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Preferred and trusted supplier of seafood A Grieg Seafood and Bremnes Seashore company Ocean Quality is the sales organisation of Grieg Seafood and Bremnes Seashore. Our primary goal is to become your preferred and trusted seafood supplier. The Ocean Quality sales force strives to meet high standards, carrying out distribution services to our dedicated customers across the world. Our product quality and customer service focus on: • Customer requirements, reliability and continuous year round supply. • Fresh and healthy products with the desired nutritional values. • Full traceability and focus on food safety. • Strict quality control and sustainability of raw materials. • Fish welfare and environmental care.


Creating values   for our clients We offer our dedicated customers a continuous and reliable supply of fresh and frozen salmon from our packing stations. We like to commit on a long-term basis to a limited number of exclusive customers in our main markets and offer these partners a first-class service. By keeping a strong focus on quality in all parts of the chain, Ocean Quality aims to be number one in creating values and peace of mind for our customers. Ocean Quality is Global.G.A.P. CoC and ASC CoC approved.


High quality locations...


...ensuring fish welfare   and sustainability All our locations and fish farming equipment comply with tough technical standards and has been classified by authorised independent agencies. Our fish welfare adheres to strict national legislation, we have adopted “best practice” routines and have an extensive self-check system based on international standards. These standards cover fish densities (25kg/m3), cage cleaning, predator control, veterinary checks, vaccines and humane harvesting operations. The sustainability and long-term care of the sea, it’s shores and the welfare of our fish are paramount. Ocean Quality undertakes extensive environmental examinations of every farm site – we monitor current, wind directions and strengths, water depths, sea temperature, salinity, bottom-shelf conditions and the biological environment. 5


Norwegian superior quality salmon F-480 Ocean Quality’s experienced sales team sells and distributes Norwegian superior quality salmon to customers across the world – on time and at the right price. Our range of products contain both fresh and frozen salmon. The products are distributed from Finnmark in the north of Norway (packing station F-480), from Bømlo in Hordaland (packing station H-82) and from the south in Rogaland (packing station R-114).

H-82 R-114 7

Look to nature the key to success H-82: Four hours is what it takes. From salmon is swimming in fresh cold water, till it’s packed and ready to be distributed. Bremnes Seashore looks to nature and invests a lot in process technology, resulting in optimal products. The keys to success: • Main focus on fish welfare, having extra deep nets with only 1 % fish in them. That means more than twice as much space for every fish, compared to the Norwegian requirement.

• A new production line that has an impressive hygienic design, emphasizing both efficiency and work environment. • Innovative thinking combined with strict quality control in every part of the process from egg to fillet, and patented, well-known methods within the industry of aquaculture.

Product range See page 13.


A taste of quality sea food from a natural resource Ocean Quality’s three modern processing plants F-480, H-82 and R-114 are well known for their tradition of high quality products and services. F-480


Grieg Seafood, Finnmark: Produces the world’s most northerly grown salmon, in conditions which are unsurpassed. The northerly location also means that we are very close to the Russian and Eastern European markets. By air, we have the potential to reach our Asian customers quicker than from any other salmon farming region. This reduces our carbon footprint as well as increases the freshness and shelf life of our products. H-82


Bremnes Seashore, Bømlo, Hordaland: Inventor of Cold Fish Technology and Pre Rigor Processing Technology. Engages in the production of smolt, marine growers and in harvesting and processing of salmon. Through strong focus on best possible fish health and welfare, and optimal processing facilities, H-82 has become well reputed for its high quality products. Strategically located at the west coast of South Norway. R-114


Grieg Seafood, Rogaland: The network of deep fjords allows us to engage in deep water fish farming. The deep sites ensure a constant temperature which can be maintained year round. These optimal conditions have enabled us to grow fish of outstanding quality with high colour and low fat content. Our farms are closer to the UK and European markets than any other region in Norway, and as such delivers the freshest and best tasting salmon to our customers. Capacity The salmon farming activities at R-114 and H-82 have 20 licenses each while F-480 has 24 licenses. This gives a total capacity of approximately 90 000 metric tonnes of salmon (based on 1400 tonnes per license). 9


Scottish salmon – a high quality product As Shetland’s leading Scottish salmon producer, Grieg Seafood Shetland offers superior salmon, whole and gutted – supplied fresh or deep frozen.

SA019 EC

We take great pride in producing salmon of the highest quality, sought out by top chefs and food experts. A fully traceable product from egg to plate is an impressive statement to make – but a promise we pledge to keep. In terms of product quality and value for money, we have a competitive advantage as we control the whole production process. We can assure that our rigorous standards are applied throughout the entire farm rearing, processing and delivery service. 11

The superior quality of the fish sets it apart SA019 EC : The prime objective is to produce sustainable salmon, which mirror their natural life cycle. Four essential ingredients make it possible: • Location is everything. The wild crashing seas around Shetland creates a perfect environment in which to rear the very best fish. • The fish welfare is paramount, therefore, once salmon is harvested, it is transferred by well boat from the farm site direct to the processing unit.


• The sustainable and responsible production of supreme quality salmon is at the core of Grieg Seafood Shetland’s business, paying particular attention to the environment surrounding the sea sites and adherence to strict quality control. • The freshness of our fish is assured with the processing plant delivering optimal quality and extended shelf life for today’s discerning customer.

From the wild sea around Shetland to the world SA019 EC


The wild, crashing sea creates the perfect environment in which to rear the very best fish. Our farms are located in the wide open sea where strong tidal currents of the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean meet, creating a powerful water exchange that not only provides fast-flowing clear water and maintains a clean seabed, but also provides a natural habitat for salmon to swim against the tide developing the strongest and healthiest fish. Our state-of-the-art well boats efficiently collect live fish from any of our 22 sites. The fish are then pumped live into our harvesting and processing facility, maximizing the freshness and ensuring consistently high quality. Capacity At Grieg Seafood Shetland, we process 20.000 tonnes of gutted salmon each year.

Product range See page 17.



Fresh Farmed Salmon from glacier-fed waters in Canada Pristine, cold, strong tidal currents and perfect salinity: The amazing glacier fed waters surrounding Vancouver Island in British Columbia in Canada provide perfect conditions for rearing salmon.

British Columbia

Here, Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. has had salmon farming operations since 2001 and from our 21 farms on the eastern and western side of Vancouver Island we deliver fresh, whole, head on and gutted salmon in multiple quality grades and sizes.


The North American choice  for fine dining The proximity to the U.S., Canadian and Asian markets makes it possible for us to offer fresh fish with optimal quality and extended shelf life to our discerning customers. Our Canadian farms have also developed the premium Skuna Bay Salmon, which is renowned for its attention to detail and quality in fine dining establishments around North America.


Protecting the environment is important to us, and Grieg Seafood was the first salmon farming company in North America to be sourcing all of its salmon from farms that were independently audited by the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification programme.

The best of British Columbia B.C.


Grieg Seafood BC Ltd.’s operations are located in Esperanza Inlet, Nootka Sound, Clio Channel, Okisollo Channel and on the Sunshine Coast. In addition to our 21 marine farming sites in these fresh and pristine waters, we also own the Gold River hatchery located on west coast of Vancouver Island. We are committed to operating responsibly and meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements. Today, all parts of our production chain are certified as sustainable, having obtained a 4 star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) rating. Grieg Seafood BC has also been audited and approved by the Aquarium of the Pacific’s ‘Seafood for the Future’ responsible sourcing programme. Capacity The production capacity of all licenses is approximately 20,000 MT.


Product range   and certifications Scottish Salmon / Norwegian Salmon / Canadian Salmon • Fresh or frozen salmon – whole, head on • Fresh or frozen salmon steaks • Fresh or frozen salmon fillets • Fresh or frozen salmon portions • Fresh or frozen salmon loin – whole • Fresh or frozen salmon belly flaps • Fresh or frozen salmon loin – skinless Value added • Superior salmon, gutted head-on from from 1–9+ kg, fresh and frozen • Fresh salmon fillets, trims B;C;D;E from 2–6 kg salmon • Deep frozen salmon belly flaps in 1–2 cm; 2–3 cm; 3–4 cm










Scottish Salmon – SA019 EC


Norwegian Salmon – H-82

Kosher Norwegian Salmon – F-480

Norwegian Salmon – R-114

Canadian Salmon – B.C.



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