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31 May 2013 Year 23 Vol: 38

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Two 3-year-old boys drown in unused pit toilet

Tragic end to search Police and pathologists load the bodies of the two boys in a van before they are taken away to the mortuary. By Elmon Tshikhudo A community’s search for two missing boys, which started by the combing of nearby bushes and progressed to a house-to-house search, ended in tears when the boys were found dead. The two boys, Nhleketo Mashimbyi and Rifuwo Hlungwani, both aged 3, went missing on Monday. They were found in an unused pit toilet, dug in one of the yards, not far from their homes. The boys were known to be very close friends, just like their mothers. The incident, which has shocked and left the community in tears, happened at Muswani village outside Malamulele. At first, the community had feared that the boys might have ended up being victims of muti murderers. Ms Wisani Mashimbyi (27), Nhleketo’s mother, said the boy went to the street to play with others from the neighbourhood while she was cooking at home. She said when did not see him after some time, she thought that he had gone to play with his friend Rifuwo. Almost at the same time, Rifuwo’s mother, Ms Wisani Hlungwani, was busy making tea for her

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son. She also said she thought he had gone to play with his friend, Nhleketo. “After I finished making tea, I went to look for my son. Nhleketo’s mother then informed me that neither one was there,” said the distraught Wisani Hlungwani. The two women alerted the local headman, who called for a search, which promptly ensued. On Tuesday, members of the community searched the village for the missing toddlers. Police officers who arrived also assisted the community in the search. They had combed almost the whole village and surrounding bushes when the boys were found in an open and unused toilet pit, full of water. The find brought comfort that at least the boys had been found and the community knew what had happened, but at the same time plunged the whole community into deep mourning. Members of the community who were at scene were all shedding tears of grief while waiting for the police to fetch the tiny bodies. The mothers of the children nearly fainted when they heard that their children had been found but were not alive as they had hoped. Malamulele police spokesperson W/O

Alson Mapindani said they had earlier opened a missing person’s docket, but after the boys were found, changed it to an inquest. “After receiving a report of the missing boys, we went to the village, where our members assisted the community in the search until the boys were found. It seems as if the children were playing at the pit when they apparently fell inside,” he said. He also warned the community not to leave open holes and pits in their surroundings as they could be a danger, not only to children, but also to old people. Meanwhile, a three-year-old boy from Ha Mashau-Bodwe, who went missing while playing with a friend on Saturday, was found alive on Tuesday. It is said that he was found at a mountain, which is far from his home. “What surprises us is that the mountain where he was found was searched before, and he is too young to climb that mountain. We are just happy that he was found still alive,” said Mr Lucky Tshianzi, father of the boy.

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Little Nhleketo Mashimbyi, one of the two boys who was found dead in an open pit toilet.

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2 31 May 2013 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Sewage continues to trouble residents Home is the place where the heart is - but what if you have a river of raw sewage that flows past that home? This is the predicament of Ms Jowien Williams who stays with her husband and 10-year-old son in Tshikota. According to Jowien, the problem started some two years ago and each time the municipality had fixed the problem, it would just resurface again. “This is giving me a headache because I have no other place that I can call home,” she says. The problem surfaced once more about a month ago and her neighbours are getting very agitated because the bad smell coming from her home is reaching them. “I keep on going to the municipality’s offices in town to report this case, but they are not coming out to clear off this mess and fix the problem,” she complains. She says that she has had

enough of collecting the sewage in buckets and emptying them in the nearby bushes, because each time she does so, the pool of faeces just grows again. One of Williams’s affected neighbours, Ms Takalani Mulovhedzi, says that they can hardly eat any food inside their house as the stench from the sewage is affecting them directly. “Being neighbours to Williams is a pain to us,” she says. “We last saw three men from the municipality who came and looked at the sewage and went away. That was some two months ago.” DA councillor at the Makhado Municipality Mr Itani Sikhwari acknowledged the existence of the problematic sewer at house number 1210 and indicated that he had been reporting the matter to the municipality’s technical director, Mr Thivhonali Ralulimi, for the past year. “Even the director

knows about that family’s bad situation, but nothing is being done,” Sikhwari said. “The open sewage is a health hazard to the affected household and their neighbours.” When contacted for comment, Makhado Municipality’s spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi said that they would follow up the problem and address it. “But people should contact us when they want help and not go to newspapers,” Bobodi advised. At present, Tshikota is experiencing major problems with the sewerage system. In an old but still existing case, five families continue to live near the trench that was dug by municipal workers to divert the raw sewage from the mainline to the open bushes. The trench was dug late last year. This trench, which is still open, continues to pose danger to little children who play near it when the grown-ups are not around.

The driver of this vehicle was lucky to escape without any injuries when he lost lost control over it. It plunged into the Dzindi River. The accident took place on Monday morning at about 09:00 along the road between Lwamondo and Mapate village. Photo: Frank Mavhungu By Linda van der Westhuizen

“Municipal presence at court a waste”

Ms Jowien Williams (47) stands near a pool of sewage at the back of her house at Tshikota in Makhado. KENNISGEWING VAN DIE DMH SE ERKENNING (AANVAARDING) VAN AANSOEKE OM MYNREG MOPANE PROJEK Aansoeke en Applikante: CoAL of Africa Beperk (“CoAL’’) en Rothe Investments (Edms.) Bpk. (“Rothe”), gesamentlike eienaars van MbeuYashu, stel u hiermee in kennis dat aansoeke om mynreg aan die Departement van Mineralehulpbronne gerig is en dat die Departement die aansoeke erken het (administratiewe aanvaarding). Die Mopane Projek bestaan uit die eiendomme wat hieronder gelys is en Aansoeke om Mynreg is vir elkeen van die groep eiendomme (wat per Prospekteerreg gehou word) gerig. Daar word in die vooruitsig gestel dat hierdie regte kragtens Artikel 11 en 102 van die Wet op die Ontwikkeling van Minerale en Petroleum Hulpbronne, 2002 (Wet 28 van 2002) in ’n enkele Mynreg vir die Mopane Projek oorgedra en gekonsolideer sal word. Ligging: Die Mopane Projek is 40 km (soos die kraai vlieg) of 63 km (padlangs) noord van die dorp Makhado en 7 km wes van Mopane in die Musina en Makhado Plaaslike Munisipale gebiede in Limpopo se Vhembe Distrik geleë. Kennis geskied hiermee van Aansoeke om Mynreg wat ingevolge die Wet op die Ontwikkeling van Minerale en Petroleum Hulpbronne (MPRDA) ingedien en erken (aanvaar) is. Beskrywing van Eiendomme: PROSPEKTEERREG MAATSKAPPY PLAAS LP30/5/1/2/2/10035MR Regulus Investment Mons 557MS Holdings (Edms.) Bpk. Stubbs 558MS LP30/5/1/2/2/10034MR CoAL of Africa Beperk Ancaster 501MS Cavan 508MS Cohen 591MS Jutland 536MS LP30/5/1/2/2/10033MR CoAL of Africa Beperk Voorburg 503MS LP30/5/1/2/2/10029MR Kwezi Mining Bierman 559MS Exploration (Edms.) Du Toit 563MS Bpk. Faure 562MS Hermanus 533MS Otto 560MS (Nou Honeymoon)

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The Soutpansberg Ratepayers Association (SRPA) noted with grave concern the fact that 56 employees of the Makhado Municipality were at the Magistrate’s Court on 21 May in support of a co-worker who was a complainant in a criminal matter. The co-workers were sitting at court in their Makhado Municipality uniforms or overalls, and Makhado Municipality vehicles were used to transport these people to court, with the vehicles parked in the open space in front of the court. “As a ratepayers association, we would like to know whether

the municipal workers completed leave forms in order to sit at court as it is surely not part of their duties to sit at court in sympathy with a co-worker who is a complainant during processes where the matter was simply postponed for hearing. If these workers were paid for their services while sitting at court, then we as a ratepayers association would like to know on what basis they were being paid,” asks the SRPA through their chairperson, Ms Inga Gilfillan. The SRPA says that the impression is created that these workers look for every possible opportunity not to work and not


Murder accused asks court for bail A 36-year-old woman appeared in the Dzanani Magistrate’s Court on Monday in connection with a case of murder which happened on 24 March at Tshirolwe Extension 2. Livhuwani Priscilla Phaswana’s formal bail application was postponed yet again, to 6 June. Phaswana is facing two charges of murder and


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Geleentheid vir deelname: MbeuYashu nooi Belangstellende en Geaffekteerde Partye (B&GP’s) uit om hul kommentaar rakende die projek op of voor 12 Junie 2013 in te dien. Tree asseblief in verbinding met die Openbare Deelnamekantoor ten einde ’n Agtergrondinligtingsdokument te bekom, wat reeds aan geregistreerde B&GP’s gestuur is. Vir meer inligting, tree in verbinding met Carien Joubert of Lizinda Dickson, Naledi Development, Posbus 13509, Sinoville, 0129. Tel: 012 543 9093, Faks: 086 236 1672, E-pos:

one of arson, after she had allegedly set alight the one-room house in which her spouse, Josias Thivheli (48), and stepdaughter Rofhiwa ThivheliRatshitshi (16) were sleeping. Thivheli and Rofhiwa sustained serious burns. Thivheli died the following day, while Rofhiwa died a week later in Polokwane as a result of the burns she had sustained during the incident. Young Rofhiwa was a Grade 9 pupil at Mushaathoni Secondary School and Thivheli was an employee at Exxaro mining in Delmas, Mpumalanga.


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to provide proper services to the public. In the meantime, irresponsible conduct of unnecessary sitting at court during work time, which could comprise unauthorized expenditure by the Makhado Municipality, has to be funded by the public through the payment of taxes. “It is of absolute importance to the Soutpansberg Rate Payers Association to determine who organized this sympathy strike as disciplinary steps should be taken against the organizers as well as these employees, in order to stop the re-occurrence of something like this in future,” says Gilfillan.

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31 May 2013 3

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Three life sentences for 35-year-old rapist, Eric Rudzani Ndou


Last Thursday, the Louis Trich- thing to remain in a grey area," said ardt Regional Court sentenced a the court. In sentencing Ndou, the 35-year-old Mpheni man to three court declared him unfit to posses a life sentences on three charges of fire-arm and his details were automatirape which happened in the Elim cally entered into the national register area. of sexual offenders. An order declarEric Rudzani Ndou appeared in ing a non-parole period until he has court on three charges of rape. He served 15 years in jail was attached to pleaded guilty to the charges. his three life terms. His sentences will Ndou admitted to raping two wom- run concurrently. Meanwhile, Ndou en aged 18 years old and a 15-year-old still has to face more court cases as he girl in the Elim area on 16 June 2011, is also charged with sexual offences 17 December 2011 and 1 January allegedly committed in Mamelodi and 2012 respectively. In mitigation, the Villieria in Gauteng. accused indicated that he was a first offender, a taxi driver, and that he was married and had two children, aged 10 and 15. “I am remorseful,” said Ndou. The state prosecutor, however, argued that Ndou had only pleaded guilty because he realised he had been linked to all three charges after DNA tests were done. “Rape is considered by society as the most heinous of crimes and the victims in this case may suffer psychological harm for the rest of their lives,” said the prosecutor. The court said it was Eric Rudzani Ndou not understandable why was sentenced to three Ndou chose not to ex- life sentences. plain the details on his rape charges, such as Right: Eric Rudzani how and the reasons Ndou said he felt Ndou ponders his impending sentencing at the Louis Trichardt Regional why he raped the vic- remorseful about his Court last Thursday. tims. "You left every- crimes.


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4 31 May 2013 By Silas Nduvheni

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

No bail for taxi driver murder suspect

ANC Vhembe put under administration

The three suspects in the murder case of taxi driver Ndivhoniswani Mukosi, who was shot dead in Murunwa in March, appeared in the Dzanani Magistrate’s Court last Friday. The accused are Mulalo Manngo (30), Ndivhuwo Mutavhatsindi (26) and Khathutshelo Raedani (24). Mukosi was apparently driving along the Witvlag road when unknown gunmen approached him and shot him several times. His taxi was robbed in the incident.

The political future of the chairperson of the ANC Vhembe region and executive mayor of the Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr Tshitereke Matibe, hangs in the balance, following the decision by the provincial task team (PTT) to place the Vhembe region under PTT administration. The ANC provincial task team in Limpopo has disbanded the Sekhukhune, Peter Mokaba and Mopani regions. said the party on Tuesday. The other two regions, Vhembe and Waterberg, would be placed under PTT administration. This means its leaders would be under the close supervision of the team, said the spokesperson for the PTT, Mr Sello Lediga, in a media statement. He said the move was part of the decisions taken by branches during the consultations in January that

Taxi drivers and owners around the Nzhelele area, who arrived by taxi, stood outside the court gates, only to be met by officials from the court who told them the case had been postponed once more. The wellbehaved crowd, who were singing at the gates, did not move after learning of the postponement from other people, but waited patiently to be addressed by their leaders. The crowd had come to oppose bail during an application. The Dzanani 1 Taxi Association Ring Controller, Albert

Makhavhu, said they were satisfied with the way the case had been handled. He thanked the police for the speedy arrest of the suspects, but expressed worry about the postponement. "These postponements are costing us a lot and I suspect that they are meant to weaken us. We won't give up, even if it takes a long time. We would like to see justice done and the suspects rotting where they belong," he said. The case was postponed to 2 July for a bail application.

recommended the disbandment. “It is the best interest of the organization to disband the three regions in order to create an environment in which the ANC can begin to rebuild its structures. The investigation focused on allegations of mismanagement of party affairs and institutionalized factions. The disbanded structures were accused of running parallel structures and preventing members from participating in the process before the ANC’s Mangaung conference,” said Lediga. He added that this was going to impact on the party's plans to rebuild the ANC and a regional task team will be announced very soon. Mopani was led by Joshua Matlou, Peter Mokaba by Lawrence Mapaulo and Sekhukhune by David Mogabe. Lediga added that the ANC would not take a decision on the future of the

executive mayors at this stage. In March, the Limpopo PEC, chaired by Premier Cassel Mathale, was dissolved after the decision taken by the ANC’s national executive committee. Matibe was elected ANC Vhembe Region chairperson last year in May after defeating the former chairperson, Philemon Falaza Mdaka, during the regional conference. Meanwhile, the secretary of the ANC Vhembe Region, Mr Khathu Netshifhefhe, rejected claims that the Vhembe region has been placed under close administration of the PTT, despite the media statement from the Limpopo PTT. “We will have full powers, operating normally as mandated by the constitution. We are committed to work to unite the party towards the provincial election scheduled for December this year,” said Netshifhefhe.

Taxi drivers picket outside the court to oppose bail for the murder suspect.


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The embattled ANC Vhembe regional The spokesperson for the Limpopo Interim chairperson, Mr Tshitereke Matibe. Committee, Mr Sello Lediga.

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31 May 2013 5


6 31 May 2013 Achievement

By Anton van Zyl

Back to square one for Ronnie Rambau Limpopo papers scoop up awards Ronnie Rambau, suspended regional magistrate, needs to start afresh with his civil claim against several parties which include the Minister of Police and the National Director of Public Prosecutions. Last week Zoutnet, publishers of the Limpopo Mirror and Zoutpansberger newspapers, successfully applied to the North Gauteng High Court to have the bulk of the claims against them struck off. Rambau, together with his co-accused, attorney Tivoneleni Edmond Lubisi and ex-state prosecutor Estene Willemse, are currently facing corruption charges in the Musina Magistrate's Court for allegedly trying to influence the outcome of court cases. Rambau was also accused of compiling a “hit list” and conspiring to have several people, which include state prosecutors and policemen, killed. Following the withdrawal of charges in this case, Rambau opted to sue the police and public protector, stating that he was wrongfully arrested and prosecuted. In the papers, the arrest is described as malicious and without reasonable or

Mr Ronnie Rambau

probable cause. Rambau’s legal team argued that, through these actions, he had been deprived of the preservation of his status as a senior magistrate and suffered physical and psychological trauma whilst in jail. He claims just over R21 million in damages from the parties Almost as an afterthought, Rambau also sued the Zoutpansberger, Limpopo Mirror and Isabel Venter for defamation. Some of the articles focussing on Rambau’s court appearances were written by Venter. In this case, he demanded R20 million because his reputation was tarnished. Zoutnet’s legal team opted not to file a plea defending them against all Rambau’s allegations. They argued that in the majority of cases the arguments were either so vague or incoherent that it would have been impossible to formulate an answer. Advocate Christiaan Bester, on behalf of Zoutnet, argued that the paragraphs where the “media defendants” are mentioned, should be scrapped as they are either not compliant with the various court rules or simply make no sense. The application for an exception was filed and the case was scheduled to be heard on 13 March this year. On the specific day, Rambau’s legal representative said he was not ready to argue the case. Judge Mmonoa Teffo criticised him and said it was his responsibility to have documents in order and file them timeously. The judge then punished him with a cost order on an attorney-toclient basis. The exception application was then postponed to 22 May. On Tuesday (21st) Zoutnet’s legal team was informed that Rambau will not oppose the application. Rambau's attorney undertook to remove the paragraphs and re-compile the particulars of the claim. Judge AJ Janse van Nieuwenhuizen presided over the case and made it a ruling of the court. He also ordered Rambau to pay the costs relating to the case to Zoutnet. Rambau’s legal team must now decide whether they want to include the media in their claim once again.

NDIVHADZO YA KHWATHISEDZO NGA VHA DMR YA U TANGANEDZWA HA DZIKHUMBELO DZA NDUGELO YA U SIMA MUGODI YA THANDELA YA MOPANE Dzikhumbelo na vhahumbeli: Vha Coal of Africa Limited (‘’CoAL’’) and Rothe Investments (Pty) Ltd (“Rothe”), vha re vhane vha MbeuYashu vha khou tsivhudza uri khumbelo ya ndugelo ya u sima mugodi ya thandela ya Mopane yo itwa nahone zwo khwathisedzwa (u tanganedzwa lwa ndangulo) nga vha Muhasho wa Zwiko zwa Minerala zwauri yo tanganedzwa.Thandela ya Mopane I angaredza ndaka dzo bulwaho afha fhasi na zwauri khumbelo dza ndugelo ya u sima mugodi dzo itwa kha tshigwada tshinwe na tshinwe tsha ndaka ( zwi tshi ya nga hune vhune ha ndugelo dza u tola zwiko ha vha ngaho). Hu khou anganyiwa uri ndugelo dzothe hedzi dzi do kuvhanganywa u ya nga tshitenwa tsha 11 na 102 tsha Mulayo wa Mveledziso ya Zwiko zwa Minerala na Fulufulu wa 28 wa 2002 dza vha ndugelo ya u sima mugodi nthihi ya Thandela ya Mopane. Fhethuvhupo: Thandela ya Mopani i vhukule ha kilomithara dza 4o devhula ha dorobo ya Makhado nga u tou tswititi fhedzi wa tevhela bada ndi kilomithara dza 63, na kilomithara dza 7 vhukovhela ha Mopane kha vhupo ha Muvhuso Wapo wa Musina na Makhado, Tshitirikini tsha Vhembe, Limpopo. Ndivhadzo: Hu khou divhadziwa uri zwauri dzikhumbelo dza ndugelo dza u sima mugodi dzi swikiswa nahone dzo khwathisedzwa uri dzo swika zwi tshi ya nga mbetshelwa ya MPRDA na zwauri zwa vhudavhidzani na tshitshavha zwo thoma. Thalutshedzo ya ndaka: NDUGELO YA U TOLA TSHIIMISWA ZWIKO LP30/5/1/2/2/10035MR Regulus Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd) LP30/5/1/2/2/10034MR Coal of Africa Limited

LP30/5/1/2/2/10033MR Coal of Africa Limited LP30/5/1/2/2/10029MR Kwezi Mining Exploration (Pty) Ltd

LP30/5/1/2/2/10036MR Kwezi Mining Exploration (Pty) Ltd LP30/5/1/2/2/10030MR Kwezi Mining Exploration (Pty) Ltd



Mons 557MS Stubbs 558MS Ancaster 501MS Cavan 508MS Cohen 591MS Jutland 536MS Voorburg 503MS Bierman 559MS Du Toit 563MS Faure 562MS Hermanus 533MS Otto 560MS (Now Honeymoon)

Zwothe Zwothe Zwothe Zwothe Zwothe Zwothe Zwothe Zwothe RE Zwothe Zwothe RE

Pretorius 531MS RE, Tshipida 1 Verdun 535MS RE Ursa Minor 551MS Zwothe Vera 815MS

LP30/5/1/2/2/10031MR Kwezi Mining Scheveningen Exploration (Pty) Ltd 500MS LP30/5/1/2/2/10032MR Chapudi Coal (Pty) Ltd Banff 502MS Delft 499MS Krige 495MS Schalk 542MS

Ptn 1, Ptn 3, Ptn 4, Ptn5, Ptn6, Ptn7, Ptn 8, Ptn 9, RE of Ptn 10, Ptn 13, Ptn 14, Ptn 15, Ptn 16, Ptn 17, Ptn 18, Ptn 19, Ptn 20, Ptn 21, Ptn 22, Ptn 23, Ptn 24, Ptn 26, Ptn 27, Ptn 29, Ptn 30, Ptn 35, Ptn 36, Ptn 37, Ptn 38, ptn 39, Ptn 40, Ptn 41, Ptn 44, Ptn 45, Ptn 46, Ptn 48, Ptn 49, Ptn 50, Ptn 51, Ptn 52, Ptn 54 Zwothe Zwothe RE, Tshipida 1, Tshipida 2 Zwothe Zwothe

Tshikhala tsha u didzhenisa kha hezwi: Vha MbeuYashu vha ramba vha re na dzangalelo na u kwamea u swikisa maambiwa kana vhupfiwa havho nga ha thandela heyi nga la kana hu sa athu u swika 12 Fulwi 2013. Kha vha kwamane na vha ofisi ya zwa vhudavhidzani na tshitshavha uri vha wane Bammbiri la Tsumba Vhubvamafhungo lo no di rumelwaho kha vha re na dzangalelo na u kwamea vho no di nwalisaho. U itela u wana zwinwe zwinzhi kha vha kwamane na: Carien Joubert or Lizinda Dickson, Naledi Development, PO Box 13509, Sinoville, 0129. Tel: 012 543 9093 & Fax: 0862361672, Email:

Limpopo-based newspapers once again did exceptionally well during the third annual MDDA/ Sanlam Local Media Awards. This prestigious awards ceremony took place at the Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Johannesburg on Friday, 24 May, and serves as platform where excellence in grassroots and local media is promoted, with more than 500 entries received in the newspaper categories. ThePolokwane Observer once again scooped up the prestigious Hultzer trophy as the best corporateowned paid-for newspaper with a circulation below 10 000 per week, with the judges remarking that this publication could hold its own against betterresourced publications that enjoy national support. Two other Polokwane publications also received top honours in the newspaper awards category, with The Eye News walking away with the title of best front page in the Community/Grassroots Media category and Titimuleni Nthavela winning the front page category in the Independent Emerging Newspaper (two to five years) category. The Eye News was also runner-up in the Best Newspaper category for Community/Grassroots Media. Photographer Herman Steyn of The Post (Die Pos) in Bela-Bela also did his province proud when he walked away with the coveted Press Photographer of the Year award. Not only did he take top honours in this category, he also scooped up the best news photographer and best features and portraits photographer categories. The award ceremony coincided with the annual national seminar and annual general meeting (AGM) of the Forum of Community Journalists (FCJ). The seminar was attended by about 90 delegates from across SouthAfrica, with Mr Mzilikaze wa Afrika and attorney Willem de Klerk as keynote speakers. Wa Afrika is an award-winning investigative journalist working for the Sunday Times's investigative unit and is probably best know for his arrest in August 2010 on charges of fraud and defeating the ends of justice, which escalated the debate in South Africa about media freedom in light of the proposed Media Appeals Tribunal and Protection of Information Act. He was later released and all charges against him dropped with an apoligy from the Minister of Police. His presentation entitled Journalists under Seige – We are our own worst enemies gave journalists a lot to think about re-

garding how they report on acts of intimidation against them with reference to the large number of journalists being killed in the line of duty. Wa Afrika mentioned that according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 70 journalists were reported killed around the world during 2012, of which 15 were from Africa. “And the carnage hasn’t stopped as the monotonous killings of our colleagues continue unchallenged ... This year alone (this is the fifth month of year), already 19 journalists were killed and 11 other scribes were also slaughtered and the motive for their deaths is not yet confirmed. Again politicians are suspected to be behind these murders,” Wa Afrika said. De Klerk, who specializes in media law, in turn gave an informative presentation on newspapers that use social media platforms to market their publications and to encourage readers to communicate their thoughts on articles more freely. His focus was on where to draw the line when it comes to possible defamatory comments posted by readers and the legal consequences this holds for publications. The national seminar was followed by the FCJ’s AGM. During the AGM, the news editor of the Zoutpansberger, Andries van Zyl, was elected as national chairperson of the FCJ. He was also re-elected as provincial chairperson of the FCJ for Limpopo.

The new chairperson of the Forum of Community Journalists, Mr Andries van Zyl

NOTICE OF THE DMR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (ACCEPTANCE) OF MINING RIGHT APPLICATIONS MOPANE PROJECT Applications and Applicants: Coal of Africa Limited (“CoAL’’) and Rothe Investments (Pty) Ltd (“Rothe”), joint owners MbeuYashu advise that application has been made and acknowledged (administrative acceptance) by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) for a mining right for the Mopane Project. The Mopane Project comprises the properties listed below and application for a Mining Right has been made for each of the group of properties (held per Prospecting Right). It is envisaged that these rights will be transferred and consolidated in terms of section 11 and 102 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (Act no. 28 of 2002) (“MPRDA”) into a single Mining Right for the Mopane Project. Location: The Mopane Project is situated 40 km (direct) 63km (via road) north of the town Makhado and 7 km west of Mopane in the Musina and Makhado Local Municipal areas, Vhembe District, Limpopo. Notice is hereby given of Mining Right Applications submitted and acknowledged (accepted) in terms of the MPRDA and the public participation process to be embarked on. Property Description: PROSPECTING COMPANY FARM PORTIONS RIGHT LP30/5/1/2/2/10035MR Regulus Investment Mons 557MS All Holdings (Pty) Ltd) Stubbs 558MS All LP30/5/1/2/2/10034MR Coal of Africa Limited Ancaster 501MS All Cavan 508MS All Cohen 591MS All Jutland 536MS All LP30/5/1/2/2/10033MR Coal of Africa Limited Voorburg 503MS All LP30/5/1/2/2/10029MR Kwezi Mining Bierman 559MS All Exploration (Pty) Ltd Du Toit 563MS RE Faure 562MS All Hermanus 533MS All Otto 560MS RE (Now Honeymoon)

LP30/5/1/2/2/10036MR Kwezi Mining Exploration (Pty) Ltd LP30/5/1/2/2/10030MR Kwezi Mining Exploration (Pty) Ltd

Pretorius 531MS RE, Ptn 1 Verdun 535MS RE Ursa Minor 551MS All Vera 815MS

Ptn 1, Ptn 3, Ptn 4, Ptn 5, Ptn 6, Ptn 7, Ptn 8, Ptn 9, RE of Ptn 10, Ptn 13, Ptn 14, Ptn 15, Ptn 16, Ptn 17, Ptn 18, Ptn 19, Ptn 20, Ptn 21, Ptn 22, Ptn 23, Ptn 24, Ptn 26, Ptn 27, Ptn 29, Ptn 30, Ptn 35, Ptn 36, Ptn 37, Ptn 38, Ptn 39, Ptn 40, Ptn 41, Ptn 44, Ptn 45, Ptn 46, Ptn 48, Ptn 49, Ptn 50, Ptn 51, Ptn 52, Ptn 54 All

LP30/5/1/2/2/10031MR Kwezi Mining Scheveningen Exploration (Pty) Ltd 500MS LP30/5/1/2/2/10032MR Chapudi Coal (Pty) Ltd Banff 502MS All Delft 499MS RE, Ptn 1, Ptn 2 Krige 495MS All Schalk 542MS All Opportunity to participate: MbeuYashu invites Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) to submit their comments on the project on or before 12 June 2013. Please contact the Public Participation Office for a Background Information Document which has already been sent to registered I&APs. For more information contact: Carien Joubert or Lizinda Dickson, Naledi Development, PO Box 13509, Sinoville, 0129. Tel: 012 543 9093 & Fax: 0862361672, Email:


31 May 2013 7


8 31 May 2013 By Elmon Tshikhudo

By Elmon Tshikhudo

Vegetable seedlings donated so disadvantaged children will not go hungry Disadvantaged children who are being cared for by Munna Ndi Nnyi Men’s Forum (Who is the Real Man) a non-profit organization championing the rights of women and children, will never go hungry. This is after a well-known local nursery, Khumbe Nursery, owned by well-known agriculturalist Mr Eziel Thenga and his partner Mr Samson Ramulifho, donated thousands of vegetable seedlings to them. On Friday, the nursery brought a bakkie load of seedlings, which were to be planted on a piece of land that was being prepared at the organization’s new premises. They were received by the

local traditional leader, Vhamusanda Vho Funanani Nelwamondo, who in turn handed them to Munna Ndi Nnyi’s chairperson Mr Bardwell Mufunwaini. In handing over the seedlings, Mr Samson Ramulifho, one of the directors of the company, said they were touched to learn that a field had been prepared at the offices but there were no seedlings for planting. He said the first thing that came to his mind was a hungry child going to bed on an empty stomach. “Children are the future of this country. We should all do what we can to see that they grow up to be responsible people. Who knows, some of

these children could leaders, presidents and other influential people. After all, we are a company that cares for the community in which we operate.” Vhamusanda Vho Funanani Nelwamondo hailed Khumbe Nursery, saying they were not only there to make profit but to develop and care for the people. Mr Mufunwaini could not hide his excitement and gratitude. “We are very grateful to have such a company around that cares about the needs of the children. Vegetables are good for the health of the children and if we have them here, we will save a lot of money as we would not be buying anymore,” he said.

Rewards for hardworking Dzindi farmers Small-scale farmers at the Dzindi Irrigation Scheme outside Thohoyandou received their hard-earned prizes during a ceremony last Thursday. This was during the prize-giving ceremony of a competition meant to promote productivity and participation. The competition was started two years ago by a local agricultural technician, Mr Calvin Netshithuthuni, and is growing by leaps and bounds as more entries were received this year. All four blocks at Dzindi participated. Winners took home farming tools like sprays, seeds

and money vouchers. The overall winner took home a 50litre spray, 10kg maize seeds, a R2 000 voucher, a certificate and a medal. The competition was sponsored by the NTK and Sakata Seeds. Netshithuthuni said he was satisfied that the competition was reaching its goals. “When we started, our main aim was to encourage productivity at the different plots. We can proudly say that it is now happening and many of the big shops will bear testimony that the majority of the produce they

are selling comes from our area.” He is still worried that many young people are not participating in farming. “We are still making a call and urging them to join to ensure food security in our country,” said Netshithuthuni. One of the winners, Mr George Matshingane, said the competition was changing the face of farming in the area. “Many of us farmers were on the brink of despair. We had lost hope that we could not continue farming, but since the start of the competition, we have started all over again,” he said.

A happy farmer, Mr George Matshingane (second from left), receives his prize from the sponsor, Mr Johan Groenewald of NTK (left). Assisting in the handover is Mr Calvin Netshithuthuni (third from left) and Thulamela agricultural official Mr Andries Mulambilu (right). Entertainment

Gospel star to share stage with Dagada Khumbe nursery staff, Nelwamondo traditional leadership representatives and members of Munna Ndi Nnyi, with some of the seedlings that were donated to the organization.

Keynote address by

Premier Cassel Mathale Venue : Bungeni Stadium Bungeni Village Date

: 31 May 2013

Time : 09:00 The heartland of southern Africa - development is about people

Award-winning gospel artist Sfiso Ncwane, whose song Kulungile Baba has become like a national anthem, will perform in the Vhembe region for the first time. Ncwane will share the stage with Tshima Award winner Lufuno Dagada during a show to take place at the Thohoyandou Town Hall. The show, which has become the talk of the town, takes place on Saturday (tomorrow). Dagada, who was a nominee for the Best DVD category in the 2012 Crown Gospel Awards, will be launching his new album, My Practical God. This will be the first leg of the launch, with the second leg on 8 June at the Protea Hall in Soweto. It will feature renowned gospel singer Pastor Rudolf Mabasa. The 13-track album, which was recorded in May 2013, is packed with hit songs like Sikubonile Baba, Duduetsang lenyalong, Mbilu yanga yo takala and Vata ma vona. On this latest offering, he has taken a new route and is diversifying his music to accommodate all the languages and cultures in South Africa. In this recording, Lufuno exceeded the expectations of

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many gospel music lovers. Just like wine that mellows with age, he shows lot of maturity, dedication and power on this album. About his sharing the stage with Sfiso, Dagada said it had always been his wish to play alongside the best in the country. “I am so excited to share the stage with such a great artist and I can promise my fans that sparks will fly during this once-in-alifetime show,” said Dagada.

Tshima award winner Lufuno Dagada

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31 May 2013 9


Top pupils attend national career expo Top students from rural Limpopo schools met the Minister of Public Enterprise, Mr Malusi Gigaba, during the national career expo that was recently held at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Sandton. The tour was sponsored by De Beers Venetia Mine and aims to expose talented and hardworking learners from rural Limpopo to career opportunities, tertiary institutions, and bursary-andscholarship schemes. The tour consisted of the top achievers in mathematics and science in Grade 11 and Grade 12, who were accompanied by a teacher from each of the nine

schools. These schools included Alldays Combined School, Mabotha Secondary School, Mahadikana High School, Masoka Secondary School, MathipaMakgato High School, Nakedi High School, Thokampe Secondary School, Eric Louw High School and Musina High School, all of whom fall within the labour-sending area of Venetia Mine. For the majority of the group, this was their first visit to Sandton and their first interaction with prospective universities and colleges. Kamogelo Boloko from Masoka Secondary School said, “This trip has inspired me. Hear-

ing the Minister of Public Enterprise say that ‘our tomorrow is what we are building today’ has filled me with a sense of hope. I am now determined to work to the best of my ability, so that I can also achieve my dreams.” In a thank you note addressed to Venetia Mine, another learner wrote, “To be one of the learners embarking on this trip was an honour and an enormous privilege. This was not just a tour, it was a stepping stone to something greater. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity Some of the teachers from Limpopo schools meet the Minister of Public Enterprise, Malusi to meet the general manager of Gigaba, during the Expo. De Beers Venetia Mine and the Minister of Public Enterprise.”


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R42500 Top achievers and teachers photographed with the general manager of Venetia Mine, Mr Ludwig von Maltitz, and the public and corporate affairs manager, Ms Josephine Pieters.

R16900 each



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10 31 May 2013 By Elmon Tshikhudo

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Donation of equipment to nurse turned farmer Women’s forum oppose bail in murder case A retired nurse of Mabayeni, project. “We have also been sup- spinach. “We hope to start plantMs Evangeline Mashele, who owns a big agricultural scheme that is supplying products to her community, received a big boost when the Thualmela municipality gave assistance to the project to the value of R58 000. Thulamela Mayor Grace Mahosi presented her with pipes, fertiliser and tools during a recent visit to the Peniel Mashele Farm. Mashele retired as a nurse in 2007 to take up full-scale farming. Mahosi praised Ma­ she­l e for helping the government in establishing food security. “We will keep coming to the project because we feel that, with support, the project will be able to help local communities,” said Mahosi. Mashele and her project are also receiving the full support of the department of agriculture. Mr Thomas Mthombeni, an agricultural officer, said the department had donated a tractor to the

porting the project technically for some time.” Mashele said the farm was acquired by her late husband husband in 1976. “My husband died in 1994, while my son Peniel died in a car accident in 1998. I decided to name the project after my son because he was working towards development and liked farming.” Mashele and her three employees plant tomatoes, cabbages, and

ing sweet potatoes too,” she said. She said she decided to take up farming because she wanted to be distracted from thinking about her dead husband and her son. Peniel was a national leader who led the South African Students Congress and was its Transvaal chairperson when he died in a car accident in 1998. “I have taken a cue from my son to work hard and, while working in my field, I feel much younger,”she said.

Mayor Grace Mahosi is seen planting some seedlings she had brought to the farm.

A large number of women picketed outside the Louis Trichardt Magistrate’s Court on Friday, to oppose a bail application by Themba Sikosana (27), who stands accused of killing the 21-year-old Aluwani Phale. A fortnight ago, the young woman’s lifeless body was discovered with a wound to the head in a swimming pool at the residential area of the Makhado Air Force base, locally known as Braambos. The police’s investigations led to the arrest of her boyfriend, Sikosana, who was last seen with the deceased. Themba is not an employee of the South African National Defence Force and is said to have visited his older brother at Braambos. The chairperson of the Madombidzha-Tshiozwi Women’s Forum, Ms Elisa Tambani, said they would oppose bail by all means. “We have had enough of endless, brutal and senseless murders within our communities,” she added. “Our young ones do not deserve to die like rats.” The chairperson of Tshilwavhusiku Community Policing Forum, Mr John Sadiki, told Limpopo Mirror that he had joined the women’s forum’s peaceful march to raise his voice that the

killer should not be given bail. “We decided to march to showcase to society that we say no to the killing of women. We went there to make a statement that all killers belong in prison, but we abide by the law, which dictates that one remains innocent until proven otherwise by a court of law,” he added. The case was postponed to 5 June. The result of the post mortem examination will then be made available.

Themba Sikosana in court.


Four suspected house robbers arrested Clever police work by the Tshilwavhusiku SAPS led to the arrest of four suspects who are alleged to have terrorised the communities of Thohoyandou, Tshitale, Waterval, Musina and Makhado (Louis Trichardt). According to information supplied by the police, these four suspects specifically steal plasma televisions by breaking into homes. Last Tuesday (14th), the Tshilwavhusiku police were busy investigating a house burglary at Madabani village when they noticed footprints on the crime scene. These prints were lifted, after which they were followed, leading the police to two suspects who were watching the

crime scene among a group of spectators. With the help of the community, the police were able to arrest one of the suspects, while the other suspect escaped. The arrested suspect then allegedly confessed to the police and gave up his fellow suspects. One was a Zimbabwean woman who, according to police information, collects the goods and then smuggles them over the border. A trap was set to catch this woman, and she was arrested when she came to pick up the stolen goods near Wylliespoort. The community also helped the police and soon afterwards the second suspect, the one who had escaped, was apprehended. All four suspects, said provin-

cial spokesperson Lt Col Ronel Otto, were linked to 12 open cases in the Tshilwavhusiku area and a further 15 open cases in the Mphephu-area. Kudzanie Sandi (26), Lovemore Chauke (26), Monalisa Maunze and Ngorima Nyashi (23) all appeared in the Tshilwavhusiku Magistrate’s Court on Thursday (16th) where they were charged with 28 cases of housebreaking. Their case was postponed until 3 June for further investigation. They will remain in custody until then. Col Otto thanked the community for the unyielding effort and support that they gave the Tshilwavhusiku police, which ultimately led to the suspects’ arrest.

Women picket outside the court to oppose bail. Letter

“Thanks for supporting Samango conservation”


would like to thank the Vhembe community again for being so supportive of my samango monkey conservation efforts. The sticker campaign, sponsored by Leach Printers, was a great success and the revenues and donations will be used to print more stickers and design and print information brochures about samango monkeys. I have seen samango stickers on many vehicles in the area.

I am, however, sad to have to inform people that since the sticker campaign started, another two dead samango monkeys were found on the Thohoyandou/Makhado (Louis Trichardt) road and I do ask people to be alert when driving on this particular road. I would especially like to thank those individuals who informed me immediately about monkeys killed on the road. If

you have samango monkeys in your area or on your property, if you see a samango crossing a road or if you find a dead samango, please do contact me at birthe.linden@univen., or by phone on 071 105 8117. You can also send me a ‘please call me’ SMS and I will contact you. - Birthe Linden



Tel: (015) 519 3000 Faks: (015) 516 1195 Privaatsak X2596 Makhado 0920

Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

OPENBARE KENNISGEWING VOORGESTELDE VERHOGING VAN BESTAANDE EN VASSTELLING VAN NUWE TARIEWE INGEVOLGE DIE ORDONNANSIE OP DORPSBEPLANNING EN DORPE, 1986 (ORDONNANSIE 15 VAN 1986) EN DIE ORDONNANSIE OP PLAASLIKE BESTUUR, 1939 (ORDONNANSIE 17 VAN 1939) Kennis word hiermee gegee ingevolge die bepalings van artikel 136(a) en (b) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe, 1986 (Ordonnansie 15 van 1986) , saamgelees met die bepalings van artikel 80B (1)(a), (b) en (c) van die Ordonnansie op Plaaslike Bestuur, 1939 (Ordonnansie 17 van 1939) asook Raadsbesluit A. dat Makhado Plaaslike Munisipaliteit van voorneme is om tariewe te verhoog en nuwe tariewe vas te stel vir die Stadsbeplanning Afdeling van die Departement Ontwikkelings Beplanning. Besonderhede van die voorgestelde tariewe lê oop vir inspeksie gedurende gewone kantoorure vanaf 07h00 tot 13h00 en 14h00 tot 16h00 gedurende Maandag tot Vrydag van die week by die Kantoor van die Direkteur van Ontwikkelings Beplanning, Kamer C001, Eerste Vloer, Burgersentrum, Kroghstraat 83, Makhado, asook by die Stadsbeplannings Afdeling se Kantoor, Eerste Vloer, Noorsentrum, h/v Songozwi en Munnikstraat, Makhado, asook by die Munisipale Streekskantore te Dzanani, Vuwani en Waterval vir ‘n tydperk van veertien (14) dae vanaf die datum van hierdie kennisgewing se publikasie. Enige persoon / verteenwoordiger wat beswaar teen die voorgestelde verhoging van bestaande en vasstelling van nuwe tariewe wil maak moet dit skriftelik rig aan die Munisipale Bestuurder, Privaatsak X2596, Makhado, 0920 om die Munisipale Bestuurder te bereik binne veertien (14) dae vanaf die datum van hierdie kennisgewing se publikasie. Persone wie nie kan skryf kan gedurende gewone kantoorure (07h00 tot 13h00 en 14h00 tot 16h00) by die Direkteur Ontwikkelings Beplanning, Kamer C001, Eerste Vloer, Burgersentrum, Kroghstraat 83, Makhado, of by die Stadsbeplannings Afdeling se kantoor, Eerste Vloer, Noorsentrum, h/v Songozwi en Munnikstraat, Makhado aanmeld gedurende die veertien dae tydperk bereken vanaf die datum van hierdie kennisgewing se publikasie waar besware/kommentare/vertoë transkribeer sal word. Burgersentrum Kroghstraat 83 Makhado MNR I.P. MUTSHINYALI MUNISIPALE BESTUURDER

PUBLIC NOTICE PROPOSED INCREASE OF EXISTING AND DETERMINATION OF NEW FEES IN TERMS OF THE TOWN- PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE, 1986 (ORDINANCE 15 OF 1986) AND THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE, 1939 (ORDINANCE 17 OF 1939) Notice is hereby given in terms of the provisions of Section 136 (a) and (b) of the Town- planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986) read together with the provisions of Section 80B (1) (a), (b) and (c) of the Local Government Ordinance, 1939 (Ordinance 17 of 1939) and Council Resolution A. that Makhado Local Municipality intends to increase and determine new fees for its TownPlanning Section under the Department of Development Planning. Particulars of the proposed increase of existing and determination of new tariffs will lie for inspection during normal office hours from 07h00 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 16h00 on Monday to Friday of the week at the Office of the Director Development Planning, Room C001, First Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado, and at the Town Planning Office, First Floor, Noor Center, Corner Songozwi and Munnik Street, Makhado as well as at the Municipal Regional Offices at Dzanani, Waterval and Vuwani, for a period of fourteen (14) days calculated from the date of publication of this Notice. Any person/representative who desires to object against the proposed increase of existing and determination of new tariffs must do so in writing to the Municipal Manager, Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 within fourteen days calculated from the date of the publication of this Notice. Any person who cannot write can come to the Director Development Planning at Room Number C001, First Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado or to the Town- Planning Office, First Floor, Noor Center, c/o Songozwi and Munnik Street, Makhado during normal office hours from 07h00 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 16h00 on Monday to Friday of the week in the period of fourteen (14) days after the date of publication of this Notice where objections/comments or representations will be transcribed. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado MR I.P. MUTSHINYALI MUNICIPAL MANAGER


31 May 2013 11 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Vhembe celebrates Africa Day with music

Residents have volunteered to fix the damaged road from Tshilamba via Khunguni to the Guyuni road. The spokesperson for the Vhembe District Municipality, Mr Matodzi Ralushai, said that the road was assessed and found to be part of the disaster classified road, after the heavy rains and floods early this year. “We are waiting for the funds from the national department of transport to start fixing the road damaged by the heavy rains. Many dusty and potholed roads in the district need to be fixed and rebuilt,” said Ralushai.

People from different areas of Vhembe, as well as musicians, flooded Matopo Lake Gardens at Tsianda to celebrate Africa Day with music on Saturday. The event started at 12:00, with a line-up of young and up-and-coming singers who mesmerised the crowd with raw sounds and lyrics. The main performances took up in the early hours of the evening, with seasoned artists and emerging singers such as Whitey Dama, Marcus Mundalamo, Tshigombodza, Ras Mulweli, Mashudu Nematoka, Malondolo, BlackJahman and poet Bornwise performing. One of the artists, Vanessa “Vanempha” Mphanama, said that she was proud of being an African woman and added that participating in an event of that nature only helped to affirm her belonging in the continent. “I call upon all Africans to have peace and love among themselves in our countries,” Vanempha spoke. “As recording artists, we say no to tribal wars and mediocrity in African states!” Her debut full-length album, Untold Story, has just been released. She is a new voice in the Afro-genre. Phala Phala FM’s executive producer for programmes, Ms Paula Mathonsi, indicated that the station was happy to be part of the celebration where they had an opportunity to interact and socialise with the listeners. “Phala Phala FM celebrates Africa Day because it is our mandate to promote heritage and culture,” Mathonsi stated. “In celebration of the day, unity is encouraged at all times.”

Vanempha calls for peace and love in Africa.

Hundreds of Grade 10 to 12 pupils from various schools from Vhembe attended a career exhibition, organised by a Gauteng-based company, Science Tube. The emphasis of the exhibition was careers Photographed during the Africa Day celebration are (from left to right) BlackJahman, Iris in science, mathematics and technology. In our photo, Executive Mayor Tshitereke Matibe interacts Mathambo, Vanempha, Olivia Mathambo, Marcus Mundalamo, Rotenda Mangema (Phala Phala with some of the pupils at the event. It took place in Thohoyandou’s town hall. FM), Rasfinger and Dzomolavenda.



Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

XITIVISO XA XICHAVO GANGISO WO ENGETELA MINTSENGO XIKAN’WE NA KU LANGUTISISA MINTSENGO LEYINTSHWA HI KU LANDZA ODINENSE YA TIPULANI TA MADOROBA, 1986 (ODINENSE 15 YA 1986) NA ODINENSE YA MFUMO WA XIKAYA, 1939 (ODINENSE 17 YA 1939). Xitiviso xi humesiwa hi ku landza Xiyenge xa 136 (a) na (b) xa Odinense ya Tipulani ta Madoroba, 1986 (Odinense 15 ya 1986) leyi hlayiwaka xikan’we na Xiyenge xa 80B (1)(a),(b) na (c) xa Odinense ya Mfumo wa Xikaya, 1939 (Odinense 17 ya 1939) na Xiboho xa Khansele A. leswaku Masipala wa Makhado wu na ku navela ku engetela mintsengo xikan’we na ku langutisisa mintsengo leyintshwa ya Xiyenge xa Tipulani ta Madoroba ehansi ka Ndzawulo ya Nhluvukiso na Tipulani. Swilaveko swa gangiso wo engetela mintsengo xikan’we na ku langutisisa mintsengo leyintshwa swi ta xoperiwa hi nkarhi wa ntirho ku sukela hi awara ya 07h00 ku fika 13h00 na ku sukela hi awara ya 14h00 ku fika 16h00 hi masiku ya Musumbhunuku ku fika ra Vuntlhanu eka masiku ya vhiki, eka hofisi ya Mufambisi wa Ndzawulo ya Nhluvukiso na Tipulani, eka hofisi ya C001, muako wa le henhla, Civic Centre, 83 ka xitarata xa Krogh, Makhado, na le ka hofisi ya Xiyenge xa Tipulani ta Madoroba, eka muako wa le henhla, Noor Center, eka xitarata xa Songozwi na Munnik, Makhado, na le ka Swifundzha ntsongo swa Dzanani, Waterval na Vuwani ku fikela nkarhi wa masiku ya khume na mune ku sukela hi siku ra xitiviso lexi. Munhu kumbe muyimeri loyi a navelaka ku kanetana na gangiso wo engetela mintsengo xikan’we na ku langutisisa mintsengo leyintshwa a nga tsalela Mufambisi wa Masipala eka Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 ku nga si hela masiku ya khume na mune ku sukela hi siku ra xitiviso lexi. La va nga koteki ku tsala va amukelekile ku endzela hofisi ya mufambisi wa Ndzawulo ya Nhluvukiso na Tipulani eka hofisi ya C001, muako wa le henhla, Civic Centre, eka xitarata xa 83 Krogh, Makhado kumbe eka hofisi ya Xiyenge xa Tipulani ta Madoroba, eka muako wa le henhla, Noor Center, eka xitarata xa Songozwi na Munnik, Makhado hi nkarhi wa ntirho ku sukela hi awara ya 07h00 ku fika 13h00 na ku sukela hi awara ya 14h00 ku fika 16h00 hi masiku ya Musumbhunuku ku fika ra Vuntlhanu eka masiku ya vhiki ku fikela nkarhi wa masiku ya khume na mune, ku sukela hi siku ra xitiviso lexi laha minkaneto xikan’we na swibumabumeri kumbe swiviko swi nga ta mpfampfarhutiwa. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado MR I.P. MUTSHINYALI MUNICIPAL MANAGER

NDIVHADZO YA NNYI NA NNYI U DZINGINYWA HA NYENGEDZEDZO YA MITENGO I RE HONE NA NZUDZANYO YA UTA MITENGO MISWA ZWI TSHI YA NGA HA VHUPULANI HA DOROBO NA MILAYO YA DZIDOROBO WA, 1986 (MULAYO WA 15 WA 1986) NA MILAYO YA MUVHUSO WAPO WA, 1939 (MULAYO WA 17 WA 1939). Ndivhadzo I khou newa hu tshi tevhedzwa mbetshelwa ya tshitenwa tsha 136 (a) na (b) tsha mulayo wa Vhupulani ha dorobo na Milayo ya dzidorobo wa 1986 (Mulayo wa 15 wa 1986) zwo vhalwa na mbetshelwa ya tshitenwa 80B (1)(a), (b) na (c) tsha Mulayo wa Muvhuso wapo, 1939 (Mulayo wa 17 wa 1939) na Tsheo ya Khantsele A. zwa uri Masipala wapo wa Makhado u khou humbula u engedza na u dzudzanya mbadelo ntswa dza Khethekanyo ya Vhupulani ha Dorobo fhasi ha Muhasho wa Mveledziso ya Vhupulani. Zwidodombedzwa zwa nyengedzedzo yo dzinginywaho ire hone zwino na u tiwa ha ntswa zwi do lindela u tolwa nga tshifhinga tsha awara dza mushumo u bva nga awara ya sumbe (7h00) u swika nga awara ya u thoma (13h00) na ya vhuvhili (14h00) u swika kha ya vhuna (16h00) u thoma nga Musumbuluwo u swika Lavhutanu kha vhege kha ofisi ya Mulanga Mveledziso ya Vhupulani, kha lufhera lwa C001, Vhurala ha u thoma, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado na ofisi ya Vhupulani ha Dorobo, Vhurala ha uthoma, Noor Centre, Kha Khuda ya Songozwi na Tshitarata tsha Munnik, Makhado, na Ofisi dza Vundu dza Masipala, Dzanani, Waterval na Vuwani lwa tshifhinga tsha maduvha a fumi na mana (14) hu tshi vhaliwa u bva duvha la u andadziwa ha Ndivhadzo iyi. Muthu munwe na munwe kana muimeleli ane a toda u hanedza nyengedzedzo yo dzinginywaho ine ya vha hone na phimo ntswa dzo tendelanwaho kha zwi ite nga u tou nwalela Minidzhere wa Masipala, Phuraivethe Bege X2596, Makhado, 0920 hu sa athu fhela maduvha a fumi na mana (14) hu tshi vhalwa u bva nga duvha la Ndivhadzo ya nnyi na nnyi. Muthu munwe na munwe ane a sa kone u nwala a nga da ha Mulanguli wa Mveledziso ya Vhupulani kha Lufhera lwa nomboro C001, Vhurala ha u thoma, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Makhado kana kha ofisi ya Vhupulani ha Dorobo, Vhurala ha uthoma, Noor Centre, Kha Khuda ya Songozwi na Tshitarata tsha Munnik, Makhado, nga tshifhinga tsha awara dza mushumo u bva nga awara ya sumbe (7h00) u swika nga awara ya u thoma (13h00) na ya vhuvhili (14h00) u swika kha ya vhuna (16h00) u thoma nga Musumbuluwo u swika Lavhutanu kha vhege hu sa athu fhela maduvha a fumi na mana (14) hu tshi vhalwa u bva nga duvha la Ndivhadzo ya nnyi na nnyi hune khanedzo kana u khwathisedza zwado tanganedzwa. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado MR I.P. MUTSHINYALI MINIDZHERE WA MASIPALA

12 31 May 2013 Notice

Youth festival A youth and culture festival will be held at HaMphaila Village on 17 June. According to the organizers, the festival’s aim is to promote South African traditions, culture and heritage among the youth across the country. During the event, Youth Day will be celebrated and the organizers will also highlight the day as a day of “harmony in a multi-cultural South Africa”. It is expected that the festival will be attended by local traditional leaders, cultural youth groups, businesspeople as well as local and provincial government representatives. Some of the activities of the day include live performances with Tshivenda cultural music and dances, food stalls, travel and tourism promotion stalls, exhibitions of Tshivenda arts and crafts, photographs and paintings and several fun and entertainment activities. For more information, phone the festival coordinator, Mr Vusani Mulaudzi at 073 423 9083 or 072 662 8892. Crime

Jailed for killing neighbour’s donkey A 57-year-old Beit Bridge villager was sentenced to three months in jail for killing his neighbour’s donkey, which had strayed into his fields. Simon Sithole of Rupawangwana village outside Beit Bridge was convicted on his own plea of guilty when he appeared before Magistrate Tinashe Langton Nokera. He was sentenced to six months in jail, of which three months were suspended on condition he makes restitution to the owner, Mr Samuel Chudu. The court stated that the value of the donkey was US$100. Sithole promised to compensate the complainant, but on condition that Chudu pay him for the loss of his crop. It was testified that, on 20 March, Sithole drove three donkeys belonging to Chudu of a neighbouring village from his field to the complainant’s homestead while holding an axe. On arrival at the homestead, Sithole asked the complainant whether the animals belonged to him and he confirmed that they were his. Sithole then drove the donkeys into the kraal and struck two donkeys with the axe, killing one instantly. Chudu made a report to the police and Sithole was arrested. By Mashudu Netsianda

Border situation improves The movement of both human and vehicular traffic at the Beit Bridge border post has improved tremendously on the South African side in the last few days, following a review of operational strategies by the country’s home affairs department. The latest development follows a recent meeting between the Zimbabwean and South African border authorities. The meeting was held on Wednesday, following an outcry over the delays and congestion encountered by travellers on the South African side of the border. In the last two weeks, the situation at the border post had turned chaotic as South African immigration authorities were failing to cope with an increased volume of travellers. Zimbabwean travellers and those from neighbouring countries such as Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia were affected the worst. Zimbabwe’s assistant regional immigration manager in charge of Beit Bridge Border Post, Mr Charles Gwede, told Limpopo Mirror: “We had a very fruitful meeting last Wednesday with our South African counterparts where we sought to address the problem of delays in the movement of traffic between our borders. They indicated to us that they had challenges regarding their staffing issues as some of their officials were attending an in-house training programme. Theyassured us, however, that they had introduced a number of changes in their operations, so that they are aligned with movement trends at the border posts,” he said. He said that during the meeting it was agreed that both Zimbabwe and South Africa would review their strategies constantly.



31 May 2013 13

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Half-way home opens for ex-offenders Lehae la Batho Halfway House at Tsianda, near Thohoyandou, has opened its doors to ex-offenders who either have nowhere to call home or are ostracised by their families or communities. The centre is the brainchild of New Life After Prison, an organisation which started off by helping ex-offenders with starterpack equipment to start working for themselves in Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo, before extending its arms to encompass ex-convicts countrywide. “Some prisoners find themselves rejected by families or communities after doing time,” the centre’s manager, Mr Michael Makhuvha, says. “When the time for them to be paroled comes, you’ll find that there’s no relative to sign for their release because they are not wanted anymore. So, that’s where we come in.” Makhuvha says that the halfway house’s mission is to provide the best service between society

and offenders by promoting a crime-free country, starting from the mindset of the crime-doers. “This kind of an after-prison house is a way to break the circle of crime and recidivism,” he declares. New Life After Prison houses the ex-offenders at Lehae la Batho until their problems have been finally resolved. Makhuvha is quick to add that the centre is not like a prison environment with restrictions on daily movement. “These people are free now and they can look for work,” he said. David Matshidze (46) was arrested for armed robbery and murder which he committed in 1993. He and three co-accused were sentenced to death. “My sentence was converted to an effective 32 years in 1995,” he remembers. Unfortunately for David, by the time he got out of prison in 2011, his family members had passed on already and his wife had returned to her province

with their two children. So David was greeted by an empty house which was already in a state of desolation. He maintains that he is remorseful for the crimes that had him locked up in prison for 18 years. “In prison I tried to apply a positive attitude and started learning electrician skills and plumbing,” he states. “But with all my expertise, on my release I found myself stranded and without a job. It was because I had no tools or machines to start doing my job. All my people died when I was in jail. Now I was out of jail, but it felt like I was still in prison. The pain was too much to bear.” David has found a ray of hope after coming to live at Lehae la Batho, where he is also chief chef. “It’s amazing how life works, you know,” he tells. “After consulting with New Life After Prison and finding a home in the halfway house, I started to relieve the stress and soon I could Vho-Michael Makhuvha (left) is photographed with some of the residents in the centre, Vhosee my purpose of living again.” Ngoako Shai, Vho-Vitus Manwadu and Vho-David Matshidze.


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• Shop No.1, Dr Phathela’s Complex (Opp. KFC), THOHOYANDOU • Tel: (015) 962 0446 • Fax: (015) 962 5937 • Opposite Khensani Hospital, GIYANI • Tel: (015) 812 1160


Ngoako Shai reads the book in his bedroom. By Mashudu Netsianda



A 23-year-old South African woman, Ms Fhuluphelo Mudau of Makhado (Louis Trichardt), collapsed and died while visiting her aunt in Zimbabwe. Asst Insp Nkululeko Nduna said the incident happened last Thursday at about 08:00 at Zimuto village in Masvingo. “Mudau, who looked healthy, visited her aunt, Ms Letwin Ziki of Nago Village. On Wednesday night she complained of flu and her aunt advised her to take some medication,” he said. She took some medicine, but her condition did not improve. “Her condition deteriorated and it was decided to take her to the Masvingo General Hospital for treatment . She collapsed and died, however, before they arrived at the bus stop. Her body was taken to the hospital mortuary for a post mortem,” he said.

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SA woman dies in Zim



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14 31 May 2013 By Elmon Tshikhudo

This stokvel may not be your friend

The founder of the stokvel, Rhulani “King” Muzido Nkuzana, who says people misunderstood the terms of the stokvel.

Receipts that were issued to the investors.

Some of the stokvel members demonstrated outside the offices, demanding their money back.

With the number of get-richquick schemes currently operational in the country, many people are wary of losing their hard-earned money to fraudsters. They start doubting the integrity of persons running the more common stokvels and some are even hesitant to trust the more established institutions with their money. Thohoyandou has not been spared and even here several of the schemes have people worrying. One such scheme is the Friends of Friends Stokvel that has allegedly attracted a large number of “investors”. These investors are now worried that they may have lost all their money The stokvel makes a number of very attractive promises in its advertising brochures. For an investment of R30 per month, you receive R15 000 on your birthday, a death benefit of R10 000, R2 000 maternity benefit and an unspecified amount that goes towards a study bursary for children. There is a waiting period of four months before you may claim any of the benefits. One of the investors who feels that things may not be so wonderful is Daphney Mmbulungeni of Ha Mphego. She was supposed to have received her pay-out in February, but not much has hap-

pened. Daphney told the Mirror that she believed the scheme to be the answer to her financial woes. This mother of three children, who is a tailor, said agents from the scheme, who were in the company of a pastor, approached her at her workplace and encouraged her to join. “Some of my colleagues refused, saying they were tired of being robbed of their hardearned money by dubious pyramid schemes. As someone who believes in God, the mere fact that a pastor who also prayed for us was part of the scheme, was reason enough for me to believe that the stokvel was genuine and I joined on the spot,”she said. She said many joined and also joined for their relatives. They have been paying their monthly subscriptions since October last year. “(In February) a group of us who were born in February went to the offices, which are based in one prominent doctor’s building in Thohoyandou, for our payout, but we were told that our money would be transferred to our accounts on our respective birth dates. We waited and waited, but no money was deposited and that was when we started panicking and suspected that we were robbed,” she said. She said when they approached the office, the owners of the

stokvel changed their story and told them that they should submit business plans and they would be given R5 000 assistance to start their own businesses. “This surprised us as we had no agreement to that effect and most of us are already in business and we did not have to make new business plans. The amount offered was also too little, compared to what was promised,” she said. She said some of them submitted business plans, but they were still not paid. According to Daphney, some members who invested in the scheme eventually became frustrated with the stories and took office furniture and other equipment. The stokvel owners did not bother to report it to the police. The owner of the stokvel, Rhulani “King “ Mzido Nkuzana, said it was only a matter of a misunderstanding among the members. “We are busy paying our members, but there are some who joined without having understood the contract. It is not true that we have reneged on the payments,” he said. “We are not dishing out money to anybody, but we are assisting people to start up their own businesses,”said Nkuzana. He admitted to having a challenge regarding funds but said they would continue to serve the community.

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31 May 2013 15

The Vhembe District Municipality is at present on a mission to visit different tribal councils in the region. Recently, members of the district municipality visited the Rammbuda Traditional Authority at Dzimauli as part of a public participation programme (imbizo). In our photograph, Executive Mayor Tshitereke Matibe poses with Thovhele Azwihangwisi Rammbuda, traditional leaders within the jurisdiction of Ha-Rammbuda and district councilors. Photo: Silas Nduvheni

The executive secretary of Makhado's mayor, Ms Rosemary Phaweni (second from left), was ordained on Sunday as a junior pastor for Waterval’s True Life Christian Church. Phaweni is being congratulated by Mayor David Mutavhatsindi (middle) while the Speaker, Cllr Lindiwe Mogale (left), Senior Pastor Makhanani Ringani (second from right) and Pastor Samson Ringani (right) are looking on. Photo supplied.

The Vhembe District Municipality took 13 product owners to the international tourism indaba held earlier this month at the Chief Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban. The MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, Ms Pinkie Kekana, Cllr Themba of Vhembe and the manager for planning and development, Mr Midas Mudau, were photographed at the stall of the Vhembe district.

Teachers and parents of the Louis Trichardt Primary School are pleased that there is progress with the repairing of the sidewalk in front of the school, after trenches had been left open since the start of the second term. This caused huge frustration with parents picking up and dropping off their children. The electrical department of the Makhado Municipality has now finally closed the trenches. Pictured are members of the municipality’s technical team preparing to compact the soil and lay the paving.

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16 31 May 2013

Reri’s Insurance Brokers Miles Ahead Of The Pack MAKHADO:

Office no. 13, Anver Hajee Noor Centre (New Checkers Centre), Louis Trichardt, 0920 Tel: (015) 516 1599 Fax: (015) 516 5867

Licensed FSP

THOHOYANDOU: Shop C5, Sabina Plaza, Thohoyandou, 0950 - Tel: (015) 962 0022 Fax: (015) 962 0027 • E-mail:

PASTORS TREATED TO 5-STAR HOLIDAYS BY RERI’S INSURANCE BROKERS Reri’s Insurance Brokers donated holidays in five-star hotels for two pastors earlier this week. The CEO of Reri’s Insurance Brokers, Mr David Mureri, visited the Calvary Christian Church on Sunday and donated a week-long holiday trip to Cape Town to Dr Maxwell Masakona of Calvary Christian Church at Tshifulanani. Mureri is Christian financial planner, but he also travels around the country, motivating companies and churches on the subject of giving. He is a successful businessman, who has won more than 50 awards in the insurance industry. In 2008, Mureri started the Freely Give and Freely Receive Ministry. He said that he committed himself to taking ten pastors and their spouses per year to different five-star hotels around

South Africa. He said that his mission was to donate holidays to 400 pastors by 2048. Mureri said that so far he had already donated holidays to 60 pastors. According to him, the donation is part of the social responsibility programme of his company and Reri’s has already funded different community projects in the past. It is their responsibility to empower and develop the community that supported them, he added. “As a company, it is our responsibility to give back the little we gained from the community,” said Mureri. “Today we are fulfilling our promise, because it is our policy to pay back the public. We hope our partnership with different churches will continue to bear fruit. Our aim is to improve the lives of indigent community

members as they are playing a major role in the development of our business.” Mureri challenged other businesses to play a leading role in the development of the communities they serve. “We are confident that our donation will encourage other businesses to put more effort into community development. The people on the ground need our assistance in terms of nation building,” Mureri added. “We feel very proud and honoured to see the local businesses are supporting us,” said Dr Masakona. He prayed that God would bless Mureri and his company. Reris also donated a holiday to Pastor Ntuwiseni Muhovha of the Vineyard Mission Church Centre at Ha-Raliphaswa. He received accommodation in a five-star hotel at Magaliesburg.

The CEO of Reri´s Insurance Brokers, Mr David Mureri, and his wife, Gloria, photographed during the visit to Calvary Christian Church.

The CEO of Reri´s Insurance Brokers, Mr David Mureri, hands over an accommodation letter to Pastor Ntuseni Muhovha of the Vineyard Mission Centre.

The secretary of Mr David Mureri of Reri’s Insurance Brokers, Mrs Jeaneth Nemauluma, introduces Mr David Mureri.

Staff members and clients accompany Mr David Mureri during his visit to the Calvary Christian Church.

Members of the Calvary Christian Church.

Mrs Guduvheni hands over air tickets for a trip to Cape Town to Dr Maxwell Masakona and his wife Florance. Mr Frank Netshidzati (agricultural technician) looks on.

Dr Maxwell Masakona welcomes Mr David Mureri of Reri´s Insurance Brokers to the Calvary Christian Calvary Christian Church Worship Team entertain the guests. Church.

Mrs Guduvheni and Mr Frank Netshidzati (agricultural technician) show respect before they hand over a air tickets for a trip to Cape Town to Dr Masakona and his wife Florance.

The CEO of Reri´s Insurance Brokers, Mr David Mureri, and his wife, Gloria, pose with Dr Maxwell Masakona and his wife Florance.


31 May 2013 17 Fixtures

By Frank Mavhungu

Young Santos overpower Brothers Mukula Young Santos enhanced their chances of finishing their promotional playoff matches on top of their stream when they beat Seven United Brothers 4-2 at the Makwarela Stadium on Sunday. It was the second victory for Santos after beating Matsakali Sky Rangers 3-0 at the same venue earlier that day. Their match against United Brothers was characterized by wasted scoring opportunities.

After squandering two clear chances within the first 10 minutes of the game, Santos finally did it in the 14th minute. Their Rastafarian striker, Rendani Madega, who scored a brace in their match against Sky Rangers, scored easily from a brilliant pass by Phathutshedzo Nethengwe. Seven United Brothers lost cohesion in the middle of the field soon after Santos's opening goal.

antos capitalised and scored again in the 29th minute. This time around it was Fhulufhedzani Ramudzuli who gave the ball the final touch. As if they were leading, Seven United Brothers started to play defensive football. Realizing that Brothers were disorganized in the midfield, Santos allowed the ball to land at the centre circle most of the time. Freedom Makhuvha scored the third to bring the half-time score to 3-0. Seven United Brothers effected three changes to their stating lineup in a bid to make a quick comeback, but that did not change the complexion of the game. Christopher Tshikovhele, who came on as a substitute for Nndateni Netshitadi, scored their fourth goal with a longrange ground cutter. Fhulufhedzani Ramudzuli of Santos was warned with a card after an illegal tackle on Thabelo Nemakanga. Santos later replaced Vusani Nendauni with Avhatakali Tshivhase. United Brothers reduced one more through Rofunwa Silima six Phathutshedzo Nethengwe of Young Santos controls the ball, minutes before the final whistle. while Rofunwa Silima of United Brothers is on the way to intercept.

Can the Eagles fly over United Artists? The final round-robin matches of the SAB League promotional play-offs will be played at two different venues this weekend. Four matches will be staged at the Tshifulanani Stadium tomorrow. Joe’s Express and Matsakali Sky Rangers will be the first to enter the field of play. Sky Rangers stand no chance of finishing on top of the group after losing their two opening matches. Maweja Takers must beat Seven United Brothers in order to enhance their chances of playing in the final. They will meet in the second match, which is scheduled to kick off at 11:00. Maweja won the only match they had played so far and winning against United Brothers is imperative if they want to gain promotion. The pace setters, Mukula Young Santos, will meet Joe’s Express in the third match. Mukula Young Santos will need only one point in their last round-robin match against Maweja Maweja Takers on Sunday to finish on top of the group if they manage to beat Joe’s Express tomorrow. The last match will be between Matsakali Sky Rangers and Seven United Brothers. Two group B matches will be played at the Makwarela Stadium tomorrow. Western Stars will lock horns with Tshibvumo Young Stars at 13:00. Muziafera Blue Eagles and United Artists will meet later in the afternoon to determine the team that will qualify to take part in the final. United Artists are currently leading the pack with four points, while Blue Eagles are in the second spot with two points.

Artists will pin their hopes on their experienced defender, Witness Mudologi, while the Eagles’ sharpshooter, Happy “Venture” Mahuntsi, is expected to give the Artists’ defence a tough time.

United Artists’ veteran defender, Witness Mudologi.

By Silas Nduvheni

Mangodi Primary top in Love Life games A rural Limpopo school, Mamathiliedzha Primary at Ha-Sidou village, hosted a delegation of the Thulamela region’s Love Life campaign last week as part of a programme to expose rural pupils to different sporting codes. “We decided to join hands with them and one of the biggest

sports events was hosted at our school on Saturday. Three schools, Mamathiliedzha, Mangondi and Ntsumbedzeni, participated in the Love Life games. The pupils competed in drama, zwigombela, poetry and makhwaya,” said Mr Mmbangiseni Nengwenani, principal of Mamathiliedzha.

Love Life’s Thulamela regional programme leader, Ms Tinyiko Kanyane, said through the games they intend to build future leaders excelling in arts and culture activities. Mangondi emerged as an overall winner by being the best in tshigombela, Tshivenda drama and dancing xibelane.

Khoroni hotel casino conVention resort

Vacancy: EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Position: Department: Reporting to: Starting date:

Executive secretary Admin & General General Manager As per appointment date

Liaison with: All levels of management and staff at the resort and within the Peermont group, as well as external Organisations, Guests, Government departments and the Gambling Board. Scope and main purpose of function: To ensure the efficient running of the office and to perform secretarial duties at a consistently high standard. Key performance areas: • Handle all forms of correspondence, calls and visitors; • Type all office correspondence • Handle all accommodation and travel arrangements • Provide a guest service • Filing of documents, initialing agreements • Co-ordinating and compiling of unit reports • Provide general administrative support including i.e. but not limited to petty cash and stationery • Co-ordination of meetings, minute taking and distribution thereof • Availability to work overtime should the need arise • General work related instructions from the General Manager

Mangondi Primary School's principal, Mr Patrick Phanguphangu (white clothes), photographed with trophies and surrounded by Love Life coordinators and various principals after the event.

Minimum requirements: • Std. 10 / Grade 12 Qualification • A secretarial diploma or similar qualification would be advantageous • Proficiency in English and Afrikaans • At least 2 years working experience, including secretarial and administrative duties • Ability to work under pressure • Proficient in Word and Excel • Good interpersonal and organisational skills • Responsible, honest and motivated CLOSING DATE: Monday, 3 June 2013

Masana accreditation no.7p7608is CETA accredited institute that offers the following courses: • Occupational health and safety • Basic first aid • Basic fire fighting • Computer literacy • Boiler making/welding We invite people to register for those courses. For more information contact us at Makhado 015 516 5350 or Mr Muladi at 082 341 0364, Nicolas 078 602 4081.

The appointment is conditional on being granted a certificate of approval by the Limpopo Gambling Board. You must meet the minimum requirements in order to apply. A cover letter, certified copies of certificates and CV should be emailed to the HR Manager at or Faxed to: 0862398392 Tel no: 015 962 4600 x 2333 Applicants who are not contacted within two weeks after the closing date should accept that their applications were unsuccessful as communication will be made with the short listed candidates only.

Khoroni is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


18 31 May 2013 By Frank Mavhungu

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Nobela All Stars relegated to SAB Although they still have two matches to play before they complete their Safa second division league activities, Nobela All Stars have already been relegated to the lower division. Their relegation to the SAB League was confirmed by their 1-1 draw against Giyani Hotspurs at the Giyani Stadium last Saturday. Nobela All Stars are languishing at the bottom of the log with 20 points, six behind the other relegation candidates, Baobab Zero Fake, Lephalale Young Killers and Phungo All Stars. Young Killers have two matches in hand while Phungo All Stars are left with only one match to complete their league programme. Even if Lephalale Young Killers and Phungo All Stars lose all their outstanding matches and Nobela win theirs, it will make no difference to their standing on the log as Nobela had conceded the highest number of goals. Baobab Zero Fake will accompany Nobela All Stars to the SAB league. Zero Fake have 26 points and they have competed their league programme, as they have played 30 matches to date. Modimolle Aces and Ray Pillars are also not safe when it comes to relegation. They have deposited 27 points into their league accounts each. Should they lose their remaining matches and Phungo All Stars and Lephalale Young Killers win their outstanding matches, Ray Pillars and Modimolle Aces will go down. Rospa United, who escaped the relegation axe by the skin of their teeth last season, are lying in the eighth position on the log. Baroka FC are gearing up for the promotional play-offs for the third time in a row. They completed their league programme on top of the log with 74 points, eight behind Magezi FC. Winners Park, who have been chasing the league title since the beginning of the season, completed their programme in the third position with 62 points.

Artists 2, Stars 2 United Artist held Madombidzha Western Stars to a 2-all draw in their Safa Vhembe SAB play-off match at Tshifudi on Sunday. Stars fumbled at the goal finish on a continuous basis. Their killer-striker, Lucky Masutha, caused an upset when his half-volley hit the woodwork and bounced back into the field of play. His team mate, Daniel Mukosi, also disappointed the fans when he shot wide from close range. A defender of Stars, Lufuno Ndou, was warned with a card for a continued argument with the referee. Stars opened the score in the 24th minute when Thabo Matuba scored easily. The celeberation was cut short as Artists equalised through Maanda Mulaudzi. n the second half, the Officials of Madombidzha Western Stars confronted the Safa Vhembe match commissioner, Mr midfielders of Artist took it upon themselves to Samuel Maduwa, and accused him of being biased. Maduwa allegedly refused to lodge a protest distribute telling passes to their strikers. before the promotional play-off match at Tshifudi Stadium on Sunday. Stars complained that a Artist lost cohension late in the match, which player of United Artist, Isaac Mulaudzi, was not properly registered with the team. gave Arsenal a good chance to score. Pfano Ithuga forced his way through the defence and By Frank Mavhungu chipped the ball to Tshimangadzo Masala, who scored. Jeffrey Mungoni of Artist equalised from a free kick that left the keeper of Stars, Hector Malange, flatfooted.

SAB league promotional play-off roundup The opening matches for the SAB League promotional playoffs were played at three different venues last weekend. The Stream C champions, United Artists, started the playoffs with a bang when they crushed Tshibvumo Young Stars 3-0 at the Malamulele Stadium on Sunday. In their second match, which was played at the Tshifudi Stadium later that day, United Artists played to a 2-2 draw with Western Stars. Artists are now leading Group B with four points. Western Stars shared the glory with Muziafera Blue Eagles.

They played to a 1-1 draw at the Tshifudi Stadium. In the other match also staged at the same venue, Muziafera Blue Eagles drew 2-2 with Tshibvumo Young Stars. The Stream A champions, Matsakali Sky Rangers, are still to deposit a point into their account. They lost both their opening matches. They suffered a 0-3 defeat at the hands of Mukula Young Santos in their opening match at the Makwarela Stadium. As if that was not good enough to irritate the team’s enthusiastic fans, Sky Rangers were beaten 3-4 by Maweja Takers at the same venue later in the afternoon.

Mukula Young Santos are on top of Stream A. They collected the maximum points in their two opening matches at the Makwarela Stadium. After beating Matsakali Sky Rangers 3-0 in the morning, Mukula Young Santos continued to pave their way to the dream final by beating Seven United Brothers 4-2 later in the afternoon. Joe’s Express shared the spoils with Seven United Brothers, with whom they played to a 1-1 draw. Maweja Takers registered a 4-3 victory at the expense of Matsakali Sky Rangers.


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R3 600 p.m. No deposit, 72 Months, 12% Rate, No Residual

By Frank Mavhungu

Rospa beat Mighty The captain of Rospa United FC, Mashudu “Tlolo” Mashapha, was a marvel to watch when his side walloped Mighty FC 4-0 in their Safa second division league match at the Malamulele Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Mashapha scored a hat trick in the match. The fourth goal was scored by Zanempi Methusa late in the game. Rospa United had moved a step up on the log from the ninth to the eighth spot, following their excellent results. Phungo All Stars rose to the occasion and held the logleaders, Baroka FC, to a goalless draw. Baroka were contained from the first whistle to the bitter end, despite the fact that it was a home fixture. Lephalale Young Killers were by far too good for The Dolphins FC. The score was 2-0 for Young Killers when the referee blew the final whistle. Killers are still in the third position from the bottom of the log, despite collecting maximum points last weekend. Blue Rocks were the hardest hit last weekend. They were brutally walloped 0-7 by Ray Pillars at the Seshego Stadium. After spending only one season in the Safa second division league, Baobab Zero Fake will be campaigning in the lower division next season. Although they managed to beat Mosesetjane All Stars 2-0 in their final league match at the Nkowankowa Stadium in Tzaneen last Saturday, Zero Fake are in the second-last position on the log. Magezi FC beat Winners Park 2-0 at the Peter Mokaba Athletics Stadium. Winners Park dropped a step down on the log, following the poor result. They are now lying in the third position, while Magezi had moved to the second spot. Nobela All Stars shared the spoils with Giyani Hotspurs, with whom they played to a 1-1 draw. Basel FC lost 0-1 to Modimolle Aces at the Tshifudi Stadium.

102 President Street, Louis Trichardt 0920


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STOCK AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY ON ALL MODELS ABOVE. • LIZETTE ROETS: 083 603 3315 • ANTON HIBBERT: 082 329 8559 • JACO VAN DER MERWE: 0828511097 • HAPPY GAMA 079 585 2518 MESSINA TOYOTA Tel. 0155340717 Fax.0155340745

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31 May 2013 19


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LEGALS LIQUIDATION AND DISTRIBUTION ACCOUNTS IN DECEASED ESTATES LYING FOR INSPECTION In terms of section 35 (5) of Act No. 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that copies of the liquidation and distribution accounts (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estates specified below will be open for inspection of all persons interested therein for a period of 21 days (or shorter or longer if specially stated) from the date specified or from the date of publication hereof, whichever may be later, and at the offices of the Masters and Magistrates as stated.Should no objections thereto be lodged with the Masters concerned during the specified period, the executors will proceed to make payments in accordance with the accounts. Registration number of estate: 846/2013, Surname: Makhari, Christian Names: Masala Ananius, Identity number: 3406015418086, Last Address: Erf no: 501 Makwarela, district Thohoyandou, Married in community of property, Christian Names and Surname of surviving spouse: Makhari Marubini Helen, Identity number: 4903030274089, Magistrate’s Office: Thohoyandou, Master’s Office: Thohoyandou.A.R. Madia Attorneys, Old mutual Building, OfficeNo: G21 & G23, Thohoyandou Tel: 015 962 3001 NOTICE TO LIQUIDATION AND DISTRIBUTION ACCOUNT LYING FOR INSPECTION Persuant to the provisions of Section 35 (5) of Act 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that the first and final liquidation and distribution account in the estate of the late Basani Tsakani Munyai, Identity no. 7210080794082 who died on the 10/12/2011, is lying for inspection at the offices of the Master of High Court, Limpopo High Court and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou for a period of 21 days as from date of publication hereof. Estate No: 422/2012 Anton Ramaano Attorneys, Attorneys for Executrix, Thohoyandou P West, House No. 902, Cnr University Road & Mphephu Drive, Opposite Khoroni Hotel / Venda Plaza, P.O. Box 2246, Thohoyandou, 0950, Tel: 015 962 2232/2236, Fax: 015 962 5009,REF: AR/KM/ ES089 In the Magistrate’s Court for the District of Thohoyandou held at Thohoyandou Case no: 792/2012, In the matter between: Sediba SA Bogoshi Association, Plaintiff, and Lusunzi Mmbudzeni Ntuwiseni, Defendant. Notice of sale in Execution Kindly take Notice that in persuance of a judgement

granted by the above Honourable and a subsequent Warrant of execution the undermentioned property will be sold in execution on the 21st June 2013 at 11hoo am at the Sheriff’s Warehouse Thohoyandou. Property: Mazda motor vehicle with registration number BFN 453 L, Conditions: The property will be sold to the highest bidder for cash “Voetstoots”as is without any warranties and or representation. dated at polokwane on this 21st day of May 2013. Signed: MM Makgaleng, Judgment Creditor’s attorneys, MKM House, 15A Gen Joubert Street, Polokwane 0700, Tel: 015 291 1311/ 295 6064, fax: 015 295 6534, Email:, Ref: Mr Makgaleng/S304 Notice An application for a mining permit to mine aggregate in terms of section 27 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources development Act, 2002 (Act 28 of 2002) has been lodged at the office of the Regional Manager, Mineral Regulation, Limpopo Region, Private Bag X9464. Polokwane,,0700 in respect of the farm Antonvilla 7 MT, District of Musina. Particulars of Applicant: Applicant: Matsheloni Construction (Pty) Ltd, Address: P O Box 582, Musina, 0900, Tel no: 015 534 3361, File ref No: LP30/5/1/3/2/10176MP, Any comments with regard to the relevant application should be forwarded to the above address within 14 days from publishing of this notice. NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in respect of the Late Maluleke Khazamula Willie, Estate no: 946/2013 shall kie in inspection at the Giyani Magistrate’s Court for a period of 21days calculated from the 31st May 2013. Dated at Giyani on this 13th day of May 2013. NOEL CHAUKE ATTORNEYS, Executrix agent to the Maluleke Tsarisa Misolwa, Office no: 228,Old Mutual Building, P.O. Box 1422, Giyani 0826, Tel: 015 812 1574, Fax: 015 812 1575, Ref: CH/MN/38/12EST NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE Of Late Nwaila Simon Mkhatshane, Id No: 4809045590080, Date of Death: 26th October 2012. Estate no: 2805/2012. Last Address: House no: 117, Malamulele-C, District of Malamulele. All persons having complains and claims against the above estate are called upon to contact the appointed Executrix within thirty (30) days of the publication of this notice. The name of the Executrix is as follow: Mamayila Elizabeth Nwaila and the name of the agent is as follows: NOEL CHAUKE ATTORNEYS, OFFICE NO: 228,OLD MUTUAL BUILDING, P O BOX 1422, GIYANI

0826, TEL: 015 812 1574, FAX: 015 812 1575, REF: CH/MN/287/12EST Notice to creditors and debtors in the deceased estate (Section 29) In the estate of the late Tshililo William Matodzi, Identity number: 3210175087081 married to Muvhulawa Masindi Mulaudzi, Identity number: 4512251062089,who died on the 16th day of April 2013. Last address: Mazhazhani Village, Vhulaudzi, Estate no: 995/2013, Master’s office: Thohoyandou. Creditors and debtors are hereby invited to submit their claims and to pay their debt within 30 days from date of publication hereof. Executrix Attorney: Netshiunda & Associates, office no 1, Network corner, Metropolitan centre, Thohoyandou, Fax: 086 218 8617, Ref: RENDANI-M080 In the magistrate’s Court for the district of Dzanani held at Dzanani Case no: 356/2010, In the matter between: Mukondi Albert Netsianda, Plaintiff, and Michael Mavhungu, Defendant. Notice of sale in Execution In compliance with the judgement of the magistrate’s Court dated the 4th of December 2012 warrant of execution on the 28 day of February 2013, the under-mentioned goods will be sold in execution on the 7th day of June 2013 at sheriff’s office Dzanani at 11h00 am. To the highest bidder: 1 x 1 Isuzu Bakkie KB 200(LX) Registration number RND 746 GP, MercedesBenz Registration number GPZ 774 L, MercedesBenz Registration number CL366XLGP. Terms of sale: Strictly cash. Dated at Dzanani on this 23rd od May 2013. S.M Dombo Attorneys, BP Garage Building, Makhado Shopping centre, P.O box 232, Nzhelele, 0993, Tel: 015 970 4536, Cell: 073 321 1745,Ref: SD/ AK/BFT 70 MAKHADO AMENDMENT SCHEME 70 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR THE AMENDMENT OF THE MAKHADO LAND USE MANAGEMENT SCHEME, I, Tshilidzi Nelwamondo being the authorized agent of the owner of Erf 342 Makhado Vuwani Township measuring 598 m2 square meters, hereby give notice in terms of proclamation 45 of 1990 that I have applied to the Makhado municipality for the amendment of Makhado Land-use Management Scheme, 2009 by rezoning of the property (ies) described above, situated at Vuwani. The subject property is to be rezoned from Residential 1 (single Family Dwelling) to Residential 3 (Town Houses). Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the relevant office of the Director: Development and Planning, first floor,

Makhado Municipality (Civic Centre), Makhado (Louis Trichardt), 83 Krogh Street, for a period of 28 days from 31 MAY 2013. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to above or be addressed to: (at the relevant office) * Director: Development and Planning; or at Private Bag X2596, Makhado (Louis Trichardt), 0920, within a period of 28 days from 31 May 2013 or Should no comments and/or objections be received as set out above, the municipality will assume that you are in support of the application and may approve the proposed land use rights. Address of authorized agent: Physical address: 40 Jubilee Creek, Bendor, Polokwane, 0699. Postal address P O Box 15153, Flora Park, 0699, Telephone No: 0833582670. Dates on which notice will be published: 31 MAY 2013. MAKHADO AMENDMENT SCHEME 70 NDIVHADZO YA U SHANDIKISA KUSHUMISELE KWA MAVU NGA PROCLAMATION 45 OF 1990 FOR THE AMENDMENT OF MAKHADO LAND USE MANAGEMENT SCHEME, Vhakho u divhadzwa uri huna khumbelo yo itwaho nga Nelwamondo T, o imela muiti wa tshanduko yobulwaho afho ntha ya Erf 342 Vuwani, Makhado Municipality uri huvhe ha dzinndu dzo tanganelaho. Vhane vha takalelea u vhala ngaha khumbelo iyi, manwalo ayo akhou wanala ofisini ya minigere muhulwane waku dzud-

zanyele na mvelaphanda, Masipalawa Makhado, Manwalo aya ado wanala lwa tshifhinga tshiedanaho maduvha a 28 ubva la u thoma la u andadziwa ha khumbelo iyi. Vha ne vhavha na mbilaelo na iyi khumbelo vha nwalele masipala wa Makhado kha Diresi itevhelaho, Pri-

vate Bag X2596, Makhado (Louis Trichardt), 0920. Mbilaelo dzido tanganedzwa lwa maduvha a 28 ubva khau andadzwa ha iyi khumbelo. Diresi ya feme yo itaho khumbelo ino ndi P O box 15153, flora park, 0669, 40 Jubilee Creek, Bendor, 0699. Thingo 0833582670

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“The legendary cultural hub in the Southern Hemisphere and a catalyst for Agro and Tourism Development” Vhembe District Municipality invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill Internship positions within its establishment. Vhembe District Municipality is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Persons designated in terms of applicable legislation as historically disadvantaged South Africans, as well as people with disabilities, are encouraged to apply:

District Municipality

Internship Programme • Finance Department (10 Interns) • Internal Auditing (3 Interns) All-inclusive package of R60 000 per annum 2-year fixed-term contract Requirements: Unemployed graduates with a BCom degree in Accounting or Financial Management and an Internal Audit qualification or equivalent from accredited and recognised tertiary institutions. The Finance interns will be based at one of the following municipal locations: • Makhado (2) • Mutale (2) • Musina (2) • Thulamela (2) • Vhembe (2) NB: Please indicate the programme of interest in your application. Internal Auditing Interns: All 3 based in Thohoyandou Forward your applications to: The Municipal Manager, Vhembe District Municipality, Private Bag X5006, Thohoyandou 0950 or hand deliver to the Registry Office, Vhembe District Municipality, Old Parliament Building, Government Complex next to Khoroni Hotel. Applications must be submitted on the signed VDM HR application form, obtainable on the website (, accompanied by a comprehensive CV and certified copies of Identity Document, driver’s licence (where applicable) and qualifications. Applications without the above will not be considered. Vhembe District Municipality reserves the right to/not to make appointments. If no response is received from Vhembe District Municipality 90 days after the closing date, it must be regarded that your application was unsuccessful. Correspondence regarding the advertised positions will be limited to successful candidates only. NB: • Candidates will be subjected to personnel suitability checks, including qualifications, employment, credit, criminal records, company ownership/ directorship and reference checks • Faxed and e-mailed applications will be not accepted • Applications received after the closing date and time will not be considered • Fraudulent qualifications or documentation will immediately disqualify an applicant • Direct or indirect canvassing for preferential treatment will lead to immediate disqualification of the relevant applicant. Enquiries on the above should be directed to the Recruitment Officer at (015) 960-2042. Closing date: 28 June 2013 Human Communications 99095

DEADLINES FOR ADVERTS: Colour adverts: Mondays 16:00 Classifieds and display adverts: Tuesdays 15:00


20 31 May 2013

SALES PEOPLE NEEDED Global Corporate Brokers is seeking young dynamic individuals based in Limpopo’s Mopani and Vhembe districts, who are passionate about interacting with members of the community about funeral products. Job Description: * Marketing funeral products * Servicing of existing clients Skills required: * Clean legible hand writing * Ability to read and write in English You don’t need to have matric or selling experience. Training will be provided to successful candidates. Please call Latitia on 073 376 5727 or 015 812 0753, fax CV’s to: 015 812 0753. Closing date: 6 June 2013. Global Corporate Brokers is an Authorised Financial Services Providers

By Elmon Tshikhudo

Skating is coming to Vhembe Skating, which is little known in rural Vhembe, could soon be a popular sport. Three young men from Thohoyandou have taken it upon themselves to popularise the sport in their community. The three, Vusi Munyai aka VBoy (16), Thompho Mudau aka King T (15) and Phumudzo Nemutudi, better known as PBoy (16), are a marvel to watch as they speed through the streets around Thohoyandou. The three, who are mostly together in their spare time, said they were interested to see other youngsters playing with their skateboards on TV and they immediately fell in love with the sport. “We want to prove that everything is possible. We used to

see others on TV and thought it was difficult, but after we gave it some thought, we decided to start practising, and here we are,” said Vusi. He said the sport was not as dangerous as people might think, but a participant needed to be extremely careful, otherwise one could be hurt. “Besides being a mode of transport, we also keep our bodies healthy because of the training, ”said Thompho. “We encourage others to join us. This sport is still neglected in many communities, but those who would like to join should know that there will be a bruise or two time and again when one falls. We are aiming very high as we would also like to enter competitions,” added Phumudzo.

Farm Retired VACANCY Delivery bike manager midwives Driver needed for take-away store. needed in needed food Applicant must have a valid motorbike Makhado urgently Please call: 083 819 5985 015 516 2436

Please call: 015 516 5439 084 510 4259

licence; previous experience will be an advantage. Fax CV to 086 511 0013

MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

ADDENDUM TENDER NO. 7 OF 2013 SHORT TERM INSURANCE FOR PERIOD OF THREE YEARS Notice is hereby given that the closing date for the above mentioned tender has been changed. The closing date for the tender is hereby extended to 14th JUNE 2013 at 12H00 when all tenders received will be opened in public. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street Makhado Notice No: 38/2013 File No: 8/3/2/1123


The three young men, PBoy, VBoy and King T, going through their paces during practise in Thohoyandou.


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HILLSIDE is an independent English Medium School situated at Dzanani Township 37km North East of Louis Trichardt

PERMANENT TEACHING POST: FOUNDATION PHASE EDUCATOR REQUIREMENTS: Grade 12 and a relevant professional qualification and SACE registration certificate. Send your application letter, CV, and certified copies of certificates to the Secretary of the SGB at PO Box 676, Dzanani, 0955 OR hand it in at the school office.

Closing date: 07 June 2013

Vacancy: Teaching Post English Home Language, Grade 4 to 7 Starting Date: * 15 July 2013 Remuneration: * This educator is appointed in terms of a contract with the SGB. Salary is negotiable and will be determined by the experience and qualifications of the applicant. Closing date for applications: * 10 June 2013 Submit CV to School Principal a.s.a.p. Successful candidates will be invited to an interview on 12 June 2013 starting at 08:00

Khoroni hotel casino conVention resort


MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. To account for all Gaming revenues accurately. 2. To check and verify counts. 3. Checking, balancing and reconciling of Gaming departments paperwork. 4. To perform weekly and monthly audits. 5. To perform weekly and monthly balancing procedures. 6. To balance and reconcile cashbooks on a daily and monthly basis. 7. To balance Cashless Nominal float on a daily basis 8. To calculate Cashless Liability on a daily basis 9. To perform daily investigations of Cashless transactions and cashless cards. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1. Matric / Grade 12 2. Knowledge of Gaming system, Microsoft Word and Excel essential. 3. Two years experience working in a Gaming environment is required. 4. ACCPAC/CASHBOOK experience will be advantageous. 5. Basic bookkeeping certificate or equivalent is required. 6. Must have the ability to work under pressure. 7. Must have the ability to perform well, independently and in a team environment. 8. Must have good administration skills. The appointment is conditional on being granted a certificate of approval by the Limpopo Gambling Board APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 03 June 2013 You must meet the minimum requirements in order to apply.

A cover letter, certified copies of certificates and CV should be emailed to the HR Manager at or Faxed to: 0862398392 Tel no: 015 962 4600 x 2333 Applicants who are not contacted within two weeks after the closing date should accept that their applications were unsuccessful. Khoroni Hotel Casino Convention Resort is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Khoroni hotel casino conVention resort

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FINANCE INTERN IN TRAINING Finance Financial Manager A diploma / degree or equivalent qualification from a recognised institution. Minimum Experience: No experience Other: Must be computer literate with MS Word, MS Excel. Must have good interpersonal skills, fast learner, motivated and willing to work under pressure. CLOSING DATE: Monday, 3 June 2013 The appointment is conditional on being granted a certificate of approval by the Limpopo Gambling Board. You must meet the minimum requirements in order to apply. A cover letter, certified copies of certificates and CV should be emailed to the HR Manager at or Faxed to: 0862398392 Tel no: 015 962 4600 x 2333 Applicants who are not contacted within two weeks after the closing date should accept that their applications were unsuccessful as communication will be made with the short listed candidates only.

Khoroni is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


31 May 2013 21 Exercise

By Elmon Tshikhudo

New soccer league for elderly at Mutoti? Healthy Living Awareness Games for Musina If the determination to participate in sport, more especially soccer, displayed by the elderly in Vhembe is anything to go by, a new elderly soccer league could be in the offing in the area. This became evident when hundreds of the elderly, some with their walking sticks, filled the Mutoti sports ground to watch soccer games last Wednesday. This was during a tournament where 13 teams from different parts of the district played each other for no prizes at all, but for the love of the sport. Teams from as far as Waterval in the Makhado municipality participated. The convener of the games, Ms Emily Baloyi, said it was out of boredom that they started

the games. “The elderly are neglected. We have sports for other groups of people, but the government is not doing anything for us as elderly people. Keeping ourselves active is the best medicine for illnesses that affect us,” she said. Baloyi said that plans were afoot for a new elderly people’s soccer league which is envisaged to kick off in the new year. “This is just spade work and a foundation to see if this could materialise. By the look of things, the future looks bright for the elderly in this area,” she added. The host, Mr Elias Mahafha, said they had invited government so that they could see what they are doing. “We would like to see them

assisting us when the league kicks off next year. Without their help, we would not be able to run it,” he said. Cllr Fulufhelo Mutheiwana of Ward 19 said it was an honour for her for the tournament to be hosted in her yard. “The elderly are doing a good thing. Being active can help stave off ill health. With diseases such as diabetes, cancer, strokes and heart diseases so prevalent, this could work to their advantage,” she said. Mutheiwana encouraged others to also participate in sport. “We have the newly completed Tshilivho-Makhuvha Stadium, which should be utilized by all in the community, otherwise it would be a white elephant with no one using it,” she said.

The Healthy Living Awareness Games initiative has landed in Musina. This is an initiative through which former sports stars, current sports professionals and sports heroes spread messages of hope, encouraging communities to lead healthy lifestyles and be responsible citizens. This is done through visiting willing municipalities and calling respective communities together in stadiums and playing games. Former Bloemfontein Celtic star Kenny Makara and exOrlando Pirates player Thapelo Liau visited Musina to meet representatives of Musina Municipality, De Beers Venetia Mine and local soccer administrators on how they can also implement

the initiative in the border town. Makara says the initiative works well because people usually follow the lifestyles of their role models. Makara says they were also motivated by the involvement of the Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, and participation in their Healthy Living Soccer Games in Phalaborwa in December 2011. “It was great because we had former soccer stars like Doctor Khumalo, Jerry Skhosana, Phil Masinga, Linda Buthelezi, Jabu Pule-Mahlangu and others. We then also decided to incorporate other legends in other sporting codes, including arts and culture.” Liau says the aim of the initiative is to motivate children to participate in sports and

exercise. “We want to use sport stars and other role models to encourage positive behavior in societies by using legends who will give back to the communities through interactions with their fans. We also want to optimally address challenges like killer diseases and the high death rate in our communities, not forgetting social ills like substance abuse, crime and sexual abuse.” He says their concept also aims to nurture talent in young people. “We organise matches and watch with the aim of scouting talent. The other thing is to entertain local people where our team plays against local teams. We also do coaching clinics to impart our knowledge to both the local players and coaches.”

Photographed during the meeting are, from left to right, Bonani Nyabane of Venetia Mine, Former Bloemfontein Celtic star Kenny Makara, Cynthia Khoali of Venetia Mine, Themba Ncube (Musina Municipality), ex-Orlando Pirates player Thapelo Liau and local soccer administrator Theo Maoka.

See website for short video clip

Showing the rest a thing or two, the elderly displayed high-quality football during the games.

VHEMBE F.E.T. COLLEGE Site no 203, Private Bag X2136, Sibasa, 0970, Limpopo • Tel: (015) 963 3156 / 963 3657 • Fax: (015) 963 3154 • E-mail:

TENDER BULLETIN DESCRIPTION Tenders (bids) are invited from Registered Security Companies to render 24hrs monitoring, patrolling, and safe keeping of college properties, i.e. Vehicles, Equipment, Buildings, and Machinery



7 June 2013

Central Office, Stand No. A 203, SIBASA

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7 June 2013

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7 June 2013 Time: 11h00

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SPECIFICATION Day Shift 1 Armed (Grade C) 1 Unarmed (Grade D) Night Shift 1 Armed (Grade C) 1 Unarmed (Grade D) Site viewing: 4 June 2013 - Time: 11h00 REQUIRED AT: Central Office, Sibasa Tenders (bids) are invited from Registered Security Companies to render 24hrs monitoring, patrolling, and safe keeping of college properties, i.e. Vehicles, Equipment, Buildings, and Machinery SPECIFICATION Day Shift 3 Armed (Grade C) 6 Unarmed (Grade D) Night Shift 3 Armed (Grade C) 6 Unarmed (Grade D) Site viewing: 4 June 2013 - Time: 14h00 REQUIRED AT: Makwarela Campus Tenders (bids) are invited from Registered Security Companies to render 24hrs monitoring, patrolling, and safe keeping of college properties, i.e. Vehicles, Equipment, Buildings, Machinery and Farm Products SPECIFICATION Day Shift 2 Armed (Grade C) 4 Unarmed (Grade D) Night Shift 2 Armed (Grade C) 4 Unarmed (Grade D) REQUIRED AT: Mashamba Campus

These bids will be evaluated in terms of 80/20 scoring points. This document will be sold at a non-refundable amount of R100.00. Site briefing / viewing will be conducted on 5 June 2013, time 10h00. Please note that no tender received in electronic format (fax, email, or otherwise) will be accepted.

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22 31 May 2013



By Kaizer Nengovhela

Stars and Mudziafera Blue Eagles in a 2-all draw The Safa Vhembe promotional playoff match between Tshibvumo Young Stars and Mudziafera Blue Eagles ended in a one-all draw at the Tshifudi Stadium on Sunday. The start of match was delayed by 30 minutes. Eagles protested to the referee after Stars failed to produce identity documents for two of the players. The match commissioner, Mr Samuel Maduwa, allowed the match to proceed, but the match was played under protest. Eagles squandered numerous scoring opportunities in the opening minutes. Their speedy forward, Thomas Makhubele, was unlucky when he missed a fortune five minutes into the game. He caused another upset a little later, when he lost possession inside the box with the Stars keeper, Aubrey Murathi, already beaten. Although Eagles had conceded an early goal, they did not lose their fighting spirit. Stars' goal came when Talifhani Mudalahothe caught the visitors' de-




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fence off guard after receiving a good pass from fellow striker Oriel Bebeda. Though Eagles had the lion's share in both halves in as far as ball possession was concerned, they lacked a clear-cut final pass that could have helped them gain more than just a point. Stars could have gone 2-0 up before half time, but their strikers let them down. Early in the second half, Stars introduce David Ndou and Khodani Mabila. Eagles responded by replacing Gumani Mushungwa and Mukhethwa Mukoma. Their introduction changed the complexion of the match as Stars kept on running for cover. Vhutshilo Ntangeni Stars got the equaliser for the Vuwani outfit in the 67th minute after he was afforded space to pick his spot. Eagles were awarded a penalty in the 80th minute, but Mukhetha Mukoma shot straight to the keeper, Aubrey Murathi, who palmed the ball away.

Vhutshilo Nthangeni of Eagles (front) fights for the high ball with Khodani Mabila.

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The match was delayed by 30 minutes when Young Eagles protested to the referee. They allege that two players of Young Stars failed to produce identity documents. The match commissioner, Mr Samuel Maduwa, wrote down the protest.


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31 May 2013 23 By Frank Mavhungu

Joe’s Express and Seven United Brothers in draw In their SAB League promotional play-off match, which was played at the Makwarela Stadium on Sunday, Joe’s Express and Seven United Brothers shared the spoils with a 1-1 draw. The match was played under protest. Seven United Brothers lodged a protest with the referee shortly before the game kicked off. In their protest letter, Seven United Brothers alleged that one of the players for Express, Dakalo Ratshitanga, was not properly registered with the team. Express’s fast forward, Rudolph Nevhulamba, could not live up to his reputation as he was tightly marked. Realizing that Nevhulamba was well contained, his technical staff instructed their midfielders to move forward with the ball and ultimately added to the number of strikers. That proved to be a clever move on their part as the opponents spent the better part of the first half playing with their backs against the wall. The referee, Mr Mashudu Sathuma, warned Rendani Netsianda of United Brothers and Lenock Mabila (right) of Thabelo Nemakanga of United Brothers with a card in the 34th minute. His error was a late tackle Express fight to win the ball. on Awelani Ravuku. Mutshidzi Babalo of Express was also booked for a dangerous tackle in the first half. Seven United Brothers were the first to introduce

new faces to their starting lineup. They replaced Cliff Tshikovhi and Dakalo Sikhau with Rofunwa Silima and Anzani Murigwathoho respectively. Vhusthilo Netshivhazwaulu put Brothers in the lead in the 67th minute. He finished off a square pass

from Livhuwani Molapisane. Express introduced Mukhethwa Mundalamo for Awelani Ravuku in a bid to strengthen their midfield. Their equalizing goal came via Rudolph Nevhulamba six minutes before the referee blew the final whistle.

Rofunwa Silima of United Brothers controls the high ball, while Awelani Ravuku of Express is on his heels.

Sasol Women’s league

Morning Stars to host Botlokwa Ladies

Rendani Netsianda of United Brothers (right) and Lenock Mabila of Express chase the ball. Elim Superspar Soccer League Stream A Team Played Won Draw Lost For Mabedengwa United FC 20 13 6 1 49 N´ waxinyamani All Stars 20 13 5 2 31 Waterval Super Strikers 20 11 7 2 43 Bungeni Young Diplomats 19 10 5 4 30 Valdezia Santos FC 20 9 8 3 38 Khomanani FC 20 8 8 4 19 Maindis Express FC 19 10 2 7 34 Elim Blackpool Juniors 20 9 4 7 32 Waterval Young Tigers 19 7 8 4 31 Matlhari FC 20 6 9 5 22 Valdezia Juventus FC 20 7 6 7 26 N´ waxinyamani United FC 20 6 4 10 24 Ribolla Mountain Rangers 20 7 4 9 27 Matsila Morning Sweepers 20 5 7 8 18 Mpheni Hungry Lions 19 5 7 8 24 Wata peace Makers 20 4 5 11 17 Zabalaza Home Boys 20 2 4 14 8 Waterval All Stars 20 2 3 15 13 Masakona United FC 20 2 2 16 8

Against 17 7 14 18 28 14 30 28 34 18 30 22 24 21 29 30 33 69 39

Points 45 44 40 35 35 32 32 31 29 27 27 24 23 22 22 17 10 9 8

Elim Superpar Soccer League Stream B Team

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

Pfanani Home defnders Mukondeni Ratananga FC Mulima F C VK Mulima FC Muwaweni Lucky Stars Muila FC Makulana Green Dreams Thothololo Continental Stars Muila Shooting Stars Mukondeni Shooting Stars Thanwana Celtics FC Slanger Juventus FC Manyima Mars Brothers Gumani Young Stars Sereni Home Boys Nthabalala Super XI Nthabalala United FC Madadzhi Eversmilling FC Muumoni Blue Birds Kwaaidraai Rhodes FC

23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 22 23 23 23 23

15 14 12 13 12 12 12 10 10 10 10 8 8 6 6 6 5 5 4 2

4 6 8 5 6 6 4 7 7 4 3 8 6 8 7 6 7 4 6 3

4 3 3 5 5 5 7 6 6 9 9 7 9 9 10 10 11 14 13 18

43 54 47 39 42 35 48 28 26 38 31 23 21 17 32 24 32 25 22 26

27 17 22 22 29 25 38 22 24 29 26 35 28 26 45 28 42 31 44 62

49 48 44 44 42 42 40 37 37 34 33 32 30 26 25 24 22 19 18 9

SAB Regional Play-off Group A Team

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

Mukula Young Santos Maweja Takers Joe Express Seven Untd Brothers Matsakali Sky Rangers

2 1 1 2 2

2 1 0 0 0

0 0 1 1 0

0 0 0 1 2

7 4 1 3 3

2 3 1 5 7

6 3 1 1 0

SAB Regional Play-off Group B Team

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

United Artist Muziafera Blue Eagles Western Stars Tshibvumo Young Stars

2 2 2 2

1 0 0 0

1 2 2 1

0 0 0 1

5 3 3 2

2 3 3 5

4 2 2 1

Vhembe Masters Soccer League Team

Black Leopards Masters Sendedza Masters Wesifa Masters Khakhu Masters Ellis Masters Ngovhela Masters Mandiwana Masters Matidza Masters Songozwi Masters Madomobidzha Masters Mphaila Masters Mudimeli Masters Makungwi Masters

Played Won Draw Lost For Against Points

9 10 10 9 10 8 9 10 9 10 8 11 10

7 7 7 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 2 1

1 1 2 2 1 0 2 2 1 1 1 0 0

1 2 1 2 4 3 3 4 4 6 5 9 9

47 34 34 27 27 34 23 27 13 19 15 18 16

15 11 16 13 23 24 18 23 17 44 17 51 61

22 22 20 17 16 15 14 14 13 10 7 6 3

The ladies team of Tshandama Young Stars team will bounce back, when they play against Development FC in a Limpopo Sasol Womens' League match at the Mokgopong grounds tomorrow (Saturday). Stars lost 0-1 to the league contenders, Chippas Ladies,

last week. Morning Stars will host the Botlokwa Ladies at the Shayandima grounds, while the Vhembe-based team, Ma-Indies, will test their strength against Letladira at Tshisaulu. Ma-Indies recently obtained the services of top Banyana Banyana goal scorer Noko Matlou.


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Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 - No handwritten logs will be accepted

SAFA Second Division 2012-2013 Limpopo Team Played Won Draw Lost For Against Baroka FC 30 23 5 2 71 15 Magezi FC 30 21 3 6 56 34 Winners Park FC 30 19 5 6 70 38 Giyani Hotspurs FC 30 17 5 8 45 34 Basel FC 27 15 6 6 47 31 The Dolphins 29 16 3 10 58 47 Mosesetjane All Stars 30 11 7 12 47 45 FC Rospa United 27 10 5 12 47 40 Mighty FC 29 10 4 15 53 65 Blue Rocks 30 8 8 14 36 52 Modimolle Aces 28 7 6 15 37 39 Ray Pillers FC 29 8 3 18 34 54 Phungo All Stars FC 29 6 8 15 24 46

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Sister Ladies will meet the Modimolle Ladies and Mahwelereng United Ladies will fight for league points with Mphanama Ladies at the GaMogone grounds. In the last match of the weekend, Queens will clash with the University of Limpopo.

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24 31 May 2013





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Narrow victory for Takers Maweja Takers started the SAB League promotional playoff round-robin tournament on a high note, following their hard-earned 4-3 victory over Matsakali Sky Rangers at the Makwarela Stadium on Sunday. As if they were going to teach Takers a lesson, Sky Rangers opened their account four minutes into the game. Hlamulo Simango scored with a header after a corner kick that was taken by Khongelani Chauke. Vice Mahlaule of Sky Rangers was lucky not to see red in the 14th minute. He handled the ball intentionally. Maweja Takers Vice Mahlaule of Sky Rangers and Vhulondo Khaume of Takers fight for the ball.

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took things more seriously after the Rangers’ opening goal. They found the equalizer in the 24th minute. Abraham Munyai finished off a rebound after the keeper of Rangers, Hlamulo Khosa, mishandled the ball. Maweja Takers took the lead six minutes later. Mukandangalwo Ramunana headed home from a square pass by Rambuda Nekhudzhiga. Sky Rangers looked frustrated towards the end of the first half. They were severely punished for that. Maweja Takers increased the margin in the 39th minute. Abraham Mun yai completed

his brace with a header to bring the halftime score to 3-1. Takers introduced Tshipuliso Singo and Musa Nedzamba and sacrificed Zwivhuya Tshisaphungo and Abraham Munyai early in the last half. That was not good enough to stop Sky Rangers from scoring their second goal in the 54th minute when Themba Chauke scored with a long-range ground cutter. Sky Rangers were awarded a penalty moments thereafter. Matimba Chauke was brought down within the box and the referee awarded a penalty. Hlamulo Simango scored from the white spot. Takers took the lead again through Mundangalwo Ramunana, who beat the keeper with a volley from a place kick in the dying minutes of the game. Tsundzukani Mashimbyi of Sky Rangers kicks the ball while Abraham Munyai of Takers blocks the way.

Limpopo Mirror 31 May 2013  

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