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Good websites for interesting design technology information and articles;   

In preparation for the DT course you will need to do the following: 1) Explore the Technology Diploma wiki on the school portal – Technology – Yr 12/13 2) Visit: esize/design/and explore the Graphics and resistant materials links/topics 3) Find me an interesting Youtube video on something to do with one of the topic titles. Make sure it is from a reliable source. 4) Visit and bring along an interesting article with your comments on it for discussion. 5) Take a tour through the topics and content of the FocusOn software installed on your tablets (if you have them!)

Please bring all of this information to the first DT lesson in September along with a folder and drawing equipment including a highlighter pen. See you in August!


Why should I study DT? Design Technology is in Group 4 of the IB diploma course. It is classified as Science and covers a broad range of components of design, materials, manufacturing including social and environmental factors with the design process at its core. It is often a good compliment to students studying art and an alternative to students not wishing to pursue traditional science courses. What careers would DT be useful for?  Design  Interior design  Architecture  Engineering  Industrial Arts  Manufacturing  Architectural Technicians  Project Managers  Business In fact all studies would benefit from DT as it is about problem solving and using the design cycle and design process. Design Technology SL/HL (Group 4 Sciences) Design Technology is based on a model of learning that incorporates knowledge, skills and design principles in problem-solving contexts. The design cycle is at the core of the course, and it is expected that students will use this process in the practical investigative work as well as in the theory. Each element in the design cycle represents an aspect of design technology, which, when viewed together, constitutes a holistic approach.

How will I be taught?


Lessons are interactive and are accompanied by online resources and presentations so that you can review them at home. There are course topic booklets that cover the each topic that you will be provided with both in electronic format and hard-copy. You will be expected to regularly read extra information from your textbooks before and after lessons, and bring to class any questions. You should keep an eye on the news for new developments in design and technology. An expectation of this course is for you to participate in discussions to ensure understanding of course content across a variety of design contexts. What will I study? SL Topic and HL core Topic 1: Design Process Topic 2: Product Innovation Topic 3: Green Design Topic 4: Materials Topic 5: Product Development Topic 6: Product Design Topic 7: Evaluation HL Extra Topics Topic 8: Energy Topic 9: Structures Topic 10: Mechanical Design Topic 11: Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Topic 12: Sustainable Development Option E SL & HL : Human factors design SL 30 Hrs / HL 45 Hrs Internal assessment - Major Design Project You will do about 41 hours for HL and 28 hours for SL of practical work using the all criteria of the design process. Your design project is worth 18% of your final mark.

How specifically will I be assessed? You will be assessed in 3 areas; three examination papers, Internal Assessment Investigations (IA’s), and the major Design Project. Throughout the course you will be assessed on your class presentations and practical coursework skills.

Paper 1 is a 1 hour paper with 40 multi choice questions and is worth 20% of your final grade. Paper 2 is a 1h 45mins paper worth 24% of your final grade. Section A contains one data-based question and several short-answer questions. Section B contains one extended-response questions from a choice of 3.

Paper 3 is a 1h 15min paper worth 20% of your final grade. It contains several short-answer questions and one extended-response question from the option studied. Internal assessment based on class practical work and Investigations. You will do about 40 hours HL and 28 hours SL of practical work and your best marks will go forward. You will also take part in the Group 4 project at the end of first year. Your investigations are worth 18% of your final mark.


D&T guide for DIploma

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