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Violent protests at Madombidzha The police keep a close eye on happenings in the Madombidzha area.

By Kaizer Nengovhela

Police clash with protestors in the Madombidzha area.

The violent protest by Madombidzha residents during the past week turned into criminal activities when some protestors stopped motorists to demand ‘toll’ payment to pass along the closed road. At least 25 protestors were

injured in clashes with the police during the protest action that saw the biggest part of Sinthumule being closed off last Friday morning. Community members are upset about the escalation in crime in the area and have embarked on a total shutdown of the area to get the government to listen to their


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grievances. Protestors from Madombidzha and surrounding villages in the Sinthumule district started barricading roads leading out of the area early on Friday morning. The protestors were blocking off roads by using stones and all sorts of rubble. - Continues on page 2




2 18 May 2018

Reprimand for top judge Court practice. By his providing guidance, the possibility of the application being disLimpopo’s top judicial appointment, Judge missed on technicalities could be minimized, President Ephraim Makgoba, is to be reprithe judge stated. manded for actions “unbecoming of a judge”. Judge Makgoba stated in his response that An appeal committee of the Judicial Conduct the conversation became heated, as MaluCommittee (JCC) found that he had acted in leke clearly did not appreciate his guidance. an improper way when he phoned and intimi- He then told Maluleke that, in all fairness dated a Polokwane-based advocate in 2016. to him, he would no longer be hearing the In a verdict delivered last Friday (11 May), matter as he already had his own “misgivings the chairperson of the appeal committee, Judge on the matter”. “My last words to him was Raymond Zondo, gave the background to what that such hostility will be dealt with within had led to a complaint being filed against Judge the legal framework and professional ethics,” Makgoba. Judge Makgoba stated. It started when advocate Tsundzuka Kevin Advocate Maluleke’s first complaints Maluleke asked for an urgent application to be against the Judge President did not result heard in the Polokwane High Court on 17 May in much. The members of the first JCC 2016. considered it to be frivolous and lacking in Advocate Maluleke represented Limpopo Lesubstance and it was dismissed. Maluleke gal Solutions, an NGO acting on behalf of mostly then turned to the appeals committee, asking marginalised groups. The NGO wanted to stop them to consider the complaint. Eskom from cutting the power supply to four Judge Zondo, in his ruling, describes the Thohoyandou-based tenants. complaint as two-fold. The first part deals The application was set down for a hearing with the fact that a judge had phoned an at 14:30 in the Limpopo Provincial Division of appellant instead of dealing with matters in the High Court (in Polokwane). Judge Makgoan open court. The second issue concerns the ba is the Judge President of both the Limpopo threatening tone of the call. Division and the Thohoyandou Local Division of Although it is generally accepted that it the High Court. is not proper for a judge to speak to a legal Shortly after 10:00 that morning, Judge representative prior to a case being heard Makgoba phoned advocate Maluleke, questionin open court, Judge Zondo said that this ing him about why the matter was to be heard in was not, in principle, wrong. He highlighted Polokwane and not in Thohoyandou. The judge circumstances where a judge might feel it is also questioned the legitimacy of Limpopo Legal necessary to contact a lawyer and address Solutions, allegedly accusing them of having an specific, mostly technical, issues. “The judge agenda to “milk State institutions.” Maluleke must not in any way represent that he or she alleged in his complaint that the judge told him: has prejudged the matter or issue,” he said. “You are talking rubbish and I am going to Judge Zondo also felt that, in cases where deal with you legally and personally in the same judges felt the need to contact parties prior to manner I am dealing with Advocate Tebeilla and a hearing, this should preferably be in writing his institution and (I) will inform other judges to and all parties should be included in the deal with these Limpopo Legal Solutions.” communication. For a variety of reasons, the urgent applicaJudge Zondo was very critical of Judge tion was not heard on the 17th. Maluleke stated Makgoba’s utterance of the words that he that he felt traumatized by the events and did would “deal with” advocate Maluleke and not feel that he could continue representing his Limpopo Legal Solutions. Judge Makgoba client. The hearing was also moved to another was asked to clarify what he had meant with court room (without his knowledge) and struck these words. In his reply, Judge Makgoba said from the roll after the legal representatives of he had meant that he would deal with him Limpopo Legal Solutions failed to appear. Mal(advocate Maluleke) by way of a costs order, uleke subsequently laid a complaint at the JCC, and in a professional capacity, he would lay a claiming that Judge Makgoba had acted in an complaint of unethical conduct against him. unprofessional manner. “The respondent (Judge Makgoba) intendIn his response, Judge Makgoba admitted that ed to make that costs order against the appelhe had phoned the advocate, but said this was lant without affording him the opportunity to to provide some guidance, especially seeing that be heard. That was conduct unbecoming of a the Limpopo Provincial judge and the appellant should not have conDivision was a new division. Judge Makgoducted himself like that,” Judge Zondo said. ba said that he realised that there was a need The appeal committee found Judge Makto guide some practitioners in respect of High goba guilty of conduct unbecoming of a judge and ordered that he be reprimanded. Judge Makgoba was given 15 calendar days to make arrangements with the office of the Deputy Chief Justice to enable the appeal panel to “ In the name of God, the Most Merciful , the Most carry out the reprimand. Benneficient. Judge Zondo chaired the appeal committee All praise is due to God, Lord of the universe. and the other two judges on the panel were The Most Merciful, The Most Benneficient. Judge Phineas Mojapelo and Judge Patricia Master of the Day of Judgement. Goliath. You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask By Anton van Zyl

Discover Islam

for help. Guide us onto the straight path, the path of those whom You have favoured, not of those who have evoked Your anger or of those who are astray. “ Quraan, chapter 1, verse 1-7

God is in control of all our sustenance and those who believe in God and pray to Him recieve special blessings from Him and they are the ones who are going to be happy and content in this life and in the hereafter. Free Copy of the Translation of Quran available on request. Questions & Comments Whatsapp / Call: 072 186 9786

Radzilani, had during a hastily convened staff meeting on The Vhembe District Munic- Monday acknowledged that she ipality is again in the news, had heard of the incident. She and it is still for the wrong assured staff members that the reasons. incident is being investigated The municipality has been and that appropriate steps in the news following its would be taken. Aphane added investment with the Venda that it was not contested that Building Society where they the municipal manager maninvested millions. The bank is handled the general manager of currently under the curatorship technical services and that the of the Reserve Bank following general manager opened a case allegations of mismanagement against him and that Rambado at the bank. has appeared in court on the 11 As if that was not enough, May 2018. This could, however, just last week the municipal not be confirmed. manager, Mr Mugivhela Ram“The municipal managbado is alleged to have assault- er has conducted an act of ed a general manager in the misconduct, by engaging in a technical division in full view of criminal activity of assaulting other staff members. SAMWU his general manager during is saying that the municipal working hours. It is SAMWU’s manager should be suspended contention that the conduct of with immediate effect. the municipal manager was so When asked for comment, gross it warrants immediate Rambado denied that any suspension from work.” assault took place. He added that the municipal “I know nothing about the manager is the first employee allegations,” he said. of the municipality and all Details surrounding the officials of the municipality alleged assault are at this stage account to him. “How does the very sketchy with only rumours executive mayor expect subdoing the rounds that it was ordinates to operate with the money related. SAMWU’s manager who is prone to conprovincial secretary, Mr Patrick sistent verbal abuse to workers Aphane said that the union is after the recent incident?” fed up and has learnt with apHe further indicated that prehension about the incident SAMWU has obtained several that happened at the offices. confirmations from other He indicated that the officials of the constant verbal executive mayor, Ms Florence abuse and humiliations in By Elmon Tshikhudo

the hands of the municipal manager. SAMWU intends to mobilize its members and other affiliates of COSATU to render the municipality ungovernable if immediate steps are not taken against Mr Rambado, he warned. Just before going to press, reports were received from a reliable sources that officials from COGHSTA were at the municipality and that indications were that the municipality could be placed under administration at any given time.

Mr Reuben Rambado.

Crime leads to violent protests From page 1 Some of these obstacles were set alight to prevent motorists from using the road. Thousands of commuters were left stranded and many workers did not report for work. Shops in the area were closed for most of the morning, and the roads around Sinthumule, Makhado Air Force Base and Kutama were blocked. Angry members of the community even broke down a bus shelter and placed it in the road. Earlier in the morning, the police had to use teargas and rubber bullets to disperse crowding residents. Several protestors were injured during some of these clashes. The unrest follows the ongoing problem of housebreaking and theft in the Sinthumule and Kutama area. The residents seemingly decided to take the law into their own hands. The rampage prevented some pupils from going to school, because no

transport was available. Residents appealed to the SAPS to maintain a policy of zero tolerance towards all crime. They said a lot of crimes had occurred in the area and in most cases the suspects were known by the community. Residents appealed to the police to work out a plan with time frames and to stipulate how the community could become involved in pro-active crime prevention. Until the issue has been resolved, people from outside areas are being warned to avoid the roads leading to Sinthumule and Kutama. Police spokesperson Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe said the area was calm at the time of our going to press, but that one car belonging to the police and many belonging to members of the community had been damaged during the protest. He added that they had opened cases of malicious damage to


This is the opening chapter of the quraan called surah Faatiha. It is a supplication for guidance and is recited throughout the day by Muslims in their prayers (salaah) all over the world. Here God informs us that not only is He the Most Merciful, and this is reiterated, but God also warns us that He is also the Master of the Day of Judgement and Reckoning, and God is Most Just. This reminder of Gods Mercy is so that we can begin to understand all of Gods blessings that He has bestowed upon us and we should supplicate and pray that God continues to shower us with His countless blessings.God alone should we turn to for help He alone can pardon and forgive us.

“Suspend the municipal manager”

property as well and could not rule out the possibility of more cases being opened. A community leader, Mr Patrick Sikhutshi, condemned the barbaric behaviour by some of the community members who damaged vehicles and looted during the protest. He confirmed that 25 community members had been hit by rubber bullets. Sikhutshi said that they were going to open a case against the police officials who had instructed other police officers to shoot at the residents. They will also invite the Minister of Police to visit the area. Sikhutshi further said that they had arrested six suspects who had allegedly been in possession of stolen goods and handed them to the police. He added that they were going to meet with representatives from Sinthumule/Kutama, Louis Trichardt and Tshikota to plan a joint protest.


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18 May 2018 3

“Stay away from drugs” - former addict Message for local youth By Elmon Tshikhudo

“I had to sell my beautiful mansion and cars for next to nothing just to finance my bad habit of drugs. I used all the money I had and had to resort to stealing, so I ended up getting arrested,” he said. He further indicated that he spent a year and half awaiting trial for robbery and ended up serving two years in prison. He was released on parole in 2004 and went straight for rehabilitation and then requested to work with Munna Ndi Nnyi on drug-abuse awareness. “I can tell you now, drugs will destroy your lives. I have been through it, I lost my everything and nearly ended up losing

my life.” He urged the pupils to stop using drugs “before it is too late.” Captain Makondelele Tshishonga, the sector commander at Shayandima, told learners to stop bringing guns, knives, and drugs to school as they would be arrested and lose their future. “Please do not form gangs and bully each other, as these are crimes.” Munna Ndi Nyi Men’s Forum chairperson Mr Bardwell Mufunwaini said they were targeting schools as they were found to be havens for drugs. He urged learners to concentrate on their education and desist from the dangers of using drugs.

A former drug addict, who turned over a new leaf, is living testimony that those hooked on drugs can free themselves if this is done timeously. At one stage, Mr Mpho Makua of Burgersfort used to own a beautiful house and an expensive vehicle but lost everything after being hooked on drugs. Makua (36), who did time in a Johannesburg prison because of a robbery he committed to finance his addiction, has today overcome his addiction, and he is a living embodiment that one can do away with drugs and lead a normal life. He is today an anti-drug campaigner and ambassador under the banner of Munna Ndi Nnyi Men’s Forum. He goes to communities to inform them of the dangers of drugs. On Tuesday, together with the local police and Munna Ndi Nnyi Men’s Forum’s Bardwell Mufunwaini, he visited Shayandima Secondary School to inform the learners of the dangers of drugs. Shayandima area has been identified as one of the most drug-infested areas in Vhembe, where drugs of all sorts are readily available on street corners. Makua told the learners of his true-life story, telling them that at one stage he was a respected businessman with a beautiful house and expensive cars and lots of cash. “God blessed me at a very young age, and I used to get lucrative tenders worth lots of money. I had everything in life, but I misused the opportunity granted to me by God and started All united against drugs are, from left to right, Sgt Vuledzani Dathi (Thohoyandou doing drugs with the who’s who of communication), Capt Makandelele Tshishonga (Shayandima sector commandGauteng.” er), former drug addict and anti-drug ambassador Mpho Makua, Ms Vhutshilo He said that he wasted his mon- Munjedzi, Mr Bardwell Mufunwaini of Munna Ndi Nnyi and Ms Rudzani Bugana, ey and he was left with nothing. a social worker who organised the event.



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The album has seven songs and includes songs such as Nga iwe, mufuna pfunzo and tsini tsini. Mushe thanked the people who helped him to compile this album, and more specifically Tshifhiwa Netshiongolwe, the Answer Worship team, Fizzy, C-Jay, Bamba, Cashflow, Floydbest, and the Breakthrough Music Band. “My gospel album deals with unity, love and peace. Most of my tracks there, and the song thabelo, talk about hope,” he said. If you want to know more about Mushe and his music, you can contact him on 071 803 8074.

By Maanda Bele

Mushe Moss Tshivhase, better known as Mushe from the award-winning song Toti by C-Jay, has finally released his new single titled songo farafara and a gospel album titled Faranani. The title of his new song, Nisongo farafara, (which means “don’t touch”), sends a strong message to young people, especially young men, to obey the Tshivenda culture and respect their fathers’ property. According to the Tshivenda culture it is taboo for a boy child to play with his father’s belongings. According to Mushe, children no longer respect the Tshivenda traditions. “I cannot wear my father’s trousers or shoes, even if we wear the same size. It is disrespectful and our culture is against it,” Mushe said. “Sometimes parents allow their children to do things that are against our tradition like allowing children to play with important things.” Mushe hails from the valleys of Nzhelele in the Fondwe village, but is now residing in Gauteng. Besides releasing the hit single, Mushe also released a gospel album that he will officially launch to- Mushe Moss Tshivhase, better known as Mushe from Toti. gether with the single.



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4 18 May 2018

Tshivenda literacy material made available acknowledged the importance of the material. The Tshivenda Bible Literacy MaHe congratulated the Bible Society terial launch by the Bible Society of of South Africa for having come up South Africa received a thumbs-up with the project saying it will benefit from stakeholders that attended the children who relate better in their own launch. mother tongue. The launch that took place at the “This is a step in the right direction, Shayandima AME Church last Thursthe previously marginalised languages day (10th), was attended by many are now being elevated. This is a mileGrade R, 1 and 2 learners from the local stone in indigenous languages and in primary schools, education officials, you we see a partner in furthering our Pan South African Language Board, aims as an organization,” said Muloiwa. various foundation phase teachers, Pastor Mike Roodt, head of church church and community leaders and a and community engagement at the delegation from senior traditional leadBible Society of South Africa, said that er Mailausumbwa Kennedy Tshivhase. they are extremely excited to have manAll the learners who attended the aged to have come up with such literacy material. He said the material will enhance the reading as well as the writing abilities of young children. “Furthermore, they will help the children to engage with the Word of God by using biblical characteristics in the literacy material.” He further indicated that the material is now available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Sesotho, isiZulu, Sepedi, Tshivenda and Xitsonga and that they will eventually be available in all eleven official languages. From Shayandima the Bible Society of South Africa team proceeded to Malamulele where the Xitsonga Literacy Material was Rev Nndanganeni Ligege and Pastor Mike Roodt handing the Tshivenda literacy material to launched the following the children during the launch. day. By Elmon Tshikhudo

launch received a set of the literacy booklets. The basic literacy project comprised of two booklets, “My first Bible Do and Learn Book”, (Bivhili Yanga U ita na U guda Bugu ya 1 and “My second Bible Do and Learn Book” (Bivhili Yanga U ita na U guda Bugu ya 2,) which are specifically aimed at preschool children and foundation phase learners. Speaking during the launch, Chief Lambani Tshivhase praised the Bible Society of South Africa, saying they have taken the right direction towards the development of the Tshivenda language. Prof Thifhilufhelwi Muloiwa if the Pan South African Language Board also

Ridgeway Preschool

APPLICATIONS FOR 2019 NOW OPEN OPEN DAY ON SATURDAY 26TH MAY 2018 Research has shown that enrolling your child for Preschool increases their chances of future academic, social and emotional success. The centre offers places to approximately 50 children, aged between 4 and 6, in Grade RR and R

Helping hand for schools gardening tools for their existing vegetable garden and this would Eight primary schools in help them to keep the grass and Mutale were the lucky winners flower beds trimmed and neat. of the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart Ms Anniki Endlani of Tshapacompetition and each received sha expressed her excitement and a Cashbuild building material said that they would now be able voucher to the value of R15 to fix the toilets and even add 000 at the official Cashbuild some more. store-opening ceremony in To participate in the Cashbuild Mutale last Thursday. Art-at-Heart competition, pupils The schools that benefitted from each school submit their from the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart best artwork to Cashbuild. This donations were Mafukani, Br artwork is displayed at the cerNemulodi, Lukau, Tshapasha, emony, and remains on display Pile, Ladzani, Mangaya and in the Cashbuild store for the Tshandama primary schools. next six years. The artwork was Ms Thida, the principal of judged and three winners from Mafukani, was delighted to hear each school were named. that her school had won a CashWinners received Cashbuild build building voucher, and they Art-at-Heart gold, silver and were able to install functional bronze certificates for first, sectoilet facilities, which they have ond and third place respectively. never had before. “If there is any Since the Art-at-Heart campaign surplus from the voucher, we will was launched 17 years ago, also paint some classrooms.” Cashbuild has helped more than Pile Primary School’s principal, 2 900 schools in Southern Africa Doreen Mashudu, said the dowith more than R36 million nation would allow them to buy worth of building materials. Education

Overall winner Ntanganedzeni Mabuda from Mafukani Primary School is congratulated by Cashbuild’s operational manager, Mr Tyron Myburgh. Photo supplied.

Ridgeway College APPLICATION FOR 2019 NOW OPEN ENTRANCE TESTS ON SATURDAY 26TH MAY AT 08H00 10 Reasons to chose Ridgeway College

There are 2 teachers and 2 teachers assistants. Much of the learning happens through the media of music and art. We know that a secure, stimulating and happy environment provides the basis for learning and development and so the Centre has its own premises in a spacious house and garden close to the secondary school.

1. Excellent Academic record both internationally and nationally 2. Small school and small classes = individual attention

Ridgeway Independent School APPLICATIONS FOR 2018 2019 NOW OPEN ENTRANCE TESTS ON SATURDAY 26TH MAY 2018 AT 08h00

In line with our vision, the individual child is at the centre of everything that happens in the Primary School. Students are encouraged to put responsibility for self, others and the environment at the centre of their lives. In the Junior Phase, the National Curriculum provides the basic structure but is improved by a constant emphasis on practical skills, group work and learning through the media of Art, Music, Movement and Dance. In the Senior Phase, the emphasis shifts more to the Cambridge International Curriculum. In Grade 6 learners sit for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams in English, Mathematics and Science. Our learners also write the Conquesta Olympiads from Grade 1-7. Since 2007 we have regularly numbered among the top 20 across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Ridgeway students are happy, well adjusted and confident. They are taught by a team of dedicated teachers in a nurturing environment. Preschool—31 Protea Street, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, 0920 Primary School—Roodevaal Road, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province. Tel: 015 151 0110 Email:

3. Affordable private education

Ridgeway students have an excellent record of success in obtaining both admission and completion of their chosen courses at University

4. Qualified and dedicated teaching staff 5. Dual curriculum (Cambridge and IEB) caters for all needs 6. Dedicated Chemistry, Physics, Biology and IT labs ensures practical knowledge and not just theory. 7. Excellent preparation for tertiary 8. Physical education included in the timetable and compulsory extra curricular (sports and cultural) programme ensures more holistic education 9. Remedial reading programme to improve all round academic performance 10. Weekly and termly Boarding for boys and girls

The College aims to seek out and nurture the gifts and abilities of every single student, enabling and encouraging them to continue acquiring the skills, knowledge, selfconfidence and articulateness needed to enable them to be a productive, capable and responsible member of society. Leeu Street, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province, 0920 Tel: 015 151 0111 or 072 119 0178 E-Mail:


Municipal status for Beit Bridge Town International Relations

together.” She added that the current developments also served as a catalyst to strengthen the twinning agreement that they signed with the Beit Bridge District Rural Council in October 2004. “We agreed that we would work together on issues related to economic development, health, education, tourism and other service-delivery initiatives. As a border town, we wholeheartedly support this upgrading, because it will also have positive spin-offs for our people.” She said the future looked bright for the new municipality and pledged full support from the people of Musina. The mayor of the Municipality of Beit Bridge, Cllr Showa

The mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, said that the twinning agreement between Musina Municipality and the Beit Bridge District Rural Council in Zimbabwe was playing a developmental role in terms of international relations. Muhlope was addressing guests during the municipal status celebration of the Beit Bridge Town Council, which was held at the Rainbow Hotel, Beit Bridge, Zimbabwe last Thursday. This comes after the leader of Zimbabwe, Pres Emmerson Mnangagwa, upgraded the Beit Bridge Town Council to municipal status in March this year. This means that the town council will now have more responsibilities like other municipalities in Zimbabwe in terms of providing services to local people. Muhlope said the upgrading of the town council into a municipality came at the right time when Musina was preparing itself to become a city. “The upgrading of the town council into municipal status fits well into our municipality’s vision statement to become the gateway city to the rest of Africa. It is important to be surrounded by institutions that share the same vision with us, so that we can move the dreams of a sustainThe mayor of the Municipality of Beit Bridge, able African local Cllr Showa Moyo. government forward

Moyo, thanked the government of Zimbabwe for upgrading the town council to municipal status. She also thanked Musina Municipality for the cooperation and timeous engagement on issues related to service delivery. Also present during the celebration were councillors from Zimbabwe, representatives from the Urban Council Association of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Local Government Association, Zimbabwean politicians and representatives from community and government structures.

The mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope.

18 May 2018 5

“Communities must respect traditional leaders” By Silas Nduvheni

they are ruling. A representative from the National House of Traditional Leaders, Mr Sam Khandlela, congratulated Mphephu Ramabulana on his leadership, for ruling the Vhavenda people with wisdom and respect. The station manager of Phalaphala FM, Mr Freddy Sadiki, said the station respected the traditional leadership and said they had already started to pay courtesy visits to senior leaders.

King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana has slammed communities and some traditional leaders who have used the media, especially radio, to disgrace the traditional leadership of Vhavenda. “We have to respect our traditional leaders. The customs and traditions of Vhavenda should be promoted. Sometimes, traditional leaders are accused of things that are not their responsibility, like a shortage of water in some villages, which must be directed to municipalities,” said Mphephu Ramabulana. According to him, some listeners used the radio phone-in programmes as platforms to insult and disrespect traditional leaders. He addressed some senior traditional leaders during the communication dialogue that was held in Vhembe District’s legislative assembly on Friday. The dialogue was about how traditional leaders can engage each other on issues King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana addresses affecting them and the traditional leaders. the communities


6 18 May 2018

Young Radzambo to represent country in the United States By Kaizer Nengovhela The young Radzambo Matsila jetted off to the United State of America (USA) last Friday to represent Africa in the All Africa Student Convention (AASC) artist competition. The event started earlier this week. Matsila participated in an event at Eunice High School in Bloemfontein in October last year and finished in second position. He is a Grade 8 pupil at El Baruch Academy at Levubu. The AASC is an annual event where pupils from across Africa and Scandinavia come to compete in events in various categories, among others academics, arts, sport, music, speech, drama and dance. It can be described as a mini Olympics for pupils in schools using the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)

system and Christian schools. Pupils who excel in their events are elected to attend the International Student Convention (ISC), which is held in the USA once a year. A teacher at El Baruch Academy, Ms Andurette Roos described Matsila as a very dedicated learner and said she had no doubt that he would hoist the country’s flag very high. “We are greatly humbled and we are very confident that he will bring back a wealth of knowledge to share with us back here,” she said. Radzambo Matsila urged other learners not to take competitions for granted, as they are platforms that could open opportunities for them to shine in the outside world. “This is the best thing to have happened in my life, and I will make use of this once-ina-lifetime opportunity. I will

come back and share what I will get there with the rest of my country,” he said. “I am fortunate as a young rural boy to be chosen to represent SA overseas. It never crossed my mind that I would one day fly overseas. I am so excited,” he said. He said it was not easy for him, but he succeeded because he was dedicated. “I receive extreme support from family and friends, as they have helped a lot. The competition has pushed me to train harder. It was my goal to make it,” he said. His father, Chief Livhuwani Matsila, said he was very happy for his son to represent SA. “As the family, we are proud of the volume of hard work he has put in. It has paid off. He is a strong artist and his ability has helped him realise that his dream is possible,” he said.

“Trusted traditional leader” buried In memoriam King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana of the Vhavenda kingdom has urged the people of Ha-Mutele to observe the mourning period in honour of the fallen acting senior traditional leader of the Mutele Traditional Council, Vho-William Mutele (76). Mphephu was addressing hundreds of villagers, traditional leaders, community stakeholders and guests during Mutele’s funeral service at Ha-Mutele sports grounds near Masisi on Saturday. Mutele, who represented the Mutele Traditional Council at Musina Municipal Council, died a fortnight ago after falling ill. “This is not the time to talk about the heir who should ascend the throne. According to our culture, we still must observe the mourning period before we can talk about a person who should take over the reins. I urge every one of you to be patient and wait for the traditional processes to unfold, so that we can do things according to our custom. I personally came here today to mourn, and I will come back again to install a new Thovhele when the time is right,” said Mphephu during the funeral. He said Mutele had been one of the trusted traditional leaders and his death was a great loss to the Vhavenda kingdom. “He was a reliable individual who took part in everything that we jointly do as traditional leaders. Despite his advanced age, he never missed a single meeting to discuss issues of service delivery and traditional leadership. As an elder, we used to take advice from him and we have been deeply touched by his passing. Despite all this, we will continue where he left off to continue to build the Vhavenda kingdom into a strong, united front.” The MEC for Health, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, said the community of Ha-Mutele should be assured of the heartfelt condolences of the government. “As government, we are also saddened by his passing, but we pray that the Lord will comfort the family and community members

during this trying time. It is a great loss to us, because traditional leaders are our partners in governance and community development.” Cllr Jeremiah Khunwana from Musina Municipality said the municipality had lost a partner in community development because Mutele’s seat in the Council was currently vacant. “For the past two years, he worked well with us and we will surely miss his contributions in Musina Municipality. We will continue to work hard to bring a better life to all in honour of this fallen giant.”

Vho-William Mutele (76).

Two educators, Mesdames Precious Masaiti and Andurette Roos, bid farewell to Radzambo Matsila.

Photographed during the funeral service for the acting senior traditional leader of the Mutele Traditional Council, Vho-William Mutele, are from left to right: King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba and Vhembe District Executive Mayor Florence Radzilani.

As per the traditional leadership custom, tshikona dancers pay their last tribute to the acting senior traditional leader of the Mutele Traditional Council, Vho-William Mutele during the funeral service.


18 May 2018 7


8 18 May 2018

Consider careers in maths and science By Mbulaheni Ridovhona In an effort to make pupils aware of the career choices that are available at tertiary institutions, the University of Venda (Univen) and the Careers Exhibition and Information Association (CEIA), in partnership with the Vhembe District Department of Education hosted the Univen Annual Careers Exhibition from 7 to 11 May at the Univen auditorium. The exhibitors came from universities, universities of technology, TVET colleges and private companies. A total of 174 schools attended the

exhibition. CEIA President Mr Takalani Nyelisani acknowledged the exhibitors for their undivided support. “CEIA is the only vehicle we should use regarding the careers exhibition. It’s in our hands to guide our pupils towards a better future,” Mr Nyelisani said. He encouraged the exhibitors to do career exhibitions in rural areas as well. “Let’s balance our careers exhibition. Pupils in rural areas need us more than those in urban areas, because they lack information,” Mr Nyelisani said. “For the past three years, this

careers exhibition has helped more than 50 000 pupils,” said Univen’s acting deputy vice-chancellor academic, Prof Base Khoza. Prof Khoza advised pupils to apply on time to avoid taking a gap year and to consider careers in maths and science. The Vhembe District Department of Education head of psychological and guidance services, Mr Gideon Ramulifho, said: “All pupils can pass if we motivate them. Let’s continue to support our pupils.” He said that they were striving to continue producing good results in maths and science in the Vhembe District.

The donor, Chief Makwarela Makhuvha, the school principal, staff , community structures and happy kids after receiving the shoes.

Caring chief ploughs back By Elmon Tshikhudo

Pupils ask about careers choices during Univen’s career exhibition.

The station that begins with you!

Chief Makwarela Makhuvha of Tshivhulani, under the Mphaphuli rule, invested where it matters most when he donated shoes to needy learners just as winter approaches. Makhuvha is one of a kind, who always come up with ways to better the lives of his subjects. During a visit to one of his primary schools and seeing learners coming to school barefoot, he promised he would come back with shoes for the needy learners. True to his word, the caring chief came back to Tshivhulani Primary School, where he handed over 46 pairs of shoes. The handover was witnessed by the school-governing body members, the local

civic, school staff and royal council members. In handing over the shoes, Makhuvha said he was touched to see several learners coming to school barefoot and some with worn-out shoes. “I know what poverty is and that the only way to change this situation is through education. Education will remain the backbone for each economy, and we are staying at an underdeveloped village. These are the kids who will bring change here. Let’s invest in them as they are our future,” he said. He further promised cash incentives to the best performers in the different grades. School principal Mr Thomas Raliphaswa praised the chief for his good gesture. “We are very happy to have

a leader like Chief Makhuvha, who knows the needy in his community. We have a problem here - many of our learners are so embarrassed that sometimes they stay away from school because they do not have uniforms. We are a school in need and we are appealing to other Good Samaritans and businesses to come on board and assist us in making a better learning environment for our kids,” he said. The local civic leader, Ms Tshilidzi Tshivhenga, expressed her joy at the donation. “We are very happy that the donation came just on time for the cold winter weather. This will go a long way in improving the lives of our children, who will also perform well at school,” she said.

Tel: 015 962 8336/8405 & Fax: 0860 760 7028 Univen FM 2018 Line-Up TIME 00h00–03h00 03h00–06h00 06h00-09h00 09h00-12h00




















Chief Makwarela Makhuvha (second from right), Mr Gerson Mahada of the Tshivhulani local council and principal Mr Mukondeleli Thomas Raliphaswa hand over the shoes during the event.


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NEWS: Fhatuwani Innocent Lidzebe/Vhutshilo Marilyn Tshiitamune /Lindokuhle Shongwe /Mathye Masingita/ Rabelani Nevhutalu / Emmah Moloto

The Limpopo Adventure Club will visit the Tshamutshedzi Nature Reserve in Tshidzini this weekend. The club deals mostly with hiking, camping, 4x4, running, mountain biking and road cycling, all with the purpose of fitness and social activities. In our photograph are members of the club.






18 May 2018 9 MusAic

Film & Theatre



Art & Entertainment Dance & Cultu


Art & Sculp


Poetry &

Madikita will make you popular By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho For 22-year-old events organiser Arendwaho Duncan Ndou, better known as Madikita, music is the food of the soul and a medium for entertainment. This became apparent when he took the step of promoting many other singers in the Vhembe District because he believed that artists needed more promotion and exposure in this age. “I used to organise events such as ‘pens down’ and beauty pageants,” said the resident of Tshandama village, near Tshilamba in the Mutale area. “But with all those initial skills that I got during my high school days as events organiser, I am proud to promote a wide range of artists whose talents wouldn’t have seen the great exposure, had it not been for my efforts.” In Tshandama, it would seem that Madikita had become the saviour of many youths when it came to matters of events management. “The rise and fall of artists sometimes lie in the efforts that go into marketing – if one fails to adequately market one’s event, that artist is bound to go nowhere in terms of success. He or she won’t stand the test of the time in the industry.” He stated that he started organising events at the age of 11 and added that it was also high

time music lovers and artists alike started paying respects to events organisers because they formed part of the music industry. “I attended Thengwe High School, where I was also encouraged to nurture my talent of events management,” he said. “I was given a chance to organise some major school events, and they were all successful.” At some stage, Madikita met Siala Mphaleleni and they teamed up and started Jaydee Promos, an events-management organisation. “We had arranged shows which featured great names like Proheed. The Proheed show in particular, received a big mass of supporters. So far, I have promoted the music of Dovey, 30 Mrepa, Proheed, Shufflers and RasCanly.” He said he was able to make a name for himself because he was determined and goal-directed. “As Jaydee, we don’t expect any initial or joining fee from artists,” he said. “We had visited 70 villages and towns, where we promoted our artists. We therefore thank all artists who had contributed in making us Arendwaho Duncan Ndou, known as Madikita. Photo supplied. who we are today.”

Charismatic Rhythms’ Kagiso heads to Ireland By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The ambitious founder of Charismatic Rhythms, Kagiso Kekana, embarked on an international study tour to Ireland in Europe during the past week. The tour was being hosted by the European Union and the Irish Arts Council, in partnership with Sibikwa Arts Centre in South Africa. The tour took place between Monday and today (Friday). “As part of the study tour, South Dublin will be host to the South African Department of Arts and Culture and EU-funded programme Shukuma Mzansi! (Shake up the South) and the European Union-South African International Community Arts Centres Dialogue Project,” she said. Ireland was chosen as the base for the international delegation because of its strong foundations in community arts practices, policies and systems of

supports. The study visit was hosted by the Arts Council and Tallaght Community Arts, in association with Rua Red and the Civic Theatre in Tallaght. The delegates, which include the Ministry of Arts and Culture in South Africa and community arts centre professionals from South Africa, France and Belgium, were welcomed by the ambassador of South Africa in Ireland, Mr Ahlangene Cyprian Sigcau. Shukuma Mzansi engaged in a number of discussion events with Irish arts organisations and others interested and experienced in community and collaborative arts practice. The cultural and artistic programme was designed to benefit all speakers, attendees and visiting delegates. ‘’The theme of the visit included community arts practice and policy, community engagement, inclusive programming and young people and the arts,” she said. “At least 60 artists and arts professionals based in Ire-

land, along with visitors, participated over the course of the week. The trip was an eye-opening for me as I lead a orientated arts organisation that still needs to grow.”

Mulelu responsible for radio advertising Mr Vhahangwele Mulelu is responsible for all radio advertising on Phalaphala FM and other SABC radio stations for advertisers based in Vhembe. Advertising on Phalaphala FM gives businesses the opportunity to speak to about 900 000 listeners who tune in to the station every week. According to the station, radio’s cost-effective nature allows the advertiser to stretch his money a little further, therefore allowing consumers to hear more of the adverts and increase brand exposure. Mulelu started his education in 1994 at Mamali Sikhwivhilu Primary School at Ngovhela Village and obtained his matric certificate in 2005 from Ralson Tshinanne Secondary School. He developed his love for media and communication while he was at secondary level and was encouraged to study towards this discipline by his English teacher, Mr Mavhungu. In 2006, Mulelu enrolled to do media studies at the University of Venda and obtained his degree in 2009. He joined the SABC in 2011 as an intern with SABC TV Content Enterprises. He then worked with commissioning editors, responsible for producing SABC TV content. Mulelu moved to SABC 3 in 2012 as a transmission scheduler, which entails making sure that all station programmes start on time and that adverts booked are played

at correct times. In 2014, he moved to SABC radio sales in Polokwane as a sales assistant after the retirement of Mr Stranger Ravele. He then started to serve businesses in the area with all their radio advertising needs. That enabled them to reach their marketing needs through the biggest radio station in the region, Phalaphala FM. Phalaphala FM listeners have an intimate relationship with the station and regard it as a trusted source of information and entertainment. Because SABC radio has a high following and has the best exclusive listenership in the country, there is less ad avoidance and better brand recall. Phalaphala FM offers multiple ways of advertising like live reads, product placements, features, interviews, outside broadcasts, sponsorships, “own” your own show, “generic 30” ads and much more. Through the Outside Broadcast (OB) unit, businesses can have the station at their venue or functions. This gives consumers a chance to mingle with the station’s on-air personalities who are considered icons in the station’s area of broadcast. All businesses that need to know more about the OB unit and many other ways of advertising on Phalaphala FM and other SABC Radio stations can visit Vhahangwele Mulelu at SABC Thohoyandou or call 073 591 7790.

The artistic director at Charismatic Rhythms, Kagiso Kekana, boards a flight from Polokwane International Airport to OR Tambo International Airport for an Ireland trip.

The Living Rock band renders live performances By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The Living Rock is a gospel band that believes in the power of live performances and live recordings, as they say music lovers relate easily to this kind of music. While the band has its roots in Bolobedu, it boasts members from Vhembe District, other parts of the country and the DRC. It was founded in 2013 by Kgoshi Norman Mmoloko Tshwale. So far, it has become popularly known for its multi-lingual traditional gospel songs from its two live albums, entitled Ka Thapelo and Jeso O lerato. “We have committed to writing new songs and bringing out new melodies that send out a fragrant smell of praise and worship unto God,” the group’s spokesperson, Hlayisani Shikwambana, said. “As a gospel group we are looking forward to reaching out to many other African countries and intercontinentally as we continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through our music.” The Living Rock‘s latest album, Jeso

O Lerato, is a great milestone that has propelled the group to the next level. The standout songs include Kembo, Bombo ra Vakreste, Tshabela kgo Jeso, Rea Livhuwa, and Siphila ngo moya. “We also released a DVD along with this CD, and the video has great resolution and quality sounds as well,” he said. “Just like on the previous album, Jeso o Lerato has allowed people to choose their own favourite songs as it contains many hits within it.” The group maintains that the kind of songs they sing are entirely inspired by day-to-day living and how God takes people through every challenge to victory. “As The Living Rock, we are continuing to produce music that brings spiritual fulfilment by advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Shikwambana. “We focus on the work of God at hand and building an altar of praise and worship for our African continent and intercontinentally, through melodies.” The Living Rock’s music is available in music stores. The group is available on Facebook and can be reached on 079 672 4834.

The bassist of The Living Rock, Hlayisani Shikwambana.

Vhahangwele Mulelu.

The Living Rock DVD’s sleeve.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 18 May 2018

King Toni donates food and house By Kaizer Nengovhela An 82-year-old gogo, Mudzunga Makatu, who lives with her five grandchildren in a dilapidated house, had tears of joy when Khosikhulu Vho-Toni Mphephu Ramabulana donated food parcels for more than four months and promised to build them a three-roomed house soon. Gogo Makatu of Dzanani was very happy when the King presented her with the groceries during an event last Friday.

Mphephu Ramabulana said he was told by a community of the misery the gogo was going through. “I went to the home, and what I saw was heart-breaking. I found a collapsed, one-roomed mud house and imagined the pain she was going through,” said Mphephu. “The little I can do to change people´s lives will give me peace of mind and I will continue doing this in as much as God wishes me to do,” he said. “As traditional leaders we have to take care of the poor,” he added. “We have big challenges of unemployment and

Photographed during the ceremony are, from left to right, Mkahadzi Vho-Mavis Mphephu, Khotsimunene Vho-Japan Mphephu, Gogo Mudzunga Makatu with her grandchildren. They received food parcels from Khosikhulu Vho-Toni Mphephu Ramabulana and Khathutshelo Mamuwa looks on.

poverty in our communities. Those who are blessed should share their blessings with the less fortunate and I appeal to local businesses to be of help to the community,” he said. Gogo Mudzunga Makatu thanked Mphephu and his royal council for the good work he was doing for the community. “I am a poor gogo and did not have any place to stay after my mud house collapsed many years ago. I thank Khosikhulu Mphephu from the bottom of my heart and wish God to give him many years to live,” she said.

Gogo Mudzunga Makatu thanked Mphephu and his royal council for the good work he was doing for the community.

Retailer enables centre to address water shortage By Mbulaheni Ridovhona With access to drinking water and food security presenting a major challenge in the rural village of Tshavhalovhedzi, the Shoprite Group partnered with Mutshidzi Community Centre (MCC) to implement a number of sustainable solutions. The Shoprite Group, along with implementation partner Food and Trees for Africa, recently installed a borehole, so that the MCC has a sustainable source of water. With water tanks and an irrigation system in place, an extensive food garden could be established with medicinal herbs and fruit trees. The MCC has 14 members and it offers skills development and home-based care as part of its goal to help alleviate poverty for 300 needy people in the area. The organisation also operates a chicken coop to produce meat and eggs as well as a food garden that provides vegetables for their soup kitchen. Infrastructure improvements, which include renovating the fence, building a toilet, installing composting units as well as moveable chicken pens for outdoor grazing, have emerged through this partnership.

The committed members of the MCC are now working to ensure a consistent production rate, so that they may soon be in a position to sell their fresh produce to generate an income. Nicholas Ramunenyiwa, MCC’s manager, expressed appreciation

for the efforts made by the Shoprite Group in the implementation of sustainable solutions. “We are happy for the intervention made by the Shoprite Group. We were struggling to plant, due to a lack of water, but now MCC is flourishing,” he added.

Well-known educator to be buried tomorrow According to Ms Zwivhuya Rashaka, who is the deceased’s The Netshilema family in granddaughter, Netshilema fell ill Limpopo has been plunged into in November last year. deep mourning, following the He had an illustrious career in passing away of former educaeducation, where he served in the tor Mr Takalani Nethilema. capacity of educator, principal Netshilema (91) of Shayandima and inspector of schools. In 1955, passed away in the early hours of he assisted Khosi Vho-Ligege in Monday after being admitted to establishing a primary school at Intercare in Sandton, Gauteng. Duthuni. Born at Duthuni outside ThoNetshilema was also the author hoyandou in 1927, Netshilema of a drama, Vhamusanda Vho started school at Goldville School, Dzegere. Up until his death he which he attended from 1934 remained a staunch member of to 1942. He passed his Std 8 at the Anglican Church, for which St Peters Secondary School in he was a lay minister at the Johannesburg in 1946 and comShayandima branch. pleted his teacher’s training at LeA memorial service in his mana Training Institute in 1948. honour will be held on Friday the He later did his Std 10 through 18th (today) at the St Michael private study. and All Angels Church at ShayanThrough UNISA he obtained dima (Tsini na Atshani) at 16:00. his BA degree in1960. The funeral service will be held at the same church on Saturday (tomorrow) at )7: 00. Netshilema was married to Naledzani Sarah Netshilema for 65 years and seven months and they were blessed with eight children. The children are Mbengeni, Tshilidzi, Masalanditshizwivhona, Azwihangwisi (deceased), Tanganedzani-Mulalo, Londolani (deceased), Phumudzo (deceased), and Rendani, as well as three adopted children, Khashane Muthivhi, Shiela Muthivhi and Madzanga Muthivhi. He was also blessed with 35 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. Former educator Mr Takalani Netshilema. By Elmon Tshikhudo

Huge penalties for several Safa Vhembe teams By Kaizer Nengovhela

From left to right are William Budeli and Eric Mukanngane, harvesting fresh produce from their garden.

The disciplinary committee of Safa Vhembe has imposed heavy fines on some of the teams during its sitting at their offices in Thohoyandou last weekend. The heaviest fine was levied on Tshisi-

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mani Top Challengers. They were found guilty of assaulting the referee and of the abandonment of a game when they played against Tshenzhelani Diiteleni. They were fined R5 000 and forfeit three points to Diiteleni. United Artists were found guilty of fielding a player who was not properly registered. They received a R3 000 fine and the three match points were awarded to their opponents, Sams. Mulenzhi Fire Boys and Madzivhanani Premier were both fined R5 000 for causing the abandonment of their match. Nweli Stone Breakers were found guilty of fielding an improperly registered player and were fined R3 000 and three points were awarded to their opponents, Obi Fire Boys. While Tshisimani Top Challengers were fined R2 000 for fielding an improperly registered play and forfeit points to Musina United, they were not found guilty in their case against Masisi for fielding an unregistered player. Themba Sun Riders were found guilty of not marking the field of play properly and were fined R3 000.






18 May 2018 11

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12 18 May 2018

Tshitandani Centre considering options

Legendary photographer is no more

All cases reported in the Thohoyandou Policing District only

Statistics for Sexual & Domestic Violence Total number of sexual assault cases for 2018




Children Adults




Total number of rapes 2016

Total number of rapes 2015

(13 - 17 years)

(Under 13 years)

Total number of rapes 2017




Total domestic violence 2016

Total domestic violence 2017




Age 13-17


Age 18-59

276 Age 60+


Month of April



80 70


60 50 40 20


2015 2017


Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence







Two of Louis Trichardt High School’s netball players, Midana Mutshinya (left) and Teboga Masekela (left), were taken up in provincial netball teams after the provincial netball trials on 9 May at Pietersburg High School. Teboga was selected for the u/16 team and Midana as reserve for the u/18 team.







(Gogos 60+ years)

Total domestic violence 2015



(I8 - 59 years)






who say that the DSD’s representatives simply had not pitched up for the meeting. Another date, 17 January, was then set to meet The Tshitandani Child Care Centre is still and consider the application. Seabi stated that considering its future options and it may during this meeting it was found that they (the re-open and function as a training centre for centre) had not improved on the recommendachild-care workers. The centre was forced to close down a month ago after the Department tions for the previous conditional registrations as stipulated on the expired certificates. “There of Social Development (DSD) did not renew were outstanding documents which they were to its registration certificate. submit in order for them to be complying with The closing of the child-care centre situated the norms and standards,” he said. in Tshikota came as a shock to local communiAccording to a board member of Tshitandani, ties. The centre had been operating since 2009, catering for street children. The centre was sup- Mr Andries Smal, this is a blatant lie. He offered to make documents available that indicate that ported by the majority of church groups in the the DSD representatives were satisfied that all region and boasted several success stories. Last regulations had been adhered to and that all year, Tshitandani took care of 43 boys, which documents were in order. During this meeting, included six matriculants. The matriculants all two DSD representatives agreed that there was passed their end-of-year exams, five with unino clear reason why the centre should not qualiversity exemption. One boy even obtained two fy for a five-year registration certificate. distinctions. The DSD informed Tshitandani early in April In 2018, the child-care centre started off with that all funding to the institution would be 22 children. (Some of the remaining children stopped, because the centre did not have a valid returned to Zimbabwe as the political and economic situation in the neighbouring country registration certificate. A meeting was held on 13 April where representatives of Tshitandani’s started to improve.) board and the DSD were present. This meeting Early in April this year, the DSD’s regional ended in an impasse, with the board members committee informed the centre that a registraindicating that the matter would be discussed tion permit had still not been issued, effectively further and a decision made regarding the meaning that Tshitandani was acting outside future. the prescriptions of the law. The centre’s board, “The management board (then) wrote a letter after discussing the matter and trying to resolve to the department, indicating that they are the bureaucratic red tape, came to the concluclosing the centre with immediate effect. The sion that it had no other option than to cease children were removed immediately as the letter its activities. The DSD was informed and a few from the centre indicated that they will no londays later the children were moved to a shelter ger accept any responsibility for injuries, harm, in Musina. abscondment or any other form of abuse from The DSD was subjected to a lot of criticism, that date forth,” Seabi said. following the closure of the centre. Many Seabi stated that 19 boys were transferred to residents compared it to the Life Esidimeni the CWM centre in Musina on 18 April. He said scandal in Gauteng, where patients were indisthe Musina centre has a valid registration certificriminately moved at the whim of government cate, allowing it to accommodate 61 children (36 officials. Many of these patients died as a result boys and 26 girls). “Four children were reported of the forced move. In the case of Tshitandani’s to have absconded from the centre and one was children, they were moved to an overcrowded facility in Musina. Out of the 19 children moved, reunified with his mother,” he added. Seabi’s figures were questioned this week by four absconded and one was apparently reunited some of the Tshitandani board members. They with his mother. argue that the Musina shelter is overcrowded The DSD’s official spokesperson, Mr Maand prior to the Tshitandani boys’ being moved didimalo Joel Seabi, responded last week to there, the official figures indicate that CWM was questions sent to the department. “According already catering for 32 boys. At most they could to Section 199(3) of the Children’s Act no. 38 have accepted another four boys. of 2005, the application for renewal of regisAccording to Smal, the needs of the children tration must be made at least 90 days before should have been the priority of all parties conthe registration certificate is due to expire. The cerned at all times. “To move children who were registration certificate for the centre expired on doing extremely well from a facility just because 31 December 2017,” he said. of bureaucratic red tape, is not in the best interSeabi mentioned that a date had been set for est of the children,” he said. early December 2017, during which the regisSmal mentioned that Tshitandani had no tration panel would have visited the centre and other option than to start with a retrenchment considered the renewal. According to the information Seabi received, the 11 December meeting process. Eight staff members were affected by was cancelled because the centre failed to submit the past month’s happenings. As for the future, one of the options Tshitanthe necessary documents. This version of events dani is considering is to use the facilities to train is vehemently denied by the Tshitandani board, child-care workers. The workers trained at the centre can then care for up to six children at homes in various villages. “But we have not given Statistics supplied by TVEP Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme up on the children that we had cared for,” said Domestic Violence Smal. He said they were still pursuing all avein 2018 against: nues to see if they could find a solution to either get the children back or to ensure that they were Age under 13 properly cared for. By Anton van Zyl

winner of the 2008 Sanlam his passing made headlines National Press Awards in again. I then came to terms Legendary photojournalist the hard news category. His that my role model is no Sam Nzima is no more. A motivation remained the indeed more. freelance journalist for The corner stone of my journalism Nzima may be gone, but World newspaper at the career and the foundation for his inspiration lives on. It is time, Nzima is known for the more than 30 awards that sad that he passed on before taking the iconic picture of I won in my heydays at the finishing his photojournalthe dying Hector Pieterson Limpopo Mirror. ism college in Mpumalanga being carried by Mbuyisa The recipient of the Nation- where he wanted to transfer Makhabu, running alongal Order of Ikhamanga and his knowledge to the youth. side Pieterson’s sister, a man of few words, Nzima There is no doubt that he has Antoinette Sithole, on 16 was so humble that it was joined the heavenly lens man’s June 1976. difficult to guess that he was major league of the likes of Award-winning journalist an international icon if one Alf Kumalo, Bob Gosani, and now communications did not ask. I still remember Constance Larabee, Ernest manager of Musina Municihis words when he received Cole, Ken Oosterbroek, Kevin pality Wilson Dzebu pays trib- an award from the then FCJ Carter and one of our own, ute to this world-acclaimed Chairperson, Karin Espag, Elijar Mushiana. I strongly lens man. Dzebu writes in his during the workshop. He sim- believe that we still have personal capacity. ply said: “I never imagined I many Sam Nzimas out there. “What is your name young would get such a huge honour All they need is proper photoman? I read through your from the media industry. The graphic guidance, self-discovmind and your powerful picture has been used worldery and work hard to realize participation in the workwide, but I did not get special their potential. shop discussions impressed recognition. My success is the Sam Nzima, my final me. You have the potential pride of all journalists and package to you comes from of becoming one of the best I am filled with gratitude, the book of John, chapter journalists in the country.” because I have been honoured 14, verse 1 to 3. “Do not let These were the words from by my own people while I am your hearts be troubled. the legend himself, Sam Nzistill alive.” Trust in God; trust also in ma, when we met for the first I thought the news reader me. In my Father’s house are time at Aventura Loskopdam, had made an honest mistake many rooms; if it were not Mpumalanga in August 2006. when the radio announced so, I would have told you. I This was during the Forum of that Nzima, whom I regard as am going there to prepare a Community Journalists (FCJ) my source of inspiration, took place for you. And if I go and workshop I attended while I his last breath in a Nelspruit prepare a place for you, I will was still a journalist for the hospital at the age of 83 last come back and take you to be Limpopo Mirror. week. My ears were glued to with me that you also may be We exchanged numbers the radio to make sure that I where I am.” and he used to call me at least listened to the next news bulMay your soul rest in pertwice a week to coach me on letin. To my disappointment, fect peace! the ethics of journalism, news gathering and camera-handling skills. “Wilson, I just called to check how your journalism career is progressing. I read a lot of your stories on the Internet and your wordsmith skills are excellent. Keep the pen rolling, my boy,” he would say during our conversations. His encouraging words and weekly conversations rang on my mind every morning and I worked hard to achieve what my role model had prophesied. Indeed, his prophesy Mr Sam Nzima (left) and Wilson Dzebu, photographed at became a reality when, two years later, I was crowned the an event of the Forum of Community Journalists in 2006. Tribute




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18 May 2018 13


14 18 May 2018

Beloved Musina principal passes away District Municipality

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 45 of the Supply Chain Management policy that Vhembe District Municipality’s Supply Chain Management policy implementation report for the period 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2018 is available for public inspection. The information will be available at the Municipality cashier’s office and our website at: For any enquiries, contact the Supply Chain Practitioners of Vhembe District Municipality at tel. (015) 960-2000. Mr MR Rambado - Municipal Manager Vhembe District Municipality, Private Bag X5006,Thohoyandou 0950

Human Communications 141171

learners wrote hundreds of farewell letters, which were displayed on The community of Musina is in the stem of a big baobab tree at the mourning, following the passing school yard. A memorial service away of the much-loved and hard- organized by the Department of working principal of Messina Education was held at the school Primary, Mr Dave Diener. hall on Monday and another one Diener, who has been principal led by the family was held at the at the school since 2009, passed Dutch Reformed Church in Musina away on Friday last week. He joined on Wednesday. The funeral was a the school as a teacher in 1983 and private matter, attended by close climbed the career ladder until he family members. became the headmaster. At the time The deputy principal of the of his death, Diener was leading school, Ms Lucida Vorster, said a school of 625 learners and 35 learners and educators were devaseducators. tated at the passing of their muchAs a way of paying tribute, loved principal. “Since he passed on Education

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Title: Instrument Technicians

Operation: Target Mine, Allanridge (Free State)

Minimum requirements: • ND in Electrical Light Current with relevant Industrial Instrumentation subjects (or higher qualification, eg HND/ BTech); or relevant Trade Test as Instrument Mechanician with N4 and minimum of 8 years’ experience; or relevant trade test as Instrument Mechanician with N5 and minimum of 7.5 years’ experience; or relevant Trade Test as Instrument Mechanician with N6 and minimum of 7 years’ experience; or ECSA registration as Professional Engineering Technician • Medical Certificate of Fitness • Valid First Aid Certificate • Valid driver’s licence and own transport • Previous shaft/plant-related experience • PLC programming and SCADA • High degree of competence in instrumentation used in highly automated plant and machinery

Role and responsibilities:

Title: Assistant Occupational Hygienist

Operation: Target Mine, Allanridge (Free State)

Minimum requirements: • Certificate in Mine Environmental Control (MEC) • Computer literacy (MS Word, Pivot Occupational Hygiene, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint) • English proficiency • Self-motivated • Prepared to work odd shifts • Valid Code 08 driver’s licence • Own transport (to attend to call-outs in good time) • Means of being contacted by the mine after hours • Valid Medical Certificate of Fitness for underground or able to obtain one • Ability to pass conveyor belt riding

Role and responsibilities:

Title: MM L5 LHD Operators

Operation: Target Mine, Allanridge (Free State)

Minimum requirements: • Minimum Grade 10 or equivalent certificate • Blasting Certificate • 2 years’ experience as an operator trackless mining • Valid driver’s licence • Level 1 Vienna Dover psychometric assessment • Medical Fitness Certificate • Must be heat tolerant • Ability to pass conveyor belt riding

Role and responsibilities:

Title: MM L6 Drill Rig Operators (Solo)

Operation: Target Mine, Allanridge (Free State)

Minimum requirements: • Minimum Grade 10 or equivalent certificate • Blasting Certificate • 2 years’ experience as an operator trackless mining • Valid driver’s licence • Level 1 Vienna Dover psychometric assessment • Medical Fitness Certificate • Must be heat tolerant • Ability to pass conveyor belt riding

Role and responsibilities:

• Provide a specialised engineering service by analysing, designing, programming, installing, maintaining and repairing automated and measuring systems to optimise the performance availability of mechanical and electrical processes. These systems must provide sufficient measuring and analysing capability to the users of the processes • Ensure that all systems are maintained and optimised to ensure that the capacity to the production process is maximised • Maintain safety and loss control for specified areas

The education fraternity is mourning the death of the principal of Messina Primary, Mr Dave Diener.

• Conduct routine Occupational Hygiene Measurements on a monthly basis • Compile all Occupational Hygiene measurement results into structured report format • Upload all measurement data into the Pivot Occupational Hygiene Module • Ensure that all measurement equipment and instrumentation is maintained in a good working condition at all times • Coach and train on-the-job in order to instill a culture of adherence to all Occupational Hygiene standards • Assist the Occupational Hygienist in all matters relating to Occupational Hygienist

• Operate equipment and machinery to optimal efficiency • Perform all work within scope and qualification as required by sectional supervisor • Work as per operational needs • Utilise knowledge and experience • Be responsible and accountable for the section • Work continuous cycle and rotating shifts • Work unsupervised

As a way of paying tribute to their late principal, learners wrote hundreds of farewell letters, which were displayed on the stem of a big baobab tree in the Messina Primary school yard.

• Operate equipment and machinery to optimal efficiency • Perform all work within scope and qualification as required by sectional supervisor • Work as per operational needs • Utilise knowledge and experience • Be responsible and accountable for the section • Work continuous cycle and rotating shifts • Work unsupervised Contact person: Sigqibo Siqwepu Designation: Skills Development Facilitator Fax: 086 517 4481 E-mail: Closing date: 24 May 2018

If you have not received any correspondence within 21 days after the closing date, regard your application as having been unsuccessful


last week, the morale is very low here at school. He was part of our big family and everyone enjoyed his company. For the past 39 years, he has strived to make this school one of the best in the province, and we will continue to work hard to keep up his legacy. We are really saddened by his passing and life will no longer be the same without him here at the school.” Vorster said it was heart-breaking that Diener had passed away while he was about to retire. “He was turning 64 in December this year and due to retire next year. His role as a distinctive leader, dedicated teacher and the fruits of his hard work will remain with us forever.” Musina Mayor Mihloti Muhlope has also sent condolences to the Diener family, the school, friends and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing and working with the deceased. “It is very sad to part ways with him while we still need his expertise. He was an experienced educator whose contribution will live forever. We hope the family will find solace from the Lord during this difficult time.”

Human Communications 141259

The Generational Blessings Foundation recently donated 30 pairs of shoes to learners of Mufeba Primary School. Photographed with the pupils are SMT members, the principal, Mrs KG Makhuvele, the HOD, Mr TT Mathelemusa and Mrs V Maake. Photo supplied.






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NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late RADZILANI TSHAMANO DANIEL ID NO: 300403 5223 08 9 of Stand No: 145, Bohwana, Muhuyu Village Ha-Tshivhase. Limpopo. Province.Master Reference: 854/2018. Name of Executor Mbulaheni Godwin Tshamano. All persons having claims against the abovemen�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the executor’s agent, whose par�culars are as follows: Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 10th May 2018 ADV. T P MATODZI Executrix A�orneys Office No: 8 Mulovhedzi Building 597 P. West Mphephu Drive THOHOYANDOU/0950 ADVOCATE M J MUSHASHA NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late SIGIDI RAMAANO JOHN of Id no490404 5356 08 5 who died on 7th November 2012, of Lwamondo, Limpopo Province, Estate No. 2616/2012, and surviving spouse: Mercy Tshililo Sigisdi, will lie for inspec�on at the offices of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, and the Magistrate’s Office, Louis Trichardt, for a period of twenty-one (21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Dated at Thohoyandou on the 4th day of May2018. ADV. M J MUSHASHA A�orneys for Executrix 2010 Centre Office No: 11 P O Box 1652 THOHOYANDOU/0950 TEL/FAX: 015 962 5852


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SALE IN EXECUTION IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA. LIMPOPO DIVISION, THOHOYANDOU Case No: 477/2017 In the ma�er between: BELE MASHUDU SUZAN APPLICANT (JUDGMENT DEBTOR) Execu�on Creditor and TSHIRENZHENI HEADMAN TOMBO. 1ST RESPONDENT (JUDGMENT CREDITOR) THE SECRETARY OF TSHIVHASA SENIOR TRADITIONAL COUNCIL, SINGO. 2ND RESPONDENT TSHIVHASA SENIOR TRADITIONAL COUNCIL. 3RD RESPONDENT THULAMELA MUNICIPALITY. 4TH RESPONDENT In pursuance of the Court Order in the High Court of THOHOYANDOU dated the 16th March 2018, the following goods will be sold in execu�on on this the 25th May 2018 at 11H00am at SHAYANDIMA SHERIFF WAREHOUSE, to the highest bidder without warran�es or representa�ons. Debtor is situated at Thohoyandou Block G, House No. 7, District Thohoyandou: 1 X 1 TOYOTA BAKKIE (BULL DOG) REG.CTF 732 L 1 X1 TOYOTA BAKKIE (HIPS) REG.BDV 195 L. Dated at THOHOYANDOU on this the 15th May 2018 ANTON RAMAANO ATTORNEYS FOR 1ST RESPONDENT (TSHIOVHE VHANGANI HENDRICK) House No. 902, P West CNR University & Mphephu Drive Opposite Khoroni Hotel Venda Plaza P O Box 2246 THOHOYANDOU/0950 TEL: 015 962 2232/2236 FAX: 015 962 5009 REF: AR/DM/CV/22/17


NOTICE IN TERMS OF CLAUSE 20(3) OF THE SPATIAL PLANNING AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT ACT 16 OF 2013. The Collins Chabane Local Municipality, in terms of Clause 20(3) of the Spa�al Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013, hereby gives no�ce that the municipality has compiled a Dra� Municipal Spa�al Development Framework. All interested and affected par�es are invited to submit wri�en representa�ons in respect of the proposed Municipal Spa�al Development Framework to the Municipal Council within 60 (sixty) days a�er the publica�on of this no�ce. MUNICIPAL MANAGER COLLINS CHABANE LOCAL MUNICIPALITY PRIVATE BAG X 9271 MALAMULELE/0982 DAVHANA TSHITEREKE JERRY NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5)

OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late RAMMEREGI EDZISANI PHINEAS of ID no600505 5931 08 6 of House No.152, Vuwani Loca�on, Limpopo Province and surviving spouse, Konanani Elisah Rammeregi of ID no 630330 0058 08 0, Estate No. 2173/2017 will lie for inspec�on at the offices of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou, for a period of twenty-one (21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Dated at Thohoyandou on the 9th day of May 2018. T J DAVHANA Stand No. J000 Tshamidzi THOHOYANDOU/0950 TEL: 082 855 0413 email: JDavhana@jus�ce. DEVELOPLAN

APPLICATION FOR REZONING IN TERMS OF SECTION 76/75 OF THE MAKHADO/ THULAMELA (COLLINS CHABANE LOCAL MUNICIPALITY) SPATIAL PLANNING AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BYLAW, 2016. NOTICE FOR REZONING & CHANGE OF LAND USE. No�ce is hereby given that applica�on has been made by DEVELOPLAN TOWN PLANNERS, on behalf of the owner of Stand 786 Shitlhelani for the rezoning of the men�oned stand from PANEL BEATER to GENERAL BUSINESS. The applica�on documents are open for inspec�on for a period of 30 days from 18 May 2018, at the following place: Office of the DIRECTOR TOWN PLANNING, Collins Chabane local municipality offices, Malamulele. Objec�ons to the applica�on must be lodged with or made in wri�ng to the Municipality manager, Collins Chabane local municipality (LIM345) Private Bag x 9271 Malamulele 0982. Email:hulisani@lim345. Agent: Developlan, Box 1883, Polokwane, 0700, Tel. 015-2914177. Fax: 086 218 3267. DEVELOPLAN NTSARISO WO CINCA TIRHELO RA MISAVA HI KUYA HI XINAWANA XA SWA VULAWURI BYA MISAVA LOWU KUMEKAKA EKA XIYENGE XA 76/75 E HANSI KA VULAWURI BYA MASIPALA WA MAKHODO/THULAMELA (COLLINS CHABANE LOCAL MUNICIPALITY). NTSARISO WO CINCA TIRHELO RA MISAVA. Ndzi mi �visa leswaku ntsariso wu endliwili hi DEVELOPLAN TOWN PLANNERS, loyi a nyikiweke ma�mba

hi nwinyi wa xitandi xa noboro 786 eka Shitlhelani. Ntsariso lowu i wo cinca xitandi lexi �rhisiwaka ku lunghisa �movha ku va xi �rhisiwa swa mabhindzu. Vuxokoxoko mayelana na ntsariso lowu, wu ta kumeka eka �hofisi ta Murhangeri wo pulana swa madoroba eka Masipala wa Collins Chabane, ku sukela hi � 18 Mudyaxihi 2018. Ntsariso lowu wu ta kumeka ku fikela eka masiku ya makume manharhu hi ku ya hi khalendara ku sukela ka siku ra � 18 Mudyaxihi 2018. Lava va nga na swisolo, va nga swi endla hi ku switsala hansi va swi rhumela eka �hofisi ta Mininjhere wa masipala eka adirese leyi: Private Bag x 9217 Malamulele 0982. Muyimeri: Developlan, Box 1883, Polokwane, 0700, Tel. (015) 2914177. Fax 086 218 3267.tecoplan@

Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late LETHOLE VINCENT TSHIKONELO of ID no701110 5410 08 8 of Erf 259, Shayandima Loca�on, Limpopo Province, Estate No. 1951/2017 will lie for inspec�on at the offices of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou, for a period of twenty-one (21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Dated at Thohoyandou on the 9th day of May 2018. A R MADIA ATTORNEYS Office No. G21 Old Mutual Building THOHOYANDOU/0950 TEL: 015 962 3001 e-mail: armadiaa�orneys@gmail. com



NDIVHADZO HU TSHI TEVHELWA TSHITENWA TSHA 93(1) TSHA MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY SPATIAL PLANNING LAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BY-LAW, 2016 - MAKHADO AMENDMENT SCHEME 294 Nne Jackson Sebola wa GoldenGrey Consor�um (Pty) Ltd muimeleli o tendelwa ho nga muthu o randelwa ho tshipida tsha mavu nga khantsele dzamisanda yo bulwaho a�o �asi, ndi khou �a ndivhadzo hu tshi tevhelwa tshitenwa tsha 63 I tshi vhalwa khathihi na tshitenwa 85 ya Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development and Land Use Management By-Law, 2016 nga u shandukisa ku shumisele lwa mavu kwa tshitende tshi no wananla 11 Mampakuil 313 L.S u bva kha “Agricultural” u ya kha “Special” ya Hodela. Zwidodombedzwa zwa khumbelo idzo zwi do lugelwa u tolwa nga tshi�inga tsha mushumo kha ofisi ya hoho ya muhasho wa Mveledziso na Vhupulani, Civic Centre (tshi�atoni tshiswa), kha nomboro ya 83 kha tshitarata tsha Krogh, Makhado, lwa tshi�inga tsha maduvha a fumbilimalo (28) ubva nga dzi 18 dza Shundunthule 2018. Khanedzo kha khumbelo idzo dzi rumelwa nga u to nwalela kha Municipal Manager, Private Bag X 2596, MAKHADO, 0920 nga ngomu ha maduvha a fumbilimalo (28) ubva nga dzi 18 dza Shundunthule 2018. Adiresi ya Muimeleli: 97 Anderson Street, Louis Trichardt, 0920. goldengreycon@ A R MADIA ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late NXUMALO SAMUEL DICKSON WELLER ID NO: 280914 5188 08 4 Date of death:7th March 2015, of Headkraal Magona Village, Collins Chabane Municipality, Limpopo Province.Master Reference: 2495/2016 All persons having claims against the abovemen�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the executor’s agent, whose par�culars are as follows: Signed at Modimolle on this the 11th May 2018 MALUMBETE & MAKHUBELE ATTORNEYS Milawu House 122 Hagen Street MODIMOLLE/0510 TEL: 014 717 5473 FAX: 014 717 1273 E-MAIL: malumbete@ REF: NCM/TAM/1377 NEFALE M I ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late MUTSHAI TSHIEMBE EDWARD of Id no500305 5580 08 7 who died on 28 October, 2017, of Maniini Village, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, Estate No. 1992/2017 will lie for inspec�on at the offices of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou, for a period of twenty-one

(21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Dated at MUTALE on the 11th May 2018. NEFALE M I ATTORNEYS A�orneys for Executrix Elias Nefale Palace Stand No: 2298 P O Box 35 MUTALE/0956 TEL: 015 967 0102 TEL/FAX: 086 542 7344 e-mail: nefalea�orneys5@ REF: NEF/EST/M06

WISANI BALOYI INC. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late MABASA MASHANGU SOLOMON ID NO: 751110 5399 08 2 Date of death: 27th April 2018 of House No: 1059, Sec�on B, Extension 01, Limpopo Province, and was married in community of property to Tsakani Ivy Novela, of ID NO: 720101 1685 08 5. Master’s Reference: 1016/2018 All persons having claims against the abovemen�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the executrix’s agent, whose par�culars are as follows: Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 14th May 2018 WISANI BALOYI INC. Executrix A�orneys P O Box 3305 LOUIS TRICHARDT/0920 TEL: 015 962 4922 REF: REDRESS/EST.23/2012

RICHARD MATHOBO ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the Estate of the late SIGWADI ALFRED NDAVHELESENI of Id no560503 5747 08 9 who died on 21 July 2017, of Mubvumoni Village Limpopo Province, Estate No. 740/2018 All persons having claims against the abovemen�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the executor’s agent, whose par�culars are as follows: Dated at Louis Trichardt on the 10th day of April 2018. RICHARD MATHOBO ATTORNEYS 2010 Centre Block 2, D18 Next to Phalaphala FM THOHOYANDOU 0950 Ref: RICH/RM/SIGWADI


18 May 2018 15

In the estate of the late HANYAHANYA MATODZI SAMSON ID NO: 480101 6512 08 6 Date of death: 22nd April 2018, of Dzimauli Village and surviving spouse: Mashudu Elisabeth Hanyahanya of ID NO: 560912 0194 08 2, Limpopo Province.Master Reference: 980/2018 All persons having claims against the abovemen�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the executor’s agent, whose par�culars are as follows: Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 14th May 2018 RICHARD MATHOBO ATTORNEYS Executrix A�orneys 2010 Centre Block 2 D18, Next to Phala-Phala FM THOHOYANDOU/0950 P O Box 4373 THOHOYANDOU/0950 REF: RICH/RM/ HANYAHANYA

LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) of act 66 of 1965 Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the Late DAGADA TENDANI PHILIP of ID no.291212 5431 084 who died on the 27/02/ 2016, of Tshidimbini village, Limpopo Province, Estate No.435 / 2018 will lie for inspec�on at the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, for a period of twenty one (21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 11TH DAY OF MAY 2018. SIGNED: C.S.KHOSA LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA EXECUTOR SHOP NO.2 METROPOLITAN CENTRE THOHOYANDOU TEL:(015) 962 6206/8/9 FAX:(015) 962 6383 REF: KHOSA / X710463117

LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) of act 66 of 1965 Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the Late MMBARA NKHETHENI PHILLIP of ID no. 540223 5155 085 who died on the 13/08/ 2012, of Miluwani village, Limpopo Province, Estate No. 1803 / 2012 will lie for inspec�on at the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou, Limpopo (continues on p16)

DEADLINES FOR ADVERTS: Colour adverts: Mondays 16:00 • Classifieds and display adverts: Tuesdays 15:00


16 18 May 2018 A Grade 7 learner, Vuwani Nditwani from Mamathieledzha Primary in Ha-Sidou village, won the spelling bee competition (storytelling), which was held at Lufule Primary School last Friday. Sixteen schools from the Luvuvhu Circuit participated in the competition. Nditwani received a gold medal and trophy and will compete with other learners at district level. In our photo, the principal of Mamathieledzha Primary in Ha-Sidou village, Mr Mmbangiseni Nengwenani (left), congratulates Vuwani Nditwani. With them are the deputy chairperson of the SGB, Mr James Ramugumo, the chairperson of the SGB, Mr Maanda Ramaano, and an educator, Mr Pandelani Lukoto (right). THULAMELA MUNICIPALITY NOTICE OF CLOSURE OF AN OPEN SPACE, SUBDIVISION AND CHANGE OF LAND USE A/S 104 I, Julia Mmaphuti Nare of Nhlatse Planning Consultants, being an authorized agent of the owner of Erf 660 Thohoyandou-J, hereby give notice in terms of the Thulamela Municipality Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-Laws 2016 and SPLUMA 16 of 2013 for the closure, subdivision and rezoning of Erf 660 Thohoyandou-J from “Public Open Space” to “Special” with annexure for the purpose of developing student accommodation. Plans and particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Senior Manager: Planning and Economic Development, Thulamela Municipality, Ground Floor, Office No. 47, Thohoyandou for the period of 30 days from the first date of publication. Objections and/or comments or representation in respect of the application must be lodged with or made by writing to the Municipal Manager at the above address or to P.O. Box 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950 within a period of 30 days from the date of publication of notice. The address of the mentioned Authorised Agent: Nhlatse Planning Consultants, P O Box 4865, Polokwane, 0699 Contact Tel: (015) 297 8673 Contact Cell: 0825587739 MASIPALA WA VHUPO WA THULAMELA NOTHISI YA U VALWA HA FHETHU HA TSHISHAVA, TSHIPIDA NA TSHANDUKO KHA KUSHUMISELE KWA SHANGO A/S 104 Nne, Julia Mmaphuti Nare wa Nhlatse Planning Consultants, ndo imela mune wa Tshitensti tsha Nomboro 660 Thohoyandou-J, ndi nekedza nothisi malugana na Masipala wa Thulamela la Fhethu Kudzudzanyele na Fhethu ha vhudzulo Nga Mulayo 2016 Na SPLUMA 16, uri hu valwe fhethu ha tshitshavha , u tsheya tshipida na u shandukisa Tshitensti tsha Nomboro 660 Thohoyandou-J ubva kha phakha uya kha fhethu hau fhata dzi rumu dza matshudeni. Vhane vha takalela u vhala nga ha khumbulo iyi na manwalo a yelanaho nayo, vha nga a wana ofisini ya minidzhere muhulwane: wa ku dzudzanyele na mvelaphanda , kha luta lwa fhasi ofisini ya nomboro 47 kha masipala wa Thulamela Thohoyandou. Manwalo ayo a do wanala lwa tshifhinga tshi edanaho maduvha a 30 u bva nga duvha la u thoma hau andadziwa ha gurannda. Vhane vha vha na mmbilaelo malugana na iyi khumbelo vha nwalele minidzhere wa masipala wa Thulamela kha diresi itevhelaho: P.O. Box 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950. Mbilaelo malugana na iyi khumbelo vha nwalele minidzhere wa masipala wa Thulamela kha diresi itevhelaho: P.O. Box 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950. Mbilaelo dzi do tanganedziwa lwa maduvha a 30 u bva nga duvha la u thoma hau andzadziwa ha gurannda. Diresi ya dzhendedzi lire mulayoni malugana na iyi khumbelo: Nhlatse Planning Consultants, P.O. Box 4865, Polokwane, 0700, Tel: 015 297 8673, Fax: 015 297 8673, Cell: 082 558 7739. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers


Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 Fax: (015) 962 4020 (015) 962 5328

BID NO 89/2017/2018 - PROVISION OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR THE MAKWARELA STADIUM UPGRADE PHASE 2 Tenders are hereby requested from qualified engineering companies for the Makwarela Stadium Upgrade Phase 2.

(Continues from p15)

LEGALS Province, for a period of twenty one (21) days, calculated from the date of publication hereof. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 11TH DAY OF MAY 2018. SIGNED: C.S.KHOSA LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA EXECUTOR SHOP NO.2 METROPOLITAN CENTRE THOHOYANDOU TEL:(015) 962 6206/8/9 FAX:(015) 962 6383 REF: KHOSA / X719688018

LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) of act 66 of 1965 Pursuant to the provisions of Section 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that the First and Final Liquidation and Dis-

tribution Account in the Estate of the Late MUTOTI LUFUNO SAMUEL of ID no.530425 0100 202 who died on the 02/08/ 1994, of Shayandima Location, Limpopo Province, Estate No.542 / 2018 will lie for inspection at the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province and the Magistrate’s Office, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, for a period of twenty one (21) days, calculated from the date of publication hereof SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 11TH DAY OF MAY 2018. SIGNED: C.S.KHOSA LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA EXECUTOR SHOP NO.2 METROPOLITAN CENTRE THOHOYANDOU TEL:(015) 962 6206/8/9 FAX:(015) 962 6383 REF: KHOSA / X722257918

Bid documents will be available as from the 23 May 2018 between 08h00 and 15h30 upon non-refundable cash payment of R5 305-00 per document at office no. 02, Thulamela Municipality, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou or can be downloaded from e-tender portal.


A compulsory site inspection will be conducted once only on 28 May 2018 at 11h00 at Makwarela Sports Facility. Interested service providers will be expected to submit the prices with the following compulsory requirements: • • • • • • •

Tax Clearance Compliance Status Letter or Tax Clearance Compliance Number Company registration documents (e.g. CK) Company profile which includes CVs of proposed project teams Proof of professional registration of proposed project leader/manager. Proof of registration of Indemnity Insurance Companies’ and/or Directors’ proof of payment for the municipal accounts (rates & taxes) in their area of jurisdiction (not older than three (3) months) and not in arrears for more than 90 days. List of similar successful executed projects with client contact details and contract values.

Where possible we also request to be provided with the company profile and CSD report. (NB: Please note that the Municipality will only do business with service providers who have registered on the CSD) NB: Service providers must submit their certified BBBEE verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African accreditation system (SANAS) or a registered auditor approved by the Independent Regulatory Board (IRBA) or an Accounting Officer as contemplated in the corporation and BEE Rating certificate. These will be evaluated in terms of 80/20 preference points and functionality. Functionality will be scored out of 100% and bidders who score less than 60% will not be considered for further evaluation.



Qualifications and Professional Registration

Max – 40 points

Experience of Engineer Representative

Max – 60 points

The proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly indicating the project name and Bid number – BID NO 89/2017/2018- COMPLETION OF MAKWARELA STADIUM UPGRADE PHASE 2 on the outside and must be deposited in the Tender Box at the Municipality Offices, not later than 11:00 on 04 June 2018. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any Bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a Bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of the submission thereof. Administrative queries can be directed to Ms Mudau P at 082 716 5011 and technical queries can be directed to Ms Ramarumo Z.D at 071 608 0704, during office hours. Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned, completed by pencil, sent by telegraph, facsimile , electronically (Fax), or E- mail and without the compulsory requirements will be disqualified.

MALULEKE HE MUNICIPAL MANAGER Thulamela Municipality Civic Centre Old Agriven Building Thohoyandou 0950

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NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE IN SECTION 29 In the Estate of the late NGOBENI TINTSWALO THONNY I.D.Number 860516 0819 080 who was a resident of TIYANI MAGORO VILLAGE, Limpopo Province who died on the 30 / 04 / 2018. Estate number: 1022 / 2018. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. All persons having a claims against the above-mentioned estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from the date of publication. Signed at THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 09TH DAY OF MAY 2018. SIGNED: C.S.KHOSA LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA EXECUTOR SHOP NO.2 METROPOLITAN CENTRE THOHOYANDOU TEL:(015) 962 6206/8/9 FAX:(015) 962 6383 REF: KHOSA /X729948418


LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE IN SECTION 29 In the Estate of the late TSHITANMGONI MBULAHENI SOLOMON I.D.Number 490924 5174 089 who was a resident of Muledane Block J, Limpopo Province who died on the 13 /11 / 2007. Estate number: 133/ 2008. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. All persons having a claims against the above-mentioned estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from the date of publication. Signed at THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 07TH DAY OF MAY 2018. SIGNED: C.S.KHOSA LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA EXECUTOR SHOP NO.2 METROPOLITAN CENTRE THOHOYANDOU TEL:(015) 962 6206/8/9 FAX:(015) 962 6383 REF: KHOSA /X729948418

Private Bag X5066 Thohoyandou 0950 Limpopo Province Tel: (015) 962 7500 Fax: (015) 962 4020 (015) 962 5328

Thulamela Municipality invites capable service providers for provision of following services. BID NUMBER


BID NO.01/ Support and maintenance services of the 2018/ 2019 existing computerized learners licence testing system for a period of 12 months at Thohoyandou DLTC(Sibasa Traffic)


Contact Person



Ms Mudau P (015 962 7543 or Mr Nesane T Z (015 963 3496)

80/20 preference points system will be used.

Bid documents will be available as from the 23 May 2018 between 08h00 and 15h30 at office No.02 Thulamela Municipality, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou or can be downloaded from e-tender portal. Interested service providers will be expected to submit the prices with the following compulsory requirements: • Tax Clearance Complianceo Status Letter or PIN • Company registration documents (e.g. CK) • Companies’ and/or Directors’ proof of payment for the Municipal accounts (rates & taxes) in their area of jurisdiction. (Not older than Three(3) months) and not in arrears for more than 90 days. • List of similar successfully executed projects with client contact details and contract values. Where possible we also request to be provided with the company profile. NB: Service providers must submit their BBBEE verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African accreditation system (SANAS) or a registered auditor approved by the Independent Regulatory Board (IRBA) or an Accounting Officer as contemplated in the corporation and BEE Rating certificate Sealed bid documents must be submitted in envelopes clearly indicating “BID NUMBER AND DESCRIPTION” on the outside and must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the official Bid Box at the front of the main entrance to the Civic Centre, by no later than 11:00 on, 4th of June 2018. All Bids received will be opened in public in the Municipality’s Board Room, Civic Centre, Old Agriven Building, Thohoyandou. The tender will be evaluated using 80/20 preferential points system and compliance with Thulamela Supply Chain management Policy), PPPFA and other relevant Acts and Regulations. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any Bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a Bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of the submission thereof.

Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned, completed by pencil, sent by telegraph, facsimile, electronically (Fax), or E- mail and without the compulsory requirements will be disqualified.

MALULEKE HE MUNICIPAL MANAGER Thulamela Municipality Civic Centre Old Agriven Building Thohoyandou 0950

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18 May 2018 17

Sigodi turns other people’s waste in the most beautiful art pieces By Maanda Bele

Ms Lucia Netshituni with Grade 12 learners from different schools within the Vhumbedzi circuit. This was during the motivational talk she sponsored at Christ Worship House on Friday.

Bus company wants to help matrics chase dreams annual motivational talk for 2018’s group of Grade 12s. It It all started last year when took place at the Christ WorNetshituni Coaches and Bus ship House on Friday. Present Services, under the stewardto motivate the learners were ship of Ms Lucia Netshituni, the mayor of Vhembe, actors hosted the first motivational from Muvhango, the evergreen talk for Luvuvhu Circuit’s DJ Maphorisa, radio personGrade 12s. It became a roaralities, rhumba maestro Zozo, ing success and the circuit’s Vhumbedzi circuit manager results improved by a whopAshifa Shabba, Thovhele ping 14%. Nthumeni Masia and the initiator of the project, Ms Lucia More than 1000 learners Netshituni. were taken to the venue and fed Netshituni said they always free of charge by the company, strived for excellence and ofwhich had also organized mofered the best transport but felt tivational speakers, artists and they should once more extend TV celebrities, who took turns a giving hand and plough back in motivating the learners. into the community. “We are As if that was not enough, aiming to empower and guide the company hosted the second our Grade 12 students to face By Elmon Tshikhudo

the oncoming task as they prepare to write their final examinations. In 2017, we hosted the Luvuvhu Circuit with over 1 000 matriculants, and we are proud to have been key to the 14% increase in their matric pass rate.” This year, the focus was to get scholars from the most disadvantaged and rural schools to find courage in moving towards success, she said. Thovhele Nthumeni Masia commended the company, saying that the project would make learners realise their dreams. He urged the learners to take their education seriously and implored other businesses to follow in Netshituni Coaches’ footsteps.

When most people see cans, cardboard boxes and plastic, they see trash, but the 29-year-old Dzulani Trevor Sigodi from Tshipako near Thohoyandou sees materials that he can use to showcase his art. Sigodi uses materials that often get discarded to create models of houses, cars and even aeroplanes. Sigodi is also a sculptor, who turns wood into amazing shapes, and he moulds clay to create busts and animals. “I became a creator of art products at a very young age. Before I even started going to school, I was already moulding animals and houses, using clay thatI had dug up by the riverside,” he says. “At the age of 10 I started losing focus when my teachers were conducting lessons. I would be drawing on the covers of my books and on the desk, creating pictures of animals.” Sigodi attended school at Ndikandafhi Primary school, Vhufuli Senior Primary school, Tshivhase Secondary

school and then passed his matric at Ramugondo Secondary school. “At some stage I realised that I should not let art distract me from doing my school work,” he adds. “I had to focus on my studies and be a good learner.” He said he found inspiration for his artwork from the mountains in Tshipako village. Sigodi made headlines in 2009 when he created a model of the Moses Mabhida stadium and the story was featured on different media platforms. “My art has caused me a lot of pain. Back in 2015, when I was still based in Pretoria, I was attacked by a group of people who said that I was

not a South African and I must go and sell my art back in Zimbabwe, which they described as my home,” he says. “Most people don’t believe that I am a South African, because of my good art. They believe that talented people who create stuff and sell them in public spaces are from Zimbabwe,” he laments. He says his dream is to open his own art gallery one day, “so that I can display my art work and the work of other artists.” Sigodi says that his biggest challenge was a shortage of materials. He would be happy if he could get a sponsor. People who are interested in his art work can contact him on 0722457597.

Trevor Sigodi with his model of a house made from waste material.

VHEMBE T.V.E.T. COLLEGE Site no 203, Private Bag X2136, Sibasa, 0970, Limpopo • Tel: (015) 963 3156 / 963 3657 • Fax: (015) 963 3154 • E-mail:


Required at

Tender Bid. No.

Closing date


Lease of one (01) Photocopier Machine for ABET

Mvudi Circuit Makwarela Gov. Buildings

VTVET No 28/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00


Purchase and Supply of four (04) Heavy Duty Photocopier Machines

Central Office

VTVET No 29/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00


Purchase and Supply of tree (03) Heavy Duty Photocopier Machines

Shinwedz Campis

VTVET No 30/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00


Purchase and supply of six (06) Heavy Duty Photocopier Macines

Mavhoi Campus

VTVET No 31/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00


Supply of two (02) Rental Heavy Duty Photocopier Macines

Mashyamba Campus

VTVET No 32/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00


Purchase and Supply of eight (08) Heavy Duty Photocopier Macines

Tshisimani Campus

VTVET No 33/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00


Lease of two (02) Heavy Duty Photocopier Macines

Thengwe Campus

VTVET No 34/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00


Purchase and Supply of Practical and ISAT Materials for Civil Department

Makwarela Campus

VTVET No 35/2018

19/06/2018 Time: 11h00

(Tenders) Bids Obtainable from

Post Delivery to

Central Office Stand No. A 203 SIBASA

Vhembe TVET College, Central Office Private Bag x 2136 SIBASA 0970

Evaluation Criteria: • 80/20 scoring points • Valid Taxi Clearance Certificate • CK (Certified) • Valid BEE Verification Certificate(Certified) • Proof of Residence of the Company • Letter of Financial good standing from the bank • Price

Tender document will be obtained as from 21 May 2018 at Central Office of Vhembe TVET College at Stand No 203, Unit A, Sibasa, Limpopo upon payment of non-refundable amount of R350.00. Only cash or bank guaranteed cheque made out to Vhembe FET Main Account at FNB: A/C No 62051338187: Branch Code 269149 will be acceptable. NB: No briefing session. All bids will remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after the time and date of opening. Late submissions, telegraphic, telefax or e-mail transmission tender will not be accepted. Vhembe TVET College does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept a tender as a whole or in part. All tenders and supporting documents must be sealed in a cover clearly marked “Tender Bid Name and Number as well as the station / campus where it is required ” and must be deposited in the tender box B at Central Office, Site No 203, Sibasa, Limpopo, not later than 19 June 2018 at 11:00 at 11:00 for all the bids. All enquires can be directed to Mr Manena S R or Mphahlele N D at +27 15 963 3657, +27 15 963 3156. All enquires should be directed by email to :

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18 18 May 2018

Tshiisaphungo’s principal (fourth from left), Ms Merriam Rambawu, with parents, MN and MM Trading Enterprise team members and Mr Mafanele Ludwig from the Department of Education (third from left).

Four new classrooms for Tshiisaphungu Primary By Tracy Ngobeni

Ms Melissa Swartz of Petit Day Care Centre held a tea party for all the mothers of children attending her centre as way of celebrating Mother’s Day. The event was held last Friday afternoon at the centre in Makwarela Extension 3. At the top right are Lati and mom Phuti Mponwana, in the photo bottom right are Phathutshedzo and mom Khathutshelo Nemakwarani, in the photo on the bottom left are Tondani and grandma Magaret Munonde and in our photo on the top left are mom Patricia Luvhengo and children Thendo and Phathutshedzo. Photos: Ndivhuwo Musetha.


Parents, teachers and pupils of the Tshiisaphungo Primary School were delighted when they received four classrooms, a nutrition block, stationery and a fence at Vleifontein last Monday. According to the parents, the dilapidated school is overcrowded, with only four classrooms catering for 207 pupils. The new buildings were handed over by MN and MM Trading Enterprise. The principal of the school, Mrs Merriam Rambawu, said that the school was ramshackle. “We had no fence or nutrition room, the classes were

destroyed and it was no longer safe for the children to learn inside the classrooms. We are extremely happy that education will now be running smoothly,” said Rambawu. The chairperson of the school-governing body, Mrs Lillian Mudau, said that the parents were overjoyed because it was hard for the parents to send their children to school and fear for their safety. She said the children had attended their lessons under the trees for several years. “It was painful for the parents to send children to school when the weather was bad, thinking that they were going to sit under the trees to learn.

God has worked in a miraculous way, because they have built us a school and I hope they will do the same for other schools,” said Mudau. Grade 6 learner Phindulo Ndou (11) said that she was happy that the school now had a canteen where pupils could eat from during lunch time. Mr Ludwig Mafanele, in charge of infrastructure in the Department of Education, said the department was very happy because another burden had been lifted from their shoulders. “This will help us look at other schools who also need help, because we have many schools that need to be built new classes,” said Mafanele.

INTERRUPTION OF BULK ELECTRICITY SUPPLY TO MUSINA MUNICIPALITY Eskom hereby notifies all parties who are likely to be materially and adversely affected by its intention to interrupt bulk supply to Musina Municipality on 6 July 2018 and continuing indefinitely. The Musina Municipality is currently indebted to Eskom in the amount of R72 736 380 (seventy-two million seven hundred and thirty-six thousand, three hundred and eighty rand) for the bulk supply of electricity, part of which has been outstanding and in escalation since May 2014 (“the electricity debt”). Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd (“Eskom”) is under a statutory obligation to generate and supply electricity to municipalities nationally on a financially sustainable basis. Musina Municipality is in breach of its payment obligation to Eskom, which undermines and places in jeopardy Eskom’s ability to continue the national supply of electricity on a financially sustainable basis. In terms of both the provisions of the Electricity Regulation Act, 4 of 2006 and supply agreement with Musina Municipality, Eskom is entitled to disconnect the supply of electricity of defaulting municipalities, of which Musina Municipality is one, on account of non-payment of their electricity debt. In order to protect the national interest in the sustainability of electricity supply, it has become necessary for Eskom to exercise its right to disconnect the supply of electricity to Musina Municipality. Eskom recognises that the indefinite disconnection of electricity supply may cause undue hardship to consumers and members of the community, and may adversely affect the delivery of other services. In view of this, Eskom is contemplating a regulated interruption of electricity supply as opposed to an outright disconnection. The contemplated regulated interruption will allow members of the community and consumers the opportunity to make alternative arrangements for the scheduled periods of interruptions. The contemplated interruptions of electricity supply will result in temporary scheduled disconnection at the following times: Week 1: Monday to Friday: Saturday to Sunday 06:00 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 20:30 08:30 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 19:00 Week 2: Monday to Friday (14 hrs): 06:00 to 20:00

Newly built classes.


Saturday to Sunday: 06:00 to 20:00

The University of Venda is offering the following short course under the Univen Centre for Continuing Education (UCCE), a unit of Univen Income Generation Centre.

CERTIFICATE IN GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS OBJECTIVES: To equip participants with knowledge and practical skills to apply Geographical Information System (GIS) technology to solving spatial problems, to familiarize students with ArcGIS 10.4.1, the market leading GIS software package by ESRI. TARGET GROUPS: Town planners, geologists, hydrologists, surveyors, educators, researchers, undergraduate and post-graduate students, companies, local government authorities, regulatory authorities, farmers, health practitioners, NGOs, environmental consultants, etc. PRESENTATION: One block session of maximum capacity: 20 participants. One week of lectures and practical's. INTAKE DATES: 18 - 22 June, 24 - 28 September and 3 - 7 December, 2018. PACKAGE: Learning materials, tea, coffee and full lunch. REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: R7000 per participant, Univen student only R6000 which includes tea, coffee, full lunch and learning materials. Delegates are required to pay a deposit of R5000, which can be deposited at FNB, Account name: Univen Income Generation Centre, Account number: 623 024 370 42, Branch code: 26 05 49, Reference number: GIS and Surname. Confirm booking one week before commencement of lectures to ensure a place for the intake of the course. The balance is payable before or on the first day of the course. ENQUIRIES: Mr. K Zongho Cell: 072 612 3244, email:, Ms. K Mathivha Cell: 076 208 1516, email:, Tel: (015) 962 8594.

Human Communications 141340

gear advertising-2633

Notwithstanding the above proposed indicative times for the interruption of electricity supply, Eskom, upon 15 days’ notice, reserves the right to disconnect electricity entirely and indefinitely should the electricity debt situation not improve. Eskom hereby invites all affected parties to submit written representations, comments and/or submissions indicating why Eskom should or should not proceed with the contemplated interruption and/or disconnection, as the case may be. The following towns/municipal areas will be affected by the contemplated interruption and/or disconnection, except those directly supplied by Eskom: Customer-affected towns/points of supply: Musina Town Public representations, submissions, comments and/or requests for further information should be submitted to: Rachel Sebola Senior Manager: Customer Services (Acting) Physical address: Eskom Offices, 66 Hans van Rensburg, Polokwane Postal address: Eskom Holdings, Private Bag X9477, Polokwane 0700 E-mail address: The closing date for public representations, submissions, comments and/or requests for further information will be end of business on 18 June 2018. Please take note that comments received after the closing date will not be considered. Such public representations, submissions, comments and/or requests for further information will be considered by Eskom, and the final decision will be published in a notice on 29 June 2018. Issued in terms of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (Act 3 of 2000).


18 May 2018 19

Reris Insurance Brokers Miles Ahead Of The Pack MAKHADO:

33 Trichardt Street, Shop no.4, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Tel: (015) 516 1599 Fax: (015) 516 5867 THOHOYANDOU: Shop C5, Sabina Plaza, Thohoyandou, 0950 Tel: (015) 962 0022 Fax: (015) 962 0027 • E-mail:

Licensed FSP

Tshigombela dance performed by the Makungwi elderly.

Guests dancers celebrating with Bishop Dr David Mureri. The Agapé Choir entertaining the guests.


Bishop Ndadza. From left are: RS Ramuedzisi, Dr Gerson Rambiyana, Ms Nduvheni, Dr Bishop Mureri, Ms Nelson of FNB, Freddy Sadiki (Phalaphala FM station manager) and Vhamusanda VhoTshivhase during the presentation of a cheque of R300 000 towards education.

The MD of Black Leopards addresses Phalaphala FM presenters Rendani “Foromane” Sikhwivhilu, Vhahangwele Mulelu and Thikho Liphadzi. the guests.

Bishop Dr David Mureri’s son, Raymond and Mashudu.

From left are: Pastor Simango and Pastor Sinyosi.

Well-known Phalaphala FM presenter, Mpho “Jantiby” Nefale.

Reri’s staff members pose for a photo.

Vhamusanda Vho-Fhatani Nemakungwi.


20 18 May 2018

Reris Insurance Brokers Miles Ahead Of The Pack MAKHADO:

33 Trichardt Street, Shop no.4, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Tel: (015) 516 1599 Fax: (015) 516 5867 THOHOYANDOU: Shop C5, Sabina Plaza, Thohoyandou, 0950 Tel: (015) 962 0022 Fax: (015) 962 0027 • E-mail:

Licensed FSP


Bishop Dr David Mureri .

By Kaizer Nengovhela The community of Makungwi in the Nzhelele area came together on Saturday to celebrate the success of one of its sons, businessman David Mureri. Mureri, the managing director of Reri’s Insurance

Brokers, recently received an honorary doctorate from the University of Free State. Community members from Makungwi, where he comes from, held a big function to honour him. The festivities were attended by many pastors, chiefs and community members. The guests came from all around the province and further afield. Some of the guests even travelled all the way to Limpopo from SADEC countries. Mureri received the doctorate in recognition of his numerous contributions on many levels to the local community. A community leader, David Luvhengo, said that the community of Makungwi needed to reward hardworking people who were also contributing to the development of

Mr Mani.

Mrs Mani.

From left are: Apostle Mudau, Bishop Ndadza and Dr Singo.

the community. “Encouragement leads to more hard work and the more people work, the more development in the community. This is exactly what we would like to see happening in our communities. We will continue identifying people who are making a tremendous improvement in the community and we acknowledge them in the presence of all,” he said. Mureri said he had the community to thank for their support throughout the years. He said his company was happy to be able to contribute towards the development of the community and education in the rural areas. “This is part of our company’s mission of giving something back to the community. We hope other companies will learn that it is important to reward members of the community because they are the ones who made us what we are today.” “For me, as a person who grew up in the

Guest speaker professor Bishop Emmanuel Kitsekile.

Community members of Makungwi and Mavhunga.

Bishop Dr Mashango Mmbadi. Above: The MD of Black Leopards, Tshifhe David Thidiela shakes hands with Bishop Dr David Mureri.

Bishop Muhali and Prophet Mauna.

Mrs and Mr Nelson from FNB Polokwane.

village of Makungwi, it was unimaginable to think that one day I would receive an honorary degree from an institution of the University of the Free State’s stature,” said Mureri. He added that the youth should follow their dreams with passion. “If you are studying, study hard. I advise the youth to focus on succeeding at all cost. Don’t lose your focus. Don’t quit.” In the past few decades, Mureri donated money to numerous structures and gave bursaries to poor pupils. He is described as a community builder and human rights activist. According to him, an educated and independent nation always achieves its goal, as it will always be easier to work together and to plan for the future. “We want to fuel the habit of doing good things. We want to encourage those who did not perform well to work very hard this year, so that they can produce good results,” he said. (Continues on p21)

Right: Vhembe Education Senior District manager, Dr Gerson Rambiyana.


18 May 2018 21

Reris Insurance Brokers Miles Ahead Of The Pack MAKHADO:

33 Trichardt Street, Shop no.4, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Tel: (015) 516 1599 Fax: (015) 516 5867 THOHOYANDOU: Shop C5, Sabina Plaza, Thohoyandou, 0950 Tel: (015) 962 0022 Fax: (015) 962 0027 • E-mail:

Licensed FSP

From left are: Mrs Gloria Mureri and Bishop Dr David Mureri.

Community members who attended the event.


praise themselves. Some of them do not even know that what they are doing for the He added that the pupils should know community is being observed and appreciwhat they wanted to become in life and take ated. Some work under difficult conditions decisions that they would not regret later. without expecting compensation. We have Guest speaker Professor Bishop Emmanto acknowledge the good work they are uel Kitsekile said that the community had doing,” he said. come to realize that it was not good enough Mureri’s company donated R300 000 to to satisfy only people’s spiritual needs but the Vhembe education-enrichment project leave the physical needs behind. during Saturday’s ceremony. He said since they had started showing Vhembe District’s senior education appreciation for the good work people were manager, Dr Gerson Rambiyana, urged all doing for the community, there had been the educational stakeholders to work as a a tremendous improvement in the lives of team for the development of education in ordinary people. their area. “Mr Mureri did a lot for the communi“The time for pointing fingers among ty and they could not stand up there and ourselves is over. We must join hands to

Programme Director Apostle Thovhakale.

The well known businessman, George Magwabeni.

Programme Director Humbelani “Motivate”Netshandama.

Phalaphala FM presenter, Jones “Mr Lover Lover” Netshipise.

create a better life for our children. By encouraging our kids to take education seriously, we are also waging war against crime, poverty and unemployment,” he added. He said they worked as a family, with a lot of attention given to pupils and advising them on their personal lives. “We are parents here at school. Some of our pupils sometimes get lost and we call them to order. We are very proud to say that some of those we helped managed to get many distinctions and made the school very proud,” said Rambiyana. “When results are poor at the end of the year, teachers are to blame, and when things go well, they are not mentioned, but only pupils shine in the spotlight,” he added.

Sanlam regional broker manager, George Kubayi.

Bishop Dr. N.J Marole of ACC Phiphidi Burohoni.

Vhamusanda Vho-Fhatani Nemakungwi praised Mureri for continuously helping the poorest of the poor in the various communities. He urged all to be united in the preservation of culture. He also urged all to teach the young ones the history of the Venda people, where they came from and where they were heading, so that it could not be forgotten. Nemakungwi said it was sad to find that all children and some parents were proud when their children could not pronounce a Venda word, but only speak English, even at their homes. “Let us invest in our children and by doing so, we will be investing in the future of the country,” he said.

Vhamusanda Vhafunzi Vho-Nemutanzhela and his Mutanuni.

Prophet Mauna and Apostle Mudau.


22 18 May 2018

Reris Insurance Brokers Miles Ahead Of The Pack MAKHADO:

33 Trichardt Street, Shop no.4, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Tel: (015) 516 1599 Fax: (015) 516 5867 THOHOYANDOU: Shop C5, Sabina Plaza, Thohoyandou, 0950 Tel: (015) 962 0022 Fax: (015) 962 0027 • E-mail:

Licensed FSP


Ben Luvhengo.

Mrs and Mr Ratombo.

Mrs Mamphodo and her husband, Black Leopards MD, David Thidiela.

From left, is Black Leopards MD Tshifhe David Thidiela, Bishop Ndadza, Bishop Dr. David Mureri, Gloria Mureri and Ms. Maluleke.

Slender Girls performed.

Doctors from Bloemfontein

and Gauteng.

Pastors from different churches, receives Bibles.

Klaas Mabetlela, Old Mutual Area Manager, Limpopo Broker branch.

Artist Naphy M.

Above: Prof. Mabitsela and Prof. Peter Mulaudzi. Right: Dr. Vuyani Olayi from Apostalic Faith Mission Eastern Cape.

Sipho Mncwabe, the Sanlam Regional General Manager, Broker Services, MP, LP & NW.

Petri Botha, the Liberty Life Manager, Borker Devision, Limpopo.

Obert Mureri.

Bishop Dr. Masakona.


18 May 2018 23

Animal lover uses birthday to raise funds for SPCA bash for his 43rd birthday on 21 April at his home in Thathe Ralph Waldo Emerson once Vondo and it was an open said: “The purpose of life is invitation to all. Everyone from not just to be happy. It is to the SPCA also attended. “With be useful, to be honourable, the help of his amazing friends to be compassionate, to have it was an incredible, fun-filled, it make some difference that super special evening. He was you have lived and lived well!” surrounded by so many very According to the Louis close friends, old and new, and Trichardt SPCA, Craig Carty of of course all six of his rescued Thathe Vondo fits this phrase pups, four of which he adopted down to a T and has to be one from our SPCA, might I add,” of those special human beings. said Alicia. There was a beauti“…honourable, compassionate ful birthday cake for each of his and he surely has made such a special rescued kids too, and massive difference in the lives what a beautiful place to have of so many animals!” said Alicia the celebration. Thomas, spokesperson for the Craig’s birthday gift to the local SPCA. Louis Trichardt SPCA totalled When it was time to celeto a whopping R15 500. The brate his birthday once more, SPCA said the two small words Craig decided to rather give “thank you” would never be back than to receive and he did enough to express their gratijust that in such an amazing tude. “Yet, we still want to say way! Craig organized a fundthank you, Craig, and thank raiser/birthday bash and all you to each and every person his family, friends, colleagues who donated to your birthday - basically anyone who wanted bash. We are truly speechless, to - could join the celebration so incredibly blessed and and also donate funds toward thankful and even more so are our SPCA, instead of bringing our animals. Craig, the saying him a birthday gift. by Winston Churchill goes: ‘We Craig arranged the birthday make a living by what we get, By Andries van Zyl

but we make a life by what we give’. You surely make life so much more colourful, exciting, and in this instance, you have helped us to touch and change so many lives of animals in need. Thank you for giving and making a life,” said Alicia. The SPCA, on behalf of Craig, thanked the following people and businesses for making the birthday bash unforgettable. They were Momma Cynthia and her daughter, Rethabile, of Mahoa Catering for the salads, side dishes and place settings, Paida’s Cookie Factory for the cakes, Pieter and Margaret Snyman of Makhoma Butchery for the spices and marinades, Thinamaano Ndou, Khuthadzo Madumi and Mulalo Avhukhuvhelwi of Vondo Landscaping Services for the event set-up and music and Humbulani Makhoshi, who was the braai master. “Thank you once again to all who contributed in any way. Our SPCA and our animals are forever grateful. Happy birthday, Craig, the world became a better place the day you were born,” said Alicia.

One of the star attractions at the Diversity Cultural Festival last weekend was strongman Leon le Roux (right). Leon demonstrated the strength that earned him a top position in the African Strongman competition. The Diversity Cultural Festival was presented at the Masjid Al Noor mosque in Eltivillas. Apart from the food stalls, vehicle displays and even free medical examinations were on offer. According to the man in charge of the mosque, Ahmed Hasturk (left), the organisers want to make it an annual festival. Another attraction at the festival was the Turkish cuisine.

A Diversity Cultural Festival was held in Eltivillas last weekend at the Masjid Al Noor mosque. The area adjacent to the mosque was turned into a festive picnic area where visitors could sit under a “roof ” of umbrellas and enjoy the Turkish cuisine on offer. Photographed are some of the organisers and helpers at the event. From left are Rishaad Ismail, Farid Omar, Ahmed Hasturk and the chef, Mehmed Mavi.


Craig Carty (middle) photographed with Louis Trichardt SPCA chairperson Yolanda Cronjé (left). Craig is holding one of the four pups he adopted from the local SPCA, Stieglitz. To Craig’s right is Humbulani Makhoshi, who acted as braai master on the day of Craig’s birthday, during which Craig raised R15 500 for the local SPCA. Photo supplied.

The South African Custodial Management (SACM) is a private custodial institution. This body seeks to appoint a suitable person with the relevant experience and qualifications to the following post. It is the intention of the institution to promote representivity through the filling of this post.

2 X FOOD SERVICES MANAGERS Package R355 731 Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre (Makhado, Limpopo)


The South African Custodial Management (SACM) is a private custodial institution. This body seeks to appoint a suitable person with the relevant experience and qualifications to the following post. It is the intention of the institution to promote representivity through the filling of this post.

ACCOUNTS CLERK POSITION Package R225 013 Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre (Makhado, Limpopo) Requirements: A recognized tertiary formal qualifications in Accounting with 2 to 3 years of experience in the field of Accounts environment and supervisory level shall be an added advantage.• or Grade 12 with 7 years of experience in the same field of Accounts environment • Valid driver’s license • A high level of computer proficiency and first hand experience in Excel Spreadsheet.

Requirements: • Grade 12 with minimum 5 years of experience in the field of Hospitality management or related field • Experience in the Hotel and catering field. Valid driver’s license • A high level of computer proficiency (Excel and Word). Sound financial management skills. • Ability to handle Cash. Essential Criteria: • Sound knowledge in food management services • Ability to liaise with clients • Ability to understand and apply policies and procedures in hygiene and quality standards • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with staff and suppliers • Proven ability to meet deadlines as prescribed by senior management • Ability to impart knowledge of systems, procedures and policies to subordinate staff • Possess food production services skills • Should be able to work under stressful conditions • Ensure compliance with all Company Policies and Procedures • Ability to work independently without supervision. • Management of human resources (subordinates)

Duties: • Monitor and capture the correct inputs of data using a computerized Accounting Software relating to: • General Ledger • Accounts Payable/Receivable processing and recording of payments and receipts in the cash book and reconciling to the Bank Statements • recording, reconciliation, expense allocation and filing of documents to ensure accurate recording of liabilities, both present and past, to the Company’s creditors • Management of petty cash • Preparation of credit applications for new accounts • Liaise with staff on matters relating to but not limited to cheque payments and creditors. • Liaise with creditors when required to seek clarification on invoices and payments made • Preparation and input of General Ledger Journals • Attend to other duties as directed by the Accountant.

Duties: • Activities are planned annually and reviewed quarterly. • Cash procedures are maintained and variances in cash investigated and resolved. • Cash purchases are minimised and justified. • Clients enquiries and queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently • Clients report favourable interaction. • Discipline is maintained. • Effective communication is practiced. • Efficient control is exercised over food and operating equipment stocks • Equipment and assets are cared for and safe guarded • Feedback is provided to the Supervisor as stipulated • Hygiene, food safety and quality standards are met. • New appointments meet the requirements of the job specification and preference is given in terms of employment equity goals. • Non-conformances are appropriately rectified within stipulated timeframes. • Payroll and Human Capital reporting and administration is compiled and submitted to assigned manager by stipulated deadlines. • Performance is monitored and reviewed at stipulated times. • Project revenue and costs are managed in accordance with budget, so that GP is achieved.• Purchasing is done through preferred suppliers appointed by the Company and within budgetary constraints • Standard systems and procedures are adhered to Stipulated financial reporting and administration is compiled and submitted by the stipulated deadlines. • Stock control is exercised in accordance with standard procedures. • Stock holding days is in accordance with Company standards, currently under 10 days. • Stock issues and variances controlled in conjunction with the Storeman • Subordinates report harmonious relationships • Training or development needs of direct reports are identified, planned for and implemented

Written applications with comprehensive curriculum vitae, certified copies of qualifications and contactable references should be forwarded to: Ms. Getrude Dlamini, SACM, Private Bag x2006, Makhado, 0920. Closing date for applications is 28 May 2018 @17:00. Short-listed candidates may be required to write a competency test as part of the selection process.

Written applications with comprehensive curriculum vitae, certified copies of qualifications and contactable references should be forwarded to: Ms. Getrude Dlamini, SACM, Private Bag x2006, Makhado, 0920. Closing date for applications is 28 May 2018 @ 17:00. Short-listed candidates may be required to write a competency test as part of the selection process.

“Applicants, who have not been contacted by 30st June 2018, must consider their applications as being unsuccessful”.

“Applicants, who have not been contacted by 30st June 2018, must consider their applications as being unsuccessful”.

Essential Criteria: • A workable knowledge of South African Standards of Accounting and sound of commercial accounting practices • Exposure in computerised accounting environment • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with staff and creditors • Proven ability to meet deadlines as prescribed by senior management • Should be able to work under stressful conditions • Ensure compliance with all Company Policies and Procedures.

Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

24 18 May 2018


New Volkswagen branch opens in border town By Anton van Zyl

Ten accommodation establishments within the Vhembe District Municipality were some of the stakeholders who attended the Tourism Indaba that was held in Durban last week. Through the assistance of their local municipalities and the district, they were there to market their establishments to the world. In the photo are some of the representatives from the establishments.

Photographs showing the different views of the newly described Gorongosa horseshoe bat. Copyright: Piotr Naskrecki

New bat species identified in SPB analysis and morphological studies of Valley). the new bat’s skull, nose leaf and penis One of the species, named RinolA new bat species has been discovered bone led Taylor and a large team of ophus gorongosae, appears to occur only in the Soutpansberg. co-workers – including experts from the within the borders of the Gorongosa According to a new study published University of Harvard – to identify the National Park in Mozambique and in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean bat positively as a unique species in its nearby Mount Inago. The studies have Society, the diversity of the southern Af- own right. also found that, weighing in at a mere rican horseshoe bats has been increased 5g, this dwarf species of bat has become by three species. In addition, their efforts and study Africa’s smallest horseshoe bat. These species were detected with also highlighted the narrow distribuTaylor highlighted the important the help of Prof Peter Taylor and his tion range of these new species, most of role the study played in showing the students at the University of Venda. which are associated with mountain or importance of the role of ancient mounThey made use of modern technology hill habitats. tain-forming processes in the speciation such as bat detectors that recorded the The new species, which was named of horseshoe bats. “This has important echolocation calls of bats. R.rhodesiae, can be found in South conservation implications as it reveals “My students and I were recording Africa along the norther parts of the that species have narrower ranges than this strange bat in the Soutpansberg escarpment from KwaZulu-Natal previously thought, and current threats Mountains with a peak echolocation further northwards to the Soutpansberg to mountain habitats, such as burncall frequency of 100 kHz, which is Mountains, extending into Zimbabwe, ing, afforestation, alien invasions and not known to be associated with any Zambia, Angola, Malawi and Mozamclimate change, can greatly increase described species,” said Taylor. “The bique and possibly Tanzania (following the extinction risk for these vulnerable species with the closest call is Swinny’s mountains associated with Africa’s Rift species,” said Taylor. horseshoe bats, but this species echolocates in a different frequency range of around 106 kHz,” he further explained. This led researches to investigate further. More bats were captured from two caves in Mozambique to establish how this 100kHz-frequency bat is distinct in its own way. According to Taylor, the bats were found to be very similar in appearance to the South African Swinny’s bat. However, a range of morphological characteristics and differences in DNA composition that set the new species apart from the Swinny Photographs showing the different views of the newly described Gorongosa horseshoe bat. bat was found. Copyright: Piotr Naskrecki. Molecular DNA By Isabel Venter

sina branch. The newly appointed manager is Schalk Lubbe. Thompson is confident that the new branch will not only make life a lot easier for Volkswagen owners who want to take their vehicles for a service, but will also help the Volkswagen brand grow in the Musina area.

The well-known Volkswagen dealership in Louis Trichardt, Thompsons Motors, has opened a new branch in Musina. According to Stanley Thompson, sales director of Thompson Motors, their customer base in the northern part of the province grew consistently over the past years, necessiBookings can be made by phontating a separate branch in Musina. ing the Louis Trichardt branch at The new showroom, situated on the 015-516 1338. corner of Mostert and Davies Street, opened on 7 May. “Currently, the showroom only accommodates new and second-hand vehicles,” he says. In the next two months, a workshop area will be set up with all the necessary equipment for vehicles to be serviced. Thompson mentions that no major repairs will be done in Musina. “Where major repairs are necessary, the vehicles will be taken to our technicians in Louis Trichardt,” he says. When the workshop area is completed, 10 people will be Thompsons Motors’ new manager of the Muemployed at the Musina branch, Schalk Lubbe.

Home Defenders give Powerline a trashing half-time score was 2-0 in favour of Defenders. Mpheni Home Defenders gave Pressure continued to mount Zoutpansberg Powerline a on the Powerline defence. DeSunday to remember when they fenders were awarded a corner brutally walloped them 6-0 in kick in the 54th minute. Dakalo their MMK Administrators Nwanamidwa took the corner league match at Tshiozwi on kick and the ball went to Ndaedzo Sunday. Mareda, who made it 3-0. Powerline spent the better part Freddy Ncobo, who came on as of the one-sided affair chasing the a substitute for Dakalo Nwanaaction. It took Defenders only sev- midwa, was on target in the 69th en minutes to open their account. minute. He scored after receiving Their killer-striker, Shaft Mafua square pass from Emmanuel nisa, went loose after beating the Mphephu. Hlamulo Ndlovu of offside trap and sent the keeper Powerline failed to score when he the wrong way. beat the offside trap and shot wide Powerline lost shape in the after he received a pre-cooked middle of the park shortly after pass from Nyathi Netshiendeulu. Defenders’ opening goal. DeDefenders increased the margin fenders scored their second goal through an own goal from Powerin the 14th minute. Their new line defender Ndivhuwo Lethole. signee, Ndaedzo “Let them dance” Freddy Ncobo scored his team’s Mareda, blasted in a rocket after sixth goal after a brilliant pass a scramble within the box that from Morgan Makhuvha in the beat the keeper, Vhuthuhawe 87th minute to bring the full-time Netshiombvani, hands down. The score to 6-0. By Kaizer Nengovhela

Nyathi Netshiendeulu of Powerline with the ball, while Morgan Makhuvha is on guard.


18 May 2018 25

Berea FC need only three more points By Frank Mavhungu

The highly motivated, MPSA FC pose in their new kit after it was handed over to them by Mr Hennie Pretorius (standing left) of Furn 4 U.

Lifeline for a cash-strapped Univen team By Elmon Tshikhudo With the struggling economic situation in the country, sports sponsorships are hard to come by. Because of this, many soccer teams at Univen could hardly afford kit, and sometimes players had to make plans for themselves. This proved difficult as most are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Things have, however, changed for the better for one of the campus-based teams, MPSA FC. Lady luck recently smiled on them when a local furniture company, Furn 4 U, came to their aid and donated a full kit to them. The handover was done by the company’s area manager, Mr Hennie

Pretorius, who represented company owner Mr Rowan Visser. The event recently took place during the team’s practice session at the Univen Stadium. In receiving the kit, Univen SRC president Mr Lindikuhle Lukhele said they were excited to have partners like Furn 4 U who had the interests of students at heart. ‘We are delighted as the leadership of the students, and we wish the relationship will continue and we can take sport to another level at this institution. We are calling on other businesses to emulate what Mr Pretorius has done and come on board and assist our teams for the development of sport here on campus,” he said. Coach Moses Mathonsi said the kit

would serve as motivation and steer the team to greater heights. “We are very grateful for what Mr Pretorius and his company did for us. From now on, players can be identified on the field of play,” he said. Handing over the kit, Pretorius said they had not thought twice after being approached by Moses Mathonsi and learning of their plight. “We would like to see sport develop mostly in rural areas, and we will help wherever possible. This is just the start of a long-lasting relationship. We will also be giving away soccer kits to schools in the near future. With more than 170 staff in our company, we are doing our bit in terms of development in this country,” he said.

their success, Muligwe stated that the success was the product of the dedication from both the players and management. He stated that he had assembled the best squad ever. He cited players such as Dakalo “DK” Ratshitanga, Pfariso “Décor” Mukoma, Aubrey Ndou, Edwin “Cafu” Ramphabana and Awelani “Miller” Mphigalale as the cream of his team. Awelani Mphigalale scored a brace when Berea beat Tshiungani Young Chiefs 2-1 last Saturday. Berea’s next league match will be against Anel Real Vikings.

Although they still have three matches to play before the activities of the current season come to an end, the MMK Administrators Soccer League Stream H pace setters, Berea FC, have already started with their preparations for the promotional play-offs. Berea need only three points in their remaining three matches to secure a place in the play-offs. According to the team’s head coach, Mr Rofhiwa Muligwe, their target is to win all their remaining matches. Two of the three fixtures will be played at home. Berea will host Anel Real Vikings and Muswodi Happy Fighters and travel to Tshilamusi Super Eagles at Tshilamusi village in their remaining fixtures. Apart from the fact that Berea are almost through to the promotional play-offs, chances are good for the Zwigodini side to lift two trophies this season. Berea will meet Mpheni Home Defenders in the final of the Vhembe Mayoral Cup at the Thohoyandou Stadium tomorrow. Berea are still in celebratory mode after beating their neighbors, Tshiungani Young Chiefs, 2-1 at the Zwigodini Berea’s head coach, Mr Rofhiwa grounds last Saturday. When Muligwe. asked about the secret behind

Young people from Mutale village choose soccer instead of crime By Silas Nduvheni After seeing young people in the rural village of Muswodi-Dipeni outside Mutale indulging in crimes such as theft and using alcohol and drugs, a concerned resident, Mr Joseph Manenzhe, decided to keep them busy through playing soccer. Manenzhe (32), the community liaison officer at the Nwanedi/Luphephe-Masisi Bulk Water Supply, said he had approached the local traditional leader of the area, Khosi Emmanuel Ne-

The power behind Muswodi Young Stars, Mr Joseph Manenzhe (second from left in front row), photographed with some of the players.

folovhodwe, who approved his plans, and Muswodi Young Stars was formed earlier this year. The team is an affiliate of the Musina Local Football Association and is performing very well as the young players are dedicated. Manenzhe said as a local villager of the area, he used to see young people involved in crime and abusing alcohol and drugs, which would harm their future. “I’m happy, because since the team of young people was formed, I can confirm that crime has been reduced in this village of Muswodi-Dipeni and

surrounding communities. Muswodi Young Stars will also help in grooming and scouting soccer talent for bigger teams,” he added. According to Manenzhe, playing soccer also helps young people in the area to stay healthy and be responsible residents. Khosi Nefolovhodwe said that the lives of the young people in his village was set to change for the better, following the start of Muswodi Young Stars. He expressed hope that it would inspire other nearby villages to do the same.

No time for mistakes for Hozana Guptas in MMK League clash By Frank Mavhungu

United Artists’ dribbling wizard, Emmanuel Murwamadala.

The fight for gaining promotion and to avoid relegation will be on among the teams affiliated to the MMK Administrators Soccer League this weekend. The Stream A log leaders, SMSA FC, will host Hozana Guptas at the Makhuvha Stadium on Sunday. The match is a matter of life and death for the Guptas as they are one of the relegation candidates. They are currently in the fourth position from the bottom of the log with 29 points, three above the tailenders, Dididi Manguvhewa. The other title chasers, United Artists, will host Govhu Black Bulls at the Lufule

grounds. United Artists will pin their hopes on Levhelesani Mukomafhedzi, Emmanuel Neswiswi and Emmanuel Murwamadala for goals. Makovha All Stars will host Scotch Winters at the Makovha grounds. Mukula Young Santos and Gaba Union Fighters will battle it out for league points at the Mukula Tshidzani Tsha Maria grounds. Phandulaluvalo FC will host Tshaulu Powerlines at the Tshifudi grounds. Tshilonwe Young Bombers will travel to Thenzheni Liverpool at the Thenzheni grounds. After holding Rockers FC to a goalless draw at the Phangami grounds last Sunday, Dobby Freedom Birds will travel to Ngwenani village,

where they will lock horns with Ngwenani Young Chiefs. Mbilwi New Generations will host Nweli Stone Breakers at the Mbilwi grounds. The other fixtures are Themba Sunrise Riders vs Vondwe XI Bullets, Tshivhazwaulu Peace Makers vs Mutsha Atlantis Stars, Mutandani Pull Together vs Flying Eagles, Phungo All Stars vs Shayandima Disco Five, Muraleni United Brothers vs Tshikhwani Stone Breakers, Manavhela Black Aces vs Magau United, Muwaweni Lucky Stars vs Mashau Thondoni United, Dopeni Mighty Comrades vs Mauluma Black Mambas and Rabali Pull Together vs Matanda Rockers.

United Artists’ overlapping right back, Lavhelesani Mukomafhedzi.


26 18 May 2018

Miller Mphigalale destroys Tshiungani Young Chiefs Berea FC win important match By Frank Mavhungu

Dzivhuluwani Simba of Berea (right) and Humbulani Ndou of Young Chiefs wrestle to win the ball.

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Awelani “Miller” Mphigalale was a marvel to watch when his team, Berea FC, beat Tshiungani Young Chiefs 2-1 in their MMK Administrators Soccer League match at the Zwigodini Grounds on Saturday. Mphigalale scored a brace in the game. While Young Chiefs had nothing more than pride at stake in the match, the game was a matter of life and death for Berea. It took Berea 15 minutes to stamp their authority. Mphigalale beat the offside trap and blasted in a rocket from inside the box. The players and officials of Young Chiefs confronted the match officials in anger after the goal. They accused the match officials of favouritism, saying Mphigalale had been in an offside position when he had received the pre-cooked pass from his captain, Dzivhuluwani Simba. The match officials stood firmly by their decision and finally the Chiefs players surrendered and continued with the game as if nothing happened. Muneiwa Manngwe of Young Chiefs was booked for dangerous play in the 24th minute. Young Chiefs effected the first change to their starting 11 two minutes afterwards. They replaced Rudzani Mphidi with Takalani Tshitangoni. The home side responded by introducing Elias Ranyaoa, who came on for Tshilidzi Mulaudzi towards the end of the first half. Berea could have scored at least four goals in the last half but the Chiefs’ keeper, Fhulufhedzani Ndou, denied them numerous sure goals. Ndou made his presence felt in the 54th minute when he palmed Elias Ranyaoa’s volley away for a corner kick. Adonia Mudau of Chiefs was warned with a card for getting off the field of play without the referee’s consent. A substitute, Edwin Ramphabana, forced his way through the defence of Chiefs in the 67th minute and dished a neat pass to Awelani Mphigalale, who completed his brace with a ground cutter. The visitors pulled one back through Adonia Mudau later in the game.

Ready to lift the trophy: Berea FC.

Berea and Defenders clash in final By Frank Mavhungu The Thohoyandou Stadium will be a hive of activity tomorrow. That is where the much-awaited final of the Vhembe Mayoral Tournament will be staged. Berea FC and Mpheni Home Defenders will meet in the dream final. Home Defenders beat Tshakhuma RO Nandilani 2-0 in their semi-final match at the Rabali Stadium last month. Berea’s way to the final went via Tshivhilidulu Hungry Lions, whom they beat 4-3 in the semi-final stage. The programme for the day will commence with a ladies soccer losers final match between Tshandama Young Stars and Chippas Ladies FC,

which is scheduled to start at 09:00. Teams that were booted out in the semi-final stage, Tshakhuma RO Nandilani and Tshivhilidulu Hungry Lions, will meet in the losers final match in the men’s category soon afterwards. The final in the ladies’ soccer category between Maindis Ladies and Shayandima Morning Stars is scheduled to commence at 13:00. The main match between Mpheni Home Defenders and Berea FC will kick off immediately after the final whistle of the game between Maindis and Morning Stars. The champions in the men’s category will receive R30 000, gold medals and a floating trophy. The runners-up will take home R20 000 and silver medals, while the third-placed

side will become R15 000 richer and will also receive bronze medals. A cheque to the value of R10 000 is awaiting the team that will finish in the fourth position. Teams booted out in the quarterfinal stage will each receive R5 000. The remaining teams will each go home with a consolation prize of R2 000. The ladies’ champions will take home R10 000, a floating trophy and gold medals. The runners-up will receive R5 000, while the third- and fourth-placed sides will be presented with R3 000 and R2 000 respectively. Individual awards will be presented to the top goal scorer, best goalkeeper and the best player in the tournament.


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Berea’s head coach, Mr Rofhiwa Muligwe, congratulates the team’s two-goal hero, Aluwani “Miller” Mphigalale, after the game.

The hot favourites, Mpheni Home Defenders.

Stars, Arsenal in goalless draw By Kaizer Nengovhela Madombidzha Western Stars failed to impress their fans when they played to a goalless draw with Madombidzha Arsenal in their Safa Vhembe MMK Administrators League match on Sunday. Stars were superior when it came to ball possession, but their strikers seemed to be shy when they approached their opponents’ danger area. The killer-striker, Silas Rammbona, was the first player to go Silas Rambona of Stars is in possession of the ball, while into the referee’s book. He Dakalo Maano is guarding him closely. ignored the referee’s whistle

and kicked the ball away long after the whistle had been blown. Arsenal’s Londy Musiamo could not live up to the fans’ expectations as Tommy Mashau marked him tightly. Stars threatened to score in the 16th minute, when Ridovhona Singo received a neat pass from Kgothatso Monyebodi, but he fumbled at the goal finish. Zwanga Mashau, Stars’ midfielder, was a marvel to watch. He was everywhere, distributing promising balls from the middle of the park, while also playing as a striker. Stars’ technical team

was forced to replace Willy Aphane with Percy Munonoka. He left the pitch on a stretcher after sustaining a knee injury. The referee flashed another yellow card in the 57th minute. Zwanga Mashau tackled Mpheni Razwimisani from behind and the referee was quick to flash yellow. Stars’ last scoring chance came in the 84th minute when Percy Munonoka faced the keeper and pushed the ball forward to Ridovhon Singo, instead of taking the responsibility himself.


18 May 2018 27

Birds hold Rockers to a goalless draw Makhado Mayoral Games launched By Frank Mavhungu

In their MMK Administrators Soccer League match at the Manini Phangami grounds on Sunday, Dobby Freedom Birds held one of the league title chasers, Rockers FC, to a goalless draw. The game started 15 minutes later than the scheduled 15:00 kickoff time. At that stage, the teams’ officials were arguing over the registration of some of the players, whom they alleged were not properly registered. Although Freedom Birds are one of the relegation candidates, they managed to match the visitors from Makwarela pound for pound in all departments. Realizing that the home side were unstoppable, Rockers started to demonstrate their rough skills as one of their many ways to neutralize them. That prompted the referee to flash two yellow cards within a short space of time. Daniel Chauke was the first player to go into the referee’s book. He tackled Gudani Munyamela the rough way in the 14th minute, and the referee was quick to produce yellow. Phathutshedzo Nemukula obstructed Hulisani Maphosa three minutes later, and he was lucky not to see red. Daniel Chauke of Rockers (front) and Makhado MaliAlthough Freedom Birds lost their aga of Birds wrestle to win the high ball. fighting spirit towards the end of the first half, their overlapping midfielder, Khuthadzo Munyai, remained a live wire. He was everywhere, creating some promising moves from the middle of the park, while at the same time playing as a full striker. Rockers used all their substitution chances in the opening minutes of the last half. They replaced Phathutshedzo Nemutamvuni, Vhugala Singo and Mulaifa Tshabuse with Thovhedzo Netshivhambe, Mpho Mogale and Andani Ndou respectively. Rockers squandered a clear scoring chance in the 78th minute. Unarine Kudzingana received a neat pass from Ntsieni Nengovhela and shot wide from close range. Ntsieni Nengovhela of Rockers was the last player to be reprimanded with a card. He obstructed Gudani Mulalo Kudzingana of Rockers kicks the ball, while Godfrey MuMunyamela just outlovhedzi of Birds tackles him from behind. side the box.

Mammbeda to lead Musina LFA By Frank Mavhungu After months of waiting, the new leaders for the Musina Local Football Association were finally elected during a recent meeting held at the Malinge Primary School in Muswodi. A well-known football administrator and former referee, Mr Richard Mammbeda, was unanimously elected the new chairperson of the association. Mr MD Mothibi was elected the first deputy chairperson and Mr Fhatuwani Rananga, a well-known businessman, will hold the post of second deputy chairperson. Ms VG Ramphabana was elected third deputy chairperson. Mr Colbert Nempumbuluni is the new general secretary and he will be assisted by Mr TS Mbedzi. The other members of the executive committee are: Messr AN Matshavha, Elvis Shandukani and M Muroga. In an interview with Limpopo Mirror, Mammbeda said that the acquisition of a sponsor for the association was high on the list of priorities for the new management. He further stated that it was his wish to see his association The new chairperson of the Musina LFA, Mr counted among the best when it came to finanRichard Mammbeda. cial administration.

By Kaizer Nengovhela Different sporting teams will participate in the annual Makhado Mayoral Tournament, which was launched at Louis Trichardt on Monday. The municipality budgeted R220 000 for the tournament. It will take place on 26 May at Tshakhuma and it will start with a 7,5 km fun walk. Makhado Mayor Shonisani Sinyosi stated that it was important that future stars’ talent be identified at grassroots level. She applauded the sports council for helping to identify the talent of the region’s youth. The winners in soccer, netball, rugby and volleyball will receive R7 500, a floating trophy, new kit and medals, while the runners-up will receive R5 000, a kit and silver medals. The teams that end in the third position will get R3 500, bronze medals and kit. Sinyosi said that the municipality was very proud to host

the annual event. “The importance of sports in the life of young people is valuable and goes much further than the basic answer that it keeps kids off the streets. It does in fact keep young people off the streets, but it also instils lessons that are essential in the life of a human being.” She added that, through sports, people could learn values such as discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability. “It is up to the municipality, parents, teachers, sports teams, and schools to help mould, develop and instil these qualities into the lives of young people.” She added that the mayor’s cup would take a new direction from next year. “We acknowledge that there have been shortcomings in relation to the running of these games during the past. We have developed a policy that will assist us to run these games according to basic rules. This policy will be implemented

in next year’s competitions, where we will focus on young people of specifically school-going age.” She said after the implementation of the policy next year, the municipality should be able to stand up and look back with pride and show the world that it had indeed developed talent such as Rodney Ramagalela, Phumudzo Manenzhe, Luvhengo Mungomeni and runner Mbulaheni Mulaudzi “We will also review how we reward the successful teams as from next year as we will be looking at giving out prizes that will add value to the talents of the young participants.” She said sports provided many positive opportunities for the community, especially school children. “Good sportsmanship provides guidelines that can be generalized to classroom and lifelong achievement. It also teaches children to function in a competitive society.”

From left to right are representatives from different sporting codes: Charles Munyai, Simon Mashele of the Makhado Local Football Association, Renneth Mokgadi, Makhado Mayor Shonisani Sinyosi, Sampson Mufara, Cllr Sipho Masuka and Hendrick Shirindi. Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 - No handwritten logs will be accepted

S Team Celtic Pirates Black Leopard Real Madrid Blackpool Sundowns Ajax Copper Port


MAKHADO CORRECTIONAL CENTRE INMATES Played Won Draw Lost For 13 10 0 2 45 13 8 3 2 46 14 8 3 3 43 14 6 5 3 32 14 4 3 7 26 14 4 2 8 25 14 3 1 10 24 14 2 1 11 18

Against Points 17 30 14 27 22 27 19 23 36 15 30 14 64 10 55 7

Makhado Local Football Association Nzhelele Stream B

Team Played Won Tshiendeulu New Castle 16 11 Khakhu Young Chiefs 16 10 Chiefs FUBS 16 10 Khalavha Young Chiefs 16 9 Mandala Young Vultures 16 9 Tshithuthuni Remember My Promise 16 9 Siloam XI Bullets 16 8 Thononda All Stars 16 6 Tshikhudo F.C. 16 5 Mudunugu Try Again 16 4 Khalavha Napoli FC 16 5 Tshikombani Super Stars 16 5 Maname Young Tigers 16 3 Milaboni Chop Them Down 16 4 T.T. Devoted Boys 16 3 S.J Masetoni FC Four 16 2 MTM United Bros 16 2

Draw 3 3 3 5 5 4 4 6 4 7 4 2 5 1 1 4 4

Lost 2 3 3 2 2 3 4 4 7 5 8 9 8 11 12 10 10

For 44 29 22 35 27 26 17 19 21 13 13 14 13 18 18 29 34

Against Points 15 36 16 33 9 33 17 32 16 32 15 31 14 28 13 24 12 19 17 19 8 19 7 17 20 14 31 13 35 13 14 10 13 10

Makhado Local Football Association Nzhelele Stream C

Team Played Mudimeli Bomo 17 Mune Pumps 17 Luvhalani Sun Shine 17 Paradise Maname United 17 Mudimeli Bombers 17 Matsa All Astars 17 Matanda Juventus 17 Rabali Black Pool 17 Mamuhohi Home Boys 17 Mamvuka Disco Five 17 Mandiwana Soccer 17 Mphaila Young Tigers 17 Ramalamula Mountain Achiefs 17 Paradise Maname United 17 Matsa Freedon Fighters 17 Tshiwenda Juventus 17 Mabirimisa Power Line 17 Matsa Northern Brothers 17

Won 11 12 9 9 9 9 8 8 7 7 7 4 4 3 3 4 2 1

Draw 5 1 7 6 5 3 6 5 5 4 3 4 3 6 6 0 3 1

Lost 1 4 1 2 3 4 3 4 5 6 7 9 12 8 8 13 13 15

For 35 29 27 20 27 32 24 27 27 28 16 18 19 7 7 14 11 8

Against Points 14 38 14 37 11 34 7 33 11 32 13 30 13 30 11 29 19 26 24 25 15 24 28 16 32 15 24 15 24 15 28 12 34 9 40 4

League logs also available at

Team Golden Arrows AmaZulu FC Chippa United Bloemfontein Celtic Polokwane City Bidvest Wits Baroka FC Platinum Stars Ajax Cape Town

Absa Premiership Played Won Draw 30 8 14 30 9 11 30 7 16 30 8 13 30 7 15 30 9 9 30 7 13 30 6 9 30 6 6 MLFA VUWANI STREAM

Team Played Mabidi Mighty Green 17 Nngwekhulu Real Rovers 15 Tshino Village Brothers 15 Malongo Vultures 15 Tshimbupfe Disco Stars 16 FC Mazhakandila 17 Ramukhuba Development FC15 Mashau Doli Anchors 16 Mashau Young Stars 17 Tshakhuma Seven Stars 16 Mashau Bafanas 16 Vyeboom United 14 Vhangani FC 14 Bofu Bluebirds 16 Mianzwi Hungry Lions 14 Madobi Untied FC 13 Nesengani shooting Stars 11

Team Highlands Park Black Leopards Jomo Cosmos Real Kings Witbank Spurs Tshakhuma Tsha Madzi Cape Town All Stars Stellenbosch Royal Eagles Pretoria University FC Uthongathi FC Richards Bay Mbombela United Ubuntu Cape Town Super Eagles Mthatha Bucks

Won 12 10 8 8 8 7 7 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2

Draw 3 5 6 3 3 5 5 4 5 4 7 5 4 4 3 3 1

Lost 2 0 1 4 5 5 3 6 7 7 5 5 6 8 8 7 8

National First Division Played Won Draw 30 21 6 30 14 8 30 14 7 30 11 12 30 11 12 30 11 8 30 9 13 30 10 10 30 8 12 30 9 9 30 7 13 30 8 10 30 10 6 30 7 11 30 7 11 30 4 10

Lost 8 10 7 9 8 12 10 15 18 For 22 25 22 33 25 21 18 17 14 21 13 10 12 13 12 14 11

Lost 3 8 9 7 7 11 8 10 10 12 10 12 14 12 12 16

GD 2 -5 1 -7 0 -9 -6 -12 -19

Points 38 38 37 37 36 36 34 27 24

Against Points 7 39 7 35 9 30 18 27 16 27 15 26 13 26 18 22 18 20 21 19 17 19 15 17 18 16 27 16 18 12 27 12 20 7

GD 52 21 11 9 5 -12 3 -7 -1 -11 -4 -13 -12 -7 -14 -20

Points 69 50 49 45 45 41 40 40 36 36 34 34 33 32 32 22


28 18 May 2018

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Karabo Tshepe of Leopards hooks the ball, while Vuyo Mere of Stars is on his heels.

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their fighting spirit, despite the fact that they were denied what everyone though was a clear penalty. Their overmake three lapping right moves in back, Marks the first Munyai, was 15 minutes of bought down the game. The Stars tried to within the box, neutralize Leopards with but the whistle man dangerous tackles and the remained silent as if referee, Mr Eugene Mdluli, nothing had hapnormalized the situation pened. by flashing Realizing that it was two difficult for them to cope with the tempo of the game, the Stars tried to cool the game down by holding onto the ball for a prolonged time. Leopards Meshack Maphangule of Leopards kicks the ball. approached

R349 995


Black Leopards commenced their promotional playoff programme with a bang, when they beat Platinum Stars 1-0 at the Thohoyandou Stadium on Wednesday afternoon. Lidoda Duvha showed Dikwena no respect, as the visitors from Rustenburg could hardly

the last half aggressively, with their midfielders, Meshack Maphangule and Eden Nene winning every aerial ball. The goal through which Leopards earned three vital points came in the 50th minute. Phathutshedzo Nange beat the Stars’ keeper, Dino Visser, with a half volley, following a square pass from Joseph Mhlongo. Leopards replaced Khuliso Mudau, Karabo Tshepe and Meshack Maphangule with Thivhavhudzi Ndou, Ivan Mahangwahaya and Morgan Shivambu respectively. The Thohoyandou outfit will rest for three days before travelling to Johannesburg on Sunday, where they will play against Jomo Cosmos at the Vosloorus Stadium. Although a draw against Cosmos will do Lidoda Duvha the world’s good, Leopards’ coach, Mr Joel Masutha, is adamant that they will come back with full points on Sunday. Leopards will rest for five days after Sunday’s match against Cosmos, before travelling to Rustenburg for their return match against Platinum Stars next Saturday, 26 May.


yellow cards in quick succession. Leopards did not lose

By Frank Mavhungu

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18 May 2018 Limpopo Mirror Digital  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.

18 May 2018 Limpopo Mirror Digital  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.