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: Citrix 1Y0-731


: Citrix Netsoaler 8.0: Administration Exam

Version : R6.1

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1. An administrator should configure Link Aggregation on a NetScaler system when __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) A. redundancy on a half duplex operation is required B. redundancy on an operation across multiple data rates is required C. network connections between LAN switches and network servers require more than 1Gb/sec D. network connections between LAN switches and network servers require more than 8 Gb/sec Answer: C

2. A company is planning on implementing NetScaler systems in High Availability pairs. Which entry in the NS.CONF file of the secondary system needs to be unique from those of the primary system? A. VMAC B. Node ID C. MIP address D. NSIP address Answer: D

3. Scenario: An administrator is configuring monitoring for web servers in the environment that often results in services being marked as DOWN because of slow back-end servers. The administrator wants to configure the virtual server and services so that existing connections stay open when a service is marked down but not when a virtual server is marked DOWN. How must the administrator configure the service and virtual server to reflect this dependency? A. set lb vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush DISABLED set service svc1 -downStateFlush ENABLED B. set lb vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush ENABLED set service svc1 -downStateFlush ENABLED C. set lb vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush DISABLED set service svc1 -downStateFlush DISABLED D. set lb vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush ENABLED set service svc 1 -downStateFlush DISABLED

Answer: D

4. Scenario: An administrator introduced two new servers into a server farm that can handle more traffic than the older servers. The current load balancing method set for the virtual server managing the traffic for this group of servers is Least Connections. The administrator wants to maintain the load balancing method but also wants to use the new servers to improve performance by having them take more of the traffic than the older servers. Which advanced option must the administrator configure to achieve this? A. Spillover B. Max Client C. Backup vserver D. Service Weights E. Global Setting Override Answer: D

5. An SNMP manager attempted to poll for an OID but received the error message: "response timeout." Which two options could the administrator have misconfigured for SNMPv2 to cause this error message? (Choose two.) A. SNMP user B. SNMP group C. SNMP manager D. SNMP community Answer: CD

6. An administrator plans to configure a NetScaler system to resolve DNS queries using an external DNS server with an IP address of Which command could the administrator use to configure this? A. add nameserver DNS1 B. add lb vserver DNS1 dns C. add server DNS1 -external

D. add nameserver DNS1 dns -local Answer: A

7. Scenario: An administrator is planning on deploying a NetScaler system into a network environment using SNMP. The administrator plans on enabling the 11 SNMP traps relating to request and response rates. Which two objects must the administrator configure in order for the SNMP traps to send alerts? (Choose two.) A. SNMP destination B. Source IP address C. Threshold levels for the traps D. Additional IP addresses on which the SNMP service can respond to SNMP queries Answer: AC

8. What must an administrator configure the NetScaler log to record in order to know when someone has altered the system configurations? A. Access logs B. Event messages C. System counters D. Audited commands Answer: D

9. The auditing and security policy of a company requires that all transactions that can be logged must be logged. Which option must an administrator configure a syslog server for to meet this requirement? A. Device counters B. System counters C. HTTP transactions D. Audited commands Answer: D

10. Scenario: A company based in Beijing was unable to reach their data center for more than a week due to a nearby earthquake. The company now has Distributed Data Centers in multiple regions, including a disaster recovery center, to increase redundancy. The company wants their new NetScaler systems to load balance these centers. Which NetScaler feature will allow load balancing across these centers only for redundancy? A. Global Server Load Balancing to make load balancing decisions between the two sites B. TCP-based content switching to make a decision between the load balance virtual servers C. Proximity-based Global Server Load Balancing based on the RTT of client requests to virtual servers D. SNMP load monitor bound to each location and bound to the default NetScaler metric table and with the appropriate SNMP OIDs to load balance the different locations Answer: A

11. Scenario: A company has distributed Internet sites and installations are spread across multiple network locations and requires load balancing to be based on the client's proximity to the site, with the least amount of configuration. What must the administrator do to ensure GSLB uses the appropriate load balancing method? A. Enable and configure Dynamic Proximity based Global Server Load Balancing. B. Enable Dynamic Network Proximity based on the RTT of the client accessing the load balancing virtual server. C. Enable DNS view based Static Proximity through an Advanced expression to extract the client IP and compare it to the subnet of the site. D. Enable Proximity based Global Server Load Balancing and use the location's database to enter the MAC address of all the clients and the corresponding site to which they should make the connection. Answer: A

12. Scenario: An administrator is planning to deploy NetScaler systems in an environment with multiple IP subnets, one of which is non-routable. The company is an online retailer and needs outbound connections from the non-routable subnet in order to verify credit cards. What will an administrator need to configure to meet the company's requirements? A. SIP

B. USIP C. RNAT D. USNIP E. Layer 2 mode Answer: C

13. A large e-commerce company is planning on integrating NetScaler systems into their network environment. The company requires that the original client IP addresses be recorded in the web server logs. Which two features on the NetScaler could accomplish this? (Choose two.) A. USIP B. RNAT C. USNIP D. Edge mode E. Client IP insertion Answer: AE

14. A multinational company with two server farms wants to set-up a NetScaler system with High Availability as shown in the attached exhibit without using content switching. How many virtual IP addresses will the administrator need for the environment set up to work? Click the Exhibit button to view the environment.

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer: B

15. Scenario: A company is deploying a NetScaler system in a network environment with some subnets open to the public Internet and one non-routable subnet. The administrator plans on enabling Use-Subnet-IP mode and disabling Use-Source-IP mode. Which two IP addresses can the administrator set as source IP addresses for connections to back-end servers? (Choose two.) A. VIP B. MIP C. SNIP D. NSIP Answer: BC

16. Which type of VLAN is used when an administrator leaves the NetScaler system interfaces on the default VLAN? A. Tagged B. Port-based C. MAC-based D. Protocol-based Answer: B

17. How many untagged VLANs can an administrator configure on a single interface? A. 1 B. 2 C. 16 D. 256

E. 4,096 Answer: A

18. What does an administrator need to configure in order for a NetScaler system to advertise virtual IP addresses, directly connected routes and static routes on the upstream routers? A. Static Routes B. Link Load Balancing C. Route Health Injection D. Front-end Health Check Answer: C

19. Which option must an administrator enable on a NetScaler system to route packets that are not destined for the NetScaler? A. L2 mode B. L3 mode C. Static route advertisement D. Dynamic route advertisement Answer: B

20. Which two modes could a NetScaler system be deployed in if all traffic must pass through the NetScaler? (Choose two.) A. HA inline B. HA one-arm C. Stand-alone inline D. Stand-alone one-arm Answer: AC

21. Which port will an administrator need to open on a network firewall to be able to access the NetScaler configuration utility? A. 3000

B. 3008 C. 3010 D. 3011 Answer: C

22. An administrator should configure Link Aggregation on a NetScaler system when __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) A. redundancy is required B. redundancy on an operation across multiple data rates is required C. network connections between LAN switches and network servers require more than 8 Gb/sec D. network connections between LAN switches and network servers require more than 10 Gb/sec Answer: A

23. Scenario: A consultant is in charge of a new NetScaler 8.0 deployment at a large customer site. The customer gave the consultant the following information and IP addresses to use when configuring the NetScaler system: Internal Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 IP address: IP addresses to use when configuring the NetScaler 8.0 deployment MIP - NSIP - VIP - DNS Server - When configuring the NetScaler system for this scenario, which IP address will be used by the NetScaler to communicate with the server running Citrix Presentation Server? A. B. C. D. E. Answer: C

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