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9 May 2014 Year 24 Vol: 34

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Raped and strangled Tshililo’s teachers and schoolmates march to her home before the funeral.

The parents of Tshililo Ndou, Mr Azwimpheleli Ndou and Ms Nndavheleseni Malatji.

Tshililo Ndou.

By Ndivhuwo Musetha A young resident of the Golgotha residential area in Thohoyandou, Tshililo Ndou (9), was raped and strangled to death on Freedom Day. She is the niece of former world boxing champion Phillip “Time Bomb” Ndou. Young Tshililo was found dumped behind a vehicle in a yard in Golgotha, not too far away from her home at around 22:00. According to the spokesperson of the police at Thohoyandou, Const Avhafarei Tshiovhe, the family reported Tshililo missing with police at around 10:00 on the same day. She was a Grade 4 pupil at Tshishonga Primary. According to Ms Azwidowi Mashamba, principal of the school, Tshililo was playing with friends in the street next to her home when an unknown man came and sent her to buy something from a local spaza. “When she came back, he gave her R2 and sent her to buy bubblegum for herself. After realizing that she was not coming back, her friends went to inform her grandmother, Margaret Nemukula, and a search was started,” explained Mashamba. A report was made to the police and the search continued until Tshililo’s body was found. “There were no visible marks of injuries to her body, except phlegm that was coming from her mouth. It was also established Tshililo had been raped and strangled,” says Tshiovhe, who also confirms that no arrest had been made at the time of our going to press. During an emotional funeral service held at home on Saturday morning, speakers spoke

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fondly about young Tshililo. Mashamba described Tshililo as a respectable young girl. “She was wise, very clean and committed to her school work. She was young but responsible and always wanted to help other learners,” says Mashamba. Former Vhembe Executive Mayor Florence Radzilani and a former MEC for Safety and Security told mourners that the ANC Women’s League urged community members to expose criminals, especially rapists The mayor of Thulamela Municipality, Cllr Grace Mahosi, promised to put pressure on the police to make sure the culprit is arrested. “We are concerned about this barbaric behaviour. It is worrying that some men are more dangerous than animals. In Thulamela there are many churches. We hope they will play their role and help to encourage these evil men to reform,” said Mahosi. Tshililo is one of six children of Azwimpheleli Ndou and Nndavheleseni Malatji. Her father, Azwimpheleli, the elder brother of boxer Phillip Ndou, says he was planning to buy his daughter a new cell phone at the end of the month. “She worked very hard at school. Last December she was in the 16th position and she was now in third place.” Although there is no lead in the rape and murder case that has been opened at the Thohoyandou police station, Phillip Ndou believes there will be an arrest. “I am calling upon whoever is responsible to surrender to the police as soon as possible, before God works His wonders against him. We believe in God and there is no way that He will disappoint us,” says Ndou.


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2 9 May 2014 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Disability awareness campaign at Musekwa Children who live with mental and physical disabilities are also children who deserve total respect, care and love, just like able-bodied children. Those were the words of a warrant officer from the Makhado Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS), Mpho Mpfuni, when he addressed the children from Musekwa Fhatani Day Care Centre, members of the community and staff members about projects which take care of these children. This was during a Right to Education for Intellectual Disability Awareness Campaign which was held at Musekwa Thusong Centre, Ngudu, on Friday. Mpfuni educated the children on physical and sexual abuse and urged them to report such incidences to their caretakers, parents or community leaders. “The law is there to protect these children against all wrongful forces,” said Mpfuni. The coordinator of the Musekwa Fhatani Day Care Centre, Mr Lucas Ramathavhana, said that the purpose of the disability awareness campaign was to make the community aware of the feelings of disabled people, so that they may accept them better. “We are operating as a project with the aim of taking care of disabled children and stimulating their self-esteem and self-worth,” he stated. “We also

teach them life skills and literacy. Above all, we need our children to stop feeling ashamed of their disabilities. They didn’t choose to be what they are. Disability is not a choice.” According to Ramathavhana, the centre started in 2012 with seven beneficiaries and five caretakers, after the founders realised that the disabled children of the area had to travel to Biaba and other distant places to access centres which catered for their needs. Now the centre takes care

for 22 people living with disabilities and has seven caretakers. “Our biggest challenge is the lack of shelter,” Ramathavhana said. “We are operating from a rondavel.” One of the pupils at the centre, Freddy Maswadzi (18), recently won a walk race in Polokwane and automatically qualified to participate in the same sport in Durban on 5 July. “If he wins in Durban, he will then go to America next year,” said Ramathavhana.

Community accuses police of dragging feet Hundreds of villagers gathered at the Madombidzha Try Again grounds on Sunday to express their anger about the recent death of Mulalo Mpilo. His naked body was found at the football field a fortnight ago. His death has raised numerous questions and the villagers accused the police of dragging their feet in the case. The members of the community said they were tired of the murders in the village and that they will not rest until Mulalo’s killers were arrested and charged. Mr Funi Machumela, who saw Mulalo’s dead body on the football field before he was taken away by forensic inspectors, told Limpopo Mirror that it was not easy to cope with the pain of losing a beloved friend. “Our community abides by the law of the country, but we will take the law into our own hands. The people who murdered our friend deserve to rot in jail,” he added. The protesting group presented a memorandum with names of the suspects to the police and gave them seven days of respond. Const Munyadziwa of the Tshilwavhusiku SAPS said the police were still investigating a case of murder. She urged community members not to take the law into their own hands but to assist the police with evidence. “We are about to make a breakthrough in the

case and we urge the community to be patient. We are working around the clock to gather all evidence for prosecution. No stone will be left unturned, and the law will obviously take its course.”

The late Mulalo Mpilo.

Makhado FCS’s W/O Mpho Mpfuni urged community members to start respecting disabled people and to stop abusing disabled children.

Mutsila cuts dry branches from one of his trees. By Elmon Tshikhudo Some of the children from Musekwa Fhatani Day Care Centre during the campaign.

Indigenous trees are Mashudu’s friends

By Silas Nduvheni

“Government recognises kingship of Vhavenda under Ramabulana” Vhavenda King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana has urged for unity among all the traditional leaders in the area. “We call upon our traditional leaders to speak in one voice to enable us to initiate community development projects. We must be proud and honour the restoration of the culture and customs of the Vhavenda kingship under the lineage of Mphephu Ramabulana,” he added. He was speaking on Tuesday in the former Thohoyandou legislature, when he officially unveiled and handed over framed photographs of him, to be distributed to various traditional councils and offices in the Vhembe region as a way of honouring the Vhavenda Kingship. He was joined by Limpopo MEC for Corporate Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs Mr Ishmael Kgetjepe, the chairperson of the Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders, Kgoshi Solomon Dikgale, Executive Mayor Tshitereke Matibe and various senior traditional leaders. Although he did not mention any names, he slammed some senior traditional leaders who didn’t respect and honour his kingship and warned them they would be ruled under his power as his kingship was recognized by the government. Mr Kgetjepe said the unveiling of the photo was

a symbol that the government was recognizing the kingship of the Vhavenda. “Once the government recognises the Kingship of the Vhavenda under Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, we must honour and respect the king as he represents us all. The pro-

vincial government is committed to supporting the issue of traditional affairs and we urge the various traditional councils and offices in the Vhembe region to exhibit the photo as a way of showing respect,” Kgetjepe said.

Photographed after the unveiling of the king’s photograph are, from left to right, Thovhele Calvin Nelwamondo, Thovhele Sikhula Mulima, MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe, King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, Cllr Tshitereke Matibe, Kgoshi Solomon Dikgale and the advisor of the king, Mr Jackson Mafunzwaini.

To most of the members of the community, trees are just there to decorate the environment and there is nothing more of importance about them. Mashudu Mutsila (40) of Tshisahulu, a real fanatic about indigenous trees, has a different perspective on them and he is going all out to preserve them. Mutsila developed an interest in trees from an early age and is making a clarion call to communities not to deplete the forests of what he calls the natural treasure. He has turned his own yard into a herbarium where he planted more than 100 different indigenous trees, which he said are no longer available in most places. The father of three, who works as a garage attendant, said the idea came some years ago when he realized that trees are very useful as medicine and food but are fast becoming history as people are cutting them down without mercy. “When I grew up in those years, we never got hungry in the veld while we played as there were plenty of fruits. The trees were always used for medicinal purposes which helped us avoid hospitals as most illnesses could be cured by just using roots and leaves. Trees are life and we should all stand up and take up our roles in preserving them for future generations. Our children do not have to see these trees in books; they must see them in real life. This is what I am trying to do by planting these trees in my yard,” he said. He said his future plans included registering his business for people and tourists to come and see these different types of trees.


9 May 2014 3


By Elmon Tshikhudo

Zimbabwean’s lucky escape from the jaws of two crocodiles the hut. Limpopo Mirror paid Chimayo a visit at Tshilidzini, where he is recuperating from his serious injuries. When we arrived, Chamauya's wounds were being dressed. “I cannot remember much of what happened as I was intoxicated. One thing I still remember is that when I arrived at the river two crocodiles attacked me like a pack of wild dogs,” he said. He said he fought for his life, but the crocodiles managed to gnaw some chunks of flesh from his right leg. He has scars all over his body which show how fierce the fight was. “I will never forget the experience, but how I gained the power to fight the two monsters I cannot even tell. God really saved me, and I will forever be grateful to Him for having mercy on me,” he said.


A night out drinking with friends nearly ended in tragedy for one of the friends when he was attacked by two crocodiles. Mr Julius Chamauya (26), originally from Chiredzi in Zimbabwe and now residing at Muledane outside Thohoyandou, was out drinking with friends in the village on Friday afternoon. Information at Limpopo Mirror’s disposal is that the friends drank until late and the others left while Chamauya remained at the popular drinking spot. How he left is not known but it is believed that he left the drinking spot at about 22:00. Chamauya was only found the following day in his hut, not far from the spot where the Dzindi and Tshidumbi rivers meet. He was badly hurt and found by cattle herders, who had followed blood trails that led to





Top: Lucky to be alive, Mr Julius Chamauya shows the bandages on the injuries he sustained during the fight with crocodiles. Left: Nurses change the bandages on the injured Mr Julius Chamauya at the Tshilidzini Hospital.


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4 9 May 2014

Election 2014: The communities in Vhembe are voting

Musina Mayor Carol Phiri casts her vote at Nancefield Community Hall An IEC official verifies Mrs Avheani Mavhutha’s voting station. She arrived at 03:00 to make sure that she was the first An official of the IEC assists Mrs Shonisani Matumba at the Tshakhuma particulars on the voters roll at the Khumbe person to cast her vote at 07:00. Mutsindoni voting station. A total of 194 people had already cast their voting station. votes when Limpopo Mirror visited the station at 08:30.

To celebrate two decades of freedom and democracy in South Africa and to encourage other members in her ward to cast their votes, Ms Nthabiseng Muila (69) checks her name Cllr Magret Mathalise cast her vote at her home before she casts her vote at Musina Community village in Tshavhalovhedzi early on Wednesday. Hall on Wednesday morning.

An IEC official directs Mr David Thavhana (81) to the voting booth to cast his vote at Musina Nancefield Community Hall voting station.

Gogo Hellen Mphidi of Tshiozwi cast her vote for the fifth time since 1994. She voted at Maneledzi High School.

Local community members prepare to cast their votes at Musina's El Shadai voting station. One of the voters gets a mark on her thumb before she votes at Musina Community Hall voting station.

Two grannies get assistance while voting at Musina Community Hall voting station. An IEC official explains the voting process to Mr Andries Mabungu at the Khumbe voting station while a party agent (left) looks on.

IEC officials verify the particulars of some of the voters on the voters roll at the Hamutsha Primary School voting station. Some 268 voters had already cast their votes when Limpopo Mirror arrived at the station at 08:00. Happy to have exercised her democratic right, Granny Mthavhini Mpisi of Lombard Village said she was very happy to have put a cross beside the party of her choice. She voted at the local Tinyiko Primary School.

Ms Nelly Masevhe of Tshiozwi said she was happy to vote for the party of her choice. An IEC official checks the ID of Mr Lionel du Plessis before he casts his vote at the Musina Show Grounds.

Mr Mbassie Olifant of Ramantsha photographed when he cast his vote at Sinthumule High on Wednesday.

Former traditional leader Chief Samuel Nxumalo (86) of the Ndwandwe tribe was one of the first people to cast his vote at the Gidjana Tribal Authority in Malamulele. A group of youths were photographed while rushing to the voting centre in Madombidzha village. They said they wanted to vote and make their mark.

Makhulu Vho-TshinakahoTharaga (82) casts her vote while presiding officer Vho-Shumani Ndouvhada looks on at the Petamukanda Voting Centre on Wednesday morning.

Voting for the first time in the fifth democratic elections of South Africa was an exciting experience for Rendani Miriri (22; left) from Tshavhalovhedzi. He believes that his vote will make a change. Univen student Mashudu Police are ready to ensure smooth elections at Malamulele. Different units of the police were Mukwevho (23) also chose to cast his vote at his deployed at strategic points in Malamulele as the area has been identified as a hot spot, following home. He said it was an exciting experience and his voice would be heard over the next five years. threats of disruption of the elections by certain quarters in the community.

Miss Kedibone Serakalala (19) of Ramantsha said she was happy to vote for the first time. She cast her vote at the polling station at Sinthumule High.


9 May 2014 5

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6 9 May 2014 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

“Talk about all your marital problems” The community of Khubvi, near Thohoyandou, engaged in a dialogue on marriage, family violence, and HIV and AIDS during an event which was held at Khubvi Community Hall a fortnight ago. The event was hosted by Munna Ndi Nnyi, in partnership with local health structures and community-based projects, which included the Vhuawelo Community Project, Murongwe Library and The AIDS Consortium. The office of the local Vhamusanda Vho-Thinawanga Randima also attended the event. The participants discussed issues relating to marriage, gender-based violence, and divorce and its consequences. The people agreed that some of the causes of family violence

and divorce are infidelity, untrustworthiness, bad friends and unloving in-laws. Mr Eric Budeli, who is attached to Munna Ndi Nnyi, gave a detailed lecture on sex education and highlighted some relevant issues relating to HIV and Aids. “I urge you to go for a test,” he said. “The time for ignorance has long passed; we all need to know our HIV status, so that we can take good care of ourselves.” Budeli said that any person who found out that they are HIV positive should stick to treatment and healthy living. “You must respect yourself,” he said. The official from Thohoyandou Justice Centre of the Legal Aid SA, Mr Calvin Mathebula, also urged couples to try to talk

their marital problems over, before they could decide to take each other to court. “Your neighbour’s garden is always green,” he said idiomatically. “Stop fighting between yourselves and start building strong families.” The director of Munna Ndi Nnyi, Mr Bardwell Mufunwaini, addressed the people on the importance of creating healthy relationships which led to stable families, where parents would rear children with respect. “We need all fathers in our communities to understand that they must stay in their homes with their wives and children,” Mufunwaini said. “A real man or father doesn’t need to be reminded to maintain his family. He knows he has to look after his family.”

Members of The AIDS Consortium were seen caucussing after the event. They are Ms Hanedzani Mmbodi and Messrs Emmanual Luambo, David Randima and Nnditsheni Matodzi.

Mailausumbwa Vho-Kennedy Tshivhase turns the soil while other stakeholders look on. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

R4 million community hall for Mukula The community of Mukula near Thohoyandou will soon have an up-to-standard community hall, after the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) issued at least R4 million for the building of a new hall in the village. The sod-turning event was held last Tuesday. Those who attended the event included dignitaries such as Ms Florance Radzilani, Mailausumbwa Vho-Kennedy Tshivhase, Ms Mavhungu Luruli-Ramakhanya, and the chairperson of the National Lotteries Board (NLB), Prof Alfred Nevhutanda. Nevhutanda said that the NLB was committed to uplifting communities, saying the NLB was

always ready to engage local government in partnership with projects funded by the NLDTF to see that the communities were assisted better. “When people play lotto, a percentage is put aside and directed towards community projects through our funding trust,” Nevhutanda said. Mailausumbwa Vho-Kennedy Tshivhase said that he would appreciate it if the NLB continued to fund projects that uplifted the lives of the people in rural areas. “If you have projects which you wish to do for the people in this area, more especially agricultural and environmental projects, please do not hesitate to approach us, so we can see that we provide a

piece of land for those projects,” he said. He added that projects of that nature would help alleviate poverty by means of job creation. Vhavenda Vho-Takalani Thakhani of the Mukula community hailed the NLB as a body that knew the needs of South Africans who lived in poor rural areas. “There’s no better chance for us other than now to get assistance in having our own community hall,” he said. “It has been one of our major plans to have a hall, but we lacked funds. With a community hall, some of the government offices could centre in the hall to give people effective and speedy service delivery.”



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9 May 2014 7 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Accident near Tshipise claims three lives The Musina police are investigating a case of culpable homicide, following the accident which involved four vehicles and left three people dead on Saturday. The accident occurred along the Tshipise road and claimed three lives and left four people seriously injured.

A minibus, bakkie and two sedans were involved in the accident. “The people who died were those inside the bakkie,” said the Musina police’s spokesperson, Const Dakalo Ramagwede. “We opened a case of culpable homicide and are still investigating the cause of the accident.”

According to Ramagwede, a Zimbabwean female died on impact and two males died at the Musina Hospital. “The other four people were critically injured and admitted at the hospital,” Ramagwede said. She added that six other people were treated at the hospital and later discharged.

By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

Young Decent Chabalala is still missing Freddy Tshikhudo (38). By Isabel Venter

Makhado “hand case” trial to start soon The trial of the town’s brutal and infamous “hand case” is set to start soon. Freddy Azwitamisi Tshikhudo (38), who stands accused of the murder of Rumbidzai Manyere (36), appeared in the Louis Trichardt District Court again on Monday. He is facing two counts of rape and single counts of murder, housebreaking and robbery. During Monday’s court appearance, Tshikhudo was trying to bring a second bail application on the rape, housebreaking and robbery charges. He was already denied bail on the charge of murder. Police officers and

other lawyers attending court were all of the opinion that his application was futile, as he has already been convicted of murder and rape. During his previous bail application, his criminal record was read in court. Tshikhudo had been convicted of rape, murder, housebreaking, theft, assault and stock theft between 1993 and 2006. The latest charge of murder was brought against him after his arrest in April last year at the Elti Café in Eltivillas, when he allegedly tried to rob the business by using a severed human arm. Following his arrest, Tshikhudo led the

police to the place where the murdered Manyere’s body was found. Manyere’s right arm, both eyes and her private parts had been removed. Her body itself was in an advanced state of decomposition. After a very brief court appearance on Monday, Tshikhudo’s case was postponed until 20 June this year, when a High Court date is expected to be made known for his trial. Sources within the police have indicated that their investigations into the matter have been finalized and ready for trial. Tshikhudo will remain in custody until then.

It has been almost seven weeks since Decent Chabalala (16) from Waterval was last seen. When she left home on Saturday 15 March, she told her mother that she was going to watch football at the local soccer field in the afternoon. The Grade 9 pupil from Elim Secondary School has not been seen since. According to her mother, Ms Olivia Chabalala, she initially asked for money to attend extra classes that Saturday. The heartbroken mother insisted that on that day her daughter returned home earlier, which suggested that she did not go to school at all. She said her daughter might have probably used the money which she was supposed to use go to school to go somewhere else. “We were even going to buy her a new school uniform. We don’t know where she vanished to because we never had a problem with her at home,” she said. The mother had tried all other alternatives when searching for her and it did not yield any results. “We searched at her school and with all the relatives and her friends, and no one knows her whereabouts,” she said. She is appealing to any member of the public who might have spotted her daughter to contact their nearest police station or phone her on 071 Decent Chabalala was last seen by her family on 15 March. 583 8918.


8 9 May 2014 By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

Young woman strangled The death of a young woman from The police are currently trying Tshikuwi village may have been to get hold of Mr Lucky “Ligavha” the result of yet another case of Marema, who they believe can asdomestic violence. The girl’s body sist with the investigation. Marema was found next to a street in the apparently went to Hammanskraal. village three weeks ago, with neck Any member of the public who wounds indicating that she might might know where Mr Marema is, have been strangled. can contact the nearest police station It is alleged that the 21-year- or call Mphephu SAPS on 015 970 old Ms Tshimangadzo Mudau 3000 or 015 970 3023. phoned her mother on Wednesday “We are asking members of the evening (April 16), complaining community to assist us in tracing that her boyfriend was assaulting this man, who is believed to be in his her and that they were quarrelling. late 30s,” said the Mphephu police Her mother apparently told her to spokesperson, W/O Lazarus Netreturn home, saying that the rela- shidzati. tionship was no longer healthy. Tshimangadzo apparently agreed to do so, but the following day she was nowhere to be found. According to the Mphephu Police, the family alerted the police and it was established that the girl went to the Dzanani shopping complex to board a taxi to go back to her home village in Marimigwa. Her body was later found where it was dumped next to a street in The police believe Mr Lucky ‘Ligavha’ Marema Tshikuwi village. can assist them in the investigation.

By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

Family seeks justice after woman’s gruesome death At least a year has passed since the gruesome murder of Mrs Jane Magadani from Lwamondo-Matule village. To date, no one has been held accountable for her death and the family members are getting frustrated with the way the case is being handled. Ms Magadani’s head was crushed with a stone in April last year, allegedly by her partner, after a quarrel. Prior to the murder, the suspect appeared to be mentally unstable and the family believed that the death could have been avoided if the authorities had acted in time. After the incident, the suspect tried to cut his own throat in an apparent suicide attempt. He was rushed off to hospital where he later recovered. According to family members, a neighbour alerted the police prior to the incident after hearing the suspect quarrelling with the deceased. The police apparently went out to investigate, but only told the alleged suspect that there was a man accusing him of wanting to kill someone. The police then allegedly forced the neighbour to apologise to the suspect, since they were convinced that he never wanted to kill anyone and that it was merely an argument. Following the murder, the suspect was arrested by the Vuwani police. The case was set to appear in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s

Court. The deceased’s brother, Bishop John Mutula, complained that his sister had been brutally killed in an evil manner and the family wanted the authorities to bring the perpetrator to book. He insisted that, after the funeral last year, the investigative officer who was handling the case, the station commissioner, and a member of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) promised that they would not rest until the suspect was in custody. “I was told that the suspect was released and I even called the suspect’s nephew on the phone and he confirmed that, because I asked him to let me to talk to the suspect,” he said. He added that he wanted to consult with the MEC for Safety and Security and the provincial police commissioner, because he did not understand why the suspect had been released. The spokesperson for the Vuwani Police spokesperson, W/O Elijah Malatjie, said the suspect was released on bail. He mentioned that the suspect was mentally disturbed. According to Malatjie, murder cases are transferred to a special unit and this case had not disappeared. “The investigating officer and the prosecutor had been communicating with the family about this case and it is currently in the Thohoyandou High Court,” Mrs Jane Magadani was brutally killed last year in an incident that the family believed could have been avoided. he said.


9 May 2014 9


10 9 May 2014


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By Elmon Tshikhudo

“Tuberculoses can be cured” - TB ambassador A multi-drug-resistant (MDR) TB aware of the different diseases.” He survivor and a TB ambassador in said employees who were unhealthy Vhembe gave a moving testimony could not dispense their services on how she stared a certain death in well, depriving the patients of the the face but lived after overcoming best service. the disease. Ms Funanani Mahwasane, an unFunanani Mahwasane (29) of employed trained nurse, said she did Muledane gave her testimony as a not take the illness seriously when message of hope for those afflicted by it started. the disease during a recent tuberculo“My feet became swollen, I lost a sis awareness campaign organized for lot of weight and sweated all the time. workers at Tshilidzini Hospital. More I consulted a doctor who confirmed than 1 000 staff members, including that I had MDR. I thought I was gomembers of the management, took ing to die and lost all hope. I started part in the campaign. treatment, which included injections Mr David Nemuhuyuni, an official at the hospital, said the day had become a very important feature on their calendar. “We look after the wellness of our employees. We have different programmes at the hospital that look at the well-being of the workers. This was not triggered by any outbreak, but we would like to Survivor Funanani Mahwasane, an ambassador for see all staff being TB in Vhembe, said TB could be be cured.

for six months and medication. How I survived I do not know, but the message I am bringing here is that it can be cured,” she said. Ms Bertha Mabogo, a TV deputy manager in Thulamela, said TB could not be separated from HIV. She urged all health practitioners at the hospital to screen all patients for TB and other chronic diseases for the early detection of those diseases for early treatment.




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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS FOR ADVISORY PANEL MEMBERS 2014 The National Arts Council of South Africa hereby invites all competent, suitably qualified and interested persons to serve as members of the Advisory Panels for a period of three years. Advisory Panel members are required in the following art forms: theatre, dance, crafts, literature, music, multi-discipline and visual arts. Requirements: Members must have achieved distinction or have special knowledge and experience in the fields required. International experience as well as knowledge and expertise in indigenous art forms will be an added advantage. Responsibilities: Fulfill the statutory role to advise the Council on the merits of applications for funding and on any matter relating to the field of the arts to which he/she is appointed. Advisory Panel members are required to meet at least twice a year before Council meetings. Members shall be nominated by any member of the public. Nominators are required to submit a detailed motivation for the nominee, curriculum vitae and a letter of acceptance from the nominated candidate. Closing date for all nominations will be 16 May 2014. Please note that late nominations will not be considered and no exceptions will be made. If you have not heard from the NAC within two months of the closing date, consider your submission as unsuccessful and no further correspondence will be entered into. For more information, contact Julie Diphofa on 011 838 1383 or visit

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; OFFICE: (015) 290 0000/1; FAX: (015) 290 0170 THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 FAX: (015) 962 2998

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Nominations should be forwarded for the attention Arts Development Manager, Julie Diphofa at National Arts Council of South Africa, PO Box 500, Newtown, 2113 or 66 Margaret Mcingana Street, Market Theatre Precinct, Newtown, 2113. Tel: (011) 838-1383; Fax (011) 838-6363; Email: 8629


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9 May 2014 11

By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

Feud between Ha-Muliwa residents and headman Infuriated residents of Mukondeni Village in Ha-Mulima are at loggerheads with their headman and their senior traditional chief. This follows the R100 annual tax they have to pay to the chief, the R600 that a family has to pay when they bury their loved one in the local cemetery and the R20 monthly payment for the tribal society. Members of the community accused their traditional leaders of allegedly misusing the tribal society money which they (leaders) insisted was for the benefit of the community. According to the local South African National Civic Organization (SANCO) branch, every household pays R10 if any member of the community passes away. Most residents were complaining that they were paying unnecessary bills and that if they did not pay they would not receive any tribal services. Community grievances recently came to light when the headman initially refused a certain family permission to bury their 10-year-old boy in the local cemetery. They could only do so after paying R600 to open the gate. The general secretary of SANCO in the village, Mr Thomas Rabulu, said community members did not understand why they should pay R100 annual tax to the headman. “We are paying tax to the government, why should we pay tax to the

The Easter Bunny made an unannounced appearance at the Elim Mall from 18 to 21 April and surprised the customers with colourful eggs as well as the opportunity to have their photo taken with him. Centre Manager Basani Tlakula says that the centre wants to create a welcoming atmosphere, where members from the community can gather and be entertained.

headman?” he asked. Mr Caiphus Mashamba, a community member, insisted that before the headman arrived the practice of ordering a family to pay R600 to bury their loved one at the local cemetery had been scrapped. He said the local cemetery was in good condition and residents were maintaining the site, hence they believed it was not necessary for them to pay the R600. “I was a leader of people who used to maintain the graveyard, and honestly most of us do not understand where the money is going,” said Mashamba. SANCO chairperson Mr Takalani Sithi said that even people who were selling sorghum beer (mahafhe) were told to take a five-litre bottle to the headman to pay for conducting their business in the area. “They are oppressing people. Even those who are just trying to survive have to pay tax to the headman,” he said. The headman, Mr Mulubi Mashamba, lashed out at community members who were complaining about the taxes. He said he was merely exercising duties delegated by the head office. Headman Mashamba said the R600 burial charge was implemented because most people refused to join the council’s society. “Those who have better jobs in the village are influencing those who are poor not to pay the society and the annual tax,” he said. He said the annual tax was required to renovate the tribal offices. He added that all 17 villages which fell under the jurisdiction of Chief Mulima were paying the prescribed taxes and there were no problems when they requested services from the tribal office. Talking to Limpopo Mirror last Tuesday, Chief Mulima insisted that he was not the right person to respond to the accusations. “These questions should be directed to the senior members of the traditional council,” he said. Initially, Mr Moses Raswiswi, who is believed to be the secretary of the chief, refused to talk to the press and insisted that he was not the right person to talk to. “Where did you get my number? I am not the right person to talk to and I don’t know anything about that,” he said. Pfananani village, one of the villages that fall under the jurisdiction of Chief Mulima, is apparently not paying the annual tax and the R600 burial charge. A member of SANCO in the community who spoke on condition of anonymity, said their community refused to pay the money. “Most communities have the same problem, but with us we never agreed to pay that R600. When this annual tax was introduced, we were told that it was money to help renovate the tribal office, but now any individual who does not not pay receives no tribal services from the chief,” he said.

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

PUBLIC NOTICE ON PROPOSED AMENDMENTS OF THE PROPERTY RATES POLICY FOR SUBMISSION TO COUNCIL AND THE RELATED PROPERTY RATES BY-LAW Notice is hereby given on proposed amendments on the following items terms of Sections 12(3) (b) and 21 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act No 32 of 2000 of Makhado Local Municipality. 1. Property Rates policy 2. Property Rates By-law The Municipality hereby invites any interested party or parties to submit comments and/ or make representations to the Municipality. Any such comments and/ or representations much reach the undersigned on /or before the 30th day of May 2014. Copies of the draft Property Rates By-law and Property Rates Policy may be inspected in within the following public municipal areas: 83 Krogh Street, Makhado Town The following Regional Offices: Vuwani, Waterval, Dzanani during office hours.

The Municipal Manager Makhado Local Municipality Private Bag X 2596 Louis Trichardt 0920 Enquiries should be directed to: The revenue Manager: 015 519 3000 Office of the CFO: 015 5190 3000 Notice Number 5 of 2014


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The draft By-law and related policy are also available on the following website:

Communities around the Vhembe region were urged to participate and take the integrated development plan (IDP) seriously as a way of advising various municipalities on their priority projects. This was said by the acting executive mayor, Cllr Lucas Manyuha, during a recent meeting at Tshilamba to discuss the district’s draft IDP review and budget public hearing. He also announced that more than R1.4 billion had been set aside to help with the delivery of services in the district this financial year. In our photo are Manyuha (second from right), joined by Mutale councillors Sarah Rammbuda (far left), Nndavheleseni Lieba, Eunice Nekhunguni and the Speaker of the district municipality, Cllr Mavuyisa Fungheni. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

The national youth chairperson of the Democratic Alliance, Mr Yussuf Cassim (fifth from left, back) addressed more than 150 students of the university in the E Block Hall on the Univen campus a fortnight ago. He is photographed with some students after his address. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

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12 9 May 2014 A A





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By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Ntimani finds peace of mind in his creations It is a sunny Saturday and sculptor Lucky Ntimani is busy hewing a piece of wood into what will eventually become one of his masterpieces. “I was born with this talent,” he says, puffing away at his roll of tobacco. “I started noticing that I was an artist at the age of 14, when I told cultural stories to my peers and also composed songs of my own.” He maintains that he became

restless and was not sure what was actually happening with him until he decided to embrace his art on a full-time basis. “There was this kind of storm in my head as I was not sure what was happening in my life,” he says. Ntimani had to quit a permanent job at a fruit and vegetable market in Gauteng and returned to Mbhokota village, outside Elim, to pursue his artistic route. “In Gauteng, a man saw me turning Masonite boards into designs which included framed messages and other stuff and advised me to follow my talent,” he says. Today, Ntimani finds peace of mind in mixing his sculpturing talent with horticulture and flower gardening at the small yard which houses

his one-room gallery. His studio-cum-gallery, though, is adorned with eye-catching creations which were crafted from different kinds of wood. “To me, art is life,” he shares. “I do not craft my sculptures for the aim of gaining money.” One can believe that Ntimani breathes and lives art. His yard is decorated with statuettes and other creations of different sizes and shapes. “I would have made it, also, as a musician,” he says and adds that he can play the guitar. But another artist dissuaded him from approaching recording companies because he was singing jazz with English lyrics, which recording companies would not have wanted to invest in. “He told me that nobody would consider me,” he remembers. “Then I gave up. I tried stocking clothes in Durban and selling them in the villages. That was long before I took up sculpture to make a living.” This artist’s art was strengthened when the local internationally aclaimed sculptor, Mr Thomas Kubayi, recommended him for a craftsmanship course, which was conducted in the mountain. “He is a disciplined sculptor, who spends most of his time working on his art,” Kubayi says about Ntimani. “He doesn’t copy his teachers or mentors. He has developed a style of his own. I also like the fact that he is grooming new talent within his community.” Ntimani had received visitors from places such as the Netherlands, Australia, France and Germany, who all wanted to view and write about his work.

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9 May 2014 13

Police officer and community builder Mr Thivhulawi Tshilate receives a certificate as a token of appreciation from Khosi NW Masiagwala during the presentation of the Maungani awards last Saturday.

A hearse collided head-on with a bakkie at Tshiozwi on Sunday. Three people were treated for injuries at the Louis Trichardt Memorial and later discharged.

Phalaphala FM Ndevhetsini presenter and producer Mr Ofhani Muebi receives a certificate as a token of appreciation from the traditional leader, Khosi NW Masiagwala, during the ceremony. Welfare

Wear your tekkies Tekkie Tax 2013 exceeded all expectations by raising R2.4 million in their first year. More than 180 local welfare organisations benefited from the proceeds, which were all distributed in November last year. The organisers of the campaign, The Marketing Team, received an overwhelming feedback of “Thank you” for organising the fundraising campaign. Ms Bev Seabourne of Highveld Horse Care said, “Finally there is a national fundraising campaign where animals can also benefit, and we are delighted to be part of it. But by caring for the horses and donkeys in the townships and rural areas, we do so much more than looking after the animals. By educating the owners to keep the animals healthy, we ensure that the family will have an income, children can get to school, and water and coal can be carted. Viva Tekkie Tax!” This year, the Tekkie Tax team presents yet another opportunity to show where everyonbe’s heart lies on Friday, 30 May. Members of the public are asked to get a Tekkie Tax sticker for a R10 donation from your local SAVF branch (015 516 3841), Mari (084 6283 528) or Annekie (083 6360 862). Businesses in town ordering more than 10 stickers can phone and they’ll deliver. On Tekkie Tax day, you simply wear the big sticker on your lapel and put the small one on your cell phone to stay there for the rest of the year. Whatever your outfit is for the day, wear your tekkies! The campaign is endorsed by 15 of our biggest and most accountable national NGOs in the country, representing more than 1 000 local organisations. Street Anhetico Properties 54 Hlanganani Caltex Centre Louis Trichardt Eiendomme (T) 015 516 2044/5 (F) 015 516 2050



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14 9 May 2014 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Useful study tips for Maluta’s Grade 12’s

The Minister of Water Affairs, Edna Molewa, Mayor Grace Mahosi of Thohoyandou and Premier Stan Mathabatha hold glasses of water during the unveiling of the Mavambe borehole last Tuesday In the centre is Ms Mphephu Maswangany, a resident of Mavambe, with a big jug of water. Photo: Silas Nduvheni. The Minister of Water Affairs, Edna Molewa, Mayor Grace Mahosi of Thohoyandou and Premier Stan Mathabatha hold glasses of water during the unveiling of the Mavambe borehole last Tuesday In the centre is Ms Mphephu Maswangany, a resident of Mavambe, with a big jug of water. Photo: Silas Nduvheni. Notice

The Grade 12s of Maluta High received useful examination tips from former pupils during a recent motivational day at Madombidzha. Former pupils, led by wellknown journalist Matodzi Makananisa, said that the main purpose was to motivate learners to study hard. “We want to motivate learners to stick to education and advise them not use drugs and alcohol,” he said. Makananisa said that parents should make sure that the pupils did their work during their free time. He pointed out that pupils

should also devote some of their time to school work, instead of spending all their time having fun. He said that they should divide their time, so that some of it was spent constructively. He said studying was a process that required dedication, concentration and effective time management. “I take this opportunity to encourage you to study hard and take education seriously. For the rest of 2014, forget about anything else and put your books first. It is our wish that all of you must be studying at tertiary institutions next year. You can only

achieve this through hard work. You are very lucky because you have dedicated teachers who are readily available to assist you day and night,” he added. According to Mr Phathutshedzo Phathela, there was “muti” that could help any pupil to achieve better results. “Pupils and teachers had to sweat it out, in order to reap the rewards at the end of the year,” he added. One of the Grade 12 pupils, Mulalo Maphaha, said she would obviously use the knowledge as a platform to passing her final exams.

Aids foundation to host seminar in Polokwane The Limpopo office of the Aids Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) will host a “learning and sharing” seminar at the Royal Hotel in Polokwane on 20 and 21 May. According to the organisers, the seminar aims to orientate 15 Limpopo community-based or-

ganisations (CBOs) into a “combination-prevention approach to programming,” so these CBOs can implement projects to better their communities. Stakeholders invited to the first day of the session include representatives from the offices of the premier, the public protector, the human

rights commission, Childline and the Departments of Health and Social Development. For more information phone Mr Roland Vilane, a public and media relations intern at the Aids Foundation of South Africa on Tel 031 2772 709 or 076 1382 955.

102 President Street Louis Trichardt 0920

Tel: (015) 516 1427 Fax: (015) 516 1160


Pupils pose for a photo after the event.

N1 Property South of Town - 8Ha. Four houses. Swimming

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pool lapa and bar. Store rooms.Workers quarters. Shed. 2x Equipped boreholes. Municipal power. Concrete dam. Divided in 4 grazing Camps. R2.7 Million, o.n.o.

CAREL HAMMANN 082 923 1620


Old Mutual’s Group Scheme recently donated bibs, whistles, caps and safety jackets to the scholar patrol units of Tshifhatani and Khubvi Primary School. “We want to invest in the future of our pupils, as they are our future leaders. With this project, we want to promote the safety of our pupils,” said the Vhembe Regional Old Mutual Group Scheme Area Manager, Mr Tshilidzi Nemavhola. Photographed during the event are some of the pupils from Tshifhatani and Khubvi wearing the safety clothes, while Vhembe traffic officer Mr Khathutshelo Mudzanani (left), the principal of Khubvi, Mr Mpfunzeni Nangammbi, and Mr Tshildzi Nemavhola (far right), Mutshundudi circuit manager Ms Irene Muhanganei and Tshimangadzo Mammburu, principal of Tshifhatani Primary, look on. Photo by Silas Nduvheni.


14”R 749 16”R1199 17”R1299 FROM




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9 May 2014 15

By Elmon Tshikhudo

Green light for ambitious Mulenzhe plans The community of Mulenzhe outside Thohoyandou stands to benefit immensely from an envisaged residential estate in the Nandoni area. The Nandoni Residential Estate is an ambitious dream and vision by the senior traditional leader in the area, Thovhele Jeffrey Ramovha, and his community. The Mulenzhe Development Trust received the thumbs up from the Minister of Rural Development, Gugile Nkwinti, on Monday. Nkwinti, who was in the company of Vhembe’s executive mayor, Tshitereke Matibe, Thulamela mayor Grace Mahosi and his officials, visited the area to gather first-hand information after his office received a business plan from the community of Mulenzhe. The Mulenzhe delegation was led by Thovhele Ramovha and Chief Livhuwani Matsila, who is known for spearheading development in his community. During the visit, the minister

was shown the area around the dam and Thovhele Ramovha shared his dream with the minister. Speaking after the tour of the village, Nkwinti said he was very impressed by what he had seen and said what he had seen and heard fitted in very well with rural economic development. “We are here at the invitation of Thovhele Ramovha to engage with me on the proposal he has for his community after he requested funding for his dream city in this rural setting. I now understand very clearly what their intentions are and I am very impressed. Officials recommended that I approved the proposal, but I wanted to understand it before signing. The next step will be to sit down and sign on the dotted line,” said Nkwinti. Cllr Matibe also commended the community of Mulenzhe for having come up with such an ambitious plan of turning the area into a modern rural environment

with prospects of job creation. “As government, we are very happy to have communities such as Mulenzhe, who have big dreams that would benefit the whole community. The envisaged development would be an answer to poverty and job creation which would benefit the whole community,” he said. Thovhele Jeffrey Ramovha said he was very excited that their proposal had stolen the heart of the minister, who said he would give a donation to develop the area. The Nandoni Residential Estate comprises 500 hectares of Together as one we can do more. Photographed during the tour are, from left to right, Thovhele land donated to the Mulenzhe Jeffrey Ramovha, Min Gugile Nkwinti, Thulamela Mayor Grace Mahosi and Vhembe Executive Development Trust by the com- Mayor Tshitereke Mathibe. munity. It will have around 2000 stands, a shopping centre, a private hospital, a private school and a day visitor’s centre. 072 576 1577 • 015 516 0147 A team of technical experts, led by Thovhele Ramovha, an experienced property developer, has been appointed.


Manage the budget in tough economic times Consumers are reeling from price pressures and will have to start spending strictly according to a budget while treading cautiously to cover their key financial risks, says Karin Muller, Head of Sanlam Growth Market Solutions, following the release of the latest Consumer Price Index figures in March. While consumer inflation edged up from 5, 8% in January to 5, 9% in February (just under the SARB target ceiling of 6%) this might not be the experience of most consumers, given that people’s inflation experience is based on their own budget and how they spend their income. The reality of price increases is felt across the board, however, says Muller. ”Not only are consumers still trying to absorb the 50 basis point interest rate increase announced in February, but we are also having to manage our budgets to deal with a monthly consumer inflation increase of 1,1% - with food, petrol and health insurance as the main contributors to the upward pressure.” Muller says the CPI shows food and non-alcoholic beverages inflation increased to 5,4%, from 3,5% a mere two months ago. Bread and cereal products increased by 1,8% month on month on average, with super maize meal up by 4,0% month on month and white bread increasing by 2,6% month on month. Beyond this, the petrol price increased by 39c/l in February, resulting in a 2,9% monthly increase in the petrol index.

This takes annual petrol inflation to 14,0% for the past year – mainly as a result of the 20,4% increase in the oil price and a 23,7% depreciation in the rand over the period. Muller says health insurance fees, surveyed in February each year, carry a weight of 7,9% in the consumer basket and showed an average increase of 8,3%. She says tough economic times call for a disciplined approach to personal financial management, ensuring that families are not placed at unnecessary risk. “Striking a balance to make ends meet can easily take us down a road of multiple choices and the key is to protect what you have while managing your needs.” Muller says families are highly dependent on breadwinners for survival and it is essential that people prioritise their commitments to their families through life cover and disability cover. “It is certainly no easy task to make ends meet and it’s often easier to sacrifice the intangible benefits in favour of other needs. However, the risks and family trauma can be devastating should a breadwinner pass away without life cover, or if a breadwinner should become physically incapacitated.”


*Planning your advertising strategy *Determining your target market *Make-up and processing of your adverts *Inserts & pamphlets *Saving you money! Contact Pieter, George or Yolanda at (015) 516 4996 OR fax your info to (015) 516 2303

Gouws Auctioneers

DECEASED ESTATE AUCTION 30 & 31 May 2014 @ 10:00

Instructed by the Executor in the estate of the late Willem Daniël Lourens, estate number 20032/2014. LOCATION: Levubu - Thohoyandou road from Louis Trichardt, before reaching Border Motors on the corner - Follow directions.

Lots of carpentry equipment and household items, too numerous to mention!

Numerous antique furniture and ornaments also available! Registration: R500.00 (refundable)

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16 9 May 2014



9 May 2014 17 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Former policeman opens his own law firm A 46-year-old former policeman proved that perseverance and hard work ensure positive results when he opened his own law firm in Makhado a fortnight ago. Zwodangani Peter Makananisa, who tendered his resignation letter as a police officer during April, said that he had always wanted to be his own employer

The Zoutpansberg Private Hospital in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) treated one of their oldest patients last week. Mrs Muzamkomo from Elim, at 105 years old, was admitted to the hospital to receive some treatment for heart problems. After a short stay, she was able to go home again. When hospital staff learned of Mrs Muzamkomo, she was the recipient of a hospital goody bag, a brand new crocheted flower for her hat and lots of visits. With Mrs Muzamkomo, from left to right, are nurses Snyman and Nthabalala. Photo supplied.

and had a strong desire to create job opportunities for other people. “This is a dream come true,” he said. “Nothing is impossible in this world, provided you have passion for what you do.” Makananisa’s move to open his office comes after he was admitted as an attorney to the High Court of South Africa after passing his admission examination at the Law Society of South Africa on 25 April 2013. He studied through UNISA while he was also an investigator at the SAPS

Makhado’s stock and theft unit. He said that it had been difficult to balance his social life, family responsibilities, work and studies at the same time. “I believe that education has no boundaries,” he said. He said that his areas of speciality are criminal and civil litigation, administration of estates, labour matters, debt collection, divorce and maintenance cases, and other related legal matters. Makananisa had attended Madabude Primary School at Ha-Mpofu before he moved on to Denga Secondary in Nthabalala villlage. He passed his Standard 10 in 1986. He didn’t pass well and he had to repeat his Standard10. “I instantly did and passed well at Tshiawelo Secondary School at Vleifontein,” he said. Makananisa holds an LLB degree from the University of South Africa. “I started by registering for a Deeds Registration Diploma with Unisa, which I passed as well,” he stated. “That experience motivated me to register for an LLB degree!” Former policeman Zwodangani Peter Makananisa has opened his own law firm.

By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

New uniforms for Thulamela CWP workers

The three children who were burnt to death in a mud house at Mabidi a fortnight ago were buried during an emotional funeral at Davhana on Sunday. The Mathavha children, Nyeleti (9), Kulani (6) and Tintswalo (4), were nearly burnt beyond recognition in the horrific incident. In our photo are the three coffins, shortly before the burial.

The Manaledzi High’s top pupil for the previous quarter, Mbulaheni Mphumbude, receives a trophy during a ceremony at the school last Friday. From left to right are Ms Elisa Basric, Mbulaheni, Ms Nyadzawela Sadiki and the acting principal, Ms Mpho Milubi.

After spending months of work- Thulamela Mayor Grace Mahosi representatives from each nodal ing without proper uniforms, said the purpose of handing over point,” she said. the Community Workers Pro- new uniforms was to encourage The manager of local economgramme (CWP) beneficiaries the workers to focus. “This is a ic development (LED) in the muat the Thulamela municipality way to show that we care and we nicipality, Mulalo Nemakonde, had finally received new pro- are responsible about your safety acknowledged that the governtective clothing a fortnight ago. at work; you must work hard at ment was trying to rescue people The Department of Corpora- your nodal points,” she said. from severe poverty through tive Governance and Traditional Cllr Mahosi added that the the CWP programme. “This Affairs (COGSTA) donated 332 programme was eradicating programme is one of the govuniforms to at least three nodal unemployment in the municipal ernment’s array of programmes points at the Thulamela munic- area. aimed at decreasing poverty and ipality, namely Tshikombani, She insisted that community providing income relief through Makonde and Mukhomi. workers had shown commitment temporary work for unemployed The CWP is a government since they were working without people to carry out socially useprogramme with the goal of ad- proper uniforms. “This is part of ful activities,” said Nemakonde. dressing poverty and job creation and we should have unemployment. Workers work together to achieve specific goals such as economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations. The CWP encourages community workers to work together with municipalities to create more programmes, such as maintaining roads and cleaning government buildings. Speaking during the handover ceremony at Tshi- Mayor of the Thulamela municipality Cllr Grace Mahosi (right), photographed kombani stadium, with one of the CWP beneficiaries. Tribute

Vhembe cultural champion Nyanenge buried

Manaledzi High’s top pupils from Grade 8 to 12 for the previous quarter received certificates and trophies during an awards ceremony held at the school last Friday.

Cultural fanatics and residents of Vhembe have been left in mourning, following the death of a well-known cultural activist, Ms Mashudu Nemaranzhe (42). She made a name for herself when she started the Nyanenge Project, which was aimed at

reviving the dwindling Venda culture. She was popularly known as Nyanenge. She recently passed away after a short but unspecified illness. Her funeral, which took place at Mbaleni cemetery, followed a service at the Charis Missionary Church at Makwarela.

Those who crossed paths with her during her life came in their numbers to bid farewell as she was laid to rest. All the speakers recalled the good work that she had done in preserving the Venda culture and the selflessness she displayed by teaching the young ones about their culture.


18 9 May 2014 By Frank Mavhungu

Keeper Mulovhedzi the star in Ngwenani’s victory Ngwenani Young Chiefs wrapped up their league programme with a bang when they beat United Artists 2-1 in their MMK Funeral Services League match at the Ngwenani grounds on Sunday. The keeper of Young Chiefs,

Tshimangadzo Mulovhedzi, was a marvel to watch in the game. Mulovhedzi denied United Artists numerous goals. Mulovhedzi made his presence felt in the 14th minute. Samuel Mathebula of Artists went loose from the right corner and unleashed a

volley from the edge of the box. Mulovhedzi braved the shot and palmed the ball away for a corner kick, much to the disappointment of Artists’ fans. The keeper of United Artists, Foster Makhwanya, was put to the test in the 19th minute. Thendo Mukumela received a brilliant pass from Rathogwa Themeli and tried his luck from the 25-meter area. Makhwanya stretched to the limit to execute a marvelous save. Young Chiefs were awarded a free kick just outside the penalty box in the 29th minute. Rathogwa Themeli scored after the keeper mishandled the ball, causing a rebound. Rivhadali Mahada of Young Chiefs was booked for a late tackle on Thomas Makhubele nine minutes before the end of the first half. Young Chiefs were still one goal up when the teams adjourned for half time. The home side strengthened their defense by introducing Tshifhiwa Ramatsea and William Themeli for Lutendo Themeli and Orilwela Managa respectively. Pressure continued to mount on the defence of Young Chiefs, even after the replacements. Young Chiefs increased the margin in the 69th minute when Thendo Mukumela scored from an awkward angle. Ali Themeli of Young Chiefs was also booked for dangerous play in the 74th minute. Jeffrey Mungoni score Artists’ solitary goal in Robert Baloyi of Artists (left) hooks the ball while Ali Themeli of Young the dying minutes of the game. Chiefs tries to intercept from behind.

Sports news

By Frank Mavhungu

Happy Fighters too strong for Mukula

Dakalo Mbulungeni of Artists (right) and Thendo Mukumela of Chiefs chase the ball.

Phone Frank 082 969 3131


Tshidzini Happy Fighters collected maximum points at the expense of Mukula Avalon, when they beat them 2-1 in their MMK Funeral Services League match at the Mukula Secondary School grounds on Saturday. Happy Fighters enjoyed ball possession for the better part of the first half, but their strikers

were evidently unlucky. It was not surprising when they were awarded a penalty in the 19th minute. Their overlapping midfielder, Lucky Netshifhefhe, was brought down within the penalty box. Rotondwa Mbedzi made no mistake from the penalty spot. Fighters’ goal seemed to be an insult to the home side. They re-







Residual Amount

Purchase Price

2014 Toyota Corolla 1.3 Esteem

R3 750 pm



R64 470

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2014 Toyota Corolla 1.3 Esteem

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2014 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Prestige

R4 550 pm



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2014 Toyota Corolla 1.4D Esteem

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R237 900.00

2014 Toyota Corolla 1.4D Esteem

R4 750PM



No Residual

R237 900.00

2014 Toyota Corolla 1.4D Prestige

R4 350PM



R74 970

R249 900.00

2014 Toyota Corolla 1.4D Prestige

R5 100PM



No Residual

R249 900.00

Khuliso Gunyule of Avalon controls the ball. Fixtures

Joe’s Express to face Hotspurs at home

• LIZETTE ROETS: 083 603 3315 • Terblanche de Swardt 076 585 8738 • ANTON HIBBERT: 082 329 8559 • JACO VAN DER MERWE: 0828511097 • HAPPY GAMA 079 585 2518 MESSINA TOYOTA Tel. 015 534 0717 Fax.015 534 0745

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For quotations: Lizette Roets 083 603 3315 / 015 534 0717, Terblanche de Swardt 076 585 8738 / Happy Gama 079 585 2518 / Anton Hibbert 082 329 8559 / 015 534 0717 Email: en


taliated six minutes later. Khuliso Gunyule gave the ball the final touch after a scramble within the box. The score remained unchanged until the referee blew the half-time whistle. The game took an ugly turn early in the last half as both sides started to display rough skills. The referee calmed the situation by flashing two yellow cards in quick succession. Shonisani Vhengani of Happy Fighters and Maanda Nengudza of Avalon were booked for dangerous tackles. Rofhiwa Mathule scored Fighters’ winning goal with a neat header, following a square pass from Godfrey Vhengani in the 64th minute. The game came to a halt for about 10 minutes in the 74th minute. This after the referee awarded Avalon a penalty and soon changed his decision after consulting with his assistant. After a lengthy argument with the match officials, the game continued as if nothing had happened. Godfrey Vhengani of Fighters was given his marching orders for dangerous play towards the end of the game.

After losing their match against Winners Park 1-2 at the Makwarela Stadium last weekend, Joe Express will play another league match in front of their home crowd. They will host Giyani Hotspurs at the Makwarela Stadium on Sunday. Express have only pride at stake as they are out of the league title race. A win for Hotspurs will enhance their chances of taking the title. Rospa United will face Bellevue Winners Park at the Nkowankowa Stadium. The other

title chasers, Blue Rocks, will enjoy home advantage in their match against Ray Pillars. Although they will be playing on home soil, it will not be easy for Dynamos to collect maximum against Magezi FC. Magezi have been collecting league points at home and away in the past weeks, and Dynamos are likely to be the next victim. Modimolle Aces have reason to believe that they will beat Winners Park when they meet at the Ephraim Mohale Stadium in

Modimolle. Winners Park are not good travellers while Aces are not easy to beat at home. Lephalale Young Killers will entertain Mosesetjane All Stars at the Mogol Stadium. Phungo All Stars must win their match against Mighty FC, against whom they will try their luck at the Polokwane Noordelike Rugby Stadium. The match not to be missed will be between The Dolphins and Great North FC at the Seshego Stadium.


9 May 2014 19



Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps

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SPEED BRAKE Do you have a problem with brakes: trucks, busses, cars LDV’s or big trailers? We do: • Skimming drums • Rebond shoes • New drums • Skim flywheel, big or small • Refitting shoes (heavy duty) • Supply and fit of S-cam. • Bushes • We have a big range of brake linings for trucks and trailers etc. For free quotation phone Johan/JC/Thinus: 015 516 1248 All workmanship fully guaranteed!

All Power & Lawn Equipment 2 Industria Rd, LTT Service Dealer

SALES & REPAIRS Chain Saws, Brush Cutters, Lawn Mowers, Pressure Washers & Accessories

New Townhouse in security complex. 3 Bedroom, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen with kiaat kitchen, built-in braai area, electrical gate and fence. Lock up garage and under roof parking. Available 1 May 2014. R4 100 p.m. Water included, prepaid electricity

Contact Chris: 082 316 3343

Rooms to let Thohoyandou - Elim Giyani - LTT Bachelor 1 Bedroom flat 2 Bedroom flat Shops Warehouses Contact: 082 291 8899 076 843 4103 081 468 5488

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To all my business partners and business associates, Ndalamo Constructions and Projects of Reg No: 2005/111264/23, which was deregistered by CIPC will soon be re - instated into in business within 21 days from the date of advertisement. This is done by Lusani Sharon Tshikovhi, cell: 0726516616.

NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS SECTION 35 In the Estate of Late: Tshavhuyo Joyce Sukumani, I.D. No: 621020 0151 081, who died on the 09th day of January 2013, Master’s reference number: 162/2014.Creditors and Debtors are hereby called upon to submit their claims and to pay their debts within 30(Thirty)days as from date on this advertisement. Dated at Thohoyandou on this the 12th day of March 2014. Executor Attorneys, Maluleke Z.D. Attorneys, Limdev NPDC Building, 1 st Floor Office No 25, Jay - K Entrence, Tell/Fax: 0159621110/0866282263, Email:, PO Box 1665, Thohoyandou, 0950. Notice in Terms of Section 35 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in respect of the late Nkhumeleni Livhuwani Robert, ID: 6408086094082 shall lie for inspection at the master of Limpopo High Court Thohoyandou for a period of twenty one (21) days calculated from the date of this publication Dated at Thohoyandou on this the 09th May 2014. Estate No: 583/2014. Paz Trust Services, Office no 23 Bindilavhathu building, behind CTM Thohoynadou, 0950, Tel: 0159623603, Fax: 0159623603, REF: NKHUMELENI LR. Estate Notice Liquidation and Distribution Accounts in Deceased Estate Lying for inspection. In the estate of the late: Tshivhase Tshililo, Estate Number:408/2014, Identity number: 481006 0160 08 0, Last Address: Fondwe, Date of death: 2014-02-13. The First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in the Estate will be open for inspection for period of 21 days at the Office of the Master of the High Court,

Thohoyandou as from 23rd April 2014. Name & Address of Agent: S.O Ravele Attorneys, 15 Devenish Street, Makhado, Tel: 015 516 2823, Fax: 0155162825, REF: S.O RAVELE/EST0001/14

Vacancies SANA A M VACANCY Penta Toro Plant Hire requires: * A final level grader operator with relevant experience * A lowbed operator with valid licence and PDP and relevant experience

Contact Jaco at 082 564 9988

Project management, quality conformance, time management in construction is one of the pre-requisite of tendering and tender awarding. Masana is SAQA compliance and CETA accreditation clause 13 of regulation 112 of 8 of 1998. We provide project management on national certificate in construction contracting NQF level 2, supervision of civil engineering construction processes labour construction NQF level 4 and management NQF level 5 (EPWP). Other courses that we offer: • Basic first aid phase 1 & 2 • Basic Fire Fighting • Occupational health and safety (OHS) • Computer Literacy • Machine Driver e.g. TLB, Grader, Forklift etc • Welding or Boiler Maker We therefore invite contractors and individuals to register for this training course. For more information contact us at Louis Trichardt 015 516 5350 OR Mr Muladi at 082 341 0364, Nicolas 078 602 4081. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Att Builders, Contractors, Mining co’s

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Discuss your marketing strategies with us TODAY!! Contact George, Yolanda or Pieter at (015) 516 4996 (015) 516 2303 fax

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: To secure rooms, conference, banqueting and special event revenues from specified market segment. This position will include: • Sales visits and sales calls to potential clients. • Source new business through Telesales / Cold Calling within the allocated market segment • Continuous liaison with existing clients to keep top of mind awareness. • Following up on lapsed business. • Database development & management. • Site inspections for new clients. • Network within the Industry and Market Segment; • Assist in co-ordinating events like expo’s. • Look at sponsorship opportunities. • Attend to, follow up on and reply to all enquiries, offers, quotes and confirmations timeously; • Conduct Powerpoint Presentations to Clients; MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1. Matric grade 12. 2. Minimum 2 years sales experience in the hospitality industry. 3. Knowledge of Travel Agents, PCO’s and government market segments is essential. 4. An established client base and working relationship with potential clients will be advantageous. 5. Good interpersonal skills will be essential. 6. Computer literacy required. 7. A self starter and able to work without direct supervision. 8. Drivers license and own transport essential. 9. Must be willing to relocate to Thohoyandou CLOSING DATE: Friday, 16 May 2014 You must meet the minimum requirements in order to apply Your CV and cover letter, with the subject Sales Executive should be forwarded to or faxed to: 086 239 8392 CV’s without a cover letter and correct subject will not be considered Applicants who are not contacted within two weeks after the closing date should accept that their applications were unsuccessful Khoroni is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

DEADLINES FOR ADVERTS: Colour adverts: Mondays 16:00 Classifieds and display adverts: Tuesdays 15:00


20 9 May 2014


Notice of Prospecting Application

Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

Notice is given in terms of Section 16 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2008 (Act 49 of 2008), for the acceptance to apply for a prospecting right on the following farm:


Locatie van Teban 55 LT situated in the Magisterial district of Makhado Local Municipality. Please be informed that the company Fahrenite Trade and Investments 07 (Pty) Ltd have lodged an application for the prospecting right for the prospecting of phosphate on the above mentioned farm. Any person who regards himself/herself as an Interested and/or Affected Party with regards to the above application, are invited to register as an Interested and Affected Party. To register as an Interested and Affected Party or to obtain further information regarding the project contact: uKhozi Environmentalists Persons: Tommy Olivier/Inus de Wit Cell: 082 521 8870/082 451 1615 Tel: +27(0)12 665 2471 Fax: 086 767 8072 E-mail: / Postal Address: Postnet Suite 1454, Private Bag X1007, Lyttelton, 0140



MR I.P. MUTSHINYALI MUNICIPAL MANAGER Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 Fax: (015) 962 4020 INVITATION TO BID (015) 962 5328 ELECTRIFICATION OF MAGONA, AND TSHIAVHA (TSHIREMBE AND THOHOYANDOU C EXT 5)


The Thulamela Municipality, invites tenders from Contractors registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) for the electrification of the following areas. DESCRIPTION


Bid no 169/2013/2014

Electrification of 163 households at Magona

4EP or higher

Bid no 170 /2013/2014

Electrification of 913 households at Tshiavha (Thohoyandou C Ext. 5 and Tshirembe).

6EP or higher

Bid no 171 /2013/2014

Electrification of 205 households at Mphakhathi Phase 2.

4EP or higher

Tender documents are obtainable from the Procurement Office, Office No. 02 Thulamela Municipality Main Offices, during the following times: 0800 to 15:30 (Monday to Friday) as from 13 May 2014. A non-refundable cash deposit or bank guaranteed cheque of R479.00 is payable to secure a copy of the tender document. Bank guaranteed cheques must be made payable to the Thulamela Municipality. A compulsory briefing meeting with representatives of the employer will take place at Thulamela Municipality council chamber on the 20 May 2014 at 11:00. Interested Contractors will be expected to submit the Bid documents with the following compulsory requirements. Reference shall also be made to the tender document for other compulsory requirements. • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate issued by SARS. • Company registration documents. • CIDB Certificate • Proof of updated payments of all the services in the municipality in which the business is registered or where the owner of business resides not older than 3 months and not in arrears for more than 90 days. • List of similar executed projects with clients contact details and contract values. • For bid number 170/2013/2014 Electrification of 913 households at Tshiavha (Thohoyandou C extension 5 and Tshirambe) we need Audited annual financial statement for the past three years or audited annual financial statement since the establishment of the company if the company was established during the past 3 years Where possible we also request to be provided with the company profile. NB: Service providers must submit their BBBEE verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African accreditation system (SANAS) or a registered auditor approved by the Independent Regulatory Board (IRBA) or an Accounting Officer as contemplated in the corporation and BEE Rating certificate Sealed bid documents must be submitted in envelopes clearly indicating “BID NUMBER AND DESCRIPTION” on the outside and must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the official Bid Box at the front of the main entrance to the Civic Centre, by no later than 11:00 on, 13 June 2014. All Bids received will be opened in public in the Municipality’s Board Room, Civic Centre, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou. The tender will be evaluated using 90/10 preferential points system and functionality and compliance with Thulamela Supply Chain management Policy), BBBEE and other relevant Acts and Regulations. The lowest or any other tender will not necessarily be accepted and the Municipality reserves the right to accept where applicable the whole or part of the tender. All Technical queries will be addressed to Mr Phaswana R K at 015 962 7676 or Dzivhani M R 015 962 7556 and administrative enquiries will be addressed to Mr Chauke HD AT 015 962 7622. Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned, completed by pencil, sent by telegraph, facsimile, electronically (Fax), or E- mail and without the compulsory requirements will be disqualified. ADV MATHIVHA M.H MUNICIPAL MANAGER Thulamela Municipality Civic Centre Old Agriven Building Thohoyandou 0950

INVITATION TO BID The Makhado Local Municipality hereby invite Bidders to bid for the following: Bid Number

Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Louis Trichardt 0920 Notice No: 70-75 /2014


Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920


Notice is hereby given that the above mentioned tenders will be evaluated on 90/10 preference points scoring system.

Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Document Fee

Bid description

Closing date and time

Notice No.

07 of 2014

Sale of Erf 4978, Louis R 300.00 Trichardt Extension 8

30 May 2014 at 12H00 Notice 17/2014

08 of 2014

Sale of Erf 4979, Louis R 300.00 Trichardt Extension 8

30 May 2014 at 12H00 Notice 18/2014

09 of 2014

Sale of Erf 4980, Louis R 300.00 Trichardt Extension 8

30 May 2014 at 12H00 Notice 19/2014

10 of 2014

Sale of Erf 235, Eltivillas R 300.00 Extension 1

30 May 2014 at 12H00 Notice 20/2014

Other details of the properties are as follows: Property



Market Value (Low)

Erf 4978, Louis Trichardt Extension 8

2317 m²

“Business 1”

R460 000.00 (Exclude Vat)

Erf 4979, Louis Trichardt Extension 8

2970 m²

“Business 1”

R590 000.00 (Exclude Vat)

Erf 4980, Louis Trichardt Extension 8

2304 m²

“Business 1”

R460 000.00 (Exclude Vat)

Erf 235, Eltivillas Extension 1

1.3597 Ha “Residential 3” R1 200 000.00 (Exclude Vat)

Bidders must be Republic of South Africa (RSA) residents. Detail motivation must be provided and the type of the development (uses) must be indicated. The Municipality will not offer discount and the bid will be awarded to the bidder with the highest price/best offer than the Market value as indicated above and bidders with lower price than the market value will not be considered. Crèche, Churches and other social care organisations will also not be offered discount. Bidders with the intention to propose taverns are advised not to apply due to close proximity of the sites to educational zoned properties. Bidders whose municipal accounts are in arrears will not be considered. Full amount to purchase the property must be paid within twenty one (21) days from the date on which the agreement was signed where after the nearest bidder will be considered. The Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2011 is not applicable to the sale and therefore B-BBEE Status Level of Contribution on an 80/20 point system or 90/10 point system will not be applicable. Bidders acting on behalf of a company, closed corporation, partnership or other legal entity must submit written proof of an authorising resolution by the Directors or Members. Bidders on behalf of others must be authorised by written power of attorney by the principal. Bidders must also submit the following: • Stamped Bank Statement/Financial Statement • Bank Guarantee • Certified Copy of Identity Document • Proof of Residential Address • Proof of payment Bid documents containing conditions and specifications for the Bid can be obtained during office hours from 13 May 2014, Office no B043, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado after a payment of the Non-refundable Bid fee of R300, 00 each. Only Bank guaranteed cheques, cash deposit slip will be accepted. Completed bid documents signed by a duly authorised person, sealed in an envelope clearly marked “Bid Number and Bid description with the name of the bidder must reach the undersigned and deposited into the tender box at the foyer of the main entrance of the Civic Centre not later than 12:00 Friday 2014 at 12:00. All Bids received will be opened in public at the Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, No. 83 Krogh Street, Makhado. Incomplete, unsigned or submitted in pencil or by telegraph or facsimile or electronically by e-mail will not be evaluated. Bids which are Late, Telegraphic, and Facsimiled and e-mailed Bids will not be evaluated Makhado Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the bid. The Municipality reserves the right to negotiate further conditions of the proposal and other requirements of the proposal with the successful bidder. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of submission thereof. All enquires in this regard can be directed to The Director Development Planning Ms Sithumule M D at telephone (015) 519-3217) or Mr ED Fungene at (015) 519-3036. Procurement enquires should be directed to Mr Moswathupa R L at 015 519 3171. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street MAKHADO 0920 Notice No. 17-20 of 2014 Ref No : 8/3/2/1173, 1174, 1175, and 1176


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9 May 2014 21 By Frank Mavhungu

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Abel Makhubele trains Makhado LFA coaches The former coach of Black Leopards, Mr Abel “Abemak” Makhubele, is busy training coaches around the Makhado area. Coaches from the Sinthumule/Kutama area attended the training at Benny’s Care on Saturday and Sunday. “The objective of this course is to equip coaches, as there is going to be an introduction of licensing for all the coaches. We want all coaches to be fully equipped. This is a specialised area that we never give enough attention to. We have requested Makhubele to assist us to conduct the

course,” said Makhado LFA president Mr Joseph Maphaha. According to him, the goal of the course was to empower all coaches and allow them to own or coach teams. He said training success did not necessarily start on the field. “Success goes hand in hand with planning. You must set achievable goals for yourselves and you will then reap what you have sown. I am pleased that this community does not look down upon themselves”. The course content included tactical training, physical conditioning, technical

training and youth goalkeeper training. Abel Makhubele conducted two basic courses, comprising ten practice and ten theory sessions each, to classes of 20 or 25 participants. The goal of the course is to prepare the participants to work with football teams at a basic level, such as in their neighbourhoods or schools. Makhubele works with the Makhado LFA, who selects the participants. The participants must already have some experience coaching young people, be active within football clubs and schools and must be willing to help enrich the lives of young people through football. The course was attended by former Black Leopards dribbling wizard Vusi Kharivhe, who is now development coach of Gogobole Bucs’ development team. He said that as a retired soccer player, he had to transfer the skills he Mr Abel Makhubele discusses several acquired, when he was aspects of coaching with the local coaches. still a soccer player, to the new generation.


Musina residents receive park and sports stadium As part of celebrating South Africa’s 20 years of democracy, Mayor Carol Phiri of the Musina Local Municipality officially handed over two completed projects to the value of R6,5 million to the people of Musina on Monday. The historic day started with the handing over of MTD (Skoonplaas) Stadium in the morning and closed with the handing over of Nancefield Public Park.

Phiri said both projects were conceived during the municipality’s public participation meetings. “We do not dictate to our people. We implement projects based on the needs of the people. We have now completed these projects and this is the time to hand them over officially to our people.” She requested the community to handle the completed projects with care.

She said handing over the projects was part of celebrating South Africa’s 20 years of democracy. “People are celebrating 20 years of democracy countrywide. We feel that we must also do something to put smiles on the faces of our people. After 20 years of democracy, Musina also has a good story to tell. It is important to celebrate these milestone achievements, because it indicates that life has really changed after 20 years of democracy.” She said a total amount of R5,1 million was used to revamp the MTD Stadium. “We have constructed the palisade fence, change rooms, ticket guard room, tennis, volleyball and netball courts. The soccer pitch, fitted with a computerized irrigation system, has also been improved to meet international standards. The ablution facilities are of high quality and we have also made provision for parking space.” When handing over the R1,4 million Nancefield Public Park, Phiri said local people had been requesting the municipality to provide them with recreational facilities for some time. “We are very happy because we have finally delivered what our people wanted.” She said parks were a tangible reflection of the quality of life in any community. “They provide identity for citizens and are a major factor in the perception of quality of life. This park will provide a gathering place for families and social groups, as Mayor Carol Phiri cuts the ribbon to open the R1,4 million Nancefield Public Park. well as for individuals of all ages and economic status. Parks and recreation programmes provide places for health and well-being that are accessible by persons in our municipality.” She added that the municipality strongly linked access to parks and recreation opportunities to reductions in crime and juvenile delinquency. “Young people will have a place to play and the chances of involving themselves in criminal activities are limited.” The scope of work in the park comprises a fence, landscaping, Mayor Carol Phiri jointly cuts the ribbon with Cllrs Bigboy Ndou (left) and Fistos Mafela to mark braai, play, relaxation, the official handover of the rehabilitated R5,1 million MTD Stadium. and ablution facilities.

Now or never for Leopards Black Leopards need nothing less vs Vasco da Gama, Milano United vs than victory in their last NFD Chippa United, African Warriors vs league match against Jomo Cos- Sivutsa Stars, Maluti FET College vs mos, with whom they rub shoul- Roses United and FC Cape Town vs ders at the Makhulong Stadium in United FC. Thembisa on Sunday. Lidoda Duvha need a victory to secure a place in the promotional play-offs. The teams that will finish the league programme in the second and third place, together with the second-last team in the Absa Premiership Division, will take part in the play-offs. The Thohoyandou outfit is now in the third spot with 47 points, two behind the second-placed Baroka FC. Black Leopards will be without four of their key players on Sunday. Their two killer strikers, David Zulu of Black Leopards. Rendani Ndou and David Zulu, and their playmaker, Edgar Manaka, are still nursing injuries, while their Malawian international defender, Harry Nyirenda, is still serving a suspension after seeing red in their game against FC Cape Town last weekend. The team’s assistant coach, Mr Joel Masutha, assured the team’s fans that they would do everything within their power to collect the full points with their limited resources. Baroka FC will take on the much-feared Thanda Royal Zulu at the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane. Just like Black Leopards, Baroka also need full points in order to secure a place in the play-offs. The other matches are Santos vs Blackburn Rovers, Witbank Spurs Rendani Ndou of Leopards.

“The legendary cultural hub in the Southern Hemisphere and a catalyst for Agro and Tourism Development”

District Municipality

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 45 of the Supply Chain Management Policy that the Vhembe District Municipality Supply Chain Management Policy Implementation Report for the period 1 January 2014 to 31 March 2014 is available for public inspection. The information will be available at the Municipality cashier’s office and on our website: For any enquiries, contact the Supply Chain Practitioners of Vhembe District Municipality at (015) 960-2000. Mr MT Makumule - Municipal Manager Vhembe District Municipality, Private Bag X5006, Thohoyandou 0950 Human Communications 108850

District Municipality

INVITATION Vhembe District Mayoral


The Executive Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr Tshitereke Matibe, cordially invites all stakeholders and community members to attend the Mayoral Imbizo scheduled as follows: Venue: Maheni Assemblies of God Church (Mutale Municipality) Date: 16 May 2014 (Friday) Time: 09:00 Human Communications 108983


22 9 May 2014 By Frank Mavhungu

No match for Manamani Black Snake The MTG Funeral Services Soccer Challenge match between Manamani Black Snake and Beuster Mighty Masters, which was supposed to have been played at the Tshisaulu Cobra Stars grounds on Saturday, did not materialize. The team of Manamani Black Snake and the referee, Mr Meshack Tshikovhi, were ready at 15:00, waiting for the arrival of Mighty Masters. Realizing that Beuster Mighty Masters were nowhere to be seen, the referee blew the final whistle, thus declaring the match a walkover for Black Snake. An earlier match, which was

scheduled to start at 13:00 at the same venue, was also declared a walkover. Lwamondo United Brothers booked a place in the next stage of the competition as Madala FC, with whom they were supposed to lock horns, failed to show up. The results for the others matches which were played over the past weekend are: Begwa FC 6, Manzemba XI Bullets 0; Mubvumoni XI Arrows 3, Lukalo Hot Spurs 1; Tshikambe FC 1, Mulindathavha Ocean Swallows 0; Tshitanini FC 12, Malavuwe Great Movers 11; Mbahe Super Stars 2, Tshilongwe Young Bombers 0; Sidou Peace Makers 2,

Mbahe United FC 0; Banyini Flying Swallows 3, Nweli Stone Breakers 0; Phaphazela Real Hexagon 6, Tshiulungoma RTA 2; Arsenal FC 11, Langutani Blue Birds 0; Cobra Stars 2, Iyarunga XI Smarties 0; Themba Heroes 2, Ngovhela Back Side 0; Tshiawelo Bosveld 4, Tshambobvu Junior Aces 2; Vondo Vibes 4, Tshirembe Valley Killers 2; Miluwani Happy Boys 4, Matondoni Sweepers 2; Vondwe United Brothers 2, Mukumbani Shooting Stars 1; Makhuvha All Stars 6, Gooldville Young Tigers 3; Shadani Dangerous Scorpions 2, Tshitereke United Stars 0 and Mutale Vikings 4, Makonde Young Tigers 2.

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Tshiozwi Dynamos wallop Benny’s Care Tshiozwi Dynamos walloped Benny’s Care 6-1 in an MMK Insurance Brokers match at Tshiozwi on Sunday. Dynamos opened their account in the ninth minute. Mashudu Nengovhela finished off a rebound after the ball hit the woodwork and bounced back into play. In the 12th minute, the home team increased the tally. George Phungo caught the keeper, Hlulani Nghunyula, napping and beat him with a long-range volley. The halftime

score was still 2-0 in favour of Dynamos. Matodzi Maruluni was on target in the 58th minute. He hooked the ball in after a scramble within the box, making the half-time score 3-0. Dynamos effected two more changes to their starting line-up. They introduced George Phungo and Mashudu Nengovhela for Mashudu Mbau and Mpho Mavhandu respectively. Velaphi Mphaphuli of Dynamos was reprimanded with a card for a

late tackle on Zwashu Malaka. Mashudu Mbau scored the fourth for Dynamos in the 74th minute, and Thidziambi Mutandari was on target later in the game. Benny’s retaliated when their speedy forward, Mutshidzi Nemaxwi, unleashed a rocket from the edge of the box, following a neat pass by Rotshidzwa Tshiluka. The last goal for Dynamos was scored by Mpho Mavhandu late in the match.

Maubi Manyane of Benny’s with the ball, while Matodzi Maruli is ready to intercept. Manamani FC players waited in vain for the arrival of their opponents, Beuster Mighty Masters.


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By Frank Mavhungu

Another victory for Madombidzha Stars The MMK Insurance match between log leaders Madombidzha Western Stars and Madombidzha Arsenal ended in a 1-0 victory for Stars. The Stars players used their height advantage to win the aerial balls from behind. Instead of playing “carpet football” when they were in possession, Arsenal committed the blunder of volleying the balls from the middle of the field. Arsenal had nobody else to blame for the defeat as they squandered numerous scoring chances throughout the game. Their first player to cause an upset was Eric Sefularo. In the 10th minute, he received a pre-cooked pass Phumudzo Mafukate of Stars (left) and Eric Sefularo fight for the ball. from Dakalo Nwanamidwa Daniel Mukosi of Stars (left) is waitng for the high from just outside the box. ball, while Lubo Matchaba is ready to pounce on Instead of picking his any mistake. spot and unleashing quickly, Sefularo held onto the ball for far too long, until he lost possession. Mukondi Tshivhula committed an unforgettable blunder a little later. He shot wide from the edge of the box with the keeper already beaten. Things turned against Arsenal when Stars were awarded a free kick outside the box in the referee’s optional time. Silver Ndou caught the Arsenal keeper, Rendani Maduwa, napping and Ridovhona Singo beat the keeper with a good header to seal the game.


9 May 2014 23

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Enos Bus Service Inter - Departmental Sports League

Team Vhembe Municipality Hayani Hospital Thulamela Municipality Donald Fraser Hospital Bosasa Mavhambe 15 SAI Battalion Khubvi Masters Correctional Services Vhembe Road/Transport Siloam Hospital Tshilidzini Hospital Elim Hospital Malamulele Edutainment Vhembe Social Develop Madzivhandila College Thohoyandou K9 SAPS

Played 10 10 9 9 8 9 8 7 9 8 8 8 8 10 10 9

Team Mashau Thondoni United Matlhari FC Jomo Young Stars Valdezia Juventus FC Mpheni Real Rovers Bokisi Scientists FC Waterval All Stars Bungeni You Diplomats Wata Peace Makers Elim Blackpool Jnrs Nwaxinyamani United FC Mbhokota FC Mailaskop Act Killers Matsila Morn Sweepers Caring FC Ribolla Mtn Rangers Mpheni Young Stars Mpheni Hungry Lions Nwaxinyamani All Stars Mufeba Cruel Tigers

Played 21 21 21 20 20 19 20 20 20 20 21 18 21 20 21 21 21 21 21 21

Team Muwaweni Lucky Stars V.K Mulima FC Muila FC Tshivhangani S Breakers Thembisa Las Vegas Madadzhi Ever Smilling Slanger AC Milan Makulana Green Dreams Thothololo Conti Stars Gumani Young Stars Tshivhuyuni Celtics FC Mukondeni Sh Stars Nthabalala Amakh XII Muila Shooting Stars Nthabalala Super XI Muumoni Blue Birds

Played 18 17 17 16 18 17 15 15 16 15 17 15 14 16 16 16

Won 8 7 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 1 1 0

Draw 1 1 2 2 2 3 1 0 0 3 2 2 1 1 1 1

Lost 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 3 5 3 4 4 5 8 8 4

For 46 43 42 33 18 27 23 28 26 26 24 12 9 17 10 13

Against Points 16 25 20 22 22 20 25 17 13 17 18 15 19 13 18 12 25 12 21 9 22 8 20 8 22 7 58 4 52 4 21 1

Lost 4 2 4 5 4 5 5 6 4 5 7 7 8 9 9 12 12 10 16 13

For 43 50 52 56 41 41 35 38 26 30 25 30 18 24 29 18 22 17 8 24

Against Points 14 45 22 43 31 43 41 41 22 40 24 36 32 35 25 30 22 30 34 27 26 26 25 23 20 23 29 21 40 20 54 19 46 17 26 15 35 11 59 10

Lost 1 3 3 5 5 7 6 5 5 6 8 7 7 5 9 10

For 41 31 24 27 15 23 19 23 20 17 17 17 17 15 13 14

Against Points 14 43 10 36 16 32 17 27 17 23 24 22 23 21 25 20 20 19 19 19 22 19 21 16 23 15 27 13 25 13 30 12

For 15 16 24 14 14 10 15 7 10 13 4

Against Points 8 24 6 23 9 19 11 13 18 10 7 9 17 9 16 8 23 8 17 6 10 6

For 31 12 25 14 9 17 9 8 12 5 2

Against Points 14 23 8 22 13 20 12 18 6 17 19 16 9 10 15 9 20 6 14 4 14 0

Hlanganani Stream A Won 14 12 13 13 12 11 10 8 7 6 6 6 5 5 4 5 4 2 3 1

Draw 3 7 4 2 4 3 5 6 9 9 8 5 8 6 8 4 5 9 2 7

Hlanganani Stream B Won 13 11 9 8 5 6 6 5 4 5 5 4 4 1 3 3

Draw 4 3 5 3 8 4 3 5 7 4 4 4 3 10 4 3

Limpopo The Fresh One Stream A Team Mabilu FC Gogobole H. Defenders Manavhela Real Fighters Ravele Highlanders FC Gogobole Bucs FC Tshiozwi Mates FC Muraleni Y. Rebellions Madombidzha Try Again Kutama Young Stars Maebani Peace Makers Madodonga United Stars

Played 10 10 10 9 9 7 10 9 10 8 8

Won 7 7 5 4 2 2 2 2 2 1 1

Draw 3 2 4 1 4 3 3 2 2 3 3

Lost 0 1 1 4 3 2 5 5 6 4 4

Limpopo The Fresh One Stream B Team Maebani Young Eagles Muduluni Young Chiefs Manavhela Black Aces Madombidzha Celtics FC Midoroni Real Hearts Maebane United Aces Murunwa Soccer Academy Ramantsha Lotaha FC Ravele Black Dragons Bennys Care Academy Maisa Rainbow Academy

Played 11 12 12 11 10 12 7 10 11 8 4

Won 7 6 5 4 5 5 3 2 0 0 0

Draw 2 4 5 6 2 1 1 3 6 4 0

Lost 2 2 2 1 3 6 3 5 5 4 4

Team Thula M2 Phaphazela Bayern Muni Shigamani FC Matsakali Sky Rangers Budeli Real Vultures Khakhanwa United Stars Jerome Riverbank Muledzhe Shooting Star Dumasi All Stars Matsika Shooting Stars Gidja Mhandini Omega Line Fc Lombard Power Rangers Shikundu Manchester

MMK Funeral Service League: A Draw Lost Played Won 25 15 4 6 26 13 8 5 26 12 8 6 26 14 2 10 26 13 3 10 25 11 8 6 26 10 9 7 26 8 8 10 26 7 9 10 25 7 8 10 26 7 8 11 26 6 5 15 25 6 4 15 24 6 4 14

For 46 52 47 39 42 38 28 39 36 30 32 28 26 27

Against Points 28 49 25 47 22 44 34 44 41 42 32 41 29 39 46 32 35 30 39 29 45 29 61 23 34 22 39 22

Team Mukula Young Santos Gaba Union Fighters Dolphins FC Tshifudi XI Experience Musasenda Big XI Tswera Young Masters Phandulaluvalo FC Tshidzini Happy Fight Khubvi Dangerous D Tshaulu Ghetto Boys Marula XI Vondwe XI Bullets Tshidimbini Brave Lion Vhufuli Pull Together Ngwenani Man UNTD Mashishi Spur Mukula Avalon Makonde Home Defendes

MMK Funeral Service League: B Draw Lost Played Won 30 23 5 2 29 20 2 7 29 17 9 3 30 17 7 6 30 15 6 9 30 14 9 7 29 14 6 9 30 14 4 12 30 11 8 11 30 10 11 9 29 11 5 13 29 8 6 15 29 6 11 12 30 6 6 18 30 5 8 17 30 3 14 13 30 6 4 20 30 5 3 22

For 82 43 54 69 51 54 46 56 51 39 41 19 37 30 27 24 28 24

Against Points 23 74 23 62 28 60 30 58 41 51 50 51 32 48 41 46 45 41 36 41 46 38 39 30 47 29 56 24 48 23 45 23 66 22 79 18

Team United Artists Themba Sunrise Riders Vhembe FET College Makovha All Stars Ngwenani Young Chiefs Maranzhe Hungry Lion Thembaluvhilo 7 Stars Shonisani Fc Mphego Real Rovers Polokwane United Tshififi Fc Dididi Fly Swallows Lufule Fly Bombers Maha Fly Gunners

MMK Funeral Service League: C Played Won Draw Lost 24 19 4 1 25 14 8 3 25 13 9 3 24 14 5 5 26 13 8 5 26 11 5 10 25 10 6 9 25 10 5 10 25 8 6 11 24 6 5 13 25 5 6 14 25 5 3 17 25 4 4 17 24 2 6 16

For 53 47 57 53 51 36 31 31 34 31 71 21 15 14

Against Points 6 61 28 50 26 48 18 47 25 47 39 38 23 36 31 35 46 30 91 23 53 21 47 18 51 16 61 12

Team Rockers Fc Maweja Takers Fc Tshakhuma RO Untd Shayandima Disco 5 Thohoyandou Dev Univen Fc Gwamasenga Untd Bros FCKK Mutandani Pull Together Ramukhuba Untd Bros Shayandima S Stars Tswinga Peace Makers Mahematshema Fly Birds Ramukhuba Fc Duthuni Untd Bros

MMK Funeral Service League: D Draw Lost Played Won 28 21 5 2 28 19 4 5 28 15 8 5 28 15 6 7 28 14 7 7 28 12 9 7 28 11 9 8 27 12 5 10 27 10 8 9 28 8 9 11 28 6 8 14 28 6 5 17 28 5 6 17 28 3 8 17 28 0 7 21

For 61 53 41 51 41 50 36 35 36 24 33 36 20 21 16

Against Points 24 68 21 61 22 53 37 51 35 49 24 45 27 42 30 41 28 38 34 33 42 26 64 23 57 21 52 17 57 7

Team Western Stars Mpheni Home Def Makhitha Oscar Stars Zamenkoste FC Muraleni United Bros Madodzha Arsenal Tshikota Chelsea Tshikwani Stone Bre Zoutpansberg Powerline Makhitha Lyarunga Fc Tshiozwi Dynamos Vleifontein United FC Bennys Care Academy Elim Mabedengwe Untd Madodonga Fc Mailaskop Pull Toget Zamenkoste Untd Bros

MMK Funeral Service League: E Played Won Drawn Lost 28 21 4 3 28 20 4 4 28 19 6 3 27 15 7 5 28 15 7 6 28 15 6 7 28 11 8 9 28 9 7 12 28 8 7 13 27 9 3 15 27 7 7 13 28 6 9 13 289 7 6 15 28 6 7 15 27 6 5 16 28 4 9 15 28 4 6 18

For 65 66 49 44 52 42 35 27 35 42 31 33 30 41 30 30 28

Against Points 15 67 21 64 19 63 23 52 39 52 16 51 40 41 37 34 48 31 64 30 31 28 48 27 46 27 57 25 63 23 42 21 71 18

Team Muziafera Blue Eagles Mulima Fc Phadziri FC Kurhuleni Happy Fight Bofulamato Fc Mukondeni Ratanang Mashamba Benf Untd Tshipuseni All Stars Wayeni Sea Robbers Mashamba Soccer Acad Vyboom FC Basani Arrow Chiefs Tshiovhani Airlines Lambani Giant Killers Sundani City Rovers Guvhungwa Young Figh Lwelani FC Ma-Indies Express Fc

MMK Funeral Service League: F Draw Lost Played Won 30 19 7 4 28 18 5 5 30 17 7 6 29 14 11 4 29 15 7 7 28 14 7 7 29 12 11 6 30 11 14 5 29 13 7 9 29 9 12 8 29 9 12 8 30 7 9 14 30 7 8 15 29 7 5 17 28 5 10 13 30 4 7 19 26 4 5 17 29 2 4 23

For 63 41 46 36 55 52 49 33 53 29 38 30 31 29 24 19 27 17

Against Points 18 64 19 59 23 58 19 53 29 52 28 49 22 47 41 47 39 46 23 39 42 39 36 30 41 29 64 26 44 25 55 19 46 17 83 10

Team Tshivhilidulu H Lion Rabali Pull Together Seven Untd Bros Mauluma Black Mamba Nzhelele United Stars Tshiendeulu New Castle Murunwa Hot Chillies Nzhelele Young Chiefs Matsa Northern Stars Mamvuka Real Vultures Vhulaudzi Untd Bros Shanza Continentals Maelula New Mates

MMK Funeral Service League: G Draw Lost Played Won 24 15 9 0 23 15 6 2 23 12 8 3 24 11 7 6 24 9 11 4 24 9 7 8 24 10 4 10 23 8 6 9 24 8 4 12 23 5 5 13 23 5 3 15 24 5 2 17 23 4 2 17

For 38 52 38 48 38 24 39 25 35 23 25 26 22

Against Points 10 54 14 51 19 44 23 40 30 38 23 34 40 34 32 30 38 28 41 20 57 18 56 17 50 14

Team Igwe Fc Muswodi Happy Fight Matswale Fc Musina United Mabvete Peace Makers Ramuedzisi Youth Stars Tshiilamusi Super Eagl Mutele Mountain Rang Lwathudwa Black Movers Mbodi Matshema Hungry Lion Lovers FC Pine Stars Folovhodwe Stone Brea Dzhanguluvhe Fc

MMK Funeral Service League: H Played Won Draw Lost 27 18 8 1 27 17 6 4 27 16 4 7 28 14 6 8 28 13 5 10 27 10 9 8 28 9 11 8 27 11 5 11 26 9 6 11 26 9 5 12 28 9 4 15 28 7 5 16 28 5 7 16 26 5 6 15 25 5 5 15

For 48 45 39 49 36 29 37 30 34 36 37 24 24 13 25

Against Points 14 62 21 57 21 52 26 48 25 44 25 39 31 38 29 38 39 33 58 32 50 31 42 26 56 22 26 21 43 20

Team Tshibvumo Youn Chiefs Lukau FC Ficus Fc Rambuda Young Fight Sambandou Untd Prof Mulodi Freedom Birds Thenzheni Liverpool Muledzhi Fire Boys Lukau Hot Aces Tshandama Try Toge Mutshenzheni Gorrilas Thengwe Flying Peace Mapuloni High Landers Konanani Fc Maheni Devboted Vult Mangaya Living Com Tshikundamalema Waterf

MMK Funeral Service League: I Draw Lost Played Won 28 22 4 2 29 21 5 3 28 20 5 3 27 14 8 5 28 13 8 7 29 12 10 7 28 13 3 12 28 11 7 10 28 9 5 14 28 7 8 13 28 8 3 17 28 6 7 15 27 6 6 15 27 5 8 14 26 7 2 17 28 6 5 17 25 4 8 13

For 50 66 56 40 33 44 37 37 28 30 30 27 35 31 24 34 31

Against Points 12 70 22 68 14 65 24 50 22 47 27 46 35 42 31 40 40 32 45 29 58 27 43 25 58 24 49 23 43 23 64 23 46 20

Team Manyii Bayern Munich Mamvuka Chipolopolo Tshikuwi Young Boys Matsa Super Players Luvhalani Sun Pirates Paradise FC Basel

Played 10 10 10 10 10 10

For 15 12 13 10 14 2

Against Points 7 20 9 15 12 14 10 13 15 11 13 4

Malfa Under 15 Stream D

Malfa Stream A Under 15


Won 5 4 3 3 2 0

Drawn 5 3 5 4 5 4

Lost 0 3 2 3 3 6

Malfa Stream B Under 15 Played Won Drawn Lost

Sangoma Black Robbers S Smiling Movers Milaboni MTM FC JK Masetoni United Mandala Happy Boys

8 7 8 7 8

Team Mavhunga Young Stars NTM United FC FJ Napoli FC Maulum,a All Stars Phadzima Clever Boys Divhani Rosca United

Played 10 7 8 8 8 9

6 6 4 2 0

1 0 0 1 0

1 1 4 4 8

For 16 20 13 6 0

Against Points 7 5 12 15 16

19 18 12 7 0

Malfa Under 15 Stream C Won 5 5 3 4 3 0

Drawn 3 1 4 0 2 0

Lost 2 1 1 4 3 9

For 27 15 18 18 25 3

Against Points 17 18 7 16 13 13 19 12 22 11 28 0

Team Vuwani Liverpool FC Tshivhulana Clever Boy Nngwekhulu Real Rovers Singo Disco Five Vyeboom Baloyi Friends Tshakhuma Blue Birds Tshakhuma Soc Acad Mavhulani Young Tigers

Played 11 13 12 12 11 12 12 13

Team Benny Soccer Academy Madombidzha Try Again Gogobole Bucs FC Madombidzha United FC Gogobole H Defenders Braambos Young Stars Madombidzha Arsenal FC Maebani Aces United

Played 9 10 12 11 9 11 10 12

Team Muraleni Umlilo FC Gogobole Dangerous D Ravele All Stars Madombidzha Celtics FC Muduluni Young Chiefs Makhitha IA Runga Muraleni Y Rebellions Ravele Black Dragons

Played 6 6 6 6 5 5 6 6

Team Tshino Shooting Stars Emmanuel F Services Vyeboom S of Excellent Real Madzhige FC

Played 1 1 1 1

Won 9 8 7 6 5 4 2 0

Drawn 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 2

Lost 1 3 4 4 5 6 7 11

For 23 28 15 14 17 14 10 2

Against Points 11 28 10 26 10 22 16 20 18 16 19 14 16 9 23 2

For 71 31 15 33 15 10 6 8

Against Points 1 25 12 23 19 21 14 20 15 13 52 9 26 6 50 5

For 15 9 8 6 6 3 5 1

Against Points 4 18 3 13 5 9 5 8 7 5 6 4 14 4 9 2

For 4 2 1 2

Against Points 2 3 1 3 2 0 4 0

For 52 47 29 40 26 27 33 22 16 28 20 11

Against Points 16 48 16 39 17 35 29 29 20 25 33 25 25 22 40 20 31 18 34 17 30 14 49 4

Lost 2 4 5 8 4 5 6 6 8 9 7 8 6 11

For 34 35 25 35 24 26 31 17 23 19 18 17 16 18

Against Points 13 39 22 33 19 28 32 28 14 27 23 27 26 22 18 21 34 19 22 18 22 18 32 14 22 13 39 12

Lost 2 4 3 0 6 4 4 4 6 7 8 10

For 33 20 19 16 23 21 17 22 14 13 10 9

Against Points 16 33 11 31 9 26 7 25 23 23 15 21 14 18 23 17 24 13 23 9 22 8 30 4

Lost 1 3 6 4 5 4 5 7 6 9 8 10 10 14

For 40 30 28 27 23 20 29 20 26 22 15 12 16 4

Against Points 12 46 19 31 23 29 20 28 15 26 13 26 20 25 23 22 24 21 25 19 29 17 32 12 26 11 31 7

Malfa Stream E Under 15 Won 8 7 7 6 4 3 2 1

Drawn 1 2 0 2 1 0 0 2

Lost 0 1 5 3 4 8 8 9

Malfa Under 15 Stream F Won 6 4 2 2 1 1 1 0

Drawn 0 1 3 2 2 1 1 2

Lost 0 1 1 2 2 3 4 4

Makhado LFA Stream G U15

Team Tshirenzheni Peace makers Tshirolwe Preston Brothers Rabali Peace makers Tshituni Pitco Pirates Sendedza Black Uhuru Tshituni Manchester United Kokwane Footprint Matidza Arsenal Matsa Super Players Mabirimisa Powerline Luvhalani Sunshine Pirates Tshituni Motherwell

Won 1 1 0 0

Drawn 0 0 0 0

Lost 0 0 1 1

Nzhelele Football Association league Log Played Won Draw Lost 19 15 3 1 19 11 6 2 19 9 8 2 19 8 5 6 18 6 7 5 19 6 7 6 16 6 4 5 19 5 5 9 17 5 3 9 18 5 2 11 17 3 5 9 18 1 1 16

By Frank Mavhungu

National honours for Thendo Mukumela Years of hard work and dedication have finally paid off for a talented local soccer player, Thendo Mukumela. Mukumela, who resides at Ngwenani ya Themeli village outside Thohoyandou, was part of the South African National U/17 soccer team which took part in the Four Nations tournament which was staged in Windhoek, Namibia, last week. Mukumela featured in all four matches his team played in the tournament. He scored the winning goal in their losers’ final match against Namibia, whom they beat 2-1. The local lads drew 1-1 with Namibia in the opening match. Their second match was against Germany, to whom they lost 0-3. They lost by the same margin to Ghana in their third match. Germany beat Ghana 1-0 in the final. When asked about his dreams as a football player, Mukumela said that his aim was to play for Bafana Bafana one day. He described his call-up to the national U/17 team, or Amajimbos, as a step in the right direction towards his dream of becoming a regular Bafana Bafana player. Mr Mboniso Ndlovu, a sports and recreation teacher at Thohoyandou Technical High School, where Mukumela is in Grade 10, said that not only he, but the whole management and staff were proud of Mukumela. Thendo plays for the MMK Funeral Services League side, Ngwenani Young Chiefs. His father, Mr Marcus Mukumela, who is also chairman of Young Chiefs, said that his son’s achievement was an honour to the whole family. Thendo scored the winning goal when his team beat United Artists 2-1 in a league match at the Ngwenani grounds on Sunday.

Nzhelele Stream A Team Dopeni Mighty Comrades Vuvha Kill Them All Maelula Big Power Milaboni Ch Them Down Mauluma All Stars JK Masetoni United Sangoma Black Robbers Matshavhawe United FC Phadzima S Stars Nyatema FC Matshavhawe Com To See Mudunungu Try Again Mavhunga H Sweepers Tshedza Onismuts

Played 17 17 17 18 15 16 16 17 17 17 15 16 15 17

Team Mandala Happy Boys Khakhu Fast XI Khakhu Y Chiefs Tshikombani Super Star Sheshe Bush Bucks Khalavha Napoli FC Trimmer Boys FC Thononda All Stars Fondwe Mighty Blues Fundudzi Unit Brothers Tshikhudo First Prof. Mphaila Young Tigers

Played 15 15 13 13 15 13 14 15 15 14 14 14

Team Nzhelele Home Sweepers Matanda Rockers FC Mamvuka Heroes FC Matanda Seven Stars Tshikuwi S Breakers Manyii DAB Stars Tshituni Hot Spurs Mudimeli Bombers Mphephu Hotspurs FC Sipholi Smilling Mover Lugisani Arsenal FC Mandiwana Soccer Ac FJ Napoli FC Raliphaswa Roll Stones

Played 17 16 17 16 15 16 16 17 17 16 17 16 15 17

Won 12 10 8 9 8 8 6 5 5 5 5 3 2 3

Draw 3 3 4 1 3 3 4 6 4 3 3 5 7 3

Nzhelele Stream B Won 10 10 8 6 7 6 4 3 2 1 1 0

Draw 3 1 2 7 2 3 6 8 7 6 5 4

Nzhelele Stream C Won 15 9 9 8 8 7 7 6 5 6 4 3 3 2

Draw 1 4 2 4 2 5 4 4 6 1 5 3 2 1

Vho - Makhadzi Funeral Services Stream A Team Tshivhulana Real Aces Tshimbupfe Disco Stars Tshirululuni XI Bullet Makhasa United FC Kalahari Stars FC Vuwani Liverpool FC Madobi Home Boys Singo Disco Five Tshino United Brothers Mutheiwana FC Hanani Home Fighters Tshimbupfe F. Cats

Played 13 14 12 14 16 12 12 12 13 13 13 12

Won 9 7 7 7 6 5 4 5 4 4 2 1

Draw 2 4 2 1 4 5 6 3 3 2 1 1

Lost 2 3 3 6 6 2 2 4 6 7 10 10

For 38 27 19 28 22 27 20 19 24 29 18 18

Against Points 16 29 20 25 10 23 23 22 25 22 20 20 13 18 19 18 26 15 35 14 49 7 33 4

Vho - Makhadzi Funeral Services Stream B Team Mutsha Atlantis FC Mission Young Rovers Mashau Hungry Lions Khwekhwe Power 7 Tshakhuma Peace Lovers Mashau Thenga B Lions Tshakhuma Fenele FC Muverafu FC Mutsha Sea Robbers Tshakhuma Blue Birds Tshakhuma Na Ndilani Mashau Young Stars Mutsha United FC Maweja Young Stars Valdezia Malumbe Exp Masokolara FC

Played 20 19 20 19 20 19 20 17 20 18 20 19 18 19 18 20

Won 14 11 11 9 9 8 7 7 7 5 4 5 4 3 3 2

Draw 6 4 2 7 5 6 8 5 5 6 9 4 6 5 4 6

Lost 0 4 7 3 6 5 5 5 8 7 7 10 8 11 11 12

For 30 23 29 28 29 18 19 23 21 26 26 28 21 17 11 18

Against Points 9 48 14 37 19 35 19 34 20 32 17 30 15 29 20 26 20 26 31 21 31 21 28 19 24 18 31 14 27 13 42 12

Thendo and his father, Mr Marcus Mukumela. Notice

Astronomy Club holds observation evening The Soutpansberg Astronomy Club (SAC) will hold their next stargazing evening on Friday, 23 May, from 18:00 onwards. The last quarter moon rises well after midnight, giving stargazers ample time for dark skies. The giant ringed planet Saturn will be well positioned for viewing, as well as the red planet Mars. During the course of the evening, the telescope will be pointed to many of the deep-sky objects available, as well as to some of the most spectacular deepsky treasures of the southern hemisphere. These make up the Southern Hemisphere Stellar Big Five and is an initiative of the Deep-Sky Section of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa. The SAC is looking for a telescope assistant and presenter for its outreach activities during National Science Week 2014 in August. Please contact Kos Coronaios on 079 148 4934 for more information in this regard.

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24 9 May 2014

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By Kaizer Nengovhela

High honours for Ntambi Ravele A former president of Netball South Africa and well-known personality in numerous sports committees, Ms Ntambi Ravele, received a Lifetime Achiever Award during the Limpopo Sports Awards held at the Bolivia Lodge in Polokwane last Wednesday. During the same event, Ms Rights Mkhari, a Vhembe rugby player, was crowned as Sportswoman of the Year. She is also the treasurer of the Limpopo Softball Association and the chairperson of the finance committee of Softball SA. The Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr Fikile Mbalula, said it was good for sportsmen and -women to be honoured Commisioner Charles van Wyk presents a trophy to rugby star Rights at home by people who knew them. He paid tribute to all the sports people and Mkhari and Cllr Tefu looks on. told them that their talent must not end in Limpopo, but that they must also achieve international acclaim. The premier of Limpopo, Mr Stan Mathabatha, said he believed that LimTel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012

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Black Leopards collect three valuable points Black Leopards stood against all the odds and collected much-needed points at the expense of FC Cape Town, when they beat them 2-1 at the NNK Rugby Stadium in Cape Town on Sunday. Lidoda Duvha managed to score two goals during the first half, despite the fact that they were reduced to 10 men in within the first 20 minutes. Their Malawian international, Harry Nyirenda, was given his marching orders for a late tackle on Justice Sithole in the 14th minute.

Abbas Amidu opened Leopards’ account in the 24th minute, after a neat pass from Leonard Ntshangase. The Thohoyandou outfit increased the margin in the 38th minute. A mix-up within the danger area of Cape Town gave rise to an own goal. Former Black Leopards left back Vincent Xakane hooked the ball back into his own net in a bid to clear. The home side pulled one back later in the game through Eric Hlaole. Lidoda

Duvha moved one step up on the log after this victory. They are now in the third position. In the other National First Division League matches which were also played on Sunday, Baroka FC beat Vasco da Gama 5-2, Blackburn Rovers beat Witbank Spurs 4-1, Thanda Royal Zulu beat African Warriors 2-1, Jomo Cosmos beat Maluti FET College 2-1, United FC held Milano United to a goalless draw and Santos drew 3-3 with Chippa United.

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in the Metropolitan U/17 tournament. He added that the Ma-Indies Ladies team and Tshilwavhusiku Special would have been worthy winners. The awards went to Richael Selopyane (disabled sportswoman of the year), Mathlatsi Malatjie (disabled sportsman of the year), Ishmael Legodi (intellectually impaired sportsman of the year), Ruth Mabunda (intellectually impaired sportswoman of the year), Job Malesa (recreation male star of the year), Rights Mkhari (sportswoman of the year), Peter Maluleke (volunteer of the year), Brussels Ngwoako Primary School (school sports team of the year), Jonas Mothobi (sportsman of the year), Simon Ramafalo (sports journalist of the year), Jan Roets (coach of the year), the Limpopo basketball team (sports team of the year), Phaladi Phumlani (sports star of the year), Polokwane City FC (most promising team of the year) and Ntambi Ravele (lifetime achiever).

By Frank Mavhungu

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popo was the hub of stars. He said young people should participate in sports and follow the trail of Caster Semenya, who was honoured with the highest national order, the Order of iKhamanga, by Pres Jacob Zuma a fortnight ago. “It is worth recalling that the segregation policies of apartheid also left a giant mark on the field of sport. South Africa under apartheid was subjected to a variety of international boycotts, including the sporting front. The highlight of our return to the international stage was our hosting of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup,” he added. After the event, a sports presenter at Makhado FM, Mboneni Munyai, remarked that the people who had received awards only hailed from Capricorn District and Sekhukhune. He said that if the selectors had been fair, they couldn’t leave out the Limpopo schools soccer giant Benny’s Care. Benny’s participated five times in the national finals and finished second

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