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Two gogos burn to death

Mr Livhuwani Tshivhula, grandson of the two deceased, photographed in the room where the two gogos burnt to death.

By Kaizer Nengovhela In an incident that has shocked the Madodonga community, two gogos, Ms Elisa Maraga (67) and the disabled Ms Munaka Mudau (63), died in a fire on Tuesday night. Mr Livhuwani Tshivhula, grandson of both deceased, said that they suspected that the fire had been caused by a candle in the room where the two had slept. They were living in a house that was not electrified. All the belongings of the two gogos were destroyed by the fire. Tshivhula said that the two women were staying together in a two-room house. Information regarding the incident is still sketchy, but according to Tshivhula, community members and the police tried to put out the fire, but it was very fierce. “They tried to use buckets of water, but the water seemed to give more power to the fire. Everything burnt to ashes,” he said. He said that the family had accepted the

loss, although it was difficult to cope with. “We understand and accept that our beloved gogos are gone, but it will be very difficult for us to live without them. It is also important to acknowledge the community´s support since we were greeted with the bad news. God has done his will,” he said. Traditional leader Vhamusanda Vho-Ntanganedzeni Kutama said that this was the first incident of its kind in Madodonga village. “We are deeply shocked, and we request community members to come forward with evidence about the cause of the incident.” He expressed his condolences to the family of the victims and said they would be sorely missed. He added that the community members around the Kutama area were deeply touched by the incident. “The family members of the victims need our support in hard times like these, and we hope incidents of this nature can be prevented,” he said. According to him, the family of the deceased

are extremely poor and do not have the funds for a proper burial. He asked people who are prepared to help the family to phone him at 083 308 2496. The mayor of Makhado municipality, Cllr Samuel Munyai, said the family should know that the municipality and residents of the area shared their grief. “We know it is painful to lose loved ones, but we would like the family

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to accept it as it is. This is not the time to point fingers, but for the family to be more united than ever. We will be with you and give you the necessary support wherever possible,” he said. The police said that the police had opened an inquest docket. A spokesperson for the police said that the cause of the fire was not known at this stage, but they were still investigating the matter.



2 21 June 2019

Terrified Itsani residents kill roaming crocodile By Elmon Tshikhudo

Thick bushes surround the graves at Mbaleni graveyard and this has turned the cemetery into a safe haven for criminals.

Mbaleni cemetery is worse than a dumping site, complain residents By Elmon Tshikhudo Residents of Thohoyandou and surrounding areas who use the Mbaleni graveyard are up in arms with the Thulamela Municipality. This follows shocking revelations that the graveyard is becoming more of a dumping ground and a hiding place for criminals. Last week, this paper visited the graveyard and the situation was indeed found wanting. The graveyard is one of the most frequently used cemeteries in the Thulamela Municipality, but the cemetery is extremely neglected, with cemeteries in even rural villages better kept. Dense bushes are the order of the day, with only the section next to the entrance cleared.

The graveyard started many years ago and according to reports, it has since become a haven and operational base for criminals. Residents staying nearby are now living in fear as criminals use it as a hiding place and to store their loot. Ms Stella Mulaudzi, who stays nearby, said criminals had taken over the cemetery. “We have been complaining about these thick bushes here. It is no longer safer here and we hear of break-ins and thefts. It is not surprising, because the criminals have found a home at the cemetery. We are appealing to the municipality to clear this area and let the dead rest in peace,” she said. Mr David Mutavhatsindi, also a resident staying next to the graveyard, said they were afraid. “Our municipality is

letting us down and leaving us vulnerable to criminals. I think the municipality should employ people to take care of this cemetery. It now looks like the dead have been forgotten.” He added that the only clean part of the cemetery was the entrance, while many graves were covered by thick bushes. “There are so many unauthorised accesses to the cemetery that should also be closed for controlled entrance. The sooner the municipality does something about this, the better or we will stay at the mercy of the criminals,” he said. Asked for comment, the Thulamela municipality’s spokesperson said they would soon start with de-bushing and closing all the openings at the cemetery.

He said that the community members should refrain from walking at night and they should “immediately report any sight of these dangerous wild animals to the police instead of confronting them or killing them as that might put their lives in danger”. Another local resident, who preferred anonymity, said the sight of the crocodile in a village might be a sign of witchcraft. A traditional healer, Mr Matamba Mamuremi, said the presence of wild animals such as crocodiles in inhabited areas meant something in the village. “The traditional

leader of the area should call all senior members of the royal family together and seek a powerful traditional healer who will restore peace in the area,” he added. Mr Burcels Napo of the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism Limpopo said several reasons existed why crocodiles might be found in residential areas. He said it must have been moving to another habitat or looking for food. He said they were competing for food and the old ones would chase away the young to take control of the food.

Early January 2019, a mature leopard was allegedly spotted in the village, but conservation officials sent to investigate could not find any trace of it. The whereabouts of the vicious cat that sent shockwaves through the village are not known till now. As if that was not enough, for months now, residents of Itsani Maguluvheni outside Thohoyandou have been complaining about a crocodile that came out mostly in the dark. The crocodile is believed to have come from the bushes at a local project. The residents allege that the crocodile has terrorized the local community for a long time and many feared walking at night. Last Wednesday evening, their fears became a reality when a community member met the deadly animal, which was about to enter a local house. Terrified community members soon mobilised themselves and killed the crocodile. Mr Michael Gumula of the local SANCO said the sight of the crocodile had sent shockwaves in the village. “We do not understand what is happening here. First it was a leopard and now it is a crocodile. Residents are not safe here. We are just happy A community member carries the dead crocodile at Itsani on that no one was hurt by this Wednesday. Community members allege the crocodile was creature.” giving them sleepless nights.

Some young girls dance sarafina, while organizers Mr Tshifhiwa Mathelemusa (left) and Mr Ben Phosiwa (right) join them.

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Youth Day celebrated at Ngwenani By Silas Nduvheni

The Ngwenani Ya Ha-Mapholi sports ground near Vhufuli was abuzz with excitement on Sunday, as the Thulamela sub-region of the South African Civic Organization (Sanco) held its Youth Day celebrations. Hundreds of young people gathered for the event and to participate in sarafina and tshigombela dancing and the singing of freedom songs. Young people who attended the event also tasted some traditional foods, such as vhuswa vhutete ha mavhele, zwigwada, thophi and tshidzimba. They were told that they must remember that it was the food that their forefathers enjoyed during their days. One of the organizers of the event, Mr Tshifhiwa Mathelemusa, said the aim of the event was to inform and educate the youth of today on what happened on 16 June 1976. A guest speaker, Adv Vhuhuwavho Neluembeni, said the day was all about enrichment of the young people and they wanted the young people from the communities around Vhufuli to change their mindsets. Neluembeni said he wanted to

inform the young people that everything in life was possible if they worked hard and if they were determined and believed they could make it. Cllr Ernest Mulaudzi of the Thulamela Municipality said they wanted the young people to identify the role they could play in the current political situation. “The youth of today are faced with teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse and other problems. That is why the government is working with institutions to advance them, such as the Youth Council and Youth Development Agency,” said Mulaudzi.

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The neglected Mbaleni graveyard.


21 June 2019 3

Well-known philanthropist passes away By Andries van Zyl Well-known local philanthropist and humanitarian Mr Amie Chhaya passed away peacefully at his home in Eltivillas, Louis Trichardt, on Saturday, 15 June, at the age of 88 years. Born 24 January 1931 in Standerton, Amie moved to Louis Trichardt at the age of 12 after his father bought a business from the Khojas family, later to be known as Kay’s Fruit Shop in the then Trichardt Street (approximately where Clicks is situated today). He himself was a local business owner for many years. Although he had been wheelchair-bound the past year or so, he was in relatively good health. “After the death of my mother, Kulsum (82), just over two years ago, my father was mainly confined to his house. He still went to mosque, although sometimes finding it hard, struggling with arthritis,” said son Dr Mohamed Chhaya.

The late Amie Chhaya was affectionately known as the Minister of Blankets, mostly for his unselfish humanitarian work among the poor and destitute. Both locally and abroad, many benefited from his tireless efforts to help those around him. Locally he assisted with the Helping Hand and Rainbow Blanket projects. Nationally and internationally he assisted with relief efforts. For example, he assisted the Gift of the Givers in Mozambique during the floods of 2000. He also extended a helping hand to victims of the tsunami in southeast Asia in 2005. Numerous examples exist of Amie’s relief efforts. “It was a sad Father’s Day on Sunday, not only for our family, but for many others in Limpopo. He was a father figure to many, including communities, churches and orphanages,” said granddaughter Fatima Cassim. “His actions always matched his values; they were made visible through his actions,” she added. Son Mohamed

On of the highlights of the Mr Amie Chhaya’s life (right) was to meet former President Nelson Mandela (left) shortly after the country’s first democratic elections in 1994. Photo supplied.

agreed saying that his father had always dedicated his resources and more importantly his time to the needy. Apart from his humanitarian work, Amie also served the community on a political level. He formed part of Louis Trichardt’s first democratically elected town council after the country’s first democratic elections in 1994 and served as ANC councillor for more than two decades. The ANC Vhembe Region secretary Adv Anderson Mudunungu expressed his condolences to the Chhaya family. “The late Adam Chhaya was a community builder and a human rights activist. He was our ‘Blankets Minister’ and the ANC is proud that he touched many hearts of the poor, jobless and homeless by giving them blankets and food, especially during cold winter months like now. We pray that his soul rest in peace,” said Mudunungu. Condolences to the Chhaya family were also extended on a national level. “It is with deep regret that we learnt of the passing on of our beloved Adam Bhai. His work in Limpopo and selfless sacrifices in uplifting the downtrodden and poor is his legacy. He served without fear or favour and was always vocal on the organisations he served. I am also aware of his financial sacrifices. His passing on leaves a void. I will cherish fond memories of his sincere pleas at Tamcom meetings for the upliftment of oppressed peoples,” said Mr Salam Abram Mayet, a retired ANC member of parliament. “My dad was an exemplary gentleman who embodied the spirit of Ubuntu. Through my personal interaction with friends and society, I observed the tremendous impact of his generous spirit and caring nature,” said Mohamed. Fatima said that her grandfather firmly believed that the well-being of the community as a whole was more important than that of an individual. “Despite being from a previously disadvantaged community, he remained an active citizen in society. He instilled so much of hope in us, his grandchildren, and certainly led by example,” said Fatima. “Among his many admirable traits, he fo-

The late Mr Amie Chhaya (88). cussed on reconciliation and bringing people together. He was evicted in 1981, yet he still kept his bond and friendship with people from the old dispensation. He always tried to instil the importance amongst all races and people of different socio-economic backgrounds,” said Mohamed. “He was very much a mediator,” added Fatima. The late Amie Chhaya is survived by his son Mohamed, daughters Mariam, Naseema and Sadhia, son in laws Yusuf Cassim and Zunaid Mahomed, brothers Akbar and Solly, sisters Amina and Farida and eight grandchildren, namely Fatima (Chhaya), Rabia, Ayesha, Fatima (Cassim), Attiya, Ridwaan, Muaaz and Sumayya. He was buried in the Muslim Cemetery in Louis Trichardt on Saturday evening. “My father was very spiritual. He always believed that the best way to serve the Almighty was to serve your fellow men,” said Mohamed. The Chhaya family extended their heartfelt gratitude towards the Louis Trichardt community for the messages of condolences and words of support during this difficult time.

CTM reaches out and gives shoes to R1 million reward for 300 learners of Dzivhani Primary information on killers By Silas Nduvheni More than 300 learners from the rural school of Dzivhani Primary in Ha-Mphego village outside Thohoyandou will no longer have to go to school without shoes, thanks to Ceramic Tiles Market (CTM) for providing them with shoes during a ceremony last Friday. Dzivhani Primary School is also part of the Eco-Schools programme, an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that was developed to support environmental learning in the classroom. The

programme also encourages young people to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to protect it actively. The principal of Dzivhani Primary, Mr Thifhelimbilu Makhado, was over the moon to learn that all 351 learners from his school were to receive shoes, scarfs and warm hats. He said that it would advance learning and teaching. “We were chosen by the WESSA-Eco schools programme for shoes after they looked at the large number of learners going to school barefooted. We are rural-based school and many learners came

to school barefoot as their parents are not working,” said Makhado. According to him, one cannot believe that so many learners still come to school barefoot. The managing director of CTM in the Vhembe region, Pastor Livingstone Simango, said learners were future leaders and customers and businesses must invest in them by advancing them educationally. “We are doing business in this region and we want to develop the community and learners. We identified poor rural learners of Dzivhani and want to restore the dignity of poor and vulnerable learners.”

The managing director of CTM in Vhembe region, Pastor Livingstone Simango (seated on the left), tries to fit one of the learners with a new pair of shoes, The principal of Dzivhani Primary, Mr Thifhelimbilu Makhado (standing back on the left), the circuit manager of Luvhuvhu, Mr Mmboneni Rambani (standing back on the right) and some learners look on.

prominent Vhembe taxi owners Mr David Muthelo (45), who Three months ago, the South was gunned down at a busy African police in Limpopo shopping centre at Dzanani posted rewards of up to a in 2017, and Mr Tshishonga million rand in cash for Mbulaheni Peter Nthambeleni information that could lead (49) of Maniini, who was shot to the arrest of the killers of execution style at a car wash at prominent taxi operators and Maniini. That was in August trade unionists in Vhembe. last year. Since then, no arrests have Another taxi owner to be been made in connection with killed was Mr William Neththe murders. ononda or Thononda (65) of Limpopo police spokesperson Block F, who was gunned down Col Moatshe Ngoepe said the at his gate in July 2018. Mr rewards still stood. He said the Nthangeni Jerry Rammela (66) rewards were part of ongoing of Phiphidi was gunned down investigations of serious cases in in what was believed to be a the Thohoyandou cluster. robbery at his home in August Among those killed were 2015. During the killing, cash and a firearm were stolen. Ngoepe said Limpopo Police Commissioner LtGen Nneke Ledwaba had since established a task team to track down the killers of the taxi operators and bring them to book. “The motives of the killings are at this stage unknown, but the ongoing investigations will reveal that.” Anyone with information that can help the police to arrest the suspects involved in these murders can contact Brig James Espach at 082 576 0744 or the Crime Stop number 0860 010 111 or the Crime Line SMS 32211. The information received will always be treated with the strictest confidentiality. “The police investigaMr Nthangeni Jerry Rammela tions are still continuing,” (66) of Phiphidi, who was killed Ngoepe said. and robbed. By Elmon Tshikhudo

Taxi owner Mr David Muthelo (45).

Mr William Nethononda/ Thononda (66), who was gunned down at his gate.

Mr Peter Nthambeleni Tshishonga (49) of Maniini, who was shot execution style.

4 21 June 2019

Executive mayor to table budget at Saselamani By Ndivhuwo Musetha The executive mayor of the Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr Dowelani Nenguda, will deliver his first State of the District Address (SODA) next Thursday (27 June). He will table his SODA at the Saselamani Stadium in Xikundu village, in the Collins Chabane Local Municipality. The event will start at 10:00. According to the spokesperson of the municipality, Mr Matodzi Ralushai, more than 1 500 people are expected to attend this event. Transport will be available for those who are eager to attend. Information is available from the local councillors. The event will take place at the stadium to accommodate many people. Ralushai added that the SODA was a key tool for the district municipality to be accountable to what it had promised to The executive mayor of deliver and the Vhembe District Muhow the allonicipality, Cllr Dowelani cated budget Nenguda. was spent.


A “value for money budget” for Musina Musina News An amount of R7 million has been put aside to construct a sports centre at Ha-Manenzhe, while R8 million has been budgeted to provide the rural communities with a community hall at Muswodi during the coming 2019/20 financial year. This was said by the mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, when she presented the State of the Municipality address at the Musina Showgrounds on Tuesday. Muhlope said other projects included the construction of a multipurpose centre in Nancefield at a cost of R7 million and a further R6 million had been put aside to construct paved roads in Nancefield. She said it was of critical importance that Musina Local Municipality make every effort to ensure that its budget had value for money and that the expenditure and income were at optimum levels to secure basic service delivery. “Our total operating revenue for the 2019/20 financial year is R378,070 million. R39,016 million will be funded from the Municipal Infrastructure Grant. Other conditional grants include R2,365 million from the Finance Management Grant as well as R1,139 million from the Extended Public Works Programme Grant. The Integrated National Electrification Programme Grant is R10 million.” Muhlope also reported progress on the projects that the municipality is currently implementing during the current financial year coming to an end at the end of this month. “Last year during the budget speech, we announced some of the projects that we will be undertaking. I now have the pleasure to give the progress report thereof. The construction of paved roads in Nancefield, which was budgeted for R4 million, is nearing completion and the work is at 76%. Masisi Sports Centre, which had a budget of R5,2 million is now at 75%. Together with the provincial government, we managed to build 580 houses for our needy community members. This simply demonstrates that we are serious about fighting poverty and to improve the lives of our people. “During the current financial year, the municipality is providing free services to more than 3000 indigent families at a cost of over R4 million. These are the people whose joint family monthly income is R3 500 or less. Each

beneficiary of the municipality’s indigent policy receives 6 kilolitres of water, 55 kilowatts of electricity and 100% free sewer and refuse removal services every month. We will continue to do the same in the new financial year.” She said she was happy that the mayoral bursary continued to change the lives of young people in Musina. “Last year during this time, we

reported that in the past six years, the mayoral bursary had produced 15 graduates. I’m glad to announce that the number has now increased to 17. This is because we have produced two more graduates this year. We will continue to invest in education because we need educated young people who will be able to support the special economic zone in our municipality.”

Some of the guests of honour photographed with the mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope (seated) after the budget speech. The guests are from left to right: Thovhele Mmbangiseni Manenzhe, Cllr Samuel Munyai, Cllr Molly Mutele, Staff Sergeant Titus Madamalala from the SANDF, Cllr Dowelani Nenguda, Lt Col Erick Baloyi, Lt Col Sandla Ntshotsho (both from the SANDF) and Headman Rembuluwani Nduvheni.

Photographed shortly after the Musina Mayoral Budget speech are from left to right: Cllr Molly Mutele (acting mayor, Collins Chabane Municipality), Musina mayor Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, the mayor of Makhado Municipality Cllr Samuel Munyai and the Executive Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr Dowelani Nenguda.

Job scammers use hospital’s name to con their victims By Anton van Zyl The despicable job scammers are at it again, conning unsuspecting and often desperate job seekers out of the little money they have left. The past few weeks, several “new employees” arrived at the Zoutpansberg Private Hospital, hoping to start working as Ms Mudzunga Ramupfumedzi (43), a resident drivers. They quickly learned that of Mbilwi village outside Thohoyandou, was they were victims of con artists. dressed in school uniform on Friday in reThe modus operandi of the membrance of the student protests on 16 June scammers seems to be getting more 1976. Photo: Ndivhuwo Musetha. sophisticated. According to Ms Anneke Stroebel, manager at the hospital, they became aware of such a scam on 29 May when a person phoned the personnel manager asking about his “job”. Two weeks later, on 11 June, four people arrived at the hospital, enquiring about their jobs. The hospital staff had discussions with the people who were scammed, hoping to be able to trace the culprits. The victims were also

requested to report the scam to the police. From the details provided by the victims, the kingpin seems to be a man who goes by the name of Mathivha, who most probably uses a pseudonym. Mathivha apparently phones businesses in town, telling them that he is looking for drivers. He asks the businesses to refer any jobseekers to him. The scammer probably uses this method to avoid direct contact with his victims and to try and add legitimacy to his “advertisement”. Once contacted by a victim, Mathivha explains that he can secure employment at a Louis Trichardt-based company that needs drivers. He tells the victims that the contract is for five years and he promises a salary of up to R13 000 per month. The job seekers are then requested to buy airtime and send through the pin to Mathivha. The amounts involved are normally between R200 and R300.

Once the airtime is encashed, Mathivha contacts the victims, telling them to pay R3 000 for the uniforms that he must buy. Once again, the money must be transferred via airtime. Mathivha always has a convenient excuse why cash or bank transfers are not acceptable. He then sends the victims a “pin number” for the “gate”, telling them that this will allow them to enter and report for duty. Of course, when the victims arrive at their new “place of work”, they find out that they have been conned. In this case, staff at the Zoutpansberg Private Hospital had to tell them that their recruitment process does not work this way and that no vacancies exist for drivers. Ms Stroebel said that the hospital strongly condemned the actions of these con artists. She warned people not to fall prey to such scams and to report the con artists to the police immediately. The Limpopo Mirror tried to

contact the cellphone number used by the con artists (079 925 7553), but the phone immediately went to voicemail. Makhado SAPS spokesperson Const Irene Radzilane said in response to a query that she was aware of the complaints, but that no record could be found locally of anybody opening a case in this regard. She added, however, that the victim(s) must report to matter to the police in the area where the alleged crime took place, which is at the Waterval police in this case. By the time of our going to press, the Waterval police had yet to confirm if any such cases had been reported to them. In the meantime, it came to light that the scammer, using the same surname but a different number (082 463 1792), tried the same trick at the Elim Hospital. Residents are warned to remain vigilant and not fall for the man’s scam.

International researchers attending annual Mango Day Wedding bells ring at Dopeni Mukovhe Swalivha and the new Phalaphala FM newsreader, Ridokunda Tshindane, tied the knot during a ceremony at the Way Truth and Life Church at Dopeni on Sunday.

Agriculture The South African Mango Growers’ Association (SAMGA) will host its annual Mango Day this year again at the Fairview Hotel, Tzaneen. The event will take place on 19 July and will once more draw considerable local and international interest. SAMGA said they were fortunate this year to have another interna-

tional researcher presenting at the symposium. “Dr Yuval Cohen, of The Volcani Institute in Israel, will be our important guest speaker and will present on mango cultivars and trends in Israel’s mango-production industry,” said SAMGA in a press release. This symposium serves as a forum for the sharing of research carried out on pest and disease management, chemicals, agricultural performance management,

and new cultivar selections that are evaluated in all the production areas. Researchers, growers, and processors will not only benefit from the information shared but will also establish valuable networks. SAMGA’s research projects are selected annually to address current production matters as well as future needs of the South African Mango Industry. “It is therefore essential to look beyond our borders and

collaborate with other mango-producing countries to find solutions to problems and build a better industry. The annual mango day provides a platform to do this for the future benefit of our industry and its growers,” said Andre Botha, SAMGA’s technical coordinator. To register for the symposium, contact Christa de la Port at Tel 015 307 3676 or via email at christa@


21 June 2019 5

The first thing that draws any person to Lufuno Khakhu is her perfect and brilliant smile. She seems to contain an infectious happiness about life, so that those around her cannot help but feel rejuvenated by just looking at her. Perhaps her smile is the quality that won the hearts of the judges during the Miss Mashamba Campus 2019, a beauty contest for the Mashamba-based campus of the Vhembe TVET College that was held a fortnight ago.

Lufuno Khakhu exudes confidence.

Lufuno was crowned Miss Mashamba 2019 and all the attendants on the night of the contest seemed to share the judges’ decision. A young beautiful woman from Khakhu village, Lufuno said she had all along believed that she could win the contest because she had been trained and motivated by a winner, Unarine Mbanyane, who was the crown holder of Miss Mashamba Campus 2017. “The preparations went very well on my side and I normally believe in myself,” she said. She stated that modelling encouraged girls to have ambitions in life and that it also instilled in them a sense of self-confidence, discipline, and a knack for setting big goals and dreams. “As the youth we must believe in ourselves and follow our dreams,” she said. She fell in love with modelling at the age of five, when she saw a beauty contest on television. “Then I started to practice the basics of modelling, which included all those movements and how to present oneself before people. I kept it at that, until just this year when I entered the Miss Mashamba Campus 2019,” she said. “In my understanding of the world, beauty is attractive, shape, colour, smile and the manner which one might have. Therefore, being Miss Mashamba Campus 2019 means that one of my dreams that I have waited for for so long has come true.” She is currently studying farm management at the Vhembe TVET College’s Mashamba Campus. Meanwhile, Konanani Mudau was named first princess while Tshifhiwa Netshepete was crowned second princess. Konanani received a tablet and Tshifhiwa received a cellphone. Miss Mashamba Campus 2019, Lufuno, received a laptop.

these are reports from people who have been subjected to Corruption Watch released threats and attempts to extort their Corruption in Uniform money. A disturbing trend is report last week, which looks the increasing reports from at the alarming levels of corwomen of attempts to extort ruption in policing in South either money or sexual favours, Africa. Since the organisaalso known as sextortion, and tion’s inception in 2012, some frequently from those in the 1 400 members of the public most vulnerable of positions. have felt concerned enough Equally damaging are the to share their experiences of cases where police officers have corruption at the hands of the made dockets disappear for police. a bribe, suggesting collusion According to the report, the with the very criminals they are leading categories of corruption supposed to be putting behind from these reports are bribery bars, who are then left to (33%), abuse of power (23%), continue terrorising the public and dereliction of duty (18%), unhindered. all of which can have severe “This report is the story of consequences for those seeking almost every woman, man help and support from the men and child in our country, and and women in uniform entrust- that is the most troubling ed with protecting and serving fact,” says Corruption Watch the people of this country. researcher Melusi Ncala, the The most implicated police project manager. “To think that officials in the report are detec- 25 years later, in a democratic tives and investigating officers, South Africa, an institution who are frequently aided by that is supposed to protect and other colleagues. The statistics serve us all operates in a binary according to rank are detecway when we call for help is tives and investigating officers disconcerting at best and very who make up 26% of the total, dangerous at worst. Regardless station commanders (15%), of our gender, race, class and followed by captains at (12%), proximity to political power, constables at (10%), whilst the we all have the fundamental remainder includes sergeants human right to feel safe in and warrant officers, among our homes, places of worship, others. offices and streets.” Corruption Watch states that Ncala said citizens needed to the stories shared by communi- take heed of what over 1 400 ty members across the country whistle-blowers had said. “Let amplify the lack of confidence us work collectively, with the in law enforcement, and the police, to shape and mould the damaging effect when entrust- South African Police Service ed power is abused. Among into an institution of accountBy Andries van Zyl

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ability and transparency, an institution that is corruption-free and whose men and women are concerned with protecting us all and not lining their pockets or aiding and abetting a system of patronage.” Corruption Watch does advocate for certain positive steps to address the systemic corruption in order to restore public trust in the policing sector. They feel strongly that political will and a commitment from the sector itself need to be there to deal with the perpetrators of corruption within their ranks. Room also exists for multi-stakeholder engagement to provide solutions and support for bringing guilty parties to book, and providing solutions to closing the gaps that make corruption possible. In November 2018, Corruption Watch was selected as one of the four winners of the Google Impact Challenge, a nationwide competition aimed at improving inequality through innovation. Corruption Watch’s campaign, which includes the development of a tool called Know your police station, provides an opportunity to increase public participation in exposing and reporting on police corruption and misconduct, and to improve transparency in the SAPS by providing key data and information about how police stations operate. Apart from addressing corruption, the aim is also to build trust in the police by highlighting exemplary performance.


By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Corruption rife within SAPS


Lufuno reigns as Miss Mashamba



6 21 June 2019

“Ban contraceptives so that the Vhavenda nation can grow” By Elmon Tshikhudo Well-known Limpopo traditional healer Vho Maine Matamba Mamuremi has made startling claims that the gods have visited him and revealed to him they are not happy about Vhavenda women’s using contracep-

tives. In an exclusive interview with Limpopo Mirror, Matamba, of Tsianda outside Louis Trichardt, the chairperson of the Vhangona Indigenous Health Practitioners, said Vhavenda women in Vhembe were using contraceptives and doing family planning to such

an extent that no more births were taking place in the area, an area inhabited by a nation that is one of the smallest ethnic groups. He said the gods had told him that for the Venda population to grow, the women must go back to their roots and not take contraceptives. “We are a minority group that has produced many leaders, but our population remains down. This has made the gods very angry, to such an extent that there will be danger for those who do not heed the call. Women are special beings created by God to multiply the nation, but what they are doing now is the direct opposite,” he said. Matamba further indicated that the gods had told him that dire consequences would be the result if the women did not change.

Traditional healer Mr Matamba Mamuremi warned Vhavenda women to stop using contraceptives.

“The consequences are here. There is no longer long life and diseases are here to stay, some of them chronic. In the olden days, people used to live up to a thousand years, but now people are dying very young. Please go back to your roots or face the consequences,” said Mamuremi.

Photographed during the event are Cllr SG Maluleke of the Collins Chabane Municipality, Mr Zwikhodo Mandoma (winner in agriculture), Mr Ndaelo Tshikovhi (winner in SMME), Cllr MR Magada, Mr Agreepa Neduvhuledza (winner in Tourism) and Cllr Fulufhelo Mutheiwana of the Thulamela Municipality.

Awards for our young entrepreneurs received trophies and R60 000 and R30 000 respectively. The Vhembe District MunicMr Zwikhodo Mangoma (29) ipality celebrated national was the overall winner in the Youth Day, 16 June, by giving agriculture category. Mangoyoung entrepreneurs some ma is farming tomatoes, okra, awards during an event at the sweet melons, green beans and Malamulele Boxing Gym last green peppers at Tshikhudini, Friday, 15 June. Folovhodwe. He has created Cllr MR Magada, who was jobs for seven people - five of standing in for the Vhembe them youths - and his products executive mayor, Cllr Doware supplied to the local and elani Nenguda, presented the national market. nine awards to youths who are Mr Ndaelo Tshikovhi took involved in business in the agfirst position in the SMME riculture, tourism and SMME category through his TCC IT categories. In each category, the company that he runs in the winners were given a cheque of Thohoyandou CBD. He created R120 000 and trophies. Those jobs for 14 people, while Mr in second and third positions Agreepa Neduvhuledza took By Ndivhuwo Musetha

first position in the category for tourism. Cllr Magada encouraged the youths who are involved in business to have patience, so that they can allow their businesses to grow, instead of having too many expectations and ending up closing shop before they succeed. He also advised the youth to take education seriously, so that they can succeed in life. “There are many opportunities offered by this government to help our youth to succeed in life. In our local municipalities and district, we also give bursaries to deserving students who are from underprivileged families.”

Limpopo Show Productions extending a helping hand By Silas Nduvheni A Grade 10 learner at Fhatuwani Secondary School in Malavuwe village is ecstatic after a charity organization, Limpopo Show Productions, finally helped her to apply for an identity document.


The founder and director of Limpopo Show Productions, Mr Layton Mabalani (left) busy assisting Mpfariseni Mudau (right) in applying for an identity document.

Limpopo Show Productions aims to assist poor communities with various aspects of their life. “Without an identity document, I was unable to apply for my child support grant and we are from a poor family,” said Mpfariseni Mudau (19). “My parents cannot afford to help me with my needs,” she added. She said that she went to Limpopo Show Productions after she was informed that the organization was helping poor communities to get basic needs such as applying for an identity document.

The founder and director of Limpopo Show Productions, Mr Layton Mabalani, said he left his paying job in Gauteng and started the organization to assist disadvantaged communities in addressing their problems and providing a solution to the various problems they were experiencing in their daily lives. He said he usually accompanied people from poor rural communities who wanted to apply for identity documents to Home Affairs in Makwarela and helped them with transport fees and funds for applying for the document. “I did my research while visiting Lephalale and Polokwane, looking at how rural communities are accessing government services and, in some cases, some poor communities are paying money to get jobs,” said Mabalani. Mabalani said those wishing to sponsor the organization can phone him on 082 2215 021.

A dream to establish old age home that would cater for this group of people. Most of them do Sybil Kubayi, a nurse at the not have the resources and the Nkhensani Clinic in Chavani education to follow a healthy village, is chasing her dream. diet,” Kubayi explained. Her dream, however, does When the patients visit the not focus on her own needs clinic, they are advised on what but rather on those of the to do and the diet they should pensioners in her community. follow, but some completely She wants to provide a safe forget. “If an old-age home is haven for them where they established in the village, the are properly being cared for. elderly can be monitored and Kubayi has noticed that assured of better health,” said many older people with chronic Kubayi. This will also make illnesses visit the clinic. These it easier for relatives who can patients cannot be helped then regularly visit the elderly. effectively at their homes, but In 2015, Kubayi established the clinic can also not look after a facility to take care of people them 24 hours a day. aged 60 and older. “Currently, “After visiting the homes the elderly come only on Monof several elderly people in days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Chavani, I realised that a need but that is not my wish. I existed to establish a facility intend setting up a full-fledged By Bernard Chiguvare

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old age home. The old should be staying at the place, but we lack the necessary infrastructure,” she said. With the help of some volunteers, Kubayi is now looking after 43 elderly people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or HIV/AIDS. The elderly are encouraged to do physical exercises and some jog around the nearby playground. They are also supplied with food such as vegetables, porridge, tea and bread. “If the organisation can secure funding, Kubayi hopes to treat the elderly to a variety of meals. Two weeks ago, Old Mutual donated R15 000 towards the building of an office for the project.

Sybil Kubayi, a nurse at the Nkhensani Clinic in Chavani village.


21 June 2019 7 SHAKA

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8 21 June 2019

Pain inspires Willemina’s art

Ramarumo ‘Celebrating Life’

life is a precious gift given to them by the Giver as a huge privilege to date everyone,” she said. By Mbulaheni Ridovho- riety of art materials, but disabled individuals. As a young boy growing up at Tshibvumo fulfil a specific purpose,” he said. my newly found medium Disability is not an She recently won the na village in Dzimauli, Mashudu Ramarumo “If they do not find this specific is mud. It is a natural inability. My sister TinArnold Classic Africa discovered a worn-out copy of the Bible in purpose, their lives automatically Losing your loved ones resource, easily accessible yiko Gwambe was born art competition. She can his late aunt’s house and started explorbecome an experiment. They live is painful and hard to and when I compare it without limbs and she be reached on 067 023 ing its chapters. Little did he know that life without any meaning and deal with, but Willemi- with other mediums, it graduated with her social 2178 or 071 558 1718 or the reading of the Scriptures and great direction. They will end up using na Mamoraka Gwambe produces better results work degree this year,” at w.gwambe93@gmail. stories found in the Bible formed the their lives for dangerous activities has found solace in art. than any other medium. she said. com. basis of his love for literature and planted that end up disrupting their desThe 26-year-old artist I discovered that I could She added that the a seed in his heart for writing. tiny. They need to be aware that from Tshilamba in the use mud to paint when I NPO also offered free art However, today he recalls that reading the as long as they don’t understand Mutale area said that she stayed with my grandlessons to children living Bible ended up triggering a deep passion the reason for their existence, they had always been intermother in Vondwe,” she in disadvantaged comto share the wealth of information about will be victims of misuse, abuse ested in art, but it was a said. “Art is a hobby, but munities where art was human life with other people. and waste. The end result is loss once-off thing. “I became I consider it my full-time not considered an im“When I was alone, I would take notes of self-worth, self-esteem and devoted to art after I lost job because, since I grad- portant discipline. “The that I would share with my friends who dreams, and they become slaves of my mother Irene and uated in 2016, I haven’t only factor hindering showed a great interest in my writings,” poverty, substance abuse and loss sister Dudu Gwambe a had any luck in securing the progress of the he said. “Their interest became a fuel that of freedom through incarcerations year apart. To deal with a job in social work.” company is a lack of propelled my energy into producing more in correctional facilities.” loss and depression I She recently started materials to be writings. Soon after I had earned the nickRamarumo’s book is directly started teaching myself a non-profit organisaable to accomname ‘Bookworm’”. available from him and he can be art, making use of Google tion (NPO) called moIn 2003, a grown-up Ramarumo started reached on 076 391 4374. and YouTube,” she said. Willeminartist writing motivational articles for the Zion The social work gradSanctuary. “I Christian Church’s magazine known as uate from the University started WillemMessenger. “I have so far written over 30 of Pretoria said that the inartist Sanctuarticles for the Messenger, which is read by deaths of her loved ones ary because of thousands of readers throughout the world,” motivated her to become unemployment he said. “These articles paved the way for an artist. “I lived in times and a rising need my book, Celebrating Life.” where cellphones were for social workers According to Ramarumo, the title of his still developing, and I did in communibook is self-explanatory. “It seeks to implore not have enough pictures ties. I use art as masses of our people, young and old, rich of them. The aim was to a form of play and poor, employed and unemployed, leadrecreate their images in therapy, and it ers and followers, to celebrate life in spite an artistic form.” is very effective of all difficulties and challenges,” he said. The self-taught artist when working “Life is the ultimate gift that supersedes all said that she used mud to with mentally other gifts. Life precedes anything we own. make her art. “I use a va- challenged and Life is so precious, to such an extent that no amount of money can buy it. No one is voted for to receive life. We do not receive life as a result how much we have in our accounts.” good-quality music had become very costly, their lives. By Elmon Tshikhundo He further explained that life is given to while piracy was taking its toll on the other He thanked all who contributed to the suchumanity as a privilege and for a specific Five years ago, popular reggae musician Just hand. “We are in a very awkward position cess of the album. His music is available online purpose. He stated that humanity was given Ice vanished from the music scene and has as artists. Our fans are always waiting for on iTunes, Amazon music, Google play and life to celebrate it and not to harm fellow not released a full album since then. something new, not knowing what we are going Spotify. human beings. “Before we can celebrate This has not brought peace to him as his fans through. We spend a lot of money trying to academic excellence or the purchase of a have been pressurizing him to come up with the give them the best, but we are not getting any property, we should have started with celemusic they so love. income in return.” brating life each day,” he said. The well-known musician has succumbed to He further indicated that his latest release He said it had taken him three years to pressure and released a very powerful album was a way of sending messages to the comwrite Celebrating Life. He had to research Dzingwane, Matombo na Misalesale. munity and that his long absence from the the material which resulted in the actual Looking at the reception since its release last industry had also been a blessing in disguise, as content of the publication. His book is month, the new album is set to make ripples in it allowed him to prepare and come up with a published by a ground-breaking publishing the music arena. According to Just Ice, all the good album. He added that all the tracks were house, Dzuvha Publishers, which seeks to tracks on the album are very popular and he full of messages that could help people in life. promote a culture of reading and writing in cannot single out any of the tracks as being the He said the song Hu Tshinyalelwa Nne was a South Africa. The cover of musician Just Ice’s latest best. warning to people to be wary of bad friends and “It is Youth Month now, and I can only offering. About the delay, he said, producing to concentrate on things that could improve encourage youths out there to be aware that By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Just Ice back with a bang after five years

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Meet Mme a Vhatukana By Maanda Bele Meet our presenter, Rofhiwa Bulwana, also known as Mme a Vhatukana. Rofhiwa hails from Tshithuthuni village in Nzhelele and she was born in 1990. She started her education at Tshithuthuni Primary School and completed her matric at Nnditsheni in 2007. Rofhiwa is the presenter of Nzhelele FM’s religious shows and relishes praising the Lord and preparing believers for church. “ I love radio, and being a presenter has always been my dream,” she said. “Being on radio taught me a lot of things about the Bible and praising God. I am happy for this huge learning opportunity,” she added. Rofhiwa joined Nzhelele FM in 2018. She also thanks God for always being there for her.

Rofhiwa Bulwana

Thendo na vhugala every Sunday from 03:00 until 06:00


21 June 2019 9


Art & Entertainment Mulalo brings peace Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

meaning and joy in presenting his news bulletins in Tshivenda since it added more value to his mother tongue. “I live radio, I breathe radio and I walk radio,” he said. “I bring peace with my voice.” He said he was worried about shoddy work that many newsreaders presented to listeners in this age rife with social media messages. “As newsreaders, we are journalists first and we always need to bear in mind that fact, or else we will tend to skip some serious ethics and rules that govern journalism,” he said. “We need to put more energy into researching and double-checking the veracity of the news we report.” He appreciates the fact that the community station’s management have afforded him the opportunity to interact with the public. “The encouragement I receive from listeners who like my voice, style and energy is awesome,” he said. “I had a rough journey to eventually get where I am today and that encouragement from listeners is all that gives me joy.” Mulalo urges the youth to take education seriously because it forms the foundation on which they can build a good future.

The sounds of a radio presenter or news anchor wafting through the air from a passing car or a nearby stationary bus at a busy bus terminal had always fascinated Mulalo Muvhango-Mathoma so much that he decided to see himself as having a future in radio. This young man from Tshamutilikwa village is currently a reputable newsreader at the Louis Trichardt-based community radio station, Makhado FM. “One of the distinctive voices of newsreaders that reached my ears and made an impact on me was that of the late Mbulungeni Mafenya Mphaphuli,” he said. “My love for news reading had developed in me just after I had listened to him read news on Phalaphala FM in the early 2000s. He had a rare skill and talent that I had not seen anywhere before. To sum it up, his talent was unique.” In the same vein, Mulalo’s talent is one of a kind and remains the best quality that sets him apart from his colleagues and contemporaries. As he reads news, his abilities keep radio listeners’ ears glued to their radios. “I had chiselled my talent at Kingdom FM where I had a stint, reading news and presenting current social affairs,” he said. “I was also leading a talk show until I had found greener pastures at Makhado FM.” A graduate of media studies from Mulalo Muvhang Intec College, Mulalo o-Mathoma is a yo ung ra dio voice worth lis said that he found more tening to.

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Entertainment When he is walking down the street, you might think he is just an ordinary young man because he does not have a distinctive posture. The moment he sits behind the microphone, you will fully enjoy the thrilling entertainment of radio. This is the story of Sedzani Raphulu (22), who is fast making a name for himself in the radio industry. Widely known as “Sedzi Bi” by his adoring fans, Raphulu presents the National Top 20 programme on Musina FM every Friday between 20:00 and midnight. He also presents the morning drive show between 06:00 and 09:00. Raphulu, who drew his inspiration from various veteran presenters, fell in love with radio at a very young age. “I always came out tops during the debate competitions at school. My fellow students and teachers kept on telling me that I was a very good speaker who could use his speaking ability to make a living. After completing my Grade 12, I studied radio production, content management and photojournalism in order to fulfil my dream of becoming a media

practitioner.” The young man with the golden voice started his career at Nzhelele FM and moved to Musina FM in December last year. “Musina FM is my new home and I enjoy the warmth of my listeners. I always make sure that the listeners are part of my shows because I give them an opportunity to interact with me. This could either be through social media or studio telephone calls. This makes them so special because they feel that their support is appreciated, and their contributions are considered for the improvement of the show.” Raphulu, who also has an interest in farming, says when he is not at the studio, he participates in various community building initiatives. “I am a founder of a community-based organization called Youth Future and Education Investment that assists learners to reach their educational goals. We guide them on studying tactics and we also assist them to apply for admission to institutions of higher learning.” He encourages other aspirant presenters to seek education first before they fully venture into the broadcasting industry.

A large group of elderly and young people, as well as Phalaphala FM workers around the Vhembe area, participated in an aerobics exercise at the Thavhani Mall in Thohoyandou on Saturday. The event was hosted by Phalaphala FM, in partnership with Thavhani Mall. The marketing manager of Phalaphala FM, Ms Rudzani Mashaba, said the main idea of the event was to keep the people fit and teach them about health. She said that this was the second year that the event had taken place and she was happy with the attendance. According to her, the elderly set a true example to the young people. She commended them for keeping fit. “You are not only winding up time by [doing] aerobics,” she said. “You are keeping your bodies healthy and remember that a healthy body has a healthy mind. These elders in their golden years are shunning the stigma that goes with old age. Let us do away with the idea that elders are supposed to sit at home, doing nothing until sunset.” She encouraged the elderly to continue participating in training and to have active lives. “By maintaining an active lifestyle, you are a very good example to your children and grandchildren,” she said. “They will hopefully follow in your footsteps. At this age, you must focus on positive things, rather than worry about things that you cannot change. Although several of these ladies are of advanced age, what they are doing shows that they are still young in spirit.” Ms Tiny Manwadu of the marketing team of the Thavhana Mall said that since they had started this event, they had observed positive changes in the lives of the elderly, and they were happy with the progress. “We all need healthy bodies to do our work properly and some of us are inviting diseases that could be avoided just by exercising. The more we grow, the more we can make a positive change in our lives.”

Sedzi Bi.

Black Pearl Vee is not your average singer Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Rabelani Vaidah Mugivhi, well known by her stage name Black Pearl Vee, is a talented singer who has been performing her recorded music to a larger audience for the past four years. A resident of Ha-Mutsha village near Thohoyandou, Black Pearl Vee’s love for music had manifested in her at the tender age of three. At that time, she entertained villagers through her spontaneous dancing moves, courageous personality and beautiful voice. “Music has been part of my life from as far back as I can remember,” she said. She fully embraced her singing talent with the energy of a mature social being when she attended St Brendan’s Catholic School. She joined the school’s choir and enrolled for guitar classes as part of her weekend activities. “In my matric year I was elected as the entertainment board representative, where I discharged responsibilities such as organising the weekend learner entertainment and was also involved in the supervision of evening studies in my allocated boarding section,” she said. “All those activities also helped me grow as a responsible artist who wanted her talent to develop beyond the confines of a private school.” She had formed a dancing crew named Blue Dust. She was later honoured with an award as the best entertainment board representative of

the year 2010. After matric, she went to Rosebank College in Pretoria where she obtained a qualification in public administration. “After graduating, I volunteered at a non-profit organisation called Reakga Sechaba,” she said. “It was during that time when I recorded my first song, entitled Reakga Sechaba. The song was produced by Praise Malinga and people loved the song very much.” She has since released more than 10 singles, such as Endless love, Let’s just do this, I feel like dancing, Muthande, and Crazy in love. “Crazy in love gained popular recognition on online radio stations and digital stores,” she said. Black Pearl Vee cemented her music potential when she entered the Thavhani Mall singing competition where she took second position and walked away with a R10 000 cash prize. In March this year, this young artist mesmerised thousands of music lovers during the Hartebeespoort Dam Festival with her musical performance in the North West province where she shared the stage with radio DJ Miss P. She recently signed a promising recording deal with Director Maboko (Pty) Ltd, with a publishing deal

incorporated with Big Mani Entertainment to distribute, market, brand and manage. “I am now working on yet another house hit, “Music to my ears,” she said. “In the meantime, my debut album is in the pipeline.” Those interested in Black Pearl Vee can reach her via Dakalo Mbulaheni on 076 095 4870 or mbulaheni_dk@ directormaboko.

Community members photographed during the aerobics session.

Black Pearl Vee. Some of the people participating in the aerobics.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 21 June 2019

School desks sold as scrap metal By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo Public schools in Limpopo Province are allowed to dispose of their old school furniture in any manner they want, even if it means selling the desks for scrap metal. This worrying reality was confirmed by the Limpopo Department of Education’s spokesperson, Mr Sam Makondo, last week. Makondo responded to a request for comment after he was sent a photo of a bakkie loaded with old school desks. The driver

took the load to a Louis Trichardt-based scrap-metal dealer. Two weeks ago, a reader sent through the photo of the bakkie with the school desks, which he had taken on the road between Elim and Louis Trichardt. According to the reader, that was the second time in a week that he ended up driving behind the bakkie that was en route to the scrap-metal dealer. What worried him, he said, was the fact that the steel frameworks of the desks seemed to be in perfectly good shape. Given the shortage of

A bakkie is spotted in Louis Trichardt carrying old school furniture. Photo supplied.

school furniture, he thought it would be better to repair and use these desks. According to Makonde, each school has its own management policy on its infrastructure and loose property. This prescribes the maintenance, buying and disposing of assets. The department’s norms and standards must, however, be respected. “The department disposes of old furniture through transfers to other stakeholders and open government auctions,” said Mr Makondo. He said a need for analysis existed at each school and this process involved inspectors based at district offices and the school management. Mr Makondo said the school management submitted their furniture requests at the district office and those needs were verified at the district level. According to the Financial Regulations, Framework and Standard Chart of Accounts for public schools, assets must only be disposed of if they cannot be repaired or used for their intended purposes. “Schools may not dispose of assets without approval from the Provincial Department of Education. An effort should be made to share of surplus and unused assets to a place where there is a need such as other schools, institutions and charitable bodies, etc,” reads the regulation. The principal has to see to it that the asset-disposal procedures are followed, income is received and the appropriate account entries are made.

Members of the Vhembe NGO Forum, photographed at the Department of Social Development in Vhembe, where they protested against the non-payment of their stipends.

Vhembe NGOs have not received allowances for three months By Elmon Tshikhudo NGOs under the umbrella of the Vhembe NGO Forum have vowed not to submit their monthly reports until they are paid their outstanding stipends to run their programmes. Forum members gathered at the Vhembe square on Tuesday and marched to the district social development offices where they handed over their grievances to the acting director of the department, Mr Rudzani Mulaudzi. He promised to pass on the grievances to the relevant authorities. Forum spokesperson Ms

Fancy Malapela said that her members had not received their monthly allowances for three months now. She said they had been in constant engagements with the department over a range of issues, but their meetings had not borne any fruits. Malapela said financial constraints were adversely affecting them as they could no longer run their programmes. “We had planned for Youth Month activities, but we could not run them as we do not have the funds. We have families to support, and how do they think we could look after them without money? The officials are getting paid every month while we suffer doing their work on

the ground,” she said. “We are being treated like second-hand residents of this country without any rights. Even the lowest-paid workers have a minimum wage, but we who are doing a big job are not taken seriously. We voted for this government and we deserve the fruits of this democracy. As of now, we have taken a stand that we will not submit the monthly reports until we get paid what is due to us,” Malapela said. Munna Ndi Nnyi Men’s Forum chairperson Mr Bardwell Mufunwaini called on social workers from the department to show respect and not treat NGOs as their own businesses.

Louis Trichardt SPCA to hold AGM Animal Welfare

Members of the public are invited to attend the annual general meeting of the LTT SPCA on Thursday, 11 July. The meeting will start at

18:30 at Smart Fitness at 123 President Street. Persons wishing to make themselves available for the SPCA’s management committee must submit their names in writing to the chairperson, Yolanda Cronjé,

at yolandacronje8@gmail. com to arrive no later than seven days before the date set for the AGM. Each submission must be accompanied by a one-page curriculum vitae and motivation.

The story of just another street child from Zimbabwe By Bernard Chiguvare

There are few things in life as traumatic as getting injured during a motor vehicle accident. Did you know... should you or a loved one be injured in an accident (except for when the driver was the cause of the accident), or you are a dependant of a deceased victim in a motor vehicle accident, you could possibly submit a claim against the Road Accident Fund. The Road Accident Fund is a public entity which is funded by our fuel levy included in the petrol and diesel prices. The purpose of the Road Accident Fund is to compensate for the loss or damages due to physical injuries as a result of the negligent driving of vehicles on South African roads. How long after my accident do I have to submit a claim? If the identity of the negligent / guilty driver, or owner of the vehicle involved, is known, the claim must be submitted within three years of the date of the accident. This is not applicable when it comes to claims of a minor. In the event that the person’s identity is unknown, the claim must be submitted within two years. What can I claim? A claim can consist of the following: • Past and future hospital and medical expenses • Past and future loss of income • General damages, compensation for pain, suffering and enjoyment of life • Past and future loss of maintenance in the case of a dependant of a deceased victim • Funeral expenses Should you require more information about your rights as a motor vehicle accident victim, contact Yvonne Kruger Inc. on 011-468-5088 or visit our website: or email This article is brought to you by YvonneKruger Inc. Attorneys. We specialise in personal injury litigation.

“How old are you?” I asked the young man sitting near the dumpster at the Shoprite centre in Louis Trichardt. Earlier he had told me that his name was Brightmore Mukaranga*. “I’m 14,” he answered. Brightmore formed part of a group of seven Zimbabwean teenagers living under a big tree, begging for money during the day and scavenging for food from a nearby municipal skip. It was midway through May and I interviewed them for an article, focusing on the plight of the region’s “street children”. The boys told me that they shared a torn mattress and two blankets. They would wake up at 06:00 and pack their blankets and clothes into a big white bag and hang it in the tree for safety. When it rained, they moved to the veranda of the nearby shops. During the day they would go out looking for work and food, begging from passers-by or picking up leftover food thrown into the municipal skip. They had no plates or pots and did not cook. A week after the interview I searched for Brightmore again. I needed to find out where he came from and what had brought

him to this town. “You’ll find them there at Phadziri,” someone at the taxi rank next to Shoprite told me. A couple of blocks further, next to some bushes, I spotted Brightmore. “We were chased away from our soup kitchen,” he remarked. The boys jokingly referred to the municipal bin as their soup kitchen. For now, they sleep in the bushes, but with winter arriving this is not comfortable. “Where are you from?” I started exploring. Brightmore told me he was born in Gutu, a rural district in Zimbabwe, some 500 kilometres to the north. Gutu is by no means a wealthy district, but it is not the worst. One can probably describe the district as “slightly above average” as far as standards of living are concerned, but poverty is rife. Brightmore seemed to be yet another product of a broken home. His parents divorced in 2015, when he was 10 years old. His father, at that stage, had left for South Africa to find work. His mother moved to Harare and Brightmore was left with his grandparents. Promises that money would be sent to pay for food and school fees did not materialise. The grandparents battled to provide in

the needs of a growing boy. Brightmore, at that stage in Grade 5, dropped out of school. He went to Masvingo, a city some 80 kilometres to the southwest. There he spent the next three years scavenging bins and begging for food or money. “It was difficult,” he recalled. In 2018, he decided to chase the elusive “Mzansi dream”, crossing the country’s border to the south to seek his fortune in Egoli. “From Masvingo to Beit Bridge I hiked, paying R100,” he said. Like many others he crossed the border illegally, evading the dangerous guma guma gangs. “I walked to Musina where I stayed for several months, but things did not work

well for me, so I decided to proceed to Louis Trichardt,” said Brightmore. For many hopefuls such as Brightmore, Louis Trichardt is just another stopover. The town is much bigger than Musina and 100km closer to the city, a place to do some “piece jobs” and gather enough money to travel further south. But like so many before him, Brightmore got stuck. “Living in the streets is hard. At times I go for a day without eating any warm meal. To make matters worse, I have no warm clothes or blankets, even though it is winter season. We warm ourselves at a fire made from empty card-

Brightmore Mukaranga.

board boxes. Most passers-by are reluctant to give us money or food,” he said. “Don’t you want to go back?” I asked. The question seemed to touch a nerve and he became silent. “I think my grandparents in Gutu will welcome me back,” he said. A week ago, I tried to find Brightmore again. He was not at the Shoprite centre and I could not find him near the Phadziri bus depot. “We think he has gone to Musina,” one of the other boys said. They reckoned he may even have gone back to Gutu. But no-one was really sure. * Not his real surname


21 June 2019 11

Univen graduates embrace their culture with traditional attire Mkhonto said that she decided to wear siswati because she grew up following The modern generation is often her culture. “I used to go to eMalangeaccused of no longer embracing their ni, and I love my culture in a way that culture, but some University of Venda I decided to embrace it on my big day. graduates proved that they love their I wanted to be unique because many culture. graduates usually wear dresses and When Avhasei Messie Raphalalsuits,” she said. ani, Khethiwe Zodwa Mkhonto and The young girl from Mpumalanga Ntwanano Baloyi recently took the stage Nkomazi Langeloop, Bhekisisa section, during the Univen Winter Graduation said: “I would like to advise the gradceremony, they left the audience speech- uates to always think of simple things, less with their traditional attire. their surroundings and what they Raphalalani, who was wearing shedo, usually like. It’s not all about wearing said that it was all about showcasing her expensive attire but the confidence in love for her culture. “I love embracing wearing what suits your body.” my culture all the time. I wore it to moBaloyi, who received her bachelor in tivate other African youths to be proud environmental sciences, was wearing of their culture, especially during special traditional attire called xigaza. moments such as graduation,” she said. She hails from Valdezia and told She received her bachelor’s degree in Limpopo Mirror that she was creative education, foundation phase. and wanted to look unique when it Bachelor of nursing science graduate came to clothes. “I always choose attire that gives me a good feeling rather than trendy attire. So, I chose my xigaza attire because it made me feel unique and By Mbulaheni Ridovhona

pretty, and that feeling was just enough for me.” The 2017/18 Miss Univen said that some people always gave her strange compliments. “Some people always say ‘You are too pretty to be Tsonga’ or that Tsonga people can be so colourful with their outfits. All these pushed me in a good way to show up on my graduation day in traditional dress and to show how proud I am of my identity. I am proud to be Mutsonga,” she said. She added that she studied for a bachelor of environmental sciences because she loved nature. “I want to protect nature. With so much going on around the world, we forget what matters the most, and that is the environment we live in. Somebody needs to look out for it. I studied it because it’s a great opportunity to help preserve and conserve our environment and its resources for future generations. I’m always thinking ahead, and it makes me feel better to be part of the people who are working in this world to save it,” she added.

Avhasei Messie Raphalalani.

Ntwanano Baloyi.

Ladies Leopard Print Dress - R149 | Men’s Jacket - R349 | Men’s Checked Shirt R279


THOHOYANDOU | Boulevard Fountain, Shop No. 1a, Corner House Building CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE

0800 FUSION (387466) Khethiwe Zodwa Mkhonto.





12 21 June 2019

Centuries of oppression may have caused the violence in the fields of the arts, culture, literature, music, journalism and sport. Several high-ranking offiAccording to the Presicials, traditional leaders, dency, Tsedu was honoured politicians and even a for “his excellent contribuHigh Court judge attended tion to South African joura ceremony on Saturday to nalism and to journalism celebrate the awarding of on the African continent, as the Order of Ikhamanga well as his selfless contribu(silver) to prominent jour- tion to the liberation of our nalist Mathatha Tsedu. country and continent. His The event was held at the mighty pen continues to be Pfamoni Royal Retreat and his weapon in the building included a panel discussion of our democracy.” by academics on the influDuring Saturday’s funcence colonialism had on tion, several of the speakers the manner in which black paid homage to Tsedu and people perceive public prop- his contribution to a new erty. The debate centred on democracy for all of South the question of whether the Africa’s citizens. The probehaviour of some black gramme manager was the people to destroy public and very dynamic High Court private property is a result judge, Justice Tshifhiwa of mental slavery that had Maumela. not been dealt with when Tsedu’s grandson, Mao freedom dawned in 1994. Tsedu, explained to the Veteran journalist Matha- guests what the National tha Tsedu was honoured by Orders entail. “National President Cyril Ramaphosa Orders build our nation on 25 April this year with and emphasise the values of a National Orders award. achievement, excellence and Ramaphosa mentioned that acknowledgement the Order of Ikhamanga of heroes and was bestowed on South heroines,” he said. Africans who had excelled Mao Tsedu then By Anton van Zyl and Bernard Chiguvare

quoted his grandfather, when the latter explained how he chose the pen instead of an AK47 to advance the struggle. “Those abilities leave us in awe; however, it also leaves us with big shoes to fill,” he said. The guest speaker at the event was professor Tholene Sodi from the University of Limpopo. He told the guests that the debate was requested by Mathatha Tsedu. Tsedu felt that the celebration should serve to highlight the serious problem of destruction of utilities in various black communities, whether it be the burning of schools, vandalization of clinics, burning trains and libraries, and destruction of road infrastructure through bonfires on major routes. “It is as if the people engaging in such destructive behaviour have a place or a planet somewhere which is their permanent home. In other words, it is like these individuals are just visiting

our planet on a mission to destroy whatever they can,” said Sodi. Sodi had a number of theories as to why the lack of respect for property got out of hand, taking it back to the arrival of the first settlers. “Our country became a settler colonial state which had to be maintained through brutal force and naked violence. Over a period of time, this brutality and violence became the norm, which got internalized by both the oppressor and the oppressed. In turn, this internalised brutality and violence resulted in deep psychological wounds and scars that have remained with us till today.” Sodi argued that several ways existed to deal with the unresolved anger, selfhate and self-doubt. He suggested concepts such as emotional emancipation circles, where participants shared stories and deepened their understanding of the

impact of historical forces on their sense of self-worth. In South Africa, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) provided an opportunity to deal with the psychological wounds and scars of the past. “It does, however, appear that the TRC process just opened wounds in some cases,” said Sodi. The professor finished his speech by quoting Steve Biko’s words in his White racism and Black consciousness paper, where he said that black people need to highlight the fact that “… in pre-Van Riebeek days we had a high regard for people, their property and Mao Tsedu, grandson of Mathatha Tsedu, for life in general.” explained to the guests what the National “Simply stated, it is Orders entail. indeed possible even for people who have been oppressed for many centuries to be freed from all forms of alienation and the mental slavery. “The solution lies with each one of us,” he said.

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Mathatha Tsedu with his wife, Marubini Tsedu.

Stars and Berea in a 2-2 draw


By Kaizer Nengovhela

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The players of Musina All Stars played their hearts out to hold Berea FC to a 2-all draw in their MMK Administrators league match at the Rabali Stadium on Monday. Berea needed three points to win Stream H, but Stars refused to budge. The coach of All Stars, Mr Stocky Ndou, was full of praise for his players. “Finally, we got it right. I think credit must go the players because they fought back really hard.” Mr Dakalo Ratshitanga of Berea FC said his team was not panicking at this stage. “We knew that we were going to lose at some point. I will only be worried if my players are not fighting,” Ratshitanga told Limpopo Mirror. “Stars are a strong side. We just need to forget about this draw. For us it is a defeat because we were supposed to get three points to go for the promotional play-off,” he added.

Tshigombela dancers perform during the celebrations at Pfamoni Royal Retreat.

Don’t destroy fire extinguishers By Mbulaheni Ridovhona Students have a tendency of destroying fire extinguishers and all safety equipment when they are on strike. This was said by Mr Hendrik Sibara from the Vhembe District Municipality Fire Station during a safety seminar held at the University of Venda Research Conference Centre a fortnight ago. Sibara added that destroying fire extinguishers was an activity that was harmful to all students and might catch up with them sooner or later. “What you do today might affect other people’s lives in future,” he said. The seminar was aimed at creating safety awareness

among postgraduate chemistry students who are conducting their research and experiments in the university’s laboratories. The Dean for the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Prof Natasha Potgieter, said students must follow proper procedure when working in the laboratories. “Chemicals are not only found in laboratories. We also use other chemicals at our homes on a daily basis and we need to be careful and know how to handle them. To be able to do that, we need training such as this,” Potgieter said. “Be aware of the steps that should be taken in case of an emergency that might save a life.” Dr Nikita Tavengwa, a

lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, said the university community should work together in making sure that laboratories and all buildings were always safe. “If you suspect that something is malfunctioning in the lab, please report it,” he said. Mr Vincent Lotter from Lasec advised the students never to mix chemicals that they were not sure of. “Those chemicals could explode and burn you or even the whole building,” Lotter said. They were also advised to never enter the lab without a lab coat on or to handle chemicals without gloves and safety glasses.

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News with an independent soul

Dzivhuluwani Simba of Berea FC with the ball and Sipiso Mokgohloa running for cover.

Postgraduate students, staff of the Vhembe District Municipality and Univen staff members who attended the seminar.


21 June 2019 13

More than a million Vodacom users in Limpopo make use of ultra-fast 4G network ture, provides their customers, their families, Vodacom gives back communities and businesses with the means to the community Vodacom as a leading mobile network oper- to connect, learn, share, trade and advance ator that works across emerging markets in their ambitions,” he said. A total of 140 sites The region has made good strides in fulAfrica and in communities such as Limpowere deployed during this past financial year po, recognise that it has both a particular alone, with 60 of these rolled out in deep rural filling its purpose to connect people from all responsibility and a profound opportunity areas to ensure that these people are part of the areas. They have done this by democratising education through ICTs by connecting a total to provide societal value through its core of 340 schools to the net via computer labs business activities. and eight teacher centres across the province. There are also growing expectation for big In March, the Vodacom Foundation in business to serve a social purpose, and to use partnership with the Department of Basic their resources and core capabilities to make Education, Nelson Mandela Foundation, a meaningful contribution to the countries UN Women and Global Citizen, showcased and communities in which Vodacom operates. a new education ecosystem at the Divhani Vodacom’s new purpose-led ethos was in full Community Crèche and Frank Ravele Seconddisplay during a media round-table event held ary School in Vhembe District, Limpopo. at Limpopo Guest Manor in Polokwane last “Through the new ecosystem, Vodacom week. Imran Khan, the Managing Executive Foundation defines a comprehensive model for Vodacom Limpopo region said: “To ensure of support and corporate social investment in that the full benefits of digital technologies local communities by supporting education are shared, we continue to expand the rural from childhood to adulthood and leveraging coverage of our networks and the availability technological innovations to develop the skills of low-cost 3G and 4G enabled devices to that we need now and into the future,” said keep our consumers connected in this Digital Khan. Age.” “Equality of women remains a significant “We realise the importance of an inclusive global challenge. By empowering women and approach, hence we are developing and rolling Internet Age and reap the economic benefits. promoting gender equality, we can enable comout our initiatives to alleviate poverty and in“The capex grew 4G population coverage to munities, economies and businesses – includequality by democratising education, providing over 81% across the province, with the region ing our own – to prosper. Vodacom partnered digital products and services that empower increasing 4G customers by up to 50%,” said with UN Women to train 450 small-scale women and youth, and promote diversity and Khan. female farmers from Limpopo in digital litertransformation across our workplace and Khan explained that there is a proven link acy for today’s digital economy and knowledge supply chain. In addition to driving digital between increased internet access and ecoinclusion, we are promoting environmental nomic growth. “So by providing connectivity in society,” he said. High levels of youth unemsustainability by investing in climate-smart urban, rural and township areas of our country, ployment and a growing digital skills gap are networks and solutions, developing water wise Vodacom Limpopo regions is playing a crucial significant social and economic challenges practices for our operation and customers and role in driving Limpopo’s economy. The region facing South Africa. To help alleviate this, Vodacom offers programs to help young people minimising waste across our value chain.” now has 1, 034km fibre, going through areas Khan explained that Vodacom Limpopo such as Thohoyandou, Polokwane, Mankweng, develop their digital skills and access learning and employment opportunities so they can networks and technologies, including 3G and Zebediala, Lebowakgomo, Tzaneen, Hoedthrive in the digital economy. “For example, by 4G mobile, fibre-optic broadband, and the spruit, Mokopane, Modimolle, Bela, Lephathe end of June this year, the region will have Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming lale and Groblersdal. Fibre-optic Internet is businesses of all sizes in the province, helping many times faster than even the highest-speed provided 120 school-going female learners from across all provinces the opportunity to them to operate more efficiently and prosper. copper Internet connections, with options “The region’s capex of R180 million to mainavailable that range from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps,” learn how to code through Vodacom’s ‘Code like a Girl’ programme,” said Khan. tain and upgrade the telco’s digital infrastruche said Furthermore, in March, 41 unemployed youth based in Limpopo underwent 24 demanding months of theory, practicals and work-based placement training in A+, N+ and 3G connectivity. The students were awarded with diplomas in Information Technology Technical Support at Vodacom’s Limpopo-based Youth Academy. This brings the number of successful Vodacom Youth Academy students in the province to 120. “A commitment to ensuring that business goals and societal benefits are as aligned as possible is even more important amid public mistrust of multinational corporations and governments. What we do matters; but so does how we work. All our investments in the province provide different demographic groups – rich and poor, young and old, educated and unskilled – with the ability to connect, learn and advance their ambitions,” concluded Angela Abrahams, chief Ravele and other dignitaries who attended the South African Wom- Khan. en in Farming awards. Advertorial by Maanda Bele

Vodacom Limpopo region delivers a substantial return to society and accelerates network infrastructure in deep rural areas of the province

During the recent media round table event in Limpopo: Imran Khan (Managing Executive of Vodacom Limpopo), Bongo Futuse (Principal Specialist: Vodacom Regional Media) and Tsatsi Mthimunye (Executive Head Operations Limpopo).

Ms Angela Abrahams from the Vodacom Foundation congratulated all the women who undertook the Female Farmer training programme in Limpopo.

Mr Sidwell Ngqadu handing over a certificate to a trainee, Thabelo Ramulongo, during Vodacom and SAWIF partnership breakfast

Ms Mapula Deborah Motuka, SAWIF president, thanked the Vodacom Foundation for the good job they are doing in empowering women farmers in Limpopo.

Ms Dimakatso Ramosa encouraged women to work harder for their families.


14 21 June 2019

Bombers to face Hungry Lions at the Begwa Brickyard three weeks ago. The quarter-final This weekend marks the matches will be played at the starting point of the seventh Tshifudi Stadium tomorrow. edition of the Boy NemaJust like in the previous years, konde KO competition. eight teams from Tshaulu and The competition was official- the surrounding areas will take ly launched during a ceremony part in the annual event. The teams that will fight for the championship in this year’s tournament are: Tshilonwe Young Bombers, Mulindathavha Ocean Swallows, Tshamutshedzi Water Sand, Buluni Happy Boys, New Discovery, Munangwe United Brothers, Tshaulu Hungry Lions and BelavhaMr Boy Nemakonde. Frank Mavhungu

thu FC. This year’s champions will walk away with a cash prize of R15 000, a floating trophy, soccer kit and six soccer balls. The runners-up will go home with R1500, soccer kit and six soccer balls. The third-placed side will receive R1 000 and six soccer balls while the team that will be booted out of the competition in the losers’ final will receive six soccer balls. Teams booted out of the competition in the quarter-final stage will each receive a consolation prize of two soccer balls. The quarter-final fixtures are: Tshilonwe Young Bombers vs Tshaulu Hungry Lions, Mulindathavha Ocean Swallows vs Tshamutshedzi Water Sand, Munangwe United Brothers vs New Discovery and Belavhathu FC vs Buluni Happy Boys. Begwa United Brothers are the defending champions. A local resident, Mr Boy Nemakonde, is the sole sponsor of the tournament. The final is scheduled to be played at the same venue on Saturday, 6 July.

Real Vikings to represent Stream H Kaizer Nengovhela Annel Real Vikings will represent the Safa Vhembe MMK Administrators Stream H after Berea FC drew two matches at the weekend. On Saturday, Berea played to a goalless draw with Real Vikings and then drew 2-all with Musina All Stars. Both matches were replay matches and were played at the Rabali Stadium. Real Vikings are leading the stream, two points ahead of Berea FC. Vikings will play their matches on Saturday against United Artists and Mashamba Soccer Academy. The top team in the group will join Mpheni Home Defenders, Madridtas and the best loser in all three groups to play in the semi-final on Sunday. The coach of Vikings, Mr Mbishi Mokoena, said that he was happy with the way the team was performing. “The boys are doing their best and I am impressed with their performance.” He added that their aim was to use the promotional play-off matches as their steppingstone to the Safa ABC Motsepe league. He said the team had received tremendous support from the team’s chairman and the

supporters. “Just getting to the promotional playoff matches has made a difference to the boys in terms of confidence and motivation,” he added.

The coach of Real Vikings, Mr Mbishi Mokoena.

Youth Day victory for Philips High Kaizer Nengovhela Philips High School were crowned as the champions of the Shwings Foundation and Elim Waterval Foundation school soccer tournament when they beat Muthuhadini Combined school 4-1 in the final match at Elim on Monday. The sponsor, Mr Khanimambo Shisinwana, said that when he decided to sponsor the event, it clearly indicated that he wanted to serve members of the community by bring-

ing development of sport in the area. “We are part of this community and we are doing this to support local people,” he said. He praised the committee who managed the sport well and encouraged the community members to keep it up to produce talent among the youth. “It is our obligation to ensure that the society in which we are living is healthy and sponsoring participation in sport is a step in the right direction.” He also promised to upgrade the soccer pitch at the school.

Mr Simon Bila from Philips High also praised the sponsors for their involvement in school football. “I’m very proud that we have grown young people of real quality,” he said. “Despite the difficult economic conditions, we still find companies that are prepared to share their takings and support development.” Philips High went home with a floating trophy, soccer kit and gold medals, while Muthuhadini Combined received a soccer kit and silver medals. Anell Real Vikings.

Honour for founders of Leopards Silas Nduvheni

Photographed during the prize-giving ceremony are, from left to right, Claasy Maluleke, Khanimambo Shisinwana (sponsor), Nhlanhla Maluleke (captain of Philips High) and Denies Matamela.

Several former Sibasa Black Leopards players organized a thanksgiving function in honour of the founders of the club, Mr Zacharia Mathelemusa and the late Jessy Muthige. Some former players of Sibasa Black Leopards, such as Tokyo Mukwevho, Nanana Masase, Pele Likhade, and Tshisamphiri Madima, among others, gathered at Mathelemusa’s house in Sibasa Block A a fortnight ago to honour the two founders of the team. The two legends bought Tshipako Black Leopards in

1982/3 and changed the name to Sibasa Black Leopards. One of the organisers of the event and a former player, Adv Nkhangweleni Ramugondo, said good things needed to be applauded. “We want to honour Mr Mathelemusa while he is still alive, and we also pay tribute to the late Mr Jessy Muthige. They were both soccer lovers and wanted to promote the sport in the entire former Venda.” Former player Pele Likhade narrated that during the formation of the team they were transported to and from the match, getting food and soccer kits funded by the two legend-

ary founders. “We used to get a good life from the two legends, who treated us like their own blood children. They also encourage us to take education seriously as they told us that soccer was the game for a short while,” Likhade said. In response, Mathelemusa said that he had never thought that one day he would be remembered for the effort they had made to promote soccer in the former Venda. The guest speaker during the event, Mr Ronald Makhadi, said that for the two legends, soccer was never a money-making business, but it was played for recreational purposes only.

Young Brothers third in MTG KO competition initiating some promising moves from the middle of the park. In their MTG KO competition losers’ Lions had their scoring chance in the final match at the Makonde Home 24th minute. Their diminutive right Defenders grounds on Sunday, winger, Maanda Netshamahala, dribMukula Young Brothers beat Tshaulu bled past two defenders in a row and Hungry Lions 7-6 to finish in the unleashed a half volley from the edge of third position. the box. The ball missed the target by The game was evenly contested, with inches, much to the fans’ disappointthe teams creating and wasting scoring ment. chances. Young Brothers were the first Young Brothers were the first to blow to squander a golden scoring opporthe trumpet. Mpho Musehane received tunity. Their scoring machine, Mpho a beautiful pass from Livhuwani Ndou Musehane, went loose from the right and beat the keeper with a half volley corner but shot wide from inside the in the 35th minute. In the 40th minute, box. Hungry Lions seemed to have been the centre forward of Lions, Ndifelani threatened by that. They regrouped Matodzi, headed home after a corner from behind with their midfielders kick by Agreement Baloyi. Frank Mavhungu

Brothers came close to scoring the winner nine minutes into the last half. Mpho Musehane beat the offside trap and shot wide with the keeper already beaten. Both sides created and wasted scoring chances in the last 20 minutes of the game. The score was still 1-1 when the referee, Mr Given Ndou, blew the final whistle. No extra time was added, but instead the winner was determined through penalty shootout. Brothers converted six from the white spot through Edzasani Tendamudzimu, Mpho Nelushi, Livhuwani Ndou, Mpho Musehane, Masala Mafuwa and Ndamulelo Ratshipondo, while Lions scored five.

Livhuwani Ndou of Young Brothers and Mahlori Baloyi of Lions (front) chase the ball.



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LEGALS A R MADIA ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 No�ce is hereby given that copies of the liquida�on and distribu�on accounts (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estate specified below will be open for inspec�on of all persons with an interest therein for a period of 21 days (or shorter if specifically stated) from the date specified or from the date of publica�on which ever may be later and at the offices of the Masters and Magistrates as stated. Should no objec�on thereto be lodged with the Master concerned during the specified period, the executor will proceed to make payments in accordance with the accounts. Registra�on Number of Estate: 1277/2015. MUFAMADI RATSHIBVUMO SIMSON

IN THE MAGISTRATES’ COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MALAMULELE HELD AT MALAMULELE Case no: DC212/2018 In the ma�er between: SHIRINDZA TSHIKANI CHRISTOPHER EXECUTION CREDITOR AND MUSHAMWA MATIOS OTRE EXECUTION DEBTOR NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION KINDLY TAKE NOTICE THAT in compliance with the Judgment of the Magistrate’s Court of Malamulele and the Warrant of Execu�on served upon the Execu�on Debtor on the 22nd day of January 2019, the undermen�oned goods will be sold in execu�on on the 04th day of July 2019 at 13h00 at LIMDEV (NPDC) Building, Giyani Main Road in front of the Sheriff ’s store, to the highest bidder without warran�es or representa�ons. Inventory (No 10017) 1 X STOCK IN TRADE 1 X 5 COCA-COLA FRIDGES 1 X 1 DEFY FRIDGE DATED AND SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 06TH DAY OF JUNE 2019 MADZHIGA ATTORNEYS INC. PLAINTIFF’S ATTORNEYS OFFICE NO. 236 & 237, OLD MUTUAL BUILDING THOHOYANDOU FAX: 086 510 4064 CELL: 073 312 7220 REF: MKE/CIV31/2018 NETSIANDA INC NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late MUSWEDE MARANDELA ELSIE, of ID. NO: 500620 1001080, who died on 13th January 2019, of Tshituni Tsha Fhasi, Limpopo Province, Estate No. 226/2019, at the offices of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou, for a period of twenty one (21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Should no objec�on be lodged with the Master’s office during the specified period, the executor will proceed to distribute according to the said account. Dated at Thohoyandou on the 18th day of June 2019

NETSIANDA INC. A�orneys for Executor Office No: 90, Block C, 1st Floor, Limdev Building THOHOYANDOU/0950 TEL/FAX: 015 962 0016 FAX2 –E-mail: 086 609 3482 E-mail: info@ netshiandainca�orneys. REF: EST/M/M.04 AT LANDSBERG

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR THE SPECIAL CONSENT OF ERF 766 THOHOYANDOU P FOR THE PURPOSES OF AN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION CENTRE I, AT Landsberg, being the owner of Erf 766 Thohoyandou P hereby give no�ce in terms of Clause 28 of Thulamela Land Use Scheme, 2006, read together with the provision of Spa�al planning and Land Use Act, 2013 (Act 16 of 2013), that I have applied to Thulamela Municipality for the Special consent to acquire addi�onal rights for an Early Childhood Educa�on Centre. The relevant plans(s), documents and informa�on are available for inspec�on at the office of the Senior Manger, Planning and Development, Thulamela Municipality, Thohoyandou Old Agriven Building for a period of 30 days from 21 June 2019. Any objec�on or interest in the applica�on must be submi�ed in wri�ng to the Municipal Manager, P O Box 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950, before the expiry of the 30 days from 21 June 2019 or to the offices of Thulamela Municipality during office hours from 08.00 to 16.30. Address of the applicant: 985F, Technical Street, cnr Church Street Block F, Thohoyandou Cell nr: 072 210 9454 Ndivhadzo ya khumbelo ya special consent kha mavu a divheaho sa Erf 766 Thohoyandou P. Muhumbulo muhulwane hu ita Childhood Educa�on Centre. Nne A T Landsberg ndi mune wa Erf 766 Thohoyandou P Iwa mulayoni, ndi disa ndivhadzo uya ngaha clause 28 ya Thulamela Land Use Scheme, 2006 I tshi vhaliwa na Spa�al Planning and Land Use Management Act, 16 at 2013. Uri ndo ita khumbelo ya u ita Childhood Educa�on Centre. Vhane vha takalela u vhala ngaha khumbelo iyi na manwaloa uanaho nayo, vha nga a wana ofisini ya mulanguli muhulwane wa u palana na nyaluwo ya dorobo kha ofisi tshi�atoni tsha Thulamela Municipality Thohoyandou. Manwalo ayo a do wanala. Iwa tshi�inga tshi elanaho na furaru (30) ubva duvha la thoma line la vha dzi fulwi 2019. Vhane vha vha na mbilaelo malugana na iyi khumbelo vha nwalele mulanguli wa masipala kha adiresi itevhelaho P.O.Box 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950 nga tshipinga tsha mushumo vhuka� ha 07:45 na 16:30. Address of the applicant: 985F, Technical Street, cnr Church Street Block F, Thohoyandou

Cell nr: 072 210 9454 WERKSMANS ATTORNEYS

NOTICE OF SALE OF BUSINESS No�ce is hereby given in terms of sec�on 34(1) of the Insolvency Act No 24 of 1936, as amended, to interested par�es and creditors of Silicon Smelters Proprietary Limited (Registra�on Number 1998/019036 /07) (the “Company”) with business address at Beyersnek Road, Witkop Quarry, Polokwane, Limpopo Province, of the inten�on of the Company to, as soon as possible a�er the 31st day a�er the date of the publica�on of this no�ce but before the 60th day a�er the date of the publica�on of this no�ce, transfer all of the Company’s rights, �tle and interest in and to its business in respect of the plan�ng and harves�ng of �mber on its �mber farms situated in the Limpopo Province for sale to third par�es and which is conducted by the Company under the name and style of SILICON SMELTERS and all its assets, including its immovable proper�es (comprising several �mber farms situated in the Louis Trichardt / Makhado, Haenertsburg, and Morebeng areas, including the planta�ons of standing �mber and improvements situated on such proper�es), movable assets, water use rights and water permits, to Mphome Agric Proprietary Limited

(Registra�on Number 2019/094424/07). All enquiries, court processes, no�ces or other documents or communica�ons of whatsoever nature must be addressed and delivered to: Werksmans A�orneys, Block D,De Wagenweg Office Park, Stellen�a Road, Stellenbosch Tel: (021) 809 6000 ; Email:ejuul@werksmans. com ; Fax: (011) 535 8600 Reference: Mr Pierre le Roux

21 June 2019 15

Legals / Classifieds Tenders To advertise your Legal or Classifieds on this page, contact us at Tel: (015) 516 4996

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920 Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers


Makhado Local Municipality hereby gives notice in terms of Section 34 sub section (a) of Municipal Systems Act, (Act 32 of 2000) and Section 22(a) of Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) that the Final 2019/20-2021/22 IDP and Budget had been adopted by Council on the 30th May 2019. Copies of the approved Final IDP and Budget are available for public inspection at the Municipal office (Civic Centre office, B041 Ground floor) or alternatively via the municipal website at All enquiries can be directed to the Municipal Manager and the Chief Financial Officer at telephone number 015 519 3000. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street MAKHADO Notice No. 75 of 2019 File No: 15/7/1


MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920 Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

PUBLIC NOTICE CALLING FOR INSPECTION OF THE THIRD (3RD) SUPPLEMENTARY VALUATION ROLL AND LODGING OF OBJECTIONS (2019/2020) Following the notices published on the 22 March 2019 and 29 March 2019 on Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror Newspapers, the Makhado Local Municipality would like to inform members of the public especially properties owner affected by Third Supplementary Valuation Roll that the closing date of inspection is extended to 28 June 2019. All the objections must be submitted on or before the 28 June 2019. The Objection form is obtainable at the Civic centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado town, Office C027 (DDP new building) and Office of the Regional Administrators at Waterval, Dzanani and at Vleifontein Satellite Office and or on The completed Objection form must be returned to the same Offices or alternatively to the address below. The Municipal Manager Makhado Local Municipality Private Bag X2596 MAKHADO 0920 For enquiries please telephone: Mr Thanyani Ndivhuwo or Mr Nekhavhambe Alfred at (015) 5193083/ (015) 519-3296 or alternatively e-mail to alfredn@makhado. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street MAKHADO File Number: 6/2/4/1 Notice Number: 65/2019



16 21 June 2019

Laerskool Levubu Temporary

VACANCY TEACHER POST Afrikaans Home Language Gr. 4-7, Afrikaans FAL & Technology

Please attach the following certified documents to your application:

- Identification Document - Qualifications - Academic / Professional - Curriculum Vitae - SACE Registration - Short Letter of applications Closing date 28 June 2019

Hand in applications at the admin office or email: or contact: 015 151 0076 for any enquiries

Candidates must be able to teach in Afrikaans and English

Pat Mates win the Collins Sebola Top 8 Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Tshiozwi Pat Mates were crowned the champions of the inaugural CS Security & Collins Sebola Inc Top 8 Tournament, which was held at the Mabaleng Sports Centre on Saturday and Sunday. Mates met Ravele Highlanders in the final and the score was 1-1 at the end of regulation time. The champions were determined by penalties and Mates won 5-4. Pat Mates received R8 000, a soccer kit package, 30 gold medals, eight soccer boots, eight Mikasa soccer balls, eight shin guards, a first aid kit, a coaching board and coaching book, captain’s armband, kit bags, finger protection gloves and a pump.

“We had prepared for the tournament some weeks before the actual matches and it had put us in a good position to win the tournament,” said Tshiozwi Pat Mates’ coach, Mr Tumi Mamorobela. Collins Sebola Group’s managing director, Mr Collins Sebola, said that he was pleased with how the tournament had been run and that he was moved by Mamu Community Development’s integrity and skill to bring together eight teams and a massive audience of fans to attend the event. “We don’t see the reason why we should not work

with Mamu Community Development in hosting this great event and all other related youth-building activities in Youth Month next year and even the year after next year,” Sebola said. The tournament was further supported by Premjee & Son Cash and Carry, Hollywoodbets, KFC, Talisman Hire, Nkoli Enterprise, Mikasa Sports Every Day, Leach Printers, Hyundai Louis Trichardt, and Phadziri Bus Service & Phadziri Coaches. “We thank all people who had helped to make this great tourna-

ment possible,” said the general secretary for Mamu Community Development, Mr Jafter Mamugudubi. “We are happy that we had entered into a five-year sponsorship agreement with Mr Collins Sebola, who is keen to continue walking this beautiful journey with us.” The other teams that played in the tournament were Sinthumule Dangerous Stars, Madabani Zoutpansberg Powerline, Madombidzha Chris United, Tshikota Chelsea, Tshiozwi Gwazda United and Madombidzha Try Again.

District Municipality


Bid Number Description VDM/TECH/16/05/2019/02 Capital Project funds (Sourcing and implementation) for the period of three (3) years

Kindly be informed that the documents of the above mentioned bid will be available on the 18 June 2018 and the closing date will be extended to the 29 July 2019 Sorry for any inconvenience caused Ms TS Ndou - Acting Municipal Manager Human Communications 147203


Collins Sebola Group’s managing director, Mr Collins Sebola (right) and Makhado Local Football Association’s Mr Mpfariseni Phathela (left) hand the winners’ cup to the captain of Tshiozwi Pat Mates, Theophilus “Malika” Maphari.


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Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 Fax: (015) 962 4020 (015) 962 5328

REGISTRATION ON THE SUPPLIER DATABASE FOR 2019/2020 FINANCIAL YEAR Thulamela municipality invites suppliers/service providers of the services listed below to submit their applications for the registration on municipal supplier’s database. Please note that the existing suppliers/service providers on the database need to re-apply. To be registered on the database, suppliers/service providers are requested to submit the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Business/company profile Company registration certificates (e.g. ck) Valid Tax clearance certificates issued by SARS Companies and Directors proof of payment for the Municipal accounts (rates& taxes) in their area of jurisdiction. (not older than (3) months) and not in arrears for more than 90 days Municipal Database Application Forms You are requested to ensure that your companies are registered with the Central Suppliers Database of National Treasury.




Stages and sounds






Building Construction and Maintenance


Cleaning materials




Printing and publication


Conference facilities




Drilling and Testing of borehole Contractors


Supplier and repair of air conditioners


Electrical Installation and Maintenance


IT equipment’s


Event Management








Travel Agencies


Hardware Materials

Application forms are available at office no. 02 (procurement) Thulamela Municipality Head office, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou. Enquiries can be directed to Nndanganeni A.M or Munzhedzi TJ at 015 962 7622 or 015 962 7574 NB: 1. Registration on the database does not guarantee business with the Municipality. 2. Business such as Travel advertising and catering must submit registration/accreditation certificate(s) with relevant bodies , service provider who’s business requires registration with relevant professional body are required to submit proof of registration with relevant professional body 3. Please note that registration starts on 1 July 2019 MALULEKE HE MUNICIPAL MANAGER Thulamela Municipality Civic Centre Old Agriven Building Thohoyandou 0950

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DETERMINATION OF CHARGES IN TERMS OF SECTION 75 OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT: MUNICIPAL SYSTEMS ACT, 2000 AS AMENDED VARIOUS CHARGES - 2019/20 FINANCIAL YEAR In terms of section 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000, as amended, notice is herebygiven that the Makhado Municipality in terms of section 75A of the said Act, by Special Resolution dated 30May 2019, determined amended charges in respect of the following with effect of 1 July 2019: ‘ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Refuse Removal charges Hawker Rentals Determination of Charges for the Issuing of Certificates and Furnishing of Information Control of Inflammable Liquids and Substances Charges for Building Plans and Street Projections Tariff of License Fees Control of Temporary Advertisements Pamphlets fees Lease of Activity Room (Library) and other halls not mentioned in any other tariff determination Hire of the Sports Hall on the Central Sports-grounds Hire of the Show Hall. Buildings on Show-grounds (Halls and Tea Garden) other than Show Hall and Beer Garden - Tariff of Charges for Ad hoc rentals Beer Garden at Show-grounds: Determination of Tariffs for Ad hoc rentals Library services Cemetery Tariffs Aerodrome Tshikota Hostel Fees Caravan Park fees Swimming Bath fees Street Trading rentals Electricity supply Lease of Tent - ad hoc rentals Rabali Sport Stadium - tariff of charges for ad hoc-rentals Miscellaneous Charges Pound Tariffs

The general purport of the Council Resolution is an increase in all the relevant charges in order to cope withincrease in the operational costs. The above tariffs have increased by 5.2 %, with exception of electricity tariffswhich have increased by 13,07% for the 2019/20 financial year with effect from 1 July 2019. 25. Assessment Rates The general purport of the Council Resolution is a 5.2% increase of the existing rate in the rand for respectivecategories of properties based on the valuations recorded in the 2018-2023 Valuation Roll which will becollected on a monthly basis or annual basis as per the requirements per individual customer. Any person wishing to inspect Council’s determinations may do so in writing to reach the Municipal Managerwithin twenty one (21) days calculated from 1 June 2019. A full recording of each tariff is available on themunicipal website, or can be inspected during office hours at the Office of the Chief Financial Officer on theGround Floor, Civic Center, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado during the municipality’s business hours. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado Notice No: 60/2019 File No: 6/1/1(19/20) & 1/1/74



21 June 2019 17

Madridtas through to the semis Frank Mavhungu

Mavhungu of Madridtas was booked for obstructing Rudzani Thabo just outside the box. Madridtas took the lead two minutes into the last half. Edward Mabasa finished off Gift Nemutandani’s square pass. What followed thereafter was a one-way traffic flow, with Dipeni at the receiving end. Gift Nemutandani beat the offside trap and sent the keeper the wrong way. They put matters beyond doubt when Muwakale Mavhungu blasted in a rocket

from close range in the 59th minute. Dipeni lost shape in the middle of the park after Madridtas’s third goal. Gift Nemutandani scored the fourth six minutes afterwards. Realizing that the opposition were down and out, Madridtas initiated numerous dangerous moves from behind with their midfielders dishing out some telling passes. Muwakale Mavhungu scored the last two goals towards the end of the game.

Madridtas FC secured a place in the semi-final stage of the MMK Administrators Soccer League promotional play-offs. They drew 1-1 with Ngovhela XI Experience in their opening group-stage match at the Makhuvha Stadium on Monday morning. They registered a 6-0 victory over Dipeni FC in their second match at the same venue that afternoon. The result against Dipeni was not a true re—flection of the game as Madridtas were out of touch for the better part of the first half. As if they were going to bury their opponents alive, Dipeni took the game to Madridtas from the first whistle. They threatened to score in the fourth minute when their playmaker, Rudzani Thabo, forced his way through the defence of Madridtas and lost possession just before he could unleash from inside the box. The referee, Mr Calvin Nemavhola, flashed the first yellow card in the 24th minute. Saul Nyadzani of Dipeni (right) and Edward Mabasa of Madridtas Muwakale chase the ball.

Dipeni FC crush XI Experience 4-1 Frank Mavhungu

Their efforts paid dividends when they found the equalizer in the 59th minute. A defender of Experience handled within the box and the referee, Mr Fhulufhelo Masindi, awarded a penalty to Dipeni. Rotondwa Mutsivhuli made no mistake from the white spot. Dipeni took the lead moments thereafter. Rotondwa Mutsivhuli was on target again with a half volley. A substitute, Mashudu Nyadzani, made his presence felt when he scored the third

After suffering a 0-6 drubbing at the hands of Madridtas FC in their opening MMK Administrators League promotional play-off match, Dipeni FC rectified their mistakes and crushed Ngovhela XI Experience 4-1 in their second match at the Makhuvha Stadium on Monday afternoon. Although no goal was scored in the first half, the teams managed to provide enough entertainment. Dipeni were unstoppable in the first 20 minutes of the game, but they found it difficult to beat the Experience defence. The scoreboard was still blank, even though Dipeni were throwing missiles from all angles. Experience approached the last half with more self-confidence. They took the lead after five minutes when Avhakholwi Khampha intercepted a back pass and beat the keeper with a close-range ground cutter. The goal seemed to be an insult to the Dipeni players. They regrouped from behind, pressing hard Rotondwa Mutsivhuli of Dipeni and Andani Nenzhelele of Experience in their search for an (left) chase the ball. equalizer.

Chippas United to face Morning Stars in Sasol league Frank Mavhungu The fight for the league points will continue among the teams affiliated to the Limpopo Stream of the Sasol Women’s League this weekend. All matches will be played at different venues throughout the province tom– orrow afternoon. The match not to be missed will be the Vhembe derby between

Chippas United Ladies and Shayandima Morning Stars at the Mak– huvha Stadium. The two teams are closely contesting the league title. Morning Stars are currently leading the pack with 13 points accumulated from five matches. Chippas are in the third spot with 10 points. The Stars’ defenders will have the mammoth task to stop the Chippas’ strikers, Maggie Mukhuwana,

Mashalane Makwena and Edzani Ramaano. Morning Stars are still to lose a league match this season. Their worst result was a 1-1 draw against Maindis Ladies at the Shayandima School grounds early last month. The Stars’ strikers, Mmaleako Mojapelo, Maureen Morudi and Tshifhiwa Khangale, are expected to keep the Chippas running for cover

for the better part of the game. The other fixtures are ­Maindis Ladies vs Samba Girls; Real Mighty Girls vs Botlokwa Ladies; Tshandama Young Stars vs Sisters FC; Moria Sweepers vs Fifty Stars Ladies; Mandebele Happy Fighters vs Re Tla Dira Ladies; Kanatla Ladies vs Seven Stars Ladies and University of Limpopo vs Skimzozo Ladies.

Lifetime achievement award for Moses Matshivha Musina All Stars during that time. honour. We are very grateful to have appreciate his continuous We were so worried when the team someone like him in our comsupport of Musina All Stars,” said “There is nothing more fulfilling stopped operating many munity and we really Vhengani. than being honoured by your own years ago, but we are very people when you are still alive. grateful for those who This clearly demonstrates that took the initiative of resurpeople value the contributions recting it. I am also happy that you do when you are on this that the current team is earth. My contributions are not performing very well, and for a name or fame; I just feel that it has a large following one should be part of the commu- here in Musina.” nity that you live in.” Matshivha, who These were the words of wellcontinues to support the known Musina businessman Mr team financially, said he Moses Matshivha after he was would continue to assist presented with a lifetime achievelocal communities to fight ment award by the management of poverty and underdethe local soccer team, Musina All velopment. He urged Stars. other local businesspeoA sports fanatic, Matshivha was ple to lend a hand in the one of the founder members of development of their own Musina All Stars in 1980. All Stars communities. ply their trade in the SAB Castle The managing diLeague after it was resurrected by rector of All Stars, Mr local community members in 2017. Charles Vhengani, said Matshivha said receiving the Matshivha’s contribuaward from the local community tion to the development was one of the best experiences of of Musina All Stars was his life. “When we formed the team immeasurable. in 1980, little did we know that it “This is the man who would one day be the pride of the never hesitates to assist people of Musina. us whenever we approach Those who still remember will him. His love for his Well-known Musina businessman Mr Moses Matshivha (middle) receives his agree with me that there was no community prompted us lifetime achievement award from Cllr Jeremia Khunwana of Musina Municiother soccer team that could beat to give him this highest pality (left) and Charles Vhengani of Musina All Stars. Musina Sport

goal after beating the offside trap in the 74th minute. Ngovhela lost hope after Dipeni’s third goal and were lucky not to concede more than half a dozen of goals thereafter. Dipeni scored the fourth via Rotondwa Mutsivhuli later in the game. In the other promotional play-off match that was played at the Malamulele Stadium on the same day, Mpheni Home Defenders beat Muziafera Blue Eagles 1-0 to secure a place in the semi-final stage.


Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 No handwritten logs will be accepted Hlanganani Masters Football League Played Won Draw Lost 11 10 1 0 10 8 2 0 11 8 1 2 10 7 2 1 11 6 0 5 10 4 4 2 11 4 2 5 10 4 1 5 11 4 1 6 10 3 3 4 10 3 3 4 10 3 1 6 11 2 3 6 10 2 0 8 9 1 0 8 9 0 2 7

For 38 30 32 33 36 24 17 17 23 24 20 20 21 12 5 7

Against Points 9 31 7 26 11 25 7 23 20 18 19 16 25 14 18 13 32 13 31 12 27 12 30 10 29 9 32 6 35 3 27 2

Team Gilson Pool Club Toy Pool Club Wata Pool Club Thabelo Pool Club Diza Dazzlers Pool Club Diza H/W Pool Club Mamba Pool Club Hillside Pool Club Bra Bee Pool Club Goloza Pool Club Cocks Pool Club Mutonga Pool Club Diza Pool Club Oom Pieter Pool Club Bindulani Pool Club Hlayisekani Pool Club

Hlapa League Log 2019 Played Won Draw Lost 3 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 2 0 1 3 2 0 1 3 2 0 1 3 1 1 1 3 1 0 2 3 1 0 2 3 1 0 2 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3

For 52 45 42 39 34 31 33 29 42 31 18 27 38 31 32 18

Against Points 8 9 15 9 18 9 21 9 26 6 19 6 37 6 31 4 18 3 29 3 22 3 33 3 22 0 29 0 28 0 42 0

Team Sendedza Masters LTT Masters Vhulaudzi Masters Sinthumule Kutama Swongozwi Masters Khakhu Masters Dzanani 1 T/ Association Nghovela Masters Matidza Masters Ellis Masters Wesifa Masters Makungwi Masters Mudimeli Masters Mandiwana Masters

Vhembe Masters Soccer League Played Won Draw Lost 27 22 2 3 27 20 6 1 27 20 5 2 27 13 7 7 27 14 3 10 27 14 2 11 27 11 7 9 27 11 3 13 27 10 5 12 27 9 4 14 27 8 3 16 27 8 3 16 27 4 4 19 27 4 3 20

For 97 110 79 75 61 56 39 53 44 60 40 60 48 24

Against Points 34 68 29 66 25 65 53 46 55 45 54 44 45 40 58 36 47 35 31 79 51 27 84 27 104 16 81 15

Team Goodville Masters Table Newcomers Stamina Free Masters Jerome Masters Duthuni Masters Dzwerani Masters Tshakhuma Masters Mulenzhe Masters Tshivhungululu Masters Mathule Masters Tsiamutsha Masters Havava Masters Lwamondo Masters Saselema Masters Vuwani Masters Makhuvha Masters Phaphazela Masters Nesengani Masters Tshipako Masters Itsani Masters

Vhembe Masters Soccer League Played Won Draw Lost 36 29 3 4 37 28 2 7 34 24 6 4 35 24 5 6 36 22 6 8 36 22 6 8 35 21 5 9 36 20 7 9 35 20 3 12 36 16 6 14 36 14 2 20 36 10 6 20 36 9 8 19 33 10 2 21 34 7 9 18 38 7 8 23 35 8 5 22 35 6 7 22 35 6 3 26 36 1 0 35

For 158 129 136 119 103 112 101 101 105 106 83 71 77 65 66 63 64 87 49 10

Against Points 59 90 52 86 46 78 50 77 71 72 86 72 62 68 68 66 71 63 54 108 106 44 108 37 121 35 78 32 116 30 115 29 123 29 137 25 144 21 81 3

Team Mashau Give Elim Birds Bungeni Mbokota Bungeni United Basani Waterval Mashamba Chavani Maila Super Lagos Nkuzana Vleifontein Valdezia Masakona Mpheni


18 21 June 2019

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Soccer extravaganza at Makhuvha By Frank Mavhungu The Makhuvha Stadium will be a hive of activity this weekend. The last group stage for the SAFA Vhembe MMK Administrators Soccer League champ-of-champs matches will be played there tomorrow. The semi-final and final matches will also be staged at the same venue on Sunday. The teams that will battle it out in the group stage tomorrow are: United Artists, Mashamba Soccer Academy and Annel Real Vikings. The matches for group A and B were played over the past weekend. Madridtas FC and Mpheni Home Defenders secured places in the semi-final stage of the tournament after finishing their group-stage matches on top of their respective groups. Madridtas drew 1-1 with Ngovhela XI Experience in their

opening match and crushed Dipeni FC 6-0 in their last match to finish on top of the group with 4 points. Mpheni Home Defenders proved that they did not reach the champ-ofchamps stage by default as they did not concede a goal in their group-stage matches. They brutally walloped Maelula United Brothers 5-0 before beating Muziafera Blue Eagles 1-0 later in the afternoon to finish on top of the group with 6 solid points. The top team in tomorrow’s groupstage matches, together with the best losers in the three groups, will join Madridtas and Mpheni Home Defenders in the semi-final stage. The opening group-stage match will be between United Artists and Mashamba Soccer, which is scheduled to start at 08:00. United Artists will have less than two hours to rest before they play their last match for the day. They will entertain

Tel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012 • 2016 VW Polo 1.2 TSi

2015 BMW M4 Convertable A/T

Annel Real Vikings at 11:30. Mashamba Soccer Academy and Annel Real Vikings will wrap up the day’s programme at 15:00. Sunday’s programme is scheduled to start at 08:00. The second semi-final match will follow at 10:00. The teams will have two hours of resting time before the final game, which is scheduled to kick off at 14:30. The overall champions will receive R60 000 and a floating trophy. They will also represent the SAFA Vhembe Region in the provincial promotional playoffs that will be hosted by Sekhukhune Region next weekend, 29 and 30 June. Tshakhuma RO Nandilani represented the SAFA Vhembe Region at the Nkowankowa Stadium in Tzaneen last year. The Tshakhuma side did the region proud by becoming the first team to win all their matches in the annual event.

Muano Nesane of United Brothers and Innocent Nephalama of Vikings (left) are focused on the ball.

MTG final abandoned the offside trap and unleashed a half volley that seemed too hot to The MTG KO competition final the Vikings’ keeper to handle. A game between Fundudzi United defender of Brothers handled the Brothers and Mutale Vikings ball within his own penalty area, that was played at the Makonde prompting the referee to award Home Defenders’ grounds on a penalty to Vikings. Omphulusa Sunday was not played to the Nemaangani scored from the finish. The score was 4-4 when white spot. The score was 1-1 at the game ended abruptly. the end of the regulation time. The game was played at a see- No extra time was added, but saw pace, with the teams knockinstead the teams went straight ing on each other’s door time to the penalty shootout. after time. Vikings came close to Both sides managed to convert scoring in the 18th minute when three of their chances. The fans Innocent Nephalama went loose invaded the pitch and thus made from the right corner and lost it impossible for the players to possession just before he could take the fourth penalty. Realizunleash from inside the box. No ing that the situation was out of goal was scored during the first control, the referee blew the final 45 minutes. Both sides effected whistle. According to a statement two changes to their starting line- from the league, the match will ups in the last half. United Broth- be replayed at the same venue ers took the lead in the 64th tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, minute. Agrippa Nemathithi beat starting at 13:00.


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Limpopo Mirror 21 June 2019  

Limpopo Mirror 21 June 2019  

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