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9 Februarie 2018

News with an independent soul

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Mining company sets sights on Musina’s copper - page 2

Jaargang 33 Vol. 06

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3 Unika Straat, Makhado, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo

Polisie krap kop oor gru-vonds van beendere - bladsy 3

- page 8 & 9

Groundworks are progressing by leaps and bounds at the site of the new “regional” Makhado Crossing shopping mall. Sport clubs are, however, still somewaht in the dark as to when en where they will be relocated.

Clubs will be relocated By Isabel Venter

Development of the Makhado Crossing into a “regional mall” will go ahead as planned. This much was made clear during a stakeholder meeting that was held on Friday, 26 January, on the site. The town’s sports facilities, such as the jukskei, rugby, soccer and netball fields, all have to make way for the new mall. Masingita’s representatives also mentioned the possibility that the two access roads to the residential area opposite the development site, namely Impala and Leeu Street, might be closed off for traffic. Governing bodies for the various clubs attended the meeting in the hope of getting answers from the Makhado Municipality as to the future of their clubs. Unfortunately, the municipality was not in attendance because of a miscommunication about when the meeting was scheduled to take place.

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The aim of the meeting was to inform the clubs how, when and where to their facilities will be relocated. Representatives of Masingita Properties, the developer and owner of the mall, were surprised to learn that the clubs were in the dark over their respective futures. According to the Masingita representatives, the municipal manager had signed off on the deal, in effect giving the go-ahead for construction to start, sometime last year. The fact that nobody was in the know about the project’s launch at the beginning of January was blamed on bad communication on the part of the municipality. But is it as simple as that? The deal between Masingita and the municipality has been marred by controversy ever since the mall was earmarked for development way back in 2015. Masingita completed the land and property sale early in 2016. Ever since then, it has been a struggle to get

the municipality to be forthcoming about how the deal between the two parties was constructed, especially regarding the relocation of the existing sports facilities. In this respect it can only be hoped that the municipality will come to the clubs’ rescue and provide honest answers during the next consultation meeting. The only thing that was made clear during the 26 January consultation meeting was that the relocations are going to take place, by hook or by crook. In the case of the rugby club, various temporary plans were proposed for their relocation. Current ground clearing will soon see the demolishing of their club house, up to the pavilion. This means that the club will still have grass to play on, but no spectator stands. For this, Masingita proposed temporary stands and a mobile container-based bar and clubhouse. Ground clearing is scheduled to be completed

by the end of April. Masingita expressed the hope that, by then, they will have started to lay down the new rugby fields, east of the show grounds. Temporary pits for the jukskei club will also be made on the same site. Only then will construction of the new facilities begin. The exact date could not be confirmed. As to the road closures, the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) said that they were not aware of any such plans. “There are no plans to close Impala and Leeu Street, because these are streets leading to a residential area,” said SANRAL’s general communications manager, Mr Vusi Mona. “There is development of the road infrastructure, due to the development of the Makhado Crossing Mall. The standard practice in such cases is for the traffic to be diverted, so as not to inconvenience road users,” Mona added.



Mining company sets sights on Musina’s copper By Isabel Venter

The Musina community was adamant - they would fight until the bitter end to protect their part of the world from mining operations. In this instance they were specifically referring to mining company Smarty (South Africa) Mineral Investment (Pty) Ltd and the interest they have shown showed in seven farms near Musina where they allege they have found a viable copper deposit. Representatives of Smarty met with the community at a public-participation meeting that was held in Musina on Tuesday, 23 January. The meeting was, however, widely labelled as a total mess from beginning to end. Attendees mentioned that Smarty and their representatives were nowhere near prepared to address the Musina community’s concerns. Regarding this, Smarty later admitted in their comment report drafted after the meeting that

MAKHADO CARE GROUP IS A NON PROFIT ORGANISATION WHICH ASSISTS WITH THE CARE OF CANCER PATIENTS IN THE MAKHADO AREA CONTACT DETAILS: Dr Casper Venter: 082 857 0022 Dr Emil Gaiger: 082 892 8862 Jernay Mcleod: 086 403 5752 Angela Brennan: 082 902 6271

some reports had in fact been received only weeks before the meeting, meaning that they did not have sufficient time to study the results. Smarty first showed interest in Musina’s copper deposits in 2016. The proposed mining area will stretch over Ward 2 and 6 of Musina. This includes the south-eastern outskirts of the Nancefield informal settlement outside Musina, and the north-western border of Musina’s residential areas. If the mine becomes a reality, this will mean that a limitation will exist on the boundaries of the town to expand and grow in the future. The major issue, however, remains the amount of water that the copper mine will need if it becomes a reality. According to the mine’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) report, the mine will use an average of 13 473 m³ of water per day, of which 6 768 m³ of water per day will be raw water. This is an estimated 13 473 000 litres of water per day. Speculation is that the mine will probably make use of “closed-circuit” plants. This will mean that almost half of the water gets re-used, while the remaining water that cannot be re-used will run into container dams. To put the water-use in perspective, consider that the city of Cape Town aims to restrict its residents to 500 million litres of water per day. Prior to the strict water control measures and the penalties, the city used around 620 million litres of water per day. The mine will thus use more than 1% of such a city’s water every day. The Nzhelele dam, 63 km south of Musina, has a capacity of 55,3 million cubic metres of water, or 55 300 million litres of water. The latest dam-level indicators show the dam to be at 37,9%, in theory meaning that it still holds 20 958 million litres of water. Should the mining project tap water from the dam every day, and no one else was using the water, and with no evaporation, the source would last roughly eight years. Of course, a scenario where no one else is dependent on the water does not exist. The evaporation from such a dam could be estimated at about 20% per annum. It can, of course rain, but the Nzhelele area is prone to long spells of drought. The popula-

tion growth in the area has also put a further strain on the limited water resources. In addition, despite residents’ demanding clarification about this burning topic, Smarty representatives remained vague about where they would get this much water in the arid area. It was hinted in the EIA that the company would approach the Vhembe District Municipality to purchase bulk water. According to Smarty, a ground-water study was completed towards the end of December 2017, which was only provided to them during the first week of January this year. “Smarty now has an estimate of the quantity of make-up water required and is investigating possibilities for sourcing it,” was the official statement from Smarty. The company added that, once they have had time to fully peruse the report, they will formulate a solution to be submitted to the Department of Mineral Rights (DMR). “Smarty is not in a position at this time to provide final details in this regard. They are in discussion with people who may be able to supply the mine with water, but these discussions are still at an early stage. If, in the end, they cannot get the water they need it will be physically impossible to continue

with the proposed mine,” said the company. “I was born in Musina…[the] Messina Transvaal Copper Mine developed one of South Africa’s largest copper mines in this area. They mined here for 70 years and did everything possible to find excess copper. At the point of closure, we were given a clear indication that there is no more copper to mine,” remarked Mr Jack Klaff, a prominent businessman of Musina. According to Smarty, however, they have found enough copper to carve out a 250m open-cast mine that will be in operation for the next 15 years. The community also wanted to hear nothing of Smarty’s promised benefits that mining will bring hold for the local economy. “There are better ways to create employment without opening this mine. This mine will sink the people of Musina. The only people who have taken more from the people are the Guptas. There are major issues here; if they are not sorted out now, they will have to be sorted out in court,” warned Klaff. The company was equally vague about inquiries as to how exactly they had explored the copper deposit, which is estimated to produce 20 000 tons per year.

Louis Trichardt se Leraarsforum, wat die plaaslike kerke verteenwoordig, het Dinsdag hul eerste vergadering vir 2018 gehou. Die forum bestaan uit voor van links na regs, ds. Corne Burger (NG Kerk Moedergemeente en forum sekretaris), ds. Jan Pretorius (NG Moedergemeente), past. Leonie Meyfarth (AGS Louis Trichardt-gemeente), past. John Struwig (AGS Levubugemeente en forum voorsitter) en past. Craig Witcomb (Levubu Christelike Gemeente). Agter is past. Philip de Jager (VEK), ds. Etienne van Staden (NG Soutpansberg-gemeente), past. Jan Venter (Emmanuel), pastoor Johan Kotzee (Emmanuel) en past. Jan Wilken (Lewende Woord).

BUSINESS talk Pharmacy at Spar a convenient stop By Andries van Zyl

Spar Soutpansberg has expanded its range of services to the Louis Trichardt community with the opening of a Pharmacy at Spar at this well-known grocery store. Franchise owner Mr Slow Nkobeni said that they identified the need for such a pharmacy east of the N1 and outside of the town’s central business district (CBD) and were already reaping the benefits of their decision. “Numerous of our clients have already

told us how glad they are that we opened a pharmacy here,” said Nkobeni. Nkobeni is assisted by pharmacy assistant Mr Given Mashile. Both come from a hospital background. “Our hospital background greatly assisted us in identifying what is lacking in our community. We started negotiations and were lucky to get a space at the shopping centre,” said Nkobeni. Pharmacy at Spar Soutpansberg, which opened in October last year, operates

independently from the Pharmacy at Spar Louis Trichardt in the town’s CBD. They offer the full range of pharmacy services, including subscription medication. Their biggest drawcard is their convenient business hours. “We are open Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 until 20:00, Saturdays from 08:30 to 17:00 and Sundays from 09:00 until 14:00. We also have an emergency after-hours service,” said Nkobeni. After hours, he can be contacted at 078 362 511 or Mashile at 079 242 2710.

New service or business in town? BUSINESS talk is a column focus­sing on new developments in the local business arena. Any new development will be highlighted through a once-off short write-up in the col-

umn free of charge. Further advertisement in the Zoutpansberger can be done at normal advertising rates. For more information, phone Andries van Zyl at Tel 015 516 4996/7.

Elize nuwe eienaar van Stimu-Zone Deur Isabel Venter

in ons wêreld van tegnologie,” sê Elize. Met behulp van skootrekenaars en tablette word daar gefo­ kus op lees, wiskunde, getalher­ kenning, taal, vorms, kleur en die ontwikkeling van die kind se fyn motoriese vaardighede. Elize se klasse is ten volle mobiel, wat beteken dat sy die lesse

kan aanbied by watter skool ook al jou kind ingeskryf is. Ouers word genooi om met Elize kontak te maak vir meer inligting oor Stimu-Zone of om te registreer by tel. 081 888 1371. Sy kan ook per e-pos gekontak word by laizatjie@

Party ouers weet dalk reeds wat Stimu-Zone is en sommige dalk nie. Stimu-Zone is ‘n nasionale onderwysprogram wat vir kin­ ders tussen die ouderdomme van drie en ses jaar (voorskools) en DIRECTORS: Graad 1 tot 7 (laerskool) rekeJ McLeod, DR E Gaigher, Dr C Venter, Z Omar, P Schoeman naaropleiding aanbied. StimuDIRECTORS: Zone het meer as 50 sentrums J McLeod, DR E Gaigher, Dr C Venter, Z Omar, P Schoeman DIRECTORS: regoor Suid-Afrika, waarvan DR E Gaigher, Dr C Venter, Z Omar, P Schoeman een ook hier in Louis Trichardt gevestig is. Die plaaslike sentrum is al geruime tyd operasioneel en het onlangs onder die nuwe eienaarskap van me. Elize Pretorius gekom. Elize verduidelik dat die Stimu-Zone van ‘n unieke wen-kombinasie sillabus gebruik maak om kinders rekenaarvaardigheid te leer. “Ons lê klem op sillabus onderwerpe, fokus Franchise owner Mr Slow Nkobeni (left) of the new Pharmacy at Spar Soutpansberg and op remediërende onderrig en Elize Pretorius, die nuwe eienaar van Stimu-Zone, saam met verryk jou kind met selfvertroue van haar jong leerlinge. pharmacy assistant Mr Given Mashile (right).



Polisie krap kop oor gru-vonds van beendere ‘n kort tydperk ook twee stelle menslike beendere in en om Louis Trichardt ontdek is. Daar word nog gegis oor die Die eerste stel beendere is oorsprong van die menslike in September van daardie jaar beendere wat verlede week ontgevind in die bosse aangrensend dek is op ‘n plaas buite Louis tot Rivierstraat. Werknemers Trichardt. van die Departement van Omge­ Die Makhado Polisie is verlede wingsake het op die bene afgeMaandag, 29 Januarie, gevra om kom, terwyl hulle besig was om ondersoek in te stel, nadat die uitheemse plante in die dorp se bene gevind is op ‘n plaas in Groengordel uit te roei. ‘n Ardie Bandelierkop-area. Volgens geoloog, mnr. Stephan Gaigher, plaaslike polisiewoordvoerder het gevind dat, gebaseer op ‘n konst. Irene Radzilane, is die foto, die bene heelwaarskynlik grillerige ontdekking gemaak dié van ‘n jong vrou was. deur die boer van die plaas, terTen tye van die ontdekking is wyl hy besig was met ‘n roetine daar wyd bespiegel dat die bene patrollie van die plaas. moontlik dié van ‘n verkragting‘n Blou oorpak wat aan ‘n slagoffer was wat vermoor is in die digte bosse. ‘n Week later is nog ‘n stel bene ontdek. Dié keer op die plaas van mnr. Sarel Viljoen, sowat 4 km van Louis Trichardt op die Levubu-pad. Plaaswer­ kers het ‘n skedel en beendere ontdek terwyl hul besig was om ‘n strook op die plaas te ontbos. Viljoen het destyds gespekuleer dat die bene moontlik behoort het aan ‘n onwettige immigrant wat skuiling gesoek het in die bosse. Nog geen vordering is gemaak in die uitkenning van enige van die beendere nie. Volgens Radzilane word daar nog gewag op DNS uitslae. Dit is glo nie Die stasiebevelvoerder van die Makhado Polisiestasie, kol. vreemd dat daar meer as twee Nyelisani Mabata (middel), het die toneel besoek waar die jaar gewag kan word op sulke beendere gevind is. Foto verskaf. uitslae nie. Deur Isabel Venter

doringboom gehang het, het glo die boer se oog gevang. Hy het by nadere ondersoek beendere gekry wat verspreid gelê het onder die boom. Hy het toe die polisie ontbied. Volgens Radzilane het die bene oor ‘n groot area verspreid gelê. Dit het ingesluit oorblyfsels van ‘n skedel en gesplinterde skeletbene. Onder die boom het die polisie ook ‘n bruin langbroek, ‘n blou baadjie, swart gordel en twee stelle onderbroeke - ‘n rooie en een met wit-en-swart strepe, gekry. Vir baie lesers sal hierdie storie ‘n gevoel van déjà vu gee. Dit is omdat daar in 2016 binne

Twee jaar gelede is ‘n stel beendere ontdek in die bosse aangrensend tot Rivierstraat.

Listeriosis outbreak continues to affect more people in Limpopo By Tracy Ngobeni

The Listeriosis outbreak, which has claimed the lives of 61 people in South Africa since 2017, continues to spread and affect more people in all nine provinces. This feared disease has also reached the Limpopo Province. The Limpopo Department of Health (DoH) confirmed that 60 leaners from the Bosele School for the Blind in the Sekhukhune area were infected during January. They were rushed to different health facilities after complaining of severe stomach aches and diarrhoea. After receiving treatment, they were discharged on Friday, 26 January. A spokesperson for the DoH,

Mr Thabiso Teffo, said 40 cases of Listeriosis were reported on 29 January across Limpopo. Of these cases, 21 were female patients while 16 were male patients. The gender of the remaining three patients could not be confirmed by the time of our going to press. Teffo confirmed that 28 cases were reported by private hospitals and 12 by state hospitals. According to information made available by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), Listeriosis is food poisoning caused by eating foods contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacterium. Nationally, a total of 767 confirmed listeriosis cases have been reported to the National Institute of Communicable Disease between January

2017 and January 2018. The Listeria bacteria can be found in soil, water, vegetation and the faeces of some animals. People with compromised immune systems, such as some of those living with AIDS, cancer, organ transplants, diabetes and pregnant women, are at a higher risk to contract the disease, said the World Health Organization. However, the National Institute of Communicable Diseases have outlined ways on how to prevent the deadly disease: Wash hands before handling food and during food preparations; separate raw food from cooked food; keep food at a safe temperature; never eat uncooked food or half-cooked food; and clean water for domestic use and always use pasteurised milk.




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Food Lover’s Canola Mayonnaise 750ml

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Green Beans TP for



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Stewing Steak (chuck, shortrib, Brisket)




The Red Month Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentynsdag is ‘n dag om Die Liefde in jou lewe te vier, en daar is ook net soveel dinge om in die Soutpansberg te doen, en inwoners moet maar kreatiwiteit aan die dag lê. Daarom het die Zoutpansberger dit goed gedink om ‘n handjie by te sit en te gaan rondsnuffel by plaaslike sake-ondernemings vir geskenkidees. En dit was toe nie nodig om al die pad Polokwane toe te ploeter vir iets spesiaal nie - hier was heelwat te kry.

Die kortste pad na iemand se hart

me omhaar B-llaat spesiaal voel

Vergeet eers bietjie van die duur juwele en sjokolade. Daar is niks wat ‘n vrou so spesiaal laat voel as ‘n pragtige ruiker nie; veral as jy kan reël dat dit by haar werk afgelaai kan word. Die feit dat sy ‘n bos blomme in ontvangs moet neem, terwyl ‘n Ete by ‘n restaurant of lodge is Inn wat vanjaar ‘n spesiale New haar [enkellopende] kollegas groen van jaloesie altyd ‘n wenner, nie net vir mans York-tema het. Onthou net om moet toekyk gaan haar beslis ekstra spesiaal laat nie, maar ook vir vroue wat nie vroegtydig plek te bespreek, anders voel. Só meen die kenners waarmee die koerant hoef te sukkel met die skottelgoed gaan julle dalk honger huis toe. gesels het in ieder geval. na die tyd nie. Ondersteun gerus die plaaslike Maar ‘n roos is nie net rooi nie ... Oorweeg gerus The Gateway restaurante op Valentynsdag. Rooi rose loop nou wel al vir jare hand-aan-hand met romanse, maar daar is ook pienk vir soetheid en wit wat reinheid simboliseer. As jy haar voete onder haar wil uitslaan word daar aanbeveel dat jy ‘n rooi-en-wit bos Tel/Fax: 015 516 0333 rose vir haar kry, want / 084 475 2246 dit simboliseer eenheid. Geleë reg oorkant Woolworths se As jy 'n meer kleurFlorist / Bloemiste / Bloemiste agter ingang Florist volle opsie soek, kies Bederf jou geliefde geel vir vriendskap (of Why not get the man in your life a tackle box verliefdheid), oranje so he can go catch the perfect catch (other hierdie vir passie en begeerte, than yourself of course!) donkerpienk vir dankAsk your local fisherman shop to help you baarheid, ligpienk vir stock a tackle box for whatever fishing your met ‘n spesiale bewondering en blou vir hubby or boyfriend is into; whether that is misterie en betowering. geskenk of ‘n ruiker! kurper, bass or deep sea fishing. Verskillende mense Wrap up the box with a handmade card that Geskenke vir mans en het natuurlike ‘n ander you have sticked two fishing hooks on in the vrouens beskikbaar! gunsteling kleur roos. form of a little heart, and either sign it with a Dit moet nie vergeet special message or anniversary date. Biltong ruikers ook word in jou soeke na die You can also make give this idea a sweet beskikbaar op bestelling. perfekte roos nie. twist by getting a small tackle box and filling Koop jou blomme it with sweets like sour worms, jelly bugs or Christian Art Bybels, boeke en plaaslik by Sophie’s any other form of sweets that will fit the theme. geskenke in voorraad! Choice.

Sophie’s Hooked Choice on you! Valentynsdag




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ALL purchases to be paid within 2 hours after auction. SAMPLE PICTURE






Thursday, 8 February

Louis Trichardt


KERKE/CHURCHES • Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (LTT) Tshirululunistraat 28, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 516 2272 • Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (Musina) Cass Straat 16, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 534 2126 • Agapé Gemeente (LTT) Sondae: Afrikaanse diens om 08:30 insluitend Peuter-, Kinder- en Tienerbedieninge. Sundays: English service at 10:30 including Toddler-, Children- and Teen Ministries, Past. Sampie van Niekerk, Tel: 015 516 3725 or 082 926 9538 • AGS Charisma (LTT) Munnikstraat 70, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Leonie Meyfarth (084 219 4406), Tel 015 516 0486 (kerkkantoor) • AGS El-Shaddai (Musina) Watsonlaan 17, Sondag 10:00 en 18:00, Past. Boetie Visser, Tel: 015 534 3361 / 084 456 6959 • AGS Charisma (Levubu) Sondag 09:00. Past Gys en Bettie Snyman 082 441 3951. • All Nations for Jesus Christian Centre (LTT) 93 Burger Street (Maranatha Centre), Sunday 09:30 & Wednesday 18:00, Past Benjamin Sithole, Tel 083 532 9492/ 015 516 2275 • Anglican Church / St Marks (LTT) 128 Munnik Street, Sunday 10:30, Rev Robbie Novella, Tel: 015 516 5165 • Baptist Church (Musina) Corner of Whyte & Limpopo Street, Sunday 09:30, Rev Paul Richardson, Tel: 015 534 0479 or 082 446 1728 • Baptist Church / Baptiste Kerk (LTT) Ruh Street 25, English: Sunday services 08:30 & Adult Bible time/ Sunday school 10:00, Rev Seth Meyers, Tel: 084 699 4242. Afrikaans: volwasse Bybelklas 09:15, dienste 10:00 en 18:00, ds. Johan Marais, Tel: 015 516 2714. • Catholic Church (LTT) Corner Burger & Jeppe Street, Mass times: 1st Sunday 10:00 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday 17:00, Father Frank Gallagher, Tel: 015 516 0566 / 082 664 1393 (Catholic Church Musina, Tel: 015 534 2085)

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Partly sunny and pleasant.

Nice with some sun.

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vergader elke Maandag om 18:00 by die Haantjiekerk (h/v Burger- en Erasmustraat) in Louis Trichardt en almal wat daaraan ‘n behoefte het om die vergadering by te woon, is welkom. Die AA vergader ook elke Woensdag vanaf 18:00 in Levubu. Vir meer inligting, skakel Jannie by tel. 076 501 8285.

MANNE VAN DIE WOORD Die Manne van die Woord in Louis Trichardt kom elke Vrydag van 05:45 tot 06:45 by Ocean Basket in Songozwistraat byeen. Vir meer inligting kan Tobias Fourie by 082 451 4249 geskakel word. GISTER-SE-JEUG BYEEN Die

• Emmanuel Christelike Kerk (LTT) Koraalboomstraat 3, Sondae 09:00 & 18:00, Jeug Vrydae 19:00, Past. Andries van Heerden, Tel: 015 516 4282 / 083 357 1658

Gister-se-Jeug klub, waar jonger en ouer seniors welkom is, vergader elke Dinsdag van 09:00 tot 11:00 in die Hervormde Kerk se saal op die hoek van Stubbsstraat en Forestryweg in Louis Trichardt. Vir meer inligting kan Willie Agenbacht geskakel word by tel. 083 453 6597, Flippie Diedericks by 071 671 9866 of Anna Lordan by 082 921 6110.

• Evangelies-Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) LTT Lodge-saal (Hlangananistraat), Sondagoggend erediens 08:00, kontak ds. Herbie Lyon Tel: 082 906 0288

BAHÁ’Í INFORMATION CENTRE The Bahá’í Information Centre in Louis

• Chapel of Grace Church Sunday 09:00 - 11:00 at Maurunwa/Siloam/Nzhelele Past Oke Tel 083 461 6455 or 072 976 3448. • St Peters Church (LTT) 33 Breda Street, Sunday 09:00, Tel: 083 377 0984 (Iain Purdon), 084 404 0050 (Soekie Bierman)

• Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) H/v Anderson & Songozwistraat, Sondag 09:00 en 10:45, leraar ds. Innes Nagel, Tel. 082 701 5602 • Gereformeerde Kerk (Musina) Wilsonlaan 1, Sondag 09:30, Ds. Cornel Nagel, Tel 015 534 2253/ 084 406 1723 • Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt H/v Stubbs & Forestryweg, Sondag 08:30, Ds. Gustav van Zyl, Selfoon 083 387 7548. • Hervormde Kerk Zoutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubb & Forestry, Elke tweede Sondag om 16:00, Dr. B.J. van Wyk, Tel: 082 828 5711 • Hervormde Kerk Zoutpansberg: Geloofsbond van Hervormde Gemeentes (LTT) H/v Stubb & Forestry, Sondag 10:15, Ds. Ronel Eckard, Tel 072 122 7956 • Hervormde Kerk (Musina) H/v Van Zyl & Celliersstraat, Sondag om 09:00, ds. Eddie Eckard, Tel: 015 534 2519 of 082 958 9095, Kerkkantoor 015 534 2756. • Lede in Christus Kerk (LTT) Joubertstraat 29, Sondag oggenddien 09:30, evangeliedien om 18:00. Past. Christo van Rooijen, Tel: 015 516 0521 / 082 465 8774 • Lewende Woord Louis Trichardt Louis Trichardt Lodge-saal. Sondag erediens 10:00 (Afrikaans) en 18:00 (English). Senior past. Andrew Bezuidenhout (071 078 1631) en past. Jan Wilkins (071 161 9254). • Levubu Christelike Gemeente (Hatfield) Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Craig Whitcomb, Tel 015 583 0134 of 084 400 8937 • Lewende Hoop Bedieninge (Louis Trichardt) Plaasgemeente, Sondagdiens 09:30, skakel Susan (076 812 4013) vir meer inligting. • Methodist Church (LTT) 79 Munnik Street, Sunday 09:00, Tel. 015 516 0446 • NG Kerk (Levubu) Perseel 316, Sondag 08:30 en 10:15 (LTT - Rondebosch Lapa), Ds. Petrus Kriel Tel: 015 583 002 / 082 898 2081 • NG Kerk (LTT) Erasmusstraat 23, Sondae: 09:00 oggenddiens & kinder- en kleuterkerk; 10:15 kategese; 08:30 Braambos; 10:30 Soekmekaar; 11:00 Waterpoort en Bandelierkop(1x pm); en 14:00 Kutama Sinthumule Gevangenis; ds. Jan Pretorius (079 881 9673), ds. Corné Burger (073 759 0451), Kerkkantoor 015 516 3902. • NG Kerk Soutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubbs & Andersonstraat, Sondag 09:00, ds. Etienne van Staden (083 274 3227), Kerkkantoor 015 516 4366 • NG Kerk (Musina) Ds. Henricostraat, Sondag 09:00, ds. André van Rooyen, Tel: 082 468 7640 / E-pos: of • New Covenant Kerk/Church (LTT) 115 Krogh Street, Sondag 09:00 en 18:30, Louis Trichardt, André van Niekerk, Tel 015 516 5305 or 082 926 7313 • Ou Apostoliese Kerk van SA (LTT) Kroghstraat, Sondagdienste om 08:45 en 18:00, Priester JJ Janse van Rensburg, Tel. 072 544 7505. • Reformed Church Songozwi Corner of Songozwi and Anderson Street, Louis Trichardt, Sunday 11:00, Rev Paul Mushayabasa (076 860 0669) • Shammah Bedieninge/Ministries (LTT) Sondag hoofdiens & Kinderkerk 09:00, Huisselle 18:00, Donderdag: opleiding en geestelik toerusting, Vrydag 18:30 jeugbyeenkoms, Past Strydom 082 785 0265, kerkkantoor 015 516 4018, Rissikstraat 50 • Sewendedag-adventiste (LTT) Groblerstraat, Saterdag 09:00 en 11:00, leraar Johan Steyn, Tel 082 372 7362 • Sewendedag-adventiste (Musina) H/v Turner & Whytestraat, Saterdag 11:00, Marguerite Sindon & Marietjie Diener, Tel: 015 534 3240 / 082 358 2526 • Volle Evangelie Kerk (LTT) H/v Rissik & Burgersraat, Sondae 09:00 & 17:00, Past. Philip de Jager, Tel: 015 516 0758 / 071 674 7205 • Volle Evangelie Kerk Ebenhaeser (Musina) H/v Turner & Watsonstraat, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Jimmy Venter, Tel: 082 920 4493 • Veritas Gemeenskapskerk (LTT) Groblerstraat 80, Sondae 09:00, dr. Philip Venter, Tel. 083 444 7672

Trichardt holds multi-faith devotionals every Thursday from 19:30. “Do not allow difference of opinion, or diversity of thought to separate you from your fellowmen, or to be the cause of dispute, hatred and strife in your hearts. Rather, search diligently for the truth and make all men your friends.” For more information phone 081 884 9553 (after hours). Alternatively, visit the website at


Bedieninge te Rissikstraat 50 in Louis Trichardt nooi alle besigheidspersone uit om elke Woensdag vanaf 05:45 tot 06:30 saam te kom bid. “Wees deel van ‘n geleentheid waar ons op ‘n ontspanne en informele wyse mekaar bemoedig by wyse van gebed en gedagtes uit die Woord. Ons hanteer graag ook spesiale gebedsversoeke,” nooi die gemeente. Vir navrae, skakel past. Francois Strydom by tel. 082 7850 265 of Johan Kruger by 078 451 9211.


Inwoners word uitgenooi om elke Woensdag vanaf 08:00 tot 09:00 saam te kom bid vir die gemeenskap en die land tydens ‘n interkerklike biduur by St Peter’s Kerk in Bredastraat. Vir meer inligting, skakel past. Leonie Meyfarth by tel. 084 219 4406.



- 10111/ 015 519 4300 / 083 206 5594 • Ambulance/Ambulans - 015 516 4378 015 516 2395 • Electricity/Elektrisiteit - 015 516 2990 • Water - 015 516 2990 • Fire Brigade/Brandweer - 015 516 0551 015 516 0554 • Munisipaliteit/Municipality - 015 519 3000 • Hospital (Government) - 015 516 0148 / 9 • Hospital (Private) - 015 516 0720 015 516 6980 • SPB Dorpswag - 082 251 0827

MUSINA • SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Hospital (Government) • Municipality • Electricity/Water

- 10111 / 015 534 7601 - 10177 / 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0446 / 7 - 015 534 6000 - 083 457 2183


- 015 583 7400 015 583 7418 • Municipal and other services (see Louis Trichardt)


TRIEGIE FIETSRYKLUB Laerskool Louis Trichardt se fietsryklub oefen elke Maandag en Woensdag van 15:00 tot 17:00. Die kinders kom by die Meulbos-pad (Hanglip Bosbouplantasie) vanwaar daar in die berg opgery sal word. Daar sal deurlopend volwasse toesig wees en die roetes is veilig om te ry. Alle laerskoolkinders onder die ouderdom van 14 is welkom om te kom saam oefen. Deelname is gratis. Vir meer inligting, skakel Mark Archer by tel. 083 324 8495.


GIMNASTIEKKLUB OEFENTYE Die Louis Trichardt Gimnastiekklub

Shop op die perseel van die Haantjie Kerk (NG Kerk Louis Trichardt) is oop weeksdae van 07:00 tot 12:00. “Kom ondersteun gerus. U is ook welkom om alle onnodige huisraad of klere te skenk. Die inkomste van Bergcare Charity Shop word gebruik vir die aankope van kos vir die Bergcare Bejaarde-projek,” sê die projekbestuurders. Vir meer inligting, skakel die kerkkantoor by 015 516 3902. berg Kofukan Karateklub oefen elke Woensdag vanaf 18:00 tot 20:00 by die Emmanuel Christian School net buite Louis Trichardt. Vir meer inligting, skakel Tommy by tel. 083 346 6600.

SKAAKKLUB Louis Trichardt het nou sy eie skaakklub wat elke weeksaand bymekaar kom. Vir meer inligting, skakel Willem by tel. 015 516 1942. VLEIS TEEN SAKPASPRYSE

Die NG Kerk Soutpansberg-gemeente bied top-gehalte vleis teen sakpaspryse te koop aan. Vleis kan daagliks tussen 13:00 en 14:00 by die kerksaal gekoop word. Vir meer inligting of bestellings, skakel Thea by die kerkkantoor by tel. 015 516 4366.

oefen elke Maandag en Woensdag. Vlak 1 tot 3 gimnaste (meisies en seuns) sal Maandae en Woensdae oefen van 14:30 tot 16:00. Die Vlak 4 tot 7 gimnaste (meisies en seuns) sal ook op Maandae en Woensdae oefen, maar van 17:00 tot 18:30. Elzabé Stewart en Riekie Steyn is onderskeidelik verantwoordelik vir die meisies en seuns se afrigting. Navrae kan per e-pos gerig word aan of elzabestewart@ of alternatiewelik kan Elzabé geskakel word by 082 566 3493 of Riekie by 082 484 1392. Giel Nel kan ook geskakel word by 015 516 3756 of 083 297 7272 of Christiaan Nel by tel. 079 525 3013.

(Shio pan yama dojo Soutpansberg-skool) oefen elke Maandag en Woensdag vanaf 17:30 tot 19:00 in die stoeisaal. Privaatklasse, asook kinderklasse, is beskikbaar. Vir meer inligting kan shihan Swanepoel geskakel word by tel. 076 467 2306. Die groep kan ook op Facebook gevolg word by “Shio Pan Yama Dojo”

MOTHS HAPPY HOUR Die MOTHs se Turbi Hills Shellhole in Louis Trichardt hou voortaan elke Dinsdag- en Vrydagaand ‘n “Happy Hour” van 18:00 tot 19:00 in hul kroeg. Die Dinsdagaand promosie is op bier (buy one, get one free) en Vrydae sal die fokus telkens ‘n ander promosie behels. Ligte kroegetes sal beskikbaar wees. Vir meer inligting, skakel Alan by tel. 083 660 2472 of Sybrand by tel. 078 618 7642.



DOJO OEFENTYE Die Ninjutsu Dojo

klub nooi alle lede en nie-lede om in te skakel by hulle verrigtinge. Klublede kom elke derde Dinsdag van die maand byeen. Alle voornemende groenvingers kan met Hannetjie skakel by 084 950 0205 of Sophie by 082 420 0514 om uit te vind hoe hulle betrokke kan raak.


Die Louis Trichardt Rugbyklub is besig met hul weeklikse oefensessies ter voorbereiding van die 2018 rugbyseisoen. Die klub oefen elke Dinsdag en Donderdag vanaf 18:30. “Ons nooi graag alle bestaande lede asook voornemende lede om te kom saam oefen en hulself gereed te kry vir die komende seisoen,” het die klub se voorsitter, Kevin Gilbert, gesê. Vir meer inligting, skakel Kevin by tel. 082 892 8769.


Die Louis Trichardt Rolbalklub hou eersdaags weer hul gewilde aandreeks. Alle besighede, kerke, sportklubs, ensovoorts wat bietjie span wil bou, word uitgenooi om ‘n span van vier in te skryf en nader kennis te maak met die sportsoort. Deelname kos R500 per span en houte sal beskikbaar wees. Die eerste wedstryde vind op 8 Februarie plaas, met die volgende wedstryd op 15 Februarie en die finaal op 22 Februarie. ‘n Baanfooi van R20 per speler sal tydens elke wedstryd gevra word met wedstryde wat telkens om 18:00 begin. Alle wedstryde vind plaas by die Louis Trichardt Rolbalklub se bane op die hoek van Ruh- en Andersonstraat. Vir meer inligting, skakel Kittie de Bruin by tel. 082 856 9047.

WEEKLY DAM LEVELS According to latest available information from the Department WEEKLIKSE of Water Affairs and Forestry as on Monday, 5 February DAMVLAKKE Dams/damme:

05/02/2018 29/01/2018

Albasini Dam Ebenezer Dam Flag Boshielo Dam Glen Alpine Dam Luphephe Dam Middel Letaba Dam Nandoni Dam Nsami Dam Nwanedzi Dam Nzhelele Dam Tzaneen Dam Vondo Dam

74.8% 85.9% 44.1% 11% 50.2% 13.5% 94.5% 45.1% 63.3% 37.9% 38.5% 92.3%

74.4% 86.7% 33.7% 11.4% 51.9% 13.8% 94.6% 46.4% 64.7% 39.1% 38.9% 92.1%





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Fri, Sat: 09:30, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30 Sun, Tue, Thu: 09:30, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00 Mon, Wed: 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:00

JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE 13 ˛ Ç Fri, Sat: 09:15, 11:45, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 22:15 Sun, Tue, Thu: 09:15, 11:45, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30 Mon, Wed: 11:45, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30

MAZE RUNNER: DEATH CURE 16 ˛ Ç Fri - Thu: 11:15, 14:15, 17:30, 20:30


˛ Ç

Fri - Thu: 12:15, 19:45



Fri, Sat: 17:45, 20:15, 22:30 Sun: 17:45, 20:15 Mon, Wed: 12:30, 15:15, 17:45, 20:15 Tue, Thu: 10:00, 12:30, 15:15, 17:45, 20:15


7-9 PG ˛ Ç Fri, Sat: 09:00, 11:30, 14:00, 16:45, 19:30, 22:00 Sun, Tue, Thu: 09:00, 11:30, 14:00, 16:45, 19:30 Mon, Wed: 11:30, 14:00, 16:45, 19:30

NUT JOB 2: NUTTY BY NATURE PG Fri - Sun: 10:00, 12:30, 15:15


Ç ˛ Ç

Fri, Sat: 09:45, 14:45, 17:15, 22:00 Sun, Tue, Thu: 09:45, 14:45, 17:15 Mon, Wed: 14:45, 17:15 Follow us



# Means latest available data

Standard rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. /sterkinekortheatres





Sunday, 11 February

Monday, 12 February

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Wednesday, 14 February

Not as warm with a shower.

A bit of rain in the morning.

A morning thunderstorm, some sun.

A little morning rain.

High: 26oC Low: 18oC

High: 26oC Low: 17oC

High: 26oC Low: 14oC

High: 27oC Low: 13oC



Heerlike vis en tjips is Vrydagaand, 9 Februarie, die hoofgereg op die spyskaart van die Dopperkuierkafee van die Gereformeerde Kerk in Louis Trichardt. Dit word teen R30 per porsie van die hand gesit. Ander smulgeregte op die spyskaart is kaasburgers (R30), dopperburgers (R20), russian en slaptjips (R25) en varsgemaakte slaptjips (R12). Bespreek by Nanette (084 304 4764) of die kerkkantoor (015 516 40097). Die kuierkafee sal reeds Vrydagmiddag om 17:00 open.


Die MOTHs se Turbi Hills Shellhole in Louis Trichardt het hulle perseel te Burgerstraat 66 beskikbaar gestel vir die hou van gereelde kattebakverkopings (boot sales). Die volgende verkoping is op Saterdag, 17 Februarie, vanaf 08:30. Daar is geen toegang- of uitstallingsfooi nie en persone is welkom om enige iets te kom verkoop. “Die doel is om bietjie die MOTHs en hul bedrywighede in die publiek te bemark,” het Old Bill Alan Odendaal gesê. VALENTINE’S WAG ‘N Persone moet net hulle eie tafel en stoele PURR The Louis Trichardt SPCA saambring. Geen koelhouers met eie drank en will host a Valentine’s Wag ‘n Purr at the koeldrank sal egter op die perseel toegelaat word kennels along the Vondeling Road from 10:00 to nie, aangesien daar ‘n baie bekostigbare kontant12:00 on 10 February. kroeg beskikbaar sal wees. Ligte kroegetes sal As tradition would have it, a treasure hunt will ook bedien word. Persone is egter welkom om ‘n take place. R10 will also buy you three Cupid ar- kosstalletjie buite te bedryf. rows to try and win the grand prize of one night Vir meer inligting, skakel Alan by tel. 083 660 for two people at either 93 on Celliers or 139 on 2472 of Sybrand by tel. 078 618 7642. Munnik Guest House.



St. Mark’s Church in Louis Trichardt will once again be selling pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (13 February) between 17:30 and 20:00. This will be done to mark the beginning of Lent. “Lent is the journey Christians undertake in their walk with the Lord as we remember the Israelites as they moved out from Egypt into the Promised Land, but for us it is also a move towards the Crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour on Good Friday and looking ahead to the celebration of His joyous Resurrection on the Sunday,” said Rev Robbie Novella. The pancakes will be sold for R5 for the sweet (cinnamon and sugar) and R10 for savoury pancakes. “Please join us for this time of fellowship,” invites the church.





mountain bikers can start preparing themselves for this year’s first local marathon race, the challenging Makhulu 5 MTB race on 17 February in Polokwane. The race will start in the overflow parking area at Mall of the North. There will be a 65km marathon, 35km half-marathon and 15km fun ride and the entry fees for the prospective races are R220, R180 and R60. The marathon will set off at 07:30, followed by the half-marathon at 07:45 and the fun ride at 08:00. A day license will cost R35 per person for those riders without a valid CSA licence. The race is a Limpopo colours qualifier. Cyclists can already enter online at www. The first 200 paid entrants will each receive a goodie bag. Online entries close on 14 February. Late entries will be accepted from 17:30 to 19:00 on Friday, 16 February, outside Trappers at the mall. For more information, phone 082 456 5467 or 082 443 7807.


Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151



Die streek se gholfers kan op 24 Maart hul ondersteuning wys ten opsigte van dierebeskerming STEAK-AAND Die diakonie van die tydens die Louis Trichardt Dierebeskermingsvereniging (DBV) se gholfdag by die Soutpansberg NG Kerk Soutpansberg nooi inwoners na Gholfklub. hulle volgende lekker kuier, hul gewilde SteakDie formaat van die dag se spel is ‘n vieraand op Vrydag, 2 Maart. bal-alliansie Scramble Drive (vier spelers) en Almal is welkom om te kom saam braai. Kaardeelname kos R2 000 per span (insluitend ‘n pet tjies kos R100 (300 g Steak en stukkie wors) vir elke speler). per volwassene en R70 (200 g steak en stukkie Diegene wat nie self kan speel nie, maar steeds wors) vir kinders jonger as 13 jaar. Bykosse sal die DBV wil ondersteun, is ook welkom om ‘n voorsien word. “Braai self of laat ons vir jou putjie te borg. Borgskappe begin vanaf R1 000 braai,” nooi die diakonie. Vure sal reeds om per putjie. 17:00 aangesteek word. Vir meer inligting of om ‘n span in te skryf, Inwoners kan nou reeds ‘n plek bespreek. Vir skakel Johan by 084 557 0149 of Yolanda by meer inligting, skakel Andries by tel. 082 603 2419 of Thea by die kerkkantoor by tel. 015 516 082 972 2060. 4366.



The Ridgeway Independent School have asked the public to take note that their annual Colour Fun Run has been rescheduled to take place on 3 March and not 24 February as was first advertised. Details about this special fun run will be made available closer to the race, but in the meantime, residents are reminded to diarise the new date and get those running shoes ready. For more information, the school office can be contacted at Tel 015 151 0110.


The Louis Trichardt SPCA has invited one and all to support their Yard Sale on 3 March from 09:00 until 12:00. The sale will take place at the SPCA kennels along the Vondeling road just outside of Louis Trichardt. “If you have any items lying around at home that you are not using and would like to donate to the SPCA to sell at the yard sale, please drop the items off at the office during normal office hours,” asked the SPCA. For more information, phone Antjie at Tel 083 563 1010 or Grietjie at 072 516 6895.



Ons Tuiste Ouetehuis in Louis Trichardt vier op 26 Mei ‘n mylpaal met die hou van hulle Halfeeu Basaar Heerlike pannekoek, tuisgemaakte konfyt, russians en tjips, kerrie-en-rys, groente en vrugte, koeksisters, koeke, terte en ander gebak, asook nuttige handwerk sal verkoop word. “Koop ‘n pannekoek en kry ‘n kopie koffie of tee gratis,” nooi die tehuis. Die Halfeeufees begin om 08:00 en alle bedrywighede vind plaas op die plaveisel-parkering voor die woonstelle op Ons Tuiste se terrein. “Ons benodig dames wat ons met breiwerk kan help asseblief. Ons Tuiste sal die wol voorsien,” het die tehuis gesê. Vir navrae, skakel die tehuis tydens kantoorure by tel. 015 516 0997. “Ons nooi u graag uit om die dag saam met ons te kom geniet,” het die tehuis gesê.


The Waterberg Lindani MTB Challenge will take place jonk, word uitgenooi na ‘n baie grênd Valentynson 26 May this year. dans wat op Vrydag, 15 Februarie, aangebied sal The races will start and finish at the Lindani MUNNIK MEERKAT word by Hoërskool Louis Trichardt. Game Lodge at Vaalwater. There will be a 55km The MTB CHALLENGE SOUTPANSBERG Die dans, wat ‘n ete insluit, sal gehou word (entry R230), 35km (entry R190), 15km (entry highly popular annual Munnik Meerkat MounSKIETKLUB AJV Die in die skoolsaal met die dansbaan wat 18:30 R120) race, as well as a kiddies fun ride. Food tain Bike Challenge is scheduled to take place Soutpansberg Skietklub hou op 27 Februarie hul vir 19:00 sal open. Kaartjies beloop R200 per stalls and a bike shop will be available. this year on Saturday, 24 March, at Munnik. algemene jaarvergadering. persoon en elkeen moet net sy eie drinkgoed Pre-registration takes place until 25 May, This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Die vergadering begin om 18:00 aan huis van saambring. Die dans word gereël ten bate van with cyclists being able to enter online at www. race. As usual, Pietersburg Rotary Club 100 will Ampie du Toit te Koedoestraat 1, Louis Trichhierdie jaar se matriekafskeidfonds. (at a discount). A R20 penalty be catering for the event and will start serving ardt. “Almal is welkom om te kom luister watter Vir meer inligting of om ‘n kaartjie te kry kan fee will be charged on the day of the race for late food from 06:00. Two mountain bikes, one planne die skietklub het,” het Ampie gesê. Alta Schwerdtfeger geskakel word by tel. 082 registration (03:00 until 05:00). men’s and one ladies’ bike, will once again be up 822 3440. The race is hosted by Waterberg MTB and for grabs in a raffle. TRIEGIES LEEULOOP DOPPERONTBYT Die baie Lindani. For more information, phone David at The Munnik Meerkat MTB Challenge comDaar is nog so ‘n bietjie tyd om te gewilde Dopperontbyt, wat deur die 083 273 4525, Alan at 073 179 4313 or Simoné prises a 70km, 35km and 10km race. Pre-regisoefen vir die jaarlikse Leeuloop Pretloop. Gereformeerde Kerk op Louis Trichardt aangetration takes place on 20 March at Cycle Centre at 083 302 5123. Hierdie gewilde pretloop word jaarliks bied word, vind vanjaar op Saterdag, 17 Februa- deur Hoërskool Louis Trichardt aangebied ter in Eltivillas (Louis Trichardt) from 15:30 to BERGCARE MPY is ‘n geregistreerde rie, plaas. 18:00; during the same time at the Bicycle Comfondsinsameling vir die skool. Vanjaar sal die Openbare Weldaads Organisasie sonder Inwoners van Louis Trichardt en omgewing pany in Polokwane and the Tzaneen Cycle Café pretloop, met die tema Blame it on my Gypsy winsbejag wat in samewerking met ander word weereens uitgenooi om ‘n keurontbyt teen in Tzaneen. Cyclists can also enter online from Soul, aangebied word op Woensdag, 28 Februgemeenskapsorganisasies hulpverlening uiters bekostigbare pryse saam met die gemeente arie, vanaf 18:00, weereens by Leeupark (die 1 February until 18 March by visiting www. doen binne die breë gemeenskap van in die Fransie Vermaaksaal te kom geniet. The entry fees are R220 hoërskool se atletiekbaan). Louis Trichardt. Op vanjaar se spyskaart is ‘n kontinentale ontDeelname kos R20 per persoon vir die 4 km en for the 70km, R140 for the 35km and R60 for the byt van muesli, vrugte, spek, eiers, koue vleise, R30 per persoon vir die 8 km. “Kom draf of stap 10km race, with the races starting at 07:00, 07:30 Hulle dienste sluit in: ♥ Bejaardesorg kase, brode, pap, maalvleis en hoenderlewers. saam met jou klub, vriende, familie of kollegas,” and 08:00 respectively. A day-license fee of R35 ♥ Liefdadigheid Tee, koffie en vrugtesap is ook beskikbaar. nooi die skool. Diegene wat nie draf of stap nie, is ONLY payable if a participant does not hold ♥ ‘n Welsynswinkel Die ontbyt kos slegs R70 vir volwassenes en a valid CSA license and the race is a qualifying kan bloot net aandete kom koop en die skool ♥ ‘n Kommunehuis vir minder bevoorregtes hoërskoolleerlinge en R30 vir laerskoolleerlinge, ondersteun. race for Limpopo colours. ♥ `n Kinderhuis in Tshikota terwyl voorskoolse kinders gratis mag saameet. For more information, phone Felicity Oldreive Daar sal medaljes wees vir die eerste 500 Vir navrae of om vir die ontbyt te bespreek Hulp aan die gemeenskap deur die gemeenskap. (083 450 2003), Charlotte Knott (082 456 3097), atlete, asook baie pryse en trekpryse. Indien u op enige manier betrokke wil raak: skakel Nanette by die kerkkantoor 015 516 4007 Lisa Ivy (015 397 4450) or race organiser Johan “Kom wees deel van die Leeu-plesier,” nooi KONTAKBESONDERHEDE: Andries Smal (0828999543) of 084 304 4764. van Dijkhorst (082 740 8740). die skool.





CURRENTLY UP FOR ADOPTION AT SPCA LOUIS TRICHARDT Contact Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151• Follow SPCA Louis Trichardt on Facebook

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Lots of kittens








*According to research done in the United States, 68% of money spent at local businesses stay in that economy. In the case of national chain stores, only 43% of the money remains. When purchases are done online at national or international stores, virtually nothing remains.

Local businesses tend to employ people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and take more time to get to know customers. It’s that personal touch that counts.


Digital Marketing Agency The 21-year-old Thiofhi Lambani runs her own digital marketing agency in Louis Trichardt. She employs 2 people 071 792 2657

Curtain & Fabrics Owner: Charlie Employs 4 people Tel: 015 516 3731 Shop 12, Block C Eltivillas, Louis Trichardt


Hardware Owner: Rashid Cassim Employs 17 people Tel: 015 516 0501 Shop 5, Eltivillas Complex, Louis Trichardt

The sad part, however, is that the small businesses do not always receive the support of the local consumers. For a perceived benefit of a discounted price, the consumers flog to chain stores, often hundreds of kilometres away. When the small business then closes down, everyone else is to blame. Only you can change this!

RAYMOND’S GLASS • Trellidor • Roller Shutter Doors • Garage Doors • Glass • Blinds • Sliding Doors • Aluminium Folding Doors • Aluminium Showers • Frameless Showers • Balustrades

Raymond Pretorius & Johan Cronje (owners). Employs 21 people. Industria Road (next to N1), Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 4303 / 2474

WOODSTOCK KITCHENS Interior Specialists Owner: Pieter Venter Employs 21 people Tel: 015 516 0787 2 President Street, Louis Trichardt


* In a society where service delivery and consumer satisfaction become more important, small businesses are starting to move to the forefront. Consumers are no longer content with merely being a number and they demand personal attention. For the large corporations, the focus is on volumes, often at the expense of the needs of individual consumers.

Manger: Ursula Employs 10 people Tel: 015 516 4968 Shop 7, Eltivillas Complex, Louis Trichardt



A marketplace where dozens of small businesses are active, is the THE MONEY ALSO best way to ensure innovation and SUPPORTS CHARITIES low prices over the long-term. A The money that circulates in the local economy benefits all sectors of multitude of small businesses each the community. Research in the US selecting products based not on a has also shown that small-business national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their owners are much more willing to local customers, guarantees a much support charitable organisations. This figure is set at 250% more than broader range of product choices. the owners of large corporations.



AA FURNISHERS Ahmed Asvat (owner) Employs 17 people Tel: 015 516 1299 45 1st Street, Eltivillas Louis Trichardt

ARCHERS PAINTS Owner: Mark Archer Employs 6 people Tel: 015 516 2606 Cnr Rissik & President Street, Louis Trichardt

ZEE’S STYLING AUTO Car Sound & Accessories Zee (owner) Employs 3 people Tel: 015 516 1471 65 Kort Street, Louis Trichardt

MAPULA ENTERPRISES Owner: Ben Mpuru Employs 5 people Tel: 015 516 5875 Cell: 082 899 0051 Industria Road, Louis Trichardt

AUTOFIT Automotive & Boat Accessories Gerrie van Zyl (owner) Employs 7 people. 66 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 3337 Cell: 084 666 6820

Since 1985 100% Locally owned and independent with 15 employees


SPEED BRAKE Automotive Repairers Owner: Johan Pretorius Employs 17 people Tel: 015 516 1248/6655 C/o: Rissik & Meyer Street, Louis Trichardt

HARJEE KANJEE & CO. Employs 3 people Tel: 015 516 0971 Shop no. 18, Block E, Eltivillas Louis Trichardt

All General Engineering work Co-Owner: Boet Grobler Employs 4 people Tel: 083 953 7738 19 Kruger Street, Louis Trichardt



PHONDUS AUTOBOYS Glass Fitment Services Tiaan Nel (owner) Employs 5 people Tel: 072 471 0251 65 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt

Towing & Maintenance Services Thabelo Rambuda (owner) Employs 7 people Tel: 081 283 4859 65 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt

VLEISMARK Slaghuis / Butchery Pieter Ackerman & Christa Kock (owners) Employs 6 people Tel: 015 516 4679/ 083 297 7282 C/o Rissik & Kruger Street, Louis Trichardt

OASIS WATER Sean & Hestie Collett (owners) Employs 62 people Tel: 083 556 3502/ 084 583 1446

LTT BOLT & NUT Owners: Godfrey Went & Ben Mpuru Employs 32 people Tel: 015 516 5875 Cell: 082 897 5350 Cell: 082 899 0051 Industria Road, Louis Trichardt


Dierekliniek / Animal Clinic Employs 12 people Tel: 015 516 0564/ 2046 Fax: 015 516 2046 C/o Munnik & Stubb Street, Louis Trichardt

C&M PACKAGING & SPICE WERDA TOYOTA Owner: Eddie Schlesinger Employs 85 people Tel: 015 516 0284/5/6/ C/o Burger & Rissik Street, Louis Trichardt

Spice & Packaging Owner: Michael Kock Employs 1 person Tel: 082 206 8020 Ackerman Centre, Rissik Street, Louis Trichardt

LEACH PRINTERS Printers & Signs Greg Leach & Andy (owners) Employs 35 people Tel: 015 516 5221 / 1466 Fax: 015 516 1210 16 Rissik Street, Louis Trichardt




Owner: Godfrey Went Employs 8 people Tel: 015 516 0764 extension 210 Cell: 082 897 5350 Industria Road, Louis Trichardt

Dealer principal: Quintin Thompson Employs 61 people 32 yrs Volkswagen agent Tel: 015 516 1338 56 Hlanganani Street, Louis Trichardt

Family business since 1952 Owner: Henk Vermaak Employs 5 people Tel: 015 516 0751 90 Munnik Street, Louis Trichardt

SUMMIT AUTO BODY REPAIRERS HAPPY TAILS Pet Shop Owner: Hannetjie Steyn Employs 2 people Tel: 082 449 0016 Shop no 4, Ackerman Centre, Louis Trichardt

MAKHADO CEILINGS Glass & Aluminium Owner: Gerrit Venter Employs 17 people Tel: 015 516 0787 2 President Street, Louis Trichardt

TSONGA TEXTILES Handprinted Textiles, Textile products & Décor Services Owner: Amanda Brooke-Smith Employs 10 people Tel: 015 516 3650 C/o: Rissik & President Street, Louis Trichardt

PG GLASS Manager: Ampie du Toit 19 years in the industry. Employs 12 people Tel: 015 516 2580 27 Joubert Street, Louis Trichardt

Auto Body Repairs & Panelbeating Managing Director: Charlotte Wolvaardt Employs 48 people Tel: 015 516 1084/1843 Unika Street, Louis Trichardt




Call, WhatsApp or e-mail George: 082 419 2359



Adriaan van der Vyver (owner) Employs 7 people Tel: 015 516 1278 / 015 516 1109 66 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt

Kitchens & Cupboards Alex van der Merwe & Rudolf Meintjes Employs 18 people Tel: 015 516 2282 2266 Unika Street, Louis Trichardt


MAC’S PATEL BROTHERS Financial Services

Owners: Bennie & Ilze Rheeder Employs 2 people HEAD OFFICE: Tel/Fax: 015 516 4913 C/o: Rissik & President Street, Louis Trichardt

STEGMANN HOUTPRODUKTE Established 1994. Owner: Nardus Stegmann 34 years in the industry. Employs 29 people Tel: 015 516 5312 53 Meyer Street, Louis Trichardt

Dave & Chitu Patel (owners) Employs 17 people Tel: 015 516 5087 Shop 36, Eltivillas Louis Trichardt

Total amount of people employed by these local businesses:



Do you want to be part of the next edition of the Support Local Supplement?



Louwtjies wys hul top leerlinge aan Links: Hierdie leerlinge vorm deel van Hoërskool Eric Louw se Graad 10 akademiese A-span ná afloop van hul prestasies gedurende die laaste kwartaal van 2017. Van links na regs is Munadia Islam, Erik Limbach (toppresteerder) en Thea Smuts. Foto verskaf.

Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg het op 29 Januarie hul Top 5 akademiese leerlinge vir Graad 10 tot 12 bekend gemaak ná afloop van die vierde kwartaal van 2017. Hulle is, van links na regs, Anri Crause (5de), Chan­té Liebenberg (2de), Gray Badenhorst (3de), Fransiska Ahrens (1ste) en Ingé Wepener (5de).

Regs: Hoërskool Eric Louw het Dinsdag, 6 Fe­ bru­arie, hul akademiese A-spanne aangewys ná afloop van die leerlinge se prestasies in die laaste kwartaal van 2017. Claudia Celliers (links) was die toppresteerder in Graad 11, terwyl Nhlamulo Mathebula (regs) aangewys is as toppresteerder in Graad 9. Foto’s verskaf.

RETA: 082 315 9940


GWEN: 083 556 4501

2 x Industrial stands (vacant) for sale. R650 000.00 each. Call Khathu today!

LINDA: 079 332 2840

KHATHU: 076 415 0304

RENDANI: 072 128 6786

Dié groep leerlinge is aangewys as Hoërskool Eric Louw se Graad 8 akademiese A-span ná afloop van hul goeie prestasies in die 2017 eindeksamen. Van links na regs staan Mammamotse Phologa, Jo-nique Kolberg, Stephi Roos en Carmen Roos (toppresteerder). Foto verskaf.

131 Krogh Street (C/o Krogh & Ruh st) Louis Trichardt 0920 HAMMANN PROPERTIES

Carel Hammann 082 923 1620

LOUIS TRICHARDT. 3 x Farms. 17Ha., 156ha. and 165ha. 2 Farmhouses, stables, feeding lot, 2 equipped boreholes and 11 grazing camps with water under gravity feed from reservoirs. 50 Cows and 2 bulls included.

R10.5 Million Plus VAT

MOPANE. 21Ha undeveloped. Lovely bushveld. R550 000

ALBASINI. 9.2Ha. Vacant land. R750 000

Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers


Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg buite Louis Trichardt het 29 Januarie hul Top 5 akademiese presteerders vir Graad 7 tot 9 vir die vierde kwartaal van 2017 bekend gemaak. Hulle is, van links na regs, Jonel Wepener (2de), Jani Badenhorst (1ste), Douwe Steyn (5de), Luné Robbertze (4de) en Isabella Marais (5de).

Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg buite Louis Trichardt het hulle Top 5 akademiese presteerders vir Graad 4 tot 6 vir die vierde kwartaal van 2017 bekend gemaak. Hulle is, van links na regs, Mieke Prinsloo (1ste), Robert Marais (5de), Tamar Kellerman en Anika Badenhorst (gesamentlik in die derde posisie) en SJ Mynhardt (2de).








2016 Mazda CX5 Akera AWD 16 800km Wit R350 000 Contact: 082 899 0050

3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom first floor flat at Pine Grove. R4 800 p.m. Pre-paid electricity. Deposit payable. Available 1 April 2018.

Contact Mariaan at 082 489 1679 for appointment to view


PFB-Agent 516 5025 LEGALS AGRIFUELS PTY LTD NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS Notice is hereby given that AGRIFUELS Pty Ltd (Reg. no. 2016/002396/07) is of the intention to increase the fuel storage capacity of its existing bulk fuel depot at Makhado, Limpopo. The existing bulk fuel depot is known as “Alliance Fuel” and is located on Erf 2561 Louis Trichardt Extension 5 (Bronn street 0). The coordinates of the application property are as follows: S23 04 02,8 E29 54 09,6. The mentioned bulk fuel depot currently has a total storage capacity of 69 000 litres It is the intention of the Project Applicant to increase the total storage capacity with an additional 530 000 litres comprising 5 x 83 000 litre tanks (diesel), 1 x 23 000 litre tank (diesel) & 2 x 46 000 litre tanks (petrol). Nature of application: In terms of the 2014 Environmental Regulations (as amended), application has to be made as soon as you upgrade an existing facility by more than 80 cubic metres. If the upgrade results in a storage capacity of more than 500 cubic metres, then application has to be made for environmental authorization in terms of the so-called SCOPING & EIA process. The specific listed activity for which authorisation will be sought is ACTIVITY 4 in Listing Notice 2 as published on 7 APRIL 2017 in Government Gazette No. 40772. ACTIVITY 4 reads as follows: THE DEVELOPMENT AND RELATED OPERATION OF FACILITIES OR INFRASTRUCTURE, FOR THE STORAGE, OR STORAGE AND HANDLING OF A DANGEROUS GOOD, WHERE SUCH STORAGE OCCURS IN CONTAINERS WITH A COMBINED CAPACITY OF MORE THAN 500 CUBIC METRES. Public participation: In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party,

please submit, in writing, your name, contact information and interest in the matter, within 30 days of the date of this notice, to the following address: TEKPLAN ENVIRONMENTAL, Attention: Mr T. Kotze, P.O. Box 55714, Polokwane, 0700, Tel: 015 291 4177, Fax: 086 218 3267, E-mail: Date of this notice: 9 February 2018

HAMMANN-MOOSA INCORPORATED In the Magistrate’s Court of the District of Makhado held at Louis Trichardt Case No: 07/2018 In the case between: DR MAHOMED ADAM CHAYA, Execution Creditor, and SALOME JUDITH LESHI Execution Debtor. Notice of sale in Execution of movable property by way of public auction Pursuant to a Judgment of the Magistrate Court Louis Trichardt given on 31 January 2018, the under mentioned goods will be sold at 11:30 on 27 February 2018 by public auction to be held at NORTHERN MOTORS, SHELL GARAGE, 68 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt, by the Sheriff for the Magistrates Court, BF Marobela, to the highest bidder for cash namely: Goods offered for sale are: 20 x Plastic chairs (black), 110 x Steel folding chairs (assorted chairs), 2 x 20" Tyres, 140 x Steel chairs 40 x Round tables 2 x Steel pots Assorted ice buckets 2 x Urns 8 x Plastic cans Signed at Louis Trichardt on the 5th day of February 2018. Attorney for Execution Creditor Hammann-Moosa Inc. 131 Krogh Street Louis Trichardt Makhado, 0920 Email: deeds2@hmlegal. Tel: 015 516 1427 Ref: JHJ/nk/18071

KERN & DEKKER ING. Boedel Wyle: Jacques Nieuwhof Datum van Afsterwe: 31 Julie 2017 Identiteits Nommer:


780422 5085 081. Van: D4 Plot, Levubu Alle persone wat vorderings het teen die boedel hierbo vermeld, word versoek om sodanige vorderings binne 'n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf die datum van publikasie hiervan by die betrokke eksekuteurs in te lewer. Naam en adres van eksekuteur/administrateur van die boedel: ME. L DEKKER KERN & DEKKER INC. Posbus 25, Louis Trichardt, 0920, Verw: A09675/ag/L DEKKER

KERN & DEKKER ING. IN THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MAKHADO HELD AT LOUIS TRICHARDT Case Number: 748/2016 In the matter between: Governing Body of Louis Trichardt Primary School, Plaintiff and Humbulani Ramovha Defendant Notice of Sale in Execution In compliance with the judgement of the Magistrate’s Court and the Warrant of Execution served on the 23rd November 2017 the under mentioned goods will be sold in Execution on the 27th February 2018 at 11h30 at Northern Motors, 68 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt to the highest bidder, The following will be for sale: 1 x 1 Samsung LCD TV; 1 x 2 2 Piece Leather Sofa's; 1 x 5 5 Piece Wooden/Glass Wall Unit; 1 x 1 Wooden Piano; 1 x 1 Coffee Table; 1 x 1 Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine; 1 x 1 LG Microwave; 1 x 1 KIC Stand Fridge; 1 x 1 Wooden dining table with 2 chairs. Terms and Conditions of Sale: 1. The rules of the auction is available 24 hours prior to the auction at the office of the Sheriff. 2. Registration as a buyer is a pre-requisite subject to a specific conditions, inter alia. 2.1 Directive of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008; (Url< http:// /downloadfileaction/id99961>) 2.2 FICA legislation i.r.o proof of idebtity and address particulars; 2.3 Payment of registration deposit of R500.00 in cash. 3. The office of the Sheriff will conduct the sale with the auctioneers. 4. Goods will be sold for cash only to the highest bidder or sold subject to confirmation as per the Consumer Protection Act upon instructions from the execution creditor. Dated at Louis Trichardt on this 6th day of February 2018. KERN & DEKKER INC. Attorneys for plaintiff PO Box 25/Docex 5 105 Kroghstreet, Louis Trichardt, 0920

Tel: 015 516 0136 Fax: 015 516 1777 Ref: MRS. L DEKKER/ coll/A09491

LANDMARK CONSULTING NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TOWNSHIP ESTABLISHMENT ON A PORTION OF FARM ZONNEBLOEM 105 LT FOR THE PURPOSE OF 469 RESIDENTIAL 1; 1 RESIDENTIAL 3; 8 BUSINESS 1 (WHERE ERF 292 IS PLANNED FOR A SHOPPING CENTRE); 3 EDUCATIONAL; 3 INSTITUTIONAL; 2 MUNICIPAL; 1 PUBLIC GARAGE AND 8 OPEN SPACES. We, Landmark Consulting, being the authorized agent of the owner of property mentioned below hereby give notice in terms of Section 56 (1) of Collins Chabane Municipality to apply for township establishment on the portion of farm Zonnebloem 105 LT from “Agriculture” for the purposes mentioned above. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager: LIM 345 Local Municipality, Private Bag X 9271, Malamulele, 0982 for a period of 28 days from 02 February 2018. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the above address: Private Bag X 9271, Malamulele, 0982 for a period of 28 days from 02 February 2018. Address of the agent: Landmark Consulting, P. O. Box 2734, Giyani, 0826. XIKOMBELO XO ENDLA DOROBA EKA XIPHEMU XA PURASI RA ZONNEBLOEM 105 LT HI XIKONGOMELO XO ENDLA TINDHAWU TO TSHAMA EKA TONA TA 469; XITANDI XO HIRISA XIN’WE, TANDHAWU TA MABINDZU TO RINGANA 8 (LAHA XITANDI XA NAMBA 292 XI NGA PULANERIWA KU VA SHOPPING CENTRE), TINDHAWU TO DYONDZELA TA 3, SWITANDI SWA KA MUNICIPAL SWA 2, NDHAWU YO CHELA MAFURHA NA TINDHAWU TIN’WANA LETI NGA PFULEKA. Hina va Landmark Consulting, tani hi vathoriwa eka ndhawu leyi vuriweke laha henhla, hi tisa xitiviso ku ya hi xiyenge xa 56 (1) wa masipala wa Collins Chabane ku endla xikombelo xo endla doroba eka xiphemu xa Zonnebloem 105 LT ku cinca ndhawu leyi yi suka eka vurimi ku ya eka swikongomelo leswi hlayiweke laha henhla. Vuxokoxoko bya xikombelo lexi byi nga yisiwa eka hofisi ya mufambisi wa masipala eka kherefu leyi landzelaka: LIM 345 Local Municipality, Private Bag x 9271, Malamulele, 0982 ku ringana masiku ya 28 ku sukela hi ti 02 ta

Nyenyenyani 2018. Minkaneto kumbe swibumabumelo swa xikombelo lexi swi nga yisiwa swi tsariwile eka mufambisi wa masipala eka kherefu leyi landzelaka: LIM 345 Local Municipality, Private Bag x 9271, Malamulele, 0982 ku ringana masiku ya 28 ku sukela hi ti 02 ta Nyenyenyani 2018. Kherefu ya muyimeri wa xikombelo lexi I: Landmark Consulting, P. O. Box 2734, Giyani, 0826.

ESTATE NOTICE Estate Late: Cornelus Arnoldus Bezuidenhout Date of Death: 19 January 2018 Identity number: 570203 5086 087 From: Bandelierkop All persons having claims against the estates specified above, are called upon to lodge their claims with the executors concerned within a period of 30 days from the date of publication hereof. Name and address of executor or authorised agent: MARIO-LESE BEZOUDENHOUT In der Rossbach 27 55595 Roxheim Germany

RETAIL LICENSE APPLICATION NOTICE IN RESPECT OF A LICENSE APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ACT, 1977 (ACT NO 120 OF 1977) This notice serves to inform parties that may be interested or affected that ELIAS TSHIMANGADZO NEVONDO, hereinafter referred to as “the applicant”, has submitted an application for a RETAIL license, application number F/2018/01/31/0002. STAND NO C101, WARD 30, HA-MAELULA VILLAGE, LOUIS TRICHARDT. The purpose of the application is for the applicant to be granted a license to undertake petroleum retailing activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documentation can be made by contacting the Controller of Petroleum Products by: - Telephone: (015) 230 3600 or Email: Gibson.Tshisikhawe@ Any objections to the issuing of a license in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the application number above, must be lodged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objection must be lodged at the following physical or postal address: Physical address: The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy, 18A Landros Mare Street, Polokwane, 0700 Postal address:

The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy Private Bag X9712, Polokwane, 0700

SITE LICENSE APPLICATION NOTICE IN RESPECT OF A LICENSE APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ACT, 1977 (ACT NO 120 OF 1977) This notice serves to inform parties that may be interested or affected that ELIAS TSHIMANGADZO NEVONDO, hereinafter referred to as “the applicant”, has submitted an application for a SITE license, application number F/2018/01/31/0001. STAND NO C101, WARD 30, HA-MAELULA VILLAGE, LOUIS TRICHARDT. The purpose of the application is for the applicant to be granted a license to undertake petroleum retailing activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documentation can be made by contacting the Controller of Petroleum Products by: - Telephone: (015) 230 3600 or Email: Gibson.Tshisikhawe@ Any objections to the issuing of a license in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the application number above, must be lodged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objection must be lodged at the following physical or postal address: Physical address: The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy, 18A Landros Mare Street, Polokwane, 0700 Postal address: The Controller of Petroleum Products, Department of Energy Private Bag X9712, Polokwane, 0700



In the Estate of the Late Franzelle van Biljon, (ID Number: 840315 0102 083) from 18 Breda Street , Louis Trichardt who died on 20/08/2017. Notice is hereby given to the creditors in the above deceased estate that all persons having claims against the Estate must lodge it with

the Executor concerned within 30 (Thirty) days from dat of publication hereof. Signed at Louis Trichardt on this 09th day of January 2018. Van Heerden en Rudolph 24 Devenish Street Louis Trichardt, 0920 PO Box/Posbus 246 Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 0164/5/6 Fax: 015 516 1091 Ref: DR S RUDOLPH/ Lurette/25280

Business Guide To advertise your service here, contact us at 015 516 4996

Mudau Watch Makers & Repairs Krogh Street, Opposite no W10, Old Mutual Building

Re-surfacing of baths, basins, toilets & tiles * 5 Year guarantee 073 743 8268 mendabath@

All watches: wall -watches, grandfather clocks and hand watches 082 766 0421 063 825 1403

55 Commercial Rd, Louis Trichardt

Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps Tel: 015 516 3981

Elektries & Verkoeling ois C 24 uur per dag! 7 dae ‘n week!

• Foutsporing en herstel • Instandhouding• Konstruksie • Sertifikaat van nakoming • Verkoeling • Lugversorging• Koelkamers

Cois Pretorius 082 498 1484 • 083 808 3000

In the Estate of the Late Dawid Johannes Sadie, (ID Number: 550524 5149 086) And Elsie Helena Johanna Sadie (570812 0021 087)from 18 Breda Street , Louis Trichardt who died on 20/08/2017. Notice is hereby given to the creditors in the above deceased estate that all persons having claims against the Estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 (Thirty) days from dat of publication hereof. Signed at Louis Trichardt on this 09th day of January 2018. Van Heerden en Rudolph 24 Devenish Street Louis Trichardt, 0920 PO Box/Posbus 246 Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 0164/5/6 Fax: 015 516 1091 Ref: DR S RUDOLPH/ Lurette/25279

* Geklassifiseerd en blok advertensies: Dinsdae 14:00 * Kleur advertensies: Maandae 16:00


Ek is ... die Weg, die Waarheid en die lewe


anneer “wil doen” en “ behoort te doen” nie ooreenstem nie. Wat kan ‘n mens doen om vrede te kry wanneer wat jy wil doen nie ooreenstem met wat God verwag dat ons moet doen nie. Daar is verskeie moontlikhede. Jy vermy om aan die “behoort te doen” te dink. Dit is die mees algemene ding in die wêreld om te doen. Die meeste mense dink een­ voudig nie daaraan wat hulle behoort te doen, maar nie doen nie. Of jy kan die “behoort te doen” so verklaar dat dit klink soos die “wil doen”. Of jy kan die wilskrag bymekaarskraap om soort van die “moet doen” te doen alhoewel jy dit nie van harte doen soos die “wil doen” nie. Of jy kan sleg voel omdat jy jouself moet dwing om die “behoort te doen”, te doen. Gewoonlik verberg skynheiligheid die feit dat ons nie wil doen wat ons “ behoort te doen” nie en dit kom voor asof ons die “behoort te doen” met ywer doen. Of, laastens, kan ons God vertrou om in ons te werk om “te wil doen” wat ons “behoort te doen” en wanneer dit tyd is om die “behoort te doen” te doen, sal ons dit wil doen. Uiteindelik is die wil doen ‘n gawe van God. Die gedagtes van die vlees is vyandskap teen God, want dit wil nie aan God onderwerp nie (Rom. 8:7). Die natuurlike mens neem die dinge van die Gees van God nie aan nie, want dit is vir hom dwaasheid (1 Kor. 2:14). Ons moet die Here vra om ons in sagmoedigheid tereg te wys tot kennis van die waarheid (2 Tim. 2:5). Romeine 5:19 sê vir ons wat ons is. En tog weet ons uit ons eie siele en deur die Bybel dat ons verantwoordelik is vir ons eie slegte gewoontes. God se vrye en soewereine hartveranderende werk is ons enigste hoop. Daarom moet ons bid vir ‘n nuwe hart. Bid Ps. 119:36 “Neig my hart tot U getuienisse”. Die Here belowe dit (Ese­ giël 36:27). Dit is die nuwe verbond deur die bloed van Jesus Christus (Heb. 8:8-13; 9:15). Daarom kan ons nou met vrymoedigheid na God gaan om genade en barmhartigheid te kry en op die regte tyd gehelp te word (Heb.4:16). - 079 516 8303



Write to us at PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 / Skryf aan ons te Posbus 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 of

Looking for the descendants of the ones murdered by the BVC Charles Leach, Louis Trichardt, writes:


rank Shields, Australian journalist and film producer, is coming to the Soutpansberg to “…rectify an omission” in the book which he and Margaret Carnegie published in the late 1980s. Like many other authors, Frank and Margaret gave very little – or no – recognition to those Boer men and boys who were gunned down by the Bushveldt Carbineers, but whose killers were never Court Martialled for their crimes. The book, In Search of Breaker Morant Balladist and Bushveldt Carbineer, written by Frank Shields and Margaret Carnegie, is widely regarded as one of the most balanced and complete works on the Bushveldt Carbineers (BVC) by Australian authors. Frank’s objective is to come back to the Soutpansberg and meet with - and interview - as many descendants of those victims as can be traced and to expose by publishing – or ‘airing’ – their side of the story to Australia. Though the dates of his visit have not been

finalised, Frank will most probably be here in the first week of April 2018. Obviously we support this unique and noble cause and will give Frank all the support, assistance and backup in his search for descendants. Of the six Boers shot and buried near Valdezia on 2 July 1901, namely JJ Vercuil (31), FGJ Potgieter (18), JC Greyling (25), JJ Geyser (65), his son PJ Geyser (12) and ? van Heerden (?), I have only managed to contact Dennis Everleigh, (descendant of JJ Vercuil) and also Gerrit Geyser and his cousin, Doppies. These men welcome the opportunity that Frank will give them to honour their ancestors by exposing the manner in which they died during the Anglo Boer War. It is proving very difficult to trace descendants of the two Grobler boys, shot by a Bushveldt Carbineers Patrol under command of Lt. Hannam, on 5 September 1901 in the Mooketsi Valley, namely Jan Derk Grobler (14) and Jacobus Daniel Grobler (6). Fortunately, their young sister Elizabeth Maria Grobler (9), survived the rifle shot that grazed her neck. It is possible that the Grobler family was from

Please put a postbox at your gate, asks Louis Trichardt post office Notice

Many residents of Louis Tri­ chardt may find that important mail items go missing, says Dries Rossouw, branch manager at the town’s main Post Office branch. The reason is that townsfolk fail to put up a receptacle for mail at their gates. As a result, the postman has

nowhere safe to leave the mail and is compelled to leave the items stuck in the fence or gate. “Passers-by can take the mail, or a normal breeze could scatter everything in the wind,” said Rossouw. Dogs are famous for disliking postmen, and fiddling to stick mail into an unsuitable gap in a fence leaves them vulnerable. In 2014, 103 postmen in South

Africa were bitten by dogs. Rossouw said a postbox does not have to be an expensive, specially designed item. With some astute cutting of apertures, an item as commonplace as a two-litre cold-drink bottle can be turned into a suitable, waterproof and windproof postbox. The postmen of the Louis Trichardt post office deliver close to 7 000 letters per week.

Published by Zoutnet CC, trading as Zoutpansberger and printed by D Brits, Jeppe Street 1, Louis Trichardt.

Aubrey Nemavhedi of the Louis Trichardt branch needs a postbox at the gate to ‘give the mail a home’. Photo supplied.

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the Lowveldt region and not from the Soutpansberg as we know it today. Any assistance in locating descendants will be much appreciated. The same applies to descendants of FGJ Potgieter and JC Greyling. Frank will - hopefully - also be meeting Daniel Heese, a great-grandson of the Rev Heese who was shot on the farm Vliegenpan on 23 August 1901. I have made contact with Prof. Madumela, descendant of Chief Madumetsa of Matshema who was shot by Capt. Taylor. Regretfully, there were never any names provided of the two Boers who were shot at Zari Pool in the Kruger Park, also by Capt. Taylor. There were several black attendants to the Boer parties who were chased and gunned down by members of the BVC and whose names were not recorded. The only exception were two men shot at Valdezia by Capt. Taylor on 27 July, 1901, by the names of Njoba and Matungen. Any descendants of these persons are requested to contact me. I can be reached at (015) 516 5221 or

073 349 1587

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Hoërskool Eric Louw in Musina se noodhulpspan is baie dankbaar vir die borgskappe van nuwe toerusting en klerasie. Hulle het me. Nazreen Islam bedank vir die borg van die noodhulp se hempies en pette, asook Messina Toyota vir die gebruik van die gazebo met elke tuisbyeenkoms. Afgeneem is, voor, van links na regs, me. Corné van Wyk en me. Zuleika de Bruyn. Agter is Tirukelem Mola, Megan Fortuin, Nduigsedzo Munyai, Munadia Islam en Seblewongel Mola. Foto verskaf.

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The Qur’an teaches that every grain of sand, every atom in space, every blade of grass and every drop of water is under the control of God. It is therefore upon us glorify God and constantly turn to him for guidance and light. There is no problem that is too small for God to solve since his power and dominion is over ever everything. Teachings of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H

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Everything in the heavens and the earth glorifies God,The Sovereign, The Pure, The Exalted in Might, The Wise. Blessed is he in whose hands is all dominion, and he has power over everything. Qur’an: 67:1

NTK Louis Trichardt het Dinsdag hul steun aan plaaslike sport gewys toe hulle nuwe hemde, broeke en kouse geborg het vir die Louis Trichardt Rugyklub. Die klub se voorsitter, mnr. Kevin Gilbert (links), het die nuwe klere in ontvangs geneem van mev. Sonja Thornhill van NTK. “Ek praat namens die hele klub as ek sê dat ons opreg dankbaar is vir plaaslike besighede soos die NTK wat ons ondersteun,” het Gilbert gesê. Foto verskaf.

Free Copy of the Translation of Quran available on request. Questions & Comments 0729002130



Louis Trichardt Laerskool het op Saterdag, 27 Januarie, deelgeneem aan ‘n atletiekbyeenkoms wat by Laerskool Krugerpark aangebied is. Al hierdie atlete, van Graad 1 tot 7, het medaljes gewen.

Hierdie atlete van Hoërskool Eric Louw het hulle goed van hul taak gekwyt tydens ‘n vriendskaplike atletiekbyeenkoms by Hoërskool Louis Trichardt op 3 Februarie. Tebogo Machete is aangewys as die beste junior meisiesveldatleet met haar uitmuntende vertoning in verspring vir meisies 0/15 en verdien 739 ASA punte. Rossy Lamola is aangewys as beste senior meisiesveldatleet met haar puik prestasie in hoogspring vir meisies O/18. Sy behaal 739 ASA punte. Unarine Lebepe stap as beste senior seunsbaanatleet met die louere weg vir sy puik vertoning in die 100m vir seuns 0/18. Hy behaal ‘n uitmuntende 920 ASA punte. Ida Khadambi word aangewys as beste junior seunsbaanatleet. Hy het met sy vinnige 100m vir seuns 0/15, 741 ASA punte behaal. Die Louwtjies neem 60 atlete na die byeenkoms en palm 28 goue , 22 silwer en 20 brons medaljes in. Van links na regs staan Tebogo, Rossy, Unarine en Ida. Foto verskaf.

Hoërskool Louis Trichardt het die afgelope naweek deelgeneem aan ‘n vriendskaplike drieskole-atletiekbyeenkoms waarvoor hulle gasheer gespeel het. Drie van hulle atlete raap ná die byeenkoms van die toptoekennings op. Hulle is, van links na regs, Tebogo Masekela (beste senior veldatleet, 100 m), Johannes Joubert (beste senior veldatleet, driesprong) en Eliz-Marie Pretorius (beste junior baanatleet, 100 m).

Van die rugbyspelers wat die Louis Trichardt Rugbyklub sal verteenwoordig, tydens vanjaar se Conwaydag. Foto verskaf.

Conwaydag om die draai

kan nie in geldelike terme uitge- klub se bedrywighede kan die meet word nie. klubvoorsitter, Kevin Gilbert, Vir meer inligting oor die geskakel word by 082 892 8769. As jy enige gevoel het vir rugby, jouself as ‘n rugINVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROCESS OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT bykenner beskou of (SCOPING AND EIR) FOR AN ESTABLISHMENT OF A MACADAMIA NUTS FARM ON FARM net ‘n liefde vir die SUTTON CREST 11 IN MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY, LIMPOPO PROVINCE spel het, moet jy nie die Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 41 of Chapter 6 of the EIA Regulations (Government Notice No. R982 Louis Trichardt Rug- of 08 December 2014) published in terms of the National Environment Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998) byklub se Conwaydag as amended. Notice is also given in terms of the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) of the intent to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (Scoping and EIR) and Water Use License Application for the following misloop nie. activity: Hierdie jaar sal dié OF ACTIVITY rugbydag aangebied NATURE Monomatoto Investments Pty Ltd proposes to clear Vegetation for 300 hectares on farm Sutton Crest 11 at word op Saterdag, 3 Makhado Local Municipality in Limpopo province for the purpose of establishment of an orchard. The proposed Maart. Die klub het activity may not commence without and Environmental Authorisation issued in line with Environmental Impact reeds hierdie week Assessment regulations. aangedui dat hulle al THE PROPOSED PROJECT TRIGGERS THE FOLLOWING LISTED ACTIVITIES: begin het om die dag Activity Description te reël. National Environmental Management Act (Act No. The clearance of an area of 20ha or more of 107 of 1998) as amended listed activity 15 indigenous vegetation, excluding where such Finansieel word die clearance of indigenous vegetation is required for (i) tye egter ál moeiliker, the undertaking of a linear activity, or (ii) mainteen daarom is die rugnance purposes undertaken in accordance with a maintenance management plan. byklub se vennootskap met plaaslike besighede For the clearance of approximately 300 ha of indigenous vegetation for establishment Macadamia van soveel meer beNuts orchards. lang. Bystand is nie net nodig vir die klub se SITE COORDINATES:22°59’47.3”S 29°59’02.5”E bestaan nie, maar ook NAME OF APPLICANT: Monomatoto Investment Pty Ltd OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT PRACTITIONER: Tshikovha Green and Climate Change vir die ontwikkeling van NAME Advocates (Pty) Ltd plaaslike spelers en die REGISTRATION OF INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES oorlewing van die sport Any interested and affected party who wish to participate in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process should register with the officials of Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd within 30 days for op die dorp. Daar word derhalwe the date of this advert publication. DETAILS ‘n dringende beroep CONTACT TSHIKOVHA GREEN AND CLIMATE CHANGE ADVOCATES (Pty) Ltd gedoen op plaaslike beContact person Contact number Email Address sighede, skole en diensMoudy Mudzielwana 076 431 1016 organisasies om die Conway Dag te onderPhumzile Mnconywa 081 839 3106 steun, in watter vorm hulle ookal verkies. Die blootstelling en welwillendheid wat besighede in ruil terug ontvang, Rugbynuus

Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg buite Louis Trichardt het met die begin van die skooljaar ook nuwe onderwysers onder hulle geledere verwelkom. Hulle is, van links na regs, Jeanne Swanepoel (Afrikaans en geografie), Melissa Stemmet (wiskunde en rekeningkunde), Celeste Smith (rekeningkunde en sang) en Hanri Roos (Engels, ekonomiese bestuurswetenskappe, natuurwetenskappe en tegnologie).


Soutpansberg Gholfklub

The 19th hole Fixtures/Bepalings Opkomende Kompetisie Datum




Speed Golf









Maandelikse Houespel


Maandelikse Houespel Datum




Soutpansberg Gholfklub






A. Steyn

uittel 72


P. Thompson

uittel 72


V. Jacobs


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J. Cronjé



E. Schlesinger



T. Jandrell


BS - Beterbal Stableford, IS - Ind Stableford, BBB - B/ bal Bonus Bogey, HS - Houespel, GS - Gekombineerde Stableford, 4BA/S - 4Bal Alliansie Stableford, 2B/AS 2Bal American Scramble, BBM - Beterbal Multiplier

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Jongelinge skuur skouers met wêreld se bestes Deur Andries van Zyl

Twee van Louis Trichardt se jong bergfietsryers, Richard Lambert en Rohan Cronjé, het die afgelope naweek die unieke geleentheid gehad om skouers te skuur met van die top name in beide nasionale en internasionale fietsrykringe tydens die eerste rondte van die SA XCO Cup by Coetzenburg in Stellenbosch op 2 Februarie. Van die top internasionale name by die byeenkoms was dié van Matthias Stirnemann en Nino Schurter, beide van Switserland, wat onderskeidelik eerste en tweede geëindig het in die Elite mansafdeling. Op nasionale front het die top name ingesluit dié van Alan Hatherly, Philip Buys, Arno du Toit en Matthys Beukes, wat onderskeidelik vyfde, sesde, negende en 10de geëindig het in die Elite mansafdeling. “Richard en Rohan het goeie vorm getoon en sal dit definitief deurtrek na die opkomende skoleliga en XCO-wedrenne,” het Stanley Thompson van die Soutpansberg Fietryklub gesê. Hulle, in samewerking met Soutpansberg Youth Cycling Development, het gehelp om Richard en Rohan, beide lede van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se fietsryspan, in Stellenbosch te kry. Rohan Cronjé, afgeneem saam met wêreldkampioen bergfietsryer Nino Lambert het ‘n uitstekende 16de plek Schurter tydens die eerste rondte van die SA XCO Cup wat die afgelope losgery in die junior mansafdeling uit ‘n naweek in Stellenbosch beslis is. Rohan het vir homself ‘n 35ste plek veld van meer as 40 deelnemers. Hy het sy losgery in die Youth-seunsafdeling. Foto verskaf. vyf rondtes voltooi in ‘n tyd van 01:30:44.

Tel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012 • 2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrack 3.2 TDCI, A/T

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R469 995

Rohan het op sy beurt ‘n 35ste plek in die (6de Youth seun, vier rondtes in 00:59:07) Youth-seunsafdeling uit ‘n veld van meer en Jean Roan le Roux (5de junior man, vyf as 50 deelnemers behaal. Hy het sy vier rondtes in 01:10:54). rondtes in ‘n tyd van 01:21:23voltooi. Nog ‘n plaaslike seun, Andani RaRichard en Rohan het die naweek van phalalani van Ridgeway College, het ‘n 27 Januarie ook deelgeneem aan die jaar 13de plek in die sub-junior seunsafdeling se eerste Limpopo XCO in Polokwane. ingepalm in deur sy drie rondtes in ‘n tyd Tydens dié geleentheid het Rohan die van 00:57:25 te voltooi. Youth-seunsafdeling, gewen nadat hy sy vier rondtes voltooi het in ‘n tyd van 55 minute en 33 sekondes. Ook Richard het sy afdeling gewen deur sy vyf rondtes in die junior-mansafdeling in 01:05:33 plat te trap. Heelwat van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se fietsryers het aan die Limpopo XCO deelgeneem. Buiten vir Richard en Rohan wat hulle afdelings gewen het, het Marno van Zyl die Elite-mansafdeling in ‘n tyd van 01:06:09 oor vyf rondtes gewen. Jennavieve Truter het op haar beurt die Youth-meisiesafdeling gewen deur haar drie rondtes te voltooi in ‘n tyd van 47 minute en 52 sekondes. Ander Triegie-ryers wat goeie plekke ingepalm het was Jessica Taylor (4de sub-junior meisie, twee rondtes in Richard Lambert van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt 00:38:26) Calvin Lee (2de het die afgelope naweek vir hom ‘n 16de plek Youth seun, vier rondtes in losgetrap tydens die eerste rondte van die SA XCO 00:55:50), Rofhiwa Kutama Cup in Stellenbosch.

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in our Destination Week Supplement on the 16th of February!

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9 February 2018 Zoutpansberger  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

9 February 2018 Zoutpansberger  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.