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New Modifications to Thejas News 1. You can now add breaking news to the site:

For adding the news like this: 1. Create an image with the size (900 x 60) 2. Add breaking news from the left menu in the admin panel and add the breaking news as described below.

3. Add a link which you can select from the news that you added. Or you can give any other URL from web.

2. Inner advertisements You can now add the inner advertisements between the main page contents: Select Inside Banner type when you add the image. Note the image / flash size should be 590 x 30 or 590 x 60. Please note if you didn’t put the proler size, it will resize according to the standard size.

Here is a sample screen of the display

3. User Comments You can now add user comments to a news: You can add the comments

You can put your own comments here:

In the home page of the Administration page, or when you click on the HOME buttom on the top, you can see recently added user comments. You can click on the manage comments and approve or delete the comments.

4. RSS Feed for each section and for the top level:

Main RSS Feed

RSS Feed for sections

RSS Feed for sections

RSS Feed for sections

5. Google SiteMap Protocol Implementation for News to integrate to Using this feature, we can now integrate our news with Google News feature. Try using

This need to be integrated with Thejas Webmaster tool. Here is a sample output of the sitemap

6. Matrimonial , Searching for profile, adding profile and administering profiles: Click on the vaivaavikam:

You can just go for the list of existing profile for brides and grooms or you can search for the profile with your preferences. You can now add a matrimonial advertisement to the site fom the admin panel.

7. New icons and new functions:

 Email feature is enhanced.  Print facility is enhanced and fixed couple of issues  Added a new icon to open each news in a new window