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Man told to marry goat he had raped abuse by a human being of an animal been severely intoxicated. and is a criminal offence. “The mere “We at our SPCA would like to send A man who had allegedly had sex with definition minimises the brutality out this message and plead with the a goat was forced by local villagers to involved in the act; the violation of a public to report any cases of animal “marry” the animal as punishment. lesser being by one who possesses an cruelty to us, immediately. Time is of The animal was even dressed up for element of power,” said Thomas. essence in these cases. We have to act the occasion. Thomas added that this horrendous within 24 hours of this horrendous The incident only came to the fore act of cruelty was very common and crime taking place and the animal in on Monday (26th) when the Louis rife in the region and the country at question has to be examined by a veterTrichardt SPCA’s Senior Inspector this day and age. “The most challenging inarian as soon as possible to obtain the Lawrence Khodobo was called out the issue is bringing these individuals to necessary proof,” said Thomas. investigate a report of a man who had justice, that they can be sentenced and A few things that could help them allegedly had sex with a goat at a village not be able to hurt any other animals or strengthen these cases are photos, video not far from Elim. He was, however, dis- humans again,” said Thomas. footage and the willingness of eyewitappointed to find out that the incident Thomas said that the founding nesses to testify. “We cannot help any had occurred a week before, on 19 April. director of Women & Men Against animals without those who are willing Rather than report the matter to the Child Abuse, Ms Miranda Jordan, links to speak up for them,” said Thomas. She police immediately after it happened, the abuse of animals to child abuse. urged members of the public to report the villagers and local headman decided “It has been well researched since the bestiality or any other animal-cruelty to exact their own punishment by dress- 1980s, that cruelty towards and abuse cases they might know of immediately ing up the goat, taking it to the man and of animals is a significant indicator of to inspector Khodobo at Tel 082 965 allegedly trying to force him to marry violence towards human sexuality, and 5151. the goat. this includes rape, child rape and Because the man was never charged murder,” states Jordan. She further with the act of bestiality, he was not emphasises: “The seriousness of arrested and did not appear in court. animal cruelty cannot be minimized The local community members have, by the courts when perpetrators are from what could be established, started brought before them as by merely to dish out their own punishment. “The giving them a slap on the wrist as sad part is, this man is married with they allow a dangerous person back children and everywhere his children into their community.” now go, people are mocking them by According to Thomas, the man in making goat-like noises,” said Ms Alicia question has been caught performing Thomas of the local SPCA. similar acts on previous occasions. The SPCA confiscated the abused Regarding the last incident, the man Villagers dressed up the goat and tried to animal, which is now in safe keeping. afterwards claimed that he could not force the man to marry it in an effort to Bestiality is defined as the sexual remember what happened, as he had shame and punish him. Photo supplied. By Andries van Zyl

Former Miss Vhembe Takalani Ramarumo has made the semi-final of the Miss Township SA 2021 pageant. All she needs now is for the public to vote for her. The 25-year-old beauty from Madombidzha village started modelling in 2014 and believes in giving back to the community. “I love modelling because it reveals the philanthropist in me,” she said. The crowning of the Miss Township SA is to take place in August, though the exact date is yet to be confirmed. To vote for Takalani and show your support, follow her and her journey on her Facebook page (Takalani Ramarumo Miss Township South Africa 2021 semi-finalist). Photo supplied: MATT Fam Photography.


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LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! (LOUIS TRICHARDT, LIMPOPO) Adjacent to the N1 and bordering the town of Louis Trichardt these undeveloped pieces of farm land on sale offer a unique opportunity for the developer. The location, zoning and land size on offer allow for various possible developments, amongst others, • Rezoning and the possibility to develop various large scale“Green Field” projects, • Rezoning and the possibility to develop various large scale Industrial projects, • Rezoning and the possibility to develop various Housing projetcs and or, • Development of sizeable Small scale farming project. Electricity: Water:

None – Makhado Municipality Borehole - None (Excellent possibility for underground water - Water rich area)

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2 30 April 2021

Sexwale’s investment claims echo those of “VBS buyers” to $825 million (R12,3 billion) in investment funding. The The past week’s news conmoney was allegedly paid versations were dominated over in tranches to different by a few topics, but one that accounts, the first being the $75 kept on coming to the fore million into an FNB account. was internet scams. When Thereafter, another $75 million former Gauteng premier was paid into a VBS account. Tokyo Sexwale accused the This was followed by another SA Reserve Bank of holding tranche of $75 million, a $400 on to hundreds of millions million payment into an FNB of dollars meant for develGlobal Dollar account and opment, he was told that finally, a $200 million payment he was the victim of a scam. into a Standard Bank account. Sexwale’s claims, however, In a letter dated 30 August are very similar to those of a 2018 addressed to the Govergroup who wanted to buy the nor of the SA Reserve Bank, embattled VBS Mutual Bank Ratlabala complains about two years ago. the withholding of the funds. He explains that Africapacity This sounds familiar “is the sole beneficiary of all transfers made so far and proof of such transfers will be given In April 2019, Limpopo Mirror reported on a company to you in the meeting tor cyber security reasons”. called Africapacity’s plans to Ratlabala told the SARB that buy the about-to-be-liquidated VBS Mutual Bank. The compa- Africapacity “has gone out to China and America seeking ny, which claimed to represent investments for infrastructure the minority shareholders of projects funding for South the bank, wanted to negotiate Africa, and have secured more a deal with the liquidator, but than $USD 50 billion for such no-one seemed to believe that the company had the money for infrastructure development(s).” He then discloses that an agreesuch a transaction. ment had been reached with Africapacity’s chief investChinese partners and banks, ment officer, Enock Ratlabala, together with Manna World was adamant that enough Holdings Sovereign Trust in the funds were available to buy United States of America. VBS and to also spur developMuch like what Tokyo ments of hundreds of millions Sexwale is currently doing, in the country. This company Ratlabala accused the SARB seemed to be the elected agent of thwarting development and of an overseas benefactor who had already transferred billions denying the citizens opportunities. “The delay in release of the of rands, earmarked for such development. The only problem money has already Impacted on housing, electricity and was that the money was not water projects,” he writes and available, because the SA Reserve Bank was holding on to it. then mentions various local municipalities that should have During a press conference benefitted. He also argues that early in 2019, Africapacity the money could have averted handed out documents in many of the service delivery which it claimed that the SA protests that, at the time, were Reserve Bank was holding on By Anton van Zyl

crippling the country. “It is expected that more than 2 000 000 (Two million) jobs will be created over the term of the development,” Ratlabala said and linked it to the presidential job-creation project for the unemployed youth. “It looks like the prospect of creating jobs for youth and providing basic services for our poor communities is delayed by [the] South African Reserve Bank,” he said.

facilitated by a group calling themselves Manna World Holdings Sovereign Trust. Ratlabala was confronted with the question of whether he thought that the company might have become the victim of an elaborate international scam. “We have come across the same questions before from different stakeholders. The “lucky” We have done our own chosen ones Africapacity’s Enock Ratlabala, VBS Minority Shareholders Forum’s due diligence, on our Madambi Muvhulawa and Africapacity’s Amon Moagi at the press financial partners. Why such a small and relaconference in April 2019. Photo: Phathutshedzo Luvhengo. The local banking tively unknown company would institutions that we be chosen to be the intermediare involved with governments. The “leaders” are other official sector customary and handle investments of have also done a due diligence apparently a certain Kimberly ers. The BIS does not accept hundreds of millions (if not bil- on our guarantees and they Ann Goguen, Terrance Camer- deposits from, or offer financial lions) of dollars was not clear. are satisfied. If South African on McDonald, a self-professed services to, private individuals After being dormant for some Banks don’t have a problem, priest, and Lewis E Taylor, a or corporate entities…” years, Africapacity was resurwhy should we be worried?” he self-professed philanthropist. The reminder of BIS that rected in 2017 and in 2019 had said. Interestingly enough, the the institution does not deal two active directors, Nomzamo “The funds were also conname of “Manna” also pops up with individuals or organisaXabanisa (31) and Nombini firmed by the recent Chinese in a warning issued by the Bank tions echoes that of the SARB Xabanisa (42). The company delegation’s visit to South Afri- for International Settlements stating that individuals or did not seem to have any track ca and also the South African (BIS). This bank also featured private companies cannot open record in developments, even visit to China. Several South in part of the Sexwale claims bank accounts at the country’s though its CIO claimed that it Africans … have tried to conand is used as “proof ” that the reserve bank. served as a subsidiary company firm the funds, others tried to transactions are legitimate. The BIS also mentions that was involved in project blackmail us to get access to the In a section titled “fraudulent Manna Projects by name, but funding and development of funds and they have failed over schemes”, the BIS says: whether the reference is to the infrastructure projects that the last three years,” he said. “The name and marks of same Manna World Holdings ranged from integrated housing the Bank for International that interacted with Africapacidevelopment to shopping Settlements (BIS) are increasty remains uncertain. If there is a centres, office parks and public ingly being used in attempts to “…the BIS has received facilities. reputation, it is defraud the public, for example reports of scams initiated by In a letter addressed to the through bogus financial transletters from an institution called not a good one Reserve Bank Governor in actions, fake lotteries, fake so‘Manna Projects Consultant Sdn August 2018, Ratlabala states cial media ads and other scams. Bhd’ in respect of a ‘Socio-EcoHad proper, due diligence that his company has “gone out been done on the “funders”, In some scams, the BIS is nomic Development Initiative to China and America” seeking Africapacity might have found mentioned as the bank through Programme (SEDI Program)’. investments and has secured which payments will be made Please be aware that the BIS is that the partners are very dumore than $50 billion for infra- bious. Manna World Holdings or assets are guaranteed… not in any way associated with structure development. “The BIS would like to Manna Projects Consultant Sdn Sovereign Trust (MWHST) is Exact details of the anonremind the public that it is Bhd and the BIS is not familiar apparently some sort of cult ymous funders were not an international organisation with, and has not approved or movement, believing in a new disclosed to the media, but the supported, the ‘SEDI Program’ world order where money does providing banking services letters written to the SARB inexclusively to central banks and referred to in those letters.” not fall under the control of dicate that the “deposits” were

“Bully” accused in custody Family worried sick about missing Isaac girl confronted and physically assaulted Lufuno while a crowd The formal bail application of of onlookers took videos of the the 15-year-old girl accused of bullying. The footage soon after assaulting Lufuno Mavhunga went viral on social media. Lufuno started on Thursday, 22 April, in committed suicide later that day. the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Both girls were Grade 10 learners at Children’s Court. The girl faces the school. charges of assault GBH (the inMs Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, tention to cause grievous bodily spokesperson for the National harm). Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in This follows an incident on 12 Limpopo, said that the matter was April at Mbilwi Secondary School being dealt with in accordance outside Thohoyandou, where the with the Child Justice Act. Kgagiso Muthivhithivhi from Tshitangano Attorneys, acting as the girl’s defence council, submitted an affidavit and closed the case. According to Malabi-Dzhangi, an investigating officer in the case had testified that the child was not safe outside and should MAKHADO CARE GROUP IS A not be granted bail. NON PROFIT ORGANISATION “He (the investigating officer) pointed out WHICH ASSISTS WITH THE incidents where the CARE OF CANCER PATIENTS IN child had to be rescued before she was taken THE MAKHADO AREA to a Youth Care Centre. He said it was in the child’s best interest to CONTACT DETAILS: rather remain at the Dr Casper Venter: 082 857 0022 Youth Care Centre,” she said. Dr Emil Gaigher: 082 892 8862 The case was Jernay Mcleod: 083 403 5752 postponed until 28-29 Angela Brennan: 082 902 6271 April for a bail hearing. By Silas Nduvheni

his village. “We have in recent times the time of his disappearance,” he said. had more than three missing people Police operations and investigations in Two weeks have gone by since Isaac in this village. We don’t know what is the case are continuing. Thifhelimbilu Tshidino (37) left his happening or who is responsible for Anyone with information that can home in Mulodi Thembaluvhilo near this,” he said. “This is painting a bad assist the police in finding Tshidino Tshilamba, and no-one has seen or name for the village. We are going to should contact Detective Sergeant heard from him since. have a community meeting and see Sumbana on 071 441 2811 or 015 967 On Friday, 16 April, Tshidino told his how we can help this family.” 8000, report it to the nearest police family that he was going to the nearby Benedict Nalana, a community lead- station or on the MySAP App, or call Tshilamba town to collect money he er and the chairperson of the Mutale the Crime Stop number 08600 10111. was owed, but never mentioned from Concerned Group and whom. He is self-employed. Care, said that this Police and community search parties scourge of people going have searched everywhere for him, but missing without a trace to no avail. His disappearance has left had to be stopped. He everyone fearing the worst, considering said the community that the village is notoriously known was on the verge of for ritual murders. losing their patience Tshidino’s cousin, Tshimangadzo Ne- and they were looking gondeni, said that the family members to the police to catch were still puzzled by his mysterious those responsible for disappearance. “We can’t figure out it. “We know what is what might have happened to him, happening here, and and with so many disappearances and the sooner the police ritual murders in the village, one can act, the better, before never be certain,” Negondeni said. “We people start to take are now relying on the support of our the law into their own chief and the community. What we hands,” he said. need is the man to be safe and sound. Limpopo police If he is dead, we would at least want spokesperson Col to get his bones and give him a decent Moatshe Ngoepe burial. It is hard not knowing where a confirmed that a missloved one is.” ing-person docket had William Tshidino’s health has appar- been opened. “The man ently also been badly affected by his was wearing a black, son’s disappearance. long-sleeved shirt, Isaac Thifhelimbilu Tshidino from Mulodi ThemThe local traditional leader, Patrick black jeans and black baluvhilo near Tshilamba has been missing for two Nemulodi, said he was concerned tekkies and carrying weeks now. about the disappearance of people in a black school bag at By Maanda Bele


Traditional leader faced with kidnapping charges police were investigating a case of kidnapping. The suspects appeared A well-known former principal in the Tshaulu Periodic Court on and the traditional leader of Friday, 23 April, and both are still Tshikonelo-Tshiawelo village in custody. They will re-appear in near Basani outside Malamulele, court again on Thursday, 29 April, Vhamusanda Mudzulathungo for a bail application. Mmbi (66), along with Shumani The arrest of the two men has Luvhengo (33), is facing charges sparked cause for great concern of kidnapping a young man. among villagers, who complain Provincial police spokesperson about ritual murders, kidnapping Brig Motlafela Mojapelo told the and attempted murder cases that media that a 34-year-old man have been unresolved for many stated that he was drinking at a years. Villagers point fingers at the local tavern, called Chicago Eating police for dragging their feet in House, on Monday evening, 19 arresting suspects involved in ritual April. At around 20:00, he alleged- murders. They resolved to show ly found himself in the middle of their contempt for this neglect by the bush at Nyabane village. The the police by blocking roads leading police suspect that he might have to Tshikonelo and its sub-section been drugged somehow and taken villages, such as Tshiawelo and there. The victim then noticed two Lombard. men, whom he identified as Mmbi Ms Octavia Phalanndwa told the and Luvhengo. He allegedly heard media that her brother, Steven Muone of them saying that he was not lalo Phalanndwa, had gone missing the one they were looking for and on 28 March, shortly before Good that they should let him go. He Friday, and had never been found. managed to escape and phoned his “We have searched everywhere - on father, who came and took him to the mountain, at relatives and nearTshaulu Police Station to report the by communities, but Steven was incident. The two suspects were nowhere to be found,” she said. arrested shortly afterwards. Another villager, Ms Thivhilaeli Mojapelo said the Tshaulu Mutheiwana, said that her daughter (who could not be named to protect her identity) escaped being kidnapped and killed about two weeks ago. She went to the outside toilet and heard voices talking close by and started to shout for help. The unknown intruders disappeared, but when they searched the area, they found a knife, rope and muti, rolled in plastic. They suspect Steven Mulalo Phalanndwa went missing on 28 March. Photo: SAPS someone involved with ritual murders had been there. Tshaulu. By Silas Nduvheni

30 April 2021 3

Accident on Madombidzha road claims “Olly Onyango” Ngwana people. Mr Fhatuwani Ngwana said the Shockwaves rippled through the members of the family were heartentire Vhembe District with news of broken. “There are things that we as the death of the well-known former human beings cannot change. We all goalkeeper and trainer/coach of have to accept those things and go on Madombidzha Arsenal, Emmanuel with life,” he said. “Olly Onyango” Ngwana (32), who The secretary of Madombidzha Ardied in a car accident on Wednesday senal, Mr Trinity Tshivhula, said that night, 21 April. the football family had lost one of its According to provincial police pillars. “We were all shocked when we spokesperson Brig Motlafela Mojapeheard of Ngwana’s death,” Tshivhula lo, Ngwana was travelling with other said. people in a bakkie on the D959 Road Tshivhula described Ngwana as a between Madombidzha and Makhado ‘brave’ former player who helped the Air Force Base when the driver tried young and who was loyal to the team to avoid timber falling into the road and to his fellow men. He emphafrom a delivery truck in front of them. sised that Ngwana was a fallen hero The truck allegedly had no working who had always been involved in the lights. The bakkie capsized on the side development of soccer. He said that of the road and Ngwana and Rambeeveryone was in deep mourning over lani Nwedo (31) were killed, while five Ngwana’s death. more passengers, including the driver, Soccer fans will remember him were injured. for his excellent goalkeeping tactics. The five injured passengers were Tshivhula said it would be difficult to rushed to the Louis Trichardt Memoreplace Ngwana, as he was extremely rial Hospital for medical treatment. dedicated to his career. They were later discharged. Ms Tshililo Nwedo said that losing Mojapelo confirmed that a case of someone you loved was painful, and culpable homicide had been opened. that the loss was still difficult to deal The exact cause of the accident is yet with. “We understand and accept that to be determined. our beloved child is gone, but it will be The ‘Road of Death’ between Sinthu- very hard to live without him. We wish mule and Kutama has now claimed 15 to acknowledge the community’s suplives since October 2019. Communities port since we received the bad news have been complaining about the state and thank everyone. God has done his of this road, with its dangerous potwill,” she said. holes, for a long time. Re-construction Nwedo will be buried at Tshiozwi thereof started two months ago, yet today (Thursday, 29 April) and Ngin the last month alone, five accidents wana at Madombidzha on Saturday, 1 occurred between the D959 and D3715 May. Both funeral services will start at roads, killing three and injuring 12 06:00. By Kaizer Nengovhela

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Rambelani Nwedo died in a car accident with Emmanuel Ngwana last Wednesday. Photo supplied.

Emmanuel “Olly Onyango” Ngwana is no more. Photo supplied.


4 30 April 2021

Infighting at CPA halts development on Melkhoutkopjes re-elected. In 2013, a new executive committee was elected, and things started moving in a new direction. The infighting among members of the MamTshinane Eric Mukwevho became the CPA’s phodo Mushasha Begwa Community Property chairperson. In court papers filed to support the Association (CPA) has effectively destroyed application for an interdict, Mukwevho explains a once productive farm and stopped further that elections were again held in 2018, and the development. The animosity has reached same committee members were re-elected, presuch a degree that the current management sumably for another five-year term. tried to obtain a court interdict at the end of In the affidavit filed by Mukwevho, he boasts 2020 to stop a group, calling themselves the about the achievements of the current CPA ex“Concerned Group”, from interfering with ecutive. The number of beneficiaries has grown activities on the farms. Accusations of the to more than 500. The committee also formed abuse of funds and personal enrichment have a private company, Eliomart Pty Ltd, to seek also been made. funding and further develop the farm. In 2016, Around 2006, the land claim on the farm the Department of Rural Development and Land Melkhoutkopjes 314 was settled. The land claim Reform allocated R6,7 million for the Eliomart was gazetted in May 2004 and included an area farming project. of almost 4 000 hectares southeast of Louis Eliomart Pty Ltd was registered as a private Trichardt, adjacent to the Ben Lavin Nature company in March 2015. Later that year, five Reserve, mostly east of the N1. directors were added to the company, namely When the land claim was filed, the biggest Mulunde Walter Maseko, Lucky Mashasha, part of Melkhoutkopjes (1 500 ha) belonged to Ntshengedzeni Gift Mukwevho, Tshinane Eric the Menné family. This family had moved into Mukwevho and Derick Mushasha. All of them the area in 1875. The farm Melkhoutkopjes was indicate their home addresses as in Gauteng. officially proclaimed in 1886, and in 1890 the “The farming activities have now become adjacent Boskopjes was proclaimed. more effective and efficient with advanced farmThe late Mr Peter Menné was in favour of the ing equipment which has now seen production land claim being awarded to the Begwa comlevels escalating with farm produce being sold munity, but he asked that Melkhoutkopjes and for a profitable cause and for the ultimate lawful Boskopjes be combined. A large part of the farm distribution for the benefit of all verified benefi(1100 ha) belonged to the estate of the late Mr ciaries,” says Mukwevho in his affidavit. Martin Armitage. Mukwevho adds that the farm employs 32 When the land was handed back in 2006, the people, but then states that more beneficiaries CPA had roughly 100 verified members. The first were offered employment opportunities, which chairperson of the CPA was Edward Mamphothey initially accepted, but “thereafter refuse to do. In 2010, when the executive committee’s work claiming that they wanted office work and term ended, elections were held, and they were not farm labour”. In the affidavit, Mukwevho talks about the animosity that has arisen between the former executive committee members and the new committee. He alleges that the opposition group damaged infrastructure on the farms and threatened to further disrupt activities. He alleges that in November 2020, the group of dissenters Published by Zoutnet CC, trading as Limpopo Mirror of 16B Joubert Street, Louis Trichardt. Typographically prepared by the proprietors looted almost three quarters of the harvest. and printed by D Brits, 1 Jeppe Street, Louis Trichardt Charges were laid with the Makhado police, but no arrests were made. POSTAL ADDRESS PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Mukwevho argues in his affidavit that several attempts to try and resolve the issue via dialogue Audited TELEPHONES: Distribution were unsuccessful and that is why they had to Figures Louis Trichardt: (015) 516 4996/7 By Bernard Chiguvare and Anton van Zyl

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approach the court for relief. The court proceedings are still continuing. On Saturday, 17 April, more than 50 members of the “Concerned Group” gathered at the farm to discuss the burning issues regarding the CPA. Some of the beneficiaries were transported by bus from areas such as Madombidzha. Others came from Masia, but the turnout was not as was hoped for. “The chairperson of the old committee confused the beneficiaries. He informed them that the meeting was cancelled, but we still called them together to come for this important meeting,” said Mr Solomon Ramurembiwa, the interim chairperson for the Concerned Group. According to Ramurembiwa, a new committee was supposed to be elected after the three-yearterm had expired. “Instead, the same committee continued to run it for eight years. The beneficiaries have lost their trust in this committee and now want a new committee to be elected,”

he said. Ramurembiwa accused the current CPA committee of misusing funds. He referred to the R6,7 million received and said that the money was used to buy farming equipment such as a tractor, a truck and a bakkie that was meant for the CPA’s use. “These vehicles were not registered in the CPA’s name, but in an individual’s name. We want to know where all the farming implements and machinery that were bought for use on the land have gone. Furthermore, the land was divided into wrong portions,” said Solomon. William Ramurembiwa (88), who claims to be the oldest beneficiary of the CPA, said: “This is our land. My father was born and buried on this farm. I too was born on this farm, so I am happy to see people start projects on this land.” The current committee refused to respond, saying that the matter is now at the Limpopo High Court’s local division in Thohoyandou.

Some members of the Mamphodo Mushasha Begwa Community Property Association (CPA), known as the Concerned Group, recently got together to discuss issues regarding the CPA. William Ramurembiwa (88), sitting in the front (right), is the oldest beneficiary and says that he was born and raised on the farm.

Mayor optimistic that water projects will be completed By Bernard Chiguvare The executive mayor of Vhembe, Cllr Dowelani Nenguda, said that he was optimistic that water and human settlement projects in the district would soon be completed. This follows a consultation held with stakeholders last week at the Makhado Show Grounds with the advisor of the Minister of the Department of Human Settlement, Water and Sanitation, Ndivhuwo Mabaya, and a team from the National Department. Mabaya explained that the engagement was to listen to the concerns of residents from Vhembe District Municipality, in preparation for the Minister of the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, Ms Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu’s visit to the district. “The purpose of the meeting was to engage and share with stakeholders on the projects prioritised by the department. We also are happy to take note of what stakeholders added to our priorities,” said Mabaya. These visits will be conducted countrywide as a way of sharing information about developments and opportunities available for businesspeople, as well as job opportunities for young people. Nenguda pleaded with the department to speed up water and housing projects in the district. “I believe that, if the Mowkop water project is completed during this financial year, people of Sinthumule-Kutama will have a consistent water supply. Sinthumule-Kutama residents depend on this water project. The project has been there for a long time; therefore we encourage the department to speed up the process,” said Nenguda. He also requested stakeholders at the meeting to inform communities to be patient as the district is now rolling out the bulk infrastructure distribution plan, which will be augmented by boreholes. According to Nenguda, the district is upgrading the water-purification plants at Mhinga, Xikundu, Thathe Vondo and Damani. He encouraged traditional leaders, civic structures,

councillors, ward committees and members of society to advise their communities not to connect to water sources illegally, as this infringes the rights of other citizens. Nenguda also encouraged municipalities to be transparent when allocating RDP houses or building toilets for the communities. In its presentation, the department pointed out short-, medium- and long-term interventions. According to the department, financial interventions by the Minister require R44 million for the short term, R350 million for the medium term and R130 million for long-term interventions. The upgrade of the Nandoni Water

treatment work will cost R586,5 million. Limpopo Mirror has repeatedly reported on Musina residents’ dissatisfaction over the inconsistent water supply, and the Vhembe District Municipality’s failure to attend to their concerns. Musina residents believe that Musina Municipality can run its own water affairs. In response to Limpopo Mirror’s enquiry, Mabaya advised Musina residents to make a proposal to the department to support their plea. After the meeting, the department’s representatives, the executive mayor and stakeholders visited Mowkop water reservoir and the Valdezia RDP housing projects.

Ndivhuwo Mabaya, adviser to the Minister of Human Settlement, Water and Sanitation, and a team from the National Department visited the district for a stakeholders consultation. Photo: Bernard Chiguvare.


30 April 2021 5

Residents from Magangeni, Mbhokota and Riverplaats blocked the D3839 Road, as well as the road from Elim to Vleifontein, protesting against poor service delivery by the Makhado Municipality.

The learners’ representative at Jim Chavani Secondary School, Precious Chauke, delivered a speech on behalf of the school during the mass funeral service of the six learners who died in a car crash on Friday, 16 April. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Six learners of Jim Chavani who died in bakkie accident laid to rest vehicle on the D98 road and smashed into a house. The The Minister of Education, vehicle overturned, instantly Ms Angie Motshekga, MEC killing six, while eight more for Education in Limpopo children were seriously injured. Ms Polly Boshielo and the “I understand how difficult mayor of the Collins Chabane it must be for the parents and Local Municipality, Moses family of the deceased learners Maluleke, attended the mass to cope. Losing a child is one of funeral service held for the the hardest things, but we are six Grade 11 learners of Jim here to offer our condolences Chabane High in Xikundu vil- and comfort to them,” said lage outside Malamulele who Motshekga. “I want to reassure died in a car crash on Friday, the family that the sun will one 16 April. The service was held day shine again. Keep strong; at the Saselamani Stadium on we are on your side.” Friday, 23 April. One of the learners, Vukosi Ringani, was buried in his The deceased children home village of Saselamani reportedly hitch-hiked home last Thursday, while Nhaluko after school and got a lift from Maluleke, Vuxaza Chauke, Ria 19-year-old man. The young hlampfu Xivutiso and Tommy man allegedly drove at a high Masipenda were buried on speed, lost control over the Friday. Themba Nyambi was By Silas Nduvheni

buried the next day (Saturday). Mr Emmanuel Ndobe, Jim Chavani High’s principal, said the accident had left a void at the school. The school recently celebrated their good 2020 matric results, with a pass rate of 97.2%. Ndobe said that they never thought that their high spirits would plunge into such a state of sorrow so soon. Precious Chauke, the learners’ representative at Jim Chavani High, said that she was deeply saddened by the tragic loss of her fellow learners and that school would never be the same without them. She called on the Department of Education to provide transport for school children, as many had to travel more than five kilometres to and from school.

Minister of Basic Education Ms Angie Motshekga (seated left) and MEC for Education in Limpopo Ms Polly Boshielo (on the right) attend the funeral of the six learners of Jim Chavani Secondary who died in a car crash on Friday, 16 April. The service was held at the Saselamani Stadium on Friday, 23 April. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Roads at Elim and Vleifontein get blocked as residents protest By Bernard Chiguvare

Residents from Magangeni, Mbhokota, and Riverplaats blocked the D3839 Road, as well as the road from Elim to Vleifontein, on more than one occasion the past month, protesting about poor service delivery by the Makhado Municipality. Residents want the D3839 Road to be tarred. They also demand a clinic in their area and reliable water sources. According to Makhado Municipality’s spokesperson, Louis Bobodi, the mayor addressed the protesters two weeks ago. “The mayor promised to escalate the concerns of the protesters to the relevant departments. He also

advised the protesters to come up with seven members who will represent the community whenever they have issues that they want to get across,” said Bobodi. However, Gilbert Khumalo, one of the protesters, told Limpopo Mirror that they were not going to stop until their concerns had been given full attention. Salaza Khosa, chairperson of the Waterval Community Forum, claims that a clinic once existed in Magangeni, where residents who suffered from chronic diseases collected their medication, but this clinic was apparently closed in 1994. “Since the clinic was closed, these people have had to travel for about seven kilometres for

medication, and most of them cannot afford transport fare,” said Khosa. He produced a letter addressed to the National Department of Health dated 19 August 2019, in which the forum complained that the department did not respond to the numerous letters that had been sent to them since 2013. In the last letter, the forum raised the issue of building a clinic at Magangeni. Mike Masingi, one of the community members, said the D3839 Road was inaccessible, especially during rainy days. The road became slippery and learners struggle to get to school, he added. The community is demanding that the road be tarred.

Simply place your till slip, with your name & contact number in the entry box provided. Promo runs froom 10 April 2021 to 10 May 2021. Draw date 11 May 2021.

072 832 6488 / 015 516 0180 *Terms & Conditions Apply

Congratulations to our winners! Who have each won BIG in our GRAND OPENING PROMOTION.

Thohoyandou TBWA\ Hunt \ Lascaris \ Durban\90913

Stand 602, Punda Maria Road, Block K Tel: 015 962 1670


6 30 April 2021

Duthuni-Tshiawelo villagers fed-up with “bad” water R15m upgrade for weighbridge By Silas Nduvheni

The police in Thohoyandou had to use rubber bullets to disperse a crowd of angry community members from Duthuni-Tshiawelo near Phiphidi village outside Thohoyandou last Tuesday (20 April). The protesters said that they had had it with the Vhembe District Municipality’s empty promises of clean drinking water. Police members also had their hands full to clear the road from

Phiphidi Mapitas and the Phiphidi crossing to allow for safe traffic flow as the protesters barricaded the road with rocks and tree branches. Mr Khathutshelo Takalani, one of the members of the group calling themselves the Concerned Communities in Duthuni-Tshiawelo, said that they had had to do without clean running water for long enough. “Since 26 March last year, the Vhembe District Municipality promised us that we will get clean water from the reservoir, but

nothing is coming up. We live right next to the Vondo Water Scheme, but still we have no clean water from our taps,” said Takalani. According to Takalani, the communities have to rely on water from dirty wells, such as Tshangulume and Tshamudingi, and they fear that drinking or even using this dirty water for cooking could put their health at risk. “We resolved at a meeting to barricade the road from Mapitas-Nzhelele and the Phiphidi crossing as a way to show our seriousness on the

matter. We have also decided not to vote during the coming local government election if our demands are not met,” Takalani added. Ms Graca Zitha, another resident of Duthuni-Tshiawelo, said that living without clean water from taps was a nightmare. She said that they had to travel a few kilometres from the villages for water at the wells and feared getting bitten by snakes or being raped. The spokesperson for the Vhembe District Municipality, Mr Matodzi Ralushai, said that the district, who is after all the Water Services Authority, was hard at work to resolve the water challenges in affected areas such as Duthuni and others. “We are currently upgrading the Vondo Water Scheme, so that it can carry and supply more villages around with clean water. The scheme was built some years ago and, as more new villages developed, we were suddenly met with water challenges in those areas,” said Ralushai.

Some of the women in Duthuni-Tshiawelo have to fetch water from dirty wells at Tshamudingi for cooking and consumption. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.



The Settlement Agreement in the Silicosis and Tuberculosis class action reached between six settling mining companies - African Rainbow Minerals, Anglo American SA, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Harmony and Sibanye-Stillwater – and the claimant attorneys, was approved by the High Court in Johannesburg on 26 July 2019 and came into effect on 10 December 2019 after all conditions had been fulfilled. All claims made against the settling mining companies and their affiliates arising from or related to Silicosis and Tuberculosis, including the class action that was initiated before the High Court, are settled in accordance with terms of the Settlement Agreement. You may be eligible to claim compensation if: 1. you were a gold mineworker between 12 March 1965 and 10 December 2019; 2. you worked at one or more of the Qualifying Mines (see list below) at times those mines were owned or managed by the settling mining companies; 3. you undertook work that exposed you to silica dust; and 4. you have contracted Silicosis or Tuberculosis OR you are a Dependant (for example, the wife, child or life partner) of such a gold mineworker who passed away. PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE CAREFULLY AS IT MAY AFFECT YOUR RIGHTS.

WHO IS INCLUDED IN THE SETTLEMENT? The Settlement applies to all Class members. You are a Class member if you meet all the requirements of any of the following four classes: Class 1: All persons: 1. who as at 10 December 2019 were undertaking, or prior to 10 December 2019 have undertaken Risk Work. Risk Work is defined in the Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works Act, 1973 as work performed by a person that is exposed to dust of which the composition or concentration is harmful or potentially harmful, including working underground at a gold mine; 2. who on or before 10 December 2019 have or will have contracted Silicosis or will have been exposed to silica dust; 3. who undertake or have undertaken Risk Work on one or more of the Qualifying Mines (see list below) after 12 March 1965; and 4. who did not settle their claims in previously finalised settlements with Anglo American South Africa Limited and AngloGold Ashanti Limited on 14 March 2016 and Anglo American South Africa Limited on 19 September 2013, respectively. Class 2: The dependants of any of the persons contemplated in Class 1 above who were deceased as at 10 December 2019.

He said that affected communities who faced water shortages, especially those near the Vondo water scheme, would have clean running water from their taps as soon as the upgrading of the water system was completed.

Class 3: All persons: 1. who as at 10 December 2019 were undertaking, or prior to 10 December 2019 have undertaken, Risk Work; 2. who on, before or after 10 December 2019 have or will have contracted Tuberculosis; and 3. who undertake or have undertaken Risk Work on one or more of the Qualifying Mines (see list below) after 12 March 1965. Class 4: The dependants of any of the persons contemplated in Class 3 above who were deceased as at 10 December 2019.

WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF THE SETTLEMENT? The Tshiamiso Trust has been established to carry out the terms of the settlement and to pay monetary compensation to eligible claimants. An eligible claimant will be entitled to receive a once-off payment of between R10 000 and R250 000, depending on the nature and seriousness of the disease and harm suffered by such claimant. In some severe cases, an eligible claimant may be able to receive a larger amount, up to R500 000. • An eligible claimant is a person who is a member of any of the classes referred to above and who meets the requirements of the Tshiamiso Trust to receive monetary compensation. • All class members can and are invited to submit a claim to the Tshiamiso Trust for monetary compensation, except for class members who opted out of the settlement.

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomed the allocation of R15 million for the upgrading of the Mampakuil weighbridge on the N1 between Botlokwa and Louis Trichardt. The Mampakuil weighbridge has been neglected for years and is not in a good condition, the party said. An old and dilapidated caravan is being used as a guardroom and temporary office buildings are being used. “There is no place to put the loads that are reduced from the vehicles that are overloaded,” said the DA in Limpopo’s spokesperson on Transport and Community Safety, Ms Katlego Phala. She said that the disorganised conditions at the weighbridge were unwelcome at this stage. “It is also the only weighbridge with a manual weighing system, as opposed to the more modern systems used at other weighbridges where trucks have dedicated lanes as they approach the weighbridge, and a robot directs them to the scale,” she said. According to Phala, the weighbridge has also been an occupational hazard for employees as it is not very visible from the N1, except for the green board with a small font. “The weighbridge’s effectiveness is dependent on traffic control officials on the main road to stop trucks. In 2020, a traffic official died at this very same weighbridge after he was hit by a vehicle while trying to stop another vehicle,” she said. Phala stressed that the R15 million allocated for the Mampakuil weighbridge upgrade should be used for a dedicated lane guiding trucks to the weighbridge, the installation of visible boards, as well as road signs and a new, properly built and installed modern infrastructure in order to improve the working conditions and performance.

• Claimants who live in South Africa can call the Trust’s toll free call centre number 080 1000 240 to make an appointment at their closest lodgement office in South Africa. • Claimants who live outside of South Africa can call the Trust’s call back number 00 27 10 500 6186 to make an appointment at a lodgement office in their country. Please note that when calling this number, it will sound like it is busy. The call will then drop and then someone from the call centre will call you back. Depending on your mobile or landline network service provider, you might need to have some airtime to initiate the call. Please note that the call centre operates only from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Please only call during that time. 4) On the day of your appointment, please bring with you all the Lodgement Documents you have to the lodgement office. The Claims Lodgement Officer will advise on what can be done in respect of missing Lodgement Documents. 5) All claimants will be biometrically tested (fingerprints etc.) to confirm their identity conclusively. 6) If required, a benefit medical examination will be arranged. This will also be by appointment. 7) Thereafter your claim will be considered by the Medical Certification Panel and the Trust Certification Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Trust. 8) Once approved, the monetary compensation due to you will be paid into the claimants verified bank account in accordance with the provisions of the Trust.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit www.tshiamisotrust.com

• Details of how to submit a claim are provided below, and on the website www.tshiamisotrust.com. The full terms of the Settlement Agreement as well as the Court’s decision approving the Settlement Agreement are available on the website www.tshiamisotrust.com or can be obtained from the Tshiamiso Trust (contact details below).



Tel: If you live inside South Africa 080 1000 240 If you live outside South Africa 00 27 10 500 6186

HOW TO LODGE A CLAIM WITH THE TSHIAMISO TRUST: CLAIMS PROCEDURE: Please follow these steps: 1) You can check if your details are on the Tshiamiso Trust’s database and whether you have a potential claim by going to this page on the Tshiamiso Trust website https://www.tshiamisotrust.com/status-check/. You can also call the Trust’s call centre to check your details and whether you have a potential claim. 2) The above website and call centre will also tell you what Lodgement Documents you must submit as part of lodging your claim. These documents may include the following: • a copy of your identity document, passport or evidence of your employee/ industry number; • if you are a Dependant (for example, the wife, child or life partner) of a gold mineworker who passed away, a copy of the identity document, passport or evidence of an employee/industry number of such deceased person; • your service records at any Qualifying Mine (see list below). 3) Each potential claimant will need to book an appointment to lodge his/her claim by calling the Trust’s call centre. There are 50 claims lodgement offices located in South Africa and the SADC region. The call centre will book your appointment at an office closest to where you live. Each claimant must lodge his/her claim in person.

Email: info@tshiamisotrust.com Whatsapp: (+27) 87 250 0066 Website: www.tshiamisotrust.com

Participating mines

SA Land Daggafontein East Daggafontein Elandsrand Deelkraal (also called Elandskraal) Kusasalethu Western Holdings (1,2,3,4,6,7) (ARMGold) Matjhabeng (Western Holdings other 4 shafts Kudu, Nyala, Sable, Eland which were former Freddies and Free State Geduld shafts) Saaiplaas 2,3 Saaiplaas 4,5 (Masimong) (FreeGold 3) Free State Geduld Free State Cons

FreeGold 2 and 4 Freddies 7 and 9 (to Kades Barnea cc, Pamodzi, Target mine) Freegold 2, 4 (Tshepong, Phakisa) President Brand President Steyn Steyn 1,2 (to Kades Barnea, Pamodzi, Bambanani) Steyn 3,4 (FreeGold 1, then Bambanani) Brand 1, 2, 3, 5 (Steyn 5 to 8) HJ Joel / Joel Western Reefs (merged with Vaal Reefs) Vaal Reefs (1,3,4,5,6,7) Vaal Reefs 2 Vaal Reefs 8 (Great Noligwa)

Vaal Reefs 9 (Kopanang) Vaal Reefs 10 (Tau Lekoa) Vaal Reefs 11 (Moab Khotsong) Western Deep Levels Mponeng (South Mine WDL 1) Tau Tona (East Mine WDL 3) Savuka (West Mine WDL 2) St Helena Evander (incl Kinross, Leslie, Bracken and Winkelhaak mines) Randfontein Estates Doornkop Cooke 1, 2 and 3 (Rand Uranium) Cooke 4 (Ezulwini) Unisel

Harmony mine Merriespruit Hartebeesfontein Loraine (Shafts 1,2 and 3) Zandpan Virginia mine Village Main Reef Western Areas (to South Deep) South Deep Beatrix (including Oryx) Oryx (to Beatrix) Driefontein (including East Driefontein, West Driefontein and Driefontein Cons) Kloof (including Leeudoorn from 1 Jan 1993, Libanon and Venterspos) St Helena (Beisa section)


30 April 2021 7


8 30 April 2021

Art & Entertainment Queen of Tshivenda Afro Jazz releases new album ble musical tour to Maseru, Lesotho, in 2017. Tshivenda Afro Jazz She said of her new album: music lovers woke up to “Malondolo is already a a distinctive, captivating, respectable brand in and and gorgeous sound last outside the borders of our Friday when their cherished country, and I had to make and undisputed queen sure that we give people of Tshivenda Afro Jazz, above-average musical taste. Malondolo, released her There is no need to rush when new album, titled Tshifhinyou want to produce good ga. things. That’s why it took me Those who have been two years to prepare for this following her music for the extraordinary seven-track past 15 years will concur that album. I have been in the Malondolo has become like music industry for years, and wine that matures with time. I have to ensure that each Malondolo, whose real name album becomes an upgrade is Londolani Ramulongo, of my previous offerings,” she hails from Maungani village, said jubilantly. just a stone’s throw away from The 2012 Tshivenda Music Thohoyandou. Awards (Tshima) Best Afro Malondolo is not a novice Jazz title holder said she was in the music industry. She happy that her latest album, shot to stardom after the which was recorded at release of her single, Ndi a Worship House Studio, was Livhuwa, in 2010. She has received with enthusiasm. performed at high-profile “It was not a surprise events such as the Mapungu- that I am receiving bwe Music Festival, sharing many calls since the stage with legends such as the title track Simpiwe Dana, Ringo, Jonas was played Gwangwa, Thandiswa Mazon radio wai, Letta Mbulu and Caiphus just a day Semenya. Besides performing after its at high-profile venues such release. as the Bassline in JohannesThe burg, she has also performed demand in France, accompanied by is very local band Vhembe Heritage high, and we during the FIMU Music Feswill make sure tival. She also made a name that the supply for herself when she thrilled is enough for evmusic lovers on her memora- eryone who needs Entertainment

the music. I am also on a very aggressive social-media drive to market the album, and the response is overwhelming.” Tshifhinga is a must-have for all Tshivenda Afro Jazz music lovers, and it contains the hit songs Mu vuseni, Munna wa lufuno, O ni divha, Nwana wa munwe, I love you, Lufuno and Tshifhinga. All songs were composed by Malondolo herself and the album was produced by Khodani Nevhutalu. For bookings and music sales, she can be contacted on 079 359 6022. She is available on Facebook (Malondolo Londolani) Instagram (Malondolo), LinkedIn (Malondolo), Twitter (Malondolo) and on email malondolo@ The undisgmail.com puted queen of Tshivenda Afro Jazz, Malondolo, has released her new album titled Tshifhinga. Photo supplied.

2020/21 Line-Up 06:00 - 09:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY Production team: Roxy Millicent Munyai and Ivy Makamuni Mashava

09:00 - 12:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY TSIVHUDZO - Advice to listeners who are at work, home and shoppers.

Production team: Ndivhuho Malisha

12:00 - 15:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY THE BRIDGE + KIDDIES SHOW 14H30-15H00 - Youth development program.

Production team: DJ Gogo Eunice Muthambi

15:00 - 18:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY YO WA - After work and on route to and from different places.

Production team: Thabelo Fortune Mavhona and Divhambele Mulaudzi

18:00 - 21:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY Production team: MASWA MASWA /LE TINTSWA - variety Sports - 18:00 - 19:00 (sports news, fixtures, results,and interviews and phone in Tshifhiwa Sibadela Current Affairs - 19:00 - 20:00 (Current news, interviews and phone ins) Did you know - 20:00 - 21:00 (Special community announcements/memorials) 21:00 - 00:00 MONDAY TO THURSDAY ROMANTICF BREEZE/lover corner After work and on route to and from different places.

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The award-winning Tshivenḓa author, Khalirendwe Nekhavhambe, an avid promoter of literature written in indigenous languages, has published yet another inspiring book, titled Ndi Zwa Mulovha. The book was published as part of a ‘community publishing programme’ by the Centre for the Book, an agency of the National Library of South Africa, who says that Ndi Zwa Mulovha affirms Khalirendwe’s talent as a writer. “I am really fulfilled being a writer. I’m not going anywhere, I will continue to write,” the author said excitedly. Ndi Zwa Mulovha tells the story of a young woman called Matodzi, who comes from a royal family but lack morals. She is the shame of her mother, who wishes to see her behave herself. “Just imagine a child in a royal family, dishonouring her own mother and other people in the family. But I’m not keen to reveal too much, lest I spoil the read,” Khalirendwe said with a twinkle in her eye. She can well be described as an expert when it comes to indigenous literature, as she is

fully dedicated to telling contemporary stories in Tshivenda, which is her mother tongue. Khalirendwe is the winner of the Maskew Miller Longman Literature Award 2014 for her ground-breaking drama, titled Ganuko a li vhusi tshalo, published by Pearson and recommended as a prescribed book for Grade 11 pupils. She was also a finalist for the South African Literary Awards’ K Sello Duiker Memorial Award in 2014 for Ganuko a li vhuisi tshalo. “I don't even know if there's a story behind my being a writer, other than that I create stories through my own as well as the experiences of the people around me,” she told Limpopo Mirror. “Everywhere I go, I see stories, stories that need my attention, that want to be written.” She discovered her writing talent when she was still in primary school. At that time, she was reading profusely and felt really inspired by the literature she read. She was largely inspired by the writing of Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Samuel Ngwedzeni Tshovhota. She loves their writing because it speaks directly to the reader. “Tshovhota's stories would have you roll on the ground

with bouts of laughter,” she said. “He is one humorous writer. Wa Thiong’o teaches us writers to be consistent in our writing, and I love that.” Her second book is a novel titled Zwo da ngae. Besides writing, she runs a successful casting agency that staffs most SABC dramas and other production companies. Khalirendwe is a good example that Tshivenda is a viable language in the literary world. She is available on Facebook and can be called on Tel 083 325 2177.

Award-winning Tshivenḓa author Khalirendwe Nekhavhambe is an avid promotor of literature written in indigenous languages. Picture supplied.

Meek Enk wants to nourish his fellow youths

Tel: 079 174 1830 E-mail: makhadofm13@gmail.com

SUMBANDILA - The programme is for listeners who are on the road to work, school or any destination in the morning

Another inspiring read by award-winning author


those days and smile with contentment.” Vhulenda Samuel MahAt one stage he met wasane is a popular local multi-talented artist Transyoung hip-hop artist with an former, who formerly helped impressive fan base. manage Mty’e Rec, and enMeek Enk, as he is known couraged him (Transformer) to his followers, fell in to join the recording studio love with music at a very where he (Meek Enk) reyoung age, as he was always leased songs such as Tshisole surrounded by good music 1-3, My Name, Nne Mune, - be it at home or in taxis to and Demon. Thohoyandou. He hails from “I met many people in the Muledane village. music industry with whom “I started writing my own I’d worked, and at some stage songs when I was only 13, our paths separated again,” and I caught the attention he said. “But don’t ask me of Murendeni Rambau, who why we separated, for that’s saw me performing one of just part of growth – you the songs I wrote myself,” he don’t mature if you stay said. “He told me to take my in one place all the time. gift seriously. I immediately You have got to spread your started looking for a recordwings.” ing studio and found Creative This young artist’s desire Records, who instantly is to use his popularity to recorded my first track, titled bring positive change into All Night.” other young people’s lives. He Meek Enk started a music believes that, as much as they fellowship with like-minded like to listen to his music, artists such as Yang Base, they are likely to listen to him Young Kay, Early Kid, Lil too if he were to speak with B and Small Kid, whose them directly. “I don’t claim purpose was to nourish one to be a motivational speakanother’s talents and skills er, but I feel that I am the through underground perfor- right person to encourage mances. “That partnership my fellow youths,” he said. helped us all grow as artists Meek Enk can be followed as we freely criticized one on Facebook and reached on another constructively,” he Tel 060 714 4613. said. “I always look back to By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Local artist Meek Enk. Picture supplied.


30 April 2021 9

Art & Entertainment Zex Mr Pain bounces back with new album Daddy why is about a father who tells his children he is leaving Mpho Maguwelele (24), also for work, and never returns to the known as Zex Mr Pain in the mu- family, while Vha zwi divhe is a love sic fraternity, has made a booming song. “It tells the listener to create comeback with his most recent memorable moments, in order to six-track album, which promises get the best out of your love life, to set music platforms ablaze. and Thi ngo hangwa suggests that Zex Mr Pain does not allow his one should always forgive those physical disabilities to stand in the who have wronged them but should way of establishing himself as a never forget what they have done, so social persona. His album is titled that they do not fall victim to their Ngudo, which means ‘lesson’ and abuse the next time,” he explained. comprises the songs Mmane (feaDuring the time when the world turing Vha-Kay), Daddy why, Vha still tried to come to terms with the zwi divha, Thi ngo hangwa, Musiki Covid-19 pandemic, Zex composed dzhenelela (featuring Ntsieni), and and recorded Musiki dzhenelela, Tshinyeke (featuring Rol-Dee). in which he calls upon God to Mmane’s lyrics are about a stepintervene. “The last song is called mother who abuses her stepchild Tshinyeke, which is a beautiful love in the father’s absence. “This is a song, featuring Rol Dee. In this serious case in today’s society, and song, we praise a beautiful woman, I feel that it needs to be addressed in spite of her colour, suggesting widely and in all forms,” he said. that all women from all races are By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

beautiful.” Zex holds the belief that people should embrace a positive attitude towards life at all times, as it helps one to deal with the hard times. “Throughout our whole life journey, we learn many lessons that help shape the social beings that we ultimately become,” he said. “All we need to do is teach the next generation these same lessons, so that they do not have to learn the hard way,” he said. Zex runs his own studio, is a rapper, vocalist, and songwriter. “I live music and express my feelings when I sing. This is the only way I can communicate with my audience, and it keeps me free from the pains of life,” he said. “It is very sad to hear about all the murder, rape and drug abuse among young people,” he said. “Let’s rather wage a war against

crime and poverty and make the world a better place.” Zex Mr Pain is available on most social media platforms and can be contacted on Tel 079 968 0245. Zex Mr Pain creates his own music. Picture supplied.

Lady-T is truly passionate about radio By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho If Tendani “Lady-T” Mushasha could be reincarnated, she would probably return to earth as a radio. That is how passionate this Vhembe FM radio presenter, newsreader and producer is

about her job and entertaining her listeners. She practically lives, eats, and breathes radio and cannot even begin to imagine being separated from it. “I have acquired quite a lot of experience in the radio industry over the years from the various community radio stations I’ve worked for,” she said. She has worked for Voice of Tembisa FM, Makhado FM and Univen FM before joining Vhembe FM in August 2020. Lady-T has a qualification in broadcasting and journalism obtained at SA College. She had also obtained her national certificates in public administration and public management from IQ Academy. The highlights of her journalistic career include being shortlisted at the MTN Radio Awards in the category for Best Newsreader in 2013, when she was still with Makhado

FM. She was again nominated for Best Traditional Music Dee Jay at the South African Traditional Music Awards in 2013. Radio journalist Thomas Mulaudzi, who previously worked with her at Makhado FM, sing high praises for Lady-T, saying that he had enjoyed working with her at Makhado FM and that he had no doubt that wherever she ventured, she would continue to make an indelible imprint and to add value. In a personal message to her in her LinkedIn.com account he added: “With the energy and devotion to duty, which speak volumes about your calibre, you will go an extra mile. Be a team player and continue to inspire others,” he said. Apart from radio, Lady-T works for the Department of Communications as a communications officer. She is also a singer who has a voice

that has that “certain sound”, as her fans would say. In her repertoire are songs such as Zwi do ni balela, Lufuno, U dochi dochi, and Vhabebi. She is currently working on a gospel song, which will be released soon. Lady-T encourages young people to always keep themselves up to date with current affairs, so that they do not remain ignorant in a society where knowledge plays such an essential role. “Ignorance is no excuse. Youths need to take full responsibility for their own lives, or else they will find themselves living unfulfilled lives,” she said. Lady-T currently presents the Ndilo Muthathe show on Vhembe FM, which is aired from Monday to Friday between 13:00 and 15:00. This versatile entertainer can be followed on Facebook (Tendani Lady-T Mushasha).

Godfather of woodcarving remains optimistic By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Despite endless challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, which had left so many artists unable to make a living, internationally acclaimed local artist Thomas Kubayi remains optimistic that the arts and crafts industry will pick up again. Kubayi is a very talented and popular wood carver, drum builder, musician and storyteller, and is the only surviving member of the three “godfathers of woodcarving” in the area. John Baloyi, famous wood carver, potter, and general crafts master, died in 2006, while the highly accomplished and famous wood sculptor Jackson Hlungwani died in 2010. The three were friends and regularly visited each other, worked together, and shared their knowledge with each other. Kubayi focuses mainly on sculptures now and teaches art to hundreds of youths and adults in the Vhembe District. “It has not been easy for most of us artists since the beginning of lockdown last year,” he told Limpopo Mirror on Sunday afternoon. “They say we are on Alert Level 2 of the lockdown, but as an

artist I have been on Level 5 ever since lockdown was announced. It is not easy to sell our products, as we rely mostly on international art collectors who visit our galleries and buy our art.” Kubayi expresses his dreams and visions of day-to-day life through

well as to his community, who acknowledges him for the art legend that he has become. “I have been teaching young people to carve wood, and I support a women’s cooperative in mat weaving and preparation of traditional food,” he said.

Thomas Kubayi inside his Vutshila Art Centre. Picture: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho.

his artwork. He likes to make big sculptures, but he purposely also makes smaller carvings, so foreign tourists can take them with in their luggage. Kubayi is not only a fine sculptor and gifted musician, but a role model to the young, budding artists who learn so much from him, as

Some years ago, Kubayi told the local tourism promoter, Madi a Thavha, that he had been trying to keep up the cultural village life since he was a young boy. Madi a Thavha has been in the frontline for promoting local artists’ work and linking them with international contacts, who buy their work and

invite them to international arts festivals. Kubayi sells and creates his work under the registered trademark Vutshila Art Centre, which is situated at his home in Tshivhuyuni village. His workshop and art gallery are open for visitors and he is available to organise indigenous music performances and woodcarving workshops. “I also teach music and we use indigenous music instruments, which I fashion out of indigenous wood,” he said. “The acoustic sounds of those instruments are rare and mellifluous.” He is a patient teacher and guests love to do woodcarving workshops in the relaxed, rural atmosphere of the Vutshila Art Centre, with its sweeping views of the villages on the foothills of the Soutpansberg. “Whenever I enter my gallery and see all my products looking back at me, I feel hope rising in my heart,” he said. “I am confident that things will again fall into place and that both international and local art lovers will come and buy our work.” Thomas Kubayi can be followed on social media platforms, contacted on Tel 072 180 2398 or emailed to vutshilaart@yahoo.com.

Tshedza Mukwevho is on top of the news game Ms Tshedza Mukwevho, one of the well-known newsreaders at Phalaphala FM, has been promoted to news-bulletin writer for the station. She was born and grew up at Ha-Matsila village in the Masia area and matriculated at Radzambo Secondary School in 2010. Mukwevho obtained a degree in media studies from the University of Venda. She was offered an internship at the SABC in Limpopo in 2014, where they noticed her potential as journalist and newsreader. She started reading news for Phalaphala FM in 2015. “When the opportunity as a newsreader presented itself, I had to grab it with both hands,” she said. “There’s nothing more satisfying than being the first person to tell a story, especially in my mother tongue. You could say that I have become an idol to a few people because of it,” she said. “Radio has taught me how to speak to a larger audience. I am now confident to voice my own opinions.” Mukwevho enjoys working at the news desk. “You cannot say you did well yesterday, so today you relax. You must make sure that you inform listeners correctly at all times. You work for 24 hours per day. Wherever you are, you are on duty, because if something happens related to the news, you need to report it.” She has a great interest in creative broadcasting. “It makes me feel proud to break a story that suddenly becomes the talk of the town and brings change in many areas of our society,” she said. As a news-bulletin writer, she always tries to make sure that she gets the latest updates for listeners from around the world. “I do a lot of research. We all make sure that our show keeps up with news, as the competition from other shows is strong. But, as it is, we are on top of our game,” said Mukwevho. She has, however, not reached the pinnacle of her achievements and hopes to expand her knowledge and experience. “I’m still young and there is still more to offer to my community. I do not allow fame to go to my head, and I gave myself time to study.” She enjoys her work thoroughly and says she has come to realise that nothing is more fulfilling than doing one’s work with love. She believes that teamwork is very important in the workplace. “Without teamwork, there is no productivity. The hardest part of the job is when you are chasing a deadline.” To Mukwevho, knowing God is of the utmost importance. “Follow your heart and go to church regularly.” Mukwevho ascribes her success to hard work and strives for the best in her career. Her message to young people is always to put education first. “Go to school! Find out what you want and go after it. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something; believe in yourself.”

Tshedza Mukwevho, Phalaphala FM’s new news-bulletin writer. Photo supplied.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 30 April 2021

Popular doctor “Mbavha” will be sorely missed By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Dr Mbavhalelo Manenzhe (40), a well-known and respected local physician, passed away on 22 April after a short illness. Manenzhe was born on 29 June 1980 at Tshiozwi village, Ha-Sinthumule. “Mbavha”, as he was affectionately known, was the son of the late Vho-Matamba Wilson Manenzhe and Vho-Ndweleni Agnes Rambuda. He was a graduate from the Sefako Makgatho Health Science University, formerly known as MEDUNSA, and served the Limpopo Provincial Department of Health at several hospitals over the years, such as Lebowakgomo, Siloam, Evuxakeni, and Elim. Manenzhe furthered his studies when he acquired special knowledge and skills in dealing with vaccinations, travel medicine, TB, HIV/Aids, occupational medicine, advanced cardiac life support and public health. Between 2012 and 2013, Manenzhe practiced as an occupational medical officer at Anglo Gold Ashanti in North West, after which he decided to open his own

Dr Mbavhalelo Manenzhe.

private medical practice (surgery). He served the community at Magoro, Elim, Eltivillas (Makhado Crossing) and Matoks. At the time of his untimely death, he was practicing at the TGM Clinic in Thohoyandou. He worked as the team doctor for Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila Football Club and was also renowned for contributing information on health on Phalaphala FM, as well as on social-media platforms. “Even though he had his own practice, Mbavhalelo continued to assist at government hospitals, like the Memorial Hospital in Louis Trichardt,” said the family spokesperson, Mr Peter Mbelengwa. Manenzhe will be remembered for the role he played in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The Manenzhe family is comforted by the knowledge that they are not alone in their hour of sorrow. “The family would like to thank everyone for their messages of condolences,” said Mbelengwa. The memorial service was held at the Manenzhe residence at Tshiozwi village. The funeral service, which will be conducted under strict adherence to the Covid-19 regulations, will be held on Thursday (28 April) at 06:30. Those who might not be able to attend the service physically can still attend it via the Facebook virtual link: Rambuda innovatives. A eḓele zwavhuḓi muthu wa ha Manenzhe musina nḓevhe a tshi vhona. Ane a tshivhala o tou vhea mano.

Gospel singer Avhatakali Molovhele passes away ambassador.” Record label owner and producer “I cannot imagine how life would Tovhowani “DJ Godzilla” Muleya be without you. Life will be so dull worked with the late Malovhele in your absence.” So says famous in his studio. He said: “She was a local musician Mariana Motlare, unique artist who never imitatthe best friend of the deceased ed anyone. Her music was very local gospel sensation, Avhatakali touching because she sang gospel Malovhele. Malovhele (48) died music that was based on what was last week after falling ill. She happening in real life. She was was buried at her home village of also easy to work with because she Phiphidi, near Thohoyandou, last understood music very well and The late local gospel music star, Avhatakali Saturday. she strived for perfection in all her Malovhele, in happier times. Photo supplied. Motlare said songs. Her death is a terrible blow she would alto the local gospel music fraternity.” ways cherish the The chairperson of the Vhembe good moments District Music Association, Dr Roxshe had shared ley Masevhe, said he had learnt of with her friend. Malovhele’s death with shock. “We “I have lost a are heartbroken because she was good friend one of the most gifted gospel music who was always artists around. The fact that we are there whenever also losing talented artists in a very I needed her. short space of time also pains us a She was a very lot. However, we thank the Lord for energetic musi- blessing us with her life. She might cian who would be gone ,but her music will remain not sacrifice her with us forever. May her soul rest music career in peace.” for anything Malovhele’s daughter, Elekanyani else. We used to Malovhele, said her mother meant travel together everything to her. to perform in various places, “It is very difficult for us to accept and she would that my mother is gone, and we will mesmerize mu- never see her again. We will always sic lovers with remember her for her kindness, her sweet voice love, and undying passion of music. and unique Although she was ill, we thought dance moves. she would recover and come back Death has home to be with us again. Unfortuindeed made us nately, she succumbed to her illness Local musicians Tshilidzi Bobodi (left), Mariana Motlare and poorer because and it broke our hearts. She was our Avha AJ Tshisevhe (right) captured at the gravesite of Avhataka- we have lost pillar of strength, and life will now li Malovhele shortly after her burial. Photo supplied. a great music be totally different without her.” Obituary


New Valdezia road “disintegrating”, but municipality asks for patience provide specifications, design report, drawings and full test Cracks on the surface, disfig- results,” she said. ured humps, swollen surfacFurumela said that it is unes, and gaping potholes on acceptable that the road, which the Xitacini to Jiweni Access is being built at a considerable Road, where Phases 1 and 2 cost to the municipality, is in were completed between 2017 such a shocking state so soon and 2020, suggest shoddy after construction. “The people work by the contractor, and utilising the road deserve a residents at Valdezia are good, quality road and the DA deeply concerned about it. will continue to raise concerns until they are addressed,” she The Democratic Alliance said. (DA) in Limpopo joined the When contacted to find out residents’ cry of dissatisfaction if he knew about the problem, and elevated the matter to the Ward 31’s Cllr Sipho Masuka Makhado Municipality’s acting said that the municipality was municipal manager, Mr KM handling the matter and should Nemaname, to register their be given enough time to attend concern over the quality of to the issue of the road in line work done. with applicable legislation The Valdezia Xitacini to regarding projects. Jiweni Access Road was funded “I am satisfied with the work via a Municipal Infrastructure of our municipality’s technical Grant (MIG). In the 2019/2020 services,” he said. “In their financial year R1,1 million was simplified explanation to me allocated to complete Phase regarding the tar road project 2 and R6,1 million for Phase at Valdezia, they said that 2. A further R18,4 million is they are busy with the matter allocated for Phase 3 in the with the consultant and the 2020/2021 financial year. contractor. Noting that, had “The DA has previously it not been for the continuous raised the matter with the rain the previous months in our municipality’s Director of community, the defects liability Technical Services, where we activities would have started on highlighted our serious conthe affected parts of the road. cerns over the quality of workIt’s a shame to see the so-called manship, the current condition DA trying to hijack the road of the road and the use of the issue for their narrow, selfish, same engineers for Phase 3 that misplaced political agenda.” is currently underway,” said a Makhado Municipality’s DA councillor in the Makhaspokesperson, Mr Louis Bobdo Municipality, Ms Glenda odi, said that the project had Furumela. been completed in 2017 and She added that, looking at was currently on a maintenance the magnitude of the mess done program. by the contractor and the mu“The municipality is aware of nicipality’s continued disregard the damages on the road, which for complaints, the DA have were caused by lack of concrete also approached the Public side drains which are meant Protector over the matter. for storm water management “The response outlined some along the road,” Bobodi said. information from the report “This is causing damages in of the municipality, including some sections of the road. The that the road may be under-de- road will be fixed as part of the signed and that the municimaintenance programme.” pality had been requested to He said that all test results By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

conducted during construction stage complied with standard specifications. “The formation of potholes on the road surface led to the ingression of water beneath the layer, and the layers became weak. Then the road deteriorated as a result of the recent heavy rain,” he said. “It is important to note that defects were identified after completion of the project when the project was in the Defects Liability Period. The contractor is currently in the process of going back to site to fix all damages.” He added that the engineer was not appointed for a particular phase of the project, but that the appointment was for the entire project. “The municipality implements the project in phases, whereas contractors are appointed per each phase,” he said. Neckmay Trading Enterprises was assigned for Phase 2 project, and the company’s CEO, Mr Thomas Shavhani, Ms Glenda Furumela, DA councillor in Makhado Municipality, stands on a part of the damsaid that they had not neglectaged tarred surface of the Xitacini to Jiweni Access Road. ed or abandoned the project. “You will remember that the lockdown was announced last year when we were still busy on the project and now the heavy rains fell, which all contributed to some defects on the project,” he said. “We are aware of the defects, and as we speak, we are on the site working on addressing those defects. There’s no way that we can run away; even the municipality still owes us as part of the defects period.” Both Tshiamiso Trading 135 and PGN Civils (Pty) Ltd, who were assigned for Phases 1 and 3, were not readily available for comments. Dikgabo Consulting Engineers were contacted and said that they had the very same information that they had supplied to the Makhado Municipality, which was what Bobodi provided to Limpopo Mirror.

Ms Glenda Furumela, DA councillor in Makhado Municipality, shows the poor workmanship of the contractor that was appointed by the Makhado Municipality.

Suspected fraudsters again in court By Kaizer Nengovhela A former consultant for Absa Bank in Elim, Fhatuwani Mudzani (27), and his friend, Walter Mashau (26), who were arrested last year on charges of fraud amounting to R25 million, appeared in the Waterval Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 19 April. Mudzanani and Mashau

allegedly stole R25 million from provincial government accounts and deposited the money into different bank accounts. Despite the clandestine efforts by the suspects, the Hawks and Absa forensic investigators painstakingly managed to trace and freeze the complex web of the bank accounts linked to the suspects.

30 April 2021 11

The intelligence-driven operation was conducted by the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Investigation team, SAPS-Waterval members and Absa’s forensic investigators. The case was transferred to the Giyani Specialized Commercial Crime Court where the suspects are to appear on 7 June 2021.


12 30 April 2021

De Beers and BMH Africa launch ‘changing lives’ skills programme recovery of our last diamond,” said Zikalala during the launch De Beers Venetia Mine, in last Thursday. partnership with contracting “The good news for our peopartner BMH Africa, has ple is that the construction of launched a skills-developthe accommodation project will ment programme that aims to also provide job opportunities develop skills in the construc- and the development of skills tion industry and ultimately to the locals. This will help our enhance the local skills base. people, especially the youth, to become independent and The programme, which be able to stand on their own is part of De Beers Group’s after the project is completed. Socio-Economic Development Let me take this opportunity to strategy in Venetia Mine’s host thanks De Beers Venetia Mine communities of Musina and for their contributions in develBlouberg, aims to support oping our municipality through skills development and job their social and labour plan. creation for 150 construction Musina is now a full-fledged workers that will be employed town because of your kind ason the mine’s accommodation sistance,” said Councillor Jereprojects. The programme will miah Khunwana, acting mayor be implemented over a period of the Musina Municipality. of 24 months. The skills-development proMpumi Zikalala, managing gramme will include a literacy director of De Beers Group assessment to determine the Managed Operations, said that ability of prospective learners, the project highlighted their occupational health and safety commitment to development training where learners will of their host community, with obtain a firm understanding on particular focus on the youth. how to achieve a Zero-Harm “We are proud to have partners mindset through safe working such as BMH Africa, who share procedures and the transfer our values and are committed and formalisation of conto walking with us in shaping struction skills. Through this a better future for our host project, construction workers, communities. This approach who are mostly young people, is very much in line with our will be equipped with skills and Building Forever Framework, a verifiable record of training which is our commitment to and employment. This will alcreate a positive legacy that low them to apply for future job will endure well beyond the opportunities on other projects Development

Victim Empowerment organisations in Vhembe marched to the Department of Social Development in Thohoyandou last week, demanding funds for the last quarter of the financial year. Photo supplied.

NPOs complain that they are left stranded by DSD’s late payments instead they are paid only after they had already rendered Last Thursday (22nd) services. He claimed that not 25 victim-empowerment one of the 25 victim-empoworganisations in Vhembe erment organisations had marched to the offices of the been paid yet. Department of Social Devel“We are non-profit organiopment (DSD) in Thohoyan- sations, so we do not generate dou, demanding that funds money. Really, we are not sure for the last quarter of the how the DSD expects us to financial year be paid. help people,” said Masikwa, adding that, for the past 10 The organisations claim years, the DSD had not inthat the DSD last paid them creased their funding, in spite in November 2020. of the increased living costs. “We are forced to go begThe Thohoyandou Victim ging or source money from Empowerment Organisation local businesspeople. Our or- alone has on average around ganisations deal with vulner- 400 victims per month, inable people. At times, we have cluding children. John Sadiki, victims staying at our offices who runs the Tshilwavhusiand we need to feed them. ku Victim Empowerment This is really a challenge,” said Organisation, is also sourcing Tshilidzi Masikwa, the chairfunds from well-wishers in person of the Vhembe Victim his area. “Some victims have Empowerment Organisation. to stay at our place overnight According to Masikwa, the or sometimes for days. We DSD is supposed to pay them cannot let them sleep hungry. in advance, so that they can Our obligation is to continue fulfil their obligations, but to give support to the victims,


usiness irectory

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ARCHER PAINT Your 1 Stop CENTRE Paint Shop Cnr Rissik & President Street, Louis Trichardt. TEL: 015 516 2606


so we have to go out our way and source funds,” said Sadiki. According to Witness Tiva from the DSD, a total of 314 NPOs from across the province have not been paid an amount of R16.5 million by the DSD towards the end of the previous financial year. “We attribute the delays to challenges related to non-compliance to SARSCSD by some of the NPOs, non-compliance to our norms and standard, as well as non-submission of claims by some of these Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres,” Tiva said. “Our NGO (Non-Government Organisation) and Compliance unit is currently in the process of assisting all these NPOs to correct the outstanding grey areas, and when all is corrected, we will then be able to process payments in the first quarter of this financial year,” he said in response to our media enquiry.

BOREHOLE DRILLING IN THE LIMPOPO PROVINCE Phone or Whatsapp: 083 507 2768 / 083 586 4788 Office: 015 517 7210 / Fax: 086 513 2756 E-mail: aquaman@mailus.co.za DRILLING TRUST

Member of the Borehole Water Association of South Africa

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By Bernard Chiguvare

at the Venetia Mine or in other sectors. “It is not often that a construction company gets to be involved in such an extensive skills-development programme that will change lives forever. It is a privilege for us to be involved in this programme with De Beers Group and our various service providers,” said Christoff Pretorius, project manager of BMH Africa. Through its socio-economic development strategy, Venetia Mine is also implementing a number of key projects in the Blouberg area, where commercial farming plays a critical role in providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for many local farmers. The mine is investing R6.5 million in agricultural projects, namely Eldorado Crop Farm, Gemarke Chilli Farm and Driekoppies Peanut Butter Factory. Other social and labour plan (SLP) projects amounting to a spend of R15.5 million and being implemented in the host communities of Blouberg and Musina include, among others, the Education Schools Programme targeting 25 schools in Musina and Blouberg, Alldays Road Paving, Construction of the Taaiboschgroet Community Hall, Development of the Alldays Sports Complex and the Alldays Pump Station.

De Beers Group Managed Operations managing director Mpumi Zikalala and the acting mayor of Musina Municipality, Councillor Jeremiah Khunwana, turn the first sod on the Stand 4 construction site on 22 April. The Stand 4 development is one of the Stay in Business accommodation construction projects taking shape in Musina. Photo: De Beers.


Tshivhulana General Dealer • Stand no. 191 Tshivhulana, Vuwani zone 1, Vuwani Price negotiable

Borehole water, Water tank, 6 rooms, 1 garage and a shade

Contact Mr Mulaudzi 082 759 1169 or Mr Masindi 076 580 3539

• 20LT DURAM ROOFCOAT R866-00 (normally R1064-00) • All colours except for White and green R913.00 (normally R1114-00) • 20LT DURAM FLEXIWALL R874-00 (normally R1083-00) • 20LT DURAM ARMATEX R734-00 (normally R888-00) • 20LT WALL AND CEILING R864-00 (normally R1066-00)

Khathutshelo Mamuha, Marketer at Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror newspaper, gave out masks and sanitizer that was sponsored by Ritonde Aluminium and Glass, to Brighten their future crèche and pre school at Dzanani Vhuthuwangadzebu. This goes as a gift to all the kids and their teachers on her daughter's birthday. Far right Khathutshelo Mamuha, second from right Dembe Ramabulana, far left Itani Phaiphai.


30 April 2021 13



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Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps Face shields and hand sanitizers now available

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SALES & REPAIRS Chain Saws, Brush Cutters, Lawn Mowers, Pressure Washers & Accessories

PPE Clothing Tel: 015 516 3012 Fax: 015 516 3459 Cell: 084 429 8273 Cell: 076 522 1766

BALOYI RIKITOTSO ATTORNEYS. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claims against the undermen�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. Estate number: 2058/2020, Surname: RISIMATI Names: HASANI SAMUEL, Date of birth: 1943/03/08 Id No: 430308 5441 081 Last address: HOUSE N.O. 292 A Giyani Township Date of death: 2020/07/30, Master’s Office: Thohoyandou Names and Surname of surviving Spouse: NOMASWAZI RISIMATI, Date of birth: 1947/05/03 Id No: 470503 0209 084 Signed at Thohoyandou on 01st day of April 2021 Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: BALOYI RIKHOTSO ATTORNEYS, Erf 851 Sec�on E,Giyani 0826Tel: 0710830866 Email: makasanialdrinri khotso@gmail.com

KHONGOLOTI CONSULTANT CC Masipala Wa Makhado Consent Use Applica�on In Terms Of Sec�on 75(1) Of The Makhado Municipality

KHONGOLOTI CONSULTANT CC BLOUBERG LOCAL Municipality Consent Use Applica�on In Terms Of Clause 20 Of The Blouberg Local Municipality Special Planning From Spluma Applica�on For: Erec�on of a Vodacom Cellular Mast and Base Sta�on In terms of Clause 20 of Blouberg Local Municipality Special Planning from SPLUMA, 2006.Erec�on of a Vodacom Cellular Mast and Base Sta�ons On stand/ holding/ farm por�ons: 1. REMAINDER OF THE FARM LEIPSIG 264 LR (Buffelshoek) 2. THE REMAINDER OF THE FARM BRODIE 76 LS (Brd Hill) 3. PORTION 13 OF THE FARM BORKUM 143 LS (Senwabarwana) Par�culars of this applica�on may be inspected during normal office hours (8;00 to 16:00 hours) at: Khongolo� Consultant cc, 373 Melk Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, 0181, Pretoria. Any person having an objec�on to the approval of this consent use applica�on must lodge such objec�on, together with the grounds thereof, with the office of the Town Planner, Planning and Development Services, Blouberg Local Municipality, PO Box 1593 Senwabarwana 0790, and

the undersigned, in wri�ng not later then: 10 June 2021 Enquiries: Khongolo� Consultant cc. PO Box 1950, Brooklyn Square 0075 Tel: 012 460 4755 Fax: 012 460 4761 072 404 7447 Email: khongolo�@ absamail.co.za (Ref: 30/04/2021)

KHONGOLOTI CONSULTANT CC BLOUBERG LOCAL Municipality Kgopela Go Ya Ka Karolo Ya 20 Ya Land Use Management Ya Municipala Ya Blouberg Kgopelo YA: Kago ya ereile (tora ya kgašo) ya Vodacom Go ya ka karolo ya 20 ya Municipala ya Baloadi wa Blouberg ka molao wa 2006. Kago ya ereile (tora ya kgašo) ya Vodacom Mo Polase ya: 1. REMAINDER OF THE FARM LEIPSIG 264 LR (Buffelshoek) 2. THE REMAINDER OF THE FARM BRODIE 76 LS (Brd Hill) 3. PORTION 13 OF THE FARM BORKUM 143 LS (Senwabarwana) Ditlabakelo ka moka tša kgopelo di ka tsitsinkelwa goba di ka bonwa ka nako ya mošomo ye e tlwaelegilego (8;00 to 16:00 hours) ko: Khongolo� Consultant cc, 373 Melk Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, 0181, Pretoria. Yo alego aleng kgahlanong le tumelelo ya kgopelo ye a ka tliša ngongorego le mabaka ko di ofising tša Town Planner, Planning and Development Services, Blouberg Local Municipality, PO Box 1593 Senwabarwana 0790, ka mokgwa wa go ngwala eseng ka morago ga letšatši: 10 June 2021 Hlathollo go: Khongolo� Consultant cc. PO Box 1950, Brooklyn Square 0075 Tel: 012 460 4755 Fax: 012 460 4761 072 404 7447 Email: khongolo�@ absamail.co.za Ref: 30/04/2021 – BS Sepedi)

KHONGOLOTI CONSULTANT CC Makhado Local Municipality Consent Use Applica�on In Terms Of Sec�on 75(1) Of The Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development And LandUse Management By-Law, 2016 Applica�on For: Erec�on of a Vodacom Cellular Mast and Base Sta�on In terms of Sec�on 75(1) of the Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development and LandUse Management By-Law, 2016, No�ce is hereby given that I / we, the undersigned to apply to the Makhado Local Municipality for special consent to conduct the following land use ac�vi�es: Erec�on of a Vodacom Cellular Mast and Base Sta�on On stand/ holding/ farm por�on:

1. PORTION 1 OF THE FARM ROSSBACH 83 LT 2. PORTION 1 OF THE FARM KLIPFONTEIN 34 LT This applica�on may be inspected during normal office hours at: Khongolo� Consultant cc, 373 Melk Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, 0181, Pretoria Any person having an objec�on to the approval of this consent use applica�on must lodge such objec�on, together with the grounds thereof, with the office of the Town Planner, Makhado Local Municipality (Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920) and the undersigned, in wri�ng not later then: 10 June 2021 Enquiries: Khongolo� Consultant cc. PO Box 1950, Brooklyn Square 0075 Tel: 012 460 4755 Fax: 012 460 4761 072 404 7447 Email: khongolo�@ absamail.co.za (Ref: Eng 30/0/21)

MADALA PHILLIP ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late: NDOU NYAWASEDZA SYLVIA Estate Number: 996/2021 Iden�ty Number: 590327 0925 084 Last Address: Stand No: 1A Humann Street CE2 Vanderbijpark 1911 Date of Death: 2016-04-07 All persons having claims against the above men�oned estate are called upon to lodge their claims with the undersigned within thirty (30) days as from date of this publica�on thereof to MADALA PHILLIP ATTORNEYS, Office House No. 801 A, P East, Pfunzo Street, Thohoyandou 0950 Tel: 073 259 9917/ 072 349 7054 Email: PHILLIP. MADALA@yahoo.com Ref: MAD/NYAWASEDZA/ EST 2020

MADZHIGA ATTORNEYS INC NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in respect of the estate of the late NETSHIFHEFHE SHANDUKANI BERNARD, of Id no: 530623 5149 081 of Phiphidi, Limpopo Province Estate No. 1920 / 2020, shall lie for inspec�on at the Master’s office: Limpopo High Court, Thohoyandou, for a period of 21 (twentyone) days calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Dated at Thohoyandou on the 14th day of April 2021. Madzhiga A�orneys Inc. Executrix A�orneys, office No. 02, 3rd Floor, Bindulavhathu Building Thohoyandou Tell: 015 969 1314 Fax: 086 510 4064 Ref: Est/1920/2020

MAPHOPHE MAKHENSA ATTORNEYS. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claims against the undermen�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. Estate number: 001705/2021, Surname: MONA Names: NTOMBIZODWA

CONSTANCE, Date of birth: 1967/08/16 Id No: 670816 0297 083 Date of death: 2021/01/13, Master’s Office: Polokwane Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: Maphophe Makhensa A�orneys Address: House no 218 Sec�on A, Giyani, 0826 Po Box 1997, Giyani, 0826 Tel: 082 367 6111 EmaiL: makhensa@ mmaphophea�orneys.co.za info@ mmaphophea�orneys.co.za Ref: MAM/EST/05/2021

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NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORISATION IN TERMS OF SECTION 24 OF THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ACT, 1998 (ACT 107 OF 1998) Notice is hereby given in terms of Regulations No. R326 published under sections 24(5) and 44 of the National Environment Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) that Collins Chabane Local Municipality is preparing an application for Environmental Authorisation to the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism for the proposed dermacation of sites in Jilongo, Collins Chabane Local Municipality, Limpopo Province. Project Name: Jilongo Dermacation of Sites Listed Activity Applied for: GN R327; Activity 27 Property Description and Location: Jilongo Village Current Zoning of the Property: Agricultural Proposed Development: A standard township with residential units, church, crèche, business and public open space Date of Notice: 30 April 2021 To be identified as an interested and/or affected party, (I&AP), please submit your name, contact information, interest in the matter and any comments in writing within 30 days of this notice. Queries regarding this matter should be referred to: Mang Geoenviro Services Public Participation Registration and Enquiries: 687 Silverlakes Road Phakwago Kabelo Unit 11 King Fisher BuildinG kabelo@manggeoenviro.co.za / 079 054 7652 Hazeldean Office Park or 0081 info@manggeoenviro.co.za/ 012 770 4022

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Ability to manage a well -established loan book in compliance with the National Credit Regulation compliance requirements. Provide financial supervision to ensure a clean audited financial record at all times. Track defaulting clients and manage bad debt. Regular reporting and continuous interaction with board members. Manage loan officers. Preparation of annual operational budget, Manage and Control expenses Cash flow management, Credit management control in group lending model and other financial management issues as prescribed by financial regulation policies.

The closing date for applications is 07 May 2021 Email: the following information to: fgn.ngwenya@yahoo.com a) Application letter: b) Certified ID document: c) Proof of residence; d) Certified Academic Qualifications; e) Curriculum Vitae; f) Drivers license.

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Spa�al Planning, Land Development And LandUse Management By-Law, 2016 Xi�viso Xi Vikiwa Ku Ya Hi Xiyenge Xa 75(1) Xa Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development And LandUse Management By-Law, 2016. Leswaku Hina Va Tirhi Va Khongolo� Pty Ltd Hi Kombela Pfumelelo Wa Ku Endla High Mast Eka Purasi Ra: 1. PORTION 1 OF THE FARM ROSSBACH 83 LT (Riverplaats) 2. PORTION 1 OF THE FARM KLIPFONTEIN 34 LT (Mambedi Soundy) Swilaveko Hinkwaswo Swa Xikombelo Swi Kona Ku Xiyaxiyiwa Hi Nkari Wa N�rho Eka Tihofisi Ta Vapulani Va Doroba Makhado Local Municipality Private Bag X2596, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Hi Nkari Wa Masiku Ya 28 Ku Sukela Hi Siku Ra Ti 18 Ta Nhwe� Ya: 10 June 2021 Minkaneto Kumbe Mavonelo Woyelana Ni Xikombelo Lexi, Yanga Fikisiwa Eka Mufambisi Wa Masipala Eka Adirese Leyi Kombisiweke Laha Henhla Kumbe Eka Poso Ya Makhado Local Municipality Private Bag X2596, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Mukomberi La Pfumeleriweke: Richard Hlengani Address: 373 Melk St, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria Tel: 012 460 4755 072 404 7447 Email: khongolo�@ absamail.co.za (Ref: 30/04/21)


14 30 April 2021

Manavhela Aces up against Ablex United in exciting MMK derby were going all out to collect the valuable points. “The playManavhela Black Aces’ man- ers are hungry for success, and ager, Mr Chippa Mathelethey have learnt from what musa, said that his players happened last time when we were ready for Ablex United played to a draw,” he added. (Tornado) when they meet Ablex’s manager, Mr in a local MMK Administra- Phalandwa Sigagammba, tors league Stream E derby warned Aces that they should at Kutama Grounds on not expect an easy clash. Saturday. “United are a quality team, Aces are on top of the log and obviously they will want with 13 points, with only to take the game away from match left to play. Ablex, on us. We will work hard, and we the other hand, have deposited will be prepared and ready for nine points but need to play them,” he said. two more matches. Ablex must According to him, derbies win this one if they want to are difficult to predict, but he proceed to the play-off stage. had confidence in his players. In Ablex’s last match, they “There is no better way or come up against Midoroni better team to bounce back Real Hearts. than against your neighbours. Mathelemusa said that they We know each other, and some

of the players of the two teams even stay together,” he said. In other fixtures, Tshituni Hot Spurs will play against Mikhado Development, while Shanzha Continentals will welcome Digger FC. Flying Eagles will lock horns with Voweto Maximum Force. MRM FC will play against Rabali Pull Together and Luvhalani Sunshine Pirates will meet Tshikuwi Stone Beakers. Mune Pumps can expect a tough match when they face Matsa All Stars. Other matches are: Muraida FC vs Tshiendeulu FC, Sangoma Black Rovers vs Khakhu Fast XI, Mavhunga Home Sweepers vs Seven United, Phadzima KSP vs Eagles United, Tshisimani Top Challengers vs Folovhodwe Stone Breakers, Muraluwe vs Shakadza Ocean Swallows, Makuya Try Again vs Ficus, Gondeni vs Phaphama, Igwe FC vs Tshikhudini FC, Musina All Stars vs Musina United, Mavunde Hot Spurs vs Dipeni FC, Tswera Hot Chillies vs Mahunguwi FC, Lukau Hot Aces vs Rambuda Young Stars, Magau United vs Tshikhwani Stone Breakers, Matika FC vs Muraleni United Brothers, Madombidzha Try Again vs Madombidzha Western Stars, Zamenkomste FC vs Midoroni Real Hearts, Greenway Academy vs Maila Pull Together and LLT LTT Murunwa’s striker, Matha Ratshilaya, is expected to give his Murunwa vs Magangeopponents, Magangeni Young Stars, a tough time. ni Young Stars. By Kaizer Nengovhela

From left are Xongotelo Maswanganyi of TRON and Morapedi Mpuru of Dolphins.

Dolphins FC hammer TRON 4-0 in an ABC Motsepe League clash better side regarding ball possession. They invaded their Dolphins FC showed no mer- opponents’ territory from the cy when they beat Tshakhuma first whistle, making it difficult RO Nandilani United (TRON) for the TRON midfielders to 4-0 in their SAFA Limpopo complete their passes. ABC Motsepe league match Morapedi Mpuru scored played at Louis Trichardt Dolphins’ first goal in the 29th High School on Saturday. minute. TRON lost cohesion in the middle of the park soon The match started 17 after this goal. Dolphins then minutes late because TRON fortified their midfield by inaccused Dolphins of fielding troducing Vutomi Ngomana for improperly registered players. Siyani Maluleke, who formed Dolphins’ officials responded a deadly combination with by withdrawing the contested Katlego Mashego and Sibusiso players’ names from the team Monge in the central defence. list. In the 58th minute, DolDolphins were by far the phins increased the margin By Kaizer Nengovhela

through Morapedi Mpuru. His ground cutter hit the woodwork and crossed the goal line. TRON responded by replacing Tshepiso Kgamedi with Wanga Khorommbi. That did not stop Dolphins from scoring their third goal before the teams adjourned for half time. This time Katleho Mashego was on target with a long-range volley. Dolphins continued to dictate terms in the second half, with TRON playing defensive football. Bongani Mabasa scored the fourth goal, following a neat pass from Goodhope Gololo late in the game.

Greenway Academy beat Murunwa By Kaizer Nengovhela

Remember Nenguda from Mpheni married Blessing Khosa from Waterval in a ceremony that was held at the Christ-Founded Ministry on 25 April 2021. Picture supplied.

The dynamic Elelwani Nevhutalu is on a mission to help young girls from different schools, and on 22 April she facilitated a donation of sanitary pads to girls at the Tshivhase High School in the Mukumbani area. The event coincided with Elelwani’s 29th birthday celebration. Photo supplied.

Takalani Zwane beat the offside trap and sent the Murunwa keeper, Lazarus Ramotsiki, the wrong way. Lesedi Machete of Murunwa was reprimanded with a card. He tackled Life Lebese from

behind and the referee was lenient enough to let him go with a yellow card. Murunwa should have scored two goals, but Pholosho Matlala and Mutshidzi Makhado’s shots went wide.

In their Safa MMK Administrator match played at the Eltivillas Grounds on Sunday, Greenway Academy kept their title hopes alive by beating LTT Murunwa FET 2-0. Murunwa played entertaining football throughout the game, but their strikers fumbled at the goal finish. Their front runner, Matha Ratshilaya, could not live up to his reputation as a natural striker, because he was tightly marked by Mutshidzi Makhado. Greenway gained momentum as the game progressed. They were awarded a free kick in the 24th minute when Hambana Nyathi was obstructed within the box. Green­way’s Orifile Mogashane took it upon himself to take the free kick and the ball hit the back of the net. The goal did not demoralise Murunwa as they continued to play like a united team, creating some promising moves from the middle of the park. The half-time score was 1-0 in favour of Greenway. Greenway increased the margin in the 69th minute. This followed after Murunwa Teboho Masilo of Greenway with the ball, with Life Lebese running for cover. started to set offside traps.


30 April 2021 15

Will the Lacoste Morning Stars shine over Real Mighty Girls in Sasol league? By Frank Mavhungu After a break of two weeks, the teams affiliated to the

Limpopo Stream of the Sasol Women’s will resume their league activities this weekend. Most matches will

Lacoste Morning Stars FC.

be played tomorrow afternoon (Saturday). The match to watch will be between Lacoste Morning Stars and

Real Mighty Ladies at the Shayandima School Grounds tomorrow. The spirits are high in the Stars’ camp after they beat the much-feared Botlokwa Ladies 2-0 at the same venue two weeks ago. Mighty Ladies are also sharpened to kill, following their 1-0 victory over Chippas United Ladies in their Botlokwa Ladies FC.

Two tricky hurdles for Ablex United FC at the same venue next Wednesday (5 May). Ablex United will enjoy the Ablex must collect at least home-ground advantage in two points from the two matchthe two ABC Motsepe League es to enhance their chances matches they will play in of escaping the relegation axe the next five days. They will at the end of the season. They host The Dolphins FC at the are currently lying in the third Makhado Show Grounds’ position from the bottom of open grounds tomorrow afthe log. ternoon (Saturday). The team Although this is an away will then entertain Ollesdal fixture for them, The Dolphins are expected to give Ablex a day to remember. The Dolphins are one of the hot league-title contenders. They are in the second position on the log, five points behind the pace setters, Mikhado FC. The fact that Ollesdal are fighting for survival at the bottom of the log is reason enough for Munaca’s playmaker, Aboudou Houssau. Ablex not to By Frank Mavhungu

expect a walk in the park. Mikhado FC will have a date with Makotopong Brazilians at the Makotopong Stadium outside Polokwane. The Brazilians’ defenders must keep an eye on the strikers of Mikhado, Sakhekile Ndlovu, Sbonelo Mbanjwa and Rendani Thavhana, or else they will regret the match. Tshakhuma RO Nandilani will visit Ollesdal FC at the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane. Venda Football Academy will play against Giyani Happy Boys at the Tshifudi Stadium. Munaca FC will be out of action this weekend. Their next fixture will be against Giyani Happy Boys at the Makhado Show Grounds’ open ground next Wednesday. A combination of Keletso Mashiane, Final Mabasa and Aboudou Houssau in the defence of Munaca is expected to give the opposition’s strikers a tough time. The other fixtures for next Wednesday are: Tshakhuma RO Nandilani vs Venda Football Academy and The Dolphins FC vs Makotopong Brazilians.

Polokwane City and Spurs in GladAfrica Championship clash Bizana Pondo Chiefs must will have a date with Steenbeat Jomo Cosmos if they are berg United at the Danie Polokwane City are gearing serious about escaping relega- Craven Stadium outside up for another tough game. tion. They will test each othCape Town. Free State Stars They will host Cape Town er’s strength at the Olën Park will play their second league Spurs in their GladAfrica Stadium in Potchefstroom. match at home in a row when Championship League Pondo Chiefs are rooted at they host TS Sporting at the match at the Old Peter Mo­ the bottom of the log with 20 Goble Park Stadium in Bethkaba Stadium in Polokwane points, six behind the other lehem. The other weekend on Saturday afternoon. relegation candidates, Cape fixtures are Richards Bay FC Both Polokwane City and Town Spurs. vs University of Pretoria FC Cape Town Spurs are not safe Sekhukhune United will and Pretoria Callies vs Cape in terms of relegation. Spurs host Uthongathi FC at the Town All Stars. are fighting for survival in the Makhulong second-last position on the Stadium in log standings, while the Lim- Thembisa. popo side are perched in the Sekhukhune 11th spot. City, who lost sever- had recently al experienced players to DStv acquired the Premiership sides, including services of the Mohamed Anas, Wiseman former Black Maluleke and their acrobatic Leopards’ left keeper, George Chigova, are back, Pentjie still battling to find a winning Zulu, and combination. Stephen LebCape Umoya United will ese from the play host to JDR Stars, with ABC Motsepe whom they will lock horns at League side, the Athlone Stadium in Cape African All Town. The fact that Umoya Stars. and JDR Stars are in the Royal AM race for promotion is reason will fly to enough for soccer lovers to Cape Town expect a thriller. where they Sekhukhune’s left back, Pentjie Zulu.

previous match. The Mighty Ladies’ forwards will not find going up against the Stars’ defenders, Musiiwa Ramaremisa, Rotshidzwa Luvhengo and Wendy Rasimphi, easy. Botlokwa Ladies will host Tshandama Young Stars at the Vuwani Grounds. Botlokwa will be lucky if by chance they manage to hold Young Stars to a draw if Tshandama’s performance in their game against Merwe United Ladies is anything to go by. Tshandama managed to crush Merwe despite playing away from home. Chippas United Ladies will entertain Sealane Ladies at the Makhuvha Stadium in one of the two matches that will

be played on Sunday. Merwe United Ladies and Sisters FC will fight for league points at the Merwe Stadium in Mala­ mulele. The match between University of Limpopo FC and Seven Stars Ladies will be played at the Oscar Mphetha Stadium in Turfloop. Skimzozo FC will visit Capricorn Sports Development at the Seshego Stadium in Polokwane. Capricorn Sports and Skimzozo are keenly contesting for the league championship. Mandebele Happy Fighters will undertake a journey to Copper Belts Ladies at the Moletjie Stadium outside Polokwane, while Kanatla Ladies will host FC Stars Ladies at the Mahwelereng Stadium in Mokopane.

Mikhado FC crush Munaca FC in ABC Motsepe League encounter his team had conceded what they were going to maintain he described as a “silly goal”, their leadership on the log to Mikhado FC continued to he was not blaming anyone the bitter end. pave their way to the GladA- for the defeat. “You see, these The goal that separated frica Championship League kinds of mistakes happen in the boys from the men came by beating Munaca FC 1-0 in football, especially in derby in the 17th minute. Sbonelo their ABC Motsepe League games like this one,” he said. Mbanjwa won a loose ball match at the Rabali Stadium Asked about the absence of after a clearing error and beat on Saturday. The victory their key players, including the keeper with a half volley. means that Mikhado are Thulani Mabizela and the Both sides effected several moving closer to winning team’s number-one goalkeep- changes in the last half, but the league championship. er, Bongani Manavhela, on that did not change the comMikhado, or Ikwasha fhedzi Saturday, Mr Hlungwani was plexion of the game. as they are also known, are quick to state that Mabizela currently leading the pack and Manavwith 31 points, five ahead of hela had The Dolphins FC (the results some minor for the Wednesday matches injuries. He are not included). Mikhado revealed that were playing against The Dol- their absence phins FC at the Ben Serake was not a Stadium outside Polokwane problem to on Wednesday afternoon. them, adding Saturday’s defeat did not that they had deter Munaca’s head coach, a depth of Mr Amukelani “JJ” Hlungquality playwani, from praising his ers in their players after the game. He show room. indicated that his players had Mr Hlungshowed character throughout wani’s counthe game. terpart from He reiterated the fact that the Mikhado they had a superb game plan camp, Mr that the players had manJoel Mongalo, aged to execute to the best of summed up their ability. Mr Hlungwani his comments Sakhekile Ndlovu of Mikhado (right) and further said that although by saying that Tiyiselani Makhubele of Munaca wrestle to win the ball. By Frank Mavhungu

By Frank Mavhungu

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORISATION IN TERMS OF SECTION 24 OF THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ACT, 1998 (ACT 107 OF 1998) Notice is hereby given in terms of Regulations No. R326 published under sections 24(5) and 44 of the National Environment Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) that Makhado Local Municipality is preparing an application for Environmental Authorisation to the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism for the proposed township establishment in Tshikota extension 2, Makhado Local Municipality, Limpopo Province. Project Name: Township establishment in Tshikota extension 2 Listed Activity Applied for: GN R327; Activity 28 and GN R325; Activity 15 Property Description and Location: Tshikota extension 2 Current Zoning of the Property: Agricultural Proposed Development: A standard township with residential units, educational facility, business and public open space Date of Notice: 30 April 2021 To be identified as an interested and/or affected party, (I&AP), please submit your name, contact information, interest in the matter and any comments in writing within 30 days of this notice. Queries regarding this matter should be referred to: Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Mang Geoenviro Services Public Participation Registration and Enquiries: 687 Silverlakes Road Phakwago Kabelo Unit 11 King Fisher BuildinG kabelo@manggeoenviro.co.za / 079 054 7652 Hazeldean Office Park or 0081 info@manggeoenviro.co.za/ 012 770 4022


16 30 April 2021


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SINCE 1959

Sparks will fly when Leopards and TTM clash

Black Leopards’ defender, Edwin Gyimah.

TTM’s striker, Aluwani “Killer” Nedzamba.

The road ahead for Lidoda duvha and Vhadau Vha Damani By Frank Mavhungu With only six matches remaining before the DStv Premiership League programme for the current season comes to an end, Black Leopards’ future as an affiliate of the country’s elite division looks bleak. Lidoda duvha are perched at the bottom of the 16-team league log. The Thohoyandou side has deposited only 15 points into their league account from 24 matches to date. A quick glance at the team’s remaining fixtures shows that Black Leopards will have to double their efforts in their remaining fixtures if they want to escape the relegation axe at the end of the season. To make matters even worse, only two of their remaining fixtures are home matches. Their first uphill battle will be against the other relegation candidates, Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila FC (TTM), at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in

2019 VW Polo 1.0 TSi

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Polokwane tomorrow evening (Saturday). (See a full preview of the match elsewhere in the paper). The pride of Vhembe will travel to Johannesburg next Wednesday, 5 May. They will battle for league points with Orlando Pirates at the Orlando Stadium. Their next fixture will be against Chippa United at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday, 11 May. Chippa United are also fighting for survival. Lidoda Duvha will then return to Thohoyandou, where they will host Kaizer Chiefs on Tuesday, 18 May. That will be followed by a trip to Cape Town, where they will play against Cape Town City at the Cape Town Stadium on Tuesday, 26 May. Leopards will wrap up their league programme by hosting Bloemfontein Celtic on Saturday, 29 May. Unlike Black Leopards, TTM have seven matches to play before the end of the season. TTM’s remaining

TTM’s head coach, Mr Dylan Kerr.

2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR

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31 000km

fixtures are: Black Leopards (home), Kaizer Chiefs (home), Supersport United (away), Baroka (away), Chippa United (home) and Orlando Pirates (away). TTM played against Bloemfontein Celtic at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane on Wednesday afternoon. TTM’s head coach, Mr Dylan Kerr, is adamant that Vhadau Vha Damani will collect enough points in their remaining fixtures to escape the relegation axe at the end of the season.

2017 VW Polo GTi

54 000 km

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TTM lost 0-3. The likes of Alfred Ndengane, Diamond The much-awaited DStv Thopola and the Zimbabwean Premiership League Limpopo international, Farai Madhanaderby between Black Leopga, will be expected to do the ards and Tshakhuma Tsha job in the absence of Nkili. Madzivhandila (TTM) will be TTM’s strikers, Philip Ndlondstaged at the Peter Mokalo, Aluwani “Killer” Nedzamba, ba Stadium in Polokwane and Joseph Malongoane are tomorrow evening (Saturexpected to keep the Leopards’ day). Apart from the fact that defenders, Edwin Gyimah, sparks normally fly in derby Ethen Sampson and Mumuni games, tomorrow’s game is Abubakar, running for cover expected to be an extraordithroughout the game. nary one. Black Leopards and TTM Black Leopards and TTM’s played to a 1-1 draw in their future as affiliates of the DStv first-round league match at Premiership League is on the the Thohoyandou Stadium on line. The only two elite league Wednesday, 16 December. TTM sides in the Limpopo Provwill host Kaizer Chiefs at the ince are currently fighting for same venue next Tuesday, 4 their lives. Lidoda duvha are May. Black Leopards will travel perched at the tail of the log, to Johannesburg the following while TTM are in the third day. They will battle for league place from the bottom. Leoppoints against Orlando Pirates ards have 15 points while TTM at the Orlando Stadium. have deposited 19 points into Black Leopards beat Orlando their league account, accumuPirates 2-0 in their first-round lated from 23 outings. league match at the ThohoyTTM were playing against andou Stadium on Sunday, 17 Bloemfontein Celtic at the January. Peter Mokaba Stadium on The other weekend fixtures Wednesday. The result of the are: Maritzburg United vs Momatch was not available at the roka Swallows, Bloemfontein time of our going to press. TTM Celtic vs Kaizer Chiefs, Golden will be without their centre Arrows vs Amazulu, TS Galaxy back, Ayanda Nkili, when they vs Cape Town City, Chippa face Leopards tomorrow. He United vs Stellenbosch FC, saw red in their game against Orlando Pirates vs Mamelodi Cape Town City at the Cape Sundowns and Supersport Town Stadium last Saturday. United Baroka FC. By Frank Mavhungu

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Limpopo Mirror 30 April 2021  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

Limpopo Mirror 30 April 2021  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

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