physical Plant .01% Loan Interest .003% Other



Tuition Income: $4,748,265 Annual Giving: $429,870 Auxiliary Programs: $178,940 Restricted Funds: $229,617 Special Events: $76,508 Interest Income: $19,038 Other Income: $97,660

Salaries and Benefits: $4,396,049 Direct Instruction: $292,211 Auxiliary Programs: $214,248 Operations: $816,895 Physical Plant: $216,451 Loan Interest Expense: $39,945 Other Expenses: $2,010

T O TA L R E V E N U E : $ 5 , 7 7 9 , 8 9 8

T O TA L E X P E N S E S : $ 5 , 9 7 7 , 8 0 9


we are


g i v i n g t o s t. j a m e s ’ 2 0 1 0 – 2 0 1 1 Annual Giving provides vital resources which add fuel to the engine of excellence. With no government subsidy, St. James’ is financed by a combination of tuition, private donations and endowment income, because the actual cost of providing such an enriched educational experience exceeds what is reasonably considered to be an affordable tuition. Annual Giving totaled $429,870. In addition, $229,617 was received in grants and donations for special programs. Special events yielded $76,508, and the dynamic Parent Support Fellowship raised $74,356 (all numbers unaudited). Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed to these successful efforts.

Annual Giving

individual donors:


pa r t i c i pat i o n by g r o u p board of trustees


f a c u lt y a n d s t a f f


current parents


pa r t i c i pat i o n by g r a d e preschool




first grade


second grade


third grade


fourth grade


fifth grade


sixth grade



the power of your support S t. j a m e s ’ a n n u a l f u n d . . .




50 8% professional development


for st. james’

f a c u lt y a n d s t a f f

of the

tuition assistance



n ew


contributed to the



and support

st. james’ for over half of the

faculty and staff catalina island

makes every year to

incredible field trips

astro camp

sacramento C.A.


t h a n k y o u s t. j a m e s d o n o r s The school gratefully acknowledges all the generous donors who contributed to St. James’ from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011. Gift levels for each donor represent the donor’s total giving to St. James’ for the year.

founders’ circle $50,000 and above The Ahmanson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ronus Gyugn Si and Minsun Suh Marilyn and John Wells

angels’ circle $25, 000 t o $ 49,000 Jessica and Tim Youd

saints’ circle $10, 000 t o $ 24,999 Cary Berger and Lauren Zuckerman Ms. Jae Won Chang Mr. Sung Soo Choi Mark and Lisa Hutchins Drs. Glen and Cabrini March The Savagian Family Charitable Fund

leadership circle $5, 000 t o $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cho Nok and Ron Geller Amanda and Emad Ghobrial Jennifer Hye Kim and David Kim Dr. Walter Kim and Joyce Kim Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lane Michael W. Lauterbach and Brooke Eastburn Dr. Paul and Candice Lee Yu Gyong Lee Gerald Malanga and Teresa Libertino Heidi and Steve McLean Jay Park and Soo Park Susan and Michael Rich


Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre Michael and Laura Riley Pavlina Moskalykova and Matt Solo Mrs. Marjorie Wells Jason and Lucy Wolff Mr. and Mrs. John Ye Mr. Kevin Yoder and Mr. Jeff Hall

challengers’ club $ 3 , 0 0 0 to $ 4 , 9 9 9 Bedikian Johnson Family Charles Choi Dong Wan Chong and Jung Eun Kim Shawn and Deborah Christian Chris Cook and Jeff Healy Davidson Kawaja Family Avy Eschenasy, Alison and Xandy Barry Brian Hastings and Clare Kavanagh-Hastings Vanessa and Joe Herman Martin Hilton and Liz Morehead Nora and Dimitris Houndalas Olivia and Steven Kazanjian Roger Kim and Soo Lee Sean and Susan Kneafsey Dr. Young-Jik and Dr. Soon-Ki Lee Calvin and Esther Lee Cindy and James MacPherson Lynn Baran McCarthy Dr. Christopher Meilleur and Mrs. Suzette Banks Meilleur Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Kenny J. Park Ken and Nicole Park Christopher Murphey and Mary Shaifer Irene Anderson and Jamie Somes Mr. Luke Thornton and Ms. Elizabeth Silver-Thornton

Cathie and Mark White Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Worsoe

S t. j a m e s ’ c l u b $1, 000 t o $2,999 Liza deVilla Ameen and Samuel Ameen Anonymous Trey and Kirsten Beffa Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bessant Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Carrington Soo Jin Kwon Danny Chung Mr. and Mrs. James Chung Kevin and Clare Cohen Rob and Karen Cowan Mr. Jean Louis De Mori and Ms. Stacy Hollister Wolfgang and Sabine Drautz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fabricant Jr. Corie Brown and Chris Fager Peter Ferrera and Maria Wimmer Eric Franco and Regina Ongchoco Neal and Amy Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Galloway Jill and Craig Gillett Jeremy and Heidi Hammond The Helm Family Jess and Andrea Hill John Hindman and Jenny Hager Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hite Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hollister Wayne and Gretchen Kasai Dennis and Dia Kim Mark and Jennifer Kim Mr. and Mrs. David Klar Mr. Bung Ko and Dr. Changmii Bae The Rev. Aidan Y. Koh Jennifer and Edward Koo Ivana Susova Krejci and Tomas Krejci Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Kwon John and Juliana Landis Jin and Jeong Hey Lee Mi Sun Ko Mr. Chang Koo Lee Brian and Su Lee Max and Elise Lee Mr. and Mrs. Oh Young Lee Mr. Jason Lee and Ms. Beth Riesgraf


David Loughran and Melissa Rowe Ms. Faith A. Foss and Mr. T.J. Mahar Dr. Richard Marlink and Ms. Kim Swann Clara and Bret Martin Sarah and Geoff McFetridge Jeff and Joy McManus Dete and Paul Meserve Mr. and Mrs. Meyerson Roger and Lisa Morrison Jae Young Nah Mrs. Mary D. Nichols & Mr. John Daum Russell and Anita Norman Loy and Shannon Norrix Mr. and Mrs. Chan Park George and Dina Phillips Polenzani Benefits and Insurance Services Jody Rath and Shannon McIntosh Richardson Family Catherine Weary Robbins Angela Roessel and Bruce Evans Olga and Eric Roth L. Michael and Lynn Hall Russell Mike and Michele Sanchez Mr. Ben Savagian Jason and Valerie Seitz Simchowitz/Horowitz Family Skye Rentals Sang Jun Song and Joo Hyun Shim Mr. Sung Yup Suh and Ms. Yun Joo Yoo Jonathan Tomlin and Elaine Lu Sa’id Vakili & Hyacinth Leus James and Julie Wagner Mrs. Susan Wild Gia Paladino-Wise and Michael Wise Andrew and Molly Wooden

husky club $ 1 to $ 9 9 9 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Abbott Ms. Kathryn Ahmanson Ms. Karalyn Ahmanson Mr. Christus Ahmanson Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ahn Sujata Alagh Ms. Erika Alvarado Mr. Carl Anderson and Rev. Betsy Anderson Dr. Neville Anderson 1987 Toshawa and Kent Andrews

Anonymous (5) Claudia Armendariz Angelina Arrington Mr. and Mrs. Alan Barnes Rafael and Gina Barrientos Kelly and Norman Basham Brenda Bass-Roper, M.D. Mr. Eric Bauer and Mrs. Madison Charap-Bauer Mr. Jordan Bayer Kelli Beard Mr. and Mrs. Octavio and Susan Becerra Todd Beeson Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Beffa Ms. Nancy Bender Mr. and Mrs. Jim Berendji Ms. Anabella Bonilla Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bowers Ms. Lilly Boyd Raymond and Kazon Brown Steven and Catherine Brown Mr. and Mrs. Percy B. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brown Fred Buescher and Genevieve Haines The Rev. Julian Bull Kara and Fausto Bustos Ms. Emily Canon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carrington III Ms. Maria Casas Mr. James Casey Ms. Jana Castanares Ms. Carolyn G. Cater Jennifer Cefaly Laura Baker Ms. Wanda Kato Dr. and Mrs. Alfonso Chavez, M.D. Ms. Diane Cho Mr. and Mrs. Yong Duk Choi Mi Kyung Cho Kelly Chong Ms. Nico Chua Jihye and Louis Chung Ellen Collett Catherine Collins Andrew Conn and Kyoung Hee Kyown Mr. and Mrs. William Cook Deborah Mazar-Corcos and Gabriele Corcos Erika Cordero Mr. Alan Cordero


Mr. and Mrs. Chris Corsmeier Mr. Jesse Corti Mrs. Susan L. Cox Ms. Michelle Craig Mrs. Jeni Cregan Lawrence and Kim Crocker Jaime Cruz and Ji Hyun Lyu Ms. M. C. Curran Dr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Daly Rick Danenberg Mr. Jonathan Dar Saheli Datta and Thomas Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Dulal C. Datta The Rev. and Mrs. Ron David Dr. Mark DeAntonio and Ms. Polly Estabrook Mr. Frank De Palma and Ms. Darlene Chan Clarke and Rebecca DePastino Mr. Jasper DeAntonio Miss Charlotte DeAntonio Mieke Holkeboer and Joel Delman Mr. and Mrs. Kraig L. DePriest Nicholas DiPasquale The Rev. Thomas Discavage Brian P. Duggan Ms. Ruby Dummett Helen and Steve Ellis Leslie Dione Emge and Spicer Emge Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ferrera Ms. Linda Finkelstein Ms. Ingrid Finley-Scott Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fitzhugh Rosalio and Rosalva Flores Gerald and Marketha Floyd Mr. Dan Freudiger Ms. Joan C. Fullmore and Mr. Jabari Green Loretta Gamboa Mr. and Mrs. Lester Garcia Ms. Raquel Garcia Mr. David Gardner and Mrs. Snow Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Gene Gardner Ms. Barbara D. Gardner Mrs. Cicely Gargaro Ms. Alicia D. Gargaro-Magana Mr. and Mrs. Luis Garibay Ms. Monty Garretson Mr. and Mrs. Ayyad Ghobrial Gail Gilchriest Mr. Thomas Glassett and Mr. Tom Bland Mr. and Mrs. Martin Glicklich

Mrs. Harriet Glicklich Paula Glover Mr. Oscar Godoy and Ms. Ana Z. Araya Sydney Marie Goines The Gooden Family Mr. Erik Grady and Mr. Ethan Grumbach Ms. Edith P. Greene Ms. Laura-Shay Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Ben Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Nicefero Guzman Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Haines Ms. Maggie Hamilton and Ms. Jacki Pennoyer Mr. Gale Hansen and Ms. Eva Quiroz J. Todd Harris and Amy Powers Mrs. Elizabeth G. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Haskell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Haynesworth Mr. Alan B. Heppel and Mr. Michael G. Lyons Mrs. Katherine A. Hindman Karl Hoaglund Tae and Kate Hong Jason and Tiffany Hong Nam Kyo Hong Mr. and Mrs. John Howell The Huggins Family Leigh Dana Jackson and Sarah Shun-lien Bynum Ronda Jackson Ms. Emma Jacobson-Sive Vincent Jacquard Mr. and Mrs. Chu Hyuk Jang Rodney and Dessie Jeffries Mrs. Maritza Jimenez Mr. and Mrs. Kyu Myeong Jo Ms. Lorraine Johnson Kelley and Don Johnson Doug Jones Mr. and Mrs. Young Gi Joo Ruth and Ken Jordan Mr. Maurice Jordan and Ms. Catherine L. Purtill Tom and Rosie Juda Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Juda Mr. Keewon Jung and Mrs. Kyunghwa Park Mr. and Mrs. Jae Yong Jung Mr. and Mrs. Wuttipong Kaewmanaprasert John Kaliski and Lorraine Wild


Mrs. Paru Kammula John Kang Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kanner Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Kavanagh Bruce and Stephanie Kim Mr. and Mrs. Sang Dae Kim Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kim Ms. Janice E. Kim and Mr. Seiichiro S. Suzuki Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kim Mrs. Jea Hannah Kim Ms. Stephanie Kim Ken and Kimberly Klosterman Jung Won Kong The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Kowalewski Rob and Tom Krueger/Carruth Ms. Young-Mi Ku Kelli Kuramoto Alice Kuramoto Carl and Maia Kustin Mr. Ramon La Soya and Mrs. Shelagh B. Callahan Mr. Jack Leahy Mr. Kyung Lee Brian and Stacey Lee Mrs. Diana Lee Dr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Mr. Namho Lee and Mrs. Jungmi Park Grandma Carol Lee Matt and Lynn Leipzig Christopher Leonard Mei-Ling Leonard Ms. Dawn C. Lett Jonathan and Ester Leus Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Nathanael S. Lim Cindy Ann Bader and Greg Lindy Mr. Gregory R. Little and Mrs. Stephanie Gisondi-Little Mr. Ricardo Lopez Ms. Claudia Mahar Evans and Patricia Malanga Mr. and Mrs. Chris Maling Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mansour Carolyn and Jack Mansour Ms. Anne Mansour Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Marcussen Theresa Masangkay Ms. Ursula J. Matlock

Mr. and Mrs. Angus McBain Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McConaghy Mr. and Mrs. James McDiarmid Mr. John McDonald and Mrs. Joan Dalton Dr. Ann E. McIntosh Mrs. Bernice McIntosh Alison McKee Michelle and James McKinlay Kylie Ann McManus Michele and Scott McMullin Kelly McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Jose Medrano Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Meserve Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller Anna and Gavin Milner Mr. Craig Min and Mrs. Jean Shim Min Sam and Julie Mollo Mr. Chuck Morrison Ms. Lennox Munro Mrs. Rosetta Myers Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Najera David and Dorothy Nelson Jr. David and Lucy Norland Mrs. Margo O’Connell Hon. Joanne O’Donnell Nick and Megan O’Toole Ms. Jenny Obuchi Levi and Comfort Ogbunamiri Mike C. and Anthonia Okereke Mrs. Robin Osterberg Dona Oxford Peter and Elizabeth Park Bong Keun Park and Ellie Park Alex Paxton Ms. Sheloham Payne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Penfold Meara Daly and Tom Perkins Mr. Thomas H. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. T. Nicolas Peter Mr. and Mrs. Steven Peterman George and Suzie Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Pinder III, M.D. Portegies Family Ms. Faye G. Powell Ms. Zoe Proser Ken and Marcy Pullard Mr. and Mrs. Jang Chul Ra Ms. Rhea Rachevsky


Carleton and Ingrid Ralston Nancy and Paul Redford Julio Resendiz and Dora Mejia Ms. Sugey Reyes Jason Rhee and Su Jung Rhee The Rice Family Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richards Dr. Cardosia and Elizabeth Richardson Ms. Margaret Richardson Mr. Steven Rim Pauline R. Rivers Mr. Ken Robbins Mr. Paul Robbins Mrs. Lauren Rodrigues Claudia and Lloyd Rogers Mr. Glen F. Rogers and Ms. Amelia B. McPartlon Charles and Suzanne Rowins Ms. Shirley Sacks Theppong Sae-Low Ramona Robinson and Edward L. Saunders Kevin and Juliette Scanlon The Schlotterbeck Family Honor Selman Ms. Dessie S. Senegal Tina Lynam and Sanjay Sharma Diane Sherwood Mrs. Yujin Shim Shawn Simmons and Christine Rosenberry Mr. and Mrs. Julian Sitkevich Alisha Smith Ms. Patricia N. Spinelli Mr. and Mrs. Carl Staas Karen L. Stevenson Ann and Sheridan Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Nahchey and Megan Storer Neil Tadken and Frank Slesinski Ryo and Kazue Takei Henry and June Takei Ms. Nancy R. Takei Mr. Ashok Tatton Mr. Blair Tatton Phoebe Tatton Kent and Teresa Taylor Ms. Linda Tellez Jennifer and Jim Tennille Ms. Rita Tilkian Mr. and Mrs. George Tillman

Ms. Veronica Toriz Mr. David Trend and Ms. Patricia Lester Kes and Fred Trester Nancy Vermette Peggy Vodrey Mr. and Mrs. Grover Ware Dr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Weiner Mrs. Glenna J. Wekili James Wheaton and Angela Robinson-Wheaton Ms. Dixie Wheaton Peter and Elizabeth White Ms. Karen S. White Dan and Kristin Whitley Ms. Janet Wieringa Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Wilder Tammy and Leo Williams Mr. and Mrs. Petrus Williams Ms. Lynese Williams Ms. Donna Wolff Keith and Betsy Wood Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Wood Ms. Ruth G. Worden Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Worthington Mrs. Claudiette Wright-Bey Kareen Wynter Ms. Diane Yoder Hee Joon Yoon Myung Ja Yoon Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Youd The Zapata Family Mr. Chris Zapata Jody Zucker and Allison Weiner Caruso Affiliated Target eScript Arado Japanese Restaurant


we are

inv ested

S t r e n g t h e n i n g s t. j a m e s ’ t h r o u g h t h e e n d o w m e n t f u n d Financial stability has never been more on the minds of everyday Americans than it is today, both with respect to individual lives as well as to small and large organizations which make up the fabric of society. In 2008, even before the recent downturn in the economy, St. James’ Board of Trustees had the foresight to launch an Endowment Fund in order to fortify the school’s distinguished legacy of quality education and to help sustain the school through inevitable, cyclical ups and downs in the financial markets. Building the Endowment Fund is crucial to the overall success of St. James’ by:

m a i n ta i n i n g e c o n o m i c diversity in the student body

providing children with the l at e s t t e c h n o l o gy S e c u r i n g e x c e l l e n t f a c u lt y a n d s ta f f upgrading our facilities and much more... Please consider becoming part of the St. James’ legacy by giving generously to the St. James’ Episcopal School Endowment Fund. Donations to the Endowment Fund may be designated or unrestricted, and the principal of the gift remains intact in perpetuity, allowing the donation to have an immediate as well as long term impact on the lives of countless children.


t h a n k y o u s t. j a m e s ’ d o n o r s The total gifts and pledges to the Endowment Fund from inception in 2008 through June 30, 2011 stand at $1,007,027 (unaudited). We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have made visionary endowment gifts to enhance the present and secure the future of St. James’. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Abbott Toshawa and Kent Andrews Anonymous Aurora-Viburnum Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Bass Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bowers Dr. Elise Brisco Mrs. Nancy T. Buche Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Carter Mi Kyung Cho Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cho Mr. Chris Cook and Mr. Jeff Healy Mr. Gerald Craft Ms. Saheli Datta and Mr. Thomas Mackey Joseph Peter and Cara Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fenady Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Gardner John and Laurie Graniez Jeff Kahn and Annabelle Gurwitch Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hite Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kang Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kim Ms. Marica Lasswell Dr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Justin and Becky Lee Mr. Tae Hun Lee Dr. Young Jik Lee and Dr. Soon-Ki Lee Ms. Julie A. Lovelock

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Rod Lowe Gerald and Teresa Malanga Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mansour Ms. Lynn McCarthy and Mr. Theodore Leary Mr. and Mrs. William S. McLean Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller Doo and Hee Joon Paek Michael and Susan Rich Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rohman Ronus Foundation Rosalie Roth The Rev. and Mrs. Charles Rowins Mr. and Mrs. L. Michael Russell Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scanlon Self-Esteem Seminars, Inc. Mr. Clifford Sethness Mr. Gyu Gn Si and Mrs. Min Sun Suh Mrs. Janess W. Slaby Mr. and Mrs. Roger V. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Henry Takei Ms. Nancy Turner Mr. and Dr. John and Marilyn Wells Mrs. Marjorie Wells Wells Fargo Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams Mr. Michael Wise and Ms. Gia Paladino-Wise Mr. and Mrs. Tim Youd Mr. and Mrs. Jody Zucker


we are

enga ged

parent support fellowship St. James’ Parent Support Fellowship (PSF) is an integral and dynamic voluntary support group which embraces all St. James’ families and encourages participation in fun activities throughout the year. Whether you are involved on a one-time or ongoing basis, PSF events build a sense of community among parents, faculty and staff, and raise funds for special projects. PSF provides essential resources which enhance each and every child’s educational experience.




of psf

jung eun chong

julie hite


d i na p h i l l i p s

e i g ht


Working on PSF as the preschool representative was truly an unforgettable experience.

Lisa Morrison

PSF Preschool Representative


kim swann

Working as a PSF co-chair not only crystalized just how special the St. James community is for me, it also gave me a whole new appreciation for the work done by the staff, faculty, and Parish on behalf of our children. We had a ball AND raised money. I urge every parent to get involved on some level!

Kim Swann

PSF Co-Chair

200+ pancakes served at

DADS’ pancake breakfast



SCIENCE experiments completed

at the

science fair



FO OD from

over 35 countries

2010-11 school leadership

board of trustees

advancement committee



Heidi McLean, (Co-Chair) Dr. Marilyn Wells, (Co-Chair) Lynn McCarthy, (Secretary) Robert Ronus, (Treasurer) Tom Abbott Liza deVilla Ameen Brenda Bass-Roper Corie Brown John Daum Erik Grady Elizabeth Harris Mark Hoaglund Paul Kowalewski Jeff Lane Paul Lee Joy McManus Cathy Robbins Gia Paladino-Wise Kevin Yoder

Stephen Bedikian Liza deVilla Ameen Chris Cook Mark Hutchins Blythe Maling Lynn McCarthy Alison McKee Heidi McLean Marilyn Wells Andrew Wooden Molly Wooden

parent support fellowship 2010-11 Jamie Somes, Treasurer Jung Eun/Sandy Chong, Co-Chair Julie Hite, Co-Chair Lisa Morrison, Co-Chair (Preschool) Dina Phillips, Co-Chair Kim Swann, Co-Chair

S e n i o r A d m i n i s t r at i v e t e a m Andrew Wooden, Interim Head of School (2010-11) Angelina Arrington, Director of Upper Elementary Kris Haines, Director of Lower Elementary Katarina Matolek, Director of Preschool Najah Lowe, Director of Finance and Operations Aidan Koh, Chaplain


contact the advancement office Chris Cook Director of Advancement 213-233-0133 x309 Alison McKee Associate Director of Advancement 213-233-0133 x306

copy BY Christine Sisley of Solid Foundations Design and photography BY ZoĂŤ Proser CREATIVE CONCEPT BY Clare Cohen


Sneak peak at 2011-2012 A Moment with Debbi David... w h at i s yo u r m o s t t r e a s u r e d possession?

w h at i s yo u r h i d d e n ta l e n t ?

w h at i s yo u r l i f e m o t t o ?


W h y s t. j a m e s ’ ?

who has been the most influential teacher in your life?

w h at w o u l d w e b e s u r p r i s e d t o h e a r a b o u t yo u ?

w h at d o yo u c o n s i d e r yo u r g r e at e s t a c h i e v e m e n t ?


we are

thankful INVESTED




nerous INVESTED g ankful COMMIT vibrant crea creating thankful

ATING generous REAl



D real


engaged thankfu

CREAT generous vibrant creating TTED engaged ating INVESTED creating CREATING REAl

generous engag



ting vibrant




nerous generous TTED creating vibr rant creating creating us vibrant gen



ed thankful COMM

invested thankful


St. James' Annual Report 2010-11  
St. James' Annual Report 2010-11  

St. James' Annual Report 2010-11